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Каймановы острова
03 декабря, 17:46

The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa: Cementing Grand Cayman's Place as a Caribbean Culinary Capital

The Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands There is a lot to love about the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands:Kimpton’s first international resort andGrand Cayman's first new property in a decade. As the tallest building on island and Kimpton’s foray into the luxury market, the hotel cuts a [...]

03 декабря, 15:00

Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Hillary Clinton’s top aides would like the world to know they are morally superior to Donald Trump and his staff, who ran an ugly campaign courting white nationalists. The Clinton team is right. And it doesn’t matter. At a vicious Harvard University post-mortem seminar on the 2016 election, top staffers for Clinton excoriated Team Trump. “If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost,” Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri declared. “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.” There are three possible choices to be made in the logical universe in which a political party is running a fascist campaign. People can 1) join the fascists, 2) lose to the fascists or 3) defeat the fascists. The Clinton campaign wants credit for not choosing door No. 1. Their job was to make option three a reality. History will remember them for number two. Listen to HuffPost’s analysis of the 2016 mess in the latest episode of the politics podcast So, That Happened, embedded below: Clinton ran against the single most unpopular candidate in the history of American presidential polling, and lost. Was this because Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee? Because FBI Director James Comey recklessly interfered? Because a tiny fraction of the electorate voted for Jill Stein? Because Clinton didn’t really bother to campaign in the Rust Belt? Why, yes! In an election decided by 110,000 votes, just about every factor can be considered decisive. But Clintonia’s (persuasive) defense of its own righteousness helps explain why the election was close to begin with. Trump ran a deeply bigoted campaign that whipped up and played off of white resentment. But his dominant performance among white working-class voters wasn’t due to his campaign message alone. Much of Clinton’s poor performance resulted from her campaign’s strategic decision to not even contest the demographic. A good chunk of the Democratic Party intelligentsia applauded Clinton for taking the moral high ground, declaring the entire white working class to be a deplorable racist swamp. The notion that economic issues played literally no role ― zero ― in Trump’s appeal became a common Democratic talking point. Democrats were Good People, and anyone even considering voting for Trump was a Bad Person. There is no need to pretend the white working class is a monolith of moral excellence. Many working-class people, like many middle- and upper-class people, are bigoted, hostile to all kinds of people and lifestyles. But the job of a presidential candidate is to appeal to our better angels and win votes anyway. In 2008, the Democratic coalition included millions of black churchgoers who opposed same-sex marriage. In 2012, Democrats welcomed millions of Catholic Latino voters who opposed abortion. These people were not scolded for their shortcomings but celebrated for their virtues. This year, Democratic elites decided that the entire white working class was unworthy of sharing their company. The town of Nelsonville, Ohio, went for Barack Obama by 40 points in both 2008 and 2012. It’s 94 percent white, and, as Dave Jamieson reported for The Huffington Post, Trump narrowly carried it in 2016. Is this because Nelsonvillers are all morally repugnant slime? A lot of them were enthusiastic about the Trump Wall. But somehow the Democratic Party was OK with these same people voting for Obama, twice. This year, the party decided it was above such compromises. In an era of extreme economic inequality, the votes are where the money isn’t ― the working class. Writing off the white working class is a pretty bad way to start, especially if the party can’t run up the score with the black and brown working class. And the Clinton campaign didn’t run up the score. Trump ― who opened his campaign by deriding Mexicans as “rapists” ― outperformed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign among black and Latino voters.  Being pro white working class doesn’t mean being anti-brown working class. True, Bill Clinton campaigned on white working-class grievances against the black and brown working class, and he governed with tragic results (welfare reform, the crime bill). But Obama aggressively courted working-class voters of all colors with a populist economic assault straight out of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s campaigns. Obama’s entire 2012 message was devoted to trashing Romney as a corporate raider who said “corporations are people.” Obama ran ads blasting Romney’s tax-dodging Cayman Islands investment funds. The Obama campaign relentlessly touted the Detroit auto bailout as a win for working people. At the time, nobody in the Democratic Party’s chattering class saw a conflict between the first black president courting black voters and white working-class voters at the same time. Today, we are told that “identity politics” and “economic justice” are incompatible. This is ridiculous. But it’s not fair to blame it all on the Clinton campaign. Democratic elites cleared the nomination field for a candidate who was being criminally investigated by the FBI, a woman with a nine-figure net worth who was still pursuing six-figure Wall Street speeches when she announced her presidential bid. Her “identity politics” record with the black and brown working class was awful. She had supported her husband’s racist welfare reform and crime legislation, and warned against the threat of black “super-predators.” The problems weren’t all ancient ’90s history. In 2014, Clinton said that child refugees seeking asylum in the United states “should be sent back.” And, you know, the Iraq war thing. All of this was obvious to the Democratic Party, which plowed ahead anyway, insisting that anyone who wasn’t on board with the first woman president was a vile sexist.  “Stronger together,” in retrospect, was a pretty good campaign theme. It’s too bad the Clinton camp didn’t think it applied to people living below the median household income. “So, That Happened” is hosted by Jason Linkins, Zach Carter and Arthur Delaney. It is produced, edited and engineered by Christine Conetta. To listen to this podcast later, download our show on iTunes. While you’re there, please subscribe to, rate and review our show. You can check out other HuffPost podcasts here. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Выбор редакции
30 ноября, 22:07

Команда United Traders закрывает свой хедж-фонд

Тимофей не пишет ничего по этому поводу? Тут пишут что объем не набрали, а по данным на СЛ  фонд минус показывал. Кому верить? ) Несмотря на три прибыльных года, Kvadrat Black так и не смог нарастить критический объем средств под управлением, чтобы перекрыть инфраструктурные расходы, говорится в официальном сообщении. Фонд прекращает работу с 1 января 2017 года.«Фонд является прибыльным для инвесторов, но убыточным для владельцев. Стоимость содержания юридического лица, оплата услуг администратора, юристов, аудитора и банка превышают комиссии, уплаченные инвесторами. В силу того, что торговля фонда обособлена от основных торговых счетов United Traders, брокерские услуги обходятся на порядок дороже, чем у проп-трейдинговой компании», — говорится в релизе UT.Несмотря на то, что за 3,5 года Kvadrat Black сумел заработать порядка 50% для своих клиентов, инвесторы не спешили вкладываться в него в том числе из-за небольшого размера активов под управлением (менее $50 млн). К тому же, как пишут основатели фонда, большинство потенциальных клиентов отпугивала сложная процедура оформления документов и перевода средств.В релизе отмечено, что текущие стратегии фонда остаются рабочими и будут использованы в дальнейшем.Хедж-фонд Kvadrat Black открыли основатели проп-трейдинговой компании United tradersАнатолий Радченко, Роман Вишневский и Дмитрий Белоусов. Фонд использовал полностью алгоритмизированные стратегии на американском рынке (дельта-нейтральные стратегии, статистический арбитраж, а также трендовые стратегии). Он был зарегистрирован на Каймановых островах. Kvadrat Black был удостоен нескольких отраслевых наград Russian Hedge Fund Industry Awards 2015-2016: Best Equity Fund (Global) и Best Risk Adjusted Return. Источник: fomag.ru/ru/news/companiespage.aspx?news=11774

30 ноября, 19:01

US top spot for China’s investment

THE United States remained the top destination for China’s overseas portfolio investment at the end of the second quarter, State Administration of Foreign Exchange data showed yesterday. China’s mainland

30 ноября, 18:57

Команда United Traders закрывает свой хедж-фонд

Несмотря на три прибыльных года, Kvadrat Black так и не смог нарастить критический объем средств под управлением, чтобы перекрыть инфраструктурные расходы, говорится в официальном сообщении. Фонд прекращает работу с 1 января 2017 года.

29 ноября, 17:34

Should Brown & Brown (BRO) Stock Be in Your Portfolio?

Shares of Brown & Brown Inc. (BRO) has gained 33.6% year to date, much above that of the Zacks-categorized Insurance Broker industry.

28 ноября, 15:30

В судах Британии растет количество дел из России, – FT

Две трети дел, которые рассматривает Лондонский коммерческий суд, были поданы иностранцами. Таким образом, столица Великобритании постепенно превращается в мировой центр правосудия. Об этом пишет сегодня Financial Times, ссылаясь на исследование, в ходе которого было оценено […]

28 ноября, 12:45

В судах Британии растет количество дел из России – FT

Эксперты объясняют это недоверием истцов из постсоветских стран к системе юстиции в родных странах.

27 ноября, 17:02

Сестра Левочкина возглавила рейтинг владельцев офшоров

Электронные декларации показали, что почти половина иностранных компаний в собственности украинских госслужащих и депутатов - расположена в офшорах.

27 ноября, 16:49

Названы нардепы, задекларировавшие наибольшее число оффшоров, - исследование

На основе анализа электронных деклараций стало известно, кто из народных депутатов обладает наибольшим количеством компаний в оффшорных зонах. Рейтинг таких парламентариев обнародовало издание bihus.info. Электронные декларации показали, что почти половина иностранных компаний в собственности украинских госслужащих и депутатов - расположены в оффшорах...

27 ноября, 16:49

Названы нардепы, задекларировавшие наибольшее число оффшоров, - исследование

На основе анализа электронных деклараций стало известно, кто из народных депутатов обладает наибольшим количеством компаний в оффшорных зонах. Рейтинг таких парламентариев обнародовало издание bihus.info. Электронные декларации показали, что почти половина иностранных компаний в собственности украинских госслужащих и депутатов - расположены в оффшорах...

24 ноября, 03:10

Франция добивается от Apple выплаты €400 млн налогов

Главное налоговое управление Франции потребовало от французского отделения корпорации Apple вернуть в государственный бюджет €400 млн. Ведомство установило, что компания неправомерным образом использовала налоговое законодательство.

24 ноября, 03:10

Франция требует от Apple выплаты €400 млн налогов

Главное налоговое управление Франции потребовало от французского отделения корпорации Apple вернуть в государственный бюджет €400 млн. Ведомство установило, что компания неправомерным образом использовала налоговое законодательство.

21 ноября, 17:00

По следам Panama Papers

Как скандал вокруг Mossack Fonseca повлияет на глобальные тренды деофошоризации

09 ноября, 05:13

Grayson on Rubio victory: 'Told you so,' Harry Reid

Rep. Alan Grayson, the firebrand liberal who clashed with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid throughout his Florida senatorial primary run, took one last shot at the Nevada Democrat as both prepare to leave Congress.Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) comfortably won back his seat Tuesday, beating Rep. Patrick Murphy, the man who had beaten Grayson in the Democratic primary. Reid made no secret of his opposition to Grayson’s Senate bid from its start, writing in a statement that the Florida lawmaker “has no moral compass” and accusing him of using his position as a congressman to promote investments in “Cayman Islands hedge funds.”At a meeting of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in May, Grayson confronted Reid about the statement, prompting the outgoing minority leader to tell him: “I want you to lose. It’s true.”“Rubio reelected. Told you so, @SenatorReid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Election2016,” Grayson wrote on Twitter Tuesday night. The message was accompanied by an animated image of the TV character Homer Simpson setting fire to a bridge as he drives across it.Rubio reelected. Told you so, @SenatorReid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Election2016 pic.twitter.com/zMRj5oFS7m— Rep. Alan Grayson (@AlanGrayson) November 9, 2016The Florida lawmaker’s Senate campaign floundered not just under the weight of his feud with Reid but also as a result of allegations that he had battered his ex-wife over the course of two decades. Grayson denied those allegations and threatened to have a POLITICO reporter arrested when he asked the legislator about them at an event in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention.Grayson abandoned his seat representing Florida’s 9th Congressional District to run for Senate. His wife, Dena Grayson, finished third in the Democratic primary to replace him.

07 ноября, 16:50

СМИ: Роман Абрамович является налоговым резидентом России

Роман Абрамович является резидентом России и проводит в стране более 183 дней в году, сообщает Forbes со ссылкой на знакомого российского миллиардера. Абрамович, оказавшийся на 13 месте в рейтинге самых богатых россиян по версии Forbes, является налоговым резидентом России с точки зрения законодательства о контролируемых иностранных компаниях (КИК), откуда, как отмечает издание, убрали ряд нервировавших миллиардеров поправок. «Это только с экранов телевизора кажется, что Абрамович все время находится в Лондоне, но он очень много времени проводит в Москве»,– циитрует издание своего источника из окружения российского олигарха. По итогам 2016 года, владельцы контролируемых иностранных компаний впервые должны отчитаться о доходах и заплатить налоги в России (20% – юрлица, 13% – физлица), из-за чего некоторые бизнесмены предпочли стать нерезидентами, чтобы не подпасть под действие закона. «Абрамович давно готовился к ужесточению законодательства и усложнил схемы собственности. Еще во время его развода с женой Ириной выяснилось, что недвижимость, яхты и акции предприятий были записаны на несколько кипрских безотзывных трастов, которые держат активы в интересах пятерых детей от брака с Ириной Абрамович – Анны, Аркадия, Сони, Арины и Ильи (сейчас у бизнесмена еще двое детей от брака с Дарьей Жуковой)»,– отмечает издание. По трастовым соглашениям имуществом распоряжались управляющие – глава лондонского офиса Millhouse Евгений Тененбаум и финансовый директор Millhouse Ирина Панченко. Оба работают с Абрамовичем с 1990-х. «Схема была выстроена так, что формально активами владеют дети Абрамовича (бенефициары). Поэтому жена Абрамовича вряд ли смогла бы легко отсудить его состояние во время развода. В его рамках по мировому соглашению она могла получить активы и средства на 300 млн долларов, а дети – оплату всех расходов»,– пишет Forbes. В прошлом году миллиардер перевел в российскую юрисдикцию на себя лично 24% в Первом канале (что было связано с изменением законодательства о СМИ). Помимо доли в телеканале Абрамович владеет всего двумя активами в России – регистратором «Рост» и бизнес-центром «Белые Сады». Гольф-клуб в «Сколково» теперь принадлежит его бывшей жене. Его крупнейшие активы вне России – 31,03% металлургической компании Evraz (через кипрский офшор Lanebrook совместно с Александром Фроловым и Александром Абрамовым). Футбольный клуб «Челси» в своей отчетности указывает своим бенефициаром компанию Fordstam Романа Абрамовича, хотя в СМИ появлялась cлухи, что треть клуба может перейти его 23-летнему сыну Аркадию, который после изменения российского законодательства стал проводить сделки с иностранными компаниями. Аркадий инвестирует из офшорной зоны на Каймановых островов через компанию Zoltav Resources, которая на 40% принадлежала ему. Инвестором Аркадий стал еще до совершеннолетия и был бенефициаром инвесткомпании ARA Capital Limited, названной по его инициалам. ARA Capital скупала месторождения полезных ископаемых, инвестируя в разработку недр Австралии, Северной и Южной Америки. Zoltav испытывает интерес к нефтяным активам России. Компания купила газовое месторождение Бортовое, Западно-Карабашское месторождение, компанию Royal Atlantic Energy и Колтогорский лицензионный участок. «Источник на нефтяном рынке говорит, что M&A в компании Zoltav продолжают заниматься менеджеры Романа Абрамовича, а для сына создается красивая история. Косвенно это подтверждается тем, что Давидович является владельцем 4,48% Zoltav через Erlinad Holdings Limited (BVI), который выкупил ее у компании Matteson Overseas Limited (BVI) Валерия Ойфа (партнер Абрамовича-старшего, член совета директоров Highland, экс-сенатор от Омской области)»,– отмечает издание. Абрамович не первый из миллиардеров, кто передал часть своего имущества детям. Примерно в период после введения закона о контролируемых иностранных компаниях дети многих бизнесменов активизировались в бизнесе. Последние несколько лет сделки на сотни млн начал заключать недавно закончивший МГИМО сын Сулеймана Керимова – Саид. А тридцатипятилетний сын Евгения Гинера Вадим с мая 2016 года контролирует не менее 75% акций британской компании Bluecastle Enterprises, которой принадлежит клуб ЦСКА и связанные активы. Ранее сообщалось, что владелец USM Holding Алишер Усманов, который занимает третье место в рейтинге богатейших бизнесменов России по версии Forbes, перестал быть налоговым резидентом России.

07 ноября, 15:52

Drug Stock Earnings to Watch on Nov 8: JAZZ, VRX, TBPH, OPHT

What's in store for drug stocks Valeant, Jazz Pharma and others when they report their Q3 results on Nov 8?

07 ноября, 11:00

The secret life of a tax adviser: it’s not about devising fancy avoidance schemes | Anonymous

I enjoy my job, although dealing with HMRC can be frustrating and I get annoyed by clients who’d rather listen to their golf club pals than pay for proper adviceA common misconception about my profession is that we spend a lot of our time devising fancy avoidance schemes usually involving exotic offshore destinations. I’m afraid that for firms like ours the reality is much more mundane – think Canvey Island rather than the Cayman Islands.The majority of what we do is quite routine compliance work such as tax returns. But this is interspersed with some more interesting stuff, including planning, company reorganisation and acquisitions. I love this advisory work, not just because it’s the most profitable but also because it is intellectually challenging. Like most of us in tax, I’m a bit of a nerd. Continue reading...

07 ноября, 10:58

Патриот Роман Абрамович: миллиардер оказался резидентом России

Схема владения активами надежно защищает бизнесмена от интереса налоговых органов

06 ноября, 18:28

The final WHIRLWIND begins -- Clinton ahead in WaPo/ABC, NBC/WSJ, POLITICO/Morning Consult polls -- ROAD WARRIORS share their post-campaign vacation plans -- 16 BREAKOUT MEDIA STARS -- B’DAY: Dan Senor

Good Sunday morning. The next three days will be a whirlwind for both candidates. Just today, Donald Trump is in Sioux City, Iowa, at noon, Minneapolis at 2 p.m., Sterling Heights, Michigan, at 6 p.m., Moon Township, Pennsylvania, at 8 p.m., and then Leesburg, Virginia, at 9:30 p.m.Trump will probably win Iowa, where the final Selzer poll has him up 7. Beyond that, he’s engaged in a last-ditch effort to knock off Hillary Clinton in Democratic strongholds. Clinton hasn’t trailed in one major poll in Michigan, but the campaign is sending its big guns there today and Monday. Clinton’s lead in Virginia -- which has an all blue-slate of statewide elected officials -- has been solid. A Republican hasn’t won in Minnesota since 1972 (not 1984, as Jake wrote yesterday).ONE ALMOST GETS THE SENSE that they’re just flying around and seeing what sticks.-- @maggieNYT: “Have now heard from two people close to the Trump campaign that they haven’t been polling MN this week. FWIW.”**SUBSCRIBE to Playbook: http://politi.co/1M75UbX HILLARY CLINTON is campaigning with LeBron James at 4:30 p.m. today in Cleveland, as she tries to juice turnout in the Buckeye State. She then goes to New Hampshire for a 5:45 event, where she will appear with James Taylor. TIM KAINE is in Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse, Wisconsin.CLINTON is playing defense in Michigan, heading to Grand Rapids Monday -- the day before Election Day -- and sending Barack Obama to Ann Arbor for a rally. TRUMP just announced he’ll end Monday with an 11 p.m. rally in Grand Rapids.-- @jmartNYT: “Hillary scrambling to lock down MI illustrates her weakness But her coming to make the case in Grand Rapids illustrates Trump’s weakness” (JMart’s what to watch for with Alan Rappeport http://nyti.ms/2fuubf2) … @ZekeJMiller: “Trump camp: ‘we can bank on 266 electoral votes’” http://bit.ly/2erW4mX-- Bloomberg’s Jen Epstein (@jeneps): Hillary Clinton’s final sprint SUNDAY Philadelphia Cleveland Manchester, NH MONDAY Pittsburgh Grand Rapids, Mich. Philadelphia Raleigh”CLINTON just announced a midnight rally in Raleigh Monday night. CHARLIE MAHTESIAN -- “16 battlegrounds that will decide the election”: “Miami-Dade County … Philadelphia suburbs … Waukesha County, Wis. … Northern Maine … Polk County, Iowa … Mahoning County, Ohio … Wake County, N.C. … Oakland County, Mich. … Clark County, Nev. … Northern Virginia … Arapahoe County and Jefferson County, Colo. … Hillsborough County and Rockingham County, N.H. … Maricopa County, Ariz. … Gwinnett County, Ga. … Salt Lake County, Utah … Omaha, Neb.” http://politi.co/2frcnoE THE SURROGATES -- One of Clinton’s get-out-the-vote strengths is in her high-profile surrogate operation. BILL CLINTON is in Lansing, Michigan. BERNIE SANDERS is in Phoenix and Las Vegas. JOE BIDEN is in Scranton and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. CHELSEA CLINTON is in Chester, Morton, West Chester, Norristown and Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.-- “Clinton’s concert tour isn’t just about big crowds: Before she takes the stage with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Katy Perry, her campaign uses the events as crucial organizing tool,” by Gabe Debenedetti: http://politi.co/2foWUmHNATIONAL POLLS YOU NEED TO SEE -- POLITICO/MORNING CONSULT -- Clinton 45, Trump 42 http://politi.co/2eBZ4AC … Takeaways: 12 percent of the electorate is going to support Gary Johnson or Jill Stein ... Trump leads among men by just one point, and Clinton leads among women by six points … 50% of Republicans want Paul Ryan to remain as speaker no matter who wins the White House.-- WaPo/ABC tracking poll -- Clinton 48, Trump 43. http://wapo.st/2ecT4PY-- NBC/WSJ -- Clinton 44, Trump 40, Johnson 6, Stein 2. http://on.wsj.com/2erTopiWHAT STEVE SHEPARD THINKS -- “The final tracking polls all point in the same direction: a low-to-mid-single-digit Clinton lead. Trump continues to hit a very low ceiling – 42% in POLITICO/Morning Consult, 40% in NBC/WSJ and 43% in ABC/WaPo. But Clinton’s advantage isn’t quite assured at 45%, 44% and 48%, respectively.” OHIO TRENDING TOWARD CLINTON? -- COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Clinton 48, Trump 47 http://bit.ly/2fdGCwm … Be sure to read the methodology to this poll http://bit.ly/2futqT8-- CBS “BATTLEGROUND TRACKER”: OHIO -- Trump 46, Clinton 45 … FLORIDA -- Clinton 45, Trump 45. http://cbsn.ws/2fswEYKABOUT THAT GUN… -- Trump was shuffled offstage last night in Reno after someone said an audience member had a gun. No one had a gun. Secret Service statement http://bit.ly/2foN3gA … 97-second video http://bit.ly/2fr1V0p7-MIN. CAMPAIGN CLOSING VIDEO -- @HillaryClinton: “The story of this campaign.” http://bit.ly/2f6G2mp-- HMM...: @jmpalmieri: “Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks in next two days - it’s probably a fake.”IF YOU READ ONE THING -- “Latina Hotel Workers Harness Force of Labor and of Politics in Las Vegas: The 57,000-member Culinary Union, which is 56 percent Latino and includes guest room attendants, is a powerful supporter of Nevada Democrats,” by NYT’s Dan Barry in “This Land” column, on A1 today. http://nyti.ms/2fswsbXTRUMP’S PATH -- “Trump in final stretch pursues new opportunities to reach 270 electoral votes,” by WaPo’s Karen Tumulty and Dan Balz: “With hours until Election Day, the wildest U.S. presidential race in memory has grown more competitive in most of the battleground states, although Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton continues to hold a broader path to victory than Republican Donald Trump. The political map suggests that Clinton can lose several key states long assumed to be in her column and still reach the 270 electoral votes she needs to win. Trump, meanwhile, has a new reason for optimism, as a growing number of states appear potentially within his grasp. But to win, he would have to take nearly all of them.” http://wapo.st/2fQrBnx-- STEVE SHEPARD: “Latino voting surge rattles Trump campaign: ‘A certain group’ appears to be turning out in big numbers in several key states”: “Hispanic voters could be poised to deliver a historic rebuke to Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Early-vote statistics from battleground states with large Hispanic populations show record turnout among a bloc that has voted at a lower rate than whites or blacks in past elections. If, as some polls suggest, Hispanic voters are supporting Hillary Clinton by blowout margins, these numbers could sink Trump in a handful of states that are essential to his path to 270 electoral votes.” http://politi.co/2erX22C-- QUOTE OF THE DAY, in JMart’s NYT story today: “‘The story of this election may be the mobilization of the Hispanic vote,’ said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, an anti-Trump Republican who has pleaded with his party to do more to win over Latinos. ‘So Trump deserves the award for Hispanic turnout. He did more to get them out than any Democrat has ever done.’” http://nyti.ms/2frfT2gVIDEO DU JOUR -- Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump visited the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe -- a major orthodox Jewish figure who died in 1994 -- Saturday night in Queens to pray. It’s somewhat common practice among his followers. http://bit.ly/2f6J3DnSWING STATE FRONTS -- states we need to care about edition -- MIAMI HERALD (four columns, with a photo), “In razor-tight Florida, one more push for Trump, Clinton” http://bit.ly/2foQx2E … TAMPA BAY TIMES (two columns, left-hand side of the page), “I-4 runs through hopes for president: The 132-mile road from Tampa Bay to the Atlantic is a diverse must-win swath in a must-win state” http://bit.ly/2fdP8LN … SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL (centerpiece package), “FLORIDA IS FINAL FOCUS: A tight race as tume runs down brings both presidential candidates -- again -- to the nation’s largest swing state” http://bit.ly/2fI4fS3 … ORLANDO SENTINEL (four columns), “Key votes: Minorities, nonpartisans” http://bit.ly/2foSego …… THE PALM BEACH POST (two columns), “How important is Florida? For Trump it’s the only path to victory. For Clinton, it could seal the deal” http://bit.ly/2fQsPz8 … ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION (four columns), “FINISH LINE IN SIGHT” http://bit.ly/2fI5Ve3 … COLUMBUS DISPATCH (centerpiece package), “VIRTUALLY TIED: Poll finds presidential race too close to call in Ohio” http://bit.ly/2fdQTIJ … CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, “OHIO’S NOT THE DECIDER? While it’s ‘do or die’ time for Trump and Clinton, swing state’s status is in jeopardy for the first time since 1960” http://bit.ly/2fqYt5U … TOLEDO BLADE (four coumns, with a photo), “Trump taking message to Democrats’ territory: GOP nominee rushed offstage briefly in Nevada” http://bit.ly/2erOSaiNATIONAL A1s -- NYT, (Trump holding a baby, and Clinton holding a straw hat) http://bit.ly/2fdPJxc … WaPo, (big map displaying “Washington Post projections) http://bit.ly/2erUily … LAT, (“Divided country looks ahead) http://bit.ly/2foVbgSPOLITICO MAGAZINE has photographers with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both galleries are worth your time.-- “Hillary’s Final Campaign Weekend of 2016 (with Beyoncé & Jay Z)”: “The Clinton campaign’s final push of the 2016 presidential race is star-studded and energetic. Here, some of photographer Brooks Kraft’s best photos from the last weekend of the election.” 27 pix http://politi.co/2f6HsgO-- “Donald Trump’s Final Weekend on the 2016 Campaign Trail”: “As the Republican candidate barnstorms the country in the final few days of the 2016 election cycle, POLITICO photographer M. Scott Mahaskey captures the sights from the trail.” 16 pix http://politi.co/2fHUGCKINBOX -- “CHARLIE ROSE TO SIT DOWN WITH GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE FOR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOLLOWING BRIDGEGATE VERDICT” Airing on CBS “This Morning” Monday, and PBS’s “Charlie Rose” Monday evening2018 WATCH -- Paul Steinhauser (@steinhauserNH1): “Asked about GOP challenge in 2018 from Curt Schilling @SenWarren tells @NH1News ‘eh’” http://bit.ly/2fI02xHCLICKER -- “The 155 Craziest Things Trump Said This Election” --POLITICO Magazine: “They used to be called gaffes, until he won the nomination. A highly subjective list of ‘Trumpisms.’” http://politi.co/2ecNYn4BEYOND THE BELTWAY -- “Race for Obscure Illinois Political Office Pulls in Millions in Donations: Normally innocuous battle for state comptroller is seen as a proxy fight between Republican governor and Democratic state House speaker,” by WSJ’s Will Connors in Chicago: http://on.wsj.com/2ecW5juPLAYBOOK ELECTION CONTEST -- Guess the winner of the presidential election, plus who wins the swing states, top Senate races and party breakdown of House and Senate. Contest closes Monday at midnight. Winner gets a lunch with us three. Thanks for all the great entries so far. Good luck! http://bit.ly/2eIbzYQ--“With His Father’s Campaign in Chaos, Eric Trump Was Looking to Trade Guns on the Internet,” by Yashar Ali in NYMag.com: http://nym.ag/2f6N3DEHADAS GOLD: “16 breakout media stars of 2016”: “1. David Fahrenthold - The Washington Post ... 2. Brianna Keilar – CNN – ‘Polls. All of them.’ ... 3. Sopan Deb – CBS News – The Trump Chronicler ... 4. Katy Tur - NBC/MSNBC - Trump’s fixation ... 5. Andrew Kaczynski and the KFILE team - CNN, formerly BuzzFeed - Trump’s Iraq War oppo team ... 6. Hallie Jackson – NBC/MSNBC – Making news by asking questions ... 7. Jonathan Swan - The Hill - The Aussie with bipartisan praise ... 8. Daniel Dale - Toronto Star - The Trump lie tracker ...... “9. Olivia Nuzzi - Daily Beast/GQ - Magazine features ... 10. Nate Cohn – The New York Times - The new Nate Silver? ... 11. Susanne Craig - New York Times - Check your mailbox ... 12. Bob Costa - The Washington Post - The Trump whisperer ... 13. Teddy Schleifer - CNN - Cruz world and campaign finance ... 14. Alana Goodman - Daily Mail - Weiner’s dsexts ... 15. Jennifer Jacobs – Bloomberg Politics – Bringing the Iowa big league ... 16. Breitbart – #War.” http://politi.co/2fus36ZPLAYBOOKERS on the trail share their post-election vacation plans: NYT’s Amy Chozick: “Not very exotic, but we rented this beauty in Marfa, Texas, and plan to spend some time in the blue-skied nothingness that is West Texas, where buffalo and armadillos roam and cellphones don’t.” Pic http://bit.ly/2fsr9ba ... NYT’s Maggie Haberman: “Just time with my family.” ... NYT’s Alex Burns:“MJ [Lee] and I just booked a big, beautiful trip to -- Mexico!” … NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: “I’m planning a post election trip to SLEEP - and be with my husband and friends and family. The last thing I’d want to do is get on another airplane!” … NBC’s Katy Tur: “I’m going to Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. Hoping to get as far away from election talk as I possibly can while also eating delicious spicy noodles.” ... NBC’s Ali Vitali: “We’ve been eyeing the beaches of Colombia for a few weeks now. Nothing booked yet but the dream is real!” ... NBC’s Hallie Jackson: “I’m fantasizing about a post-election vacay but haven’t had a single second to plan one. Hoping for a week in December and soliciting suggestions. Only requirements: unlimited wine, and unlimited naptime. (A nonstop flight = bonus.)” …… NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard: “I did just turn in a rent check for the first time in 17 months! I’ll be seeing old clothes and a toaster for the first time in awhile. And then hopefully I’ll be able to jump back into a car and hit some of the western and big sky country that the trail did not lead me to.” … CBS News’ Jacqueline Alemany: “I’m headed to St Lucia for a beach getaway and then visiting my baby bro at WashU in St Louis!” ... CBS News’ Sopan Deb: “Honestly, I need to reconnect with all the people I was close with before I left for the trail. I haven’t seen my family since the holidays. I need to remind my young niece and nephew that they have a favorite uncle who is much cooler than every other human they know. But after that, hibernation and a trip, but I am not quite sure where yet.” ... WaPo’s Bob Costa: “I’ll head to California after Thanksgiving for a bit of work and fun, starting with the Notre Dame-USC game and then an election panel at USC with Bob Shrum. I also plan to stop by the Nixon and Reagan presidential libraries.” ... WaPo’s Jenna Johnson: “I am supposed to go to Spain and Portugal in December with a group of friends, but I have been so slammed that I still haven’t planned or booked anything. The post-election event that I am most excited about: My mom and dad are traveling from Iowa to D.C. for Thanksgiving.” ...… BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer: “Kauai for 10+ days in December (paid for by Marriott-turned SPG points), with local recs provided by Nancy Cordes of CBS News! Possible Las Vegas blackjack stopover on the way back east.” ... Bloomberg’s Kevin Cirilli: “I’m pumped to stay in one place so I have no travel plans, except for back home to Delco for the holidays.” … Bloomberg’s Jen Jacobs: “The Cayman islands in mid-January.” … ABC’s Jonathan Karl: “In December escaping to the BVI for a bit.” ... ABC’s Liz Kreutz: “Wanted to go somewhere far, so I’ll be taking a 10-day trip to Japan after Thanksgiving. (All covered by hotel points & frequent flyer miles!)” … CNN’s Brianna Keilar: “I’ll be anchoring our noon show starting the Monday after the election until the end of the year. I’m getting married around New Year’s and we're hoping to squeeze a honeymoon in before inauguration!” ... CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: “My readjustment to life comes in three steps: 1. Memorial Stadium in Lincoln to catch the best Husker season in years. 2. Sullivan’s. 3. And only then, after I’m rested up, a beach far away where televisions and iPhones are optional.” …... CNN’s Liz Landers: “I’m going to Paris on Saturday (week from today) for a week to enjoy chocolate croissants and red wine.” ... FOX News’ Carl Cameron:“After daily bombshells on the trail I’m going to sun and snooze among the unexploded ordinance and hidden beaches of Vieques with my wife and dog.” ... FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin: “If I had an ounce of energy and could see past Nov 8 I would plan a trip but right now the only place I want to be is home, back in my own bed surrounded by my kids and husband and with my cockatoo Izzy at my feet.” ... WSJ’s Peter Nicholas: “We’re going to spend a few days in New York City, where I plan to stop in and watch part of the World Chess Championship match ... Have obtained press credentials for the event, [it] would be fun to write about an actual chess match, as opposed to the virtual one we’ve seen play out in Election 2016. We’re also planning to see ‘The Front Page’ on Broadway. After a tough election season, the play should be a nice reminder of everything that’s fun and exciting about the news business.”MEDIAWATCH -- DEEP DIVE -- “Nick Denton, Peter Thiel, and the Plot to Murder Gawker,” by David Margolick in Vanity Fair: How Denton reacted “to, some of what Thiel said at his press conference earlier this week: that Gawker’s reporters were ‘not journalists’ (‘No one person, no matter how rich, should get to decide who’s a journalist’); that Gawker was a ‘flimsy’ business (it had made money until Thiel came along); that it went after ‘small fry’ (‘Thiel is not “small fry.” Nor is Hulk Hogan'); and that [AJ] Daulerio was an ‘aspiring child pornographer’—a reference to an ill-advised but clearly flippant remark that Daulerio had made during his deposition. ‘Despicable,’ Denton says, ‘remarkably tabloid for someone who sets himself up as a guardian of journalistic integrity.’” http://bit.ly/2fdWHCl– JACK SHAFER, “How Trump Took Over the Media By Fighting It: He made himself the biggest news story since 9/11, and almost neutered the press in the process”: “No matter who claims the presidency on November 8, the 2016 election was a story about one human being’s domination of the media. Not since 9/11 has a single topic so colonized all of the media territories—print, television, and the Web—as thoroughly as Donald J. Trump did. ... Trump has taken press-baiting further than anyone else in public life would have imagined possible. He has isolated the press as his genuine rival, campaigning harder against it sometimes than the other candidates.” http://politi.co/2fdGaxVMARK RUFFALO’s robocall to voters: “Hi, this is actor and climate change activist Mark Ruffalo, calling with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Please don’t hang up. That will make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.” Listen: http://pccc.me/2f5xhciBONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:--“The New Evangelical Moral Minority,” by The New Yorker’s Kelefa Sanneh: “If the Southern Baptist church can’t be bigger, Russell Moore wants it to be better.” http://bit.ly/2fo2PZv--“The ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right,” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky in The Guardian: “Across the continent, rightwing populist parties have seized control of the political conversation. How have they done it? By stealing the language, causes and voters of the traditional left.” http://bit.ly/2fnuwS4 (h/t Longform.org)--“What Beyoncé taught me,” by Zadie Smith in The Guardian: “From Fred Astaire’s elegance to Beyoncé’s power, Zadie Smith is inspired by dancers as much she is by other writers.” http://bit.ly/2fnro94 (h/t Longreads.com)--“Inside Trump TV, The Best Network Yet,” by Drew Magary in GQ: “Try not to think of Election Day as the end of Donald Trump’s presidential fantasies. That’s so sad! Instead, think of it as the beginning of Trump TV! It’s gonna be the BEST (worst) network. Millions (hundreds) will watch it. Every cable provider (one in Montana) will carry it. Prepare your eyeballs for luxury with a sneak peek at what we assume will be the launch lineup for Trump TV.” http://bit.ly/2e1e2RY--“The Curious Have Won,” by Rany Jazayerli in The Ringer: “Theo Epstein overcame 108 years of history to build a championship team in Chicago. In the process, he ended baseball’s long-running analytics war by proving that an objective, data-driven approach can change the game.” http://bit.ly/2fDoJve (h/t TheBrowser.com)--“Steven Pinker on Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence” – Tyler Cowen on Medium: “Pinker ... recently joined Tyler for a conversation not only on the power of reason, but also the economics of irrational verbs, whether violence will continue to decline, behavioral economics, existential threats, the merits of aerobic exercise, photography, group selection, Fermi’s paradox, Noam Chomsky, universal grammar, free will, the Ed Sullivan show, and why people underrate the passive (or so it is thought).” http://bit.ly/2fpJUvM--“Free Shipping Is A Lie,” by Neal Unterleider in Fast Company: “Free shipping is a top priority for online shoppers, but many merchants are struggling to keep up with the costs.” http://bit.ly/2f2tVXu--“A Poker Champ Identifies Clinton and Trump’s Tells,” by JR Havlan in Esquire: “You’ll be amazed by what the candidates are telling you without even telling you!” http://bit.ly/2fkjAEm--“Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan,” by Ben S. Bernanke in Brookings, reviewing “The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan”: “Greenspan was (and is) a fascinating and often enigmatic character—a mostly self-taught economist; a jazz musician; a skilled political operator and policy adviser; a socialite and lady’s man; a connoisseur of economic arcana; and, of course, the Maestro for more than 18 years at the helm of the Federal Reserve.” http://brook.gs/2fkl29S … $24.28 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2ecYhHP--“The Story of How McDonald’s First Got Its Start,” by Lisa Napoli in Smithsonian: “From the orange orchards of California, two brothers sought a fortune selling burgers.” http://bit.ly/2e9Alok--“Living the Life,” by Andrew O’Hagan in the London Review of Books, reviewing “Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency,” by James Andrew Miller: “Being an agent isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, and the people who are really good at it are having a wonderful life, though none of them is going to heaven.” http://bit.ly/2fkNmv4 ... $23.72 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2e9IvND --“Meet the Dapper White Nationalist Who Wins Even if Trump Loses,” by Josh Harkinson in Mother Jones: “Alt-right founder Richard Spencer aims to make racism cool again.” http://bit.ly/2emlhPs--“How a Pillar of German Banking Lost Its Way,” by Ullrich Fichtner, Hauke Goos and Martin Hesse in Der Spiegel: “For most of its 146 years, Deutsche Bank was the embodiment of German values: reliable and safe. Now, the once-proud institution is facing the abyss. SPIEGEL tells the story of how Deutsche’s 1990s rush to join the world banking elite paved the way for its own downfall.” http://bit.ly/2fnts0LBONUS GREAT WEEKEND LISTEN, curated by Jake Sherman:-- I’ll admit it, it might sound lame, but I’ve been relistening to the Beatles albums for the first time in years. Here is the remastered version of “Let It Be.” http://spoti.fi/2eC9EHvSPOTTED -- Kevin Spacey having dinner at The Riggsby Saturday night … Scott Pelley boarding the 3 p.m. Acela from New York to D.C. Saturday … Clinton aides Adrienne Elrod and Sara Latham missing the motorcade after the Katy Perry concert in Philadelphia. Elrod called Ed Rendell, who had two spots left in his van. Debra Messing was in the car. When they got to the Logan Hotel -- where Hillary was staying -- Rendell announced on a megaphone that they were arriving. Rendell -- a former mayor of Philadelphia and governor of Pennsylvania -- also commandeered a police escort through Philly. SCALIA’s SCOTUS memorial -- Pool report: On Friday “the Supreme Court of the United States held a Memorial for Justice Antonin Scalia. The Chief Justice of the United States and the Associate Justices held a Special Session of the Court. Presentations were presented by the Acting Solicitor General of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States. Everyone in the Court was misty-eyed during [Justice Roberts’] very moving closing remarks. Paul Clement told the audience: “Clerk conferences with Scalia was the best preparation for oral arguments before the Court, especially when he conducted such conferences in Latin!”SPOTTED: Justice Scalia’s wife, Maureen, and their 9 children, Jane Roberts, Merrick Garland, Nina Totenberg, Fred Graefe, James Duff, and members of the Supreme Court Bar.OUT AND ABOUT -- pool report: “An intimate, tuxedo-clad audience of nearly 100 cigar aficionados witnessed the final performance of Mark Russell, the legendary Beltway pianist and political humorist, at the University Club on Thursday night, when a standing ovation closed out the Buffalo native’s six-decade run as one of the country’s premiere practitioners of musical comedy. ... Formerly the resident pianist and entertainer at the old Shoreham Hotel (now the Omni Shoreham), Russell was a fixture on PBS for three decades, starting in 1975, when his political satire TV specials started airing four times a year.”SPOTTED: Judge Loren A. Smith, Loren A. Smith, Jr., Jack Evans, Jim Nichols, James Rosen, Mark Touhey, Paul Garmirian, John Vickers-Smith, University Club President Fern O’BrianBIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Steve Pfister, SVP of gov’t affairs for National Community Pharmacists AssociationBIRTHDAYS: Dan Senor ... Sid Blumenthal is 68 ... former Education Secretary Arne Duncan is 52 ... Catherine Crier is 62 ... Maria Shriver is 61 ... Rob Jesmer, partner at FP1 Strategies, and the pride of St. Paul ... Arun Chaudhary, the pride of Chappaqua, N.Y., is 41, currently creative genius for Revolution Messaging, previously with Obama ’08 and the WH, where he served as the first official White House videographer in a position created for him by President Obama (h/t Breanna Chandler) … Ruth Messinger, past president of American Jewish World Service ... Politico’s Louis Nelson is 28 ... Katie Niederee, comms director for Sen. Jerry Moran ... Max Gleischman, VP at the Glover Park Group … Eric Mondero, gov’t relations at American Red Cross ... Rep. John Carter (R-Tex.) is 75 ... Rep. Dan Donovan (R-NY) is 6-0 ... Marlon Bateman, comms at Hoover Institution and an RNC alum ... The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith ... Ashley Lewis, press secretary and senior comms advisor at Ex-Im Bank, DCCC and AFL-CIO alum, and the pride of Detroit (h/t Joe Philipson) ... Alan Dechert is 65 ...… Whitney Mitchell Brennan ... Politico’s Ana Estes ... Bush WH alum Matt Kirk, now an SVP at The Hartford ... Bush 43 State alum JoJo Sears ... Rick Nussio … Matt Wyatt … Sheila Walter … Scott Anderson … LaCreda Drummond-Mondon … Ian Braun … NPR TV critic Eric Deggans, a Tampa Bay Times alum, is 51 ... Diana Banister ... Ben Wrobel of Village Capital and CAP alum ... Julia Moseley … Gray Brooks … NBC News’ Gresham Striegel … Michael Beland … Trish Turner of “CBS This Morning” and a Fox alum … Angelica Lavito … Chris Fitzgerald … Suzanne Granville … Sara Bowlsby … Tommy Norman (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Burson Taylor Snyder, deputy chief of staff for Sen. Roy Blunt ... Andrew Weinberg is 53 ... Sally Field is 7-0 ... Ethan Hawke is 46 ... basketball player Lamar Odom is 37 ... Emma Stone is 28 (h/ts AP)

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Россия сократила объемы вложений в гособлигации минфина США

В нынешнем году Россия оказалась на 22 месте среди основных держателей американских ценных бумагМатериал из 1 страницыРоссия за год сократила объемы вложений в гособлигации министерства финансов США. Об этом говорится в распространенном в пятницу докладе американского финансового ведомства.Документ носит предварительный характер, его окончательная версия будет опубликована в конце апреля. В докладе приводятся данные на 30 июня 2013 года с учетом владений иностранных государств в акциях и долговых обязательствах.Указывается, что к этому сроку российский портфель оценивался в 139 млрд долларов, причем все они приходились на долю долгосрочных долговых обязательств. Годом ранее этот показатель составлял 164 млрд долларов, из которых 158 млрд долларов - долгосрочные, а еще около 6 млрд долларов - краткосрочные долговые обязательства.В нынешнем году Россия оказалась на 22 месте среди основных держателей американских ценных бумаг. Лидирует же Япония, чей пакет составляет 1,76 трлн долларов, а на втором месте идет Китай - 1,73 трлн долларов. Третью позицию занимают Каймановы острова с 1,16 трлн долларов.В целом объем иностранных инвестиций в американские акции, долгосрочные и краткосрочные долговые обязательства выросли за год почти на 9 процентов. В конце июня 2013 года они составили 14,4 трлн долларов. http://itar-tass.com/ekonomika/1012854

05 ноября 2012, 11:10

HSBC заплатит штраф в $1,5 млрд

Крупнейший европейский банк HSBC Holdings Plc должен будет выплатить штраф в $1,5 млрд из-за недостаточного контроля за отмыванием денег. Ранее руководство банка уже признало свою вину и принесло свои извинения перед сенатом США.Столь крупный штраф банк готов выплатить, чтобы избежать официального расследования. Причем сумма более чем в 2 раза превосходит объем резервируемого объема средств для подобных ситуаций. Ранее аналитики прогнозировали, что штрафы за подобную халатность могут составить до $1 млрд.Еще в июле этого месяца банк был уличен в обслуживании многочисленных преступных группировок, включая наркосиндикаты. По результатам анализа 1,4 млн внутренних документов банка и опроса 75 сотрудников стало ясно, что недостаточный контроль со стороны банка позволил преступным группировкам направлять свои средства в финансовую систему США. Более того, согласно публикациям ряда СМИ HSBC участвовал в крайне сомнительных операциях в различных регионах и странах мира, включая Каймановы острова, Иран, Саудовскую Аравию, Мексику и Сирию."Наши меры предотвращения и противодействия легализации доходов, полученных преступным путем, в период между 2004 и 2010 годами должны были быть более надежными и эффективными, и мы не смогли выявить случаи неприемлемого поведения и предотвратить их", - заявил глава банка Стюарт Гулливер.Однако ситуация выглядит гораздо серьезнее, если вспомнить, что еще в 2003 г. американские регуляторы предупреждали банк и просили ужесточить контроль за отмыванием денег. Получается, что за 9 лет HSBC даже не постарался исправить ситуацию. Ранее в аналогичную ситуацию попал нидерландский банк ING. Банк признался в том, что с начала 1990-х гг. по 2007 г. незаконно провел через американские банки $1,6 млрд, скрывая характер сделок. Компания также помогала свои клиентам лучше спрятать информацию, которой могли бы заинтересоваться власти. Таким образом, граждане Кубы и Ирана могли вести дела с американскими компаниями в обход закона. Штраф стал рекордным для такого рода нарушений - $619 млрд. ING стал четвертой организацией, заплатившей за помощь своим клиентам обходить американские законы. В 2009 г. Credit Suisse выплатил $536 млн, Lloyds TSB - $350 млн. В 2010 г. Barclays был оштрафован на $298 млн.