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Roomba Vs. R2-D2: A New Exhibit Reveals Why Sci-Fi Is Struggling To Keep Up With Consumer Robotics

From telepresent avatars to interactive robotic pets to networked sex toys that allow couples to get intimate at a distance, roboticists are pursuing brave new worlds that challenge the relevance of sci-fi and design fiction. Hello, Robot at the Design Museum Gent evaluates these competing futures.

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31 октября, 10:18

Мэтры аутентичного исполнения Collegium Vocale Gent дали концерт в столице

На сцене Концертного зала имени Чайковского прозвучала его «Вечерня Пресвятой Девы». Чтобы максимально приблизиться к ней, в коллективе изучают литературные источники и используют точные копии старинных инструментов.

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30 октября, 22:07

Леонор, принцесса Астурии

Принцесса Леонор родилась 31 октября 2005 года в Международном госпитале ruber в Мадриде. Характер спокойный, внимательная,ответственная.Учится хорошо. Леонор изучает несколько языков. Уже говорит, читает и понимает по-английски. Стала брать уроки китайского языка и уроки музыки. Любит кататься на лыжах, занимается балетом и легко справляется с основами робототехники и программирования.Любит животных, в семье живёт собачка Сара. Кроме титула принцесса Астурии, она также принцесса Жирона, Принцесса Виана, герцогиня Монблан, графиня Сervera и леди Балагер.Полное имя-Леонор де Тодос Лос Сантос де Бурбон и Ортис. Если, как ожидается, Леонор станет королевой, она станет первой царствующей королевой Испании после Изабеллы II, которая правила с 1833 по 1868.первое официальное фото Первый официальный портрет как принцессы Астурии,художник Ricardo Sanzhttp://www.larazon.es/lifestyle/gente/una-it-girl-en-zarzuela-GD16731052статья о стиле одежды Леонорhttp://www.larazon.es/lifestyle/gente/leonor-una-princesa-que-ya-sabe-lo-que-es-ser-reina-BD16731077 принцесса Леонор уже знает, что такое быть Королевой.Источник:tiempodehoy.com, lecturas.com,royalcentral.

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NBA Enemies: 10 Pairs of Players Who Don’t Like Each Other

In a league as ego-driven and competitive as the NBA, not all players are going to like each other. These 10 pairs of NBA enemies are perfect examples.

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В Мариинском театре впервые прозвучит "Вечерня Пресвятой Девы Марии"

В Концертном зале Мариинского театра впервые прозвучит «Вечерня Пресвятой Девы Марии». Самое знаменитое произведение Клаудио Монтеверди исполнит ансамбль Collegium Vocale Gent под руководством своего основателя Филиппа Херревеге.

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На юго-западе Аргентины выпало 1,5 метра града

Мощный град 26 октября прошел на юго-западе аргентинской провинции Кордова. В окрестностях города Ла-Крус выпало 1,5 м льда, сообщает La Nation.

27 октября, 01:15

"Tiger Woods Of Poker" Loses Landmark Lawsuit For Cheating In Mayfair Casino

The American poker player, Phil Ivey, ten-time World Series Poker winner, lost his UK Supreme Court case to recover 7.7 million pounds ($10.2 million dollars) of winnings from Crockfords, a casino in London’s prime Mayfair district. Afterwards Ivey – known as the “Tiger Woods of poker” with $23 million of career winnings – complained that British judges have “no experience or understanding” of casinos. Crockfords accused Ivey of cheating, using a method called “edge sorting”. Wiki explains edge sorting as follows. Edge sorting is a technique used in advantage gambling where a player determines whether a face-down playing card is likely to be low or high at casino table games by observing and exploiting subtle unintentional differences on the backs of some types of card, after persuading a croupier to cooperate by unwittingly sorting the cards into low and high…(the technique) requires the player to trick the croupier into rotating cards. Many packs of cards produced by manufacturers have unintentional edge irregularities. Typically all the backs of the cards in such a pack are identical, but the two long edges of each card are consistently distinguishable: the pattern is not symmetrical to a 180° rotation (half a full turn). The FT reports that the case is a landmark judgment in the UK, overhauling how fraud cases are presented and potentially making it easier for prosecutors to secure fraud convictions, according to legal experts. Mr Ivey won the £7.7m playing a version of the card game Baccarat known as Punto Banco at Crockfords Club in Mayfair in 2012. Genting, the casino’s owner, refused to pay out, arguing that the 40-year old American had used an unfair technique called “edge-sorting” that allows a sharp-eyed player to exploit design irregularities in the cards. The five-judge Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously upheld an earlier majority decision of the Court of Appeal, and dismissed the case on the grounds that Mr Ivey and a fellow gambler, Cheung Yin Sun, had cheated by interfering with the game. More broadly, the judgment has far-reaching implications for fraud cases, where disputes often centre on whether a defendant was dishonest. Wednesday’s decision found that part of the go-to test of dishonesty, dubbed the “Ghosh test” after a famous 1982 case, should no longer be applied. The two-step test asks whether a defendant knew his actions would be deemed dishonest by a reasonable person, but went ahead and committed them anyway. After Wednesday’s decision, a prosecutor no longer has to prove that a defendant held this particular belief.” The decision represents a “fundamental change to one of the basic facets of criminal fraud law”, said David Corker, a lawyer at Corker Binning who specialises in white-collar cases. “A prosecutor need only place before the court facts about what the accused did and thought and invite the court to hold that he was dishonest. This is a huge shift towards an objective test of dishonesty. Ivey argued that he exploited the casino’s failure to defend itself again a professional gambler, as the FT explains... The court judgment said that Mr Ivey and Ms Sun used the pretext that they were superstitious to get the croupier to arrange the cards with the edges of high-value ones all lined up in the same direction. Mr Ivey said the practice was “legitimate gamesmanship”, and he had simply made use of Crockfords’ failure to protect itself against a professional gambler. One of the judges, Lord Hughes, said that Mr Ivey had staged a “carefully planned and well executed sting”. He said Mr Ivey’s actions were “positive steps to fix the deck and therefore constituted cheating”.   He added: “If he had secretly gained access to the shoe of cards and personally rearranged them that would be considered cheating. He accomplished the same results by directing the actions of the croupier and tricking her into thinking that what she did was irrelevant.” When it comes to lawsuits for edge sorting, and losing them, Ivey has “form”. Mr Ivey said after the judgment: “It is very frustrating that the UK judges have no experience or understanding of casinos…or the ongoing battle between casinos and professional gamblers attempting to level the playing field.” Paul Willcock, president and chief operating officer of Genting UK, said: “We are delighted that the High Court, the Court of Appeal and now the supreme court have all found in Genting’s favour, confirming that we acted fairly and properly at all times and that Mr Ivey’s conduct did indeed amount to cheating.” He said the judgment “entirely vindicates Genting’s decision not to pay Mr Ivey, a decision that was not taken lightly”. Mr Ivey lost a similar case in the US last year where a district judge ruled that the gambler had breached his contract with a casino in Atlantic City by deploying edge-sorting.

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Poker Pro Ivey Dealt Bad Hand as U.K. Court Says He's a Cheater

Poker champion Phil Ivey’s luck ran out at the U.K.’s Supreme Court, which ruled that he cheated at a form of baccarat to win 7.7 million pounds ($10.1 million) at a Genting Bhd. casino in London.

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If Beyoncé Can't Make J Balvin's 'Mi Gente' A No. 1 Hit, Maybe These High-Profile Remixes Can

Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, Cedric Gervais and other popular DJs all want to see "Mi Gente" rise to No. 1.

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For The First Time In U.S. History, There Are Two Non-English Songs Inside The Top 10

Both "Mi Gente" and "Despacito" are still doing very well, and that's significant.

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J Balvin, Willy William And Beyoncé Rocket To No. 3 With 'Mi Gente' While Cardi B Leads Yet Again

Will Beyoncé earn herself another No. 1 hit with "Mi Gente?" She's only two slots away, and the song is gaining strength, so anything is possible.

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With 'Mi Gente,' Beyoncé May Finally Have The Spanish Hit She's Been Seeking For Years

Bey knows how to sing in Spanish, but her newest release may be her first serious hit in the language.

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Beyonce sings in Spanish on charity Mi Gente remix

The star records a new version of J Balvin's hit single, with proceeds going to Puerto Rico.

27 сентября, 19:35

10 новых туристических направлений, популярных в Instagram

Цей матеріал ви можете прочитати й українською мовою Фото: @jordhammond / Instagram Сегодня путешественники черпают вдохновение в соцсетях Недавно большинство идей для путешествий давали литература и фильмы. К примеру, Римские каникулы привели толпы путешественников в столицу Италии, а экранизация книги … Читать далее →

26 сентября, 20:50

Manchester City v Shakhtar Donetsk: Champions League – live!

Champions League updates from the 7.45pm BST kick-offSpartak Moscow v Liverpool – live! | Apoel v Tottenham – live!Email [email protected] | Tweet: @Paul_Doyle 9.39pm BST That’s an impressive win for City against a fine team who gave them a stiff test. After an even first half City shifted into a higher gear in the second period and cruised to victory. The margin should have been bigger but they’re looking good in the group. 9.34pm BST Splendid by Sterling! Wide on the right wing he released Bernardo Silva and then sprinted into the box. Silva had the coolness to wait before playing a low pass from the right to Sterling, who, near the penalty spot, slams the ball into the net via the underside of the bar. Continue reading...

23 сентября, 15:37

Cycling World Championships: Chantal Blaak wins women's road race – as it happened

As expected the women’s road race went Dutch but it Chantal Blaak who was the surprise rainbow jersey winner, stealing away in the final kilometres 4.59pm BST Well that is pretty much it. That was great race but sadly no British winner, although not for want of trying. Tomorrow it’s the turn of the men and we wait to see if Peter Sagan can make it three rainbow jerseys in a row. Michael Butler is here to guide you through that one. 4.51pm BST Blaak admitted in her post-race interview that Hannah Barnes’ presence in the final seven meant the Dutch team couldn’t wait for the sprint and prompted her winning move. Barnes, speaking to the BBC: said: “I went hard up Salmon Hill as I knew a strong group would come across. It was so hard with three Dutch riders at the end. Continue reading...

21 сентября, 17:44

Streaming has pushed Latin music into the mainstream

“MI GENTE” lures listeners with a mesmerising hook, a thumping beat and lyrics about breaking down barriers. A collaboration between J Balvin, a Colombian reggaeton star (pictured), and Willy William, a French producer, the latest product of this summer’s Latin craze is crooned almost entirely in Spanish. (The title means “My People”; reggaeton borrows from hip hop, reggae and rap.) The song topped the charts on Spotify, a streaming service, for weeks. “To be a crossover artist, you used to have to sing in English,” said John Reilly, Mr Balvin’s publicist. Now six of YouTube’s top ten music videos are predominantly in Spanish. In August the Billboard Hot 100, which tracks streams, sales and radio plays, sported seven Latin hits. Just five graced the chart in all of 2016. Latin music is helping the music industry to arrest years of decline. Its growth is far outpacing that of other genres. Last year Latin America yielded just $598m out of total global recorded-music revenue of $16bn...

20 сентября, 11:15

Землетрясение в Мексике: сотни погибших, разрушения в Мехико, чудесное спасение собаки

Страшное землетрясение в Мексике: все, что известно к этому часу — роковое стечение обстоятельств, более 220 погибших, в том числе ученики средней школы, чудовищные разрушения, мир скорбит и предлагает помощь, соцсети радуются чудесному спасения собаки.

19 сентября, 15:51

These Are the Most Famous Cats of All Time

These famous cats all left their paw prints on history.

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Casino Minnow Donaco Absorbs Star Vegas And Will Now Eye Even Bigger Prizes

Genting founder’s grandson Joey Lim leads Donaco toward the big time.