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Haitong Securities
06 декабря, 19:01

Financial shares’ fall brings index below 3,200 points

SHANGHAI stocks ended below the 3,200-point threshold yesterday, with financial shares declining. The Shanghai Composite Index dipped 0.16 percent to 3,199.65 points. “The index went through a small

02 декабря, 19:01

Shares edge down amid weak investor sentiment

Shanghai stocks fell yesterday amid weak investor sentiment due to policy and economic uncertainties, as well as profit-taking.

30 ноября, 19:01

Stricter rules hit commodity prices

COMMODITY prices in China plunged yesterday as the government imposed stricter rules to dampen speculation. Coking coal prices slumped 8 percent on the Dalian Commodity Exchange, as did iron ore prices.

28 ноября, 19:01

Traditional industries lift stocks

SHANGHAI stocks, on a roll for three days, hit a nearly 11-month high yesterday, driven by traditional industries. The Shanghai Composite Index gained 0.46 percent to 3,277 points, the highest close

11 ноября, 19:01

Shares rise for 5 weeks in a row as funds enter

Shanghai stocks continued to pick up steam with yesterday’s growth marking the fifth consecutive week of rebound, with capital flowing into a market driven by policy stimuli and steady economic recove

09 ноября, 19:01

Shares fall but remain steady as Asia dives

SHANGHAI stocks dipped yesterday but positive economic data helped them to be the most steady compared with the tumble in other Asia markets. The Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.62 percent to end at

07 ноября, 19:01

Forex reserves fall for 4th month

CHINA’S foreign exchange reserves shrank for a fourth straight month in October, the central bank said yesterday. The world’s largest currency hoard fell to US$3.12 trillion last month, down US$45.7

27 октября, 19:01

ZTO courier firm delivers year’s biggest IPO in US

CHINESE package delivery company ZTO Express has raised US$1.4 billion in the biggest US initial public offering of the year as its backers cashed in on China’s booming online shopping industry. The

30 сентября, 12:43

Chinese shares end up weak in the first three quarters

DESPITE a daily rise today, Shanghai stocks shrank over the past week and became the worst performer in the global markets over the first three quarters. Analysts said it was due to weak profitability

28 сентября, 19:01

Stocks end down ahead of long holiday

SHANGHAI stocks dropped on profit-taking yesterday with investors playing safe before the weeklong holiday. The Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.34 percent to 2,987.86 points. Real estate, among the

27 сентября, 19:01

Stocks rise as investors optimistic on real estate

Shanghai stocks rebounded yesterday amid investor enthusiasm in the real estate sector.

30 августа, 16:43

Выручка 500 крупнейших компаний Китая в 2015г снизилась впервые за 15 лет

Совокупная выручка 500 крупнейших компаний Китая в 2015 году сократилась впервые за 15 лет, сообщает агентство "Синьхуа".

30 августа, 11:30

Крупнейшие компании Китая зафиксировали снижение выручки в 2015 году впервые за 15 лет

Совокупная выручка 500 крупнейших компаний Китая в 2015 году сократилась на 0,07% - до 59,46 трлн юаней ($8,9 трлн), свидетельствуют расчеты Союза китайских предприятий и Ассоциации директоров китайских предприятий. Это составляет почти 89% годового ВВП КНР. Как сообщает агентство "Синьхуа", показатель снизился впервые за 15 лет, сообщает Финмаркет.

29 августа, 19:01

Rumors of new curbs denied as home buyers rush to seal deals

Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission yesterday denied rumors that a fresh round of curbs would be imposed on the city’s soaring property market as it tried to ease the nerves of house

18 июля, 19:10

Brokerages, property firms dent shares

SHANGHAI stocks declined yesterday as brokerages dropped on regulatory downgrades while property developers decreased after data showed fewer cities posted month-on-month rises in new home prices. The

06 июля, 19:10

QFII funds stop losses with gains in June

FOREIGN and domestic funds investing in Chinese equities staunched losses in the first half of the year when they posted gains in June as the stock market stabilized. Funds under the Qualified Foreign

04 июля, 19:10

Investment part of need to grow and diversify

CHINA’S XCMG Construction Machinery Co has set up a fund management company with two major industrial groups as it widens its financial investment, and plans to increase the investment in its Brazilian

03 июля, 19:10

Is there a silver lining in black coal?

AFTER graduating from China University of Mining and Technology two years ago, Feng Che went to work as an engineer at a state-owned coal plant. Month by month, he sees jobs declining in an industry

19 мая, 19:10

Shanghai shares fall for 3rd day straight

SHANGHAI stocks fell marginally yesterday, extending their losing streak to three days, as investors took a cautious stance amid lingering concerns over the economy. The Shanghai Composite Index ended

13 мая, 19:10

Stocks end week down almost 3%

SHANGHAI stocks fell yesterday, dragging down the benchmark index for a fourth week, amid a negative investment sentiment resulting from a downturn in the economic outlook. The Shanghai Composite Index