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Grupo Mexico
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27 июля, 22:46

UN Singles Out Tycoon German Larrea's Grupo Mexico For Unfulfilled Pledge In Ecological Disaster

Mining billionaire German Larrea's Grupo Mexico has done little to repair the damage caused by a three-year old toxic spill which the company took responsibility for, a new UN report says.

14 апреля, 17:17

Copper Prices Could Rise As Another Major Copper Mine Goes On Strike

One of the world’s largest copper mines just came back online — with Freeport’s Grasberg, Indonesia operation reportedly finalizing paperwork to resume concentrate exports, after a 12-week standoff with the government. But just as that mine restarts, another major operation could be going offline. The Toquepala complex in Peru, run by Grupo Mexico subsidiary Southern Copper. Unions at the facility — which includes the Cuajone and Toquepala mines, and the Ilo copper smelter — launched a strike Monday. Which labor officials…

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30 марта, 00:01

Grupo Mexico Buys U.S. Rail Company For $2.1 Billion

Grupo Mexico agreed to acquire Florida East Coast Railway for $2.1 billion.

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29 марта, 19:00

Grupo Mexico приобретет Florida East Coast за $2,1 млрд

Мексиканская горнодобывающая компания Grupo Mexico договорилась о приобретении железнодорожного оператора Флориды Florida East Coast Railway, при этом стоимость соглашения составила $2,1 млрд. Стоит отметить, что данная сделка еще подлежит одобрению со стороны правительств обеих сторон. Сообщается, что данная сделка будет профинансирована за счет средств Fortress Investment Group, которая выделит $1,75 млрд, а оставшиеся $350 млн наличными выплатит транспортное подразделение Grupo Mexico из собственного капитала.

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28 марта, 21:24

Grupo Mexico to buy Florida railroad for $2.1 billion

Mexican mining and rail conglomerate Grupo Mexico said Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to buy Florida East Coast Railway Holdings Corp. for $2.1 billion.

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15 марта, 23:47

Mexico: rail duopoly hurts competition, cites high prices

Mexican regulatory authorities say an investigation has found that an effective rail duopoly between Kansas City Southern and Grupo Mexico has increased transport costs and created a lack of competition in rail freight.