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24 июля, 19:01

African child in remission revives AIDS cure hope

A SOUTH African child born with HIV has surprised experts by appearing to be effectively cured of the AIDS virus after just a year of treatment followed by 8-1/2 years drug-free. Patients with HIV would

24 июля, 15:34

HIV fight advances with new drug cocktails, fresh vaccine hopes

THREE decades after approval of the first-ever AIDS treatment, HIV medicine is seeing a new wave of innovation with scientists reporting positive data on Monday for improved drug cocktails and a novel

21 июля, 09:01

Who’s complacent? (arbitrage for Ontario)

A Toronto man who spent $550 building a set of stairs in his community park says he has no regrets, despite the city’s insistence that he should have waited for a $65,000 city project to handle the problem. The city is now threatening to tear down the stairs because they were not built to regulation […] The post Who’s complacent? (arbitrage for Ontario) appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

19 июля, 22:55

These Overpriced Disney Resorts Are a Complete Waste of Money

Think Disney can do no wrong? Think again. These resorts are the biggest wastes of money at Disney parks.

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15 июля, 00:00

Couldn't We Just Trade Presidents with France?

Gail Collins, New York TimesAmerican citizens watching Trump's visit to Paris must have wondered how we got the wrong guy.

14 июля, 08:40

GGP: Will US LNG Remain Priced Out of Europe?

The statements, opinions and data contained in the content published in Global Gas Perspectives are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s) of Natural Gas World. The following was provided by E&A Law Limited  When...

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09 июля, 10:58

На Земле 9 июля ожидаются геомагнитные бури

Прогнозисты NOAA сообщают, что 9 июля вероятность незначительного геомагнитного шторма G1-класса увеличится до 60 %.

Выбор редакции
05 июля, 23:22

Nick Tilsen Is building A $60 Million Sustainable Community On The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

This post first appeared at BillMoyers.com By Gail Ablow In this “Making Change” video, we profile 35-year-old Nick Tilsen

30 июня, 10:45

Gail gets creative with gas - NGW Magazine

Gail’s gas portfolio is expanding with its spot purchases and existing LNG deliveries from Qatar – via Petronet – joining long-term commitments it has with US LNG operators. India’s biggest gas transportation and marketing company Gail will be marketing 9mn metric tons of LNG...

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29 июня, 00:00

Fifty Shades of Trump

Gail Collins, New York TimesI hope you’re aware this is Energy Week. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry certainly is. You have never seen a guy so happy. After all, he doesn’t get out all that much these days. Former governor of Texas, presidential candidate, “Dancing With the Stars” contestant — all really high-profile occupations. Now, he’s stuck in a cabinet department so obscure Perry couldn’t think of its name during the famous “oops” presidential debate.

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26 июня, 00:00

Taking On the Frat Boys

Gail Collins, New York TimesEverybody seems to hate the Senate health care bill, which was created by 13 Republican men meeting behind closed doors. Of course, a lot of you wouldn’t have been all that crazy about a bill brought to you by 12 Republican men and a woman. Perhaps you wouldn’t even have been satisfied if it were written by 13 Republican women senators, although we’ll never know since there are only five of them.

25 июня, 20:47

15 TV Shows That Weren’t Afraid to Talk About Abortion

Abortion is undoubtedly a controversial topic, but TV shows have gotten better at broaching the subject. These series have dared to go there.

16 июня, 19:14

Commission on Civil Rights to probe Trump administration's handling of civil rights

An independent watchdog group on Friday approved an investigation of civil rights enforcement in the Trump administration, saying it has "grave concerns" about signals coming from federal agencies — calling out comments by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in particular.The 6-2 vote by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights approving the statement calling for a two-year review followed a dispute between two commissioners over the language that calls out DeVos. That language cites that the Education secretary's "repeated refusal in Congressional testimony and other public statements to commit that the department would enforce federal civil rights laws" is "particularly troubling."The commission, an independent body authorized by Congress, serves as a watchdog on civil rights issues, but has no authority to force change in the government. Commissioner Gail Heriot, a political independent and law professor at the University of San Diego, said the line about DeVos was "utterly over the top" and sought unsuccessfully to have it removed. “At no time did she say that she would not enforce federal civil rights law," Heriot said of DeVos. "She has a different interpretation of what those laws require.” But Commission Chair Catherine Lhamon, who oversaw the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights under the Obama administration, said the statement doesn't say DeVos won't enforce civil rights law — only that she's refused to commit to it.Heriot disagreed, saying, "That’s not true. She interprets the statutes differently than you.”Lhamon said that during DeVos' recent congressional testimony, she said only that any recipient of federal funds must follow the law. The statement also expresses concerns about actions out of the departments of Justice, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, EPA and the Legal Services Corporation. It also raises concerns pertaining to "the President’s proposed budget and statements of Cabinet and senior Administration officials, that the protection and fulfillment of civil rights of all persons will not be appropriately prioritized." The review will examine whether budgets and staffing levels allow civil rights offices to do their jobs, whether management practices "are sufficient to meet the volume of civil rights issues within the offices’ jurisdiction, and the efficacy of recent resolution efforts," the statement says.Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, a Republican attorney from Cleveland who also voted against the resolution, said he did so because the language had a “verdict-first, trial-later feel to it.” He said he believes many of the same issues will also be addressed during other statutory work by the commission. Lhamon said the statement was worded carefully to not assume a conclusion. Commissioner Patricia Timmons-Goodson, a retired associate justice from North Carolina's Supreme Court and a Democrat, said she supported the statement because “it is our role to monitor what’s going on where civil rights is concerned, and speaking out and commenting on our observations to date seems very reasonable to me.”

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10 июня, 00:00

Trump Talks; America Trembles

Gail Collins, New York Times

08 июня, 11:51

"Газпром" представил Индии варианты поставки газа

"Газпром" представил правительству Индии все возможные варианты поставок газа в страну, власти Индии рассматривают эти варианты, заявил зампред правления "Газпрома" Виталий Маркелов.

08 июня, 11:51

"Газпром" представил Индии варианты поставки газа

"Газпром" представил правительству Индии все возможные варианты поставок газа в страну, власти Индии рассматривают эти варианты, заявил зампред правления "Газпрома" Виталий Маркелов.

08 июня, 11:35

Российские компании изучают вопрос строительства газопровода из Ирана в Индию

Крупные российские энергетические компании прорабатывают возможность прокладки морского трубопровода Иран-Пакистан-Индия

Выбор редакции
03 июня, 00:00

Trauma, Taxes and Trump

Gail Collins, New York TimesIn the middle of his speech trashing the climate accord, President Trump suddenly blurted out that his “tax bill is moving along in Congress.” This was something of a surprise since, A) there is no tax bill and, B) nothing is moving along in Congress.

02 июня, 00:00

Oh Dear. The Trumps Keep Multiplying.

Gail Collins, New York TimesLet’s see now. Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is under investigation for weird cloak-and-daggerish meetings with the Russians. Ivanka just took a bunch of money from the Saudis for her favorite charity. Eric and Don Jr. are traveling the world to promote Trump hotels and golf courses while being looked after by the Secret Service on our dime.

31 мая, 12:54

The The – 10 of the best

For almost four decades, Matt Johnson and his rotating cast of bandmates have fused optimism, despair and political prescience into a distinctive brand of existential bluesIn 1979, Matt Johnson placed an advert in NME looking for likeminded fans of the Velvet Underground, the Residents and Throbbing Gristle to form a band with him. The The started life as a duo, then a four-piece, then a singular entity with a rotating cast of musicians that has included Johnny Marr, Simon Fisher Turner and Gail Ann Dorsey. (“I like to think of the The as a fluid thing,” Johnson told Melody Maker in 1993. “People can work with me, then stop for a bit, then work again.”) His own commercial breakthrough came with Uncertain Smile, reaching No 68 in the charts in 1982, and it represented an even bigger breakthrough for him as a songwriter: it ushered in a rich period of cerebral pop songs that married evocative lyrics with saleable melodies. Recorded for the album Soul Mining, this great song became a classic thanks to a staggering extended piano outro by Jools Holland. The former Squeeze man apparently turned up to the studio in summer dressed in full leathers and riding a vintage Norton motorbike. Once inside, he hammered out the improv on a baby grand in one take – but for a drop in at the end – before promptly leaving. “Me and [producer Paul] Hardiman were just … well, you know when you’ve got something,” Johnson told the Quietus when Soul Mining was reissued in 2014. Continue reading...

14 ноября 2014, 00:27

Азиатский банк развития сообщил о создании трубопроводной компании ТАПИ

Государственный концерн «Туркменгаз», предприятие Afghan Gas, пакистанская Inter State Gas Systems (Private) Limited и индийская GAIL учредили трубопроводную компанию ТАПИ — Туркмения-Афганистан-Пакистан-Индия — с равными долями участия. Об этом сообщила пресс-служба Азиатского банка развития. АБР в 2013 году был назначен странами-участниками ТАПИ транзакционным советником по созданию трубопроводной компании и выявлению лидера коммерческого консорциума, призванного возглавить строительство и эксплуатацию трубопровода, отмечает в ночь на 14 ноября ТАСС. «Учреждение ТАПИ — ключевой рубеж в развитии газопроводного проекта и осязаемый результат трансформационного сотрудничества между вовлеченными сторонами, предвещающий укрепление энергобезопасности, расширение деловых перспектив и достижение большего мира и стабильности в регионе», — заявил генеральный директор Департамента Центральной и Западной Азии АБР Клаус Герхаузер. Планируется, что по 1800-километровому газопроводу ТАПИ будет ежегодно экспортировать до 33 млрд кубометров туркменского природного газа. Туркмения обладает четвёртыми по величине в мире доказанными запасами газа. Магистраль протянется от туркменского месторождения Галкыныш до пункта Фазилка на границе Индии с Пакистаном. Стоимость проекта превышает $7,6 млрд. Как заявил президент Туркмении на прошедшем в конце октября заседании Совета старейшин, «строительство газопровода ТАПИ планируется начать в 2015 году».