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16 августа, 12:36

Britons to throw away £428m worth of barbecue food in August, study reveals

Exclusive: Nearly 12m barbecues in the UK likely to over-cater with food ranging from salads to burger rolls ending up in binsIt’s symbolised by dismal burgers and carbonised sausages served on paper plates with a splatter of ketchup. Yet with the great British summer well under way, Britons are this month set to throw away a staggering £428m worth of barbecue food, research reveals. In August the nation will brave the changeable weather to enjoy nearly 12m barbecues, with people on average either hosting or attending at least two of the seasonal gatherings. The new research from supermarket chain Sainsbury’s shows that hosts typically over-cater to impress friends and family, with more than half (49.2%) putting on a larger than necessary spread. Continue reading...

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11 августа, 09:01

Sainsbury’s says no to replacement for faulty Hotel Chocolat gift card

My friend bought the voucher from the supermarket but it didn’t workI was given a £25 Hotel Chocolat gift voucher by a friend who bought it from Sainsbury’s. When I tried to use it, the card could not be activated. A Hotel Chocolat store manager spent 15 minutes swiping it through machines then phoned the head office. He was told the card would have to be returned. But Sainsbury’s declared the card had been activated so there was nothing it could do. My friend’s local Sainsbury’s said it may be able to help if she returned the card. I have requested the card back from Sainsbury’s but have had no reply. Continue reading...

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06 августа, 19:17

Sainsbury's cost-saving measures will cut 1,000 head-office jobs

McKinsey, the management consultancy, is looking for ways that supermarket can reduce its headcount in next round of efficiency drive.Sainsbury’s is to cut more than 1,000 jobs at head office as part of a fresh efficiency drive designed to save £500m.The UK’s second-largest supermarket chain has drafted in McKinsey, the management consultancy, to draw up a headcount reduction plan. All the big supermarket chains have announced job cuts in recent years as they seek to compete with the fast-growing discounters Aldi and Lidl. Continue reading...

24 июля, 12:19

Asda планирует приобрести B&M European Value Retail

Как заявляют осведомленные источники, компания Asda, являющаяся британским подразделением американской сети Wal-Mart Stores, рассматривает возможность приобретения сети магазинов сниженных цен B&M European Value Retail, расположенной в Великобритании. Сообщается, что Asda готова предложить 4,4 млрд фунтов стерлингов ($5,7 млрд). Источники, знакомые с ситуацией, отмечают, что Asda и B&M находятся пока на начальной стадии переговоров, а представители самих компаний данную информацию не прокомментировали. Стоит отметить, что B&M является третьим по объемам годовых продаж представителем сектора ритейл в Великобритании после Tesco и Sainsbury's.

24 июля, 09:58

Asda планирует приобрести B&M European Value Retail

Как заявляют осведомленные источники, компания Asda, являющаяся британским подразделением американской сети Wal-Mart Stores, рассматривает возможность приобретения сети магазинов сниженных цен B&M European Value Retail, расположенной в Великобритании. Сообщается, что Asda готова предложить 4,4 млрд фунтов стерлингов ($5,7 млрд). Источники, знакомые с ситуацией, отмечают, что Asda и B&M находятся пока на начальной стадии переговоров, а представители самих компаний данную информацию не прокомментировали. Стоит отметить, что B&M является третьим по объемам годовых продаж представителем сектора ритейл в Великобритании после Tesco и Sainsbury's.

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20 июля, 15:00

From the army to Bristol Rovers: Tom Broadbent’s extraordinary journey

The defender describes being shot at in Afghanistan, having his biceps squeezed by Chelsea’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek at the FA Cup final and reveals why he is leaving the army to pursue his dreamTom Broadbent leans across the table at a coffee shop in Bristol, stretching out the huge, muscular frame that impressed a few Chelsea players a couple of months ago, and casually tells the story about the time he was shot at in Afghanistan while listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.It is quite a tale, even if Broadbent’s unassuming, laid-back demeanour suggests otherwise, and forms part of a fascinating and colourful story that includes handing over FA Cup medals in the royal box, working behind the hot food counter in Sainsbury’s and filing an entry for “Speedo fan of the year” via a photograph on social media. “Bloody hell, you have been digging around,” Broadbent says, breaking into laughter. Continue reading...

18 июля, 20:29

Think pink! How rosé became the booze of choice for millennials

Sales of the pink wine are booming – thanks to its Instagram-friendly hues, some trendy rebrands and a hot summer. But it’s not just thirsty twentysomethings we’ve got to thank for its renaissanceFor some readers – I’m talking about the kind of reader who spent their youth sinking two-for-a-fiver off licence bottles of pink zinfandel before every night out – this article should perhaps come with a trigger warning. Because rosé wine, the oft-maligned drink that could sometimes taste more like Ribena than Ribera del Duero, is having a moment. A roségence, if you will. And for those who remember the drink as a sweet, strawberry elixir that slipped down almost as effortlessly as it came back up, the very thought might bring on a hangover.You can’t argue with the numbers, though. Sales are up 16% year-on-year at Majestic, while Sainsbury’s has increased its range by 15% in order to keep up with the hot-weather demand for the drink. The Rosé festival is launching at the Geffrye Museum in east London this weekend, while the craze for frosé – rosé in slush form – is in full swing. Continue reading...

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17 июля, 10:00

Edible flowers in supermarkets is a trend I'd like to see wilt

Thanks to Bake Off and the Instagram generation, bags of marigolds and nasturtiums are clogging up the chiller cabinet. Can’t we just leave these floral garnishes in the garden?One recent Saturday morning, I lay in bed late, as is my wont, reading the paper. On the front page was a story about struggling British households, which face the worst squeeze on living standards since the 1970s: the result, mostly, of stagnant wage growth and rising prices. People are reining in their spending, the economy is weakening, and there are likely harder times ahead. On page three, however, the mood was a bit different, the headline shouting the arrival of edible flowers in British supermarkets – yours for £3 a punnet. The salad buyer at Waitrose, Tom Moore, talked of the appeal of such blooms for the “Instagram generation”, while his rival at Sainsbury’s, Vanessa Rider, described the way its new stocks of marigold, viola and monkey flower would enable customers to add, in the manner of lipstick to a tired face, “instant summer glamour” to their bowls of green stuff. Related: What's the point of posh salt? Continue reading...

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13 июля, 16:17

McKesson (MCK) Poised on Improving Generic and Brand Market

On Jul 12, we issued an updated research report on San Francisco, CA-based McKesson Corporation (MCK).

13 июля, 14:32

The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

Photo by Ferdinand Stohr When the term digital transformation was first bandied about by consultants and business publications, its implications were more about keeping up and catching up than true transformation. Additionally, at first it was only applied to large, traditional organizations struggling, or experimenting, in an increasingly digital economy. But true digital transformation requires so much more. As evidenced by the recent Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, we’re living in a new world. Early transformation efforts were focused on initiatives: e-commerce, sensors/internet of things, applications, client and customer experience, and so on. Increasingly, our clients are coming to us as they realize that in order for these disparate initiatives to thrive, they need to undergo an end-to-end transformation, the success of which demands dramatic operational, structural, and cultural shifts. Insight Center Crossing the Digital Divide Sponsored by DXC Technology How the best companies get up to speed. We started tracking the role of digital in the boardroom in 2012. Our formal research echoes the sentiment we hear from our clients in every engagement: The board of directors has a vital role to play in digital transformation. Though 63% of executives say that the partnership of the board is critical to the success of transformation efforts, only 27% report that the board serves as an advocate for current strategies. Early role descriptions for the addition of digital directors were focused on reacting to immediate disruption. These companies sought executives with experience running digital pure-play organizations, who would bring tech savvy and a Millennial mindset. Over the past five years, we’ve seen the role mature into four categories of leaders: Digital thinker. The director has had little direct interaction with digital as an operator but conceptually understands the digital environment. They have been a board director or adviser in a digital business but are not a digital native. Digital disruptor. The director has been deeply embedded in digital, often with experience from a pure-play company. This type of leader typically has less general management breadth. Digital leader. The director has had substantial experience running a traditional business that leverages digital in a significant way (retail or media, for example). It’s likely that this person has less hands-on digital experience but has managed disruption as a general manager. Digital transformer. The director has led or participated in a transformation of a traditional business. Typically the person does not have the seniority of a digital leader but is more digitally astute. Although there continues to be a need for digital disruptors at the board level (think Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO of TaskRabbit and director at HP and Nordstrom), increasingly we’re seeing and encouraging the appointment of leaders from the fourth category. As companies now look to incorporate their early digital investments into a more systematic, data-driven, end-to-end strategy, their leadership needs have evolved. Rather than placing an emphasis on disruptive forces, boards are increasingly seeking directors who bring operational capabilities and who could guide the re-engineering of the entire organization. Directors like SAP CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe (Maersk and Siemens) and Sainsbury’s Argos CMO/CDO Bertrand Bodson (Electrocomponents) bring experience navigating disruption and driving culture change, implementing data-driven strategies and decision-making processes, and organizing around an omnichannel experience and technology platform. While digital directors must be able to communicate how advances in subjects like artificial intelligence and big data will ultimately affect the entire enterprise, we counsel our clients to be wary of “single issue” board members — the ability to contribute to all governance matters is a critical competency of any board appointment. There is a common misconception that digitally savvy executives (regardless of profile) are less experienced, and therefore not capable of this kind of breadth, when in fact the average digital director is only one year younger (57) than traditional directors. The scarcity of digital talent with CEO experience, however, has provided open-minded companies with the opportunity to shift the traditional makeup of the boardroom; women account for 58% of the digital nonexecutive directors (NEDs) recently added to boards. As a result, 37% of digital NEDs are women (although they are only 19% of total NEDs). But digital directors cannot be the only voice on the subject of transformation. While these four profiles are the most common among the catalyst appointments we see, the distinction between digital and nondigital directors is breaking down. Nearly three decades into the internet revolution, executives across all industries are now digitally literate, if not fluent. As we transition into the hybrid phase of transformation — in which digital companies acquire brick-and-mortar businesses, and traditional businesses reorganize from end to end — it would behoove all directors to become more digitally cognizant. Ultimately, we advise companies to look for leaders who have strategic, general management backgrounds; who can speak with authority on customer perspective, vision and strategy, and leadership and culture; but who also bring commercial and investment acumen. As boards are recognizing that directors don’t necessarily need to bring prior CEO or board experience, they’re realizing the opportunities provided by a fresh set of eyes. We recommend pairing new board members with veterans to learn the ropes and assimilate into the culture, and integrating digital discussions into all strategic conversations. Digital transformation needs to be wholesale. Digital innovation needs to permeate and recast every aspect of the business and the board. Companies that do so will thrive in the new world, and those that do not, sooner or later, will fail.

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10 июля, 13:28

Ex-Sainsbury's Boss Being Not Entirely Open And Clear About Brexit Effects On Supermarket Prices

What really matters here to prices and choice in supermarkets is not Brexit itself but the policies we adopt after it. Unilateral free trade would probably mean choice rises and prices fall so that's probably what we should do, no?

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10 июля, 02:42

Ex-Sainsbury's boss warns Brexit will hit weekly shop

Brexit is going to mean "higher prices, less choice and poorer quality", says ex-Sainsbury's boss Justin King.

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10 июля, 02:02

Shoppers 'in the dark' about Brexit effect

Former Sainsbury's boss says shoppers are facing higher prices, less choice and poorer quality.

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09 июля, 20:08

Sainsbury’s finds itself in hot water over Fairtrade tea | Letters

The supermarket’s chief executive thinks the Fairtrade movement has become outdated, but Richard Webb disagreesMike Coupe is mistaken (Sainsbury’s under fire for dropping Fairtrade on tea, 6 July) in suggesting Fairtrade (and the Fairtrade mark) has become outdated. The Fairtrade mark is widely recognised and information is readily available for anyone unsure what it stands for (see the Fairtrade Foundation website). “Trying to bring clarity” to an environment with many different standards and labels (try to name more than three, Mr Coupe) by introducing yet another is not likely to succeed.History suggests that by taking back control, Sainsbury’s (following a lead by Cadbury) will bring benefits to the company and its shareholders rather than to its partner producers in the developing world. I will continue to buy only tea and chocolate that carry the Fairtrade mark (thank you, Co-op).Richard WebbPenistone Fairtrade Town Continue reading...

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07 июля, 19:04

Parliamentary motion calls on Sainsbury's to retain Fairtrade mark

Cross-party support ramps up pressure on supermarket, which recently launched its own ‘fairly traded’ scheme on teaNearly 40 MPs are backing a parliamentary motion calling on supermarkets to support the Fairtrade ethical mark amid fears the 25-year-old campaign faces collapse.The cross-party support ramps up pressure for a change of heart by Sainsbury’s, the biggest backer of Fairtrade in the UK, which recently began experimenting with its own “fairly traded” scheme on tea. Continue reading...

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05 июля, 21:07

Sainsbury's AGM faces protests over plan to drop Fairtrade tea

Campaigners and shareholders criticise board for decision to replace ‘gold standard’ ethical label with its own ‘fairly traded’ productSainsbury’s has been accused of undermining the Fairtrade movement by experimenting with dropping the ethical mark for its own label tea.A series of shareholders and campaign groups criticised the supermarket group for dropping Fairtrade at its annual meeting in London on Wednesday, in an increasingly fraught exchange with the company’s board. Outside the event, protesters carried placards expressing their concern at the development. Continue reading...

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05 июля, 10:15

Sainsbury's sales sizzle as shoppers snap up paddling pools

Supermarket posts best sales growth since March 2013 after hot weather drives rush for items including electric fansDemand for fresh fruit and veg and a dash for paddling pools, summer clothes and fans helped Sainsbury’s deliver its strongest sales growth in more than four years.Sales at stores open more than a year, excluding fuel, rose by 2.3% in the 16 weeks to 1 July, up from 0.3% in the previous three months partly thanks to the warm start to the summer. It was the strongest pace of growth since March 2013. Continue reading...

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04 июля, 22:30

Lloyds and the FCA must give full story on HBOS Reading fraud | Nils Pratley

How were complaints of fraud by small business customers handled, and by whom?Another day, another round of apologies and expressions of deep regret from Lloyds for the victims of the HBOS Reading fraud. The occasion this time was the publication of a few passages from a 2012 regulator’s report that had previously been redacted while police investigated the scandal.The relevant paragraphs show that Reading alone was responsible for £240m of the provisioning in HBOS’s accounts in 2007. The figure tallies with sums that emerged during this year’s court case that led to the jailing of six individuals. But the timing of the £240m provision is interesting. It suggests that Lloyds, which bought HBOS in January 2009, would have known the size of the mess in Reading on day one of its ownership. Continue reading...

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04 июля, 10:04

Sainsbury rises 1.5% after sales, cost-savings report

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