07 марта, 01:03

ExxonMobil Forms Consortium, Bids for Licenses Off Greece

A consortium of ExxonMobil (XOM), Total and Hellenic Petroleum submit bids to explore oil and gas off Crete.

06 марта, 22:00

Indonesia Scraps Energy Regulation Hoping To Attract $50B In Investments

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Indonesia has scrapped a total of 186 energy regulations and permit requirements, hoping to make its energy sector more attractive as it seeks to lure as much as US$50 billion in investments to offset the decline in its mature oil and gas fields. “This is important, as was instructed by the president; we have to be business- and investment-friendly to increase employment and boost economic growth,” Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan said, as quoted by Jakarta Globe. The energy and mineral resources…

06 марта, 20:00

Saudi Ex-Oil Minister Not Worried About Demand Forecasts

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Saudi Arabia’s former oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, is not worried about demand forecasts that suggest OPEC may have a hard time keeping prices high enough for everyone’s comfort thanks to the growing adoption of renewable energy systems and electric vehicles—the goal of climate change policies around the world. Al-Naimi expressed his confidence that falling demand in certain industries will be compensated for by other segments, but stopped short of providing details. Petrochemicals are seen as a major growth segment for the future…

06 марта, 19:30

Arctic Oil Lease Sale Could Come Next Year

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The first lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could take place as early as next year, Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska said at CERAWeek. Officials from the Interior Department were in Alaska to study various aspects of the sale, which was stipulated in the tax reform bill that President Trump signed into law last December, S&P Platts notes. The law obliges the Interior Department to hold at least two lease sales for the ANWR over the next decade, offering a minimum of 400,000 acres in total. However, there has been strong environmentalist…

06 марта, 18:00

Saudi Bourse Looks To Attract Foreign Investors Amid Aramco IPO

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While it is getting ready to host the initial public offering of Saudi Aramco in what could be the world’s biggest IPO in history, Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange is looking to lure more foreign investors and raise foreign ownership of equities to 25 percent in two years, from 4 percent currently, chief executive Khalid Al Hussan told Bloomberg in an interview published on Tuesday. A present, the Saudi stock market, Tadawul, has some 120 registered Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI), and the exchange is currently reviewing 180 more applications…

06 марта, 12:00

Activists Accuse South Sudan Of Using Oil Wealth For War Crimes

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South Sudan’s government has been using cash from the national oil company to pay militias to commit attacks on civilians, according to activists making allegations in an interview. South Sudan dismissed claims published by The Sentry, a group co-founded by George Clooney. “The oil money did not even ... buy a knife. It is being used for paying the salaries of the civil servants,” said presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny. The Sentry claims to have found payment logs from the state oil company documenting $80 million in fund…

06 марта, 07:00

Japan Commissions Oil Tanker To Combat Chinese Presence In East China Sea

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A new oil tanker commissioned by Japan to carry fuel to Okinawa will fight a growing Chinese presence in the East China Sea, according to sources familiar with the geopolitical plan. Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces are planning for a 300,000-barrel tanker to deliver hydrocarbons to White Beach port in Okinawa, where a sizeable U.S. military presence serves as Japan’s pseudo-army. The country is legally barred from having a military, according to its post-World War II constitution, written by the Allied powers. "It takes too long time…

06 марта, 03:00

Supermajors Showing Interest In Greek Oil And Gas

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Offshore oil and gas blocks in Greece are catching the attention of the likes of Total, ExxonMobil, and Repsol, according to a new report by Reuters. Exxon, Total, and Hellenic Petroleum have teamed up to bid on a block near Crete, while Repsol and Hellenic Petroleum bid on another block in the Ionian Sea. The tenders went live last year, after several multinationals expressed interest in developing the fields. Energean, one of the offshore area’s original prospectors, has withdrawn from the process. Greece became enthusiastic about fossil…

25 ноября 2017, 08:00

Ожидается погром офшоров на 32 триллиона

Примечание модератора сайта: статья ретроспективная, как можно заметить, фамилии фигурантов в целом не поменялись... Вслед за разгромом Кипра начался слив Британских Вирджинских островов. Будут оглашены имена тысяч западных махинаторов-середнячков и высокопоставленных папуасов из «третьего мира». Похоже, что за счет «экспроприации оффшорных экспроприаторов» решили замедлить падение системы глобального Запада The Guardian публикует сразу несколько статей, где […]

01 ноября 2017, 07:38

Греция и Total-Edison-HelPe договорились о разработке участка в Ионическом море

Афины. Министр охраны окружающей среды и энергетики Греции Йоргос Статакис и представители партнеров консорциума Total-Edison-Hellenic Petroleum подписали договор о предоставлении права на разведку и разработку углеводородов на участке 2 в ...

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28 июля 2017, 22:35

Hellenic advances turnaround at Elefsina refinery

Hellenic Petroleum SA has decided to bring forward major planned maintenance at its 100,000-b/d Elefsina refinery in Elefsis, Greece, following an unexpected shutdown of the plant’s hydrogen production unit in early July.

26 июня 2017, 19:20

London’s Fund Managers Soften Opposition To Saudi Aramco IPO

London’s top fund managers have thrown in the towel on their fight to stop Saudi Arabia’s state oil giant Aramco from listing shares on the London exchange, accepting that the “political will” to lure what is expected to be the biggest IPO in history is too strong to oppose, The Sunday Times reported. Aramco, which Saudi officials claim is worth US$2 trillion, aims to list 5 percent of the company on one or more international stock markets next year. In April, UK Prime Minister Theresa May traveled to Saudi Arabia together…

26 июня 2017, 19:20

Exxon Talks With Emir Of ‘Isolated’ Qatar

The emir of Qatar, the tiny gas-rich Gulf state now isolated by its Arab neighbors, met with ExxonMobil’s chairman and chief executive Darren Woods in Doha on Saturday to talk bilateral cooperation relations, Reuters reports, citing Qatar’s state news agency QNA. At the beginning of June, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Yemen, and Libya cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing the region. Last week, Saudi Arabia and its several other Arab allies issued a list…

26 июня 2017, 18:31

World’s 2nd Largest Gas Importer Set To Receive First US LNG In July

Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) is expected to receive its first cargo of U.S.-sourced LNG under a long-term supply contract with U.S. exporter Cheniere Energy, the U.S. company said on Sunday. KOGAS’ 20-year deal commenced officially on June 1, and the first cargo was loaded the following day, Cheniere said. The SM Eagle LNG tanker is en route from Sabine Pass to South Korea’s Tongyeong, with an estimated time of arrival of June 30. Under the terms of the 20-year Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) that was signed in 2012, Cheniere…

24 июня 2017, 02:15

IEA Official: Nuclear Must Remain In The Mix To Meet Global Carbon Goals

The abandonment of plans to build or upgrade nuclear facilities in the United States and Europe could prevent the international community from meeting its reduced carbon emissions targets, according to an official from the International Energy Agency (IEA). In both the United States and the European Union, nuclear energy is the largest low-carbon source of energy. IEA data shows that nuclear produces three times more power than wind and solar energy combined in both regions, with most production coming from plants built more than three decades…

24 июня 2017, 02:03

Greece Okays Exxon-Total Bid To Explore For Offshore Oil

Greece has approved an application by a consortium of ExxonMobil, France’s Total SA, and domestic oil refiner Hellenic Petroleum, to drill for oil and gas off the island of Crete, Reuters reported on Friday, quoting the Greek energy ministry as saying. Greece has also approved another application, by local company Energean Oil, to start drilling for oil offshore western Greece. The country’s oil and gas resources management body will launch a tender for exploration licenses in the blocks by the end of June, with the goal to award licenses…

24 июня 2017, 02:03

Greece Okays Exxon-Total Bid To Explore For Offshore Oil

Greece has approved an application by a consortium of ExxonMobil, France’s Total SA, and domestic oil refiner Hellenic Petroleum, to drill for oil and gas off the island of Crete, Reuters reported on Friday, quoting the Greek energy ministry as saying. Greece has also approved another application, by local company Energean Oil, to start drilling for oil offshore western Greece. The country’s oil and gas resources management body will launch a tender for exploration licenses in the blocks by the end of June, with the goal to award licenses…

23 июня 2017, 09:40

Majors show more interest in Greece - NGW Magazine

The majors have been slow to invest in the offshore waters around Greece but they are now waking up to the possibilities on offer. Greece first attracted the interest of international oil companies (IOCs) last October, in its second licensing round. A joint venture of Total (operator, with 50%), French-owned...

01 июня 2017, 16:40

Exxon Mobil, TOTAL Show Interest in Greece Exploration Sites

Greece recently received expression of interest from a consortium comprising Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM), TOTAL SA (TOT) and Hellenic Petroleum for the exploration of oil and gas at two resources located offshore the island of Crete.

30 мая 2017, 18:28

Греция расширяет работы по разведке углеводородов

Греция планирует открывать новые наземные блоки для разведки нефти и газа в 2018 году

28 января 2015, 19:24

Любопытно, что из всего этого получится_Греция отменяет приватизацию

Греческое правительство отменяет дальнейшую приватизацию Государственной энергетической корпорации (ДЕИ) и Греческой нефтегазовой компании «Эллиника Петрелеа» (ЭЛПЕ, Hellenic Petroleum). Об этом сообщил сегодня журналистам новый министр производственной реформы, охраны окружающей среды Панайотис Лафазанис. «Наши международные энергетические отношения будут носить комплексный и многоаспектный характер, и при этом мы не будем ничьим сателлитом», — сказал министр. — «Греция в энергетической сфере будет действовать исключительно на основе своих собственных национальных интересов. В качестве одного из первых шагов нового правительства будет окончание дробления и приватизации ДЕИ, которой будет возвращен статус госкомпании». «ДЕИ сохранит свой государственный характер, будет работать на благо всего общества», — отметил Лафазанис, добавив, что цель состоит в том, чтобы дать развитию компании новый импульс. При этом, глава ведомства заверил, что будут пересмотрены все соглашения ДЕИ с другими фирмами, чтобы «избавиться от тех, которые заключались с грабительскими интересами». По его словам, будет положен конец и приватизации нефтегазовой компании «Эллиника Петрелеа». При этом министр сообщил, что будет полностью реализована провозглашенная в Салониках программа Коалиции радикальных левых сил (СИРИЗА) по бесплатному предоставлению электроэнергии гражданам из нуждающихся социальных групп. ------------------- Справка: Основной ее целью ДЕИ при создании было объявлено -- планирование и воплощение в жизнь общегосударственной энергетической политики, которая за счет использования отечественной продукции и ресурсов, будет распространять дешевую электроэнергию для всех греческих граждан. В 2001 году ДЕИ акционировалась -- правительство Греции оставило контрольный пакет (51,1% акций) В июне 2011 года греческое правительство объявило о продаже 17% своей доли. Работники ответили отключениями электроэнергии в отдельных городах по всей Греции. ДЕИ разработала первую Wind Farm в мире в изолированной энергосистеме острова Китнос в 1982 году. В 2013-14 гг ДЕИ включили в программу как одну из организаций, ответственных за сбор налога на недвижимость (по программе финансовой поддержки МВФ)