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Husky Energy
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31 мая, 14:30

Husky Energy price target increased to $19.50 from $18.50 at GMP FirstEnergy

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31 мая, 00:48

Husky Energy approves West White Rose, adds discovery

Husky Energy Inc. expects to start oil production from its West White Rose project offshore Newfoundland and Labrador in 2022 with a gross peak production rate of 75,000 b/d in 2025.

30 мая, 21:15

Mexico Oil, Gas Reserves Drop 6% In 2016

Mexico’s hydrocarbon reserves shed 6 percent last year to 16.77 billion barrels of oil equivalent, the country’s energy industry regulator CNH said yesterday, as quoted by Reuters. The decline came in spite of an increase in crude oil discoveries because of a drop in new gas deposit discoveries, CNH said. The 6-percent decline concerns so-called P2 reserves – proven and probable. P3 reserves, which also include possible oil and gas content in prospective deposits, also fell in 2016, by 1.1 percent to 25.86 billion barrels of oil…

30 мая, 20:59

Iraq Approves $5B Oil Refinery Project In Kurdistan’s Kirkuk

Iraq’s oil ministry has authorized the construction of a refinery in Kirkuk in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan that would cost US$5 billion, Kurdish media network Rudaw reported on Monday, citing an Iraqi lawmaker from Kirkuk. “The Iraqi oil ministry has given the go-ahead for a modern refinery to be built which will cost $5 billion,” Rebwar Taha from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party told Rudaw. The project will be carried out in phases and could take between 3 and 5 years to complete, Taha noted. The…

30 мая, 20:59

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Faces Opposition From BC Political Parties

Following an initial public offering that raised US$1.3 billion (C$1.75 billion), Kinder Morgan Canada’s restricted voting shares start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday, just hours after two British Columbia parties opposing a Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion agreed to form an alliance that may end a 16-year-long rule of the more energy-friendly Liberals in the Canadian province. Kinder Morgan and Kinder Morgan Canada announced on Tuesday the completion of the IPO of 102,942,000 restricted voting shares of Kinder Morgan Canada…

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Выбор редакции
30 мая, 10:46

Канадская «Husky Energy» возобновит проект по добыче нефти за $1,6 млрд

Руководством канадской компании «Husky Energy» было заявлено, что компанией будет возобновлен энергопроект «West White Rose», реализуемый на Атлантическом побережье, стоимость которого составляет $1,6 млрд. В ближайших планах «Husky Energy» начать нефтедобычу в 2022 году, а уже в 2025 году, как планируют в компании, проект выйдет на пиковую добычу – 75 тыс баррелей в день. По […]

30 мая, 08:19

Husky Energy освоит канадский нефтяной блок за $1,6 млрд

Корпорация Husky Energy заявила о планах реализации нефтедобывающего проекта стоимостью 2,2 млрд канадских долларов ($1,63 млрд) у побережья Атлантики.

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30 мая, 07:53

Канадцы Husky Energy возобновят проект по добыче нефти за $1,6 млрд

Мехико. Руководство канадской компании Husky Energy заявило, что компания возобновит энергопроект West White Rose. Стоимость проекта, реализуемого на Атлантическом побережье – 1,6 миллиарда долларов США. Компания рассчитывает начать добычу ...

30 мая, 01:02

Norway Boosts Protection Against Unwanted M&A In Oil

Norway’s government has proposed changes to oil and gas industry regulations in a bid to curb the possibility of non-European companies buying oil and gas assets in the country. According to Bloomberg, the non-European companies from which Norway is seeking to protect its oil and gas come from Russia. Europe’s biggest oil producer and gas supplier to the continent on par with Gazprom, is in the process of adjusting to some major changes in ownership of oil and gas assets prompted by the 2014 oil price crash. BP and Exxon, for example,…

30 мая, 01:02

Canada’s Husky Energy Greenlights $1.6 Billion Offshore Project

Husky Energy greenlighted the offshore West White Rose project on Monday, despite concerns that its high costs would lead to undesirable financial results in current bearish markets, according to a new report by Reuters. The Canadian company says it expects first oil from the long-delayed project by the year 2022, after which the site will reach peak production at 75,000 barrels per day by 2025. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, who owns a controlling stake in Husky, announced a new discovery in the White Rose production area this week. Husky…

30 мая, 01:02

Russia Seeking Bids For Colossal Green Energy Auction

Russia issued government tenders on Monday for contracts to build 1.9 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by utilizing foreign direct investment to create thousands of jobs for the country’s citizens, who are facing a multi-year recession. “Russia has had a long history of leadership in the energy sector and now has the opportunity to extend that leadership into renewable energy,” Adnan Amin, of the International Renewable Energy Agency, told Bloomberg. Developing green energy “can significantly contribute to the country’s…

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24 апреля, 23:27

China Offers Contested South China Sea Oil And Gas Blocks

Last week, China National Offshore Oil Corp tendered 22 oil and gas blocks in the South China Sea, expecting bids from foreign companies that would help it develop the reserves in response to growing local oil and gas demand. It has already struck one deal, with Canada’s Husky Energy, which will drill two exploration wells in block 16/25 next year. Some might consider Husky exceptionally brave given the circumstances. A lot of the South China Sea is the object of disputes between China and its neighbors, with a court in The Hague last year…

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Выбор редакции
17 апреля, 19:38

Husky plans two Pearl River Mouth wells

Husky Energy Inc., Calgary, expects to drill two exploratory wells next year on Block 16/25 in the Pearl River Mouth basin 150 km southeast of Hong Kong.

28 марта, 02:56

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Faces Russian Arrest Warrant

As the Russia versus Ukraine gas war continues, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk now faces a Russian arrest warrant in addition to the international arrest warrant that has been active against him since February 21st, according to reports on filings from a town in southern Russia. The Yessentuki court said it issued the warrant due to Yatsenyuk’s alleged participation in an armed group fighting against Russian troops in Chechnya in the 1990s. The Ukrainian government alerted the formal official of the warrant, according to…

28 марта, 02:39

Taiwan Purchases High Sulfur Crude Oil From Kurdish Sources

Taiwan has begun purchasing high sulfur crude oil from Kurdistan to replace grades out of production due to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) recent output cuts, according to a new report by Reuters. Government-run CPC Corp purchased one million barrels of KBT from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) for the first time in 2017 Q2. In addition, Formosa Petrochemical Corp. bought crude of the same grade after a nine-month pause, according to company officials. Formosa is set to receive the cargo shipped through the…

24 марта, 18:48

Argentine Firm Plans $2.3B Investment In Vaca Muerta Shale

Argentine exploration and production firm Tecpetrol has plans to invest $2.3 billion on gas exploration in the massive Vaca Muerta shale formation. As part of the plan, Tecpetrol, which is the fifth largest energy company in the country, will drill 150 wells over the next three years in the Fortin de Piedra block. Tecpetrol eyes daily output of 14 million cu m of gas by 2019, which is equal to 50 percent of Argentina’s current natural gas imports, according to a union leader who took part in the talks between the government and Tecpetrol…