Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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If Hammond feels Tiggerish about the economy, he can’t care about living standards | Will Hutton

The chancellor’s bouncy optimism is guided by the national debt – not Britain’s stagnant growthBritain has just endured the worst economic decade of modern times, and official forecasts for the next five years, offered in the spring budget, predict more of the same. Yet Philip Hammond, the chancellor, began his otherwise low-key budget speech declaring he was feeling Tiggerish.There was light at the end of the tunnel, he said, with day-to-day spending now balanced and the national debt set to fall in three years’ time. The government would meet its self-imposed fiscal mandate. If the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) remained upbeat in the autumn – you never know – he might be able to allow some extra public spending, building on the concessions he was already making. Hurrah! Continue reading...

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18 марта, 00:00

Children's classic books reimagined – cartoon

Chris Riddell on childhood favourites Continue reading...

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17 марта, 20:00

R&D can’t fly against the winds of austerity and Brexit | Phillip Inman

Research and development in Britain relies hugely on companies that are themselves dependent on close EU tiesThere is a warning to the government in the latest official figures on research and development: they reveal that most of the research is being done by the three industries most vulnerable to Brexit.Another red flag is the UK’s 11th-place ranking in the European R&D league – behind the Nordics, France and Germany, which we have come to expect, but also, surprisingly, Austria, Slovenia and the Czechs. Continue reading...

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16 марта, 20:17

The Guardian view on schools and austerity: more than just a funding crisis | Editorial

Underpaid teachers are on the frontline as the impact of cuts to other services is felt in the classroomWhen the Conservatives first took Britain down the path of budget austerity in 2010, schools were meant to be protected. George Osborne, chancellor at the time, was confident in the public’s readiness to tolerate most cuts, but even he realised that taking money away from education was toxic.As with similar promises on NHS spending, the “ring-fence” around the schools budget turns out to be woefully inadequate. Research published on Friday by the Education Policy Institute (EPI), an independent thinktank, finds that a quarter of English secondary schools are running a deficit. No one with knowledge of the education sector imagines those budget overruns describe managerial largesse. The problem is not enough incoming cash to cover the cost of running a school. Continue reading...

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16 марта, 11:00

Are we really prepared to just watch as society’s safety nets go unmended? | Frances Ryan

Fresh social security cuts hitting 11 million families show just how much harm the state is willing to inflict on its own citizensWhen Philip Hammond said there was “light at the end of the tunnel” ahead of this week’s spring statement, it’s unlikely he was speaking about Margaret Blenman. Margaret – a foster carer from London – was found in the sea off the Brighton coast last November after she was evicted from her home because of spiralling debts caused by the bedroom tax.The local paper, the Argus, reported this week that an inquest heard the 48-year-old had told housing officers on the day of her eviction they were “lucky not to find a dead body”, before she was pulled out of the sea two days later. The only reason Margaret had to pay the bedroom tax was because her “spare room” was empty while she waited for another foster child to sleep in it. Continue reading...

16 марта, 10:36

ЕС намерен повысить налоговую нагрузку на технологические фирмы США

По новым правилам ЕС, вероятно, начнет взимать налоги с выручки, а не с прибыли компаний. Такая мера может быть кратковременной. Она будет введена в преддверии более масштабных изменений, которые определят постоянное представительство в виртуальном мире.

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Philip Hammond has unwisely outsourced his spending plans

The chancellor cedes central lever of government power to unelected officials

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15 марта, 09:00

We know what’s wrong with the UK economy. Now it’s time to fix it | Larry Elliott

A decade on from the crash and with the Brexit fog clearing, there’s an opportunity to make real and lasting changeOne of the many lessons learned since the world plunged into economic crisis a decade ago is that forecasts need to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Consider the evidence. As the biggest bubble in history was being pumped up, the International Monetary Fund said financial markets had never been safer. The Bank of England failed to recognise the possibility that there might be a recession even when the economy was already in one. And as Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies has noted, a decade later earnings are still below their pre-crisis peak and the economy is 14% smaller than it would have been had it continued on its pre-2008 path. Nobody predicted that either.The list of those caught with their trousers down includes the Office for Budget Responsibility, the body created by George Osborne to provide independent expert forecasts for the government. Twice a year since 2010 the OBR has published a health check on the economy, and for many years it dutifully predicted that Britain was about to shake off its post-recession blues. The OBR’s yardstick for this was productivity growth, the amount of output per hour worked, which historically has risen by slightly more than 2% a year but which collapsed during the financial crisis. Continue reading...

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14 марта, 15:07

UK will need to impose tax rises of £30bn to balance budget – IFS

Chancellor will fail to cut deficit by 2025 without extra taxes, Institute of Fiscal Studies saysPhilip Hammond will need to impose tax rises worth at least £30bn to reach his target of balancing the public finances by 2025, undermining hopes that the chancellor will go into his autumn budget with plenty of spare cash to ease austerity, according to a leading economic thinktank.The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the government could be forced to find up to £41bn in extra taxes by the middle of the next decade once the costs of Britain’s ageing population are taken into account. Continue reading...

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14 марта, 11:06

Britain needs tens of billions of tax rises to hit deficit target, warns IFS - business live

Research group says Britain won’t hit its target of eliminating the deficit by mid-2020s unless taxes go up or spending is slashedLatest: Institute for Fiscal Studies says Britain faces ‘dismal’ new normalIFS: £30bn of extra tax needed to eliminate deficit by 2025Plus £11bn to address ageing populationIntroduction: Is there really light at the end of the tunnel?Resolution: UK still faces big obstaclesHammond under fire over plan to abolish 1p and 2p coins 12.03pm GMT The Treasury has responded to the IFS’s analysis, pointing out that the deficit has fallen steadily in recent years.“Our balanced approach has reduced the deficit while also cutting taxes for over 30 million people and investing in our vital public services. We are training more doctors, more schools are rated as outstanding and we are funding the second largest defence budget in NATO.Thanks to the hard work of the British people we will now see the first sustained fall in debt in 17 years.” 11.51am GMT The IFS’s verdict might come as a nasty surprise to readers of the Daily Express, who woke up to the promise of tax cuts today.But as the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg points out, some politicians have been suggesting taxes may have to rise to cover the NHS’s demands :Not so surprising some in govt are talking about tax rises - that light at the end of the tunnel is pretty faint https://t.co/jCEwkxEkx4so to balance budget, maintain spending as % GDP & provide for health/social care/pension costs of aging population, every adult in UK will need to pay extra £800/yr in tax by 2025 https://t.co/bpuQAwUYIKWednesday’s Daily EXPRESS: “At Last! Tax Cuts On Way” #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/401XBmpyWY Continue reading...

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Заголовки утра. 14 марта

«Коммерсантъ»: «Генштаб нанес звонки на карту». Валерий Герасимов посоветовал Вашингтону не ударять ракетами по Дамаску. «Рыба ушла из-под судов»: инвестиционные квоты на вылов минтая и сельди распределят через год. «Коллекторы прикинулись риэлторами»: граждане стали чаще брать кредит на жилье с обременением. «Бизнес требует неналогового кодекса»: предприниматели просят ускорить регулирование обязательных платежей. «Ведомости»: «К спасению автодилера "Дженсер" может подключиться "Рольф"». Сбербанк уже ведет переговоры. «ЦБ ужесточит правила учета залогов по кредитам»: регулятор хочет запретить банкам снимать залоги и ввести уголовную ответственность за нарушение запрета. «Россия отвергла ультиматум Великобритании в связи с отравлением перебежчика»: уже в среду Лондон может объявить о санкциях против Москвы. РБК в материале «Трамп пошел в разведку» предсказывает, как изменится внешняя политика США после замены госсекретаря. «ВТБ отказывается от фастфуда»: крупнейшим акционером российской сети Burger King стал фонд Xomeric. «Денежный поток сменил форму»: ЦБ представил данные об оттоке капитала из России. «Известия» в статье «Смертельно опасный "Новичок"» пишет, что известно о таинственном боевом яде из России. «Восхождение Помпео»: отставка госсекретаря США Рекса Тиллерсона ожидалась давно, но произошла внезапно. В материале «Голос с Земли Франца-Иосифа» описывается, как голосуют на самых необычных избирательных участках России. «Газета.ru»: «Скрипаль-гейт: что Лондон готовит для России». Тереза Мэй потребовала от России объяснить отравление Скрипаля. «Перемены в Белом доме: почему Трамп сменил госсекретаря». Трамп назначил госсекретарем директора ЦРУ Помпео. The Economist: «Странное запустение одного российского университета» (The strange limbo of a Russian university). Материал, посвященный Европейскому университету в Санкт-Петербурге. Bloomberg: «Трамп уволил Тиллерсона и сказал, что госсекретарем станет Помпео из ЦРУ» (Trump Fires Tillerson, Says CIA’s Pompeo to Become Secretary of State). Президент США Дональд Трамп сместил с должности госсекретаря Рекса Тиллерсона всего через несколько часов после того, как он вернулся из недельной поездки в Африку. The Wall Street Journal: «Тиллерсон выбыл; Трамп прочит Помпео в главные дипломаты» (Tillerson Out; Trump Taps Pompeo for Top Diplomat). Президент США Дональд Трамп уволил Рекса Тиллерсона после длительных противоречий в сфере внешней политики. В качестве нового госсекретаря он предложил начальника ЦРУ Майка Помпео. The Guardian: «Филип Хэммонд настроен оптимистично по поводу роста и расходования в весеннем заявлении» (Philip Hammond upbeat on growth and spending in spring statement). Канцлер британского казначейства считает, что экономические показатели превзойдут ожидания. Reuters: «Больные и раненые начали выезжать из осажденной сирийской Гуты» (Sick and injured start leaving Syria's besieged Ghouta). Произошла первая эвакуация больных и раненых мирных жителей из занятой повстанцами территории в Сирии. CNBC: «Президент Трамп номинировал Джину Хаспел, впервые женщину, на пост директора ЦРУ» (President Trump names Gina Haspel as first female CIA director). Президент США Дональд Трамп предложил сделать главой ЦРУ Джину Хаспел взамен Майка Помпео. Хаспел ранее руководила тюрьмой ЦРУ в Таиланде. Там во времена президента США Джорджа Буша-младшего держали подозреваемых в терроризме.

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Bright and breezy Philip Hammond’s upbeat tone belies balancing act

UK chancellor channels his inner Tigger but counsels caution in Spring Statement

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13 марта, 23:22

Philip Hammond has limited room for Budget giveaways

UK fiscal watchdog has not cut borrowing as much as economists expected

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13 марта, 22:24

Philip Hammond hints at public spending increases later this year

Chancellor’s spring statement suggests that drop in deficit may release money for servicesPhilip Hammond has dropped the broadest possible hint that he will announce spending increases later this year as he sought to use a modest improvement in the public finances to indicate more money was on the way for hard-pressed public services.The chancellor seized on new forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility showing a £5bn drop in the government’s budget deficit to say that he expected to have scope to act in his autumn budget. Hammond was accused of “astounding complacency” by the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, but said higher spending had to be accompanied by further action to reduce government borrowing and the national debt. Continue reading...

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13 марта, 21:54

Philip Hammond delivers scant fiscal cheer amid Brexit gloom

The chancellor’s minimalist Spring Statement ignored long-term perils

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13 марта, 21:32

Growth up, debt down–what next for Philip Hammond

Options for UK chancellor after Spring Statement 2018 on economy

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13 марта, 21:21

Hammond tries full-on Tigger but finds Eeyore a better fit | John Crace

His days of doom and gloom were over – but maybe things weren’t so grrrrreat after allAs an exercise in expectation management it could hardly have been improved upon. Philip Hammond had promised he wouldn’t have anything very interesting to say in his spring statement and he was as good as his word. But as the chancellor is a man of some vanity who finds it hard to resist any opportunity to be the centre of attention, the fact that he had nothing very much to say wasn’t going to stop him from wasting 25 minutes of everyone’s time by saying it.After years of developing the persona of an undertaker, Hammond is now labouring under the impression he is one of the world’s natural funny guys. All that’s missing is the comic timing. And the gags. So his opening joke about red books predictably fell rather flat. That was his first misjudgment. His second was to try to rid himself of his reputation for being an Eeyore. Continue reading...

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Philip Hammond hints at 'headroom' for more NHS spending

The chancellor gives the clearest indication yet he is prepared to find more cash for the health service.

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13 марта, 20:07

In full: Laura Kuenssberg interviews Philip Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond speaks to the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg about the economy and his future spending intentions after delivering his Spring Statement.

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13 марта, 19:25

Philip Hammond Spring Statement 2018: UK economy revised

UK chancellor signals easing of austerity