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Фолклендские острова
21 марта, 19:00

Container Index Revolution: Is it the time to embrace price transparency?

Over 2000 container industry players descended upon TPM at Long Beach, end February, where one key theme I took away was the hesitancy to embrace price transparency. Existing benchmarking providers had mixed reviews depending on delegates’ interpretation of transparency. There was no true winner but when entering negotiations with a data point, on the potential […] The post Container Index Revolution: Is it the time to embrace price transparency? appeared first on The Barrel Blog.

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17 марта, 20:00

Argentina seeks better British ties but Falklands claim remains

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina is pushing for closer ties with Britain ahead of its largest trade mission to London in two decades later this month by avoiding a historical point of disagreement: competing sovereignty claims to the Falkland Islands.

16 марта, 22:45

This Map Shows the Most Extreme Comparison of Population Density We’ve Seen

More people live in the tiny red region than all of the blue areas combined. This map really shows the disparity in population density throughout the globe. The post This Map Shows the Most Extreme Comparison of Population Density We’ve Seen appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

16 марта, 00:35

Argentine peace laureate visits Falklands ahead of troop ID

Nobel peace laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel and other Argentine human rights activists have visited a Falklands Islands cemetery ahead of planned efforts by Britain and Argentina to identify the remains of 123 Argentine soldiers buried after their 1982 war.

14 марта, 04:11

Глава МИД Аргентины выразила несогласие с милитаризацией Лондоном спорных островов

Отмечается, что Буэнос-Айрес продолжит выражать несогласие с тем, что самолеты ВВС Великобритании, направлявшиеся со спорных Фолклендских островов или обратно, совершают посадки в аэропортах Бразилии

13 марта, 17:43

The Window for Argentina to Invade the Falkland Islands Is Fading

Robert Beckhusen Security, Big changes could be coming.  Today, the United Kingdom’s defense of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic from air attack rests with four Eurofighter Typhoon jets and a detachment of 1970s-vintage Rapier anti-aircraft missiles — although Britain might have some short-ranged Starstreak missiles stashed away at RAF Mount Pleasant. But the Rapier is getting old and both it and Starstreak are short ranged, capable of engaging targets out to a distance of four to five miles. During the 1982 Falklands War, Britain claimed it downed 20 Argentine aircraft with Rapiers, but Argentina credited the missile with shooting down no more than one to three — and both sides overstated enemy losses. Britain, at the time, was still marketing the Rapier for sale abroad. Thus, Britain will need to shore up its Falklands air defenses within the next few years, as Argentina has not given up its claims to the islands — although its military would find an invasion extremely difficult. Argentina’s 1998 economic depression shattered its military, and its air force is now without combat-capable air-to-air fighters. Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president since 2015, has not abandoned Argentina’s claim but he has adopted a calmer tone than his predecessor. In any case, defense weapons are insurance policies, and Britain cannot guarantee that a future Argentina won’t rebuild its military. Argentina has tried to shop for fighter jets, so far without success. But the situation could change. The British military has also shrunk considerably since the 1980s, and will only have one operational carrier at any given time — given maintenance needs — once the twin Queen Elizabeth-class carriers become operational in the 2020s. Currently, Britain’s sole carrier is the helicopter-carrying HMS Ocean. So by 2020, Britain plans to replace the Rapier with the all-weather, radio frequency-guided Common Anti-Air Modular Missile — or CAMM. The warhead can either detonate on contact or in proximity to a target. Read full article

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05 марта, 15:22

Premier Oil taps services groups for project funds

Indebted oil company wants help with investments in North Sea and Falkland Islands

02 марта, 06:58

Falkland Islands: Argentina protests to Brazil about RAF using its airports

Recent silence about disputed territory is broken as Mauricio Macri’s government points out regional agreement forbidding UK military stopoversArgentina has lodged a protest with Brazil for hosting British military aircraft flying to and from the Falkland Islands.Argentina’s government said the Royal Air Force made 18 flights between the Falklands and airports in Brazil over the last two years. Buenos Aires called them a breach of agreements among South American countries. Continue reading...

02 марта, 04:52

Аргентина выразила озабоченность из-за посадки самолетов британских ВВС в Бразилии

Буэнос-Айрес "напомнил, что Бразилия взяла на себя обязательство не принимать в своих аэропортах и портах британские военные самолеты и корабли", базирующиеся на территории Фолклендских островов

02 марта, 03:40

Argentina demands answers from Brazil over Falklands flights

Argentina’s government said Wednesday that Britain’s Royal Air Force made 18 flights between the disputed Falkland Islands and airports in Brazil over the last two years, calling them a breach of agreements between the two South American countries.

02 марта, 01:44

Argentina demands answers from Brazil after Falkland flights

Argentina’s government says Brazil has allowed several Royal Air Force flights to operate between Brazilian airports and the disputed Falkland Islands in a breach of agreements between the South American countries.

27 февраля, 08:20

Fallen Argentine troops’ relatives wait for identification

The body of Jose Antonio Reyes Lobos rests in the Falkland Islands along with those of more than 100 other fallen Argentine soldiers. But his 79-year-old mother says she doesn’t want to leave this world without putting a flower on a grave bearing the name of her son killed in combat more than three decades ago.

21 февраля, 17:51

'Many will have to pray for forgiveness': Vitaly Churkin in quotes

Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations since 2006, died in New York City on Feb. 20 from a heart attack. Words of condolence came from Moscow where President Vladimir Putin expressed his sympathy to the family, and Foreign Ministry official spokesperson Maria Zakharova described Churkin as "a great diplomat and someone very dear." Diplomats around the world also expressed their grief. Even Churkin’s arch-nemesis, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, wrote about Churkin: "diplomatic maestro & deeply caring man who did all he could to bridge US-Russian differences." Matthew Rycroft, the United Kingdom's permanent representative, described the deceased as "a diplomatic giant & wonderful character." On the rostrum of the UN Security Council, though, Churkin's good relations with his Western colleagues were not always clear. Defending Moscow's position, the diplomat was outspoken and hard-hitting in his statements. 'As if she was Mother Theresa herself' In December, responding to criticism voiced by Samantha Power who blamed the Syrian government and its ally Russia for the death of civilians in Aleppo, Churkin said: "The U.S. representative gave her speech as if she was Mother Teresa herself. Please remember which country you represent! Please remember the track record of your country. And only then can you speak from a position of moral or any other superiority. And then I think history and God will decide who is guilty of what." UN is neither church nor theater After the civil war began in Syria, Churkin often had to respond to criticism from his colleagues. In October, UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O'Brien, describing the situation in Aleppo, for which Western countries blamed Russia, cited Robert Burns, the 18th century Scottish poet. Churkin's response wasn't long in coming: "If we had needed a sermon, we would have gone to a church. If we had wanted to hear poetry, we would have gone to the theater. From the heads of the UN Secretariat one expects an objective analysis of the situation on the ground. You clearly did not manage this." Middle East sins Churkin often told his Western colleagues that they were not objective in their accusations against Russia, blaming it for the death of civilians in Syria, while at the same time Western countries themselves were just as guilty. In October, he recalled that [US-led] international coalition forces had conducted air strikes against the civilian population. "Therefore, esteemed colleagues, many will have to pray for forgiveness regarding the situation in Syria, and the situation in Iraq, and many other situations which we know about," Churkin said at the time. First the Malvinas, and then Crimea Of course, Churkin held the view that Crimea is an integral part of the Russian Federation. Earlier in February, replying to calls by the British and American permanent representatives for Russia to hand the peninsula over to Ukraine, Churkin said: "The American Constitution has these wonderful words: 'We, the people.' The people of Crimea very clearly expressed their will with the referendum [on Mar. 16, 2014]. Ninety-three percent of the population voted for reunification with Russia." Speaking to the British representative, Churkin suggested that the U.K. should first "return the Malvinas [Falkland] Islands, Gibraltar" and other territorial acquisitions and only then lecture Russia. Thomas Jefferson in Ukraine Apart from Syria, the situation in Ukraine was another important issue at the UN. In April 2014, during a debate on the change of power in Ukraine, when President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted as a result of a violent coup, Churkin was ironic about the enthusiasm of his Western colleagues: "For some reason our Western colleagues think that if there is an armed coup - better an armed one - then most certainly democrats will come to power. Without fail, so to speak, a Thomas Jefferson will take charge of it all." A shot in the foot In September 2015, commenting on Washington's decision to issue a limited entry visa to Russian Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, [who was subject to American sanctions], on the occasion of her speaking at UN Headquarters in New York, Churkin said that the U.S. was abusing its privilege as a host country and dealing a blow to its own reputation. "In propaganda terms, they shot themselves in the foot with this decision," the envoy said. Comfort zone In 2014, CNN presenter Christiane Amanpour accused the Russian envoy of refusing an interview because he didn't want to leave his "comfort zone" and answer awkward questions. Churkin replied in an open letter: "I spoke at the National Cathedral in Washington in 1983 two weeks after a South Korean airliner was shot down by a Soviet fighter by mistake, and then I gave evidence at the U.S. Congress in May 1986 after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. So I can explain to anyone what it means 'to be out of one's comfort zone." Putin: Churkin brilliantly solved all tasks and never suffered defeats

21 февраля, 17:30

Дань памяти: самые сильные и острые цитаты Виталия Чуркина

После смерти постпреда России при ООН многие коллеги-дипломаты воздают честь «дипломатическому маэстро».

13 февраля, 16:04

Brexit вызвал протест Шотландии и 10 заморских территорий

Мини-государства недовольны планами Великобритании покинуть Евросоюз. Они грозят Лондону тем, что сами выйдут из-под юрисдикции Соединенного Королевства

09 февраля, 09:14

Новейший британский эсминец боится «Варшавянку»

Королевский военно-морской флот превратился в отличную мишень для авиации и субмарин противника

07 февраля, 15:00

Система ПВО Великобритании. (часть 3)

До середины 50-х годов основу ПВО Сухопутных войск Великобритании составляли зенитные системы, принятые на вооружение накануне или в годы Второй мировой войны: 12,7-мм пулемёты Browning М2, 20-мм зенитные автоматы Polsten и 40-мм Bofors L60, а также 94-мм зенитные орудия 3.7-Inch QF AA. Для своего времени это были вполне эффективные средства борьбы с воздушным противником, однако по мере роста скорости и высоты полёта реактивных боевых самолётов они уже не могли защитить сухопутные подразделения от ударов с воздуха.

05 февраля, 12:08

Предложение Чуркина вернуть Фолкленды напомнило Times о холодной войне

: Когда в 1991 году распался СССР, довольно странно, что было так мало территориальных споров между новообразовавшимися странами. Большинство границ были уже определены внутри страны в период существования СССР. А Крым Россия отдала Украине лишь в 50-х годах. Русскоязычное население вдруг оказалось не по ту сторону границы между двумя странами, что раньше было абсолютно неощутимо, как сегодня неощутима граница, скажем, между Шотландией и Англией.

04 февраля, 19:30

Чуркин предложил Лондону "очистить совесть"

Постпред РФ при ООН заявил, что рассуждать о судьбе Крыма представители Соединенного Королевства могут только после возвращения Фолклендских островов, Гибралтара, части Кипра и архипелага Чагос.

03 февраля, 14:04


Виталий Чуркин жестко отхлестал м-с Хейли, напомнив ей  "замечательные исторические слова: "Мы, народ" из Конституции США и указав, что "Народ Крым вполне определенно выразил свою волю на референдуме". Досталось и представителю UK: "Верните Мальвинские острова, верните Гибралтар, верните аннексированную вами часть Кипра, верните архипелаг Чагас... Тогда ваша совесть, может быть, будет чуть более чиста и вы сможете рассуждать на другие темы", -и есть стойкое ощущение, что г-н Чуркин упустил идеальный шанс промолчать, в итоге поставив под сомнение компетентность МИД Российской Федерации в вопросах международной политики. Ибо теперь англичанин имеет  основания сказать г-ну Чуркину, что если воля народа, в понимании МИД Российской Федерации, действительно, приоритетна, то народ Донбасса ничем не хуже народа Крыма,а народ Мальвинских (Фолклендских) островов ясно высказал свою волю на референдуме 2013 года, в ходе которого 99,8% голосов были поданы против передачи территории под юрисдикцию Аргентины, равно как и народ Гибралтара на референдуме 2002 года столь же ясно (98.97%) высказался против любых уступок Испании в вопросе о суверенитете над территорией.Далее м-р Райкрофт может напомнить г-ну Чуркину, что архипелаг Чагос, отнятый у Франции в  1814-м, включенный в колонию Сейшельские острова, а в 1903-м  переподчиненный колонии Маврикий, в 1965-м был выведен из ее состава, что было внутренним делом UK, но сверх того, чин-чином выкуплен у властей автономии за 3 млн £, и таким образом, ни у кого не отнят,а в завершение, забивая последний гвоздь в крышку насчет "аннексированной части Кипра", указать, что негоже путать Великобританию с Турцией, а если речь идет о базах Акротири и Декелия, то этот вопрос уже решается в рамках "плана Аннана", согласно "дорожной карте", одобренной властями Кипра, и правительство Её Величества скрупулезно выполняет все свои обязательства.И если, перечислив все это по пунктам, представитель Соединенного Королевства в ООН позволит себе выразить сомнение в профессиональной пригодности представителя Российской Федерации, возразить ему будет нечем. Еще год назад услышать подобное из уст г-на Чуркина, блестящего карьерного дипломата, было бы немыслимо, - но деградация частичной не бывает...