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Wines and whisky for Burns Night | David Williams

Haggis, neeps and tatties don’t taste the same without a wee dram to toast Scotland’s most famous poetLes Calèches de Lanessan, Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France 2011 (from £16.99, T Wright Wine; Rodney Fletcher Vintners; Wood Winters) What to drink on Burns Night, an evening that offers a welcome fizzle of festivity in the January murk, even for Sassanachs? Whisky, of course, and you can find a dram or two below. For drinking with the haggis, however, another drink, one with which the Scots have strong historical links, makes an equally satisfying match. The wines of Bordeaux have had favoured status north of the border since the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France began in 1295, with Scots merchants enjoying the pick of the best barrels over their English rivals. Clarets to consider for this year’s celebration on Thursday include the mellow, cedary savouriness of Les Calèches de Lanessan, or the youthfully exuberant crunchiness of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Claret 2015 (£7).Champagne Lanson Extra Age Brut, France NV (from £45, Marks & Spencer; Laithwaites) Most restaurants and hotels putting on Burns suppers will offer sparkling wine as a toasting alternative for those who don’t have the taste – or constitution – for whisky. If you’re celebrating at home, and money is not too much of an object, Veuve Clicquot Extra Old Extra Brut NV (from £67.50, Harrods, Champagne Direct) is an outstandingly graceful, filigree blend of older wines from a producer with a slightly tangential Scottish link: its oldest existing bottle (an 1893 vintage) was found locked in a cupboard in a castle on the Isle of Mull a decade ago. In a similar style, Lanson’s Extra Age Brut blends three fine vintages for invigorating creamy elegance, while Aldi Exquisite Crémant de Jura, France (£7.99) is a lipsmacking bargain fizz. Continue reading...

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Supermarkets under pressure to reveal amount of plastic they create

Leading UK retailers say information is too ‘commercially sensitive’ to reveal, following Guardian report they make almost 1m tonnes a yearNearly 1m tonnes every year: supermarkets shamed for plastic packagingSupermarkets are coming under growing pressure from politicians and campaigners to reveal the amount of plastic they create, and pay more towards its safe disposal, following a Guardian investigation.Amid mounting concern about the devastating environmental impact of plastic pollution around the globe, the Guardian revealed on Wednesday that the UK’s leading supermarkets create almost 1m tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year. Continue reading...

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Just writing 'Dear CEO' letters won't protect the spread-betting punters | Nils Pratley

The FCA’s review of how contracts-for-difference are sold and marketed demands more than just a warning to the industryEach time regulators lift the lid on the spread-betting industry the stench turns out to be horrible.“Consumers may be at serious risk of harm from poor practices,” says the Financial Conduct Authority after a 12-month review of how contracts-for-difference, or CFDs, are sold and marketed to amateur punters. By FCA standards, the language is extreme. Others might say it is describing a right old racket. Continue reading...

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Sainsbury's warns of challenging market as Argos sales slide

Supermarket reports quarterly sales in line with expectations but its Argos chain struggles over Christmas periodSainsbury’s has warned of a challenging market as it reported sales in line with expectations despite a tough time for its Argos chain.Sales at established stores rose by 1.1% in the three months to 6 January and total sales were up by 1.2%. The company said grocery sales increased by 2.3%, behind the pace of food price inflation, but ahead of the 1.4% growth achieved in the previous quarter. Continue reading...

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UK shoppers spend £1bn more on groceries at Christmas

Aldi and Lidl are the biggest winners, while Tesco is the fastest-growing of the big four supermarketsConsumers spent £1bn extra on groceries this Christmas as they shrugged off concerns about the economy to increase sales by 3.8%, slightly ahead of inflation.Shoppers parted with £747m on 22 December alone, making the Friday before Christmas the busiest groceries shopping day ever recorded. Continue reading...

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14 декабря 2017, 10:00

Three cars damaged … but bang goes any compensation

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Shell … from flying missiles to sliding trolleys getting redress for the repair bill proves near impossibleDamaged cars and your rights to compensation are the theme of the week. AP of Sheffield was parked at Sainsbury’s when it was struck by a convoy of trolleys being pushed by a staff member. “He left a note admitting what had happened,” she writes. “The store manager told me to ring customer services and customer services referred me back to the store. “I called head office and was told to obtain two quotes for the repair and give them to the store for authorisation. I did this, and was then told only head office could authorise repairs. Continue reading...

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13 декабря 2017, 17:30

The Christmas ad formula? Kids, animals, but, most of all, emotions

The ad agency executive behind Marks & Spencer’s Christmas offering explains why brands feel the need to tug so hard on the heartstringsArgos kicked-off this year’s seasonal offerings with a rocket-powered sleigh, closely followed by House of Fraser, Boots, John Lewis and Waitrose. Then, after a little break for Remembrance Sunday, Sainsbury’s finally revealed its wares with a singalong-a-sprout, sparking a Twitter frenzy.Christmas TV ads have become a British tradition, discussed and debated as much as Bake Off, Boris and Brexit. Continue reading...

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12 декабря 2017, 20:42

Palmer & Harvey: 400 more workers lose jobs weeks before Christmas

Administrators say they have failed to secure deal to sell part of wholesaler, resulting in new round of redundanciesMore than 400 more people have lost their jobs at the groceries wholesaler Palmer & Harvey less than a fortnight before Christmas as administrators’ attempts to sell part of the business failed.The group, which delivered goods to 90,000 grocery and convenience stores, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and the Costcutter chain, called in administrators last month, resulting in 2,500 immediate redundancies. Continue reading...

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Запрет на самооборону в Британии

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В Британии, где сегодня гражданам отказано в праве на самооборону с оружием в руках, а самозащита вообще возведена в ранг преступления, нормы оружейного права цитируются зачастую как анекдоты. Чего стоит уголовное преследование за реалистично выглядящий детский пистолет или запрет на использование разделочных ножей в мясных лавках... и все с целью общественной безопасности! Дошло ведь до […]

05 декабря 2017, 17:44

Alphabet's YouTube to Toughen Stance on Disturbing Content

Alphabet (GOOGL) is extending the use of machine learning to flag inappropriate content.

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Tesco shares up 3.4%, rising alongside Morrison and Sainsbury

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

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29 ноября 2017, 22:37

Just Eat £5.5bn valuation: online takeaway company now worth more than M&S

UK consumers’ love for pizza and curry delivered to their door sees takeaway company enter FTSE 100Just Eat, the online takeaway company, was on Wednesday night officially promoted into the FTSE 100 list of Britain’s blue chip companies, with a valuation of £5.5bn – making it worth half a billion pounds more than the UK’s second biggest supermarket chain .The UK’s love affair with having pizzas, curries and kebabs delivered to their door has spawned a mobile food business with no products and no outlets that is more highly valued than Sainsbury’s, which sells 90,000 products through 1,400 stores – and also owns the Argos chain. Just Eat is also worth more than Morrisons and Marks & Spencer. Continue reading...

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23 ноября 2017, 21:27

Just Eat poised to enter FTSE 100 after value soars past Sainsbury's

Takeaway website in line to join blue-chip index in quarterly review as more and more Britons shun cookingJust Eat is on course to enter the FTSE 100 after its stock market value rose higher than Sainsbury’s.The takeaway website has soared in value since making its stock market debut in 2014, with the company now worth £5.6bn after gobbling up smaller rivals including Hungryhouse and SkipTheDishes. Continue reading...

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18 ноября 2017, 09:59

Cost of Christmas dinner rises 5% – but there’s good news from Brussels … sprouts

As food prices rise in the wake of Brexit, we count the cost of your festive feast. But you don’t have to be a Scrooge – £20 can still feed six peopleThe big supermarkets have raised the cost of Christmas dinner by around 5% this year, according to analysis for Guardian Money, far outstripping the 2.1% rise in average wages in 2017. But while Brexit may be blamed for food price rises, there is good news from Brussels – sprouts are down by as much as a third.You may, however, have to be parsimonious with the parsnips this year. Our analysis, carried out by price comparison site mysupermarket.com, found that the cost of the vegetable at Sainsbury’s is 67% higher than last year. But the data also reveals sharp deviations between the major groups, with Morrisons charging less compared to last year. Continue reading...

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17 ноября 2017, 16:46

WalMart (WMT) Soars: Stock Adds 10.9% in Session

WalMart (WMT) shares rose nearly 11% in the last trading session, amid huge volumes.

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14 ноября 2017, 03:01

Most UK supermarkets falling short in fight against antibiotics crisis

Overuse of antibiotics on farms is major cause of growing resistance in humans, as campaigners name Lidl as worst performerMost of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains are falling short on measures to reduce the use of antibiotics in the production of the meat and animal products they sell, campaigners have warned, with potentially harmful impacts on human health.Lidl performed worst of the nine supermarket chains examined by the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, a pressure group made up of several NGOs. Continue reading...

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12 ноября 2017, 20:00

How to Stay Alive by Bear Grylls – digested read

‘Nipping out for milk? Take a 12-inch knife, a defibrillator, three chicken tikka masalas and a solar-powered microwave oven’The world is a dangerous place. More than 151,600 people die each day. You could be one of them if you don’t learn a few basic survival tips. Here are the rules on how to stay alive.Never Leave the House Without a 100kg Bergen Rucksack Thousands of people get lost in forests each year on what they thought was a simple walk from their house to buy a carton of milk. Travelling with the right supplies can mean the difference between life and death. I always take a gallon of drinking water, a 12-inch knife, a defibrillator, three Sainsbury’s heat-up chicken tikka masalas, and a solar-powered microwave oven. Continue reading...

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12 ноября 2017, 18:58

Fairtrade Kenyan roses project audited amid corruption fears

Supplier of cut flowers to UK supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Morrisons orders inquiry into distribution of fundsA flagship Fairtrade project that produces roses for some of Britain’s biggest supermarkets has been embroiled in a corruption investigation.Oserian, which supplies Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, the Co-op and Aldi with cut flowers from Kenya, ordered a forensic audit into the way $1m (£760,000) of Fairtrade funds were distributed by community representatives amid allegations bribes had been paid for bursaries. Continue reading...

10 ноября 2017, 18:42

Former Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman: ‘I find the idea that there was a posh cabal offensive’

Since stepping down from the fashion magazine after 25 years, Shulman has been accused of having run a ‘Sloanie club’ and taking swipes at her successor, Edward Enninful. Was Naomi Campbell right to suggest that her Vogue had a diversity problem?The former editor of Vogue took a recent trip to Sainsbury’s at 3pm. “And to me that was so interesting. I’ve not been in a supermarket on a weekday afternoon for 35, 40 years or something. I was just interested in who was in there, what people are buying, what the parking was like. I’m interested in all this stuff.”Since standing down in June from the magazine she edited for 25 years, Alexandra Shulman has been having the loveliest time. She has taken holidays, attended cultural events and, she says: “I have that sort of slightly horrible sort of happy-clappy feeling about me, you know, smiling everywhere as if I’d found God. It’s not like I was longing to be free from Vogue,” she adds hastily. “I just thought, 25 years is such a huge amount of your life to spend sitting in the same building.” Continue reading...

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09 ноября 2017, 22:36

Sainsbury's boss blames 'soggy August' for sales slowdown

Chief executive says ‘there is nothing in the numbers that give cause for concern about Christmas’ as pre-tax profits fall 9%Shoppers are not “pulling on the handbrake”, the chief executive of Sainsbury’s insisted as he blamed a soggy August for a recent slowdown in sales growth.The supermarket revealed a 9% fall in pre-tax profits to £251m in the six months to 23 September as rising costs offset a 1.6% rise in sales at established stores. Continue reading...