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26 июля, 02:01

Banksy stencil soars past Hay Wain as UK's favourite work of art

Bristol street artist’s Girl with Balloon, originally stencil on side of bridge, beats Constable idyll in poll of nation’s best-loved artAn image of a little girl sadly watching her heart-shaped red balloon drift away, originally a stencil on a grimy wall by Banksy, has toppled Constable’s Hay Wain as the nation’s best-loved work of art.The most famous version of Girl with Balloon, by the Bristol-born street artist, appeared on the side of a bridge on the South Bank in London in 2002. It is now ubiquitous, available as prints, greeting cards and mugs, as an instant street artist kit in a precut stencil marketed by a firm in the US, and as a recent addition to the impressive collection of tattoos almost covering the skin of pop star Justin Bieber. Continue reading...

23 июля, 00:00

Tour de France diary: Macron’s man-hug, Barguil usurps Bardet and a killer wolf | William Fotheringham

Another Chris Froome PR disaster; cringeworthy presidential memories; a new French hero is born; and a return to Puy-de-Dôme must be on the cardsFor the first time this year, I drive the roads of the Tour stage; the last 120km. Up to 10 years ago, this was a daily occurrence, but it is something we never do now, as all superfluous cars are directed on to a diversionary route to avoid risks to spectators. As always, there are insights to be gained from actually seeing the roads that you simply don’t get from a television camera, and there is local colour in abundance. Everywhere is the emblem of the Beast, an 18th century legend involving – depending on who you believe – a vast homicidal wolf, or a serial killer who covered his crimes by inventing the legend of the wolf. Vast wolf prints are drawn on the road, trailers of hay bales are covered with wolf posters, and a lifesized wolf model sits on a roundabout in the town of Saugues. Also commemorated is a big beast of French cycling writing, Pierre Chany, whose poster adorns a tower in his home village of La Margeride. The L’Équipe writer died in 1996, one of the last of the old-school devotees of chain-smoking Gaullists, proper lunch breaks and typed copy, who could recall passing a bottle to Louison Bobet from a press motorbike in the mid-50s. Truly the stuff of legend. Continue reading...

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21 июля, 13:36

The modern female knight

Deputy head teacher Sarah Hay is the world number one woman jouster.

20 июля, 14:07

О чем поется в песне «Despacito»?

​Трек «Despacito» пуэрториканца Луиса Фонси побил мировой рекорд по популярности в интернете.

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19 июля, 13:00

What Congressional Republicans Really Think About Trump and Russia

Even as alarm has reached fever pitch among Democrats, most in the GOP see the reaction as little more than partisan noise.

19 июля, 07:31

Скрытые резервы: BCG и WPC сравнили карьеры мужчин и женщин в нефтегазовом секторе

Лишь пятая часть работников в нефтегазовой индустрии — женщины, и чаще всего они заняты на административной работе и в области поддержки бизнеса, оценили BCG и Всемирный нефтяной совет. Между тем именно более активное привлечение женщин может помочь сектору справиться с дефицитом кадров

18 июля, 07:58

Трамп перевоспитает «плохого лидера» Мадуро решительными экономическими действиями

Американский президент Дональд Трамп пригрозил Венесуэле решительными экономическими действиями, если лидер страны Николас Мадуро созовет учредительное собрание 30 июля.

15 июля, 12:59

This week’s best radio: the Proms goes psychedelic

Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique gets an airing on Radio 3, while the plight of elderly nuns and monks in a secular world is told on Radio 4The high spot of this week’s BBC Proms is a performance of what is arguably the first psychedelic orchestral work, Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, featuring the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conductor Joshua Weilerstein (19 July, 7.30pm, Radio 3). During the interval, Matthew Sweet chairs a discussion with Richard Davenport-Hines and Dr Daisy Hay about the role of opium in 19th-century Paris at the time the piece was written.And Then There Were Nun (21 July, 11am, Radio 4) is a cute title for a quietly moving programme about the last few religious communities in the UK, which are closing their doors as the number of people wishing to live as nuns or monks continues its inevitable decline. This leaves the authorities with the challenge of ensuring that elderly and often frail people who have lived their life behind these walls have someone to look after them in their last years. As ever, those who have lived the spiritual life turn out to be the least shockable of interviewees. Continue reading...

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14 июля, 15:40

Hays and PageGroup shake off hiring slowdown with strong growth

Recruitment sector buoyed by overseas markets as Brexit dogs UK

14 июля, 13:29

Основные фондовые индексы Европы умеренно ослабли

Европейские фондовые рынки в пятницу утром слегка изменились, так как инвесторы ожидали отчеты о доходах банков Уолл-стрит и отслеживали моменты встречи между президентами Франции и США. Сводный европейский индекс Stoxx 600 был во флэте, и большинство секторов двигалось в положительную сторону. Сектор основных ресурсов был одним из лучших в ранних сделках. Это произошло после известий о том, что план Rio Tinto на медный рудник в Аризоне будет в туннеле на 7000 футов под землей и, таким образом, противостоит давлению регулированию разрезов со стороны президента Дональда Трампа. Акции компаний по путешествиям и отдыху также выросли в пятницу утром после повышения рейтинга некоторых компаний. Тем не менее, строительные и материальные акции упали на фоне новостей о прибыли шведской строительной группы Skanska среди тех, кто находится на дне европейского индекса. Акции Skanska снизились на 4 процента после объявления о снижении стоимости проектов в США и Великобритании, которое негативно повлияет на прибыль во втором квартале. Норвежский страховщик Gjensidige был худшим исполнителем в европейском индексе, снизившись на 7 процентов, после отчетности о доходах второго квартала, которые были ниже прогноза. Медицинская фирма AstraZeneca продолжила падение в пятницу после регистрации убытков в четверг по поводу неопределенности относительно ее генерального директора. В некоторых СМИ сообщалось, что он может покинуть фирму и присоединиться к другому производителю лекарств. Пятница также ознаменовала официальное начало сезона отчетностей в США. Инвесторы будут следить за отчетами крупных банков, включая Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase и Wells Fargo. Sky потерял почти 1 процент после новостей о том, что Руперт Мердок вряд ли предложит какие-либо новые уступки, чтобы обеспечить редакционную свободу медиа-компании, в то время как она пытается объединиться с Fox. Между тем, розничный торговец из Великобритании Dixons Carphone сказал, что продал свой испанский бизнес за 55 миллионов евро (62,77 миллиона долларов). Но его акции упали на 1,2 процента. Hays, крупнейший рекрутер Великобритании по рыночной капитализации, объявил, что прогнозирует, что прибыль превзойдет ожидания рынка в 2017 году, несмотря на 5-процентное снижение роста гонораров. Данные Европейской ассоциации автомобильных производителей показали, что регистрация новых автомобилей в июне выросла на 2,1 процента, по сравнению с 7,6 процента в мае. «Июнь 2017 года был на один рабочий день меньше, чем в 2016 году, что не учитывается в этих данных», - сказал в записке главный экономист по еврозоне в Pantheon Macro Клаус Вистсен. «В целом, однако, мы видим признаки того, что спрос на новые автомобили замедляется в этом году по сравнению с прошлым годом, что будет ограничивать расходы потребителей в целом», - добавил он. Макрон и Трамп отпразднуют День Бастилии на встрече, которая, как надеются, возобновит отношения между двумя лидерами после того, как в начале этого года она завершилась прохладным стартом. Во время совместной пресс-конференции в четверг Трамп намекнул, что «что-то может случиться», что позволит изменить его решение в июне отозвать США из Парижского климатического соглашения. Трамп также сказал, что он и Макрон обсудили вопросы активизации сотрудничества в области безопасности. В политике США старший демократ Нэнси Пелоси в четверг призвала независимый орган расследовать то, что она назвала «холодными и твердыми доказательствами», что семья Трампа сыграла роль наряду с Россией в оказании влияния на прошлогодние президентские выборы. Между тем Трамп в комментариях, опубликованных в четверг в Белом доме, предположил, что он пригласил бы президента России Владимира Путина в Белый дом, хотя добавил, что сейчас не время. На текущий момент FTSE 7391.44 -22.00 -0.30% DAX 12623.49 -17.84 -0.14% CAC 5232.96 -2.44 -0.05% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

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14 июля, 01:42

The Ways Your Partner Is Wrecking Your Health

Here are seven ways that your significant other can sabotage physical and mental health.

13 июля, 20:17

Imperialism in A Generation of Materialism, by Bryan Caplan

I highly recommended Carlton Hayes' A Generation of Materialism, 1871-1900.  It chronicles a great tragedy.  During this period, the economic, technological, and scientific fruits of the Enlightenment reached historic highs.  But intellectual appreciation of the Enlightenment rapidly drowned beneath the twin waves of nationalism and socialism - paving the way for World War I, Communism, Nazism, World War II, and the Cold War.  This would have been pathetic enough if wise intellectuals were overpowered by the benighted masses.  But with few exceptions, contemporary intellectuals led the attack on the Enlightenment - or, more precisely, pretended it never happened.  Though Hayes is basically a Wilsonian progressive, his story has an intensely Randian feel.A Generation of Materialism is sweeping in scope, but the chapter on imperialism was one of my favorites.  Here's one eye-opening passage on the history of imperialism:[T]he immediately preceding era of Liberal ascendancy, say from the 1840's into the 1870's, had witnessed a marked decline of European imperialism.  There had been, to be sure, some spasmodic additions to British India, some scattered efforts of Napoleon III to resuscitate a colonial empire for France, some continuing Russian expansion in central and northeastern Asia.  Although China and Japan had been forcefully opened to European (and American) trade, the opening had been for practically everybody on free and equal terms and had been unattended by any considerable expropriation of territory.  The surviving farflung British Empire had ceased to be an exclusive preserve for British merchants since the 1840's, and in 1861 France had freely admitted to her colonies the commerce of all nations.  In 1870-1871 European colonialism appeared to be approaching its nadir.  Gladstone was prime minister of Great Britain, and he was notoriously a "Little Englander."  The provisional French government so slightly esteemed the colonies it had inherited that it offered them all to Bismarck at the end of the Franco-Prussian War if only he would spare Alsace-Lorraine.How different the 20th century might have been if Bismarck had accepted that offer!I first read Hayes in high school, learning European history from his delightful Political and Social History of Modern Europe.  In hindsight, he's a precocious proponent of behavioral political economy.  Behold:The actual course of empire - the order in which distant areas were appropriated by European powers - was determined less by design than by chance.  Murder of a missionary or trader and consequent forceful intervention might occur anywhere.  In some instances, curiously frequent in Moslem countries, native rulers practically invited intervention by living far beyond their means and contracting debts which they were unable to repay... For example, the Khedive Ismail of Egypt, a squat red-bearded gentleman with a passion for ostentation and the externals of European culture, spent half a billion dollars in the twelve years after his accession in 1863, running up the Egyptian public debt from 16 million to 342 million and continuing to borrow money from European bankers at ever more onerous rates... In 1876 he sold his shares of the Suez Canal Company stock to England, and consented to joint supervision of his finances by representatives of England, France, Italy, and Austria... No doubt bankers and investors egged on both the khedive to spend and the English government to collect, but a less prodigal khedive, and one more intelligently concerned with the welfare of his subjects, might have staved off foreign rule.  The contemporary Mikado of Japan did.If you want to know what an erudite, opinionated historian thought in 1941 about the period from 1871-1900, this is the book for you! (0 COMMENTS)

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12 июля, 13:09

Talking Horses: Hoping it's Sir Mark Prescott's time of year

The Newmarket trainer generally makes hay in July and August. Plus tips for all Wednesday racesWe’re getting into a Sir Mark Prescott time of the year, July and August usually being the peak months for the Newmarket trainer. Indeed, it seems to me that in years gone by he barely used to have a runner before July, though he’s had almost 100 in 2017 so far. Continue reading...

12 июля, 07:00

Challenge accepted: 8 способов выйти из зоны комфорта, не меняя работу

Советы руководителя практик рекрутинговой компании Hays Анны Михеевой о том, как найти новые вызовы и точки роста внутри своей компании

Выбор редакции
12 июля, 06:06

The Cheapest MLB Ticket Prices Available in 2017

Compared to other sports, seeing a baseball game can be downright cheap. It depends on the stadium: Here are the 7 cheapest MLB ticket prices of 2017.

11 июля, 23:30

You Won’t Believe the Most Unique Pets to Ever Live at the White House

Dogs are probably the most common of pets at the White House, but some presidents have had quite the unusual bunch of animals during their time in office.

11 июля, 20:41

Bridgegate mastermind should be spared prison time, feds say

The self-admitted mastermind behind the George Washington Bridge lane closures should be given probation when he is sentenced on Wednesday, federal prosecutors recommended, saying David Wildstein’s cooperation was “absolutely critical” to securing the convictions of his two accomplices.In a letter released Tuesday at the insistence of numerous media organizations, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey urged District Court Judge Susan Wigenton to "impose a non-custodial sentence on Wildstein," saying he offered “very substantial and extremely useful assistance” in building their case.“Put simply, were it not for Wildstein’s decision to cooperate and disclose the true nature of the lane reductions, there likely would have been no prosecutions related to the Bridge Scheme,” the prosecutors wrote in the letter. Wildstein, 55, a childhood classmate of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, admitted under oath that he orchestrated the four-day lane closures in order to exact political revenge against a mayor who refused to endorse the Republican governor’s re-election campaign. The September 2013 stunt caused severe gridlock in Fort Lee and other New Jersey communities near the bridge.The testimony of Wildstein, who served as director of interstate capital projects at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, helped secure prison sentences against Bill Baroni, who was the deputy executive director at the Port, and Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff in the governor’s office.Kelly and Baroni were convicted in November of conspiracy, fraud and civil rights violations after a six-week trial. Earlier this year, Kelly was sentenced to 18 months and Baroni was sentenced to 24 months. Both maintain their innocence and are appealing their convictions.Wildstein could face up to 27 months in prison under sentencing guidelines, but the prosecutors say Wigenton should consider a “substantial downward departure” from the guidelines, given Wildstein’s efforts.That’s despite the fact Wildstein admitted from the start of the trial last fall that the entire scheme was his idea, and one he’d comes up with years before implementing it. Prosecutors said it was only fair that he be given a lighter sentence.“When a defendant gives up his right to contest the charges and chooses to cooperate fully and early, that defendant should benefit from his cooperation,” the prosecutors wrote. “When someone goes even farther and voluntarily discloses his crime and the corroborating evidence of that crime, a greater benefit is appropriate.”During his testimony last September, Wildstein said he had no expectations about what would happen to him as a result of his cooperation.“My hope is that I will not be sent to federal prison,” he said.Christie, who is set to leave office in January after two terms, insists he knew nothing of the plot until months later, first learning the true nature of the lane closures after several newspapers published an email Kelly had sent Wildstein saying it was “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”Though Wildstein testified he and Baroni discussed the episode with Christie while it was occurring, the governor was never charged with a crime.Still, the ordeal became the undoing of Christie's career, dashing his hopes of winning the presidency and destroying his reputation in New Jersey. Before the scandal, he boasted one of the highest approval ratings of any governor in New Jersey history. Now, he’s set a new low, at 15 percent.The scandal also engulfed the Port Authority, a multi-billion-dollar agency that runs numerous bridges and tunnels linking New York and New Jersey, operates three major airports and owns 1 World Trade Center. Wildstein was seen as a “cancer” on the organization, bullying underlings as he sought to serve his “one constituent” — Christie.Wildstein and others who testified, including Baroni and Kelly, said the agency was used to gaining the good will of local officials who had been targeted by the governor’s staff as potential supporters. The agency handed out small grants and promised steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center to friendly politicians. Wildstein flew American flags over Ground Zero and then sent them to the governor’s office to be distributed.The investigation into Bridgegate also led to the conviction of David Samson, a longtime friend and mentor to Christie who served as chairman of the Port Authority. Samson was convicted of shaking down United Airlines, convincing the company to restore a money-losing flight from Newark Liberty International Airport so he could more easily reach his luxurious South Carolina estate.Wildstein's sentencing is scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday in Newark.

11 июля, 12:13

Conservatives bet on risky plan that could tank Obamacare markets

Critics say it could price sick people out of coverage.