Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs
«Foreign Affairs» (Фо́рин аффе́рс) — американский журнал по тематике международных отношений и внешней политики США, выходящий шесть раз в год. Издатель — Совет по международным отношениям. Журнал считается наиболее авторитетным в вопросах внешней политики США. Ж ...

«Foreign Affairs» (Фо́рин аффе́рс) — американский журнал по тематике международных отношений и внешней политики США, выходящий шесть раз в год. Издатель — Совет по международным отношениям. Журнал считается наиболее авторитетным в вопросах внешней политики США.

Журнал выходит с 1922 года; основателем и первым редактором (до 1927 года) был Арчибальд Кэри Кулидж.

Тираж журнала рос:

  • 1922 год — 5 тысяч экземпляров;
  • 1959 год — 27 тысяч;
  • 1963 год — 57 тысяч;
  • 1976 год — 72,5 тысячи;
  • 2014 год — 170 тысяч

Позиция по отношению к СССР

Уже первый номер содержал статью самого Кулиджа «Россия после Генуи и Гааги», которая после анализа новой экономической политики и дипломатических усилий большевистского государства высказывала сомнения в долговечности текущего курса большевиков и предлагала «четыре очевидных возможности» развития (контрреволюция, экономическая реставрация капитализма, раскол партии большевиков с возвратом к жёсткой коммунистической идеологии и рост экономических проблем, в результате которых страна «впадет в анархию, развалившись на куски»). За первые 50 лет существования в журнале были опубликованы 220 статей по советской тематике (почти по одной статье в каждом номере). По утверждению Р. С. Овинникова, «ни одна из них не была дружелюбной» Вики


Foreign Affairs — семнадцатый эпизод девятого сезона мультсериала «Гриффины».

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Tune in: [email protected]: The Evolution of Treasury's National Security Role

On Monday, June 2, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Center for Strategic and International Studies will co-host a symposium entitled “[email protected]: The Evolution of Treasury’s National Security Role,” marking the 10th anniversary of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI). Secretary Jacob J. Lew will deliver remarks on the Department’s role in advancing U.S. national security and foreign policy and the event will convene senior Administration officials, former government and Congressional leaders, and other foreign policy experts in academia and the private sector to discuss the future of financial tools, financial transparency, and financial intelligence as a means of advancing our national security. The symposium recognizes TFI's important work to disrupt and dismantle the financial networks of terrorist organizations, proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, drug traffickers, and transnational organized criminals as well as to protect the U.S. financial system from abuse.     Since its establishment in 2004, TFI has marshalled the Department’s intelligence, regulatory, policy and enforcement authorities to combat the most significant threats to U.S. national security and advance key foreign policy objectives.  Below are additional details on the impressive speakers and panelists that will be participating. The whole event will be broadcasted live on USTREAM here.  Monday, June 2, 2014 Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, DC 8:40 a.m. Introductory Remarks David S. Cohen Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, U.S. Department of the Treasury 8:45 a.m. Morning Keynote Jacob J. Lew Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury Introduction: John J. Hamre President, CEO, and Pritzker Chair, CSIS 9:05 a.m. Panel I: Leveraging Financial Tools to Advance National Security Tom Donilon Distinguished Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations Former National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley Chairman of the Board, U.S. Institute of Peace Former National Security Adviser Moderator: Andrea Mitchell Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News 10:15 a.m. Morning Remarks Stuart Levey Chief Legal Officer, HSBC Holdings plc  Former Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence 10:30 a.m. Panel II: Financial Intelligence: Redefining and Reshaping National Security Keith Alexander Former Director of the National Security Agency Jane Harman Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center Former Representative (D-CA) Michèle Flournoy CEO, Center for a New American Security Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Moderator: David Sanger Chief Washington Correspondent, The New York Times 11:30 a.m. Midday Keynote Denis McDonough White House Chief of Staff 12:30 p.m. Panel III: Increasing Financial Transparency and Protecting the U.S. Financial System Neal Wolin Former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Reuben Jeffery III Senior Adviser, CSIS; CEO, Rockefeller & Co. Former Undersecretary of State for Economic, Business, & Agricultural Affairs Moderator: Juan Zarate Senior Adviser, CSIS Former Deputy National Security Adviser Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes 1:30 p.m. Closing Remarks David S. Cohen Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, U.S. Department of the Treasury Anthony Reyes is the New Media Specialist at the United States Department of the Treasury.

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Большая стратегия Трампа: назад в XIX век

В своем выступлении на Генеральной Ассамблее ООН президент США Дональд Трамп сознательно просигнализировал о решительном разрыве с интернационалистским консенсусом, которым США руководствовались в своей глобальной стратегии со времен Второй мировой войны. «Мы никогда не отдадим […]

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44 Democrats Exempted Awans From Background Checks Before Granting Access To Classified Intel

As the Russian "hacking" episode continues to mire the Trump administration in nebulous innuendo and daily claims of collusion, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reminds us that House Democrats participated in an actual data breach conducted by Pakistani-nationals who were given access to highly sensitive intelligence as part of their duties providing IT support to members of Congress - and in particular, Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Gregory Meeks (D-NY). "Every one of the 44 House Democrats who hired Pakistan-born IT aides who later allegedly made “unauthorized access” to congressional data appears to have chosen to exempt them from background checks," writes Rosiak. All of them appear to have waived background checks on Imran Awan and his family members, even though the family of server administrators could collectively read all the emails and files of 1 in 5 House Democrats, and despite background checks being recommended for such positions, according to an inspector general’s report. The House security policy requires offices to fill out a form attesting that they’ve initiated background checks, but it also includes a loophole allowing them to simply say that another member vouched for them. -Daily Caller [email protected] broke the news that 44 Democrats used a loophole to waive background checks on the #AwanBrothers Read 👉 Reminder: Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened a police chief who has her laptop for the investigation. — Katica (@GOPPollAnalyst) April 2, 2018 Had any of the 44 House Democrats performed background checks, they would have discovered several red flags in Abid Awan's past - including "a $1.1 million bankruptcy, six lawsuits against him or a company he owned; and at least three misdemeanor convictions including for DUI and driving on a suspended license, according to Virginia court records," notes Rosiak. WOW: IG report finds nearly 50 Democrats waived background checks for Pakistani IT aide Imran Awan who was accused of hacking. This is the same man who was arrested earlier this year for bank fraud as he was attempting to flee the — Stelian Onufrei (@TheStelian) April 2, 2018 Meanwhile, Schultz introduced a bill on Monday that would require background checks on all Americans purchasing ammunition. “Without bullets a gun is just a hunk of useless metal,” she said, describing ammunition the “loophole” when it comes to gun control. Former DNC chair, who hired Pakistanis to manage her US Congressional email accounts, introduces bill to perform background checks on ammunition purchasers... 🤦🏻‍♂️ can’t make this stuff up. — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) March 29, 2018 Let's pause to appreciate Rep. Louie Gohmert's reaction when he learns that the Awans were telecommuting and had full access to House Democratic computer systems from Pakistan. Clip of the year? @replouiegohmert learns from @lukerosiak that Debbie Wasserman Schultz indicted staffer teleworking and providing House Dem IT "support" from Pakistan! Full @JudicialWatch discussion here.... — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) December 17, 2017 A background check would have also revealed that The Awans operated a used car dealership known as "CIA" in court filings, which has all the markings of a money laundering operation: On its Facebook page, CIA's "staff" were fake personalities such as "James Falls O'Brien," whose photo was taken from a hairstyle model catalog, and "Jade Julia," whose image came from a web page called "Beautiful Girls Wallpaper." If a customer showed up looking to buy a car from Cars International A, often referred to as CIA, Abid Awan - who was managing partner of the dealership while also earning $160,000 handling IT for House Democrats - would frequently simply go across the street to longstanding dealership called AAA Motors and get one. -Daily Caller The Awans allegedly borrowed, laundered and never repaid a $100,000 from a shady Iraqi expat physician linked to Hezbollah (and who oddly advised the Bush administration on rebuilding Iraq). When the Awans stopped paying vendors of their 'CIA' dealership, a U.S. Congressman from Florida, Theo Deutch, began paying a monthly salary to a man who had threatened to sue the Awans. The brothers had numerous additional sources of income, all of which seemed to disappear. While they were supposedly working for the House, the brothers were running a car dealership full-time that didn't pay its vendors, and after one - Rao Abbas - threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from Rep. Theodore Deutch (D-FL), who like Wasserman Schultz represents Florida. -Daily Caller Pakistani spies? "Based on the modest way Awan was living, it is my opinion that he was sending most of his money to a group or criminal organization that could very well be connected with the Pakistani government," said Wayne Black - a private investigator who worked in Janet Reno's Miami public corruption unit, adding "My instincts tell me Awan was probably operating a foreign intelligence gathering operation on US soil," sentiment echoed by Fox's Judge Andrew Napolitano. Meanwhile, an internal House investigation concluded that the Awans impersonated at least 15 U.S. House members for whom they did not work - using their credentials to log into Congressional servers, before migrating data to a single server, which was stolen during the investigation, all while covering their tracks - reports Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller. House leadership covered up in the IT worker scandal? w/ @LukeRosiak — Mornings with Maria (@MorningsMaria) April 2, 2018 This, and much more is detailed in a presentation assembled the House's internal watchdog - the Office of the Inspector General, after a four-month internal probe. The presentation, written by the House’s Office of the Inspector General, reported under the bold heading “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS” that “5 shared employee system administrators have collectively logged into 15 member offices and the Democratic Caucus although they were not employed by the offices they accessed.” -DC One systems administrator “logged into a member’s office two months after he was terminated from that office,” reads the investigative summary. There are strong indications that many of the 44 members’ data — including personal information of constituents seeking help — was entirely out of those members’ possession, and instead was stored on the House Democratic Caucus server. The aggregation of multiple members’ data would mean all that data was absconded with, because authorities said that entire server physically disappeared while it was being monitored by police. -DC The OIG also concluded that the Awans' behavior appeared to be a "classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization," as well as indications that a House server was "being used for nefarious purposes and elevated the risk that individuals could be reading and/or removing information," and "could be used to store documents taken from other offices," the Caller reports. A House committee staffer close to the probe told The Daily Caller that “the data was always out of [the members’] possession. It was a breach. They were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse.” “All 5 of the shared employee system administrators collectively logged onto the Caucus system 5,735 times, an average of 27 times per day… This is considered unusual since computers in other offices managed by these shared employees were accessed in total less than 60 times,” the presentation reads. The internal document also shoots down any notion that the access was for some legitimate purpose - indicating "This pattern of login activity suggests steps are being taken to conceal their activity." A second presentation shows that shortly before the election, their alleged behavior got even worse. “During September 2016, shared employee continued to use Democratic Caucus computers in anomalous ways: Logged onto laptop as system administrator Changed identity and logged onto Democratic Caucus server using 17 other user account credentials Some credentials belonged to Members The shared employee did not work for 9 of the 17 offices to which these user accounts belonged.” Without even considering espionage, Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), simply accessing a computer and obtaining information carries a sentence of up to 10 years for more than one conviction of the same abuse. Trespassing on a government computer also carries a 10 year sentence. You can see the rest of the CFAA penalties below, many of which appear to fit the Awan case: While each violation above carries its own penalties, let's look at the first one; National Security violations Under the CFAA, a felony: Double standards Meanwhile, Wasserman Schultz was the chair of the DNC when Wikileaks published leaked emails from the organization, along with Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta. Schultz and other Democrats have called the breach "an act of war" and "an assault on our democracy," notes Luke Rosiak. But there is no indication Democrats put those concerns into practice when they entrusted the Pakistani dual citizens with their data, nor when suspicious activity was detected. Police banned the suspects from the network after the IG report, but Wasserman Schultz kept Imran on staff anyway. He was in the building and in possession of a laptop with the username RepDWS months later, according to an April 6, 2017 police report. The House security policy, HISPOL16, says “House Offices shall… Ensure background checks, as defined in this policy, have been conducted on Privileged Users.” It includes quarterly reviews of privileged accounts’ appropriateness. By the time the policy was enacted, some members had dropped the Awans for assorted reasons, including Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona in early 2015 for what her spokesperson called “incompetence.” -Daily Caller Every one of the 44 House Democrats who hired Pakistan-born IT aides who later allegedly made “unauthorized access” to congressional data appears to have chosen to exempt them from background checks. — Nick Short 🇺🇸 (@PoliticalShort) April 2, 2018 That said, the same Democrats whose hair is on fire over the Russian hacking narrative simply didn't care about Pakistani foreign nationals infiltrating their network. And a reminder: As we learn 44 Dems waived background checks on the #AwanBrothers, let's not forget Hillary let Platte River Networks work on her server & MOVE IT with CLASSIFIED INFO before they signed a contract. No background checks Dems don't care about Nat'l Security Vault Part 1; pgs 5-7 — Katica (@GOPPollAnalyst) April 2, 2018 To read more about the Awans, take a look at the extensive reporting below by Luke Rosiak:  Imran Awan: A Continuing DCNF Investigative Group Series Court docs House IT Aides Ran Car Dealership With Markings Of A Nefarious Money Laundering Operation Becerra Tried To Block Awan From House Democratic Caucus Server, But Logins Continued; He Didn't Go To Cops Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case 18 Months In, Dem IT Aides Not Charged With Hill Crimes Despite Evidence Used Political Influence To Have Fraud Charges Dropped In Pakistan Own Wife Turns, Accuses Him Of Fraud, Violent Threats Imran Awan 'Very Strongly' Wants To Block Review Of Hard Drive, Was Using Alias Lawyer Says Congressmen Wanted Invoices Falsified Sending Money To Police Officer In Pakistan Funneling 'Massive' Data Off Congressional Server, Dems Claim It's Child's Homework 'Like a Slave': Three Muslim Women, At Least One Of Them Bloodied, Called Police on Imran Had Secret Server, Caught Falsifying Evidence To Cover It Up Imran Still Has Copy Of House Laptop DWS Said Has Sensitive Leg-Branch Info DWS Laptop Found at 3AM In Phone Booth With Letter To Prosecutors Awan Asks Judge To Remove GPS, Citing Possible Emergency With Kids--Who Are In Pakistan Has Secret, Still-Active House [email protected] To Intelligence Specialist DWS 'Islamophobia' Claim Prompts Angered Witnesses To Go Public Rep. Yvette Clarke Quietly Signed Away $120,000 In Missing Equipment Imran, Hina Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S. DWS Now Says Laptop She Sought To Keep From Police Was Awan's, Not Hers Liquidating $1.8M In Real Estate When Arrested, Some Still Pending DWS Seemingly Planned To Pay Suspect Even While He Lived In Pakistan Lawyer Is Longtime Clinton Associate Arrested At Airport After Wiring $300k To Pakistan FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Home Ex-DNC Head 'Negotiating' With Police Over Letting Them See Evidence Dems Tying Themselves Into Knots To Ignore Criminal Probe 'You'd Like Him:' Associates Describe 'Cunning,' Charismatic Con Artist In Personal Lives, Evidence Of Massive Cons House Dems Hired A Fired McDonald's Worker As Email Administrator DWS Admits To Violating Network Security, Blames House Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence Suspect Has Fled To Pakistan, Relative Says House IT Aides Fear Suspects In Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members Read the Court Docs Detailing Their Greed, Ruthlessness Paul Ryan: Capitol Police Getting 'Assistance' On Criminal Investigation Brothers Could Read Every Email Of Dozens Of Congressmen ...Also Had Access To DNC Emails ...Allegedly Kept Stepmom In 'Captivity' To Access Offshore Cash ...Received $4 Million From Dem Reps ...Owed Money To Hezbollah-Connected Fugitive ...Secretly Took $100K In Iraqi Money Brothers Had Massive Debts, Years Of Suspicious Activity House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committee Members IT Compromised

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Some Rare Praise for Trump’s National Security Purge

In Hugh Hewitt, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have a one-man fan club.

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Как живут в налоговом раю для сверхбогатых

Речь идёт об ABLV Bank, контрольный пакет акций которого принадлежит Эрнесту Бернису и Олегу Филю (по 43 процента каждому), а остальная «мелочь» приходится на высшее руководство, сотрудников и партнёров заведения. Банк стал налоговой гаванью и «прачечной» для коррупционеров из России, Украины и Азербайджана. При этом ни сам банк, ни страна его прописки (Латвия) не внесены в «чёрный список налоговых убежищ» Евросоюза. 

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Как живут в налоговом раю для сверхбогатых

Если верить сообщению The Wall Street Journal, один «крошечный латвийский банк стал раем для мировых грязных денег». WSJ пишет, что несколько лет назад Министерство финансов США «заметило тревожное подводное течение в мировых финансовых потоках: фиктивные компании переводили миллиарды долларов через малоизвестный банк в Латвии, бывшем советском государстве с 2 миллионами жителей».  Речь идёт об ABLV Bank, контрольный пакет акций которого...

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Diplomatic gesture? Journalists given the finger as US consulate shuts in St. Petersburg, Russia

US diplomats were seen leaving their consulate in St. Petersburg at the request of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday. One of the supposed staffers at the consulate was caught on camera making an odious gesture at journalists filming the scene. COURTESY: RT's RUPTLY video agency, NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE - FOR LICENSING, PLEASE, CONTACT Check out RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Telegram Follow us on VK Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Theresa May Reportedly Considering Ban On Russian Sovereign Debt Sales

Echoing the Treasury Department's decision to prohibit trading in Venezuelan "hunger bonds" in US markets, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is mulling whether to throw her support behind a measure that would ban the sale of Russian sovereign debt in City of London financial markets. And just like with Venezuela, such a short-sighted prohibition wouldn't make it any more difficult for Russia to sell its sovereign debt. Rather, Russia would be forced to turn to China to compensate for the shortfall, according to the Guardian. May's decision to look into the ban comes at the behest of Foreign Affairs Select Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat, who has repeatedly urged May to do more to punish Russia for allegedly masterminding the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with novichok - a Soviet-era nerve agent. Most recently, the tensions between the UK and Russia have precipitated a round of diplomatic expulsions, with more than two dozen countries expelling at least some Russia diplomats. EU and US sanctions against Russia didn't prohibit the bond sales because of a loophole that effectively set up Russian bank VTB as the main liaison between the Russian state and western financial markets. Now, Tugendhat and several of his allies in Parliament are calling for the loophole to be closed - on both sides of the Atlantic. Tugendhat has spoken about the loophole at least three times in the past week. The denunciations come as Tugendhat's committee is beginning an investigation into how the UK enables allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin to store and spend their money in the UK. Tugendhat has proposed that Russian bond sales are no longer made available to key western clearing houses such as Euroclear and Clearstream, making them effectively untradeable on the secondary market and so deterring the majority of EU and US investors from buying them. Last month’s sale was specifically skewed to make it attractive for Russian citizens living overseas to repatriate their money to Russia, a long-term goal of Putin. According to Tugendhat and several of his advisors, cutting off Russia's access to Western markets would be the best way to undermine Putin's regime, per the Guardian. Tugendhat has been briefed by a British research fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Emile Simpson, who has argued Russia’s greatest weakness is its dependence on western investors. He contends a policy blindness leads the west to sanction individuals, and sometimes sectors, but not to look at sanctioning the Russian state as a whole. He said: "At present, Russia can borrow in EU and US capital markets despite western sanctions and then can support the sanctioned Kremlin-linked banks and energy companies that can no longer do so". Tugendhat alleges that the bond sales are one way wealthy Russians can move their money back to Russia. Urging the foreign secretary to look at the issue, Tugendhat said: "One of the ways that people are getting their money out of this country is by allowing Russian sovereign debt to be sold in the UK, and that debt to be used to reimburse Russians, in a way, to bring back their money onshore, in Moscow terms. As that gold is moving towards Moscow, we are, quite extraordinarily, enabling those bond auctions, those debt auctions." Of course, thanks to Russia's relatively low public debt levels ($122 billion in domestic debt and nearly $40 billion in Eurobonds) and its growing economy, there will likely be no shortage of buyers for Russian debt.   Recently, Russia has bragged about the strong demand for its recent auctions (as is evident by the rise in bid-to-cover sen above), saying it might take advantage of low interest rates and offer more Eurobonds thanks to interest from German investors. Certainly, any economic stress that US sanctions are supposed to putting in Russia are not showing in its sovereign credit risk... And while sanctions could have an immediate impact, it wouldn't take Russia long to source new investors in mainland China.

30 марта, 13:23

Playbook scoop: Amazon slashes outside consultants

The cuts come as the president went after the company on Twitter, but sources said the two events were unrelated.

30 марта, 11:10

Zakharova: Boris Should Not Be Playing the Hitler Card - Didn’t UK Participate in Berlin Olympics??

Moscow's responsive measures to the expulsion of diplomats from several western countries will be announced soon. This was stated by the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova.

29 марта, 22:32

Exclusive: Russian ambassador pleads for help in securing Washington meetings

Anatoly Antonov has been rebuffed by U.S. government officials who are reluctant to be seen as friendly toward the Kremlin.

29 марта, 09:20 ОДКБ и НАТО: возможен ли диалог?

ОДКБ и НАТО: возможен ли диалог? В Брюсселе предпочитают договариваться с «отдельными комнатами», а не со всем «домом» Константин Александров 28 марта 2018, 15:47 © Владимир Коробицын/ Военный эксперт Виктор Литовкин: «Золотой стандарт» армии США может основательно поржаветь На этом фоне отсутствие диалога с НАТО руководство ОДКБ воспринимало как серьезный упущенный шанс в деле объединения потенциала двух организаций в интересах противостояния угрозе международного терроризма, принявшей к тому моменту весьма конкретные формы в лице действующих в Афганистане «Аль-Каиды» и движения «Талибан». Между тем, вторая половина «нулевых годов» в международных отношениях ознаменовалась дальнейшим энергичным продвижением Вашингтоном стратегии глобального лидерства США. Одним из важнейших инструментов реализации этой стратегии провозглашалась НАТО, которая к тому моменту насчитывала в своих рядах 26 стран и продолжала активную расширительную политику в направлении Балкан и постсоветского пространства. Указанный вектор американской дипломатии расходился с видением России и ее союзников по ОДКБ, которые, несмотря на упорное отстаивание США «натоцентричной» модели, продолжали исходить из необходимости коллективных усилий в борьбе с глобальными вызовами и угрозами, в числе которых на первое место уверенно выдвинулся международный терроризм. Расмуссену было приказано сидеть только в своих санях Речь президента России Владимира Путина на мюнхенской конференции по безопасности в феврале 2007 года стала «холодным душем» для тех на Западе, кто рассчитывал и далее выстраивать отношения с РФ и ее партнерами по формуле «учитель - ученик». Недвусмысленно высказавшись против попыток США и НАТО использовать военную силу как решающий фактор в международных отношениях, Владимир Путин, по существу, подвел черту под периодом монополии Запада на истину в том, что касается решения важнейших вопросов мировой политики в сфере безопасности. В этот период развитие диалога НАТО с РФ заметно замедлилось, а затем и вообще вступило в полосу перманентного кризиса, который сопровождался частичным, либо полным замораживанием отношений. Сначала в августе 2008 года по инициативе НАТО в связи с негативной оценкой действий России в ходе грузино-югоосетинского конфликта было заморожено военное сотрудничество (возобновлено в декабре 2009 года), а затем, в апреле 2014 года, из-за событий на Украине сотрудничество Альянса с РФ было практически свернуто. © Смотр войск НАТО на учениях в Латвии Справедливости ради, однако, следует отметить, что, благодаря своей последовательной и настойчивой политике, в этот период государствам-членам ОДКБ однажды почти удалось «пробить брешь» в глухой обороне Альянса, упорно не желающего реагировать на призывы к налаживанию взаимодействия. Согласно утечкам, приведенным в 2011 году WikiLeaks, в 2009 году тогдашний Генеральный секретарь Альянса Андерс Фог Расмуссен всерьез планировал официально заявить о начале сотрудничества НАТО с ОДКБ. На эту инициативу его якобы вдохновила статья бывшего советника президента США по национальной безопасности Збигнева Бжезинского в журнале Foreign Affairs. Речь в ней шла о том, что ради укрепления безопасности в Европе необходимо снизить напряженность в отношениях Запада с Россией, для чего НАТО следует заключить пакт с ОДКБ о сотрудничестве. Инициативе Расмуссена, однако, не было суждено реализоваться. В сентябре 2009 года Госдепартамент США направил своему послу при НАТО Айво Даалдеру серию депеш, предписывающих незамедлительно переубедить Расмуссена, что и было американским представителем неукоснительно выполнено. При этом в телеграммах Госдепа, если верить утечкам WikiLeaks, опубликованным в норвежской газете Aftenposten, прямо указывалось, что сотрудничество НАТО с ОДКБ, созданной Россией для противостояния Альянсу и США на постсоветском пространстве, не может быть продуктивным. Такое партнерство может привести к тому, что влияние ОДКБ усилится, а это негативно скажется на позициях НАТО, предупреждал Госдеп. После этого «одергивания» из Вашингтона Расмуссен оказался в весьма деликатной ситуации, поскольку резкая смена курса в отношении уже озвученных им перспектив налаживания диалога с ОДКБ потребовала вразумительного объяснения. И оно последовало. Спецпредставитель генсека НАТО по Южному Кавказу и Центральной Азии Джеймс Аппатурай выступил с заявлением о том, что у НАТО нет необходимости в более тесном сотрудничестве с ОДКБ, поскольку Альянс и его союзники и так имеют очень хорошие отношения со всеми участниками ОДКБ. Дескать, зачем дружить домами, если мы и без того уже дружим с каждой комнатой в отдельности. Эта сформулированная Аппатураем формула в последующем превратилась в своего рода дипломатическое клише, которое представители НАТО всякий раз пускали в ход, когда в информационном пространстве возникала тема о перспективах взаимодействия Альянса с ОДКБ. НАТО перманентного кризиса Определенные ожидания, связанные с вероятной коррекцией стратегической линии Альянса в отношении России с приходом к власти в США Дональда Трампа, не оправдались. Итоги состоявшегося 25 мая 2017 года саммита Альянса в Брюсселе указали на то, что линия НАТО на «сдерживание» РФ остается жесткой и неизменной. С учетом этого, нет никаких оснований рассчитывать на смягчение подхода натовцев к перспективам возобновления полноформатного диалога с Москвой и подключение к этому диалогу ОДКБ, даже учитывая наличие объективных предпосылок к такому взаимодействию на треке афганского урегулирования. Сохранение глубоких геополитических разногласий Запада с Москвой и удовлетворяющий партнеров РФ по ОДКБ формат их взаимодействия с НАТО в двустороннем плане объективно означают ослабление в кругах Организации стимулов к возобновлению попыток наладить полноценный межблоковый диалог с Альянсом. Исходя из этого, можно предположить, что перспектива такого диалога без кардинального изменения обстановки в сфере глобальной безопасности на обозримую перспективу остается крайне маловероятной, а попытки Брюсселя играть сдерживающую роль в развитии инструментов обеспечения коллективной безопасности в рамках ОДКБ продолжатся

29 марта, 03:24

Why Xi Jinping Wants to Broker the Trump-Kim Deal

Oriana Skylar Mastro Security, Asia While North Korea and the United States will be vying for the upper hand, the ultimate winner will be Beijing. On Tuesday, March 27, an armored train transported a number of high-level North Korean officials to Beijing for a secretive visit—a delegation that included Kim Jong-un himself. This is a major turn of events as Kim has never traveled outside his hermit kingdom since becoming its leader in 2011, nor has he met with another head of state. Though China did confirm Kim’s presence in Beijing after he left, we still have no insight into who initiated the visit and what was discussed. One thing is certain, however: this visit was a desperate—but strategic—move designed to improve Kim’s position in any future negotiations with the United States. Kim needs Beijing on his side if North Korea is going to achieve its goals at the negotiating table. However, Beijing’s support is not a given. As I wrote in Foreign Affairs, the China–North Korea relationship has deteriorated in recent years. Beijing’s efforts to distance itself from Pyongyang enjoys wide public support.  Xi is said to despise the North Korean regime, and he has publicly stated that China will not protect North Korea if Kim provokes a conflict. In fact, the bilateral relationship has gotten so bad that officers in the People’s Liberation Army have suggested to me in private meetings that Beijing and Pyongyang may not take the same side in the event of a new Korean war. Such a historical trip may demonstrate Kim’s willingness to finally heed Beijing’s advice, which would go a long way to improve strained relations. Having Beijing on his side would work to Kim’s advantage in a number of ways. First, based on past negotiating patterns, Kim is likely to ask for the easing of sanctions and even some positive economic inducements just to stay involved in the diplomatic process. The United States, however, will be resistant to this, given its opposition to the economic benefits that were a part of the Iran deal, coupled with National Security Advisor–designate John Bolton’s comments that meeting President Trump should be enough of a reward. Read full article

28 марта, 20:35

"Выбор зависит от России"

Министр иностранных дел Литвы прокомментировал решение о высылке российских дипломатов… ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ : euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! euronews доступен на 13 языках: На русском: Сайт: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: VKontakte:

28 марта, 18:36

Госдеп стал копировать антироссийские методы Геббельса

Называя Россию «чудовищем из морских глубин», Госдепартамент США прибегает к низким пропагандистским приемам, обесчеловечивающим противника и даже вызывающим ассоциации с библейским монстром – Левиафаном. Подобная демонизация напоминает антисоветские плакаты и листовки, распространявшиеся фашистской Германией. И это не единственное сходство в работе пропагандистских машин США и Третьего рейха.

28 марта, 17:25

Политика: Госдеп стал копировать антироссийские методы Геббельса

Называя Россию «чудовищем из морских глубин», Госдепартамент США прибегает к низким пропагандистским приемам, обесчеловечивающим противника и даже вызывающим ассоциации с библейским монстром – Левиафаном. Подобная демонизация напоминает антисоветские плакаты и листовки, распространявшиеся фашистской Германией. И это не единственное сходство в работе пропагандистских машин США и Третьего рейха. Представитель Госдепа США Хизер Науэрт в своей антироссийской риторике дошла до того, что назвала Россию «чудовищем из морских глубин». Так она ответила на вопрос журналистов о целесообразности высылки российских дипломатов из США. «Мы не можем сказать, что в результате выборы в США останутся в безопасности. У России длинные руки, у России много щупалец. Полагаем, что они будут и впредь проявлять интерес к нашим выборам, а также к выборам в других странах», – подчеркнула она. Напомним, США присоединились к ряду других стран и решили выслать 60 российских дипломатов, поддержав таким образом Великобританию, обвиняющую Россию в отравлении британского агента Сергея Скрипаля. В Кремле заявили, что Россия ответит на высылку дипломатов по принципу взаимности. Посольство России в США в ответ на такое высказывание Науэрт в своем Twitter подчеркнуло: «Сегодня мы стали свидетелями «Большого антибольшевистского шоу» в исполнении официального представителя Госдепартамента». Дипломаты напомнили, что подобными эпитетами пользовалась нацистская пропаганда Третьего рейха, и в качестве примера опубликовали антибольшевистский плакат времен нацистской Германии. На нем изображен паук в каске красноармейца, «оседлавший» земной шар, и две надписи: «Большевизм» и «Большое антибольшевистское шоу». Действительно, в своем растущем антироссийском порыве Соединенные Штаты уже сами не замечают, как прибегают к старым проверенным приемам рейхсминистра пропаганды фашистской Германии Йозефа Геббельса. Антисоветская пропаганда фашистов одним плакатом с пауком, естественно, не ограничивалась. Вообще еще в 1930-е годы фашистская Германия строила свою пропаганду против Советского Союза на трех основных посылах. Первый, рассчитанный на внутреннее потребление, – это создание из СССР образа врага. Заявлялось, что Москва жаждет напасть на немцев. Более того, рейхсминистр оккупированных территорий Альфред Розенберг даже заявлял, что нападение на Советский Союз – это превентивный удар, а никак не агрессия. Другой посыл, также для внутренней аудитории – это демонизация ситуации внутри СССР, так называемого советского рая. В данном контексте распространялась информация о массовых репрессиях, бедственном положении граждан и невыносимых условиях труда, голоде и голодоморе и прочих ужасах жизни в Советском Союзе. А во время Великой Отечественной войны, например, немцами распространялась листовка следующего содержания: «Не проливай свою кровь за Сталина! Он уже убежал в Самару! Его собственный сын сдался в плен! Если сын Сталина спасся, ты также не должен жертвовать собой!». Не правда ли, очень знакомый посыл? И третий посыл был внешнеполитическим. Фашистская Германия создавала образ СССР как абсолютного зла. Да, как ни странно, фашисты заявляли о том, что Москва угрожает всему миру. Они утверждали, ни больше, ни меньше, что это вселенская чума, которая хочет уничтожить европейскую цивилизацию. А вот Германия, напротив, по их словам, занималась именно спасением той самой европейской цивилизации. Что же сегодня говорят о России американские политики и СМИ? Они заявляют, что Россия вмешивается во внутренние дела США и угрожает их национальной безопасности. Также они регулярно говорят о якобы тоталитарном режиме в России, постоянных нарушениях прав человека и прочей «людоедской политике» Кремля. Кроме того, в Вашингтоне подчеркивают, что Россия создает угрозу для своих соседей, для Европы и для всего мира. В частности, экс-министр иностранных дел США Рекс Тиллерсон заявлял: «От Украины до Сирии, а теперь и до Великобритании, Россия продолжает быть безответственной силой, несущей нестабильность миру, действующей с открытым пренебрежением к суверенитету других стран и жизни собственных граждан». А министр обороны США Джеймс Мэттис в среду высказался, что Москва отравила Скрипаля, чтобы расколоть НАТО. То есть фактически Вашингтон сегодня делает упор абсолютно на те же посылы в своей пропаганде, что и доктор Геббельс десятки лет назад. И даже тезисы очень напоминают те, что использовали фашисты. «Так или иначе они используют одни и те же образы. Это говорит, что их восприятие России аналогично восприятию СССР Третьим рейхом и руководством нацистов», – заявил газете ВЗГЛЯД политолог-американист Виктор Олевич. Да и образы, которые американцы выбирают для своих аллегорий и эпитетов – морские чудовища, медведи и прочие – не слишком отличаются от немецких пауков, волков и осьминогов. Только теперь вместо плакатов – обложки газет и журналов, карикатуры и мемы, публикуемые в интернете. Например, в 2016 году на обложку майского-июньского номера одного из наиболее авторитетных в вопросах внешней политики США американского журнала Foreign Affairs поместили медведя, изображающего Россию с лозунгом «Побеждены, но не сломлены». А перед Олимпиадой в Сочи в 2014 году американский деловой журнал Bloomberg Business Week выразил свое отношение к событию обложкой с вооруженным озлобленным медведем на лыжах в хоккейном свитере российской сборной с заголовком «Россия готова?». Прибегая к таким образам, американцы обесчеловечивают Россию в глазах других людей. А нынешний эпитет про морское чудовище и вовсе можно воспринимать как аллюзию на библейский сюжет о чудище из морских глубин – Левиафане. Как подчеркнул Олевич, американцы намеренно «передают России те образы, которые вызывают наибольший страх, отвращение и неприятие среди американской общественности», так как видят в ней одного из основных геополитических противников. Однако теперь такие сомнительные пропагандистские методы используются не только американскими СМИ, но и дипломатами. «Госдеп достиг края: Россия – уже не просто противник, а «чудовище из морских глубин». На таком уровне интеллекта полемика с США лишена смысла», – отреагировал на это глава комиссии Совфеда по информационной политике Алексей Пушков в своем Twitter. Как отметила в комментарии газете ВЗГЛЯД политолог, генеральный директор Института внешнеполитических исследований и инициатив Вероника Крашенинникова: «Пропаганда изобиловала такими клише в разные периоды истории. Но чаще этим занимались журналисты. Пресс-секретари Белого дома обычно не прибегали к таким странным образам. США вместе с Великобританией вошли в активную фазу нагнетания давления против России и повышают градус своей риторики. Дело доходит до образов, которые совершенно не принадлежат внешнеполитическому полю либо имеют очень странные коннотации», – подчеркнула она. По ее мнению, новые приемы Госдепа могут быть связаны с назначением на пост советника президента США по национальной безопасности Джона Болтона, который известен своими методами: его агрессия, стилистика и задачи вполне укладываются в нынешнюю риторику Белого дома. Риторика США по отношению к России раньше и так была жесткой, теперь она становится «более брутальной и скандальной, более стилистически вызывающей», заявил газете ВЗГЛЯД политолог-американист Борис Межуев. «Разумеется, это новый стиль руководства», – подчеркнул он, но подразумевая не Болтона, а возглавившего Госдеп бывшего главу ЦРУ Майка Помпео. Он, судя по всему, не хочет быть скучным, а желает быть «оригинальным, веселым, задорным, как сам президент. А президент – шоумен, ему нравятся шоу, яркие образы», так что стоит ожидать похожие «стилистически» заявления от Госдепа и в дальнейшем, добавил собеседник. Теги:  США, фашизм, Россия и Запад, Россия и США, Германия

27 марта, 15:47

UK minister: 'miserable little worm' Assange should turn himself in

LONDON (Reuters) - Julian Assange was called a "miserable little worm" on Tuesday by a British foreign affairs minister who said the WikiLeaks founder should leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London and give himself up to British justice.

27 марта, 13:34

EXCLUSIVE: Maria Zakharova: West is Launching an All-Out Anti-Russian Campaign

This is 60 Minutes. We discuss most important things. - We have Maria Zakharova in our studio, talking about what's important. 130 Russian diplomats must leave 18 NATO and EU countries. They have one week to gather their things. What's up with this come-and-go manner? What do we think of this? They didn't prove anything in the Skripals' case. What is this, Maria?   Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Affairs rep: - Hello, everyone. I'd like to give my most sincere condolences to everyone who lost loved ones in the Kemerovo tragedy. All my colleagues agree with me. Since I'm in your studio today, I can say that we are all deeply sorry for what's happened. Unfortunately, even on this day, our Western colleagues, instead of giving their condolences to all of the Russians who've suffered, unfortunately, they did what they did. Of course, we knew what it was going to happen after the EU summit. Obviously, we've prepared for this. You've already said that a bunch of EU countries have sided with London, giving them their political support, and they've announced the upcoming expulsion of Russian diplomats. - These countries are on our screen right now. - Yes. Let's see. This list that appears on the screen is very indicative. Let's see what these numbers are about, and they say a lot. 60 people are being expelled from the US. 23 people have already been expelled from the UK. Let's see more numbers. We can see it's 1-4 diplomats everywhere. Well, the Ukraine issue is clear. This country, this regime has been sided with the right country for a long time. 60 and 23. If it weren't for these numbers, we'd be guessing where all this crazy, scary performance by London had come from, and who the real beneficiary of this situation is. At this time, after these numbers have been published today, there's no doubt that behind this provocation that took place in the UK are strong, powerful forces that are located in the US and in the UK. Here's your motive to continue attacking our country in informational, propagandist, political, and other ways. There are no other theories to conclude from this situation. All the other countries... just display the notorious EU solidarity. This is my second point, which is the most important. Why? The UK PM, Theresa May, come to the EU summit to call upon their solidarity, the infamous unity of the foreign political course, which is the law for all of the EU countries. However, everyone seems to have forgotten that the UK has exited the EU. During the referendum, the UK voted for the Brexit, which means their country is to exit the EU. This way, during the EU summit, the UK has asked for solidarity from all of these countries that remain in the EU, while the UK itself had exited. Do you see? They're planting a time bomb in all the countries that carry out this anti-Russian campaign. I'll say it again. The countries that got what they wanted by exiling the most diplomats are the US and the UK. I think everyone knows who's behind all this, behind this Russo-phobic campaign. Here's the deal for today. - We just received an urgent message, so we go back to the UK. Theresa May said that the UK doesn't exclude the possibility that the entire EU will continue to pressure Russia. I don't know, this is a symptomatic statement. - This is absurd. The EU and the people who live in these countries have completely forgotten that this union will have to live with its decisions. After the UK completes the negotiations of the Brexit terms, and after it gets all its desired preferences, it will leave them. It will leave them immobilized with this solidarity. So, who did the EU countries side with today? With the UK? That's what they said. But, the UK is no longer in the EU, it left. - They left the EU, imposing new sanctions on us. - Exactly. - According to Theresa May, Sergey and Yulia Skripal are still in critical condition. Please note that this is an official statement. They may never come out of this critical condition. Will we be able to prove we're right to anyone? - This whole situation with these numbers and the expulsion of the diplomats has its roots in the Skripals' situation. I personally state that during the EU summit the UK didn't give the countries any facts about what had happened there. There were exclusively political statements and slogans, along with demands to side with this position. Thus, besides giving their political support, these EU countries have no idea whatsoever about what had happened in the UK. And now, let's discuss what is happening in the UK. Specifically, in Porton Down, which was coincidentally so close to where the attack on the Skripals took place, according to London. On May 6th, 2004, The Guardian published an article by Rob Evans. It's still available, and I hope it won't get erased from The Guardian's website after today's show, it's available in this newspaper's archives. This article is completely about the Porton Down base. This article was published in 2004, because during that same spring of 2004 is when they reopened the case of a young pilot's death. He died over 50 years ago. He died after an experiment, where a chemical substance was applied to his arm, which caused his death. Do you really think this is the only case like that? Let's keep reading. I repeat, this is from The Guardian. This isn't Russian propaganda, this isn't Kremlin's doing, it's a UK newspaper. Porton Down was founded in 1916. It is the oldest chemical warfare research installation in the world. It's not just a lab. According to the newspaper, this is where they experiment on people. Moreover, according to a British correspondent, the majority of human experiments in the world were performed in Porton Down, UK. For instance, it's alleged, according to the newspaper… - We found this article for proof, it's still here for now. - The newspaper assumes that for guinea pigs they used military men who were deceived into coming there. They allegedly agreed to the experiments voluntarily. What worries us the most is that those experiments have permanently harmed their health and lives. Furthermore, another important point. There has been a lot of scientific data on the effects of the nerve agents on a human body. The Guardian writes that this data had allowed Porton Down to develop the most modern anti-gas equipment for the British armed forces. - Can we prove it to anyone? We know we're right, but they still impose sanctions on our country. - Olga, this article, and its translation, will be published on all the online resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our foreign establishments. We're working on it. We've already sent a request to the OPCW. We discuss this with our colleagues. However, the issue is that the discipline via flogging that's present in the EU, and we all know who's behind the EU, it's NATO. The EU is just a pretty polity, and we've seen it in many situations, like in Ukraine, Syria, and other situations, nothing is up to them. It's just a polity, a pretty banner, a billboard for communication. But, behind it is a powerful monster, the face of the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization. Moreover… - Do they want us to become outsiders? Is that their endgame? - Demonization of Russia is the main goal. Obviously, what we see right now is the continuance of this elaborate, long-term program for this, I hate this word, rabid, Russo-phobia in action. This is not just an issue for Russia as a country, it's definitely an issue for all the Russian people, because statements made by the West always says "ethnic Russian", "Russian citizen", or "Russia". This is all about the total Russo-phobia campaign that isn't even concealed anymore. - Are we working on a response? - As we heard in today's MFA statement, there will be a response to everything we've seen today. Appropriate measures will be taken towards each country. This includes the expulsion of Russian diplomats and the shutdown of the General Russian Consulate in Seattle, USA, in particular. - Thank you very much. This was Maria Zakharova, our official Ministry of Foreign Affairs rep. We're working on responses for every country. There are even more countries now. We just learned that Norway will also expel one Russian diplomat. What's happening in the world? Watch Vesti right now. This was 60 Minutes. Again, Maria Zakharova, thank you very much. - Thank you. - Thank you, Masha.

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