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15 сентября, 13:42

Цена шпионажа. Alphabet решил вложить в главного конкурента Uber $1 млрд

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В мае 2017 года компания Waymo, разработчик беспилотных автомобилей для Google, объявила о сотрудничестве в создании новых технологий с сервисом такси Lyft

15 сентября, 12:08

The Loneliest President

He’s increasingly isolated in the White House, but for Donald Trump, being alone is not a liability. It’s where he’s most comfortable.

19 августа, 09:17

США: еще один советник Трампа оставляет свой пост

Миллиардер Карл Айкан сообщил в пятницу, что более не будет выступать в качестве специального советника...

19 августа, 02:50

Миллиардер Карл Айкан подал в отставку с поста спецсоветника Дональда Трампа

Инвестор миллиардер Карл Айкан объявил об уходе в отставку с поста специального советника президента США Дональда Трампа по вопросам реформы системы регулирования рынков. Господин Айкан принял решение после того как его заподозрили в том, что деятельность в качестве спецсоветника может благоприятно отразиться на его собственных инвестициях. По мнению демократов, занимаемый миллиардером пост стал причиной конфликта интересов.Из письма бизнесмена к Дональду Трампу становится понятно, что в последнее время он получил запросы о своей роли в администрации в связи с назначением официального руководителя управления по вопросам информации и регулированию, которым стала Неоми Рао.«Как бы то ни было, я принял решение (с вашего благословения) прекратить наше сотрудничество, поскольку я не хочу партийных споров о моей роли, которые могут омрачить вашу администрацию и работу мисс Роа»,— написал господин Айкан. В письме…

24 июня, 00:41

CNN Draws Sean Spicer Like One Of Your French Girls

CNN brought in a courtroom sketch artist to illustrate Sean Spicer’s camera-free briefing — the press secretary will let the illustrator’s craftsmanship speak for itself. Joe Biden called activist investor Bill Ackman an “asshole,” so you can pretty much expect Carl Icahn to bankroll his 2020 presidential campaign. And Donald Trump can’t stop incriminating himself. We swear, if you gave the guy a Cessna with a skywriting smoke dispenser attached to it, vacationers on the Eastern Shore would soon know that he is trying to obstruct a federal investigation. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, June 23rd, 2017: CNN sent Bill Hennessy, the network's regular Supreme Court sketch artist, to the White House briefing today. https://t.co/c0yvofNinq pic.twitter.com/issRqyl9i8— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) June 23, 2017 DEAN HELLER HAS NOTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT THE HEALTH CARE BILL - He sounded like he’s been reading HuffPost’s health care coverage, tbh. Jeffrey Young: “Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) on Friday offered a harsh assessment of Senate Republicans’ health care bill and vowed to withhold his support for it unless it is altered significantly…. Speaking at a joint press conference with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) in Las Vegas, Heller said the Senate bill must protect states, like his, that expanded Medicaid and preserve gains in coverage that resulted from the Affordable Care Act. ‘In this form, I will not support it,’ Heller said. ‘It’s going to be very difficult to get me to a yes. They have a lot of work to do.’″ [HuffPost] PRO-TRUMP GROUP TARGETING HELLER - Matthew Nussbaum: “America First Policies, a group started by some of President Donald Trump’s campaign advisers, is set to launch an advertising blitz against Nevada’s Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who on Friday came out against the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill without significant changes. Heller is up for re-election in 2018 and is seen as one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans in that cycle. The ad blitz is backed by more than a million dollars, according to a source familiar with the planning, and the digital component is set to launch this weekend. The television and radio component will launch next week. Heller, according to the official, has also indicated privately to the White House that he is unlikely to get to ‘yes’ on the current Senate version of the bill.” [Politico] INSIDE THE OBAMA ADMIN’S ATTEMPTS TO PUNISH RUSSIA - Instead, it turned into a pseudo-apology tour. Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous: “Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried ‘eyes only’ instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides…. Obama also approved a previously undisclosed covert measure that authorized planting cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure, the digital equivalent of bombs that could be detonated if the United States found itself in an escalating exchange with Moscow. The project, which Obama approved in a covert-action finding, was still in its planning stages when Obama left office. It would be up to President Trump to decide whether to use the capability.” [WaPo]  The health care bill is bad, Part I. “You’ve heard consumers say this about their health insurance policies, particularly in the last few years since Obamacare became law. And if you’ve been paying attention to politics, then you’ve heard Republicans promise to bring those deductibles down…. If the GOP proposal becomes law, then it’s likely out-of-pocket costs for people buying coverage through healthcare.gov or one of the state exchanges would tend to be higher, not lower ― unless these people were able and willing to pay even more in premiums.” [HuffPost’s Jonathan Cohn] The health care bill is bad, Part II. “The legislation unveiled Thursday, which Republicans dubbed the Better Care Reconciliation Act, aims to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s popular rule forbidding health insurance companies from rejecting people with pre-existing conditions. But the bill also would repeal that law’s unpopular individual mandate that most Americans obtain health coverage or face tax penalties and would significantly scale back financial assistance that helps make health insurance premiums affordable…. In their attempt to appease public sentiment by keeping a widely liked thing, getting rid of a widely loathed thing and scaling back a poorly understood thing, Senate Republicans may have set up their own system to fail.” [HuffPost’s Jeffrey Young] Like what you read below? Sign up for HUFFPOST HILL and get a cheeky dose of political news every evening! Like HuffPost Hill? Then order Eliot’s book, The Beltway Bible: A Totally Serious A-Z Guide To Our No-Good, Corrupt, Incompetent, Terrible, Depressing, and Sometimes Hilarious Government Does somebody keep forwarding you this newsletter? Get your own copy. It’s free! Sign up here. Send tips/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to [email protected] Follow us on Twitter - @HuffPostHill DONALD TRUMP IS THE LEBRON JAMES OF SELF-INCRIMINATION - It’s like he has Fifth Amendment Tourette’s. Willa Frej: “President Donald Trump admitted this week that he did not tape his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey despite his earlier tweets suggesting he had. When asked why he did this in an interview that aired Friday, he offered the following perplexing explanation: ′When he found out that there may be tapes out there, whether it’s governmental tapes or anything else, I think his story may have changed,′ Trump said in an interview alongside first lady Melania. ‘I mean, you’ll have to take a look at that, because then he has to tell what actually took place at the events.’ While we didn’t exactly follow his logic, ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Ainsley Earhardt ate it up. ‘It was a smart way to make sure [Comey] stayed honest in those hearings,’ she said. ‘It wasn’t stupid, I can tell you that,’ he replied, adding, ‘You never know what’s out there but I didn’t tape and I don’t have any tapes.’” [HuffPost] TRUMP NOT SAVING YOUR JERB - Dominique Mosbergen: “President Donald Trump proclaimed while visiting a Boeing plant in South Carolina in February that he was there ‘to celebrate jobs.’ Jobs is one of the primary reasons I’m standing here today as your president and I will never, ever disappoint you” he told the crowd in North Charleston that day. ‘Believe me, I will not disappoint you.’ On Thursday, Boeing confirmed that it would be laying off workers at the very plant where Trump had spoken so reassuringly five months ago. The aerospace company told CNNMoney that about 200 jobs at its facilities in South Carolina would be cut.” [HuffPost] WHAT IS REALITY, ANYWAY? KELLYANNE CONWAY REFLECTS - The White House advisor definitely playing into the commander-in-chief’s strong belief that he is living in a simulation. Sam Levine: “Kellyanne Conway, a top adviser to President Donald Trump, attempted to spin a question about Russian interference in the 2016 election by saying people who questioned whether Trump could win had actually meddled with the campaign. ‘The president has said previously, and he stands by that, particularly as president-elect, that he would be concerned about anyone interfering in our democracy,’ she told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Friday. ‘We saw a lot of people interfering with our democracy by saying he couldn’t win here at home.’” [HuffPost] TRUMP A GIFT TO INTELLIGENCE - Not the kind you’re thinking about, though. Nada Bakos: ”Trump’s Twitter feed is a gold mine for every foreign intelligence agency. Usually, intelligence officers’ efforts to collect information on world leaders are methodical, painstaking and often covert. CIA operatives have risked their lives to learn about foreign leaders so the United States could devise strategies to counter our adversaries. With Trump, though, secret operations are not necessary to understand what’s on his mind: The president’s unfiltered thoughts are available night and day, broadcast to his 32.7 million Twitter followers immediately and without much obvious mediation by diplomats, strategists or handlers.” [WaPo] JUDGES FINES KOBACH - Sam Levine: “A federal magistrate judge fined Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) $1,000 on Friday for misrepresenting the content of documents he was photographed holding while meeting with President Donald Trump, but will allow Kobach to continue to shield the documents from the public. The ruling came in connection with a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union over a Kansas law requiring people to prove their citizenship when they register to vote. As part of the lawsuit, the ACLU sought documents Kobach was photographed holding when he met with Trump in November that contained proposed changes to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act. Kobach argued the documents were not relevant to the lawsuit, but the ACLU argued they were because Kobach’s proposal of amendments to federal voter registration law signaled he did not have the authority to implement a proof of citizenship requirement.” [HuffPost] BILL ACKMAN’S BAD BET ON VERBAL-STRIFE - Bill Ackman is definitely the guy who responds to “a-dollar-a-day” charity infomercials by wondering why the children don’t just invest in a solid emerging market fund. Charlie Gasparino and Brian Schwartz: “Some say former Vice President Joe Biden is too old to run for president in 2020, but he still knows how to throw a verbal punch — just ask financier Bill Ackman…. [D]uring a private VIP dinner...the question of why Biden didn’t run for president in 2016 was raised once again…. Biden explained that part of the decision stemmed from the death of his son Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015. The room grew quiet as Biden became emotional, and said: ‘I’m sorry…I’ve said enough.’ That’s when Ackman blurted out ‘Why? That’s never stopped you before.’ The formal, and understated dinner conversation suddenly turned tense, according three people who were present and confirmed both the substance and the wording of Biden’s responses. Biden, these people say, turned to someone seated near him, and asked, ‘who is this asshole?,’ a reference to Ackman.” [Fox Business] Joe Scarborough has a new music video. Please don’t ask us why. BECAUSE YOU’VE READ THIS FAR - Here’s a gorilla splashing about in a tub of water. COMFORT FOOD - A trip inside a World War Two B-17 Flying Fortress. - The richest person in each state. - Acquaint yourself with Justin Trudeau’s socks. TWITTERAMA People who complain about Texas summers, DC right now is like being inside of sweaty wool sock. With worse air conditioning.— Emily Ramshaw (@eramshaw) June 23, 2017 If Jon Ossoff had rented a condo in Sandy Springs six months ago, would we be reading “Dem comeback begins” stories this week?— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) June 23, 2017 *shoves through two enormous double doors and runs into the room panting heavily* more like WEALTHCARE bill— Alexandra Petri (@petridishes) June 22, 2017 Got something to add? Send tips/quotes/stories/photos/events/fundraisers/job movement/juicy miscellanea to Eliot Nelson ([email protected]) -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

22 июня, 05:50

Remarks by President Trump on Agricultural Innovation | Cedar Rapids, IA

Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6:16 P.M. CDT THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  I just learned more about farming than I ever thought I'd learn.  What a good place.  I love it.  I want to thank also Dean Scott Ermer along with the students and faculty at Kirkwood Community College for hosting us.  What a beautiful place.  We're here today to talk about how we're going to empower America’s farmers and protect our nation’s proud farming legacy, including ethanol, which I've done.  (Applause.)  Family farmers are the backbone of America, and my administration will always support the farmer. I want to begin by congratulating Iowa’s new governor, Kim Reynolds.  Where's Kim?  (Applause.)  I'm so proud of Kim.  I've known Kim for a long time, and her husband.  And I said, you know, one of the other things I get with Terry, by moving him out, Kim becomes governor and Terry can take on China.  (Applause.)  That's not bad.  She is doing a great job. Thanks also to Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg -- (applause) -- and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, a man who's been to so many of my stops, Bill Northey.  (Applause.)  Thank you, Bill.  Thank you for all that support.  And Congressman -- a very popular guy -- Rod Blum, doing a fantastic job in Washington.  (Applause.)  All right, so, most importantly, I have to say -- they will all agree -- he's a great friend of mine, with an incredible family, a very talented son, Eric -- that I can tell you -- but I'm really, truly proud.  I wanted to be here for this reason -- to congratulate your former governor, our new ambassador to China, Terry Branstad.  (Applause.)   Terry is a true legend.  The people of Iowa first made him governor in 1983.  You elected him six times and made him the longest-serving governor of any state in the history of America.  That's not bad.  (Applause.)  Under Terry, Iowa’s economy is stronger, its farmers more successful, its schools better, its communities more prosperous, and its citizens safer.  And I want to tell you that's three decades.  This is one great man.  He's been in politics for more than three decades.  And we're going to keep him there -- I don’t know, do we consider ambassadors politicians?  Not really, in the true sense.  So perhaps we sort pulled you out.  But he's going to be a doing a job. I'll tell you one quick story with Terry.  When I was campaigning in Iowa, Terry would always say, "Do me favor -- don’t say anything bad about China."  (Laughter.)  See, in that day -- in those days, he didn’t call me "Mr. President" -- he'd say "Donald."  He'd say, "Donald, don’t say anything bad about China."  I said, why?  He said, "We have a great relationship with China, and I like it, and I really like President Xi," who he knew for 30-some-odd years.  And it really dawned on me when I was thinking about ambassadors.  I said, boy, wouldn’t it be great if I picked a man that really likes China and, by the way, China really likes him?  (Applause.)   So that was an easy one.  I called him up, and I said, you know, I think after 24 years it's maybe time for a change, so let me just steal you.  I also knew about Kim, and Kim has been a great supporter and friend, and so I knew that that was going to be taken care of very nicely.  So we're really happy and really proud of Terry.  You know, his legacy will endure for a long, long time in this state.  He loves this state and the people so much.  And together, we all join to express our deep gratitude to Terry for everything he has done for Iowa and for its people. Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much.  And have a good time in China.  (Applause.)   AMBASSADOR BRANSTAD:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.   For a farm kid from Iowa, my life's ambition was to serve the people as governor.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that President Trump would ask me to represent all of the United States of America in China.  I will do my very best.   Mr. President, first of all, I want to congratulate you on your leadership.  We've been trying to get American beef in China for 13 years, and you've already got it done.  (Applause.)  And there's more to come!   I am honored and proud to represent the United States of America and President Trump in the People's Republic of China.  And I hope a lot of you will come to see us.   Thank you.  (Applause.)   THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Great guy.  Ambassador Branstad will be serving in Beijing, but he’s going to be fighting for American farmers and for American workers and for Americans.  And there's nobody I can think of that can do a better job or a more effective job.  So, Terry, go out there.  He'll be joining Secretary of Agriculture -- somebody you all know very well -- the legendary, Sonny Perdue -- (applause) -- and a man who is another legend on Wall Street -- truly a legend; they just call him Wilbur.  How about Wall Street?  (Applause.)  Where Wall Street is big and strong, he's just known as Wilbur.  It's Wilbur Ross.  Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce.  Pretty good on Wall Street.  When they just say, "I hear Wilbur is going to be Secretary of Commerce" -- Carl Icahn called me.  He said, "Donald, I heard you got Wilbur."  That was it.  It wasn’t "Wilbur Ross."  But there's Wilbur Ross, and he's going a fantastic job.   And also working along with Wilbur is U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, another phenomenal talent.  And I told you about fair trade.  I told you about free trade.  I told you about trade.  We have the best in the world on our side now, finally, after watching for many, many decades what's been happening, with trade deficits that are beyond anything that anybody could imagine -- hundreds of billions of dollars.  And now we have the right people on our side.   So, Wilbur, go out and do it.  Robert, go out and do it.  We'll all have a good time together.  And you know what?  The world is going to like us even better, believe it or not.    So they're going to be representing -- (applause) -- they're going to be representing America's interests and delivering historic wins for our farmers and our factory workers, and our workers generally.   And I have to tell you, last night was very exciting.   Karen Handel and Ralph -- Ralph Norman.  (Applause.)  Ralph Norman.  I spoke to Ralph today.  He won a great event.  Now, a lot of people didn’t show up to vote because they said, well, he's going to win by so much.  It got a little bit tighter than he thought.  (Laughter.)  Sometimes when they think you're going to win by too much, I wouldn’t say that's so good.  Next time we're going to say it's going to be really close.  But he still won easily.  But what a fantastic guy he is.  And between the two of them, that was a big night.   So we're 5-0 in special elections -- 5-0.  (Applause.)  5-0.  And I watched the faces on those newscasters, in many cases, and they were going, oh, this is going to be a big night; this will be great humiliation for President Trump if she doesn’t make it.  Well, they weren’t thinking in terms of Ralph so much.  In all fairness, Ralph sort of said he felt like the forgotten man last night. But this will be tremendous humiliation -- they built these studios; they built everything.  They were set.  Believe me, had our wonderful candidate lost, this would have been one of the great, big stories in the history of American politics.  Those studios would have been up for weeks.  They would have been talking for weeks about this tremendous defeat.  And after it said projected winner was sort of -- they just sort of slinked out of there.  (Laughter.)  They slinked out.   One of them actually said, well, maybe it was the weather.  You know, it was drizzling.  A little bit like this, but a little bit less.  It was drizzling.  Did you hear that one, Ambassador?  It was drizzling.  Maybe that was the difference.  And won by a lot.  Won by a lot.  So we're very happy.  And she's going to be -- Karen is going to be a great person in Congress.  And we have some incredible people and we're doing some really wonderful things, including the taxes are coming along and the healthcare is coming along.  (Applause.) And we have Gary Cohn, the President of Goldman Sachs, who left Goldman Sachs and a slightly higher salary than he's getting right now by, like, hundreds of millions of dollars -- like by a lot.  (Laughter.)  Where's Gary?  He's around here someplace.  And Gary is working on some incredible plans -- not only taxes, but we're going to be rebuilding our country.  We're going to do things in terms of infrastructure that we need.  Our roads, our highways, our bridges, our schools, our airports. We spent, as of a few months ago, $6 trillion -- trillion -- in the Middle East.  We have nothing.  We're back further than we were 16 years ago when this whole thing started -- $6 trillion.  And if you want to spend three and half dollars to build a school, or you want to build -- you want to spend any money in this country, it's like a big deal.  But we spent $6 trillion in the Middle East.  And we're going to get that whole situation under control. That's not an easy one.  I was dealt a very difficult hand, believe me, when I took over, between North Korea, the Middle East -- you look at Afghanistan, what's going on there.  This was a tough hand.  But you put me there for a reason, and I think you're going to be very happy with the end result, believe me.  (Applause.)  American farmers and ranchers are the best -- absolute best at what they do.  And they can compete anywhere if they are given a level playing field.  They're not given that level playing field because of our terrible, terrible trade deals.  And we're going to start doing much better.  You produce the product, but you have to work too hard and too long to make a living. We're cracking down on foreign trading abuses; making it easier to produce and grow in America; eliminating job-killing regulations all over the place -- (applause) -- and we're training our great American workers. That's why it's so important to support schools like Kirkwood, which are helping to train young people in cutting-edge new technologies that will make American agriculture greater and more productive than ever before.  Farming -- which is something that is very beautiful to me.  I'm not a farmer, but I'd be very happy to be one.  It's a very beautiful world to me.  And it's a truly noble American profession.  Today, we're celebrating the dignity of work and the greatness of the American farmer and the American worker.  George Washington once wrote: “I'd rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”  We understand that.  Especially after I've spent all this time in Washington, I can really understand.  (Laughter.) I want to make sure the next generation of Americans has that opportunity as well.  And, in particular, that includes your children and your grandchildren, and working very hard to get rid of the death tax so that those farms can be passed on.  (Applause.)  Very, very hard to get rid of that.  We're working very hard so your farms can be passed on to your children and your grandchildren.  And they'll keep them going and they'll run them with love. We want to eliminate the intrusive rules that undermine your ability to earn a living, and we will protect the corn-based ethanol and biofuels that power our country.  (Applause.)  And you remember, during the campaign, I made that promise.  And I also made a promise, I'm coming back.  And here I am.  And that promise has been kept.  (Applause.)  And even Terry is clapping about that one, but he was fighting very hard for that, believe me. For the past two weeks, my administration has been working extensively on vocational education, infrastructure, and technology.  Here, at this great facility, we have just seen fantastic examples of how vocational training in new technologies can help make American farming even more productive so we can compete and win, win, win on the world stage. We saw how today’s farmers can adjust application rates of fertilizers in their fields with just the touch of a smartphone.  It's changed a lot over the years.  They showed us how they use precision agriculture to produce crops more efficiently and for far less cost.  They’ve demonstrated how drones, of all things, are used to gather data on crops, and how simulators are used to train students in the next generation of farming equipment.  If we continue to train our workers in these new technologies, then we will usher in a new era of prosperity for American agriculture and for the American farming family. We must also ensure that these students have the broadband Internet access they need in order to succeed and thrive in this new and very modern and very changed economy and world.  That is why I will be including a provision in our infrastructure proposal -- $1 trillion proposal -- you'll be seeing it very shortly -- to promote and foster enhanced broadband access for rural America also.  (Applause.)  We know that Wall Street wants it very badly, but you know what else?  The farmers also want it.  And you're going to have it. We have to make sure American farmers and their families, wherever they may be, wherever they may go, have the infrastructure projects that they need to compete and grow.  And I mean grow against world competition, because that's who you're up against now.   We will rebuild rural America.  (Applause.)  American farmers -- (applause) -- thank you -- American farmers pour their hearts into their crops and their love into their great communities.  That’s why they call this the Heartland.  And those maps, those electoral maps, they were all red.  Beautiful red.  (Laughter.)  Beautiful.  (Applause.)  If you look at those maps, it's almost like -- wow.  A lot places that people weren't thinking about turned red.  A couple of little blue dots on the sides, but they are red -- farmers.   And our farmers’ work ethic feeds America, and their toughness and grit define America.  They're tough and they're smart.  (Applause.)  Our rich and abundant soil provides more than a living; it provides a beautiful way of life for a lot of people.  Today we honor and treasure this noble history, and embrace the new technology that will power this industry well into the future.  With incredible leaders and students like all of you, I know that the future of American farming has never looked brighter.  Believe me.  And with me as your President, it's going to be that way, I will tell you that.  (Applause.) So it's a great honor to be here with you today.  People that I know, people that I love, very special people; the people of Iowa that were so good to me during the election.  So many friends.  I want to thank you for being here.   God bless you and God bless America.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.  (Applause.)   END 6:36 P.M. CDT

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21 июня, 17:45

Why Freeport's Stock Has Disappointed Despite Higher Copper Prices This Year

While copper prices are up, investor interest in Freeport has cooled considerably over the past few months, as evidenced by the decline in the company’s stock price and the news of Carl. Icahn lowering his stake in the company. In this article, we will look at the primary factors behind this.

15 июня, 17:54

A Swedish activist speaks softly and carries a big stick

Gardell, smiling butcher “SCLEROTIC companies abound in Europe,” says Christer Gardell, co-founder and managing partner of Cevian Capital, an activist hedge fund based in Sweden. That is an uncommonly pugnacious statement for a firm that operates behind the scenes and uses public pressure as a last resort. Unlike its louder American peers, such as Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square, Paul Singer’s Elliott Management or Dan Loeb’s Third Point, Cevian has never written a pointed open letter to a chief executive or waged a proxy battle (although Carl Icahn, an activist who has been known to call bosses “morons”, is one of its investors). Its calm approach seems to suit corporate Europe. Cevian is the region’s largest activist fund, and one of the world’s biggest, with over $15.4bn in assets. It was founded by Mr Gardell and Lars Forberg in Stockholm in 2002; both still run it. Its “constructive” activism, focusing on only a dozen companies at a time, goes back to...

11 июня, 15:30

10 Sunday Reads

My easy-like Sunday morning reads: • Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb, Carl Icahn, and Herbalife: The Big Short War (Vanity Fair) Passive funds are on pace to eat the entire US stock market by 2030 (Quartz) see also Vanguard Actually Is Good at What It Does (Bloomberg View) • Ben Bernanke explains what Donald Trump gets wrong on the… Read More The post 10 Sunday Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

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10 июня, 00:24

Activist Icahn reduces stake in miner Freeport-McMoRan

TORONTO (Reuters) - Activist investor Carl Icahn reduced his stake in Freeport-McMoRan Inc , the world's biggest publicly traded copper miner, to 6.33 percent as of June 6, from 7.2 percent in late...

20 мая, 14:08

Melania scours media to protect Trump

As she travels with the president this week, the first lady will be in a position to exert greater influence over his chaotic operation.

17 мая, 16:36

Regeneron, Nuance Communications, Waste Management, Waste Connections and Republic Services highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

Regeneron, Nuance Communications, Waste Management, Waste Connections and Republic Services highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

17 мая, 14:15

Bear of the Day: Nuance Communications (NUAN)

Bear of the Day: Nuance Communications (NUAN)

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16 мая, 03:14

Icahn takes new 19.8 million share stake in Conduent in first quarter

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn acquired a new 19.8 million share stake in business services provider Conduent Inc in the first quarter and sold out of pharmaceutical firm Allergan Plc and speech technology group Nuance Communications Inc , according to regulatory filings on Monday.

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16 мая, 02:13

Icahn takes new 19.8 million share stake in Conduent in first quarter

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn acquired a new 19.8 million share stake in business services provider Conduent Inc in the first quarter and sold out of pharmaceutical firm...

15 мая, 19:36

New AIG CEO Brian Duperrault plans to ‘grow’ insurer

Veteran wins early support from activist Carl Icahn who sought to break up group

15 мая, 19:29

New AIG CEO Brian Duperrault plans to ‘grow’ insurer

Veteran wins early support from activist Carl Icahn who sought to break up group

10 мая, 16:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Berkshire Hathaway, iShares Dow Jones US Technology ETF, US Global Jets ETF, iShares India 50 and Columbia India Small Cap ETF

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Berkshire Hathaway, iShares Dow Jones US Technology ETF, US Global Jets ETF, iShares India 50 and Columbia India Small Cap ETF

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09 мая, 23:07

Trump adviser Icahn may have broken trading laws

Democratic Senators want federal authorities to investigate whether Carl Icahn, President Trump's chief regulation-buster, violated trading laws.

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09 мая, 23:07

Trump adviser Icahn may have broken trading laws: Senators

Democratic Senators want federal authorities to investigate whether President Trump's special adviser, Carl Icahn, violated trading laws.

20 января, 17:30

Трамп прийде, порядок наведе!

В должность 45 президента США вступает Дональд Трамп, часто сравниваемый с Рональдом Рейганом Давайте взглянем на его кабинет и на него самого более пристально WASP,пресвитерианец, изоляционист, консерватор (в хорошем смысле этого слова) и натоящий мужик!

17 мая 2016, 15:00

Карл Айкан делает ставку на обрушение рынка. Шорт 150% к капиталу.

Карл Айкан – это легенда американского фондового рынка, его состояние оценивается сейчас в 24,5 млрд долларов. В начале карьеры у молодого Айкана было совсем немного денег, он работал рядовым брокером на бирже. Дальше он основал свою фирму и начал зарабатывать деньги на банкротствах других компаний – безжалостно выдавливая из них все соки ради своих прибылей. Вначале безжалостный мистер Айкан пожирал относительно небольшие организации, потом, по мере роста капитала, перешёл на крупные корпорации. Похоже, что теперь этот признанный специалист по банкротствам готовится сделать хорошие деньги на банкротстве Соединённых Штатах. Пессимизм Карла Айкана не стал особым сюрпризом для тех, кто следит за новостями – вот уже несколько месяцев мистер Айкан выдаёт всё более и более мрачные прогнозы по финансовому сектору США. Карл Айкан поставил несколько миллиардов долларов на обрушение американских бирж. Он не только полностью избавился от всех акций Apple, но и поставил огромные деньги на понижение – чистая короткая позиция его фонда достигла уже уверенных 149%. Проще говоря, мистер Айкан настолько уверен в том, что рынок пойдёт вниз, что он поставил на это не только свои деньги, но и кредитные. Когда мы говорим о самом «медвежьем» хедж-фонде в мире, мы всегда вспоминаем Horseman Global, который не только был прибыльным последние 4 года, но и сделал это, имея чистую короткую позицию. По состоянию на 31 марта размер чистой короткой позиции к капиталу составил рекордные 98%. Как оказалось, это не идет ни в какое сравнение с короткой позицией Карла Айкана.По информации, только-что опубликованной формы Q-10 инвестиционной фирмы Айкана, Icahn Enterprises LP, в которой 80-ти летнему инвестору принадлежит 90%-ная доля капитала, мы выяснили, что по состоянию на 31 марта, Карл Айкан, который ранее избавился от акций Apple, ставит по-настоящему серьезные деньги на шорт. Еще в декабре 2015 года чистая короткая позиция компании Айкана составляла 25 % от суммы капитала, но с тех пор эта цифра стремительно взлетела до беспрецедентных для Айкана 149%. Такой результат стал возможен благодаря сложению длинной позиции, которая составляет 164% от капитала компании (156% — лонг акций, 8%-лонг долговых инструментов), и стремительно выросшей короткой позиции, которая в марте 2015 года составляла 150% к капиталу, а годом позднее – невероятные 313% (277%-шорт акций, 36%-шорт долговых инструментов). Чтобы понять суть этих цифр, скажем, что не только компания Icahn Enterprises никогда ранее не имела таких коротких позиций, но и то, что, жалуясь на перспективы рынка акций год назад, Карл Айкан имел чистую длинную позицию в 4%. Те времена прошли, и, начиная 3-4 квартала, Айкан начал увеличивать чистую короткую позицию, которая на тот момент составляла примерно 25% от капитала компании. С тех пор эта цифра увеличилась в 6 раз на конец прошлого квартала!Примечателен размер плеча, которое использует Айкан. Но ничто не может сравниться с 3-х кратным левереджем в его короткой позиции по акциям (заметьте, это не CDS). В качестве напоминания: Icahn Enterprises представляет собою хедж-фонд, ранее привлекавший деньги сторонних инвесторов. В 2011 году Айкан вернул деньги всем инвесторам, оставив в капитале только свои средства и средства компании IEP. По информации Barron, капитал фонда составляет около $5.8 млрд., в котором доля Карла Айкана равна $4 млрд. Все это говорит о том, что личная ставка Айкана очень солидна в долларовом выражении.Когда 5 мая на конференции, посвященной финансовым результатам компании, управляющего Icahn Enterprises Кейта Козза (Keith Cozza) попросили прокомментировать излишний медвежий настрой Айкана, который он озвучивал по ТВ, тот сказал, что Айкан немножко преувеличивал. Оказалось, что нет.«Мы считаем, что рынок скорее двинется вниз на 20%, чем на 20% вверх. Наша короткая позиция- это отражение наших взглядов», добавил Козза.Айкан лично не присутствовал на той конференции, однако после того, как его ставка на обвал рынка стала известна публике, мы уверены, что остались считанные дни или даже часы, когда Bloomberg и CNBC начнут восстановительные работы, направленные на избежание паники. Иначе инвесторы-любители начнут задаваться вопросом, что же такого знают самые проницательные инвесторы в мире, о чем они даже не догадываются. www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-09/historic-150-net-short-position-carl-icahn-betting-imminent-market-collapse