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18 января, 13:14

Disability groups hail court's support for wheelchair user on bus

Bus drivers must now pressure passengers to make room in ruling described by Doug Paulley as ‘significant cultural change’ Disability rights campaigners have hailed a ruling by the supreme court that bus drivers must try to persuade other passengers to make room for wheelchair users.Drivers may stop the bus “with a view to pressurising or shaming recalcitrant non-wheelchair users to move” if they believe a refusal is unreasonable, the judgment declared. Continue reading...

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12 декабря 2016, 13:55

Croydon tram crash survivors sue TfL and FirstGroup

Several passengers involved in derailment at Sandilands, south London, seek compensation for injuries and traumaSurvivors of the Croydon tram crash are suing Transport for London (TfL) and First Group for compensation for injuries and trauma. Seven people were killed and 51 injured when a speeding tram derailed on a bend in south London in November. Continue reading...

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14 июня 2016, 20:22

Годовая доналоговая прибыль FirstGroup увеличилась на 7,3% г/г

Британский оператор общественного транспорта FirstGroup представил финансовые результаты за год, завершившийся 31 марта. Так, прибыль до уплаты налогов возросла на 7,3% г/г и составила 113,5 млн фунтов стерлингов ($165,1 млн) по сравнению с 105,8 млн фунтов годом ранее. Выручка, тем временем, оказалась на уровне 5,22 млрд фунтов по сравнению с 6,05 млрд фунтов годом ранее.

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14 июня 2016, 18:27

FirstGroup profit gets back on the rails

Transport group prepares to compete again on routes to Scotland

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14 июня 2016, 15:16

Годовая доналоговая прибыль FirstGroup увеличилась на 7,3% г/г

Британский оператор общественного транспорта FirstGroup представил финансовые результаты за год, завершившийся 31 марта. Так, прибыль до уплаты налогов возросла на 7,3% г/г и составила 113,5 млн фунтов стерлингов ($165,1 млн) по сравнению с 105,8 млн фунтов годом ранее. Выручка, тем временем, оказалась на уровне 5,22 млрд фунтов по сравнению с 6,05 млрд фунтов годом ранее.

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12 мая 2016, 15:15

FirstGroup pledges £25 East Coast fares

Office of Rail and Road sanctions competition on London to Edinburgh route in 10-year deal

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03 апреля 2016, 12:00

The train company that has ideas above its station | David Mitchell

‘Great Western Railway’ has been ordered by the ASA to take down its misleading posters. Now we should strip it of its misleading nameHow can a landlord expect to receive rent if the sanction for refusing to pay it isn’t eviction?A small good thing happened last week, but in a context of such stupidity and unfairness that it only brought home to me more strongly all that stupidity and unfairness, so I’d almost rather it hadn’t happened at all. The good thing was that the train operator “Great Western Railway”, which is owned by FirstGroup plc, was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority from putting up any more posters implying it’s publicly owned. Specifically, posters that read: “The railway belongs to the region it serves”. Continue reading...

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30 марта 2016, 02:01

Train operator's adverts banned for suggesting service owned by public

GWR ‘railway belongs to the region it serves’ campaign misleading, finds Advertising Standards AuthorityThe train operator Great Western Railway has been banned from running adverts that suggest its service is publicly owned.A poster campaign introducing the company formerly known as First Great Western when it rebranded last September stated: “The railway belongs to the region it serves.” Continue reading...

07 февраля 2016, 12:00

As growth falters, Osborne hopes Mark Carney can keep a lid on interest rates

The chancellor faces lower GDP and lower tax receipts as a result. So it’s vital that consumers’ desire to keep spending isn’t hit by a nasty shock from the BankGeorge Osborne might be running out of friends when next month’s budget arrives. Like every chancellor before him, he likes to distribute goodies to lift the spirits of his backbench colleagues. More than that, he will want to offset the worst effects of the Treasury’s austerity measures.This he did in spectacular fashion at last November’s autumn statement when higher GDP growth forecasts for the next five years allowed him to scrap planned cuts in tax credits. Continue reading...

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28 января 2016, 15:44

FirstGroup warns on profits after floods

Bad weather hit operations in northern UK while driver problems at US business pushed up costs

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07 ноября 2014, 09:00

First Group chief condemns Labours urge to control transport

Company bidding for East Coast mainline franchise accuses party of fixation on public sector involvement in rail servicesThe boss of FirstGroup has slammed Labours urge to control transport services and fixation on public sector involvement in rail services, claiming that the state-run East Coast mainline will return more money to the Treasury after it is reprivatised.First is one of three firms shortlisted to take over the rail line, which has been in public hands since 2009. In that time, more than £1bn has been paid in premiums by the not-for-profit body that controls it, Directly Operated Railways. Continue reading...

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08 октября 2014, 12:25

FirstGroup loses bid to retain ScotRail

Contract blow comes after transport group failed to retain Caledonian Sleeper service

08 октября 2014, 11:45

IMF growth downgrade sends global shares sliding business live

Rolling business and financial news, with growth fears sending shares around the world sliding while oil prices hit two-year lows  8.40am BSTEuropean shares have dropped to 1 1/2 month lows after the IMF downgrade triggered fresh fears over the world economy. The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index lost 0.6% to 1321.28, marking its lowest level since mid-August.Jonathan Sudaria, trader at London Capital Group, said:The IMF laid it on pretty thick yesterday... and topped it off with the cherry that global growth may never reach its pre-crisis levels ever again.In the short term at least, it appears that traders have also come to the same conclusion as there is no apparent let-up in the selling pressure this morning.  8.21am BSTOn the corporate front, shares in FirstGroup fell nearly 6% to 108.3p after the Aberdeen-based company lost the contract to operate the £2.5bn ScotRail franchise to Abellio, an offshoot of Dutch national railways. 8.15am BSTThe Halifax house price index is out: it shows house prices across the UK rising by 0.6% in September, more than expected. In the three months to September, prices climbed 9.6% on an annual basis, down from 9.7% in the three months to August.The mortgage lender reckons annual house price inflation has peaked around 10% and growth is likely to slow in coming months.  8.10am BSTEuropean stock markets have opened lower. The FTSE 100 index is down nearly 30 points, or 0.45%, at 6466.28. Germanys Dax has tumbled 0.7%, Frances CAC and Italys FTSE MIB have both shed 0.2% and Spains Ibex is down 0.4%.  8.07am BSTUBS global economist Paul Donovan is rather scathing about the IMFs forecasting ability. Markets seem to be exhibiting some signs of concern about the pace of global growth, at least during Asian trading. The cited reason is IMF forecast downgrades, but that does not really make sense. The IMF always lags the consensus on GDP, and is not known for its pinpoint forecasting accuracy. 7.59am BSTGood morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the financial markets, the world economy, business and finance.The International Monetary Funds global growth downgrade has weighed heavily on equity markets around the world. Continue reading...    

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08 октября 2014, 11:26

FirstGroup loses ScotRail franchise to Abellio

Aberdeen-based companys shares fall after offshoot of Dutch national railway wins contract to run Scotlands main rail serviceFirstGroup has lost the contract to operate the £2.5bn ScotRail franchise to Abellio, an offshoot of Dutch national railways.The Aberdeen-based company said Transport Scotland had informed it that it would no longer run Scotlands main rail service after battling with four rivals for the franchise. It will transfer operations and almost 5,000 employees to Abellio at the start of April after more than 10 years running the franchise. Continue reading...

12 сентября 2014, 15:37

Банковская группа Barclays меняет главу совета

Совет директоров британской банковской группы Barclays возглавит Джон МакФарлейн, сменив на этом посту Дэвида Уокера. Об этом сообщается в релизе Barclays.Как уточняется, МакФарлейн войдет в совет в статусе независимого директора с 1 января, а его назначение на пост председателя совета еще должно быть утверждено на общем годовом собрании акционеров в 2015 году. Уокер после этого также выйдет из состава совета.Как следует из справки Barclays, МакФарлейн сейчас возглавляет советы директоров страховой компании Aviva и транспортной FirstGroup. Он покинет эти посты в следующем году, но сохранит за собой места в советах компаний Westfield Holdings и Old Oak Holdings в качестве независимого директора. Ранее он также занимал топ-посты в Australia & New Zealand Banking Group, банках Standard Chartered, Citicorp/Citibank.В сообщении Barclays даже указывается, сколько будет получать МакФарлейн. Так, его годовое вознаграждение за работу в совете директоров будет составлять 250 тыс. фунтов (в т. ч. 30 тыс. фунтов — акциями). После вступления в должность председателя совета оплата МакФарлейну вырастет до 800 тыс. фунтов в год (из которых в виде акций он будет получать 100 тыс.). Сэр Дэвид Уокер возглавлял совет Barclays с осени 2012 года. Ранее он в том числе занимал топ-должности в Банке Англии.

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10 сентября 2014, 08:33

Jason Sorens on Scottish independence

From a longer post: A closer look reveals that different stocks responded differently to the poll news. Two transportation companies, FirstGroup and Stagecoach Group, lost virtually nothing, and Aggreko, which rents temperature control systems, lost absolutely nothing. Financial and energy/power companies were pounded. An engineering company closely linked to the oil industry, the Weir Group, […]

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13 июля 2014, 17:55

FirstGroup rules out break-up

Chairman says suggestion from US investor to sell Greyhound coaches and spin off school bus and transit businesses lacks financial logic

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19 июня 2014, 13:06

Virgin Trains to run west coast mainline until 2018

Rail operator promises more standard seats, better Wi-Fi and station upgrades as it pays government £430m to run routeVirgin Trains has won the contract to carry on running the west coast mainline rail franchise by agreeing to provide thousands of extra standard seats, better Wi-Fi, station upgrades and other improvements.The Department for Transport (DfT) said Sir Richard Branson's operation would pay more than £430m to run the route, which links London, Scotland and Wales. Virgin and its joint venture partner Stagecoach will run the route from 22 June until the end of March 2018. Virgin has operated the west coast service since 1997 though it only held on to its contract after a dispute in 2012 when the government initially awarded the franchise to FirstGroup. At the time Branson said Virgin would "almost definitely back out" of bidding for more franchises, describing the bidding process as flawed. Continue reading...

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02 апреля 2014, 17:01

Bad weather hits FirstGroup earnings

Transport giant FirstGroup says it will deliver earnings growth this year, despite some US services taking a hit from severe weather.

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02 апреля 2014, 16:18

Severe weather hits FirstGroup

FirstGroup, the transport giant, heaped more bad news on investors today, giving ammunition to the New York activist investor agitating for change.