Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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Возможная отставка Терезы Мэй – шаг к краху или хитрый блеф?

Депутаты-консерваторы Палаты общин британского парламента проведут голосование о доверии к лидеру партии и премьеру страны...

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Cabinet 'Alliance' Working On Secret Plan For 'Super Norway' Brexit Alternative: Telegraph

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With Theresa May out of town for the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, eight of May's senior cabinet ministers are reportedly working behind her back to undermine her draft deal, or at the very least hammer out an alternative proposal that they can bring to the EU once the current plan - which at least 100 members of her party have said they would oppose - is inevitably voted down. According to the Telegraph, the talks are focusing on a forging a Norway-style "plan B" if the Prime Minister's deal is voted down. This follows reports from earlier in the week that an "alliance of Tory cabinet members and EU ministers are secretly working behind the scenes to prepare a back up plan. With the deal's future in doubt, a growing number of Tories have taken to endorsing what they have called the "Super Norway" plan (for more detail and context, see our latest Brexit guide). A cross-Brexit alliance of ministers - equivalent to almost a third of the Cabinet - has held discussions about joining the European Free Trade Association amid concern there is "zero chance" of the Prime Minister's deal surviving. Last week four ministers - Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General and Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary - were briefed on the plans. Amber Rudd, the Work and Pensions Secretary, Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, Greg Clark, the Business Secretary, David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, have also privately expressed support for Norway. While EU officials like European Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean Claude Juncker have insisted that the current deal is the only option and that negotiations will not be reopened, at the end of the day, the Europeans don't have as much leverage as they would like because as we pointed out this week, while a 'no deal' Brexit would be 'bad' for the UK, it would be catastrophic for the EU. This unassailable fact is perhaps the only clear theme that has emerged from the chaotic negotiations of the past three months. Adding to the secret plan's chances of survival, it reportedly has the backing of Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis, who has privately expressed his support. The first stirrings of the plan emerged a few weeks ago after Theresa May's first tumultuous week of trying to sell the draft deal nearly ended in a 'no confidence' vote. At the time, several of her key cabinet ministers agreed to stay on, reportedly so they could work on winning a better deal from the inside. As a reminder, here's what a 'Super Norway' trade agreement might look like (courtesy of Capital Economics): Over this past week, anonymously sourced media reports have claimed that May is considering holding a "meaningful vote", which would allow MPs to propose amendments to her plan, then vote on which amendments they'd like to keep. In another example of the irony that has at times characterized the political farce that is the Brexit talks, Theresa May opposes "Super Norway" because she feels it wouldn't end free movement of people, and hence wouldn't fulfill the popular mandate delivered in the June 2016 Brexit vote. And so the prime minister who has so often been accused of being a closet remainer is now insisting that tight immigration controls be part of any final deal. Speaking to reporters on the flight to Buenos Aires, she said: "At the beginning of the negotiations with the EU, there were two options on the table, one was Norway and one was a Canada-style free trade agreement." "The EU said there was nothing else available, but what you see in the [Brexit deal] is…a more ambitious free trade agreement than Canada, that ends free movement which Norway doesn’t do. So this is the deal that is right for the UK." But there's one factor of the Norway plan that May, nor the EU, would be able to argue with: The fact that it enjoys broad support not just among the Tories, but from Labour rebels, the DUP and the SNP. However Cabinet ministers backing the Norway option believe it can win the support of more than 70 Labour rebels, the DUP and even the SNP. "It's the only realistic alternative," one minister said. "This is about coalescing around something that will avoid a no-deal Brexit. Mr Hammond earlier this week refused to rule out the Norway option." Asked about whether the Government has a "plan B", he said: "We will be in uncharted political territory. We will then have to sit down as a government and decide where to go on the basis of the vote." Asked about a Norway-style deal, Mr Hammond did not rule it out: ‘We will have to look at the decision Parliament has made and consider what is the best way to proceed." Under the Norway scenario the UK would retain access to the Single Market after Brexit but be forced to accept continued free movement. The Prime Minister has been clear that this represents a red line for her. But as Deutsche Bank pointed out earlier this month, negotiations involving the EU often go down to the wire. At this point, both May and Michel Barnier, the EU's lead negotiator, know the deal, as it stands, will never work. Which reinforces our other major point about Brexit: That everything that happens between now and the day the deal is finally passed and accepted by the EU is pure political theater.

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PFI demise casts doubt on UK’s £3bn construction projects

Philip Hammond’s decision to scrap private finance initiative leaves government facing hefty bill

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The Guardian view on Brexit and the economy: damage limitation | Editorial

Treasury analysis showing EU membership as the best available model for Britain exposes a dilemma for MPs torn between a referendum mandate and a duty to minimise economic harmIt is hard to pinpoint the moment when Brexit enthusiasts stopped claiming that leaving the EU could be painless. The promises of an easy, lucrative separation faded gradually after the referendum campaign. Now even zealous Eurosceptics preface their rosy visions of a post-EU future with caveats of temporary disruption.Meanwhile, the Treasury has taken a consistently gloomy view, seeing no model of Brexit superior to the deal Britain enjoys as a member of the Brussels club. Government analysis published on Wednesday anticipates slower economic growth under every Brexit scenario. Leaving with no deal would lead to a GDP shortfall of 7.7% by 2036; a managed hard Brexit – trading on the Canadian model – would incur an equivalent 4.9% penalty. A softer Brexit would shave 1.4% from growth over the same period. There are no numbers to match Theresa May’s deal, which is an expression of its vagueness regarding the long-term EU relationship. Continue reading...

28 ноября, 20:32

Brexit: министр финансов Британии рассказал о выгоде сохранения членства в ЕС

Министр финансов Великобритании Филип Хаммонд заявил, что с экономической точки зрения Британии выгоднее остаться в ЕС. Об этом сообщает РБК-Украина, ссылаясь на BBC. Министр заявил, что план выхода Британии из ЕС премьер-министра Терезы Мэй предполагает почти такие же экономические преимущества, которые имела бы Британия, оставшись в Евросоюзе...

28 ноября, 15:55

Британии экономически невыгодно выходить из Евросоюза – министр финансов

Сохранение членства в ЕС принесло бы больше экономической выгоды, но не намного, показывают исследования.

28 ноября, 15:27

Pound would crash and inflation soar under no-deal Brexit, says Bank of England - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and the publication of the government’s official analysis of the economic impact of BrexitPhilip Hammond’s morning interviews - SummaryPMQs - Snap verdict 5.04pm GMT And here is more from the Press Association report about the Bank of England Brexit analysis.In the event of a disruptive Brexit, where there is no change to border trade or financial markets, GDP may fall 3% from its level in the first quarter in 2019. In this scenario, the unemployment rate will hit 5.75% and inflation rises to 4.25%. 4.55pm GMT My colleague Graeme Wearden is covering the Bank of England announcement in more detail on his business live blog. Related: UK banks pass 'disorderly Brexit' stress test - business live Continue reading...

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Stopping Brexit would leave Britain fractured: finance minister

Stopping Britain's exit from the European Union would leave the country fractured even though this would be the best outcome for the economy, the finance minister Philip Hammond said.

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28 ноября, 15:26

Stopping Brexit would leave Britain fractured: finance minister

Stopping Britain's exit from the European Union would leave the country fractured even though this would be the best outcome for the economy, the finance minister Philip Hammond said.

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28 ноября, 14:53

UK significantly worse off under all Brexit scenarios - official forecast

Analysis produced by range of government departments suggests GDP could fall by as much as 10.7%• Follow the latest politics news - live updatesThe UK would be significantly worse off under all possible Brexit scenarios in 15 years’ time, according to a benchmark economic analysis produced by a range of government departments including the Treasury.The keenly-anticipated document concludes that GDP would be 0.6% lower under the Chequers plan in 2035/36 – although that has been ditched after a revolt from the Tory right – and 7.7% lower in the event the UK crashes out with no deal. Continue reading...

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Остаться в ЕС было бы лучше для британской экономики, считает глава Минфина

Министр финансов Великобритании Филип Хаммонд считает, что с чисто экономической точки зрения "определенно лучшим решением" для страны было бы ее сохранение в составе ЕС.

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21 ноября, 14:26

UK budget deficit hits three-year high in blow for Hammond

First reading since chancellor’s ‘gamble’ on future strength is a worrying sign, say analystsBritain’s budget deficit rose to the highest October level for three years, handing Philip Hammond disappointing news soon after his budget “gamble” on the future strength of the public finances.The first snapshot since last month’s autumn budget revealed that public sector net borrowing, excluding the nationalised banks, grew by £1.6n to £8.8bn compared with October a year ago, according to the Office for National Statistics. Continue reading...

20 ноября, 11:08

Government has broken Brexit promise to DUP, says senior MP

Party voted with Labour against finance bill in warning shot to Theresa MayThe government has “seriously broken” its commitment to the Democratic Unionist party, which forced its MPs to vote with Labour, one of its senior MPs has said, throwing the future of Theresa May’s government into further doubt. Related: Brexit weekly briefing: May digs in after week of turmoil Continue reading...

14 ноября, 14:38

Government makes U-turn over delay to £2 FOBT maximum stake

Reduction to take effect in April 2019 after MP rebellion and minister’s resignationA cut in the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) will be brought forward to April 2019 after the government backed down in the face of a growing rebellion that made allies of MPs across the political spectrum.The chancellor, Philip Hammond, said in the budget that a reduction in FOBT stakes from £100 to £2 would not take effect until October next year, a decision that handed bookmakers a £900m windfall and triggered the resignation of the sports minister, Tracey Crouch. Continue reading...

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12 ноября, 21:27

Where do Theresa May's ministers stand on Brexit?

From loyalists to Brexit ultras, the cabinet can be grouped into at least six key factionsAs Theresa May’s cabinet prepares to meet on Tuesday to try to overcome the remaining political obstacles to striking a deal with Brussels, we take a look at the different factions. Related: Brexit: the numbers May needs to push plan through Commons Continue reading...

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09 ноября, 16:22

Philip Hammond claims strong growth, but it's mostly froth

Growth in the UK has been modest for a decade despite the colossal amount of stimulusNo chancellor can resist the idea of a good photo opportunity and Philip Hammond chose a brewery to mark the release of Britain’s latest growth figures. As he pulled a pint for the cameras, the chancellor’s message was that the strongest expansion in almost two years was proof of the underlying health of the economy. It was no such thing. This was a glass mainly full of froth.On the face of it, the economy has been picking up speed throughout 2018. Growth was 0.1% in the first quarter, 0.4% in the second quarter and has now hit 0.6% in the third quarter. But what actually happened was that bad weather in the first few months of the year artificially depressed activity and this weakness has been followed by a period of catch-up, especially in the construction sector. Continue reading...

09 ноября, 09:00

Let’s stop lining housebuilders’ pockets and tax them instead | Aditya Chakrabortty

Jeff Fairburn’s £75m bonus has sharpened focus on the vast windfalls generated by help to buyWhen historians seek to understand just how blatantly warped British capitalism became in the early 21st century, they will turn to a recent edition of BBC Look North and a man called Jeff.Perhaps you know the interview, for it has already been fed to the social-media beast and provided countless laughs. In it, Jeff Fairburn, the boss of giant housebuilder Persimmon, is chatting away about bricks when the reporter politely asks about the “furore” over his £75m bonus. Amazingly Fairburn and his press adviser have no answer, even though, as the interviewer points out, it was the biggest bonus in the country. Finally Fairburn lumbers off, muttering: “It’s really unfortunate you’ve done that.” Continue reading...

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08 ноября, 09:00

Listening to the gambling industry is terrible economics | Larry Elliott

Philip Hammond has got his sums wrong in backing jobs in bookies over fixed-odds betting terminalsPhilip Hammond makes an unlikely defender of the gambling industry. The chancellor is a frugal man who rather relishes his nickname of Spreadsheet Phil. He is certainly not a politician you would ever find pumping £100 a time into a fixed-odds betting terminal (FOBT) at a high street bookies.Yet, giving evidence before the Treasury select committee this week, Hammond said it was right for the government to delay a cut in the maximum stake on FOBTs until October next year – a decision that led to the resignation of the sports minister, Tracey Crouch. Continue reading...

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06 ноября, 20:35

Fiscal Phil’s fan club of one awards a gold star for the budget | John Crace

Chancellor bigs himself up but then starts digging himself into a hole on BrexitThere was a time when you could rely on the government benches being almost full for Treasury questions. A chance for MPs to acquire some gravitas by appearing to look economically literate while showing their support for the chancellor. But the Philip Hammond fan club has been shrinking rapidly – most Tories assume he will be out of his job by this time next year – and currently has only one member: Hammond himself. And while Hammond’s self-love is normally more than enough to satisfy his ego, it does sometimes leave him rather short-handed in the Commons.So there were no more than a few dozen Conservatives to hear the chancellor answer his first departmental questions since the budget. Hammond tried to affect his usual indifference but couldn’t help sounding a little piqued. After all, this was the first budget he had delivered that had taken more than 24 hours to unravel and he felt he deserved some acknowledgement. A gold star at the very least. Continue reading...

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05 ноября, 21:14

FOBTs: Hammond is 'placing bookmakers' jobs over gamblers' lives'

Nicky Morgan says decision to delay cut in maximum stakes could cost 300 extra livesThe chancellor is prioritising jobs in the gambling industry over the lives of addicts by delaying a cut in maximum stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals, the chair of an influential committee of MPs has said.Nicky Morgan, who chairs the Treasury committee, criticised the decision to put off the stake reduction until October next year, citing a warning from the former sports minister Tracey Crouch – who resigned over the delay last week – that two people take their lives every day due to gambling addiction. “It is the case that the government has prioritised the preservation of jobs in the gambling industry over the addiction of those who suffer from these machines,” she said. Continue reading...