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Indian Bank
Выбор редакции
28 апреля, 15:00

Инвесторы в Индии решили зафиксировать прибыль

В пятницу, 28 апреля, ключевые фондовые индексы Индии завершили торги на отрицательной территории, поскольку в преддверии длительных выходных (биржи будут закрыты в понедельник по случаю праздника) инвесторы предпочли зафиксировать прибыль. Заметим, что недельный прирост BSE Sensex и NSE Nifty составил около 2%, чего не наблюдалось с середины марта текущего года. Между тем, по итогам сегодняшних торгов индекс Nifty 50 ушел в минус на 0,41% до 9304,05 пункта, а BSE Sensex стал легче на 0,37% и закрылся на уровне 29918,40 пункта. К 13:55 МСК валютная пара USD/INR подорожала на 0,33% до отметки в 64,336, а пара EUR/INR торгуется в плюсе на 0,96% и находится на уровне 70,3838. Доходность десятилетних государственных облигаций составила, тем временем, 6,936%. Лучше рынка смотрелись бумаги частных кредиторов. Так, рыночная капитализация Federal Bank, Kotak Bank и South Indian Bank возросла на 14,04%, 3,1% и 4,47% соответственно.

Выбор редакции
26 апреля, 09:19

An Excess of Faith at Indian Banks

Indian banks have high valuations, but their outlook is getting cloudier.

Выбор редакции
25 апреля, 14:00

Индийские индексы укрепились благодаря отчетностям

Во вторник, 25 апреля, ключевые фондовые индексы Индии завершили торги на положительной территории благодаря позитивным отчетностям ряда компаний, включая Indiabulls Housing Finance и Reliance Industries. Стоит отметить, что все основные отраслевые группы в составе BSE Sensex завершили сегодняшнюю сессию в "зеленой" зоне, а NSE Nifty достиг нового рекордного уровня. По итогам торгов индекс Nifty 50 ушел в плюс на 0,96% до 9306,60 пункта, а BSE Sensex стал тяжелее на 0,97% и закрылся на уровне 29943,24 пункта. К 13:42 МСК валютная пара USD/INR подешевела на 0,2% до отметки в 64,305, а пара EUR/INR торгуется в минусе на 0,27% и находится на уровне 69,8974. Доходность десятилетних государственных облигаций составила, тем временем, 6,926%. Рыночная капитализация кредитора Indian Bank возросла на 8,68% после того, как он отчитался об увеличении прибыли за три месяца с окончанием в марте.

10 апреля, 17:13

Was North Korea Behind the Hacking of a Bank in India?

Cyberthieves who attempted to steal $170 million from an Indian bank last July used methods that strongly resemble those of an earlier, successful $81 million heist targeting Bangladesh’s central bank.

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05 апреля, 14:41

Indian bank staff praised for fending off robbers

Two Indian women are being praised for fending off a robbers at the bank where they work.

04 апреля, 19:16

Nigeria Tanker Driver Strike Ends Quickly

The strike called by oil tanker drivers in Nigeria yesterday ended just hours after it began, as the government quickly agreed to improve their wages and address their other grievances, such as the condition of the roads they drive on. According to a source from the drivers’ union—the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers—the union called off the strike in the capital Abuja after the federal government “intervened and promised to look into the drivers' demands.” A representative of the Nigerian National…

04 апреля, 00:18

Tesla Shares Reach All-Time High As Production Records Set

Tesla shares reached an all-time high topping $292 each on Monday, after the release of a report showing a 69 percent increase in electric car deliveries compared to a year ago, according to ZeroHedge. The jump set a quarterly record of 25,418 vehicle deliveries, which goes a long way towards recovering from shipment delays in 2016 Q4. Model S Sedans represented 13,450 of the Tesla orders fulfilled, while the Model X sports utility vehicle represented 11,550. The company said it expects ship as many as 50,000 Model S and Model X’s in the…

31 марта, 02:03

Five banks are merging to create an Indian super-bank

Five Indian banks are merging with the State Bank of India to create a $550bn super-bank.

31 марта, 01:44

Indian Lenders Delay Rosneft’s Essar Acquisition Until April

Some of the Indian banks that have lent to refiner Essar Oil have not yet approved its acquisition by a group of companies led by Russia’s Rosneft, and the deal has been postponed for next month, Essar and Rosneft said as quoted by Reuters. Originally, the $13-billion acquisition was scheduled to close this month. The deal was first announced last October. Under its terms, Rosneft would buy 98 percent in the Indian refiner together with commodity trader Trafigura and Russian investment fund United Capital partners. Rosneft will get 49 percent…

Выбор редакции
13 февраля, 12:57

After Demonetization, This Indian Banking App Used These 3 Marketing Tricks To Get Users Onboard

When demonetization was announced in India last year, one Indian bank saw an opportunity for a mobile payment app to fill the gap of cashless transactions. Here are 3 app marketing strategies that instantly increased their mobile conversion rates and app updates, reaching a new customer base.

Выбор редакции
31 декабря 2016, 10:51

India's Demonetization 50 Days In - Not Perfect But Moving In The Right Direction

It's most obviously not perfect, demonetization, and there's no way at all that sufficient notes will be ready by tomorrow (the Indian bank note printing industry just isn't large enough). But correctly viewed it's a vital part of India's development path.

Выбор редакции
28 декабря 2016, 17:47

Indian banks issue cash withdrawal warning

Bankers say they cannot cope with any sudden increase in demand

Выбор редакции
19 декабря 2016, 14:10

Indian bank customers face new obstacle

Those depositing $75 or more in old notes must explain why they did not do so sooner

Выбор редакции
29 ноября 2016, 14:07

Indian bank demands compensation for cash deluge

SBI concerned about burden of managing flurry of deposits since shock demonetisation

Выбор редакции
29 ноября 2016, 14:07

Indian bank demands compensation for cash deluge

SBI concerned about burden of managing flurry of deposits since shock demonetisation

Выбор редакции
18 ноября 2016, 22:00

INDIA CURRENCY CRISIS - India Govt Bans 500 & 1000 Rupee Cash. Attempts To Stop Tax Evasion! WTF!

Indian banks are running out of replacement money after the government scrapped 86% of the cash in circulation last week. The BBC's Sanjoy Majumder travelled to northern Rajasthan to see how rural India, where cash accounts for almost all transactions, is coping. It is 05:00 in Kirdola... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit http://FinanceArmageddon.blogspot.com or http://www.newsbooze.com or http://goldbasics.blogspot.com for full links, other content, and more! ]]

15 ноября 2016, 19:01

India to use indelible ink to change cash once

INDIAN banks will use indelible ink to ensure that people only change old notes for new ones once under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheme to fight “black money,” resorting to a tactic used to prevent

10 ноября 2016, 19:01

Long lines at Indian banks after reopening

Long queues formed outside banks in India yesterday as they reopened for the first time since the government’s shock decision to withdraw the two largest denomination notes from circulation.

Выбор редакции
10 ноября 2016, 15:43

Millions line up at Indian banks to swap rupee notes

India's sudden switch to new banknotes left millions of people lining up Thursday to get their hands on the cash.

Выбор редакции
10 ноября 2016, 15:26

Indian banks overwhelmed after rupee withdrawal

Shortage of smaller-denomination banknotes leaves families struggling to buy essentials