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20 февраля, 02:07

Can McCain's 'Never Trump' Anti-Russia Stance Spook Wall Street, Too?

McCain, and others in official Washington, may exhaust Trump's attempt at detente with Russia. It'll be a headwind for investors, might not a very strong one.

20 февраля, 01:49

Jim Rogers : I have Nothing to do With George Soros

Jim Rogers is the author of Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip and Investment Biker: On the Road with Jim Rogers. He is an investor who has been chronicled in Jon Train’s Money Masters of Our Time, Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards, and other books. He has been frequently featured in Time,... This is an excerpt only please visit http://www.jimrogersinvestments.com for the full story , full links, other content, and more! Thank You >>>>

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19 февраля, 22:32

Why We Need Profit - Sound Cloud

If you are wondering where the podcast has gone and why I haven't been able to upload one recently, looks like SoundCloud has ran out of money, and thus, juice to keep the lights on.When you f#cking idiot leftists wonder "why is profit so important" or if it's even necessary, this is why.  Because if there's no money to be made, then why would people, investors, workers, or managers, show the f up to work.Currently driving across the US in an RV, will find a new host to host the Clarey Podcast later.  Might through it up on YouTube in the meantime.HHR4HM7ZPMV3

19 февраля, 19:01

Securities watchdog crackdown to help investors

CHINA’S securities watchdog has said it will give more priority to supervision in the capital market to guard against risks and protect investors. Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory

19 февраля, 19:01

Mongolia and IMF agree on US$5b bailout

The Mongolian government and the International Monetary Fund said yesterday that they and other partners have agreed to a more than US$5 billion loan package to help get Mongolia’s economy back on track. The

19 февраля, 16:00

The Demise of the Arkansas Fed

Warren Buffett just fired a shot that’s gotten Wall Street’s attention. Word spread this week that he dumped shares of the “Arkansas Fed” - aka Wal-Mart.

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19 февраля, 16:00

High-Yield Prospects: February 19 Edition

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive income opportunities. The high-yield candidates included in this list meet two sets of criteria. First, each of these funds is deemed to be a high yield prospect because it boasts an annual dividend yield upwards of 5%. Second, each of these ETFs also boasts over $100 million in total assets under management to help steer investors away from less established funds. As always, investors of all experience levels are advised to use stop-loss orders and practice disciplined profit-taking techniques.

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19 февраля, 15:36

Pearson in online degree deal with Manchester Met

Tie-up comes as investors braced for poor full-year results after profit warning

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19 февраля, 15:00

10 Sunday Reads

Our Easy Like Sunday Morning on a three day weekend reads: • Data Nerds Struggle to Gain Power at Hedge Funds (Bloomberg) • Ticketing Startup Alleges Ticketmaster Used Hacking to Steal Trade Secrets (Wall Street Journal) • The Bear Market That Nobody Talks About (Irrelevant Investor) see also The Impact of Longer Investor Time Horizons (A Wealth of Common… Read More The post 10 Sunday Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

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19 февраля, 13:55

Are Fossil Fuel Companies Telling Investors Enough About the Risks of Climate Change?

A growing body of academic research suggests that investors already have enough information to accurately assess the impact of climate change

19 февраля, 07:33

Trump's Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

There are many theories about how Donald Trump was elected president. One explanation is to take a saying that Trump is fond of and flip it: Many Americans had lost so much—decent jobs, a secure retirement, their homes, and the confidence that their children will be better off than they are—they got tired of losing and took a chance on a candidate who promised to be on their side. But Trump’s pledges on the campaign trail—to create 25 million good jobs, help working-class Americans get ahead, and end the days of “hedge fund guys getting away with murder [while] the middle class are getting absolutely destroyed”—are taking a back seat to the interests of Wall Street, the wealthy and the far right. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) noted that it took only an hour on Inauguration Day for Trump’s “populist words delivered on the steps of the Capitol to ring hollow.” Minutes after he was sworn in, Trump overturned a mortgage fee cut, making it harder for low-income Americans to buy a home. Just weeks into his presidency, he made it easier for Wall Street to prey on people’s retirement savings and, while surrounded by Wall Street bankers, signed an executive order gutting Wall Street reforms enacted after the Great Recession. When he accepted the Republican nomination, Trump said he would deliver for the “forgotten men and women of our country”—laid-off factory workers and communities crushed by the shifting economy. The penthouse populist audaciously claimed: “I am your voice.” But there is a big disconnect between what Trump says and what he does. Tick through his advisers, Cabinet choices and Supreme Court nominee, and there’s nary an advocate for the working-class voters Trump courted. He has surrounded himself with a who’s who of businesspeople and billionaires who have amassed huge wealth by outsourcing, cutting and automating jobs, and slashing workers’ salaries, pensions and health insurance—elites who have prospered as America’s “forgotten men and women” have fallen further behind. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made a fortune foreclosing on homeowners like a 90-year-old woman who was targeted for a 27 cent payment error. Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce, has been called a vulture investor for squeezing profits from troubled companies by slashing jobs and gutting pensions. Trump’s secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, has spent decades—and many millions—lobbying to destabilize and defund public schools in order to expand for-profit charter, virtual, private and home schools. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price was confirmed despite concerns over his practice of introducing legislation to benefit companies he has invested in. And if Price gets his way, 18 million Americans in the next year alone, including millions of children from low-income families, will lose access to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. While, in a victory for workers, Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration as secretary of labor, other key confirmations remain, notably Neil Gorsuch for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. People for the American Way describes Gorsuch as a “judge who has dependably acted to protect the interests of big businesses at the expense of ordinary Americans.” Among the examples PFAW cites is the Hobby Lobby case, in which Gorsuch ruled that corporations are people and so can use their religious beliefs to deny employees insurance coverage for contraception. And, in the “freezing trucker” case—in which a truck driver was fired after he left his disabled vehicle to find help and escape subzero temperatures—Gorsuch again sided with the corporation rather than the employee. We’ve never seen anything like the Trump presidency. The administration’s strategy to flood the zone with Twitter attacks, alternative facts and appalling executive orders is dizzying—and that’s the point. Trump wants us to be off balance. He wants to do what he wants, without checks and balances. But that plan has been disrupted by a citizenry that is rising up to be that check and balance. From the 5 million callers who overwhelmed the Senate switchboard to protest DeVos’ nomination, to the worldwide women’s marches, the hundreds of actions in public schools across the country in support of immigrant rights, airport protests of the travel ban, and Jews and Muslims rallying together to say “Never again!” True populists listen to the people. Instead of repeating the preposterous claim that he is the voice of the people, Trump should listen to what we’re saying. We want real economic opportunity. We need affordable, high-quality health care. We support good neighborhood public schools. We cherish freedom and pluralism. And we will stand up against hatred, discrimination and bigotry. Until January 2017, most Americans had only been spectators to dire assaults on democracy. Given the real and present threat, we’ve become active participants in its defense and fortification. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

19 февраля, 04:50

Прогноз по рейтингу России улучшен. Что дальше?

За прошедшие полгода три крупнейших рейтинговых агентства изменили прогнозы по суверенному рейтингу России с «негативного» до «стабильного»: Происходило это в следующей последовательности: 1) 16 сентября 2016 года Международное рейтинговое агентство S&P Global Ratings (S&P) подтвердило суверенные кредитные рейтинги России, улучшив прогноз по ним до стабильного с негативного ria.ru/economy/20160916/1477163256.html 2) 14 октября 2016 года Международное агентство Fitch улучшило прогноз по кредитному рейтингу РФ с «негативного» до «стабильного» www.rbc.ru/economics/14/10/2016/58013e459a79475474436716 3) 18 февраля 2017 года Международное рейтинговое агентство Moody‘s Investors Service изменило прогноз суверенных рейтингов России на «стабильный» с «негативного». www.interfax-russia.ru/special.asp?id=809285&sec=1735 Мне стало интересно и я решил посмотреть, как эти новости о смене прогноза по рейтингу влияли на индекс ММВБ в прошлом. Ведь любопытно знать, что следует ожидать от нашего рынка в ближайшем будущем после публикации «позитивной» новости от Moody‘s - роста или продолжения стекания вниз. И вот что у меня получилось: Из дневного графика ММВБ наглядно видно, что в двух предыдущих случаях, после публикации новостей об улучшении прогнозов суверенных кредитных рейтингов России от S&P и от Fitch в течение последующих 1-2-х дней рынок сначала незначительно откатывался вниз, но затем в последующие одну-две недели в обоих случаях наблюдался рост, но очень незначительный (в пределах 2-2,5%). Вывод: Улучшение прогноза по суверенному кредитному рейтингу России от Moody‘s не окажет существенного влияния на биржевые котировки. Во всяком случае перехай по индексу вряд ли удастся сделать на этой новости.    Для бурного роста нашего рынка нужны другие более существенные катализаторы. И, надеюсь, они не заставят себя долго ждать. Примечание: на «мусорном» уровне суверенный рейтинг РФ до текущего момента сохраняют Moody‘s и S&P. Fitch — это единственное агентство из большой тройки, которое держит наш рейтинг на минимальном инвестиционном уровне.   

19 февраля, 03:24

Moody‘s против Указа Путина. Кто кого?

Вектор следующей недели на российском фондовом рынке скорее всего зададут две новости, вышедшие в эти выходные: одна позитивная и одна негативная. Позитивная новость (точнее относительно позитивная): Международное рейтинговое агентство Moody‘s Investors Service изменило прогноз суверенных рейтингов России на «стабильный» с «негативного». www.interfax-russia.ru/special.asp?id=809285&sec=1735 Казалось бы, рынок должен обрадоваться, ведь наш рейтинг пересматривают одно за другим мировые рейтинговые агентства в сторону улучшения. S&P и Fitch пересмотрели в прошлом году, Moody‘s пересмотрел сейчас. Все эти три уважаемых агентства нам теперь даровали прогноз «стабильный», вместо «негативного». Но пока этого не достаточно. Ведь это всего-лишь прогноз. Прогноз «стабильный» и повышение рейтинга — это две большие разницы. Пока у двух из трех крупнейших мировых рейтинговых агентств рейтинг РФ продолжает оставаться «мусорным», а не «инвестиционным». Негативная новость: Путин подписал указ о признании паспортов ДНР и ЛНР www.vedomosti.ru/politics/news/2017/02/18/678257-putin-podpisal-ukaz-o-priznanii-pasportov Как ни крути, но этот Указ является ни чем иным, как частичным признанием независимости ДНР и ЛНР со стороны России. Маховик закручен. Остановить его уже не получится. Наш президент никогда не отступает от взятого курса. А это означает, что в скором времени можно ожидать и полноценного формального признания ДНР и ЛНР независимыми от Украины республиками. То есть на картах мира появится еще одна Абхазия и еще одна Южная Осетия.     Остальные вышедшие в выходные новости внимания не заслуживают и относятся к информационному шуму. Во всяком случае, мне так кажется. Так куда пойдет на следующей неделе отечественный рынок, коллеги? Какая новость перевесит чашу рыночных весов?  Очень интересно ваше мнение.

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19 февраля, 00:00

Why the "Haves" Have More

Scott Winship, RealClearPoliticsOn the day Facebook went public in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg made $2.3 billion from the exercise of his company stock options. That amount represented the difference between the cost to public investors for 60 million shares in the social media giant and what Zuckerberg had been given the right to pay as part of his compensation package in 2005. Later that year, Zuckerberg sold about half of those shares to pay taxes on the initial windfall. The appreciation in Facebook’s value since the IPO brought him another $1.1 billion in income from the sale.

18 февраля, 23:37

Moody's улучшило прогноз по РФ благодаря консолидации бюджета

(Bloomberg) -- Moody’s Investors Service изменило прогноз по кредитному рейтингу России с негативного на стабильный, ссылаясь на стратегию бюджетной консолидации, которая должна снизить зависимость страны от нефти и газа и создать условия для пополнения резервов.Агентство подтвердило рейтинг государственных облигаций России "Ba1", который...

18 февраля, 16:16

Орешкин спрогнозировал повышение рейтинга РФ до инвестиционного в этом году

Повышение прогноза суверенных рейтингов России международным рейтинговым агентством Moody's Investors Service было ожидаемым.

18 февраля, 16:00

Two Months Into the OPEC Deal... Will It Hold?

It’s been about two months since the finalization of the OPEC deal to cut oil production. Will the agreement hold? And how is it affecting the market?

Выбор редакции
18 февраля, 16:00

Best & Worst Weekly Performers: February 18 Edition

Here is a look at the 25 best and 25 worst ETFs from the past week. Traders can use this list to find prospective candidates that have deviated too far from their longer-term trends, thereby serving as potential starting points for those looking to take on either short or long positions. Likewise, traders can also use this list to spot potential trend reversal opportunities that may offer a generous risk/reward. As always, investors of all experience levels are advised to use stop-loss orders and practice disciplined profit-taking techniques.

Выбор редакции
18 февраля, 15:00

10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of French Drip coffee, grab a seat overlooking the beach, and get ready for our longer form vacation-based weekend reads: • Why Amazon Is The World’s Most Innovative Company Of 2017 (Fast Company) • The Business of Too Much TV (Vulture) • Alpha or Assets (Investor Field Guide) • Damodaran: Dividends and… Read More The post 10 Weekend Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

18 февраля, 10:00

A new Isa is offering tax-free returns of 12% – so what’s the catch?

The ‘innovative finance’ Isa is being hailed by some as the answer to years of miserable interest rates. We look at who’s offering them and how they workIt’s the new type of Isa offering returns of up to 12% – or perhaps even 20% in future. But are rates like this simply too good to be true? Things have been pretty grim for Britain’s savers for a long time now, with many people desperate to find ways to give their finances a boost. However, some experts are predicting that this is the year that a new tax-free account for peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding will shake up the savings market and bring some much-needed better news on returns.Peer-to-peer websites match borrowers (individuals or companies) with investors or lenders. They cut out the banks by putting people with money to lend in touch with those who want to borrow. Continue reading...

20 июля 2014, 20:24

Emerging market bond sales hit record high

International sovereign bond sales by emerging markets hit $69.47bn, a year-on-year jump of 54%, as low rates push investors into riskier assets

24 апреля 2013, 08:00

Potential and actual FDI spillovers in global value chains : the role of foreign investor characteristics, absorptive capacity and transmission channels

Using newly collected survey data on direct supplier-multinational linkages in Chile, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Vietnam, this paper first evaluates whether foreign investors differ from domestic producers in terms of their potential to generate positive spillovers for local suppliers. It finds that foreign firms outperform domestic producers on several indicators, but have fewer linkages with the local economy and offer less supplier assistance, resulting in offsetting effects on the spillover potential. The paper also studies the relationship between foreign investor characteristics and linkages with the local economy as well as assistance extended to local suppliers. It finds that foreign investor characteristics matter for both. The paper also examines the role of suppliers' absorptive capacities in determining the intensity of their linkages with multinationals. The results indicate that several supplier characteristics matter, but these effects also depend on the length of the supplier relationship. Finally, the paper assesses whether assistance or requirements from a multinational influence spillovers on suppliers. The results confirm the existence of positive effects of assistance (including technical audits, joint product development, and technology licensing) on foreign direct investment spillovers, while the analysis finds no evidence of demand effects.