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Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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02 декабря, 22:23

Alcohol-related crime, lost output and ill health costs UK £52bn a year

Treasury urged to set minimum pricing to reduce alcohol-related harm as research finds cost to taxpayer is twice old estimateDoctors are urging Philip Hammond to raise the price of alcohol to tackle the “scourge” of drink-related harm after it emerged that crime, ill health and lost productivity cost up to £52bn a year, far more than previously thought.They want the chancellor to increase the price of cheap, potent drinks such as high-strength white cider, which are mainly consumed by heavy drinkers, homeless people and underage drinkers. Continue reading...

02 декабря, 03:01

Boris Johnson: democracy is in retreat across world

In speech at Chatham House, Britain’s foreign secretary will warn that the cult of the strongman is taking hold internationallyBoris Johnson will issue a warning that democracy is in retreat across the world and that a “cult of the strongman” is taking hold, raising the prospect that the concept of a global liberal order will fade into irrelevance. Related: Boris Johnson is a clown who has united the EU against Britain | Jean Quatremer Continue reading...

01 декабря, 21:00

Scotland will not get special Brexit concessions, says Philip Hammond

Chancellor dismisses Nicola Sturgeon’s attempt to secure favourable deal after Scotland’s emphatic rejection of leaving EUThe chancellor, Philip Hammond, has ruled out any prospect of Scotland winning special concessions on trade or immigration in the Brexit deal, despite its strong vote in June to remain in the EU.On a visit to Edinburgh, Hammond appeared to chide Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, for pursuing a more favourable deal for Scotland. He said: “I look forward to us moving on from this slightly backward looking, clutching at straws, trying to resist the will of the people to embracing it, recognising it’s going to happen and committing to work together to make sure it’s done in a way that is most supportive of the United Kingdom economy and the Scottish economy.” Continue reading...

01 декабря, 20:34

Шотландия не сможет достичь отдельной сделки с ЕС

Министр финансов Великобритании Филип Хаммонд заявил 1 декабря, что Шотландия, скорее всего, не сможет заключить отдельное соглашение с Евросоюзом в связи с выходом из него Великобритании. По его словам, ЕС ясно дал понять, что будет заключать соглашение с Соединенным Королевством, переговоры по заключению отдельной сделки с одной из частей страны нереальны. Хаммонд призвал противников Brexit уважать волю народа и признать, что выход из ЕС является

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01 декабря, 19:21

MP asks spending watchdog to investigate Nissan Brexit deal

Andrew Tyrie, who chairs Treasury select committee, asks NAO to inquire into any government assurances made to carmakerWhitehall’s spending watchdog could investigate the deal to keep Nissan making cars in north-east England, following a demand from the chair of an influential parliamentary committee. Andrew Tyrie, chair of the Treasury select committee, has written to the National Audit Office (NAO) asking for an inquiry into any assurances offered by the government to the Japanese car giant. Related: Boris Johnson denies privately supporting principle of free movement Continue reading...

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01 декабря, 09:00

CBI warns May that immigration shakeup could harm economy

A draconian regime could deprive British firms of vital workers, says CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn as report on regions is unveiledTheresa May must avoid making any new immigration system too bureaucratic or risk harming Britain’s businesses, the CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn has warned.Sources suggest ministers hope to negotiate a Brexit deal that would allow the government to control high- and low-skilled immigration. Continue reading...

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30 ноября, 22:52

The Guardian view on international students: too valuable to limit | Editorial

The statistics on immigration in general and overseas students in particular are not good enough to be the basis for a potentially ruinous British policyTomorrow’s official statistics are expected to show that immigration to the United Kingdom continues to be far above the government’s often-repeated and recently re-adopted target of “tens of thousands”. So far, so familiar. In the ever more politicised context of Brexit, however, the figures – and the arguments about how they are compiled – are taking on a new and sharper significance. This is only likely to grow as the Brexit arguments deepen and become more intense, even though anxiety about immigration was just one element in June’s referendum vote. But Theresa May has now staked her prime ministership on being able to resolve it. She aims to show voters that, once out of the European Union, Britain can control its borders with measures and resources that will bring down the numbers coming into the country in the long term. Others in the Conservative party have differing Brexit priorities, but it is hardly an exaggeration to say that in Mrs May’s mind, every aspect of the forthcoming negotiation is subordinate to the goal of reduced immigration.Migration numbers are not the only weapons available to Mrs May to help her make that case but they are undoubtedly one of the most important. This makes two things about her approach to the statistics both odd and unsustainable. The first is that the UK’s official migration data is so unreliable. The second is that she continues to resist calls to remove students from the overall migration numbers. Continue reading...

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30 ноября, 12:30

Gig economy threatens government finances, says May adviser

Matthew Taylor, who is reviewing employment practices, says retailers are considering Uber-style self-employmentTheresa May’s adviser on the future of work says the boom in the gig economy could have a significant impact on government finances, with self-employed workers and contractors paying more than £2,000 less a year on average in tax than employees doing equivalent jobs.Matthew Taylor, the former Downing Street policy expert who the prime minister has appointed to review modern employment practices – including in the fast-growing sector of app-based work for companies such as Uber and Deliveroo – said on Tuesday: “There is no question that the growth of self-employment and incorporation is having a significant impact on our revenues.” Continue reading...

29 ноября, 12:59

EU states 'increasingly fed up' with not knowing UK's Brexit plans, MSPs told - Politics live

Rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happenGuardian/ICM poll gives Tories 16-pt lead over LabourLunchtime summary 3.29pm GMT John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has put out a statement criticising Philip Hammond for refusing to commit to keeping the triple lock into the next parliament. (See 1.12pm.) McDonnell said:The chancellor’s refusal again today to commit to the triple lock in the next parliament, only further proves that the Tories are abandoning older people.After six wasted years of Tory failure, we already have a social care system close to collapse, and a National Health Service that has been cut to the bone. 3.17pm GMT As the Herald reports, the SNP spent less on their EU referendum campaign than they did fighting the Glenrothes byelection in 2008. Commenting on this, the Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:The SNP is behaving like leaving the EU is the end of the world for Scotland. But the party’s pitiful investment in the campaign tells another story completely.The SNP is not a poor organisation, yet it treated the EU referendum like it was a council by-election. Continue reading...

29 ноября, 11:00

Clinging to illusions – the blinkered elite who still think austerity works | Aditya Chakrabortty

Theresa May and her cabinet refuse to move on from ideas that hurt the poor and help the rich. It’s a collective death wishOn 11 September 1929 the Wall Street Journal quoted Mark Twain for its thought of the day: “Don’t part with your illusions; when they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” Whatever that day’s subeditors thought they were doing, their choice now sounds as falsely confident as a rambler about to step off a ledge.Markets were already in turmoil, America was sinking into economic depression and running through the daily news was a thin, high note of hysteria. Still, Irving Fisher and the other wise men foresaw only the slightest of setbacks, and the brokers couldn’t take the cash fast enough. As John Kenneth Galbraith writes in his classic, The Great Crash 1929: “The end had come, but it was not yet in sight”. Continue reading...

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29 ноября, 09:00

Hammond facing growing Tory rebellion over social care crisis

MPs dismayed issue was not addressed in autumn statement amid warnings there could be a tax credit-style rebellionPhilip Hammond, the chancellor, is coming under mounting pressure from Tory MPs to bring forward help for the NHS and social care services, amid dire warnings that council budget cuts are causing unsustainable problems.A string of Conservatives have begun to express dismay that Hammond did not address the issue in his autumn statement. Their voices add to the senior doctors, council leaders from all parties, two Tory former health secretaries and the Labour frontbench, who are warning that increasingly hospitals are unable to discharge elderly patients as struggling social care services are not able to make appropriate arrangements. Continue reading...

28 ноября, 18:56

Великобритания: собаки правительственного чиновника не могут ужиться с котом премьера

Канцлер казначейства Великобритании Филип Хаммонд запирает двух своих собак – уэльского терьера Рекса и таксу Оскара – на верхнем этаже офиса премьер-министра на Даунинг-стрит, 10, чтобы спасти их от нападок со стороны главного кота британских премьеров по кличке Ларри.

28 ноября, 16:25

В Великобритании кот из резиденции премьера держит в страхе собак министра финансов

Филипу Хаммонду, который проживает по соседству с премьер-министром королевства, приходится запирать двух своих питомцев в доме, чтобы те не столкнулись с котом

27 ноября, 16:45

Hammond needs to look beyond road-building to lift UK's productivity

Picking infrastructure is easy, but unless low pay in the services sector is addressed productivity goals will remain elusive All roads lead to Rome, and experience would suggest, all autumn statements lead to roads.Under Alistair Darling there was an M1 upgrade in what was then called a pre-budget report. His Conservative successor George “we are the builders” Osborne pledged the biggest road investment programme since the 1970s and a permanent pothole fund. Then last week, Osborne’s successor Philip Hammond stuck with tradition and promised to push ahead with road schemes in the “northern powerhouse” and to tackle congestion on key routes under plans to revive the UK’s pitiful productivity growth. Continue reading...

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27 ноября, 13:43

Philip Hammond mistaken on social care funding – senior Tory

Former health secretary Stephen Dorrell ‘very disappointed’ chancellor dismissed calls for extra funding in autumn statementPhilip Hammond made a mistake in failing to give more funding to social care in the autumn statement, Stephen Dorrell has said.The former Conservative health secretary and chair of the NHS Confederation joined other senior Tories, including fellow former health secretary Andrew Lansley and Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the Commons health select committee, in expressing fears that the NHS was suffering because of shortages in social care provision. Continue reading...

27 ноября, 09:59

China: The world's new champion of free trade? - Counting the Cost

We look at what it means for developing countries when the US decides to take a protectionist stance. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was the largest ever US-proposed trade deal and took years to put together, but US President-elect Donald Trump has promised to withdraw from the deal on his very first day in office. The TPP, signed by 12 countries in February 2016, covers 40 percent of the world's economy. But all 12 nations need to ratify it, and Trump's comments suggest that this will not happen. As the United States, the world's biggest economy and the champion of free trade for the past century, is about to back away from closer global economic integration, analysts question whether China has what it takes to be the world's new champion of free trade. While China has not signed on to the TPP agreement, it could take advantage of new opportunities as the US takes a more protectionist stance on trade. China is promoting it's own pan-Pacific trade pact. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is still being negotiated, but if enacted, it could become the world's largest free trade bloc. It differs from the TPP in that it doesn't require its members to liberalise their economies, or take steps to protect labour rights, environment or intellectual property. So, is it really the end of the TPP? What does it mean for China and RCEP? And what are the implications on the US, Asia and the global economy? Deborah Elms, the executive director at the Singapore-based Asian Trade Centre, takes a look at how China could now be positioning itself as the world's new champion of free trade. Also on this episode of Counting the Cost: Made in Australia: In Australia, successive governments have supported free trade, but that long-standing position on foreign competition may now be changing. We went to the Rossi Boots headquarters, in Adelaide, to talk to one of the only companies still manufacturing Made in Australia footwear. The UK's JAM families and the cost of Brexit: It's estimated that leaving the European Union will cost Britain $280m a week over the next five years. In the first budget since Brexit, UK Finance Minister Philip Hammond downgraded his 2017 economic forecast and said the national debt would grow. In fact, it will balloon to above 90 percent of the UK's gross domestic product. That will wipe out any savings made from not having to pay into the EU's budget. Will the new budget help the so-called JAM families, those households "just about managing" to make ends meet? Gregor Irwin, chief economist at the Global Counsel, looks at the cost of Brexit. Iceland's red hot tourism industry: Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes and hot springs. But soon, there could be no more room in its famous blue lagoon because it's going through an unprecedented tourism boom and its infrastructure is struggling to cope. Paul Brennan reports from Reykjavik. Iceland versus Iceland: It looks like a 'cold war' might be breaking out between Iceland, the country, and the supermarket chain that bears the same name. That's because the UK store specialises in frozen food and actually owns the European trademark for using the name Iceland. But now, Iceland, the country, confirmed its taking legal action against the store. YouTube - http://aje.io/countingthecostYT Website - http://aljazeera.com/countingthecost/

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27 ноября, 03:05

Philip Hammond and the cost of Brexit

Chris Riddell on the chancellor’s autumn statement Continue reading...

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26 ноября, 23:13

Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out

Theresa May under pressure as doctors urge funding U-turn and cross-party alliance warns millions of people are at riskTheresa May is under intense pressure from senior doctors and a powerful cross-party alliance of politicians to avert a collapse in care for the elderly, as shocking new figures show the system close to meltdown. Related: The future of the NHS and social care – for better or worse | Letters Continue reading...

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26 ноября, 10:00

Car insurance premiums to rise to £600 after tax hike

AA warns of soaring costs from June following autumn statement announcementCar insurance premiums are set to break through the £600 barrier for the first time next year as insurers pass on higher costs and this week’s premium tax hike, experts are warning. On Wednesday the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced he is to increase insurance premium tax (IPT) from 10% to 12% from June.This means drivers, now typically paying around £50 a year to the Treasury when they insure their car, will see it rise to above £60. Some young drivers could have to pay more than £250 just in the IPT part of their premium, according to comparison site GoCompare. Continue reading...

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25 ноября, 22:03

Commons leader David Lidington to take on PMQs for the first time

Choosing Lidington to stand in for Theresa May is being seen by some as a snub to chancellor Philip HammondThe traditional heavyweight political clash of prime minister’s questions is set to be replaced with an undercard bout later this month when David Lidington, the relatively little-known leader of the House of Commons, will stand in for Theresa May for the first time.With the prime minister away on an official trip, Lidington will, by convention, face up to an equivalent more junior Labour figure rather than the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. Continue reading...