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08 ноября, 20:20

Kidnapped students in Cameroon reunited with their parents

Pupils put under ‘school arrest’ by government after release from kidnapping allowed to go homeDozens of students who were freed from kidnappers only to be put under effective “school arrest” by the Cameroonian government have been reunited with their parents.The governor of the north-west region had insisted lessons go on after their capture, and security personnel were deployed to Nkwen Presbyterian secondary school in Bamenda, stopping parents from removing their children on Thursday. Continue reading...

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08 ноября, 18:20

Infiuss : An Award-winning #Cameroon based online blood bank #startup founded by Melissa Bime

From VentureBurn:Two years ago after graduating from nursing school in Cameroon, a helpless Melissa Bime watched as a five-year-old patient of hers died — because she could not get a blood transfusion. The tragic event inspired Bime to seek a solution. It’s when she decided to start Infiuss. The Yaounde-based startup offers an online blood bank, as well as a digital supply-chain platform that helps connect those hospitals that do have blood banks to those that don’t. “I wanted to be able to solve this problem of access to life-saving blood,” says Bime (pictured above), who was last month selected as the winner of this year’s Anzisha Prize, walking away with $25 000 in funding...[more]

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07 ноября, 15:11

Cameroon: kidnapped pupils released, say authorities

Dozens freed after being taken by separatists but principal and teacher still missingDozens of pupils kidnapped from a Presbyterian boarding school in Cameroon three days ago have been released, according to school and church authorities.About 79 children were taken from their dormitories by armed men on Sunday night. Witnesses described being beaten, slapped and lectured on the living conditions at the school, before the attackers left with the principal, a teacher, a driver and the students. The principal and the teacher are apparently still missing. Continue reading...

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07 ноября, 13:49

Cameroon Students Have Been Released, Officials Say

While the circumstances of the mass kidnapping remain unclear, more than 70 teenagers were returned to their school by masked men.

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05 ноября, 21:24

Cameroon School Kidnappings Are Reported Amid Secession Battle

The school is in a part of Cameroon where separatists have been fighting the government to form their own country. Students have been caught in the middle.

05 ноября, 19:45

Golar 3Q Profits Helped by Ghana Cash

Cash from a Ghana contract lifted the specialist LNG shipowner's 3Q net income, while its sister company will earn from a 15-year charter in Jamaica starting early 2019.

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05 ноября, 16:46

Cameroon: 79 pupils kidnapped from boarding school

Students describe late-night armed raid in English-speaking town of BamendaSuspected secessionists in Cameroon have kidnapped dozens of pupils from a boarding school in an attack reminiscent of Boko Haram’s abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria in 2014.The attackers arrived at Presbyterian secondary school Nkwen in Bamenda, the capital of the English-speaking north-west region, on Sunday night. They kidnapped more than 80 people, including the principal, a teacher and a driver, as well as 79 students, according to the regional administrator. Security guards who usually man the entrance to the school were nowhere to be seen, sources said. Continue reading...

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31 октября, 02:45

American Missionary Killed in Cameroon Amid Armed Conflict

Charles Trumann Wesco, a missionary from Indiana, was shot in the head during fighting between armed separatists and soldiers.

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28 октября, 13:00

Biogas in Cameroon from Renewable Energy Cameroon

DW profiles Renewable Energy Cameroon:

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22 октября, 17:33

Biya wins again in Cameroon as crackdown disrupts anglophone vote

Longtime leader credited with 71% of vote but many people were too scared to take partCameroon’s octogenarian president, Paul Biya, who has held power for 36 years, has won another term after an election marred by allegations of fraud and in which many people were too scared to vote.Biya was declared the winner on Monday with 71.28% of the votes cast in the election on 7 October. Maurice Kamto, the opposition leader who had declared himself the winner a few hours after the polls closed, refused to attend the declaration ceremony after his party was said to have taken just 14% of the vote. Continue reading...

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22 октября, 14:30

VOG Still Lacks Key Client, Gets Creative

Victoria Oil & Gas is trying new gas sales strategies in Cameroon and seeking to sell a minor Russian asset.

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21 октября, 19:28

Cameroon locks down major cities before release of election results

Riot police on streets and opposition activist prevented from attending protest Cameroon’s two major cities were tense on Sunday and riot police were on the streets as security forces try to prevent protests before the results of the country’s controversial presidential election are released.Dozens of riot police, some armed with machine guns, surrounded the activist and politician Kah Walla’s house on Sunday afternoon, preventing her from leaving to attend a peaceful demonstration planned in the centre of Douala, the economic capital. Continue reading...

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16 октября, 08:29

Выборы в Камеруне: гипотезы и прогнозы

            7 октября 2018 года в Камеруне состоятся президентские выборы. На очередной срок выдвигает свою кандидатуру действующий президент, 85-летний Поль Бийя. Представитель народа фанг, он уже с 60-х годов XX века занимал министерские посты в стране, с 1975 года был премьер-министром, а с 1982 года по сей день является вторым президентом Камеруна, сменив первого президента Ахмаду Ахиджо (правившего в 1960 – 1982 годах). Одновременно Бийя занимает пост лидера правящей партии – Демократического объединения Камерунского народа.

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07 октября, 19:13

Gunfire in Cameroon's anglophone regions deters voters on polling day

85-year-old incumbent, Paul Biya, runs for seventh term as president amid fighting between rebels and militaryVoters in English-speaking regions of Cameroon went to the polls on Sunday amid gunfire and confrontations between the country’s military and separatists.The country’s 85-year-old president, Paul Biya, is running for a seventh term in the central African country where anglophone rebels have been fighting for secession from the francophone majority, prompting a fierce crackdown by government forces. Continue reading...

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06 октября, 12:30

Cameroon on Brink of Civil War as English Speakers Recount ‘Unbearable’ Horrors

A crackdown on separatists has emptied cities amid accounts of soldiers burning homes and shooting civilians. Despite the chaos, the country holds an election Sunday.

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05 октября, 07:00

Fear of repression looms over voters before Cameroon poll

Separatists in English-speaking regions vow to boycott presidential election, after months of worsening violence Many Cameroonians face being unable to vote in the country’s election on Sunday because of insecurity and fear driven by worsening violence in its anglophone regions.Paul Biya, the 85-year-old who has ruled Cameroon since 1982, looks set to capitalise on a divided opposition to easily win his fifth election since reluctantly adopting a multiparty system in 1992. Continue reading...

28 сентября, 17:30

VOG Still Without Key Cameroon Client

The ongoing lack of a key customer is bad news for this onshore Cameroon gas producer - as well as for the country's power supplies.

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24 сентября, 23:05

Thousands Flee in Cameroon as Separatists Battle for New Nation

As the country prepares for a presidential election, violence is surging in a battle that has claimed an estimated 400 lives and displaced thousands.

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21 сентября, 09:00

'Imagine in five years': how education became a casualty of Cameroon's war

As schools close their doors amid the ongoing anglophone crisis, families in Cameroon are growing ever more anxious about what the future holds for their children If Simon had the chance to tell his class about his summer holidays, the seven-year-old Simon would no doubt mention the large tarpaulin sack that for almost four months served as his sleeping bag and his magic carpet.When the family fled their home in the town of Batibo, in Cameroon’s north west, his mother used grain bags to carry her two youngest children as Simon ran alongside. Later, out in the open jungle, all three children slept inside the bags. Continue reading...

21 сентября, 07:00

Young Africa: new wave of politicians challenges old guard

Bobi Wine’s return to Uganda highlights potential leaders testing ageing, entrenched power across the continentA wave of young politicians and activists are challenging ageing leaders across much of Africa, reflecting seismic shifts on the continent that are poised to dramatically change the lives of hundreds of millions of people.The new generation of politicians are in their mid-30s and can barely remember the cold war or the conflicts that brought many autocrats or ruling parties to power. Often educated and urban, they are at the intersection of massive changes that experts say may dramatically strengthen democracy in Africa in decades to come. Continue reading...