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10 декабря, 18:42

Conan's Spoof Phone Calls Between Barack Obama And Donald Trump Will Never Get Old

What if Donald Trump kept bugging Barack Obama for advice? Conan O’Brien imagines the kind of things the president-elect may be asking the current commander in chief in a series of hilarious spoof telephone calls. From questioning whether Kazakhstan is a meat dish to complaining about the length of the Mexican border, Obama is luckily on hand to answer each of Trump’s queries. Check out the clips below: We will add in the new segments as and when they become available. type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=584bbf4ee4b0e05aded42d63,584bad3ae4b0bd9c3dfd0d64,584a808ce4b0bd9c3dfc38e3 -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

10 декабря, 18:22

Non-OPEC Nations Agree To Cut Oil Production But Many Questions Remain

Non-OPEC oil-producing nations struck a deal in Vienna on Saturday to cut crude output by 600,000 barrels a day, joining a pact meant to reduce a global oversupply of crude, lift prices and lend support to economies hurt by a two-year market slump. The pact, the first between the two sides in 15 years, comes two weeks after OPEC agreed to reduce its own production by 1.2 million barrels a day. If complied with, and that is a big "if" since many of the non-OPEC nations had previously expressly stated they would not actually cut but rather let oil production decline naturally, the deal would amount to a reduction of almost 2% in global oil supply and, as the WSJ notes, "would represent an unprecedented level of cooperation among oil-producing countries." Prior to today's announcement, Russia had already announced it plans to reduce production by 300,000 barrels a day next year, down from a 30-year high last month of 11.2 million barrels a day. In a surprise move, Kazakhstan pledged a modest output cut after coming under strong diplomatic pressure, delegates said, Bloomberg noted. The International Energy Agency expected the Asian nation to boost production in 2017 by 160,000 barrels a day after a giant oilfield started pumping. “I’m sure you are following the news about actual notifications to the customers by a number of countries notably Saudi Arabia," Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih said ahead of the meeting. "It should be a continuation of the positive spirit of cooperation and collaboration between OPEC and non-OPEC.” Still, despite the trumpeted headline, there was little detail and it remains unclear whether the non-OPEC cuts include natural declines from countries such as Mexico, or consist entirely of genuine production cuts.  "We managed to gather 25 countries from OPEC and non-OPEC with the idea of stabilizing the oil market and defending a fair price for our commodity," Venezuelan Energy Minister Eulogio del Pino said before the meeting. The breakdown in proposed reduction by non-OPEC country is as follows: Azerbaijan to cut 35,000 barrels a day Bahrain to cut 12,000 barrels a day Bolivia to cut 4,000 barrels a day Brunei to cut 7,000 barrels a day Equatorial Guinea to cut 12,000 barrels a day Kazakhstan to cut 50,000 barrels a day Malaysia to cut 35,000 barrels a day Mexico to cut 100,000 barrels a day Oman to cut 45,000 barrels a day Russia to cut 300,000 barrels a day Sudan to cut 4,000 barrels a day South Sudan to cut 8,000 barrels a day Indonesia, which until recently was an OPEC member (having returned in 2015) but mysteriously was suspended from the cartel during the November Vienna meeting, did not figure in the negotiations. As the WSJ notes, representatives from a number of countries met Saturday morning for a breakfast and then headed to OPEC’s headquarters in central Vienna where they hashed out an agreement. Securing a coalition beyond their own cartel has become important for OPEC officials as the rise of American oil producers has put them on the defensive. OPEC worries that any increase in oil prices following a cut in production will eventually lead U.S. output to flood back into the market and dilute the cartel’s actions without help from Russia and others. The hard part has been hammering out the details of any such agreement, including how long the production cuts should last, how to enforce the pact and what production statistics should be used as a baseline number. In order to "enforce" compliance, Russia and Oman - the only two nations which have explicitly stated they will cut production instead of waiting "natural" production declines, will join OPEC members Algeria, Kuwait and Venezuela on the committee to oversee implementation of the accord, a delegate said. Alongside recent oil supply records by many non-OPEC nations, most notably Russia, OPEC production reached an all-time high of nearly 34.2 million barrels a day, well above the group’s target of 32.5 million barrels a day from January. Libya and Nigeria are exempted from the OPEC output cuts, while Iran has some room to boost its output. All three nations are ramping up their own production aggressively and will make hitting OPEC's reduced production goal that much more unlikely. As Reuters reported late in the week, Saudi Arabia informed customers in Europe and North America that it would supply less oil in January than December. The United Arab Emirates said on Saturday that it will take similar action. The production cuts, however, come at a time when most OPEC nations announced January selling prices at steep discounts to market as the scramble to capture even market share accelerates and jeopardizes any deal with the incentives to cheat particularly high. Furthermore, the selling price discounts suggest that there has been a far steeper than expected decline in oil demand, mostly out of China and India, suggesting that OPEC's 32.5mmbpd production target could be too high. Finally, the biggest wildcard in the oil production equation, US shale producers, were completely absent from any negotiation. As reported yesterday, for the 25th of the last 27 weeks, Baker Hughes reported that the US oil rig count rose once again. And with the biggest rise (+21) since April 2014 to 498, the highest since January 2016...   ... the jump in oil rigs signals that US shale production is set to rise dramatically in the months ahead, pouring cold water over OPEC and Saudi production cut hopes.

10 декабря, 06:00

Дочка Байтерека помогла открыть новый детский сад в Степногорске

Государственно-частное партнерство в дошкольном образовании переходит от теории к практике. Еще недавно многие скептически воспринимали идею строительства детского сада на основе ГЧП. Но теперь бизнес проявляет инициативу, желая иметь в своих партнерах государство. Примечательно, что подобное отношение возникло не только в крупных городах страны. Накануне 25-летия независимости детский сад "Сказка", построенный в рамках ГЧП, открылся в Степногорске. Инициатором проекта выступила местная предприниматель Светлана Лагута, поддержку оказали местные власти. Стоит отметить, что здание под новую инициативу уже было - бывший детский сад. Поэтому новый проект предполагал ремонт помещения и благоустройство прилегающей территории, для удобства и безопасности детей. Вопреки расхожему мнению о том, что партнерство с государством - дело долгое и не самое выгодное, проект бы реализован достаточно быстро. Со своей инициативой предприниматель обратилась в акимат в начале лета, и уже в середине декабря детский сад готов принимать своих "клиентов". Партнерство с государством отражено в договоре - в течение десяти лет в "Сказке" будет размещаться государственный заказ на обучение дошколят. Общая стоимость проекта составила 55 млн тенге, из которых 11 млн тенге - собственные средства предпринимателя, а 44 млн тенге - займ, привлеченный при поддержке и гарантиях дочерних структур холдинга "Байтерек". Аким города Ануар Кумпекеев, поздравляя коллектив детского сада с открытием, отметил, что реализация данного проекта стала возможной благодаря поручению главы государства Нурсултана Назарбаева, поддержке акима Акмолинской области Сергея Кулагина и уполномоченного органа в сфере ГЧП – Министерства национальной экономики. Большая помощь также была оказана Казахстанским фондом подготовки проектов при Холдинге «Байтерек». Руководитель проектной дирекции ТОО «Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund» при Холдинге "Байтерек" Аслан Булатов и Руководитель управления развития государственно-частного партнерства Министерства национальной экономики Алия Есдаулетова, со своей стороны отметили, что механизм государственно-частного партнерства только начинает развиваться, и открытие детского сада в рамках ГЧП по частной инициативе в Степногорске – стало первым в Казахстане в сфере дошкольного образования. Отметим, что этот проект в рамках государственно-частного партнерства в сфере дошкольного образования стал первым, но - не последним. В 2017 году будут реализованы еще три проекта - два детсада с общей численностью 225 мест в п. Бестобе и детский сад на 75 мест в п. Заводской.

10 декабря, 02:01

Expert Commentary: The Long Road To Oil Market Balance

• WTI has traded in a narrow range this week ($52.42/$49.61) heading into tomorrow’s meeting between Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Oman and Mexico which could help determine whether or not OPEC receives non-member assistance in its effort to remove barrels from the market. The group will discuss cutting production by up to 600k bpd lead by Russia’s potential cut of 300k bpd. While we do not have a view on what the outcome of the meeting will be, we continue to see a medium-term range for WTI of $47-$55 regardless of the result…

09 декабря, 13:16

The lakes of the world are disappearing – in pictures

Climate change and human activity are threatening the existence of some of the world’s largest lakes. These photographs document dramatic changes to the landscape in Bolivia, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union , China and west Africa Continue reading...

08 декабря, 14:11

Chevron Provides 2017 Capex Budget Worth $19.8 Billion

U.S. energy behemoth Chevron Corporation (CVX) announced its 2017 capital spending plans on Dec 7, 2016.

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08 декабря, 12:00

Chevron To Trim Capex for 4th Year

Chevron late December 7 announced a 2017 capital and exploratory spending programme of $19.8bn, which it expects to be at least 15% lower than its 2016 expenditure and 42% less than its 2015 capital outlay. CEO John Watson said: "This is the fourth consecutive year of spending reductions.” A combination...

08 декабря, 10:00

'Democracy was hijacked. It got a bad name': the death of the post-Soviet dream

Independence 25 years ago promised to bring freedom and prosperity to central Asia, but kleptocratic regimes have left many yearning for the pastThe road out of Kommunizm, a small town in southern Tajikistan, is badly paved and bumpy. Like most things here it was built long ago, when the ruling ideology that gave the settlement its name was still thriving.Home to just 7,000 inhabitants, Kommunizm was at the very edge of the Russian empire, first tsarist then Soviet; a mere 50 miles from Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Continue reading...

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08 декабря, 07:19

Балқашта ең дәмді нан пісіреді

Астанада Индустрияландыру күні аясында «Қазақстанның үздік тауары-2016» атты республикалық конкурс болып өтті. Байқауда “Балқаш нан” комбинаты ұжымы жеңіске жетіп мерейі үстем болды. - Біздің кәсіпорын Тәуелсіздігіміздің 25 жылдығында Елбасы қол қойған «Қазақстанның үздік тауары» номинациясы бойынша І дәрежелі Дипломмен марапатталды, бұл өте айтулы оқиға деп білеміз. Сонымен бірге бұл Балқаш наубайханашыларының еңбегіне берілген жоғары баға, әрі үлкен жауапкершілік - дейді «Балқаш нан» комбинатыны директоры Айгүл Бүрленова. - Бүгінгі күні біздің кәсіпорын тек Балқашты ғана емес, қалаға іргелес жатқан поселкелердің және Қарағанды, Алматы мен Астана қалаларының тапсырыстарын орындайды. Болашақта кәсіпорынның қуаты артпақ соған сәйкес осы өнімдермен тәуелсіз еліміздің басқа аймақтарын да өз өнімдерімен қамтамасыз ету көзделуде. Мақсатымыз Балқаштың нанының маркасының танымалдығы артып, бүкіл Қа-зақстанға белгілі болса дейміз. Бүгінгі күні кәсіпорын 85-тен астам нан-тоқаш өнім¬дерін өндіреді. Жаңа техно¬ло¬гияны пайдалана отырып, зауыт адам денсаулығына пайдалы диеталық және жоғары сортты нан өнімдерін өндіреді. “Балқаш нан” комбинаты әлеуметтік бағдардағы кәсіпорын ретінде әлеуметтік аз қамтылған отбасыларына қолдау көрсетеді. Қала көлемінде өтетін қайырымдылық акцияларына ұдайы қатысып, Балқаш қаласындағы балалар үйін нан өнімдерімен қамтамасыз етеді. Күн сайын мұқтаж жандарға арналған дүкен арқылы нан өнімі тегін беріледі. Зауыттың іске қосылғанына көп болмаса да, Балқаш нан зауытының жетістіктері аз емес. Жақында ғана зауыт ұжымы Орта азиялық халықаралық “WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016” көрме аясында өткен 2016 жылдың ең үздік нан және кондитерлік өнімдер байқауында «Жыл таңдауы» деген жоғары марапатқа ие болған еді. Сондай-ақ екі үшінші орынды иеленіп, «Өнімнің ең жоғарғы сапасы үшін» медалімен марапатталған болатын.

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08 декабря, 07:04

Лучший хлеб пекут в Балхаше

В рамках Дня индустриализации в Астане прошел республиканский конкурс “Лучший товар Казахстана -2016». Отрадно, что победу в номинации «Лучшие продовольственные товары» уверенно одержал коллектив хлебокомбината «Балкаш нан». По словам директора предприятия Айгуль Бурленовой, получение такой награды и диплома за подписью Главы государства в год 25-летия Независимости страны, является знаковым событием. Это высокая оценка работы балхашских хлебопеков, но в то же время и большая ответственность. - Сегодня наше предприятие обеспечивает хлебом не только Балхаш и близлежащие поселки, мы выполняем заказы в Караганде, Алматы и Астане. В перспективе расширение производства и снабжение данной продукцией других регионов нашей независимой страны. Хочется, чтобы марка балхашского хлеба стала популярной и узнаваемой во всем Казахстане. На сегодняшний день предприятие выпускается более 85 наименований хлебобулочных изделий. Используя новые технологии, в цехах выпекают диетические и высокорецептурные сорта хлеба, способствующие поддержанию здоровья потребителей. Являясь социально- ориентированным предприятием, «Балкаш нан» проводит большую работу по поддержке социально незащищенных слоев населения, принимая активное участие в городских благотворительных акциях, обеспечивая своей продукцией детский дом г. Балхаш Ежедневно в специализированных магазинах бесплатно отпускается хлеб нуждающимся. Несмотря на небольшой срок работы, в копилке достижений балхашского завода высшая награда «Выбор года» на 19-й Центрально-Азиатской международной выставке «WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016» за выпечку хлеба «Фьорд». Также балхашские пекари становились лауреатами двух 3 мест и удостоены медали «За высокое качество продукции».

08 декабря, 04:50

As the World Frets over the Taiwan Call, Trump's Talk with Kazakhstan Might Be the Real Shocker

Bill Cowan Security, Eurasia A U.S. partnership with Kazakhstan can keep Chinese and Russian ambitions in check. The November 30 telephone call between President-elect Donald J. Trump and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan was a shocker, first because such a call took a place at all and second because the topics discussed were wide-ranging and extended to U.S. relations with Russia. The tone of the conversation was unusually warm. The call from a newly elected president to a long-standing one made geopolitical sense as the incoming administration concentrates on building relationships with key countries in key regions. Kazakhstan is in the heart of Eurasia, bordering both Russia and China: the two main headaches of American foreign policy. Indeed, faced with growing Chinese and Russian global influence emboldened by eight years of President Obama’s foreign policy, a newly inaugurated President Trump may be taking a closer look at Eurasia and considering the role it can play in supporting U.S. interests internationally.  Kazakhstan is a good place to start. It is a newly minted non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and shares and borders of over five thousand miles with Russia on one side and China on the other. Kazakhstan has seen significant progress since breaking from the Soviet Union in 1991. Much credit goes to the country’s founding President, Nursultan Nazarbayev. And Mr. Trump was right to have reportedly praised Kazakhstan’s development in that phone call. Most observers predicted a dismal future for a country trying to unravel from 71 years of Soviet domination. But instead, it has thrived. To be sure, Nazarbayev has his fair share of critics and opponents. But nothing succeeds like success, and that’s what he has brought to his country.  Now he is solidifying his success with a Plan of the Nation, unveiled last year at his inauguration. Already an upper middle-income country, the goal of the 100 Concrete Step Plan is to place Kazakhstan among the top thirty countries of the world by 2050. Read full article

07 декабря, 15:51

Frontrunning: December 7

Futures rise for third day in a row (Reuters); Banks Lead Stock Rally as Bonds Gain With Hopes Pinned on Draghi (BBG) Monte dei Paschi bolsters European stocks, ECB looms (Reuters) Finding Risk in All the Wrong Places as Trump Era Begins (BBG) Goldman Tells Stock Pickers to Rejoice as Correlations Decline (BBG) Trump’s ‘Wall’ at Mexico Border Vanishing as GOP Lawmakers Bolt (BBG) AT&T CEO: Time Warner Deal Would ‘Disrupt’ Cable TV Model (WSJ) Americans Are Paying Apple Millions To Shelter Overseas Profits (BBG) China premier says steady growth this year to lay good foundation for 2017 (Reuters) The ‘Weird’ Commodity Hurting the Bears as Prices Double (BBG) Aleppo rebels call for five-day ceasefire (Reuters) China calls Iowa's Branstad 'old friend' after report he picked as ambassador (Reuters) How Iran closed the Mosul 'horseshoe' and changed Iraq war (Reuters) Brazil Supreme Court deal might keep Senate head in place: report (Reuters) BP oil exports from U.S. to Asia could open new routes (Reuters) Forget Robots—People Skills Are the Future of American Jobs (BBG) Britain fines Pfizer record $107 million for huge drug price hike (Reuters) Trump Says He Will Leave Family Business. The Pros Tell Him How (BBG) Nearly 100 killed, hundreds hurt as quake strikes Indonesia's Aceh (Reuters) Fed May Struggle to Signal What Comes After December (WSJ) Kazakhstan detains suspected oil thieves linked to Islamists (Reuters) Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather for 75th Anniversary Reunion (WSJ) Plane with some 47 people on board crashes in north Pakistan (Reuters)   Overnight Media Digest WSJ - President-elect Donald Trump, escalating his carrot-and-stick approach to the nation's manufacturing sector, on Tuesday called for canceling Boeing Co's work on a new version of Air Force One, asserting that the company was trying to rip off taxpayers. http://on.wsj.com/2h1NXjT - More than 100 veterans will converge on Hawaii this week to mark the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, in what is being billed as the last big gathering of the survivors. http://on.wsj.com/2gggovQ - The U.S. Supreme Court handed the government a significant win Tuesday in its pursuit of insider trading, ruling prosecutors in such cases don't always have to show that something valuable changed hands to prove a crime was committed. http://on.wsj.com/2he5CI7 - When Federal Reserve officials meet next week, agreeing to raise short-term interest rates will be the easy part. The trickier task could be debating the likely path of interest rates in the months and years ahead. http://on.wsj.com/2ghcd2Q - President-elect Trump sold all of his stockholdings in June, a transition spokesman said, removing himself from positions in numerous U.S. companies. http://on.wsj.com/2h2uEHn - The House of Representatives turned aside an attempt by conservative hard-liners to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his handling of congressional investigations into the tax agency. http://on.wsj.com/2gj0ikS - Blackstone's Jonathan Gray went on a home-buying spree after the foreclosure crisis. Four years and roughly 50,000 homes later, he will find out if his gambit pays off as Invitation Homes, the company formed to rent those homes, prepares to go public. http://on.wsj.com/2hdHncU   FT Barclays Plc said on Tuesday it has agreed to lease office space in London's Canary Wharf district to the British government in an effort to save about 35 million pounds ($45 million) annually. Len McCluskey, head of Unite, the country's biggest union and Labour's largest financial backer is stepping down a year earlier than expected and will seek re-election. Britain is to overhaul the running of its rail network to give service operators a role in managing the tracks their trains use to try to improve reliability, British Transport Minister Chris Grayling said on Tuesday. The head of Japan's SoftBank Group Corp, which in October set up a $100 billion fund for technology investments, said on Tuesday he would invest $50 billion in U.S. businesses, a move President-elect Donald Trump claimed was a direct result of his election win. The British government has accepted the opposition Labour Party's call for it to set out its plan for leaving the European Union before formal talks begin, but has asked parliament to respect its Brexit timetable.   NYT - Google said that all of its data centers around the world will be entirely powered with renewable energy sources sometime next year. http://nyti.ms/2h57v9n - SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son struck a pledge after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump of investing $50 billion in the United States, a move that he said would create some 50,000 jobs. http://nyti.ms/2h57IcA - A unanimous Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Samsung may not have to give up $399 million in profits for copying parts of the distinctive look of Apple's iPhone. The Supreme Court returned the case to the Federal Circuit for further consideration. http://nyti.ms/2h50LIy - President-elect Donald Trump is summoning leaders of the biggest tech companies to New York for a round-table discussion. The agenda is undisclosed and perhaps still under consideration. http://nyti.ms/2h5f67R   Canada THE GLOBE AND MAIL ** Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said environmental and indigenous opponents of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion have a legitimate right to protest, but they do not hold a veto over the project and can't kill it. https://tgam.ca/2g9R7jA ** An Ontario Securities Commission proposal to require financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients could push investment firms away from offering traditional investment-advisory services if the new standard is too difficult to implement, industry officials warn. https://tgam.ca/2g9WvDd ** Canadian banks have navigated through weak economic growth, low interest rates and a depressed energy sector with their profits intact, but one big threat remains: the domestic housing market. https://tgam.ca/2g9ZLi8 NATIONAL POST ** Canada's telecommunications regulator is eliminating roles at its seven regional offices and consolidating some services at its National Capital Region headquarters in a push toward "digital first." http://bit.ly/2ga6ubB ** Bank of Montreal beat market expectations when it reported an 11 percent jump in net profit for the fourth quarter, helped by growth in all segments. http://bit.ly/2ga1KD7 ** A motion from the Senate Conservative leader Claude Carignan - backed by government representative Peter Harder, Liberal leader Joseph Day and Independent Senators Group coordinator Elaine McCoy - seeks to add new independent members to committees, where a substantial amount of the Senate's work takes place. http://natpo.st/2ga21Wk    

06 декабря, 19:01

Xi’an to Moscow freight link

The first train to serve the freight link between Xi’an and Moscow waits for departure in the capital of Shaanxi Province. The new route began operations yesterday, becoming the third China-Europe freight train service from Xi’an following those to Warsaw and Hamburg. The train will pass through Kazakhstan before reaching Moscow. The trip will take 11 days, compared with the traditional land/sea route, which takes over 45 days.

06 декабря, 18:44

How will the change of power in Uzbekistan affect relations with Moscow?

Shavkaat Mirziyoyev won the presidential elections in Uzbekistan on Deс. 4, gathering more than 88 percent of the votes in Central Asia’s most populous nation according to the country's Central Electoral Commission. Uzbekistan's first president Islam Karimov, who had governed the country continuously since 1989, died on Sept. 2 at the age of 78 following a stroke. Uzbek Prime Minister Mirziyoyev was appointed as interim president. According to RIA Novosti, Mirziyoyev has the reputation of a politician who favors Uzbekistan's non-alignment with military-political blocs. In 2012, upon Karimov's decision, the country withdrew its membership from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Mirziyoyev supports developing relations with CIS countries, first and foremost with Russia. "In Russia you are known as a committed advocate of developing friendly Russian-Uzbek relations," Vladimir Putin said in a message to the newly elected president of Uzbekistan before inviting his Uzbek counterpart to visit Moscow. "I am convinced that with joint efforts we will be able to continue strengthening our bilateral strategic partnership and cooperation and expand constructive interactivity in regional and international affairs," said Putin. Head of the CIS observer mission and executive secretary of the commonwealth Sergei Lebedev said the elections had been transparent and democratic. However, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) claimed that there had been violations, "including ballot box stuffing." Three men in a boat? Experts on the region named Finance Minister Rustam Azimov and head of the country's National Security Service Rustam Inoyatov among the potential candidates for the presidential post were. Will the power shift in Uzbekistan have an impact on Russia’s economy? According to Andrei Kazantsev, who heads an international analytical center at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the regional clan factor played an important role in the elections: While Mirziyoyev represented the so-called Samarkand clan, Azimov represented the Tashkent clan. Andrei Grozin, head of the Department of Central Asia and Kazakhstan at the Institute of CIS Countries, noted that Azimov, who studied at Oxford, was known for his pro-Western views, while Inoyatov, the former security service collaborator, did not have any serious patronage. Experts believe that Mirziyoyev is a candidate that not only suits the Tashkent elite, but also Moscow and Beijing. In Grozin's opinion, Mirziyoyev's inheritance is "a victory for Russian and Eurasian diplomacy." Approximately a month after Mirziyoyev was appointed interim president, Reuters published an article affirming that Uzbekistan's next president will have to share power with two other key figures – Inoyatov and Azimov. Smooth instability "Relations with Russia on a bilateral level do not appear very stable, although often the mass media reports the contrary," said Azhdar Kurtov, a leading scientific collaborator at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. In Uzbekistan Russian business is represented mostly by large companies. There is interest in developing the subsoil (in particular, hydrocarbon deposits) says Kurtov. "But 'Russia's Uzbek friends' do not permit Russian business to enter certain attractive sectors such as gold mining." Concerning Tashkent's political relations with the external world, in Kurtov's view "the new Uzbek president will not make any drastic moves that would change Karimov's previous policies, especially in foreign affairs. It is not in his interests. People in the East don't like drastic changes." Chief cotton specialist Shavkaat Mirziyoyev was born on July 24, 1957 in Uzbekistan's Jizzakh Region. In 1981 he graduated from the Tashkent University of Irrigation and Melioration, specializing in mechanical engineering. He worked at the institute for the next 10 years. Along Russia’s borders: What are the non-NATO security risks? Mirziyoyev began his political career in 1990 when he was elected deputy of Uzbekistan's Supreme Council. In 1994 he was elected, and later re-elected, to the country's new parliament. In 2003 Karimov proposed to make him prime minster and parliament gave its approval. From February 2005 Mirziyoyev was in charge of the agricultural industry and supervised plans on the production of grain and cotton, which were bought from agricultural workers for prices established by the government. First published in Russian by Vzglyad Subscribe to get the hand picked best stories every week

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Russian servicemen train with Chinese military in SCO drills

Russian troops are learning to operate Chinese Armed Forces weapons during an exercise involving Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member-states and taking place near Korla in Xinjiang in China, Aide to the Russian Central Military District Troops Commander Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin said. "Russian units will hold a live-firing exercise at a mountainous training range, using the 5.45mm Type 95 assault rifle, the 7.62mm CS/LR4 sniper rifle, the 82mm RR87 mortar and the 120mm PF-98 anti-tank rocket launcher," Roshchupkin said. "Russian mountain infantry units have received 3,500 small-arms munitions, 25 mortar bombs and 15 rockets from China to accomplish firing tasks," he added. According to him, instructors of the training center of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have briefed the SCO contingents on the scenario, safety standards and the mountainous training area. The maneuvers involve servicemen from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Russia. Russia’s contingent is represented by Central Military District forces, in particular, mountain infantry and special operation units, snipers and crews of mortars and anti-tank missile systems. Source: TASS Read more: How Russia is moving ahead with its Asian pivot>>>

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Убитая мигрантом в Германии девушка оказалась дочерью чиновника ЕК

Студентка медицинского факультета Мария Ладенбургер была найдена мертвой в реке Дрейсам в городке Фрайбург - вблизи границы со Швейцарией: девушку изнасиловали и утопили; отец погибшей оказался доктором Клеменсом Ладенбургером, правой рукой директора ЕК по юридическим вопросам. В октябре дочь еврочиновника Клеменса Ладенбургера Марию нашли мертвой во Фрайбурге. Ее изнасиловали и убили вскоре после того, как она ушла со студенческой вечеринки. Тело преступник утопил в реке, передает РИА «Новости» со ссылкой на The Daily Telegraph. Девушка училась в университете на медика, в свободное время работала волонтером в лагере для беженцев. По информации издания, на месте правоохранители нашли прядь темных волос, окрашенных в светлый цвет. Анализ ДНК и проверка по базе данных результатов не принесли. Через некоторое время следователи, изучая записи с камеры наблюдения в одном из трамваев, заметили мигранта с необычной прической – его волосы были частично окрашены. Вскоре его задержали. Сейчас полиция выясняет, знала ли Мария Ладенбургер своего убийцу и было ли нападение спланировано заранее. По обвинению в изнасиловании и убийстве 19-летней дочери высокопоставленного сотрудника Европейской комиссии в Германии арестован 17-летний подросток из Афганистана, претендовавший на получение статуса беженца. По данным полиции, подозреваемый признался в убийстве. Его арестовали в прошлую пятницу, и он предстанет перед судом в следующем году. Как сообщил прокурор Дитер Инхофер, иммигрант проживал в местной семье во Фрайбурге и не был замечен в противоправной деятельности. Полиция проверяет причастность арестованного к смерти другой девушки в этом районе. Напомним, в минувшую субботу в Германии задержали 17-летнего афганца, прибывшего в страну в качестве беженца, которого подозревают в изнасиловании и убийстве 19-летней студентки. Отметим, что в октябре в том же Фрайбурге группа в составе 17 мужчин, по внешнему облику – выходцев из африканских стран, окружила двух женщин в возрасте 21 и 29 лет, подвергнув их сексуальным домогательствам. Представительницам слабого пола удалось вырваться и убежать. Полиция «по горячим следам» задержала троих подозреваемых – выходцев из Гамбии, которые оказались соискателями статуса беженца в Германии. Схожая схема нападения на женщин использовалась в канун Нового Года в Кельне, где в полицию обратились более тысячи человек. Они сообщали о домогательствах со стороны мигрантов, грабеже, изнасилованиях, оскорблениях. Позже стало известно, что в новогоднюю ночь мигранты нападали на женщин не только в Кельне, но и в других городах Германии, в Австрии и Швеции. А в Финляндии на Новый год планировались преступления с участием беженцев, подобные тем, что произошли в Кельне. По данным СМИ, жители Германии, напуганные массовыми нападениями в Кельне со стороны мигрантов и беженцев в канун Нового года, раскупили электрошокеры в оружейных магазинах по всей стране. Позднее суд в Германии приговорил двух обвиняемых в нападениях на женщин в Кельне в новогоднюю ночь к условному заключению сроком на год.

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Part of Progress cargo spacecraft found in southern Siberia

A part of the Progress MS-04 spacecraft has been found in Tuva’s Ulu-Khemsky district in Russia’s southern Siberia, a spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry’s local department told TASS on Dec. 3. "We were informed by a local resident who found a metal object of a round shape in 15 kilometers from the settlement of Aylig-Khem in the locality of Tos-Tevek. An operational group of a firefighting garrison was dispatched to the scene. They inspected the territory and, as a result of activities carried out on the mountainside, found a part of the cargo spacecraft - a metal object shaped as a sphere with 90 centimeters in diameter," the spokesman said. The Progress MS-04 robotic supply ship was launched atop the Soyuz-U carrier rocket from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan on Dec. 1 at 5:51 pm Moscow time. Later, Russia’s space agency Roscosmos reported that the spacecraft was lost after an anomaly occurred during the third stage operation. The spacecraft burned up in the atmosphere, and the remaining debris fell in a remote unpopulated area in Russia’s southern Siberian republic of Tuva. The next Progress MS launch is scheduled for Feb. 2. Source: TASS

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Казахстанка впервые приняла участие в показе престижного модного дома

Модель из Казахстана Баян Бокишева стала одной из участниц закрытого показа модного дома Dolce&Gabbana, прошедшего в Гонконге. Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/bayana_b Об уникальном опыте девушка рассказала на своей странице в Instagram. Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/bayana_b «Изначально казалось, что просто нереально пройти кастинг на Dolce&Gabbana, потому как для отбора моделей специально прилетел их кастинг директор из Милана и моделей для этого показа выбирал из нескольких городов: из Пекина, Шанхая, Гуанджоу и Гонконга. Но мысли материальны, а мечты имеют свойство сбываться! Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/morellibrothers Я безумно рада, что удостоилось этой чести! А особенно рада быть первой казашкой, участвовавшей в показе у них», - написала Баян. Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/dolcegabbana В Казахстане Баян Бокишева работает с модельным агентством Eat Models. Модель появлялась на страницах таких известных журналов, как Boulevard, Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan, Marie Clairе, участвовала в рекламной кампании бренда Leonid Zherebtsov. Видео опубликовано Bayana Bokisheva (@bayana_b) Дек 2 2016 в 10:36 PST Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/dolcegabbana Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/dolcegabbana Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/bayana_b Скриншот со страницы instagram.com/bayana_b Читайте также: Родственников осужденных по делу Жибек Мусиновой наказали за хамское поведение в суде>> Полицейский на патрульном авто браконьерствовал в Акмолинской области>> Чем займется Обама после президентства>> Антимонопольщики заинтересовались повышением цен на Шымбулаке>> В Карагандинской области задержали педофила, напавшего на школьницу>>

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How a Russian spy outfoxed the British in 19th century Afghanistan

In the first few decades of the 19th century, the Russian and British Empires were increasingly on a collision course. While the former was expanding southwards into Central Asia, the latter already had a strong presence in India, and it was just Afghanistan that would be a buffer state between the two empires.  Fearful of each other, Russia and Britain were each eager to at least have a friendly regime in Afghanistan. This political and diplomatic confrontation between the two empires is referred to as ‘The Tournament of Shadows’ in Russia and ‘The Great Game’ in the West.  The first major move in the diplomatic chess match was made in 1831 by Alexander Burnes, a 26-year old Scottish explorer who travelled on his own from India to Afghanistan and onwards to Bukhara. How Leo Tolstoy supported anti-imperialist movements in Asia His 1835 book ‘Travels into Bukhara’ is a fascinating account of what was then one of the most dangerous and least-explored places on earth. Burnes, who later became a British political agent in Afghanistan, also managed to initiate a dialogue with Afghan Emir Dost Mohammed Khan. The same year that Burnes published his book, a young Russian army officer who was exiled in Orenburg (near the Kazakhstan border) was also preparing to go to Central Asia. Ivan (Jan) Viktorovich Vitkevich, then a 27-year old sergeant, was already fluent in Russian, English, German, French, and Polish, as well as Persian and Pashto. While travelling to Bukhara via Kazakhstan, he met Hussein Ali, an envoy of Dost Mohammed Khan. This would be the beginning of an illustrious yet brief Afghanistan-related career for Vitkevich. Weary of British designs on his country, the Afghan Emir had sent Ali to meet the Russian Tsar. Vitkevich took the Afghan envoy to Orenburg and then to the imperial capital of St. Petersburg. He served as an interpreter and helped the Russian government get valuable insights into the political situation in Afghanistan. Rival spies in Afghanistan Vitkevich was asked in 1837 to go on a secret diplomatic mission to Kabul. The British managed to get wind of the Russian’s mission when Vitkevich accidentally ran into a British political agent in Persian (Iran). This came with suspicions that Russia was encouraging the Persians to attack western Afghanistan. A portrait of Ivan (Jan) Vitkevich dressed in traditional Central Asian attire. Source: wikipedia.org The two great travellers, Vitkevich and Burnes met in Kabul over Christmas dinner in 1837. “The Russian’s arrival terrified the British,” filmmaker and politician Rory Stewart said in a documentary titled ‘Afghanistan: The Great Game.’ “They became, in turn, very suspicious of Russia’s ambitions in this country. And this mutual paranoia led to more and more foreign intelligence operations around Afghanistan, with rival officers like Vitkevich and Burnes sending back countless reports on each others’ activities.” Over the next few months, in addition to sending comprehensive reports on the British activities in Afghanistan, Vitkevich also managed to befriend Dost Mohammed Khan and blended in with ease in the country. Such was his reputation that the British paranoia towards Russia grew to unparalleled levels. “Whenever the British saw a Russian painter turn up in the city, a Russian hunter turn up on the Frontier, they would immediately assume that this was a double game of espionage,” Stewart said in the documentary. “It was these fears and suspicions of empires that were to turn Afghanistan into a battleground.” Return to Russia It was clear by the end of Vitkevich’s time in Kabul that he managed to win over the Emir’s trust. Historical accounts state that Dost Mohammed Khan was able to extract assurances of Russian support if the British did invade Afghanistan.  Such assurances never came to fruition when the First Anglo-Afghan War took place in 1839, although the British gains in the conflict were short-lived and came at a great human cost. 5 examples of the Soviet love affair with Castro’s Cuba British protests about Vitkevich role in Afghanistan led to St. Petersburg withdrawing the officer.  He reached the Russian capital in May 1839 and was largely satisfied with the success of his mission in Afghanistan. However, a week after his return to St. Petersburg, he was found shot dead in his hotel room. A pistol and burned papers were found by his side. His death was ruled a suicide but many historians believe he was assassinated. “Nothing about Ivan Viktorovich Vitkevich’s notably Dostoyevskian death made much sense, and almost from the moment the body was discovered, the mysterious end of Russia’s first agent of The Great Game became the subject of speculation,” historian William Dalrymple wrote in his book ‘The Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan.’  The British suspected the Russian government of killing Vitkevich, despite the fact that he outmaneuvered Burnes in Afghanistan. Russian historians have placed the blame on the British. “For many Russian observers, however, the mysterious death couple with the disappearance of Vitkevich’s Afghan papers bore all the hallmarks of British foul play,” Dalrymple wrote. “After all, Vitkevich’s papers contained details of the British intelligence and news-writing networks in Central Asia that he had successfully penetrated.” Burnes was murdered by a mob in Kabul in 1841.  Vitkevich’s life was the inspiration for several Russian books such as Yulian Semyonov’s ‘The Diplomatic Agent’ and Mikhail Gus’s ‘Duel at Kabul.’ He is also the prototype of the leading character in the Soviet film ‘Service to the Homeland,’ which was produced in 1981. However, unlike Alexander Burnes, whose legacy is celebrated in Britain, Ivan Vitkevich is largely forgotten in 21st century Russia.  Read more: Badaber uprising: When Russian POWs took on the Pakistani army and the CIA

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Donald Trump Speaks To Taiwan's President, Reversing Decades Of U.S. Policy

President-elect Donald Trump spoke by phone Friday with Tsai Ying-wen, the president of Taiwan. The call was the first in more than 30 years between an American president-elect and a leader of the island. According to a readout of the call from the Trump transition team, Tsai congratulated Trump on his victory, and the two discussed “the close economic, political, and security ties exists between Taiwan and the United States.” But the Trump team’s description of the call belies the fact that the conversation has the potential to upset three decades of relations between the United States and its most important global trading partner. The United States and most of the international community acknowledge China’s claim of sovereignty over Taiwan. But Taiwan, with its own elected government, constitution and military, considers itself an independent nation. The U.S. cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979, when it established formal ties with the People’s Republic of China. Trump’s call will likely enrage Beijing, and stands to damage U.S. relations with China before Trump even takes office. “The Chinese leadership will see this as a highly provocative action, of historic proportions,” Evan Medeiros, a former Asia director at the White House national security council, told the Financial Times, which first reported the call Friday afternoon. “Regardless if it was deliberate or accidental, this phone call will fundamentally change China’s perceptions of Trump’s strategic intentions for the negative. With this kind of move, Trump is setting a foundation of enduring mistrust and strategic competition for US-China relations,” Medeiros said. Neither the White House nor State Department were notified of the call beforehand, according to reports. Trump said on Twitter Friday evening that Tsai initiated the phone call.  The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me congratulations on winning the Presidency. Thank you!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 3, 2016 Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 3, 2016 But the Taipei Times reported the call was arranged by Trump’s “Taiwan-friendly campaign staff after his aides briefed him on issues regarding Taiwan and the situation in the Taiwan Strait.” China has reached out to the White House about the call, according to CNN. The White House said in a statement later Friday that it remained “firmly committed to our ‘one China’ policy,” which holds that Taiwan is part of China.  “Our fundamental interest is in peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations,” White House national security spokesman Ned Price said. China’s foreign minister said in response to the call that China does “not want any interference or destruction” of the “one China” policy. “I do not think it will change the one-China policy that the US government has insisted over the years. The one-China principle is the cornerstone of the healthy development of Sino-US relations,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a statement. The call with Tsai is the latest in a string of conversations between Trump and foreign leaders that have left foreign policy experts and career diplomats shocked and concerned. Earlier this week, Trump spoke with Pakistani president Nawaz Sharif and said he looked forward to visiting the country as president ― something President Barack Obama has deliberately avoided doing because of the complex, and sometimes duplicitous, security and intelligence relationship between the two countries. Trump also spoke with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, a despot and international pariah who has ruled the former Soviet republic since 1989. On Friday, Trump also spoke to Rodrigo Duterte, the newly elected president of the Philippines. Since taking office, Duterte has encouraged the extra-judicial murder of hundreds of people accused of dealing drugs, and he has suggested that journalists deserve to be assassinated. In response to the alarm raised by Trump’s phone calls, White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday delicately urged Trump to seek out advice from career diplomats at the State Department. “President Obama benefited enormously from the advice and expertise that’s been shared by those who serve at the State Department,” he told reporters at the daily press briefing. “I’m confident that as President-elect Trump takes office, those same State Department employees will stand ready to offer him advice as he conducts the business of the United States overseas. Hopefully he’ll take it.” Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.) was more direct with his criticism. “What has happened in the last 48 hours is not a shift. These are major pivots in foreign policy w/out any plan. That’s how wars start,” Murphy tweeted on Friday. “And if they aren’t pivots - just radical temporary deviations - allies will walk if they have no clue what we stand for. Just as bad. It’s probably time we get a Secretary of State nominee on board. Preferably w experience. Like, really really soon.” This is a breaking story and has been updated throughout. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.