31 декабря 2017, 15:43

A tarnished hospital tries to win back trust

Yale New Haven Hospital, once reviled for hounding low-income patients for money, wants to be a model for community outreach.

31 декабря 2017, 10:20

Иран: четвертый день протестов против аятолл

Демонстранты скандируют: “Смерть Хаменеи!”, слышны лозунги: “Уходите из Сирии, думайте о нас!” и “Не Газа и не Ливан - моя жизнь - в Иране!”

30 декабря 2017, 18:27

Flying taxis, mega deals and aviation in 2018 - Counting the Cost

Blockbuster aviation deal ahead? As 2018 gets underway, a couple of big multi-billion dollar deals are in play that could change the face of entire industries. One blockbuster deal could reshape the global aerospace industry: Aircraft maker Boeing has held talks about a multi-billion dollar takeover of Brazil's Embraer. The deal, should it go ahead, would combine the world's largest aerospace company with the third largest passenger jet maker. The Brazilian government would have to sign off on it, and the two players have only confirmed they've had private talks. But the move is being viewed as significant within the industry. In October, European rival Airbus secured a controlling stake in the C-series jet from Canada's Bombardier. Is there more consolidation ahead for the aerospace industry? Aviation in the Middle East Tunisia is demanding an apology from the United Arab Emirates after the UAE banned Tunisian women from flying to the Gulf state or transiting its airports. In retaliation, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is banned from operating flights from and to Tunisia. Charlotte Bellis reports. How have the Tunisia travel ban, Trump's travel ban, the US laptop ban, and the Qatar-Gulf diplomatic crisis impacted the Gulf region as a travel hub? "The global industry has done really well overall.... In the Middle East... there's pretty much been a handbrake stop on the kind of levels of growths that you have from 2012 to 2016 which were around 10 to 15 percent or so for Etihad, for Qatar and for Emirates. Those have dropped to pretty much one to two percent or so year on year. And it's even going to be less in 2018," says Peter Morris, chief economist at Global Flight. Flying taxis and aviation automation Decades ago perhaps the general public thought we might all be travelling in flying cars by 2018. But flying taxis are no futuristic fantasy today. Airbus is looking to put its flying taxi in the air next year. It's a vertical take-off and landing electric-powered aircraft that will carry four passengers through urban areas. Meanwhile, Embraer and NASA are teaming up with Uber on its flying taxi project. Uber's deadline for testing flying taxis is the 2020s. "There's a lot of psychological barriers.... Aviation is the safest form of public transport, but nonetheless you will see an intense focus before those pilotless aircrafts are going to be permitted..., it's not that the problems are really technical, the problems are almost certainly psychological and regulatory," says Peter Morris, chief economist at Global Flight. Arms sales on the rise Global arms sales are up according to the latest report form the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The report shows that US group Lockheed Martin is now the world's top arms producer. And Brexit did not seem to have an impact on the arms sales of British companies. BAE ranks fourth on the top-100 list of global arms producers. Russia has been getting more aggressive in the past few years and Chinese companies too are engaging in more defence sales abroad. Meanwhile, the report said, South Korea is becoming a bigger player among so-called "emerging producers." So what does the size of the global arms market tell us about the state of the global economy? Pieter Wezeman, senior researcher of the arms and military expenditure programme at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, shares his views. Also on this episode of Counting the Cost: Driverless cars: 2017 was the year the driverless car and trucks became a reality. Laurence Lee reports River Nile and water rights: We look at the ongoing struggle over the Nile and ask why Egypt is calling for the World Bank to help settle a dispute on the longest river in Africa. Made in Greece: The plight of refugees is something that's likely to remain a focus in the year ahead, and one country on the frontline of the refugee crisis is Greece. Jonah Hull reports from Athens on how entrepreneurship is an important key to integration. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/

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These Are the Retirement Mistakes Your Financial Adviser Is Judging You For

Financial advisers see people make these retirement mistakes again and again.

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28 декабря 2017, 19:01

Freed POWs reunite with families

Recently exchanged prisoners of war from the Ukrainian armed forces sit inside a bus upon their arrival at Boryspil International airport outside Kiev yesterday. Ukraine and pro-Russian separatist rebels conducted the largest exchange of prisoners since conflict broke out in 2014, sending hundreds of captives home to their families on Wednesday ahead of New Year and Orthodox Christmas. More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict and casualties are still reported almost daily despite a ceasefire that froze the frontlines in place since 2015.

27 декабря 2017, 17:57

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Агентство по международному развитию США ищет "координатор информационно-пропагандистской деятельности в области регионального развития" (Development Outreach можно перевести мягче, но пропаганда тоже подходит)_для работы в Средней Азииhttps://www.fbo.gov/spg/AID/OM/ALM/16_2017_USPSC_DOC_Almaty_Kazakhstan/listing.htmlКоординатор возглавит группу по развитию и коммуникации из шести сотрудников, в том числе пяти специалистов из числа сотрудничающих стран (два в Алматы, по одному в каждом базовом офисе в Таджикистане, Туркменистане и Узбекистане).Основные обязанности и обязанности:...- Обучить технический персонал USAID в Алматы и региональные отделения в поддержку их публичных выступлений и пропагандистских мероприятий в средствах массовой информации. Контролировать интеграцию коммуникаций в процессы проектирования и внедрения проекта, включая утверждение всех планов брендинга и маркировки. - Служить старшим советником руководства Миссии в отношении всей общественной информации, отношений со средствами массовой информации и информационно-пропагандистских вопросов. ...- Контролировать подготовку материалов для ежедневных брифингов посольства, отчетов Администратора и материалов для Frontline USAID и других информационных платформ USAID, включая блог агентства, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube и другие новые или новые сайты социальных сетей. - контролировать использование платформ социальных сетей в качестве инструмента взаимодействия с уделением особого внимания цифровой пропаганде и информационно-пропагандистской деятельности; стратегия социальных сетей дополняет более широкий план коммуникаций.- R / DOC будет управлять подготовкой и обновлением обновленного стандартного информационного пакета по программе USAID для проведения брифингов и для распространения среди общественности и средств массовой информации; и для USAID / W, Asia Bureau, LPA, State, Congress; включая сценаристов, документы для инструктажа, отчеты о статусе проекта, карты, фотографии, информацию о других донорах и общую информацию о каждой стране в Центральной Азии. - Он / она контролирует содержание англоязычных веб-материалов Миссии, чтобы обеспечить их точность и актуальность.- Наблюдать за написанием и распространением пресс-релизов о успехах программы, инаугурациях проектов, значительных событиях и других результатах. Следуйте за средствами массовой информации, чтобы поощрять и поддерживать освещение публичных мероприятий. Координация с техническими службами, PAS Embassy, ​​Бюро Азии и LPA для производства и выпуска своевременной, точной и полезной письменной информации для местных и международных СМИ.СМИ и связи с общественностью- Содействовать отдельным, активным, целенаправленным, информационно-пропагандистским мероприятиям в средствах массовой информации. Эти мероприятия специально предназначены для точной передачи точной информации о программах USAID на местные, региональные и национальные рынки посредством избирательного использования радио, телевидения, газет, журналов, объявлений общественных услуг, рекламы, рекламных щитов и традиционных коммуникаций.- Контролировать все международные и местные отношения со средствами массовой информации. Работать в тесном контакте с ПАС по связям с прессой и поддерживать контакты с западными и местными журналистами высокого уровня из всех СМИ.- Посоветуйте и работайте с PAS Embassy, ​​чтобы расширить возможности для того, чтобы поддерживать средства массовой информации в курсе программ USAID / CA, включая телевидение, радио и другие средства массовой информации. Это может включать организацию интервью, брифингов, медиа-туров по проектам USAID и т. Д.- В сотрудничестве с PAS консультируйте директора Миссии и сотрудников USAID по вопросам прессы и средств массовой информации. Обеспечить целенаправленное, последовательное и последовательное сообщение от всех сотрудников USAID и партнеров-исполнителей.- Координация с государственными службами по связям с общественностью, поддержание хороших отношений и консультирование по работе с местными и международными СМИ.- Контролировать мониторинг местной и международной прессы, осведомленность и отношение к программам USAID и контролировать эффективность коммуникационной стратегии. Предоставлять отзывы для информирования о текущих мероприятиях и будущих программах.- По поручению представительства Миссии и в сотрудничестве с PAS отвечают на запросы широкой общественности, средств массовой информации и других источников о программах и проектах USAID.Публичные мероприятия. Организация и координация пресс-мероприятий для проектов USAID совместно с PAS, директором миссии USAID и заместителем директора, техническими командами и партнерами-исполнителями. Сюда входят конференции, открытия, поездки на места и другие церемонии.- писать пресс-релизы, выступления и точки разговора; организовать фоновые брифинги для СМИ; компилировать и распространять прессу; рассмотрение вопросов протокола, выбора площадки, постановки и логистических вопросов; выявлять и планировать докладчиков; поддерживать связь с должностными лицами США и местных органов власти; писать или редактировать контрольные списки брифингов (BCL), установщики сцен, информационные материалы и меморандумы послу или его заместителям, когда участие в мероприятиях оправданно; писать или редактировать BCL и сценаристы для Front Office USAID, когда участие в мероприятиях оправдано; обеспечивать координацию работы на местах. Следуйте за средствами массовой информации, чтобы обеспечить освещение публичных мероприятий. Управлять размещением всей информации о событиях и материалов на веб-сайте Миссии, на главном веб-сайте USAID и других платформах социальных сетей.- просмотр и редактирование пресс-релизов, выступлений и выступлений, подготовленных партнерами-исполнителями для мероприятий USAID; просматривать и редактировать BCL и сценарии, разработанные партнерами-исполнителями для мероприятий USAID.- Представлять все пресс-релизы и запросы на собеседование - внутренние и подготовленные партнерами-исполнителями - для PAS (и Бюро Азии и LPA, когда это необходимо) для рассмотрения и утверждения.- Фотография и / или видеоролик событий USAID для веб-сайтов USAID и посольств, а также для архивов USAID / CA.- Служить в качестве основного контактного лица Миссии для рекламных мероприятий и посещений сайта официальными посетителями из посольства США, USAID / Вашингтона, Конгресса и других агентств или организаций Агентства. Координация посещений VIP-сайта по мере необходимости. Координация с посольством по расписанию и логистике. Ведите подготовку материалов для инструктажа, установщиков сцен и других информационных продуктов и процессов для поддержки этих посещений. Ведите разнообразный список потенциальных мест для посещения сайтов, подходящих для различных CODEL, STAFFDEL и других высокопоставленных посетителей, координируя их с партнерами заранее.Выполнять другие обязанности / действия, которые могут диктовать посол США, директор и заместитель директора USAID, USAID / Вашингтон и обстоятельства.Наблюдательные отношения: Координатор по региональному развитию и коммуникации (R / DOC) контролирует и координирует работу Региональной группы DOC, включая пять специалистов по управлению проектами (1 FSN-4005-11, 3 FSN-4005-10 и 1 FSN-4005-09 ).Надзорные органы: R / DOC получает общий надзор со стороны сотрудника по надзору, директора офиса USAID / CA / SPO.10. ОБЛАСТЬ РАССМОТРЕНИЯ: Должен быть гражданином США и иметь или иметь возможность получить разрешение на разрешение правительства США на уровне SECRET. 2) Должен иметь возможность получить медицинское разрешение штата / медработника для обслуживания в Центральной Азии. 3) Должна быть доступна и готова совершить переход на период исполнения контракта в течение 24 месяцев.11. ФИЗИЧЕСКИЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ: Запрошенная работа не связана с чрезмерными физическими потребностями. Должна быть доступна и готова работать дополнительные часы за установленную 40-часовую рабочую неделю и за пределами установленной рабочей недели с понедельника по пятницу, по мере необходимости или необходимости; и должны быть готовы путешествовать по Центральной Азии (50% времени), а иногда и в Кыргызскую Республику.12. ТОЧКА КОНТАКТА: Мадина Байдилова, адрес электронной почты: [email protected] МИНИМАЛЬНЫЕ КВАЛИФИКАЦИИ, НЕОБХОДИМЫЕ ДЛЯ ЭТОЙ ОПАСНОСТИ1) ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ Степень бакалавра со значительной курсовой работой в соответствующих областях. К соответствующим областям относятся, среди прочего, журналистика, коммуникации, общественные отношения или дела, международные отношения, международное развитие, государственное управление, исследования в области развития / области и социальные исследования. Степень магистра в соответствующей области является предпочтительной, но не обязательной.2) ОПЫТ РАБОТЫ ПРИОРИТЕТА Минимум пять (5) лет с постепенным ответственным практическим опытом в качестве журналиста или связанный с ним опыт в области общественных дел, информационно-пропагандистских мероприятий или кампаний. Кандидат должен иметь не менее пяти лет соответствующего опыта в развивающейся стране. Соответствующий опыт определяется как работа в области журналистики, связей с общественностью, коммуникации и / или общественная деятельность.3) ЗНАНИЯ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ НАВЫКИ Сильное и продемонстрированное знание принципов и практики общественных отношений, отношений со СМИ, социальных сетей и методов журналистского письма и отчетности. Знание технических аспектов, связанных с производством различных общественных информационно-пропагандистских мероприятий, таких как производство телевизионных программ.Отличные письменные и вербальные навыки общения с продемонстрированной способностью переводить высокотехнический материал в легко понятный рассказ. Исключительные навыки анализа и редактирования. Отличные навыки организационного и критического мышления.Знание приложений Microsoft Office, программ веб-дизайна и социальных сетей, хорошо разработанных навыков публикации на рабочем столе и способности представить информацию творчески. Знакомство с использованием цифровой камеры и видеоаппаратуры. Сильные, рабочие знания Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point и интернет-приложений. Знание администрирования систем управления контентом веб-сайта и Adobe Creative Suite предпочтительнее.Широкое понимание проблем, связанных с международным развитием и странами с переходной экономикой, а также политических, социальных и экономических условий в Центральной Азии. Желателен опыт работы с местными СМИ. Предпочтительным является знание процедур и методов и подходов USAID или других международных доноров.Превосходные навыки управления проектами и способность брать на себя инициативу, работая с руководством; должны быть в состоянии взять на себя ответственность за проекты, творчески решить проблему и довести до конца. Демонстрировала способность работать самостоятельно, одновременно управляя несколькими действиями, и работать под давлением, чтобы встретить очень короткие сроки, выполняя независимые профессиональные оценки. Способность поддерживать высокий уровень профессионализма при работе под давлением в быстро развивающейся, а иногда и сложной или опасной среде.4) ИНТЕРПЕРСОНАЛЬНЫЕ И ЛИДЕРСКИЕ НАВЫКИ Исключительное лидерство, коммуникация и навыки межличностного общения и продемонстрированные способности и готовность работать совместно и продуктивно в качестве лидера и члена многопрофильной и многокультурной команды и должны обладать способностью эффективно работать в командной среды для достижения консенсуса в отношении политики, деятельности и административных вопросов и позитивного влияния на отношения.Доказанная способность хорошо работать в сложных институциональных условиях и развивать сети взаимоотношений, которые способствуют сотрудничеству между коллегами, и искренняя заинтересованность в оказании помощи сотрудникам USAID в успешной реализации программы. Должны проявлять осмотрительность, тактичность и дипломатию, особенно при решении вопросов, чувствительных к политикам, должны быть способны эффективно взаимодействовать с широким кругом внутренних и внешних партнеров и клиентов USAID, международных организаций, правительственных чиновников принимающей страны или коллег из НПО. Сильные устные и письменные навыки общения, а также способность работать с рядом старших и технических должностных лиц коллегиальным и продуктивным способом.Одних только технических навыков недостаточно для выбора этой должности.5) НАВЫКИ ЯЗЫКАМинимальный уровень IV (свободно) Английский и проверенная способность общаться быстро, четко и кратко, как в устной, так и в письменной форме. Чтение и говорение на русском языке очень желательно.III. КРИТЕРИЙ ВЫБОРАЗаявители будут оцениваться с учетом требований, предъявляемых к минимальным квалификационным требованиям выше, в соответствии со следующими критериями:Образование: 15% Опыт работы: 20% Знания и технические навыки: 30% Навыки межличностного и лидерского характера: 20% Навыки на языках: 15% Всего: 100%Уведомление для заявителей: USAID / CA оставляет за собой право получить от предыдущих работодателей соответствующую информацию о прошлой деятельности заявителя и может рассмотреть такую ​​информацию при ее оценке.Внутривенно НАНЕСЕНИЕКвалифицированным лицам предлагается представить a) самую актуальную биографию или резюме; б) заполненную и подписанную форму AID 302-3 («Информация о рекламодателе по контрактам персональных услуг», доступная по адресу http://www.usaid.gov/forms), включая опыт и историю окладов; c) список ссылок с телефонной и электронной контактной информацией; и d) написание образца (максимум 2 страницы) не позднее COB (18:00 по алматинскому времени) 23 декабря 2017 года. Форма доступна на веб-сайте USAID, https://www.usaid.gov/sites/default/files/ документы / 1866 / a302-3.doc. Пакет приложений должен быть отправлен по электронной почте (предпочтительно), DHL или воздушным курьером FedEx по дате закрытия, выше, чтобы:Управление персоналом USAID / CA Алматы 41 Улица Казибека Би Алматы, Казахстан Электронная почта: [email protected] и [email protected]Электронная документация предпочтительнее, поскольку доставка почты может быть несвоевременной. Чтобы обеспечить рассмотрение заявок на предполагаемое местоположение, пожалуйста, обратитесь к номеру заявки в вашей заявке и в качестве темы в любом сопроводительном письме.USAID / CA оставляет за собой право получить от предыдущих работодателей соответствующую информацию о прошлой деятельности заявителя и может рассмотреть такую ​​информацию при ее оценке. Если заявитель не желает, чтобы USAID обратился к действующему работодателю с просьбой о проведении контрольной проверки, это должно быть указано в сопроводительном письме заявителя, и USAID задержит такую ​​контрольную проверку в ожидании связи с заявителем.USAID / CA рассчитывает заключить договор о персональных услугах для оффшорного или резидентного гражданина США на двухлетний период (дополнительный вариант), начинающийся с 1 июня 2018 года, при условии обеспечения безопасности и медицинских разрешений и наличия средств. Обязательным пунктом для этого контракта является Алматы, Казахстан.Для получения дополнительной информации о USAID / Центральной Азии см. Веб-сайт миссии https://www.usaid.gov/central-asia-regionalV. СПИСОК ТРЕБУЕМЫХ ФОРМ ДЛЯ PERS HIRESКак только CO сообщит успешному Претенденту о том, что он будет выбран для получения контракта, CO предоставит успешные инструкции Претендента о том, как заполнить и представить следующие формы:1. AID 302-3 Информация для подателя заявки для личного договора. 2. OF-306 Декларация о федеральной занятости 3. Форма медицинской истории и экспертизы (Департамент государственных форм DS-1843). 4. Анкета для чувствительных позиций для национальной безопасности (SF-86) или 5. Анкета для нечувствительных позиций (SF-85) 6. Карточка отпечатков пальцев (FD-258)VI. ПРЕИМУЩЕСТВА / ПОСОБИЯОсновные предметы домашнего обихода будут доступны в кварталах, которые будут предоставлены USAID. В соответствии с политикой, и в соответствующих случаях и применимых, PSC, как правило, разрешено следующие льготы и надбавки:1. ПРЕИМУЩЕСТВА: (a) Вклад FICA работодателя (b) Вклад в Medevac, страхование здоровья и жизни (c) Корректировка сопоставимости платежей (d) Годовой прирост (в ожидании удовлетворительной оценки эффективности) (e) Право на компенсацию работника (f) Ежегодный и Sick Leave (g) Право на 401 (k)2. ДОПУЩЕНИЯ:Номера разделов относятся к правилам из Государственного стандартизованного регламента (Зарубежные гражданские гражданские лица )(а) сообщение Дифференциальные (Глава 500) (б) Сообщение Пособие (Раздел 220) (с) Отдельное обслуживание Пособие (Раздел 260) (г) образование Пособие (Раздел 270) (е) Образование Туризм (Раздел 280) (е) Платежи во время эвакуации / авторизированного выезда (раздел 600) и (g) «Опасность» (раздел 650).VII. НАЛОГИ USPSCs обязаны уплачивать федеральные подоходные налоги, FICA, Medicare и применимые государственные налоги на прибыль.VIII. ПРАВИЛА ЮСАИДА, ПОЛИТИКА И КОНТРАКТНЫЕ КЛАССЫ, ОТНОСЯЩИЕСЯ К PSCВ этих источниках доступны положения и политика USAID, регулирующие награды USPSC:1. Регламент USAID по приобретению (AIDAR), Приложение D, «Прямые контракты USAID с гражданином США или резидентом-резидентом США для личных услуг за рубежом», включая контрактную оговорку «Общие положения», доступную по адресу https://www.usaid.gov /sites/default/files/documents/1868/aidar_0.pdf2. Форма титульной копии контракта AID 309-1 доступна по адресу https://www.usaid.gov/forms.3. Директивы по приобретению и оказанию помощи / информационные бюллетени по контрактам (AAPD / CIB) для личных контрактов с лицами, доступными по адресу http://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid/aapds-cibs.4. Этическое поведение. Приняв договор о персональных услугах USAID как отдельного лица, подрядчик будет признавать получение «Стандартов этического поведения для сотрудников исполнительной власти», доступных в Управлении государственной этики США в соответствии с Общим пунктом 2 и 5 CFR 2635. См. Https://www.oge.gov/web/oge.nsf/OGE%20Regulations.

27 декабря 2017, 13:05

How The Gap Used an App to Give Workers More Control Over Their Schedules

Early results of an experiment at The Gap provide hope that there might be a remedy for one of the most controversial labor practices in retailing and other service industries, such as hospitality, health care, and call centers. That practice: schedules that require employees to work different shifts every week. Associates rarely have any control of their schedules, and often get only three days’ notice of next week’s schedule. These volatile and unpredictable schedules can wreak havoc with workers’ child-care arrangements, school classes, and other personal responsibilities. They can make it virtually impossible for part-timers to hold down multiple jobs, and widely fluctuating hours mean workers’ incomes also can fluctuate widely. But this situation could change. Since 2015, stable-scheduling legislation has been passed in four cities (San Francisco, Emeryville, Seattle, New York), one state (Oregon), and introduced in many others. As a result of an inquiry by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, 15 national retailers have either discontinued on-call shifts (where retail workers are scheduled for shifts that may be canceled anytime up to two hours beforehand) or have committed to do so nationwide. But these moves are the exception, not the rule: Unstable scheduling continues to be the norm in many U.S. industries. Even if business leaders want to abandon the practice, it’s so firmly embedded in their operations that many think it can’t be done. Zeynep Ton of MIT has identified a “Good Jobs Strategy” that allows companies to improve frontline jobs and still keep costs down so they can compete on price. But it requires the adoption of a whole new operating model. Can companies that cannot adopt the entire Good Jobs Strategy address the unstable scheduling component of the jobs they provide? To explore this question, we approached Gap, Inc. and suggested that it launch a randomized controlled experiment to see if a shift to more-stable scheduling makes business sense. Gap Inc., the parent of six clothing chains, including The Gap, considers itself a values-driven business. Perhaps influenced by that and the fact that Gap’s headquarters is in San Francisco, where discussions were underway that led to the first stable-scheduling legislation in the country, Gap agreed to work with us. We shifted 28 stores in the firm’s The Gap chain in the San Francisco and Chicago regions towards more-stable scheduling practices, going far beyond what is required by the San Francisco Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights. Some practices were changed in all of the firm’s stores: On-call shifts (the ones that can be canceled up to two hours ahead) were eliminated, and employees were given a 14-day advance notice of their schedules. In addition, managers in a subset of stores were encouraged to offer more workers a core schedule that did not vary from week to week, with stable starting and ending times and a “soft guarantee” of at least 20 hours a week. A full report on the experiment will be published in early 2018, but we already have some early results to share. One change that’s proven especially popular among workers: We used inexpensive technology to empower workers to swap shifts with others in their store without getting their supervisor’s prior approval. The key was finding technology that was easy and seamless enough so people actually used it. We tried a special Facebook page and tablets inside stores. Nothing worked — until we found Shift Messenger. Shift Messenger is a one of several available smart-phone apps that allow workers to post a shift they don’t want for colleagues to take. (There are other apps that do this, including Shyft and ZoomShift, but we don’t have experience with them.) Uptake was high. Sixty-two percent of part-time hourly associates in the stores that used Shift Messenger had posted or picked up a shift during the approximately 30 weeks it was deployed. We were concerned that associates over 50, who constituted about 7% of Gap’s workforce in these stores, might not want to use it, but nearly half of them did (46%). Most shifts were covered if they were posted a day or more in advance. Nearly three-fourths (72%) of shifts posted at least a week in advance got picked up — as were half of the shifts posted only one to three days in advance. The portion dropped to 30% for those shifts posted less than 24 hours in advance. Overnight shifts and unpopular shifts such as weekend closings were less likely to be covered than other shifts. Hourly associates and store managers overwhelmingly liked the app or found it to be a useful solution, according to surveys of employees and interviews with managers. Ninety-five percent of the 200 respondents to a survey of part-time associates agreed or strongly agreed that the app makes it easy for associates to adjust their work schedules to fit their needs. Most managers interviewed gushed about the app. “I love it. It’s the best thing ever,” remarked one. Among the 19 stores that tried it, only four store managers reported recurring problems with the app during the bi-weekly interviews we conducted. In all but one store, the issues were resolved by clarifying expectations with associates. The managers said the app eliminated time-consuming phone calls that they would have to make to find a replacement when someone cancelled a shift as well as calls from associates asking for phone numbers so they could get someone to cover their shift. “The shift app has saved us at least 10 hours a week,” the manager of a medium–size store told us. However, a few managers preferred “old school methods” of calling or asking associates directly to cover shifts. Some managers noted a sharp decrease in no-shows because associates could easily get someone to cover their shift. And one noted that since Shift Messenger gives managers a warning if an associate cannot get someone to cover. “It’s sort of a warning system” that allows them to take action, that manager said. Despite positive manager feedback, nearly half (45%) of the associates responding to the survey reported that managers at their stores thought that some associates were using Shift Messenger too often — for example, by posting all their shifts on the app rather than asking for leave through established channels. A few managers disliked shift swapping because of variable quality in their teams. “I don’t have the right team. I have A players and F players, and recently I’ve been getting a lot of F players walking in the door at the same time because of Shift Messenger,” one manager said. Another commented, “Your top ringer needs to be at register during peak, or top dressing room there during peak.” Moving around schedules with Shift Messenger messes with that and undermines my scheduling,” yet another said. One conclusion: Proper training is important, and the app makes performance problems salient and more likely to be addressed. Associates found the app helpful for looking to secure more hours. Ninety-seven percent of survey respondents said it helped associates get more hours if they wanted them — a major benefit given the consistent finding that many retail workers are “hungry for hours” (to quote one manager). “I picked up three [shifts] yesterday. Everyone got their schedule and they want Friday night [off], or whatever, so I picked up all the shifts!” remarked an associate who “loved the app.” (In a few small stores, the app never really took off because associates already had each other’s phones and preferred to text each other.) Response time to posted shifts was swift. Over two-thirds (68%) of all completed swaps were completed within 24 hours of being posted and almost a quarter (24%) within five minutes. A downside for associates was that Shift Messenger users averaged one fewer hour than they were originally scheduled during weeks when they used the app. For some, the lower earnings evidently were outweighed by the increased control over when they worked. The takeaways from the experiment with the scheduling app include the following: A user-friendly smartphone interface is essential. If specific skills are needed for specific shifts, train workers to include that requirement in the post and instruct people not to take a shift if they lack those skills. Alternatively, create special channels on the app for subgroups with special skills to trade shifts. Decide whether or not managers need to pre-approve shift swaps. Set up a clear protocol for approval so everyone knows when a shift swap has been finalized and make sure that shift posters know that they are still responsible for their scheduled shift if it does not get covered. Train associates so they know that posting to the app is not a substitute for requesting time off or changing their “availability” (for example, when a change in someone’s school schedule means she will never be able to work on Tuesdays). Ideally, a shift-swapping app will be integrated into a company’s staffing software. This will ensure that associates do not pick up back-to-back shifts that trigger overtime pay or break time that violates company or store policies. In considering whether to adopt the smart-phone app, companies should take into account some legal issues. One is employees should not use an app to request time off for Family and Medical Leave and other leave time to which they are legally entitled. Another is a requirement by California and some other states that if smart phones are required for work, employers need to provide them for employees, so it is important to have other options for shift swapping that do not require associates to use their smart phones or personal computers. The easiest way to do this is to simply leave in place existing methods for swapping shifts. It’s important to keep in mind that these positive results occurred when shift swapping was an integral part of a larger intervention designed to help businesses shift to more stable scheduling. Shift swapping is no substitute for schedule stability. But real-time, tech-enabled shift swapping is an extraordinarily useful, perhaps even essential, component of a transition to more stable schedules. And it’s an inexpensive way for retailers to help make workers happy about their companies’ practices. Given the increasing legal and regulatory pressures surrounding schedule stability, it’s a tool other retailers will certainly want to consider. Shift swapping constitutes a fundamental change in the way retailers schedule workers by moving away from a culture of treating store associates like widgets in a manufacturing plant to one where their voices are heard during the scheduling process. As the gig economy continues to grow, drawing more and more workers to its folds with the promise of unlimited flexibility, it is important for retailers to reexamine the way they treat their associates to reduce churn and retain the best people.

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Putin’s Revenge

Click for video. Source: Frontline The post Putin’s Revenge appeared first on The Big Picture.

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‘You can’t afford to get upset’: behind the scenes with London’s 999 operators

Frontline emergency services are frequently hailed for their heroism, but less is known about the critical role 999 operators playInside a cavernous screen-filled room on an industrial estate in south London, all is quiet. “Actually we don’t use the word ‘quiet’, we prefer ‘not busy’,” says Alex Smith, assistant operations manager at London fire brigade’s 999 control centre. “You never know what’s coming next.”2017 has been an unusually demanding year for the fire brigade: terror attacks in Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and Parsons Green, and the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in which 71 people died. Continue reading...

24 декабря 2017, 05:05

Nazi Germany’s Super Jet Was Wooden and Designed to Be Flown by Teenagers

Sebastien Roblin Security, Europe A forgotten World War II saga. By the summer of 1944, the German Luftwaffe had a lot of problems. Huge Allied four-engine strategic bombers were pummeling Germany’s industrial base daily, escorted by long-range fighters that were frittering away the German flying arm’s elite cadres of combat pilots nurtured since the 1930s. While the bombing campaign failed to prevent German industrial output from increasing in 1944, due to increased mobilization and use of slave labor, attacks targeting petroleum production proved extremely effective. By the end of the year, the advanced new tanks and warplanes coming out of German factories were often grounded for lack of fuel. Such was the Luftwaffe’s decline that Allied fighter bombers were frequently able to roam over the frontlines unopposed as they wreaked havoc on German frontline troops. The Nazi leadership had hoped that Messerschmitt Me 262 Sturmvogel (“Storm Bird”) jet fighter—the first fighter jet to see combat in the summer of 1944—would swing the air war back in their favor. But despite the Sturmvogel’s hundred-mile-per-hour speed advantage and powerful armament, the twin-engine jets were expensive to produce and consumed tons of fuel. Furthermore, pilots required extensive training to master the advanced jets—but the Luftwaffe’s situation had grown so desperate that trainees were being thrown into combat after minimal instruction, with predictable results. Recommended: North Korea Has 200,000 Soldiers in Its Special Forces Recommended: Why Doesn't America Kill Kim Jong Un? Recommended: 1.2 Million Casualties: If North Korea Attacked Los Angeles with a Nuclear Weapon Read full article

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England’s Mark Stoneman here to stay but admits Ashes runs have failed to flow | Vic Marks

England opener feels he belongs in the Ashes despite not making ‘the scores required in Test cricket’ and is ready to crack on against Australia in MelbourneFinally, England may well have discovered the opener who will outlast Alastair Cook – for two reasons, one bad, one good. Cook is struggling, practising hard without reward and averaging 13.83 in the Ashes; as the most capped opening batsman ever he may be nearing the end after more than a decade in the frontline. We will find out more in Melbourne. More positively Mark Stoneman has made a better fist than most at being Cook’s partner. He has 193 runs at 32.16 with two half-centuries in this series.There is a touch of Carberry about Stoneman’s output. Four years ago Michael Carberry won plaudits for his gutsy performances in five Ashes Tests, during which he scored 281 runs at 28.10 at the top of the order. Yet he never played again for England. Continue reading...

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Fighting in eastern Ukraine worst since February: OSCE

KIEV/NOVOLUHANSKE, Ukraine (Reuters) - Fighting in eastern Ukraine has escalated to the worst level in months, officials monitoring the conflict said on Tuesday, after the shelling of a frontline village wounded eight civilians and destroyed or damaged dozens of homes.

19 декабря 2017, 15:45

The day I dismissed Inzamam-ul-Haq in front of 15,000 Pakistani cricket fans

Winning in Pakistan is never easy, especially if you’re a bunch of bumbling British amateurs playing against a team of past – and current – internationals By Alex Massie for The Nightwatchman, of the Guardian Sport NetworkThere is no way of writing this without seeming unduly boastful but, look, let me tell you about the day I dismissed Inzamam-ul-Haq. In front of 15,000 spectators. In Waziristan. During a game broadcast live on Pakistani national television. For reasons we will come to shortly, the scorebook does not confirm this wondrously improbable moment but those of us who were present know it happened, even if only for a sweet, incredulous second. But I fear I am getting ahead of myself.There is no easy way for westerners to reach Miramshah, the administrative capital of North Waziristan. It lies in the heart of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas that, though formally part of Pakistan, have always enjoyed – or, perhaps, endured – a unique status. Islamabad’s authority has only rarely been recognised here. It has, instead, been a hotbed of insurrection and, since 9/11, been a district on the frontline of both the Pakistani army’s counter-Taliban operations and the United States’ officially unofficial drone war inside Pakistan. Continue reading...

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Hostilities flare on Yemen’s west coast, sparking new displacement – UN refugee agency

As hostilities intensify in frontline areas on Yemen’s west coast, the United Nations refugee agency said Friday that it is bracing for further displacement and a spike in humanitarian needs.

15 декабря 2017, 04:47

Is America Negotiating with the Islamic State?

Daniel R. DePetris Security, Middle East For local forces on the frontline, negotiated population transfers are better than launching an assault against an enemy that is well dug-in and determined to die. On January 28, 2017, months after then-candidate Donald Trump vowed to wipe the Islamic State off the face of the earth and bomb the group into smithereens, the businessman-turned-president issued a presidential memorandum ordering Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, in consultation with other national security cabinet members, to submit to the White House a comprehensive war plan within thirty days. The president’s memo was as clear as a glass house: "It is the policy of the United States that ISIS be defeated.” It was the Pentagon’s duty to report back with a strategy that would accelerate the military campaign and bring the United States closer to that objective. While the memorandum was overshadowed a day later by Trump’s first travel ban, the January 27 executive order was nonetheless a public communication to the American people that the forty-fifth President of the United States would provide whatever resources the commanders needed to win the war. Read full article

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Guardian and Observer charity appeal hits £250,000 in five days

Appeal supporting charities helping homeless youngsters and destitute refugees was launched by editor in chief Katharine Viner last weekClick here to donate to our appealDonations to the Guardian and Observer charity appeal in support of homeless youngsters and destitute refugees have hit the £250,000 mark after just five days.The 2017 appeal is raising money for three charities working with vulnerable individuals on the frontline of homelessness and destitution: Centrepoint, Depaul UK, and the No Accommodation Network (Naccom). Continue reading...

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Trump’s tweet creates a political opening for Gillibrand

The New York senator, who called on the president to resign over sexual harassment allegations, responded forcefully to the president's tweets slamming her.

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‘Big is beautiful’ in oil industry, says former BP chief 

DEA and BASF merger marks return of John Browne to frontline dealmaking

08 декабря 2017, 02:17

Democrat Kihuen hanging on despite harassment claim

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi won’t call for a primary challenger to take on Nevada Rep. Ruben Kihuen, despite saying the freshman Democrat should resign due to sexual harassment allegations. “This is not about politics. That’s the last thing this is about,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday in response to questions about Kihuen, who has rejected demands from party leaders to step down.The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not respond to requests for comment on whether it would fund a primary challenger against Kihuen. The campaign arm has, however, removed Kihuen from its “frontline” program, which prioritizes funding for vulnerable members.But beyond those steps, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have not maneuvered to force out Kihuen as they did with Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who resigned Tuesday after a concerted behind-the-scenes effort. That could change, Democratic aides say, if more allegations crop up. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is also divided on how to handle the issue.Kihuen is accused of sexually harassing a campaign staffer during the 2016 election. The woman told BuzzFeed Kihuen repeatedly propositioned her romantically and touched her thighs twice without asking. Kihuen has previously denied the allegations; his office declined to comment on the record for this story.Congressional leaders have struggled to articulate uniform parameters for addressing sexual harassment allegations within their ranks, even as a raft of accusations continue to shake up Capitol Hill.“We have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said Thursday when asked whether the new standard is to call for resignation any time a member is accused of sexual harassment. “We want to protect the rights of the accused but we want to make sure that the victims have the opportunity they need to come forward.” Pelosi didn’t call for Conyers — the longest-serving member of the House and a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus — to resign until several days after the allegations surfaced. Kihuen, meanwhile, was told to resign just hours after accusations were leveled against him.Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) also faced questions Thursday about why he said Conyers should resign but not Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas, who used $84,000 in taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim with a staffer in 2014.Ryan defended his decision, citing a letter from the Office of Congressional Ethics that said “there is not substantial reason” to believe Farenthold sexually harassed his former aide, Lauren Greene. The House Ethics Committee now wants to interview Greene about the accusations. “We’ve got to figure out how do we make sure all of these claims are respected and honored, that there is a system of due process and that there are standards that are being met,” Ryan said. But some lawmakers say that opens the door to a dangerous double standard that could be applied to members based on their party, popularity or even race. Congressional Black Caucus members were particularly vocal about what they saw as a double standard being applied in the Conyers case, when they said white men, including Farenthold, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, didn’t face the same pressure to step down. Ultimately, Franken's Democratic colleagues did pressure him to resign on Thursday after he faced sexual harassment allegations from seven women, with all but one of the incidents allegedly occurring before he was elected to the Senate in 2009.“How do you say this particular alleged act of harassment is less harassing than another act? You can’t split those hairs,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said in an interview. “Is Farenthold’s behavior like Kihuen and like my other colleague? If we are saying they’re both powerful accusations, why different standards of both judgment and penalty?” Meanwhile, the CHC has struggled with whether to respond uniformly as a group or allow members to express their views individually. The CHC had a tense, hour-and-a-half long meeting on Monday night during which members aired their gripes about the Kihuen response. Some lawmakers were angry that CHC Chairwoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-N.M.) and Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), chairman of House Democrats’ campaign arm, quickly called for Kihuen to resign after the allegations first came out.Others questioned whether the DCCC knew about the allegations last year during the campaign. Kihuen has said that both Luján and Pelosi were told about the allegations when they first surfaced in early 2016 yet continued funneling millions to his campaign.Pelosi’s office and the DCCC have denied Kihuen’s accusations. BuzzFeed reported that the former aide who accused Kihuen of misconduct told a midlevel DCCC staffer who no longer works for the campaign committee, but that staffer thought the woman didn’t want to escalate the situation. Sources with knowledge of the CHC meeting said Luján was asked what the DCCC knew about the allegations before last week and how they were addressed. One source said he attempted to explain but “not well.” “I don’t know what I expected, but at least I expected some chronology or something,” said one member who asked not to be named to speak more freely about the meeting. DCCC spokeswoman Meredith Kelly denied that Luján had any awareness of the accusations before they were first reported. “We were presented with these disturbing facts for the first time last week, and the chair immediately called for his resignation,” she said. But some members said they’re skeptical that no one in the upper echelons of the DCCC knewknow, even if Luján was unaware. “What doesn’t make sense is that, in February 2016, the DCCC would have presumably known about all of this and from February 2016 until November 2016, there was millions of dollars for him, they begged us to give him money,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas). “To come back almost two years later, you have to wonder why didn’t the DCCC stop it back then?” Now even members who argued that Kihuen deserves due process said he should make an announcement about his future — whether he intends to run for reelection or not — soon. “I think it starts getting more and more debilitating politically and personally for him as time goes on, and he needs to make that call, the sooner the better,” Grijalva said.

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Bob Murray had early access to Rick Perry to share coal plan

The Energy Department did not dispute the validity of the photos.

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