Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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19 октября, 13:23

UK government borrowing target back on track

£800m fall in borrowing on same month last year bolsters chancellor’s budget war chestPhilip Hammond’s plan to bring down the government’s annual borrowing was back on track last month after a blowout in August that knocked the chancellor off course.Public sector net borrowing in September, excluding the nationalised banks, was £4.1bn – £800m less than in the same month last year. The drop had the effect of cutting the level of borrowing since April to £19.9bn, which is £10.7bn less than in the first six months of the 2017 financial year. Continue reading...

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16 октября, 23:17

Chancellor plans budget spending pledges to reassure MPs

Backbenchers are anxious about impact of universal credit rollout and years of austerityPhilip Hammond is planning to pepper his budget with a series of spending announcements to reassure Tory backbenchers who are anxious about the impact of universal credit and delivering on the prime minister’s pledge to end austerity.The chancellor is understood to share fears that Theresa May’s promise at the Tory party conference to step up public spending had been interpreted too literally, putting pressure on the Treasury to announce giveaways later this month. Continue reading...

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16 октября, 02:01

Hammond 'would need £19bn a year to meet May's end of cuts vow'

Aim unlikely to be compatible with balancing the books, says IFS in pre-budget viewPhilip Hammond will need £19bn from higher taxes, extra borrowing or faster-than-expected growth if this month’s budget is to fulfil the prime minister’s promises to end austerity and boost NHS spending, according to the UK’s leading experts on the public finances.The Institute for Fiscal Studies said the pledge by Theresa May at this year’s Conservative party conference to end eight years of cuts was “unlikely” to be compatible with the chancellor’s aim of balancing the nation’s books unless some tough decisions were made. Continue reading...

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13 октября, 18:59

May could yet leave the Brexit rebels high and dry | Phillip Inman

If the PM can place a concrete deal before MPs, the pressure on hardliners to take it, and avoid chaos, will be intenseWhen the final Brexit deal hits the floor of the Commons, Brexiters who prefer leaving the EU without a deal than agreeing to a Chequers fudge will come under the most intense pressure to lay down their arms.They won’t just feel the water cannon of recession forecasts hosing them down. The international community, in the form of the International Monetary Fund, is weighing in with its own Project Fear, citing a no-deal Brexit as a potentially disastrous hit to global financial stability. Continue reading...

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12 октября, 18:55

Frictionless Brexit trade deal would bolster budget – Hammond

Chancellor says smooth exit would free up much of £15.4bn reserved in case of ‘no deal’A smooth Brexit that offers frictionless trade with the European Union will give the Treasury a double bonus in the budget, the chancellor has said, allowing him to boost public spending and consider cutting taxes.Philip Hammond said a deal with Brussels offering open trade with the EU would free up much of the £15.4bn he had saved this year to act as a buffer against a no-deal Brexit. Continue reading...

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09 октября, 09:04

CBI demands £2bn boost for business in Philip Hammond's budget

Employers’ organisation seeks help before Brexit on investment, skills and business rates The CBI has demanded that Philip Hammond use the budget on 29 October to prepare companies for a post-Brexit future with a £2bn package of measures to bolster investment, raise skills and ease the burden of business rates.The employers’ organisation said action was needed to lift Britain from the bottom of the G7 league table and it was time for the chancellor to “put warm words for business into action – no ifs, no buts.” Continue reading...

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08 октября, 02:01

Treasury weighs up tax break for landlords who sell to generation rent

Thinktank draws up plan at time when 40% of young adults are unable to buy a homeThe chancellor, Philip Hammond, is considering using this month’s budget to introduce a “good landlord” tax break rewarding investors who sell properties to sitting tenants amid a housing crisis that has left 40% of young adults unable to buy a home.The Treasury is weighing up a new Help to Buy proposal whereby landlords would not have to pay capital gains tax when selling up to tenants who had been living in a property for at least three years. The plan has been drawn up by the right-wing thinktank Onward, which suggests the £1.3bn-a-year cost of the policy could be covered by curtailing other tax perks enjoyed by buy-to-let investors. Continue reading...

07 октября, 22:56

Brexit not on agenda for Theresa May's next cabinet meeting

Upcoming budget will be main topic despite imminent deadline with European councilCabinet members are not expecting to discuss Brexit at their scheduled meeting this coming week, despite the looming deadline of the European council meeting next week.Brexit does not feature on copies of the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday, even as British officials rush to finalise the UK’s negotiating position in time for the next summit on 17-18 October. Continue reading...

05 октября, 19:58

May banks on Brexit to keep her in place until March

Boris Johnson does not have enough supporters to replace the prime minister, believes Downing StreetEven before Theresa May danced her self-deprecating way on to the stage in Birmingham this week, most of her party were resigned to the fact that however little they may love her, there is little to be gained from chucking her aside before Brexit next March.One leave-backing cabinet minister told the Guardian that May was a “vehicle for Brexit”, and she was likely to step down shortly afterwards; another suggested the optimal time to replace her would be in 2021, a year before the next general election is due. Continue reading...

01 октября, 21:26

Conference or crack den? Tories fight over what's left of their stash | John Crace

Stupidity takes centre-stage, with equal amounts of inspired lunacy to be found on the fringesOnce you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – no matter how improbable – must be the truth. Which means that the only rational explanation for the current behaviour of the Tory party is that most of its members are out of their heads on psychotropic drugs. The Birmingham conference centre has been transformed into the country’s largest crack den, with the entire cabinet and the gobbiest MPs fighting over what’s left of their stash while competing to pass off their version of fantasy as reality.We’ve already had the prime minister proposing we rerun the Festival of Britain to celebrate surviving Brexit. A Cliff Richard austerity singalong with everyone breathing a sigh of relief that they haven’t actually died. We’ve had Boris Johnson, a man who managed to waste £40m of public money failing to build a bridge across the Thames, going full psycho with a plan to build a bridge across the Irish Sea. Not to mention Jeremy Hunt in an advanced paranoid state claiming that we were in a gulag run by the EU. Continue reading...

01 октября, 20:40

The Guardian view on the Tory conference: Johnson is not the answer | Editorial

The Conservatives are trying to bore their way through a dangerous week. They have little that is new or interesting to sayAt the halfway point in this year’s Conservative conference, the widespread predictions of a political bloodbath have been wide of the mark. The Conservatives are naturally talking a lot about Brexit. There is an unlimited supply of leadership speculation in the bars. Yet the Tories aren’t known for their discipline for nothing. The conference hall, which is often nowhere near full this year, has in fact been respectful and supine, as a succession of ministers have made speeches of unimpeachable dullness that few media outlets bother to report.This is, of course, just what Theresa May and party chairman Brandon Lewis seek. Mrs May’s slippery grip on British politics requires an uneventful conference. In that respect, her humiliation at Salzburg two weeks ago may have helped her at Birmingham by drawing the party’s fire away from the internal row over the Chequers plan towards the supposedly unreasonable behaviour of the EU27. Attacking the EU, not Chequers, is now the preferred mode for leadership hopefuls. In an otherwise emollient speech on Sunday, for instance, the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, made the disgraceful claim that the EU was a prison, in the manner of the Soviet Union. Mr Hunt should not be allowed to get away with that sort of insult to democratic Europe. Continue reading...

01 октября, 15:44

Philip Hammond vows to stick with austerity in conference speech

Chancellor also says UK may soon have to tax internet firms such as Amazon and GooglePhilip Hammond has warned the Treasury’s austerity programme will come under attack from what he called “populists and demagogues” among Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters, but claimed it would retain the backing of the British people.The chancellor said he would withhold funds to protect the economy should the government fail to secure a Brexit deal. But he conceded that his plan to be fiscally responsible would be controversial and the Conservative party needed to hold its nerve over the coming months as pleas for extra spending grew louder. Continue reading...

01 октября, 11:44

Hammond rubbishes Johnson's 'SuperCanada' Brexit plan

Free trade deal championed by former foreign secretary is ‘not on offer’ from the EU, says chancellorPhilip Hammond has insisted the “SuperCanada” Brexit plan, backed by rebel Conservatives including Boris Johnson, is “not on offer” from the EU.As the chancellor prepared to deliver his speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, he hit back at the activists at the conference centre handing out “chuck Chequers” badges and calling instead for a Canada-style free trade deal. Continue reading...

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01 октября, 10:55

Conservative conference: Hammond pledges digital services tax on web giants - Politics live

Raab says EU needs to “get serious” on BrexitHammond calls for digital services tax on web giantsHammond reiterates his criticisms of Boris Johnson 1.29pm BST Here’s some more thoughts on Hammond’s speech via Twitter:Philip Hammond's speech showed why the Tories are struggling to take on Corbyn: he identified problems with British capitalism but offered no answers. https://t.co/7edN3ktomAI think this is really significant. Hammond says that while he doesn’t think Labour’s answers are the right ones, their questions needs a response. Just a bit late to start worrying about left behind Britain though, isn’t it? https://t.co/e3SrVxqCTXPhilip Hammond says this is one of the things Conservatives can tell their children. I imagine school playgrounds all over the country are erupting with excitement. pic.twitter.com/Kv6JTP49oF 1.02pm BST Instant verdict on Hammond speech: It was certainly what pundits like to call “wide ranging” – usually a shorthand for a minister wandering off piste in an attempt to burnish their leadership credentials. At this conference virtually every minister is on some manoeuvres of some sort, so perhaps not so much can be read into it.In fact, after the excitement of the chancellor’s overnight attack on Boris Johnson, the speech was largely a much-as-expected defence of Chequers, of his economic record, and an attack on Labour, which the one notable announcement of tackling the tax schemes of web giants. Continue reading...

30 сентября, 22:38

May fights to assert authority at Tory conference as Brexit divisions erupt

PM faces attacks from Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg over her Brexit plans on first day of conferenceDeep divisions over Brexit overshadowed the opening day of the Conservative party conference on Sunday as Theresa May attempted to wrestle back the focus on to her domestic agenda.The bitter infighting that has crippled the Conservative party was laid bare as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg laid into the prime minister’s Brexit plans as thousands of delegates gathered in Birmingham. Continue reading...

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29 сентября, 19:00

Hammond is an honourable Tory. Now is the time to show it | Phillip Inman

A brave chancellor would ditch his fiscal rules next month and spend on welfare and schoolsAs Philip Hammond puts the finishing touches to his conference speech he may want to consider a total rewrite. Boring Phil needs to talk to the nation, not his party. It is time for the most senior one-nation Tory (Theresa May is a pretender to this crown) to be a bit more statesmanlike and think about people beyond the audience.That doesn’t look likely though. His announcement last week of an autumn budget (on 29 October), suggested he plans to stick to offering a “balanced approach” to debt “while supporting vital public services, and building a stronger, more prosperous economy”. Continue reading...

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21 сентября, 13:45

UK government deficit widens unexpectedly in August

Results likely to frustrate chancellor as he prepares to fund pledge for £20bn annual rise in NHS fundingThe UK government deficit widened unexpectedly in August, handing Philip Hammond disappointing news ahead of the autumn budget.Public sector net borrowing last month, excluding the nationalised banks, grew by £2.4bn to £6.8bn compared with August a year ago, according to the Office for National Statistics. Continue reading...

17 сентября, 14:14

IMF chief highlights recession risk of no-deal Brexit

Christine Lagarde warns of ‘dire consequences’ if UK has disorderly exit from EUMay’s ‘Chequers or no deal’ warning angers Tory rightThe UK economy would rapidly start to contract in the event of a disruptive exit from the EU next spring, according to a stark International Monetary Fund report that highlights the recession risks of a no-deal Brexit.Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s managing director, added that there would be costs to the UK under any outcome that involves leaving the EU. Continue reading...

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17 сентября, 02:01

British Chambers of Commerce downgrades UK growth prediction

BCC predicts fall to 1.1% this year and 1.3% in 2019 amid Brexit uncertaintyThe British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has downgraded its prediction for UK growth this year and the following, joining a growing number of forecasters that warn Brexit uncertainty has sapped the economy’s strength. Related: The Brexit economy: things are starting to deteriorate Continue reading...

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15 сентября, 20:00

Welfare was meant to help the poor, not subsidise exploitative employers | Kenan Malik

How did we get to the stage where many classed as needy are actually in work?It will mean fewer jobs. That was the chorus from many on the right, from Tej Parikh of the Institute of Directors to the chancellor, Philip Hammond, in response to proposals from the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, to improve conditions for gig economy workers. Such workers, he insisted, should be given similar rights to those in permanent work, including eligibility for sick pay, maternity pay and similar benefits. He promised to ban zero-hours contracts and introduce a “real living wage” of £10 an hour.So what does it mean for Parikh and Hammond to insist that if gig workers are given decent benefits, jobs will be lost? Unpacked, what that suggests is that employers are willing, or able, to provide jobs only if workers accept low pay and poor conditions. Continue reading...