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16 октября, 17:31

Sainsbury’s-Asda inquiry to examine sale of petrol, toys and kids' clothes

CMA highlights areas it will cover in merger of UK’s second- and third-largest supermarketsThe competition watchdog has announced that, in addition to groceries, its inquiry into Sainsbury’s planned buyout of Asda will examine the sale of petrol, toys, school uniforms and small kitchen appliances.The extent to which fast-growing discount chains Aldi and Lidl act as “close alternatives” to the two traditional grocers will also be considered by the Competition and Markets Authority, according to a statement outlining the major issues it is considering in relation to the £10bn merger of the UK’s second- and third-largest supermarkets. Continue reading...

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30 сентября, 16:18

Sainsbury's plans push into UK beauty market

Supermarket to test beauty aisles staffed with specialists in 11 stores around the UK Sainsbury’s is taking on Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams with department store-style beauty aisles staffed with specialist assistants.As part of a substantial push into the UK’s £2.8bn beauty market, which is continuing to grow while fashion and homeware sales fall back, the larger beauty aisles will be tested out in 11 stores around the country and taken to more stores next year if it proves a success. Continue reading...

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27 сентября, 15:45

Sainsbury's and Asda may have to offload 460 stores to seal merger

The supermarkets’ catchment areas overlap in 463 places, competition watchdog findsSainsbury’s and Asda could be forced to offload more than 460 stores to satisfy the competition watchdog before a planned merger. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it had found a “realistic prospect of a significant lessening of competition” in 463 places in the UK where local supermarkets’ catchment areas overlapped.The CMA announced last week that it had referred Sainsbury’s plan to buy Asda to a more in-depth “phase two” investigation, but a 21-page ruling published on Thursday gives the full detail behind that decision. Continue reading...

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25 сентября, 02:01

UK grocers pledge to halve food waste from 'farm to fork' by 2030

Roadmap outlines steps firms must take to reduce waste at every stage of supply chainLarge supermarkets and manufacturers are signing up to efforts to drive down the UK’s annual £20bn food waste bill by committing to halving waste from “farm to fork” by 2030.A roadmap being published on Tuesday by the government’s waste reduction body, Wrap, and the food and grocery charity IGD sets a series of milestones for businesses to reduce waste at every stage of the supply chain. The annual bill is equivalent to more than £300 per UK citizen. Continue reading...

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15 сентября, 18:00

Low prices and no frills: can Tesco’s secret plan defeat Lidl and Aldi?

All eyes will be on the launch of discount chain Jack’s for clues as to whether the UK’s biggest grocer can operate as well as its sharp German rivals at the cheapest end of the marketThe Tesco founder, Jack Cohen, was an enterprising market trader who brought modern supermarket retailing to postwar Britain. Nearly a century later, Cohen, nicknamed “Slasher Jack” because he liked to “pile it high and sell it cheap”, is making a high street comeback.On Wednesday, Tesco will unveil Jack’s, a discount chain named after its no-nonsense founder who famously gave top lieutenants tie-pins engraved “YCDBSOYA” – an abbreviation of “you can’t do business sitting on your arse”. Continue reading...

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05 сентября, 20:37

'A great place to drink': how a Sainsbury's car park tunnel became Bude's top attraction

TripAdvisor’s reviewers may have been joking when they rated a 70m Perspex tunnel as the best place for tourists to visit in the Cornish town. But some clearly believe in its magicIt is the stately pleasure dome of Kubla Khan, extruded onwards. It is the triumphal arch for a future Cornish victory in an as yet unwritten English civil war. It is the Perspex tunnel linking Bude Sainsbury’s with a Sainsbury’s-affiliated car park; it is 230ft (70m) long, and it is now a celebrity. News that this outwardly unremarkable tunnel, originally designed to keep shoppers dry, is the Cornish town’s highest-ranking tourist attraction on TripAdvisor has rocked mildly amusing portions of the internet in the past few days.Nineteen-year-old Amy Cox believes its primal tug is essentially communitarian: “It’s a great place to go when you’re a teenager, to drink, if you’ve got nowhere else to go.” Continue reading...

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23 августа, 14:42

Competition watchdog to scrutinise merger of Sainsbury's and Asda

Proposed £12bn deal’s impact on shoppers and suppliers to be investigatedThe competition watchdog has launched a formal investigation into whether the proposed £12bn merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda could hurt consumers and the small businesses that supply the supermarkets.The Competition and Markets Authority said it would look at how the deal could drive up prices and affect quality in the groceries market as well as in the areas of fuel, electricals, children’s toys and clothing. Continue reading...

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25 июня, 16:47

Supermarket watchdog's oversight may extend to Amazon and Boots

Grocery Code Adjudicator hopes to win new powers after complaints from suppliersThe grocery industry watchdog is hoping to win new powers to oversee Amazon and Boots after receiving numerous complaints about their treatment of suppliers.Christine Tacon, the Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA), already oversees 10 retailers including the big four supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons – and has the power to issue multi-million pound fines if suppliers are treated poorly. Continue reading...

12 июня, 20:13

Cut out meat, pets and kids to save the Earth | Letters

Readers react to George Monbiot’s article on dropping meat and dairy, news about Sainsbury’s selling vegan ‘fake meats’ , and a report on meat being found in vegan and vegetarian mealsAlongside George Monbiot’s suggestion (Want to save the planet? Drop meat and dairy, 8 June), another way to reduce greenhouse gases is to stop keeping pets. It’s been calculated that an average dog has an ecological footprint twice as large as that of a large car.Like meat-eating, pet ownership is nowadays encouraged by a vast industry; the pet insurance sector alone is said to generate more of Britain’s GDP than fishing does. The production of pet food, provision of veterinary services and breeding the creatures are big businesses, all with an interest in promoting the alleged benefits of owning a furry friend. Continue reading...

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11 июня, 02:01

Sainsbury's to sell vegan 'fake meats' next to real thing in trial

Exclusive: Supermarket targets UK’s estimated 22m ‘flexitarians’ with vegan-friendly rangeBritish shoppers will soon be able to find “fake” meats – including burgers that ooze lookalike “blood” when cut open – in the chiller section alongside real meats, as Sainsbury’s announced its new vegan-friendly range would go on sale this month.As more people drop meat from their diet, shops are catering to consumers’ changing eating habits. Sainsbury’s is hoping to capitalise not only on the burgeoning vegan market but also the UK’s estimated 22 million “flexitarians”, who enjoy meat but want to reduce their meat consumption. Continue reading...

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09 июня, 02:05

Watchdog examines claims meat was found in vegan ready meals

Investigation launched by the Food Standards Agency into leading supermarket productsThe food watchdog is investigating claims meat was found in ready meals advertised in major supermarkets as suitable for vegans and vegetarians.The Food Standards Agency (FSA) made the move on Friday after a newspaper report alleged that traces of pork were found in Sainsbury’s own brand “meat-free” meatballs, and traces of turkey were detected in a Tesco macaroni ready meal, which is part of the supermarket’s new vegan foods line. Continue reading...

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08 июня, 18:54

Sainsbury's chief 'in the money' with £3.4m pay package

Mike Coupe’s annual wage rose by more than £1m last year as 9,000 shop staff face pay cutThe chief executive of Sainsbury’s is “in the money”, having earned nearly £3.4m in the past year – up 45% on the previous year – as a result of a big cash bonus and incentive scheme payouts.Mike Coupe was widely mocked in April when he was filmed singing one of the best known songs from the musical 42nd Street. An accomplished musician, he was caught off-guard singing while waiting to be interviewed on ITV about a planned merger with Asda. Continue reading...

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01 июня, 13:43

Asda profits fell by 10% last year after price cuts

Retailer blames investment in lowering prices as it fought back against Aldi and LidlAsda, the supermarket chain being taken over by larger rival Sainsbury’s, has revealed a 10% slump in annual profits for 2017.The supermarket blamed price cuts and an overhaul of its own-brand products for the decline in pre-tax profits as its regrouped to fight back against the discounters Aldi and Lidl. Continue reading...

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31 мая, 18:08

No wonder people on benefits live in fear. Supermarkets spy on them now | Jay Watts

It’s bad enough that we demonise the poor and disabled – now they can’t even leave their homes or use social media in peaceUntil a few years ago, if a patient with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia told you that they were being watched by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), most mental health practitioners would presume this to be a sign of illness. This is not the case today. The level of scrutiny all benefits claimants feel under is so brutalthat it is no surprise that supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has a policy to share CCTV “where we are asked to do so by a public or regulatory authority such as the police or the Department for Work and Pensions”. Gym memberships, airport footage and surveillance video from public buildings are now used to build cases against claimants, with posts from social media used to suggest people are lying about their disabilities. More and more private companies are being asked to send in footage. The atmosphere is one of pervasive suspicion, fuelled by TV programmes such as Benefits Street and successive governments’ mentality of “strivers v skivers”. Continue reading...

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30 мая, 13:09

Royal wedding and FA Cup boost UK supermarket sales

Shoppers spent £415m on the Friday before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex marriedSunny weather, the royal wedding and the FA Cup sparked bumper sales of burgers, sun cream and non-alcoholic beer, with shoppers splashing out £415m on the Friday before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot and Chelsea beat Manchester United.The grocery market rose by 2.7% in the three months to 20 May, up from 2% reported a month ago, according to Kantar Worldpanel. Continue reading...

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25 мая, 09:00

Sainsbury’s Bank and Santander pass the buck when I fall victim to ID fraud

The fraudulent loan is still showing on my credit record months later and neither bank seems botheredLast year I was the victim of identity fraud. When checking my credit report, I discovered a current account at Santander I had not applied for. The fraudster had taken out a loan from Sainsbury’s Bank for £11,420 and paid it into the Santander account. Sainsbury’s was informed and it raised an indemnity against Santander to recover the money, but told me my credit file would not be corrected until this was done. Continue reading...

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14 мая, 08:01

Morrisons offers boost to 'honesty' fridge network

Supermarket’s £45,000 funding will double number of fridges distributing food to communitiesA fledgling UK network of community or “honesty” fridges, which offer free food to those with limited means, is set to double in size in six months, thanks to funding from a major supermarket.The Community Fridge Network, run by environmental charity Hubbub, is to receive £45,000 from Morrisons, it will be announced this week, allowing it to increase the total of 31 fridges to 58 by November. Continue reading...

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07 мая, 18:46

Sainsbury's-Asda deal risks environmental harm, say campaigners

Regulators told shortcuts may be taken as pressure grows on producers from price cutsThe proposed merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda puts too much power in the hands of large retailers and will have a damaging impact on the environment, regulators have been warned.Food campaigners, environmentalists and farmers’ leaders are claiming the proposed deal, and the accompanying promise to further drive down prices, will put more pressure on producers, many of which may be forced to cut corners on environmental safeguards and shelve green initiatives. Continue reading...

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06 мая, 18:08

Rotten results: Sainsbury's drops project to halve food waste

Residents in Derbyshire pilot town cut waste by only 9% despite free gadgets and toolsSainsbury’s has abandoned a £10m project to halve food waste in a designated town across Britain after a year-long trial produced miserable results.The supermarket group gave families in one town, Swadlincote in south Derbyshire, free gadgets to cut food waste – such as devices to measure the correct amount of spaghetti to cook, “smart” fridges to control content and temperatures more accurately, food planners and magnetic shopping lists – and monitored the results. Continue reading...

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06 мая, 16:31

Sainsbury's-Asda merger could lead to 'monopoly' towns in UK

MPs call on regulator to protect communities in Torquay, Brighton, Paignton, Lancaster and KirkcaldyTorquay, Paignton, Lancaster, Brighton and Kirkcaldy could become Sainsbury’s “monopoly” towns if its planned merger with Asda goes ahead, prompting MPs to demand action to protect local communities.The proposed merger of the two supermarket chains will leave little or no major supermarket competition in the towns, opening the possibility of a local monopoly and a headache for competition authorities, which could order a sell-off but find no buyers. Continue reading...