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Zacks.com highlights: Lululemon Athletica, Malibu Boats, MasterCraft Boat Holdings and Asbury Automotive

Zacks.com highlights: Lululemon Athletica, Malibu Boats, MasterCraft Boat Holdings and Asbury Automotive

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Charitable Children Make For Happier Adults

From intuitive philanthropic platforms designed for kids to organized group initiatives, there are a variety of ways to teach children about the importance and impact of giving.

30 ноября 2018, 05:40

NASA назвало девять компаний, которые смогут участвовать в поставках грузов на Луну

В американском космическом агентстве назвали компании, получившие право участвовать в тендерах на доставку полезных грузов на поверхность Луны. Кроме того, эти же компании смогут участвовать и в полетах на Марс в будущем. «Сегодняшнее объявление знаменует ощутимый прогресс в возвращении Америки на поверхность Луны, чтобы остаться. Инновация американских аэрокосмических компаний, преданная нашим большим целям в науке и человеческом исследовании, поможет нам достичь удивительных вещей на Луне и продвинуться на Марс», - заявил администратор NASA Джим Бриденстайн. Выбранными компаниями являются Astrobotic Technology, Deep Space Systems, Draper, Firefly Aerospace, Intuitive Machines, Lockheed Martin Space, Masten Space Systems, Moon Express, Orbit Beyond. Ранее «СП» писала о том, что бывший сотрудник NASA признался, что инопланетяне существуют. Новости о космосе: Глава NASA уверен, что США продолжают лидировать в космосе

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Civic Nation BrandVoice: How You Can Achieve Personal Growth Through The Well Woman Transformation Framework

Depending on where a leader is in the four life stages—awareness, intuition, action, or acceptance—there are different tools that can be used to move through the challenges we face and find the answers and the integration we crave.

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Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Stock Moves -0.18%: What You Should Know

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) closed at $520.97 in the latest trading session, marking a -0.18% move from the prior day.

29 ноября 2018, 17:41

5 Low-Beta Stocks to Weather Market Volatility

We create a strategy which shows that handsome returns can also be generated from less risky stocks.

29 ноября 2018, 16:56

Top 5 ROE Stocks to Buy on Renewed Fed Optimism

ROE is often used to compare the profitability of a company with other firms in the industry -- the higher, the better.

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Build an Efficient Portfolio With These 4 Stocks

Company with a favorable efficiency level is expected to provide impressive returns as it is believed to be positively correlated with its price performance.

29 ноября 2018, 16:42

4 Best Stocks to Buy for Superb Earnings Acceleration

Studies have shown that a majority of successful stocks had seen acceleration in earnings before an uptick in the stock price.

29 ноября 2018, 16:35

Bet on These 5 Top-Ranked Liquid Stocks for Stellar Returns

Here are five top-ranked liquid stocks that can make a winning portfolio for investors.

29 ноября 2018, 16:26

5 Stocks With Impressive PEG Ratio for Value Investors

According to Warren Buffett, going by the fundamentals of value investing while picking undervalued stocks, investors need to focus on their earnings growth potential.

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Zacks.com highlights: Asbury Automotive, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, aTyr Pharma, Avinger and Sunesis Pharmaceuticals

Zacks.com highlights: Asbury Automotive, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, aTyr Pharma, Avinger and Sunesis Pharmaceuticals

29 ноября 2018, 16:05

Zacks.com highlights: Vericel, Mitek, Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Mosaic and Spirit Airlines

Zacks.com highlights: Vericel, Mitek, Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Mosaic and Spirit Airlines

29 ноября 2018, 16:01

Zacks.com highlights: United States Cellular, Mosaic, Moog, Xilinx and Popular

Zacks.com highlights: United States Cellular, Mosaic, Moog, Xilinx and Popular

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Insight: Lithium-ion batteries enter the fast lane

Both the transportation and power industry have been facing significant changes, driven by a combination of policy and technological factors, and S&P Global Platts Analytics sees lithium-ion batteries playing an instrumental role in these transformations. When it comes to batteries, there have been and will continue to be synergies of power storage and transport sector […] The post Insight: Lithium-ion batteries enter the fast lane appeared first on The Barrel Blog.

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"Thin-Air-Spending" & What To Watch As Asset Prices Plunge

Authored by Daniel Nevins via FFWiley.com, “It is high time we rediscovered the role of the financial cycle in macroeconomics.” —Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements In May, we queued up the b-side of a record describing America’s balance sheet - we looked at the mix of lenders instead of the usual “a-side” analysis of the borrowers. We showed that the balance sheet includes four types of lenders—banks, the Fed, foreigners and prior domestic saving—as in the updated chart below. And the “prior domestic saving” category, since you asked, is mostly households, pension funds and insurance companies investing in bonds and bond funds. Then we showed why the b-side is so important, even as it gets little attention. That is, the four types of lenders are fundamentally different from one another - lending by banks is highly correlated to spending (same-period and next-period spending), whereas the other lenders show no such correlation. But economic theory says all lending is the same - how can banks be different? Finally, we shared a diagram that explains the previous result. The diagram shows that bank lending is unique because it creates fresh spending power from “thin air.” We’ll leave further explanations aside for now, but you might check our articles here or here to review how banks create spending power from nothing, and why that process invalidates entire libraries full of mainstream thinking. (Or see our book for more detail.) Bank balance sheets are also highly predictive, as we showed when we used bank credit to construct a business-cycle indicator. (Again, see the b-side article linked above.) Considering the connections—empirical and conceptual—between bank credit and the business cycle, our indicator might be the best first step to business-cycle forecasting. Okay so banks conjure spending from thin air—does anything else do the same? Now we’ll take a second step by asking: What else materializes from thin air? How about the gains and losses in your investment portfolio? It sure seems as though investment gains and losses pop up from nowhere. And by combining them with new bank credit, we’ll create a highly predictive composite indicator that we’ll call thin-air spending power (TSP). Here are the two inputs to the composite: Real new bank credit. Inflation-adjusted new bank credit aggregated over four-quarter periods and expressed as a percent of final domestic demand in the prior period. Real holding gains. Inflation-adjusted holding gains (household and nonprofit gains from equities, mutual funds, real estate and pensions) aggregated over four-quarter periods and expressed as a percent of final domestic demand in the prior period. And the chart below provides an example, using data from 2002 to 2008, of how we can track real new bank credit and real holding gains through a business cycle by placing one on each axis. Note that we’re mapping a path through the two dimensions by connecting data sequentially. Although the path shows just a single cycle (the last decade’s housing boom), the pattern is similar to that of the previous seven cycles, which you can confirm by reviewing the chartbook we’ll link at the end of this article. But what exactly does TSP tell us? So TSP is a creature of habit, and it has a habit of cycling through three phases: recovery, financial inflation and financial deflation. Recovery. TSP meanders upwards and rightwards as the financial economy heals from the prior recession. Financial inflation. TSP enjoys the big air of the upper-right triangle. Financial deflation. TSP completes the cycle by becoming scarce once again, dropping below a diagonal recession warning. In other words, TSP typically triggers a recession warning shortly before the onset of a recession, anywhere from one to five quarters before. But you might wonder where the recession-warning line comes from—how do we determine its slope and position? Here’s the rationale for our choices: Slope. We consider the additional spending that could result from a dollar of real new bank credit versus a dollar of real holding gains. We expect a dollar of real new bank credit to result in up to a dollar of additional spending, but probably not a full dollar due to the portion that banks invest in securities rather than loans—security purchases don’t always flow into the real economy as directly and reliably as loans do. And for real holding gains, there’s a substantial literature suggesting that each dollar of additional wealth boosts spending by anywhere from three or four cents to a little more than ten cents. So weighing up real new bank credit against real holding gains, we see a ratio of about ten to one as far as the effects on economy-wide spending, and that determines the slope of our recession-warning line. Position. We draw the line through the origin to keep it as simple as possible. That choice won’t be optimal in every cycle, but we don’t believe it’s realistic to think we can “engineer” a substantially better one, especially as cycles change from one to the next. Note that we’re cognizant of the risks of false precision. We didn’t fit the recession-warning line using regressions or other statistical techniques—we chose nice, round numbers that seemed reasonable, conceptually, and then we stopped there. Our choices may or may not hold up in the future, but we’d rather focus on whether current dynamics could be different to the past than on data mining the past to the fifth decimal point. What can we say about the next few years? And since we mentioned it, are we expecting the dynamics to be different this time? Or, will they be the same as usual? You’ll form your own views, but our nickel’s worth of advice is to expect the usual. After eight rate hikes (and counting) and nine years of expansion, it’s natural for bankers, borrowers and asset markets to anticipate slower growth, and that’s exactly what we think we’re seeing in 2018. We’re seeing the financial economy lead the real economy. Or, to use a term that’s become popular in some circles of economics, the financial cycle is leading the business cycle. As a next step, we expect the financial cycle to fall into a more definitive contraction. So once again, the financial cycle should drag the business cycle lower, and our TSP chart offers clues about the timing. Most importantly, the diagonal recession warning provides a decent tripwire for the countdown to the business cycle’s apex. We haven’t triggered the tripwire just yet, but we get an interesting result when we use high frequency data to estimate where TSP might fall at year-end. That is, our year-end (Q4) estimate sits only just above the recession-warning line, as shown below. Conclusions To be clear, we won’t know TSP’s actual Q4 reading until the Fed’s “flow of funds” data becomes available. But for now, we suggest watching the high frequency data, as above, especially as financial markets appear to be losing their nine-year-long buoyancy. More generally, we’ll continue to promote the following beliefs: There is such as thing as a financial cycle (skeptics notwithstanding). The financial cycle explains a significant portion of the business cycle. To properly account for the financial cycle, you have to first reject a handful of the most pervasive and deeply held tenets of Keynesian, Monetarist and New Classical theories. The most predictive financial-cycle indicators are those that measure spending power created from thin air, as in our TSP chart. Other methods decompose the financial cycle into component cycles. (See our book, Economics for Independent Thinkers.) To demonstrate the fourth point, in particular, we’ve published a chartbook with more history. The chartbook tracks TSP through every business-cycle expansion from 1954 onwards, among other charts, and shows that the two-dimensional approach has fewer anomalies than real new bank credit alone. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make TSP better than other approaches—there are plenty of data-mined models that show ‘A’-grade back-tested results. But those models often require checking your intuition at the door, whereas our b-side approach is built mostly on intuition. In other words, we aim for indicators that extend our intuitive beliefs about how stuff works. If you’re willing to entertain that we might be onto something, check back for updates and further discussion.

29 ноября 2018, 03:25

Leaked Transcript Proves Russiagaters Have Been Right All Along (Spoiler: Not Really)

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, A transcript of exchanges between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin has been leaked to National News Conglomerate by an anonymous source within the Kremlin. We here at NNC have confirmed the authenticity of this document using the same rigorous verification process we’ve been using to authenticate the evidence for all our other reporting on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US elections over the last two years. These verification methods include hunches, gut intuitions, and an introspective assessment of the way our feelings feel. The following exchanges revealed in this transcript provide the clearest evidence yet that the President of the United States has been in collusion with the Russian government for years. This introduction has been authored by the editorial board of the National News Conglomerate. Obey. 11/9/2016 Trump: I have done as you commanded, my dominant and all-powerful lord. I have conspired with your hackers to steal the election, and now I’m going to be president! I want to thank you for not releasing that video footage of those Russian prostitutes I hired to urinate on a bed the Obamas once slept in. If that had come out it would have offended and alienated a lot of people, which is something I never normally do. Putin: Yes that is an old KGB tactic called kompromat, a word which only extremely intelligent people know about. Keep this line of communication open. As long as you do as I command, your pee pee tape will remain secret. Trump: One thing I’m curious about though my lord, if you don’t mind my asking. If you already had an army of hackers targeting Democratic Party emails, why did you need my help? Couldn’t you just have hacked the emails and published them on your own? Why did you need me to interact with them at all? Putin: Moral support, mainly. We don’t need to get into specifics. Trump: Oh okay. ~ 1/20/2017 Trump: I’m in! Whew! I was really worried that leaked dossier would be the end of me! What are my instructions, my lord? Putin: Begin introducing racism and division to the United States. America has never experienced these things before, and it will shock and disorient them. With the US divided against itself, your nation will be far too weak to stand against my plans of total world domination. Trump: That’s a really tall order! America has always been a harmonious place where everyone gets along up until today. I’ll try my best though. Anything else? Putin: Yes, make them distrust your nation’s large media outlets and convince them that the US intelligence community is often dishonest. Trump: That will be really hard because those institutions have always been trusted for their unparalleled integrity. But your wish is my command, oh lord. ~ 4/7/2017 Putin: Bomb a Syrian airbase. Trump: What? Really? Aren’t they, like, your allies? Putin: Exactly. This will throw inquisitive minds off the scent. We can’t have them finding out about that pee tape. Trump: Are you sure? Some people are saying that chemical attack looks like it could have been perpetrated by the many terrorist factions in Syria and not the government. Putin: Who cares? Have you seen how relentless they’ve been in exposing us?? Have you never watched Rachel Maddow? That woman is a psychic bloodhound, masterfully sniffing out the truth at every turn! We can’t afford to take chances. Do as I say. Trump: Yes sir. Putin: And see if you can arrest that WikiLeaks guy. ~ 5/14/17 Trump: Hey do you want me to do anything about Montenegro’s addition to NATO? Putin: No. NATO expansion is good. Trump: Uhhh okay. ~ 6/28/17 Trump: Who do you want tapped for Ukraine envoy? Putin: Kurt Volker. Trump: Volker? He hates you! He’s like the biggest Russia hawk ever. Putin: We still need to throw the Russiagaters off the scent. We’re playing 3-D chess here. This is high-level disinformation, or dezinformatsiya as very smart people call it. I want as many Russia hawks in your administration as possible. Trump: 3-D chess? Alright. I guess you know what you’re doing. ~ 8/30/17 Putin: Shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco and throw out a bunch of diplomats. That will confuse the hell out of them. ~ 11/21/17 Putin: Now approve the sale of arms to Ukraine. Not even Obama would do that. This will throw them off the trail for sure. ~ 1/1/18 Putin: Happy new year. Force RT and Sputnik to register as foreign agents. ~ 1/29/18 Putin: Make sure your Nuclear Posture Review greatly escalates its aggressive posture toward Russia. ~ 2/14/18 Putin: Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about those Russians your guys killed in Syria. ~ 2/19/18 Putin: Send a fleet of war ships to the Black Sea. ~ 3/25/18 Putin: Better expel a few dozen diplomats over the Skripal thing. ~ 4/5/18 Putin: Sanction a bunch of Russian oligarchs. ~ 4/10/18 Putin: Bomb Syria. Trump: What?? Again? Putin: Yes. Trump: What the hell, man? Why’d you even recruit me if you’re just going to have me do everything all the Russia hawks want? Putin: Well, you know how I told you we were playing 3-D chess against the Russiagate investigation? Trump: Yeah? Putin: Well that wasn’t enough. Now we’re playing 4-D chess. Trump: Fine, whatever, I don’t care. Just don’t release my pee tape. ~ 7/17/18 Trump: Oh man. They’re really making a major fuss about that summit. What should I do? Putin: Play it cool. Don’t let them know about our secret diabolical plot. Trump: Right. Remind me what that was again? Putin: Make Jim Acosta feel really, really sad. ~ 9/2/18 Putin: Have you arrested Julian Assange yet? Trump: Working on it. ~ 10/20/18 Putin: I like John Bolton’s idea. Pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. ~ 11/25/18 Putin: Make sure your administration loudly and aggressively backs Ukraine in our Kerch Strait spat. Trump: OMFG this is getting too weird. Are you just trolling me? What the hell is this? Trump: Hello? Trump: Are you there? Trump: Answer me! Putin: 5-D chess. *  *  * Thanks for reading! The best way to get around the internet censors and make sure you see the stuff I publish is to subscribe to the mailing list for my website, which will get you an email notification for everything I publish. My articles are entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following my antics on Twitter, throwing some money into my hat on Patreon or Paypal, buying my new book Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone, or my previous book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers. Bitcoin donations:1Ac7PCQXoQoLA9Sh8fhAgiU3PHA2EX5Zm2

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Intuit QuickBooks BrandVoice: Can Automation Fuel Your Small Firm’s Next Growth Wave?

Intuit Quickbooks explains how automation can transform the way small businesses function and grow.

28 ноября 2018, 16:51

5 High-Flying Stocks Near 52-Week High That Can Scale Higher

Investors target stocks that have been on a bull run lately. Stocks seeing price strength have a high chance of maintaining the momentum.

28 ноября 2018, 16:18

5 Stocks With Recent Price Strength to Strengthen Portfolio

Investors target stocks that have been on a bullish run lately. Actually, stocks seeing price strength have a high chance of carrying the momentum forward.