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Husky Energy
22 сентября, 23:27

Hong Kong Billionaire Joins Race For UK Gas Network

The richest man in Hong Kong, billionaire Li Ka-shing, has placed a bid for the gas distribution network of UK’s National Grid. The utility is selling a 51-percent stake in its gas distribution business to focus on its local power business and U.S. operations, which have a better growth potential. The majority stake in National Grid’s four gas distribution pipelines is estimated at around US$7.8 billion (GBP 6 bln). At that valuation, the entire network is worth some US$14.3 billion (GBP 11 bln). The network supplies fuel to 11 million…

22 сентября, 23:27

Scotland To Receive First Shipment Of Gas From Fracking

Gas extracted from shale fracked in the United States will arrive in Britain next week—a first for Britain—which could prompt Scotland to rethink its strong opposition to fracking. The petrochemicals company Ineos will deliver a shipment of ethane - a product used to create plastic, anti-freeze and detergents – next Tuesday. A lone Scots piper will greet the shipment at dawn in Scotland’s Firth of Forth, the company said. The shipment is a precursor to large deliveries of liquefied natural gas sourced from fracked U.S. shale,…

22 сентября, 23:27

Time Is Ideal For Oil Production Cap, Says Iraq

Falah Al-Amri, Iraq’s governor to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), claimed on Thursday that the time is right for top oil producers to come to an agreement over lowering output of the valued commodity. Speaking at an energy event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Al-Amri claimed the price of oil would not cross the US$50 per barrel threshold unless the fourteen OPEC member states reach a pact to curb output. This could come as soon as next week, as OPEC representatives might hold an extraordinary meeting following…

22 сентября, 23:27

Maersk Oil Well-Positioned To Do Well As Standalone Business

Maersk Oil is well-placed to not just survive but thrive after its split from its parent, Danish logistics conglomerate AP Moeller Maersk, according to analysts. The spin-off was announced yesterday and was prompted by Maersk’s strategy of maximizing shareholder value by focusing on its core transport and logistics business. The Danish company said at the announcement of its plans that the split will take place over the next two years and might see its oil and gas, drilling, tanker, and supply vessel businesses split off either individually…

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26 июля, 05:59

В Канаде два города прекратили водозабор из-за попадания нефти в реку

Компания Husky Energy на неопределенное время закрыла трубопровод после утечки нефти, попавшей в крупную канадскую реку, в результате чего два города прекратили использование этой воды в качестве питьевой, сообщило агентство Рейтер. Подробнее читайте на нашем сайте www.oilru.com

25 июля, 21:47

NDA Claims Responsibility for Yet Another Pipeline Blast

The Niger Delta Avengers have claimed responsibility for the latest pipeline blast in the Niger Delta, this time of a gas transport facility of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in the state of Akwa-Ibom. This is the latest in a long stream of attacks on oil and gas production and transport infrastructure in the impoverished Niger Delta, which has also involved several other militant groups. The Niger Delta Avengers have always emphasized they will not take lives but will destroy infrastructure in an attempt to force the Nigerian government…

25 июля, 17:51

ConocoPhillips To Slash Another 1,000 Jobs

ConocoPhillips will cut another 1,000 energy jobs this year, mostly in Texas and in Canada, as it continues to pursue cost cuts amid the downturn, The Wall Street Journal reports. Houston-based ConocoPhillips decided last Thursday that it would lay off hundreds of employees in Texas, where the bulk of its shale operations are based, and another 300 workers in Calgary, Alberta, sources told the WSJ. “Over the past couple years, we’ve significantly reduced our capital activities and finished some major projects, which left us with more…

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22 июля, 20:05

Canadian energy company says crude oil has leaked into river

Canadian energy company Husky Energy says between 52,834 gallons (200,000 liters) and 66,043 gallons (250,000 liters) of crude oil and other material has leaked into the North Saskatchewan River in west-central Canada.

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22 июля, 18:21

Japan’s Business Lobby Calls For A Shift From Nuclear Power To Renewables

Japan must look toward renewable energy instead of nuclear power for its power needs, Teruo Asada, vice chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, has said, since the chances are slim that Japan will be able to return to the levels of nuclear power that existed before the Fukushima accident in 2011. The Abe administration has the goal of using nuclear energy for a fifth of the country’s power needs by 2030. So far, only 42 operable reactors have started operation. Asada stated: "We have a sense of crisis that Japan will become…

22 июля, 16:59

Pipeline Leak Spills Crude in North Saskatchewan River

Canadian media are quoting oil and gas company Husky Energy as having told authorities that a leak from a pipeline has spilled between 200,000 and 250,000 litres of crude into the North Saskatchewan River. The leak has now been stopped with the pipeline shut down. The company then deployed an emergency team and contained the spill with berms. The town nearest to the leak is Maidstone, about 220 km northwest of Saskatoon. Currently, the company and the authorities are building another berm downstream. Samples form the water are being taken regularly,…

22 июля, 16:59

World’s Largest Oil Rig Builder Plans To Hunker Down

Forecasting a “long harsh winter ahead” in terms of work, and preparing to “hunker down,” Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. is bracing for tough times for the construction of oil rigs. According to Bloomberg, the company, which is the world’s largest builder of oil rigs, does not see growth ahead for the industry, due to a surplus of oil and lower profits. The company said that the decline in orders for rigs is due to the number of rigs already in use, and a drop in the fees to lease a rig. There may be an increase…

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11 июля, 16:59

BP's Strategic Initiatives to Counter Macro Risks Impress

On Jul 8, 2016, we issued an updated research report on energy giant, BP plc (BP).

06 июля, 10:50

Российскую валюту в ближайшие недели будет поддерживать спрос со стороны компаний-экспортеров

Цены на нефть теряют более 3% на фоне информации о том, что уже в июле рынок вновь окажется во власти "перепроизводства". ConocoPhillips, Nexen Energy и Husky Energy Inc. готовятся наращивать добычу нефти после небольшого перерыва, спровоцированного пожарами, правительству Нигерии удалось договорится с боевиками "Мстители Дельты Нигера" о перемирии, компании, разрабатывающие сланцевые месторождения в США, готовятся наращивать число буровых установок. Все эти факторы указывают на то, что после того, как в мае был зафиксирован дефицит на рынке нефти, который подстегивал рост цен, во второй половине года предложение будет существенно превышать спрос. И это пугает игроков, в результате чего на рынке началась распродажа. Этот фактор давит на курс рубля, однако российскую валюту в ближайшие недели будет поддерживать спрос со стороны компаний-экспортеров, которым необходимо в июле рассчитаться по налогам и сборам, а также предстоит выплачивать дивиденды.

05 июля, 16:48

Рынок нефти вновь во власти перепроизводства

По итогам первого квартала излишки на рынке нефти заметно сократились, что позволило ценам на нефть существенно вырасти. Однако, большинство экспертов склоняются к мысли, что в вскоре будет опять зафиксирован рост излишков на глобальном рынке нефти.

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17 июня, 18:14

Steam operations begin at Edam West SAGD project in Saskatchewan

Husky Energy Inc., Calgary, has started steam operations at the 4,500-b/d Edam West thermal project in Saskatchewan, marking its third thermal project to be brought online this year.