Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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Backbench toadying and frontbench floundering at Treasury questions | John Crace

Giving business some clarity on Brexit? The Treasury team were horrified by the suggestionIt’s sometimes hard to know what to be more concerned by. That the latest figures showing inflation is still at 3% doesn’t even rate a mention. That almost none of the Treasury frontbench team shows any enthusiasm for the government’s Brexit strategy, yet still hang-doggedly promotes it. Or that someone of Liz Truss’s limited abilities should be second in command of the country’s finances.The first Treasury questions of the new year got under way with a bit of shameless Tory backbench toadying. Was it not true that the economy was in fantastic shape, observed Charlie Elphicke, and that people on low pay were better off than they had ever been? He might as well have said “You’ve never had it so good”. The chancellor nodded appreciatively. It was all part of his tireless work to build a Britain fit for the future. Tick for the day’s first meaningless soundbite. Continue reading...

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Hammond: EU leaders 'paranoid' that other nations will leave after Brexit

Chancellor tells Die Welt newspaper that EU leaders are fixated on punishing Britain, rather than looking ahead to building post-Brexit tradeEuropean leaders’ lack of enthusiasm for the future trade relationship between Britain and the European Union has been described as “backward-looking” and marked by “paranoia” by the UK chancellor, Philip Hammond.In an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt that was supposed to round off a three-day charm offensive aimed at rallying German support for a future trade deal, Hammond complained that politicians across Europe were still fixated on punishing Britain for the outcome of the 2016 referendum. Continue reading...

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Philip Hammond tells EU 'it takes two to tango' over future relationship

Chancellor accuses Britain’s negotiating partners of giving little indication of how member states want to work with UKPhilip Hammond has accused European Union governments of failing to set out what future relationship they want with Britain, saying during a speech in Germany that “it takes two to tango.”At a conference in Berlin hosted by the newspaper Die Welt, the chancellor said negotiating partners have given “little, if any signal”, of how they want to work with Britain after the “implementation period” that will start in March 2019. Continue reading...

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NAO to investigate whether £39bn 'Brexit bill' payments to EU are justified - Politics live

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at the first PMQs of 2018PMQs - Snap verdictPMQs - Verdict from the Twitter commentariat 5.02pm GMT On Monday the Daily Telegraph splashed on a story saying Theresa May was going to use the reshuffle to have what would amount to a minister for a no deal Brexit attending cabinet. It said Steve Baker, a Brexit minister already in charge of Brexit planning, would start attending cabinet, showing how serious the government was about a no deal Brexit.As you will have noticed, this never happened.What happened to an extra Brexit minister being allowed to attend Cabinet? Brexiteers v cross that it didn't happen in reshuffle - but No 10 says now @DExEUgov ministers, like Steve Baker, who has responsiblity for implementation COULD be invited to Cabinet on relevant occasionsExactly. But at Lobby yesterday there were no plans for this. Gossip is that Energy minister Claire Perry got 'Cabinet visiting rights' rather than (current 'no deal' minister) Steve Baker for gender balance reasons. Number 10 denies this. https://t.co/xLXptaFAzr 4.52pm GMT The Commons debate on the Labour motion on the NHS has just finished. Here are the key points.I have said publicly that I think as we come to the end of the five-year forward view we do need to look to find a consensus for the next phase of the NHS. We will need significantly more funding in the years ahead. We need to build a national consensus as to how we are going to find that funding. And my own view is that we should try and do that for a 10-year period, not a five-year period.The trust has made clear there are absolutely no plans to delay the start of chemotherapy treatment or reduce the number of cycles of treatment given to cancer patients. The instructions from NHS England could not have been clearer that cancer operations should not be cancelled because they are deemed to be urgent. That this House expresses concern at the effect on patient care of the closure of 14,000 hospital beds since 2010; records its alarm at there being vacancies for 100,000 posts across the NHS; regrets the decision of the government to reduce social care funding since 2010; notes that hospital trusts have been compelled by NHS England to delay elective operations because of the government’s failure to allocate adequate resources to the NHS; condemns the privatisation of community health services; and calls on the government to increase cash limits for the current year to enable hospitals to resume a full service to the public, including rescheduling elective operations, and to report to the House by oral statement and written report before 1 February 2018 on what steps it is taking to comply with this resolution.This is not just a winter crisis. This is an all year round funding crisis, a year round staffing crisis, a year round social care crisis, a year round health inequality crisis - manufactured in Downing Street by this Government ...Isn’t the truth that doctors and nurses have lost confidence in him, patients have lost confidence in him, the prime minister it seems has lost confidence in him. He fights for his own job but he won’t fight for the NHS. Our patients are crying out for change and they will look at the health secretary still in post today and see - to coin a phrase - nothing has changed, nothing has changed.Andy Burnham, who was the health secretary, actually thanked him for his measured tone so that together we can give a reassuring message to the public. Sadly, I cannot say that today.[Ashworth] says the NHS is on its knees. So let’s look at the facts - 14,000 more doctors since 2010, 12,000 more nurses on our wards, 5,000 more operations every single day. In A&Es, which he’s been talking about a lot, 1,800 more people being seen and treated within four hours every single day than 2010. Continue reading...

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Davis and Hammond make plea to Germany in pursuit of Brexit deal

Chancellor and Brexit secretary seek deal to avoid catastrophe for Britain’s financial services industry after UK leaves EUPhilip Hammond and David Davis have made a direct appeal to German business leaders to help them forge a Brexit deal to secure the future of Britain’s financial services.The chancellor and Brexit secretary travel to Germany on Wednesday on a charm offensive they hope will shift the EU’s implacable opposition to services being included in a final deal. Continue reading...

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May to move or sack quarter of cabinet in wide-ranging reshuffle

Prime minister to assert authority, though Boris Johnson, David Davis, Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond likely to keep jobsTheresa May will give her government a new year reboot by carrying out what is expected to be her most wide-ranging reshuffle since her ill-fated decision to call a snap general election last summer.The prime minister is expected to sack or move about a quarter of her cabinet on Monday in an assertion of authority that was impossible for her in the immediate aftermath of the loss of her Commons majority, when her post-election reshuffle involved minimal changes at cabinet level and no outright dismissals. Continue reading...

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Theresa May to reshuffle cabinet on Monday, No 10 confirms

Ministers seen as possible casualties in rejig prompted by loss of Damian Green include Justine Greening and Andrea LeadsomTheresa May will carry out a reshuffle of her cabinet and junior ministers this week, Downing Street has confirmed. The jobs of the education secretary, Justine Greening, and the party chairman, Sir Patrick McLoughlin, are particularly vulnerable, it is believed.Greening was no enthusiast for the prime minister’s push to expand the number of grammar schools and it is widely reported that the Conservatives are anxious to refresh their education policies. However, in an indication that she could resist any attempt to move her, the education secretary posted a series of messages on Twitter heralding her achievements in the role and twice declared: “School standards are rising.” Continue reading...

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Hammond refuses to rule out customs union with EU after Brexit

Chancellor’s written reply to Treasury committee chair prompts call for cabinet agreement on one of Brexit’s central issuesPhilip Hammond has left open the possibility of Britain being part of a customs union with the EU after Brexit in a letter to parliament’s Treasury watchdog.The chancellor, who is on the side of maintaining a close relationship with the the bloc, said the government would be guided by what deliverd the greatest economic advantage to the UK. Continue reading...

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Q&A: Why is the NHS under so much pressure this winter?

We look at the key crises facing the NHS - and the government’s proposed solutions to the increased strains on staff, beds and budgetsThe NHS is facing the most intense strain on resources in decades as a result of flu, bad weather and an increase in patients suffering from breathing problems. Here we examine some of the key questions and discuss the government’s proposed solutions.Q: What are the financial pressures on the NHS that have built up over the last decade? Continue reading...

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The Guardian view on the NHS winter crisis: not such a happy birthday | Editorial

The health service goes into its 71st year facing bigger challenges than ever. Ministers cannot pretend they are not responsibleFor the NHS in England, 2018 has begun much as it is likely to go on. This year is the 70th anniversary of Britain’s most treasured institution. But it is eight years into a funding regime that has failed year after year to match the inexorable growth in demand. It operates on the very edge of viability. Any system-wide increase in need tips it over the edge.The contours of the winter crisis are familiar: the Christmas and New Year shut-down of supporting services – the GPs, community health workers and social services who help to keep people at home – coinciding with winter flu and cold weather always puts the NHS under pressure. Even in Scotland, where slightly higher funding per patient and much closer coordination between hospital and social care reduces problems such as bed-blocking, there are nightmare stories about long waits on trolleys and a service that shows painful signs of stress. Yet while the wretched experience of a system running off the rails is familiar, there is also something unusual going on here. Continue reading...

30 декабря 2017, 21:18

Литовский депутат о Брюсселе: "Установлена полная диктатура Брюсселя. Даже в СССР такого не было"

Депутат литовского парламента правоцентрист Пятрас Гражулис (Petras Gražulis) недоволен тем, что у Вильнюса нет возможности самостоятельно решать, по какому времени жить стране. Гражулис обвинил Брюссель в узурпации власти и любых политико-экономических решений.Об этом сообщает сегодня, 28 декабря, политический обозреватель BALTNEWS.lt со ссылкой на документы канцелярии Сейма.Гражулис с парламентской трибуны заявил, что Литва превратилась в бесправного игрока, который вынужден руководствоваться указками из Брюсселя. Например, депутаты национального парламента не могут самостоятельно решить, жить ли стране по сезонному зимне-летнему времени, или отказаться от этой вредной идеи."Установлена полная диктатура Брюсселя. Даже в СССР такого не было", - в азарте дискуссии заявил Гражулис, упирая на оккупацию Литвы Европейским союзом.Председательствовавший на заседании вице-спикер Сейма Гедиминас Киркилас (Gediminas Kirkilas) был вынужден охладить пыл правоцентриста: ЕС Литву не оккупировал, страна по собственной инициативе стала членом Европейского союза.Тем не менее, именно в адрес брюссельских евробюрократов парламент Литвы направил письмо с робкой просьбой позволить прекратить вредный для людей и живой природы переход с зимнего на летнее время и обратно.  Как ранее сообщал независимый информационно-аналитический порталBALTNEWS.lt, в середине декабря 2017 года Пятрас Гражулис устроил настоящую атаку на консерваторов из правой партии "Союз Отечества" - Христианские демократы Литвы (СО-ХДЛ). Гражулис обвинил СО-ХДЛ в разграблении государства."Литва теряет 90 млн евро на том, что дорого покупает газ и дёшево перепродаёт его. 600 млн евро страна теряет на дорогих кредитах, которые брало в 2008 - 2010 годах правительство консерватора [Андрюса] Кубилюса", - утверждает Гражулис.Украденные у литовцев деньги консерваторы хранят в оффшорах на Бермудах. Там же оседают "грязные" евро от непрозрачной сделки по аренде СПГ-терминала. политика Sat, 30 Dec 2017 21:42:55 +0700 nikandrovich 537232 Латыши купили бронетранспортеры, снаряды к которым никто в мире не производит (Бронетранспортер "Меч" оказался консервной банкой) http://news2.ru/story/537243/ Контракт о поставке в Латвию бронетранспортеров CVR (T) - Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) (боевая гусеничная машина разведки) - подписали в 2014 году. К тому времени у британцев оставалось около 1130 машин семейства CVR (T), из которых, по данным СМИ, только 640 были пригодны к эксплуатации.Британцы использовали их до 1990-х годов, затем стали снимать с вооружения. Уже в войне в Персидском заливе 1991 года, в которой принимала участие 1-я танковая дивизия британцев, машины CVR (T) показали свою несостоятельность. Их перенаправили в артиллерийские части. Они использовались в основном для прикрытия флангов и тыла. Кроме того, специалисты констатировали: снаряды к CVR (T) устарели, не способны поражать бронезащиту бронецелей.Окончание срока службы остающихся в строю машин семейства CVR (T) в Великобритании запланировано на 2020 год. И как раз на этот год намечено окончание поставки в соответствии с контрактом 123 БТР в Латвию. На сегодняшний день поступило 47 машин. Первые четыре пришли в сентябре 2015-го, и их тут же "превратили" в латышские, дав гордые имена Zobens ("Меч"), Pērkons ("Гром"), Vairogs ("Щит"), Glābējs ("Спаситель").Правда, покупку сопровождали скандалы. В Латвии прекрасно понимали, что приобретают старье. В прошлом году депутат Сейма от оппозиционной фракции "Согласие" Андрей Элксниньш говорил новостному агентству Sputnik: "Мы покупали совсем поддержанную технику от Великобритании - производства 60−70-х годов, она успела даже поучаствовать в войне. Латвия как-то уже покупала у Швеции корабли - минные тральщики. Сначала закупила, а потом сдавала на металлолом - в 2005 или в 2007 году". "Оказалось, мы приобретаем не технику XXI века, а фактически трактора", - сказал он. "Если постоянно говорить, что Россия - это угроза, угроза, угроза и этим пугать наших граждан, и покупать при этом консервные банки - это двойные стандарты", - считает политик.А вот вывод 2015 года от российских военных экспертов из Центра анализа стратегий и технологий: "Закупка Латвией машин семейства CVR (T) из наличия британской армии вызвала в прошлом году немалое удивление обозревателей (в том числе ряда британских), поскольку эти машины сейчас считаются уже полностью устаревшими, а их боевая ценность в конфликте современного типа против хорошо оснащенного тяжелым вооружением противника весьма сомнительна. Примечательно, что хотя машины этого семейства пользовались популярностью в странах Третьего мира в 1970-1980-е годы, однако Латвия оказалась единственной страной, польстившейся на бывшие в эксплуатации CVR (T) из наличия британской армии".К слову, снаряды к этим БТР британцы уже давно не выпускают. Но министр обороны Латвии Раймонд Бергманис не унывает: страна сама будет делать боеприпасы для купленных у британцев бронетранспортеров.Скандал вокруг этих БТР связан не только с их возрастом. Считается, что сумма контракта за покупку 123 машин составила 39,4 миллиона фунтов. Об этом официально сообщала и Великобритания. Но выяснилось, Латвия уже потратила на проект... 250 миллионов евро.Раймонд Бергманис так отреагировал на возмущение представителей общественности по этому поводу: "Если мы говорим только о закупке БТР, то получится около 40 миллионов евро. Однако общий проект механизации - это еще и инфраструктура, школы, обучение, боеприпасы, обслуживание. Нужно построить классы, чтобы обучить людей ездить на бронетранспортере, стрелять. Если все это сложить, то получится более 200 миллионов евро".Кстати, некоторые российские СМИ возлагают ответственность за нелепую сделку именно на Бергманиса. Мол, некомпетентен, а возможно, в сделке скрыта коррупционная составляющая. В прошлом Бергманис - известный спортсмен-тяжелоатлет, олимпиец, вице-чемпион Европы по тяжелой атлетике, телеведущий. Трудно сказать, какое отношение это имеет к военной компетентности, но к сделке с британскими БТР точно никакого: министром обороны он стал в июле 2015-го, а контракт был подписан в 2014-м. Тогда министром обороны был Раймонд Вейонис, нынешний президент Латвии, избранный в июне 2015-го. Именно он 27 февраля 2014 года в ходе встречи министров обороны стран НАТО в Брюсселе подписал с главой военного ведомства Великобританский Филипом Хаммондом письмо-обязательство по вопросу сотрудничества в рамках проекта механизации пехотной бригады Сухопутных войск Латвии. Это как раз то самое обязательство, за которым последовал контракт.  Рассуждая о компетентности Вейониса, тоже можно вспомнить об образовании. К военному делу никакого отношения он не имеет. В 1989 году в Риге окончил факультет биологии Латвийского государственного университета. До назначения на военное ведомство был министром окружающей среды и министром регионального развития. На Западе принято назначать на военные ведомства гражданских лиц, но тогда нечего лезть в военные контракты, пусть этим занимаются специалисты. Однако и Вейонис, похоже, все-таки имеет опосредованное отношение к сделке. Дело в том, что документ подписан в феврале 2014-го, а он стал главой министерства обороны лишь месяцем ранее, в январе 2014-го. А такие контракты, письма-обязательства, конечно же, предваряются долгими переговорами, согласованиями позиций, а может быть и тайными коррупционными соглашениями.Но вот до Вейониса министром обороны Латвии был откровенный русофоб, ненавистник нашей страны и почитатель латышских эсэсовцев Артис Пабрикс, выпускник факультета истории и философии Латвийского университета, получивший степень доктора политических наук в Орхусском университете (Дания). А вот политология в Латвии - особая профессия, касающаяся там всего, особенно военного дела. Это в том числе и умение выстраивать вычурные антироссийские схемы, порой в ущерб своей же стране. Как и вышло с британскими БТР."Великобритания считается одним из ключевых союзников Прибалтики в вопросах НАТО. Поэтому, скорее всего, есть какие-то договоренности, что будет закуплена именно британская техника, а не какая-то другая", - объяснил журналистам военный эксперт, полковник запаса Раймонд Рубловскис."В случае войны базы НАТО в Латвии будут уничтожены в первые часы", - говорит он. Но это уже другая история, хотя и имеет отношение к устаревшим британским машинам CVR (T).(https://svpressa.ru/war21...)

30 декабря 2017, 14:24

Рига купила у Лондона БТР, к которым не делают снарядов

Бронетранспортер «Меч» оказался консервной банкой

27 декабря 2017, 16:59

Hospital PFI firms set for £190m windfall from tax cuts – study

Labour’s Stella Creasy renews calls for windfall tax on PFI operators as analysis shows firms could save £190m by 2020Companies that built and run NHS hospitals under private finance initiative (PFI) contracts will have made about £190m in unexpected windfall profits by 2020 because of George Osborne and Philip Hammond’s cuts to corporation tax, research suggests.Analysis by the Centre for Health and the Public Interest found that more than 100 PFI operators in the NHS collectively saved an estimated £84m between 2008 and 2015 and are due to gain another £106m between 2016 and 2020 because of the falling corporate tax rate. Continue reading...

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26 декабря 2017, 22:00

Philip Hammond urged to publish Treasury's Brexit impact studies

Labour MPs write to chancellor saying public have right to see documents examining range of outcomes of BrexitPhilip Hammond has come under pressure to publish another set of hidden documents relating to how a series of possible Brexit outcomes, including no deal, will impact on the economy. Twenty-five Labour MPs have written to the chancellor demanding that he release the studies, which have so far been kept confidential, after he told a select committee that the work had been done. Continue reading...

22 декабря 2017, 21:03

The Guardian view on rough sleeping: no room at the inn | Editorial

Readers are donating generously to the Guardian and Observer charity appeal. But the growing number of homeless people on and off the streets is a symbol of government failureNext to war, homelessness is the most visible of policy failures. Each pinched face peering from a sleeping bag, each despairing plea for change, tells of a government seemingly too incompetent or uncaring to ensure that everyone who needs a safe, warm bed can find one. Thirty years ago, cardboard cities became the symbol of a failed Conservative government. It is true again now. And while the figure huddled in a doorway is always shaming, at Christmas he or she is a still more potent reminder of the cruel gap between the many who have and the few who have not.Generous Guardian and Observer readers have already given nearly £1m to our charity appeal, donating more than £60,000 a day. It will go to three charities that work across Britain with some of the most vulnerable homeless people. Depaul, No Accommodation Network and Centrepoint support young people and destitute asylum seekers, helping them to find temporary accommodation and the practical assistance needed to get their lives back on track. Continue reading...

22 декабря 2017, 14:15

Джонсон удержался от призыва к России вернуть Украине Крым

Глава МИД Великобритании Борис Джонсон уклонился от посещения Крыма.

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21 декабря 2017, 17:24

Hammond gets early Christmas gift as public sector borrowing falls

Net borrowing at £8.7bn in November but chancellor warned improvement in public finances likely to be cut short in new yearPhilip Hammond has been handed an early Christmas present after government borrowing dipped in November, beating City expectations that the UK’s slowing economic growth would send the public finances deeper into the red.Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show public sector net borrowing, excluding state-owned banks, fell to £8.7bn in November, down £200m on the same month last year. Continue reading...

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21 декабря 2017, 15:45

Public borrowing figures leave Philip Hammond on track

Chancellor will now have to balance books over remaining third of financial year

20 декабря 2017, 15:16

Ed Miliband's pub quiz of 2017

Why was a massive courgette in the news? Who couldn’t face the thought of yet another election? Which death metal band did our quizmaster jam with? The former Labour leader lays down an eclectic end-of-year challenge ...So, 2016 was the year everyone died and 2017 was … worse. Brexit chaos, North Korean nukes, nearly a year of Donald Trump’s presidency. Congratulations on having survived. And there are 280 characters on Twitter, so it’s all OK. Try this Peak 2017 Miliverse quiz and test your knowledge of the year about to end. No cheating, copying, Googling, Facebooking or Russian bots please. Who said: “Our movement is a movement built on love”?Jeremy Corbyn. Donald Trump. Justin Trudeau.Kanye West.Who said: “Not another one!” about the prospect of the 2017 general election?Theresa from No 10.Betsy from Blackpool.Bridget from Birmingham.Brenda from Bristol. Who did 10-day White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci say had “cock-blocked” him for six months?Steve Bannon.Reince Priebus.Jared Kushner.Paul Ryan.Who said: “I believe the problem that Theresa May has is that those who defended Brexit have never explained to the British people what the consequences are”?Xi Jinping.Emmanuel Macron.Anna Soubry.Dougal from the Magic Roundabout.Who called whom a “sick puppy”? Paul O’Grady about his dog Krystal.Piers Morgan about Gary Lineker.Kim Kardashian about Taylor Swift.Donald Trump about Kim Jong-un. Theresa May memorably said what during the 2017 general election campaign as her social care policy unravelled?“My circuits have malfunctioned … my circuits have malfunctioned … my circuits …”“We’re in deep doo-doo. I told Lynton this election was a terrible idea.”“Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed.” “Find Boris and get me a wheat field.”Donald Trump Jr said he couldn’t reveal to Congress the contents of his conversation with his father about a meeting with the Russians in June 2016 because:Of attorney-client privilege.Of a pinky promise not to.It never happened.He couldn’t remember.Jeremy Corbyn is described by some of his most ardent supporters as:Obi Jez Kenobi.The chosen one.The absolute boy.Jez the lad.What was Hillary Clinton’s 2017 book called?What Happened?What Happened.What Happened?!WTF?The French Socialist candidate who won 6% of the vote in the first round of the 2017 presidential election was called:François Hollande.Jean-Luc Mélenchon.Benoît Hamon. Edith Piaf.Why did a 5kg courgette make the news?It was grown by Jeremy Corbyn.Tabloid newspapers claimed it had to be pulped as a result of EU rules on oversized vegetables.It was mistaken for a second world war bomb. It was too explicit for a shop window in Tunbridge Wells.Where was Prue Leith when she tweeted the name of the winner of The Great British Bake Off 12 hours before the final was broadcast?Bhutan.Basingstoke.Bolivia.Botswana.Former Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron asked a voter in the 2017 general election campaign to “smell my …”?Spaniel. Spliff. Scratch’n’sniff manifesto.Sandals.TV legend Bruce Forsyth died in August. In which year did he make his television debut?1936.1939.1942.1845.In 2017, widespread protests broke out over the price of what well-known snack?Freddos.Beluga caviar.Milk tray chocolates.Frazzles.What did I do for a constituent as part of my 2017 election campaign, which attracted media coverage?Take her dog Biscuits for a walk.Mow her lawn. Pump up her flat tyre.Paint a work of abstract impressionism inspired by Jackson Pollock.I did a rendition of a famous 80s song on Channel 4’s The Last Leg. Which song?Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.Tainted Love.Take on Me.YMCA.I tried to sing a death metal song when I sat in for Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 in June, learning from a lead singer of a death metal group. Which group was it?Napalm Death.Cannibal Corpse.Carcass.Edge of Sanity.Which policy was once described by David Cameron as living in a “Marxist universe” and adopted this year by the government?Energy price cap.Compulsory purchase of land.Executive pay limits.Nationalisation of the UK’s biggest 200 companies.What is my hugely successful viral podcast called (available to download on all good apps)?I Wuz Robbed.Coalition of Chaos.Reasons to be Cheerful. Saving My Bacon.Which pet-loving politician is the odd one out?Jacinda Ardern. Theresa May.Jeremy Corbyn.Philip Hammond.Which US power-player is the odd one out?Thomas Paine.Elon Musk.Mark Zuckerberg.Hillary Clinton. Which parent is the odd one out? George Clooney.Ronaldo.Danny DeVito.Beyoncé.Which errant company is the odd one out?Pepsi.Dove.United Airlines.Tsukuba Express.None of the names below were candidates at the 2017 general election apart from one. Who was the real 2017 candidate?Lord Snooty.Mr Fish Finger.Nick the Flying Brick.Auntie BBC Ate My Hamster.25 and above.You’re a master of the Miliverse. Make yourself a celebratory bacon sandwich. No photos.24 and above.You’re a master of the Miliverse. Make yourself a celebratory bacon sandwich. No photos.23 and above.You’re a master of the Miliverse. Make yourself a celebratory bacon sandwich. No photos.22 and above.You’re a master of the Miliverse. Make yourself a celebratory bacon sandwich. No photos.21 and above.You’re a master of the Miliverse. Make yourself a celebratory bacon sandwich. No photos.20 and above.You’re an honoured citizen of the Miliverse. Edstone on the way.19 and above.You’re an honoured citizen of the Miliverse. Edstone on the way.18 and above.You’re an honoured citizen of the Miliverse. Edstone on the way.17 and above.You’re an honoured citizen of the Miliverse. Edstone on the way.16 and above.You’re an honoured citizen of the Miliverse. Edstone on the way.15 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.14 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.13 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.12 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.11 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.10 and above.You’re a Miliverse apprentice. By next year you could be a citizen.9 and above.Obviously you found the news unbearable and so didn’t pay attention. You’re excused.8 and above.Obviously you found the news unbearable and so didn’t pay attention. You’re excused.7 and above.Obviously you found the news unbearable and so didn’t pay attention. You’re excused.6 and above.Obviously you found the news unbearable and so didn’t pay attention. You’re excused.5 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia.2 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia.4 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia.3 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia.0 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia.1 and above.Everyone’s a winner in the Miliverse. You’re clearly an iconoclast with little time for trivia. Continue reading...

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Смирился ли финансовый рынок с Brexit

На фоне шумных и противоречивых переговоров по выходу Великобритании из Евросоюза финансовый рынок, похоже, почти никак не реагирует на Brexit. Но это как с лебедями, которые безмятежно плавают по Темзе: спокойная гладь реки скрывает активную греблю лапами