Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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10 августа, 15:43

Philip Hammond urges EU to accept Theresa May's Brexit plan

Chancellor says Chequers white paper lets UK remain linked to EU economy in way that works for both sidesThe British chancellor, Philip Hammond, has called on Brussels to accept Theresa May’s Brexit blueprint, saying it offers a “fair and sensible” way forward.Hammond said the controversial plan hammered out at Chequers last month would enable the UK to remain closely connected to the EU economy in a way that worked for both sides. Continue reading...

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09 августа, 16:20

The HS2 rail project is out of date and out of control. But it can still be halted | Simon Jenkins

Britain is cutting care homes and children’s centres, yet blowing £80bn on a railway line that has failed every viability testVanity projects are like foreign wars. They ensnare politicians and drive them mad. A high-speed rail track from London to Birmingham and beyond was first sold to David Cameron in 2009 as a glamorous alternative to a third runway at Heathrow, which he had pledged never to build. HS2 was stupid then, and has grown ever stupider ever since. Related: HS2 is not a useless railway, merely the stupidest | Simon Jenkins Continue reading...

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06 августа, 21:21

The lesson from non-bids for IWG is WeWork is overvalued

US company is loss-making yet a UK firm that makes profits cannot land a buyer Maybe IWG, the serviced office company that used to be called Regus, should give its tenants free beer or throw a few cheese-tasting parties. The gimmicky stuff has worked wonders for WeWork. The fashionable US company is supposedly worth $20bn in privately owned form, even though it is loss-making. By contrast, IWG, a quoted UK firm that has been around for 30 years and is substantially larger, makes profits. Yet it cannot land a buyer willing to pay the much smaller sum of £2.8bn-ish. Related: WeGeneration work, rest and play together in Adam Neumann's empire Continue reading...

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25 июля, 11:13

Corbyn says Brexit transition period may have to be extended - as it happened

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happenSimon Coveney’s Today interview - SummaryVoters losing confidence in May’s ability to handle Brexit, poll suggestsAfternoon summary 4.27pm BST This is not just about stockpiling. That concept, what it is, is about making sure that we will be able to continue to do the things that are necessary once we have left the European Union, if we leave without a deal.What we have said is there should be a transition period, and that was eventually supported and accepted. Quite clearly it might be necessary to ensure that goes on a bit longer.We’ve got to have a deal, we can’t have a no-deal end to this process because the manufacturing industry and all the other services we share with Europe have got to carry on. Therefore there has to be an agreement. 3.42pm BST According to BuzzFeed’s Emily Ashton, an original tweet from the Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman about treason and “extreme EU loyalty” was even more extreme that the one currently generating controversy. (See 11.43pm.) In her story she writes:A pro-Brexit Tory MEP has suggested that remainers should be prosecuted under the Treason Act for “undermining the UK through extreme EU loyalty”.David Campbell Bannerman made the comment on Twitter on Wednesday morning, sparking a flood of criticism from baffled readers. Continue reading...

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21 июля, 19:22

Everyone’s bound to be caught in Hammond’s tax rise net | Phillip Inman

The chancellor needs to fill lots of holes in public services – and it will take big moneyPhilip Hammond, under pressure to ease austerity, must spend the summer preparing the ground for sweeping tax rises that catch everyone in their net.A tax on the rich is not going to be enough to meet the demand for £20bn extra on health spending by the end of the parliament, let alone the cost of extra police officers to tackle a significant rise in crime, higher social care funding and a boost to the defence budget. Continue reading...

20 июля, 16:12

Лондон готов к любому сценарию Brexit — министр финансов

Великобритания готовится к выходу из состава Евросоюза, причем как с соглашением, так и без. Об...

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17 июля, 15:25

NHS spending to strain public finances for next 50 years, OBR warns

Extra health funding for an ageing population will add to deficit, Treasury forecast saysExtra health funding and a population that is ageing faster than previously expected will add to the burden of spending over the next 50 years, according to the Treasury’s independent forecaster.The £20bn boost to the health budget by 2021-22 promised by Theresa May, coupled with falling immigration – which will cut the number of young and working age people – will increase the public deficit unless the government moves to increase taxes or take other measures to reduce spending, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said. Continue reading...

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03 июля, 21:22

Hammond to warn cabinet of risks of Canada-style post-Brexit deal

Brexiters claim chancellor’s briefing at Chequers on Friday will mark return of ‘project fear’Philip Hammond is expected to warn his cabinet colleagues that a Canada-style trade deal of the kind championed by Brexiters would hit jobs, trade and growth, when he briefs ministers at Chequers on Friday.Theresa May is gathering her deeply divided cabinet at her country retreat to thrash out an agreed Brexit negotiating position – which will then be set out in a white paper next week. Continue reading...

03 июля, 19:03

Loud and proud Philip Hammond comes clean on Brexit | John Crace

Chancellor wants the world to know that no one can point the finger at him if it all goes belly upIt’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for Philip Hammond. He has a prime minister who would have sacked him if last year’s general election had worked out as she had planned. Then there are the cabinet colleagues who cannot stand the sight of him, either because they think he’s some kind of soggy Remoaner who is deliberately trying to thwart the “One True Punishment Brexit” or because they suspect he’s starving their departments of cash. Or both.To make things worse, he’s been lumbered with a Treasury team of Liz Truss, Mel Stride and Robert Jenrick that doesn’t even qualify as B list. Barely even capable of managing an Instagram account, let alone the economy. So Hammond is a man alone. The closest you are a likely to find to intelligent life in the current government. Not that the bar is very high. Continue reading...

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03 июля, 15:07

Unite says it is 'open to possibility' of 2nd Brexit referendum and Labour 'highly unlikely' to back May's deal – Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happenLunchtime summaryUnite’s Brexit statement - AnalysisAfternoon summary 6.14pm BST It’s so important that Labour is back as the political voice of the working class in all its diversity across Britain. We will be be campaigning on the issues that matter, to communities that have been held back and ignored, across the country in the weeks and months to come. Labour exists to represent the large majority of the population, the many, not the few, lower and middle income voters, the skilled and unskilled, nurses and teachers, shop floor workers, builders, designers, technicians, professionals in every community, region and nation. 5.58pm BST Denis MacShane, the former Labour Europe minister, has written his own analysis of the Unite Brexit statement. He doesn’t think it is pushing Labour towards a softer Brexit (unlike me).As old t. u. conference policy wordsmith here is my deconstruction of Unite statement adopted today at union conf Unite Statement No Real Move Forward as Contradictions on Brexit Prevail https://t.co/YfodKIz3kZ @PCollinsTimes @MikeGapes @gowdav @MehreenKhn @Jack_Blanchard_More worrying the Unite resolution suggests a ‘replacement migration system”. In plain English this means the UK rejecting current obligations under freedom of movement rules. Unite makes sensible suggestions for reforming the UK labour market but adds employers can only offer jobs to workers in Europe if they are under a “trade union agreement or by sectoral collective bargaining when they arrive in the UK.”Given that only about 15% of private sector employees in the UK are in trade unions, this Unite demand – while coherent from the union’s point of view – is in effect a rejection of of existing EU freedom of movement rules which non EU nations like Norway and Switzerland accept. Continue reading...

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03 июля, 15:06

Fuel price rises will hurt the worst-off – just like other broken Tory promises | Gaby Hinsliff

From the fuel duty freeze to the final Brexit deal, Tory commitments are struggling to survive contact with realityIt’s been one of the most successful lobbying campaigns in modern political history, successfully diverting billions from the Treasury with barely a squeak. But almost eight years on, it seems the campaign to freeze fuel duty has finally run out of road. The chancellor is now considering risking the combined wrath of white-van man, the Sun, and half his backbenchers by pushing up pump prices again, and while it’s ostensibly all to fund the NHS (the one thing for which prospective Tory voters will grudgingly pay more tax) that feels like only part of the story. Related: May close to lifting fuel duty freeze to help meet NHS promises Continue reading...

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29 июня, 08:01

MP warns Bank of England over lack of diversity in senior staff

Treasury select committee chair, Nicky Morgan, says it would monitor progressA committee of MPs has warned the Bank of England that it could block the appointment of male candidates to its main policymaking committees to arrest a decline in female representation.In the first known example of MPs threatening to reject candidates for senior public sector jobs to improve diversity, the Treasury select committee said it would look at the progress made by Threadneedle Street in appointing more women to senior roles before it endorses the next appointment. Continue reading...

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28 июня, 23:18

Theresa May faces new conflict with defence secretary

Gavin Williamson wants to rush through publication of defence reviewTheresa May will face pressure from the defence secretary to publish an interim report on the government’s defence review before the Nato summit later this month to demonstrate to international allies her commitment to the armed forces.Gavin Williamson is expected to attend talks with the prime minister and the chancellor at Downing Street next week where the Guardian understands he will make one final push for her to sign off his modernising defence review. Continue reading...

27 июня, 20:31

The Guardian view on the defence budget: be realistic | Editorial

The military has suffered from austerity and the world is a dangerous place, but that doesn’t mean the case for higher defence spending needs no interrogationIt is easier to assert that Britain needs a modern military capability than it is to say what that means. The existence of dangers – from terrorism and cyberwarfare to nuclear proliferation and a pattern of Russian provocations – is beyond question. But to identify a threat is not the same as knowing how to handle it and, since the imagination can always conjure a worst-case scenario, the shopping list of desirable hardware can be long and very expensive.But resources are finite; compromise is inevitable. Military chiefs always want bigger budgets, and ministers, keen to show voters that they take no chances with national security, are reluctant to contradict the khaki lobby. Gavin Williamson, the defence secretary, has gone a step further, noisily demanding cash from the prime minister and the chancellor. Continue reading...

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27 июня, 16:45

Philip Hammond under fire over sale of Lloyds shares

Watchdog calculated £6bn loss to taxpayers, which contradicts chancellor’s claimA claim by Philip Hammond that the government profited by selling off Lloyds Banking Group shares has been questioned by Whitehall’s spending watchdog, which has calculated a loss to taxpayers of nearly £6bn.During last year’s general election, the chancellor claimed the government had recovered its losses and received £900m more than it had spent on bailing out the bank. Continue reading...

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26 июня, 21:15

Downing Street intervenes in row over armed forces pay rise

No 10 offers compromise to defence secretary amid bitter rift over overall MoD budgetDowning Street has directly intervened in a standoff between the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, and the chancellor, Philip Hammond, over a pay rise for the armed services, according to Whitehall sources.The move comes against the backdrop of an increasingly acrimonious row between Williamson and Hammond over a push for an extra £2bn a year in defence spending on top of the existing £35.3bn budget. Continue reading...

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26 июня, 21:13

Biggest US trade groups warn Trump of 'serious negative impacts' of tariff plan

Retail, carmaking and agriculture bodies sign letter as UK chancellor Philip Hammond fears ‘disaster’ for the US economyGroups representing America’s largest retailers, car manufacturers and the agriculture industry warned of the “serious negative economic impacts” of Donald Trump’s trade disputes on Tuesday and declared support for a bill that would rein in his powers.In a letter to US senators signed by 51 trade groups, the US Chamber of Commerce and state and local business bodies, business leaders called on legislators to pass a bill that would require Congress to approve any new tariffs the president imposes based on national security concerns. Continue reading...

24 июня, 17:04

Gavin Williamson allies reject reports of threat to topple Theresa May

Sources say despite UK defence secretary’s request for more funding, he remains loyalAllies of Gavin Williamson, the UK defence secretary, have moved to quash reports that he had threatened to topple the prime minister unless defence spending was increased, but warned there was significant backbench anger over Theresa May’s refusal to confirm the UK would remain a “tier one” military nation.Williamson is scheduled to meet Philip Hammond in the next fortnight in a attempt to secure concessions ahead of a Nato summit in Brussels in July, following a tense meeting with May and the chancellor last Tuesday, which ended without any promise of further funding. Continue reading...

22 июня, 19:15

The Guardian view of Philip Hammond and Airbus: stand tall for jobs | Editorial

In his big speech this week the chancellor made a general case for soft Brexit. The Airbus disinvestment threat shows that he must sharpen his gameTwo years ago this week, Britain voted to leave the EU. One year ago, the chancellor of the exchequer’s annual Mansion House speech was cancelled because of the fire at Grenfell Tower. On Thursday, Philip Hammond went ahead with this year’s speech to the City. And it was almost as if Mr Hammond had mistakenly brought along the kind of speech he might have given 12 months ago, when the Brexit process was in its infancy. But Brexit is not in its infancy. It is approaching the point of no return.True, Brexit was inescapably central to the chancellor’s prudent case this week. But the content of his speech was of an almost wholly general kind: he wanted a good deal, to protect markets from uncertainty, to uphold low friction borders and open markets, to construct an enduring partnership that recognises that Europe is Britain’s most important trading partner. He could – and would – have said all of this in 2017. Continue reading...

21 июня, 23:15

Philip Hammond hands Bank of England new powers

Bank will have extra £500bn to provide to economy as Britain prepares for BrexitThe Bank of England will be allowed to provide more than £500bn in lending to the economy without seeking the Treasury’s permission, in a move that reinforces the strength of the UK financial system as Britain prepares to leave the EU. Announcing the plan at the annual Mansion House dinner for bankers in the City of London on Thursday, Philip Hammond, the chancellor, said the changes would help to improve the resilience of the central bank. It would also help with its “ability to meet its monetary and financial policy objectives in the future”, he said. Continue reading...