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Филип Хаммонд
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
Филип Хэммонд (англ. Philip Hammond; родился 4 декабря 1955) — британский политик от Консервативной партии, министр иностранных дел Великобритании с 15 июля 2014 года. Впервые был избран в парламент в 1997 году от округа Раннимид и Вейбридж.
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01 августа, 15:12

Hague backs transitional plan to avoid great Brexit 'muddle'

Suggestion that Britain has period with EEA-type benefits has ‘immense attractions’, says Conservative peerPhilip Hammond’s plan for a stable transitional period is the best way to save Brexit from an approaching disaster, William Hague, the former Conservative cabinet minister, has said.Hague, a Tory peer who served as foreign secretary under David Cameron, said there was “clear potential for Brexit to become the occasion of the greatest economic, diplomatic and constitutional muddle in the modern history of the UK, with unknowable consequences for the country, the government and the Brexit project itself”. Continue reading...

31 июля, 18:42

Brexit weekly briefing: while May's away, the cabinet fray

Jeremy Hunt insists the cabinet is united in approval of a gradual Brexit – but that hardly chimes with the Brexit hardliners. Meanwhile, the clock is tickingWelcome to the Guardian’s weekly Brexit briefing, a summary of developments as the UK heads to the EU door marked “exit”. If you would like to receive it as a weekly early morning email, please sign up here.You can listen to our latest Brexit Means … podcast here. Also: producing the Guardian’s independent, in-depth journalism takes a lot of time and money. We do it because we believe our perspective matters – and it may be your perspective too. Continue reading...

31 июля, 15:50

No 10 contradicts Hammond over 'off the shelf' Brexit transition deal

Downing Street spokesman makes announcement at odds with what chancellor is thought to have told business leaders about post-2019 arrangementsDowning Street has said that the UK will not seek an “off-the-shelf” model for a post-Brexit transitional period, contradicting the position Philip Hammond is believed to have expressed to business leaders.The chancellor has been pressing for a simple transition arrangement to maintain trading conditions with Europe for at least two years after Brexit, mirroring arrangements the EU has with countries such as Norway and Switzerland that give them access to the single market. Continue reading...

31 июля, 10:14

Cabinet united on avoiding Brexit 'cliff edge' departure, says Hunt

Health secretary backs gradualist approach favoured by Hammond amid reports of ministerial divisions over transitional dealThe cabinet is “absolutely united” behind a gradual, business-friendly Brexit, Jeremy Hunt has said, amid clashes between ministers on the post-EU approach to areas including immigration and trade.The health secretary said hospitals would still be able to recruit from EU nations after Brexit before a new immigration policy was finalised, throwing himself behind the gradualist approach to departure led by Philip Hammond. Continue reading...

31 июля, 01:31

Boris Johnson and Vince Cable trade barbs over resignation rumours

Foreign secretary’s office responds firmly to Liberal Democrat leader’s jibes about reports of disharmony in the Conservative cabinetA war of words between Boris Johnson and Vince Cable erupted on Sunday night after the new Liberal Democrat leader made reference to rumours that the foreign secretary might be about to resign. Johnson accused Cable of “peddling lies” about him after the Liberal MP criticised the alleged uncertainty surrounding the foreign secretary’s position in government.Cable described the cabinet as being in a state of “civil war” because of tensions between the international trade secretary, Liam Fox, and the chancellor, Philip Hammond, over plans for a three-year transition period for migrant workers after Brexit. Continue reading...

30 июля, 22:56

Tensions flare in cabinet over post-Brexit free movement

Divisions laid bare as Liam Fox reveals there is no cabinet-wide agreement on what a transitional implementation period should look likeSenior Conservative MPs are urging members of Theresa May’s cabinet to stop publicly setting out their demands for a transitional deal on Brexit, saying the move could make negotiations with the European Union more difficult.The warnings from senior leave campaigners and allies of the Brexit secretary, David Davis, come as ministers prepare to clash over issues of immigration and trade in a series of key meetings this autumn. Continue reading...

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30 июля, 21:45

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s holiday – who’s in charge? | Editorial

No one is deputising as the prime minister starts her second week away. So ministers fight openly over Brexit policyIt is impossible to escape reminders of the consequences of a divided Europe at the moment. Christopher Nolan’s epic account of the Dunkirk retreat has become this summer’s box office blockbuster. On Sunday European dignitaries and members of the Belgian and British royal families gathered in the Belgian frontline town of Ypres to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the mud-soaked tragedy of Passchendaele. On 31 July 1917 the first shots were fired in the three-and-a-half-month battle in which the number of casualties will never be known but can be estimated at more than half a million dead and wounded on both sides.The occasion brought the prime minister, Theresa May, back to work for the weekend, breaking her three weeks in the Swiss mountains. She may be on holiday, but according to Downing Street she is still in charge. Unusually, no official deputy has been named. That makes the past week of conflicting accounts of the government’s intentions for Brexit all the harder to comprehend. To most observers (including some former Tory MPs, such as the Times columnist Matthew Parris, who wrote on Saturday that the chaos made him ashamed to be a Tory), it is both terrifying and appalling that more than a year after the referendum, Mrs May presides over a cabinet that is still arguing about what Brexit should look like. Continue reading...

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30 июля, 19:11

Tory MP and former minister speaks out against tax increases

Robert Halfon warns of impact to working families as chancellor Philip Hammond reportedly considers more levies on fuel, food and pensionsA Tory MP and former minister who has been a cheerleader for so-called “blue-collar Conservatism” has warned against any tax rises that would hit working families.Robert Halfon spoke out after it emerged that the chancellor, Philip Hammond, was considering additional levies on fuel, homes and pension relief as a way of plugging the hole in public finances. Continue reading...

30 июля, 13:15

Фокс: свобода передвижения после Brexit противоречит итогам референдума

Министр внешней торговли Великобритании Лиам Фокс дал интервью воскресной газете "Санди таймс", пишет ТАСС.

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30 июля, 10:59

Liam Fox denies cabinet deal on transitional EU free movement

International trade secretary casts doubt on chancellor’s suggestion that three-year post-Brexit arrangement was acceptedLiam Fox has said there is no cabinet-wide agreement for the suggestion by the chancellor, Philip Hammond, that free movement could continue for up to three years after Brexit.Exposing a divide across Theresa May’s top table, the international trade secretary warned that “control of our own borders” was one of the key elements behind the leave vote and said free movement must end in 2019. Continue reading...

30 июля, 02:05

Brexit latest: it's going down the toilet – cartoon

Chris Riddell on the Britain’s progress in EU negotations Continue reading...

30 июля, 01:03

British government divided on free movement after Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) - Allowing free movement of people after Britain leaves the European Union would not "keep faith" with the Brexit vote, the international trade secretary said, underling divisions in the government over the issue.

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30 июля, 00:00

Labour grandees call for Jeremy Corbyn to embrace softer Brexit

Neil Kinnock and Charlie Falconer back Britain retaining single market membership, while insiders threaten to trigger rebellion at party conferenceJeremy Corbyn is under pressure from Labour grandees to embrace a softer Brexit plan, with party insiders threatening to trigger a rebellion over the issue at its autumn conference.Senior Labour peers, including the former leader Neil Kinnock, former shadow justice secretary Charlie Falconer, and former chairman of the parliamentary Labour party Dave Watts, all told the Observer that they backed retaining Britain’s single market membership at least until a permanent deal could be hammered out. Continue reading...

28 июля, 18:25

"Брексит": без резких движений - economy

Переходный период после выхода Британии из ЕС должен быть завершен до 2022 года, до проведения в стране следующих всеобщих парламентских выборов. Такой ход развития событий предположил министр финансов Соединенного Королевства Филип Хаммонд. По его словам, отношения с Брюсселем в течение трех лет после "брексита" могут быть похожими на нынешние: речь идет о действии таможенного союза и доступе на единый рынок. Филип Хаммонд: "Думаю, в первый день после "брексита" британцы захотят увидеть, что … ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ: http://ru.euronews.com/2017/07/28/brexit-hammond-transition euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronewsru euronews доступен на 13 языках: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels На русском: Сайт: http://ru.euronews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101036888397116664208/100240575545901894719/posts?pageId=101036888397116664208 VKontakte: http://vk.com/ru.euronews

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28 июля, 14:56

Brexit transition must end by 2022, says Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond says "many things will look similar" for up to three years after Brexit.

28 июля, 12:15

Hammond says UK will seek Brexit transitional deal of up to three years

EU responds to chancellor’s remarks, signalling a transition period can only be agreed after separation terms from blocBritain’s relationship with the EU may look similar to its current one for up to three years after Brexit, with free movement, access to the single market and an inability to strike trade deals with other countries, Philip Hammond has said.The chancellor confirmed multiple reports over the past week that the cabinet had agreed to seek a transitional period of about three years, ending before the next election, which is due in 2022. Continue reading...

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28 июля, 12:05

Hammond: Brexit transition must end by 2022

Philip Hammond gives a time limit of three years on Brexit transition phase

28 июля, 11:47

Британия выступает за двухлетний переходный период для компаний после Brexit

Министр финансов Великобритании Филип Хаммонд хочет, чтобы у компаний был полный доступ к единому рынку и таможенному союзу на протяжении двух лет после Brexit, пишет газета Financial Times.

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28 июля, 11:14

Brexit transition must end by 2022, says Hammond

Chancellor Philip Hammond says "many things will look similar" for up to three years after Brexit.