30 ноября 2017, 20:06

Despite mistrial, corruption case took a toll on Menendez poll

Most members of the jury in Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption trial thought he was not guilty, but Menendez hasn’t been vindicated in the eyes of the New Jersey public.A Rutgers-Eagleton poll released Thursday found 51 percent of New Jersey voters think the Democratic senator does not deserve to be reelected next year, while half that number — 26 percent — think he deserves reelection.Menendez’s two-and-a-half monthslong corruption trial ended in a hung jury earlier this month. According to one of the jurors, 10 of them were in favor of acquitting Menendez on most of the 12 counts against him.The poll also found that Menendez’s approval ratings are upside down, with 29 percent of residents giving him good marks and 36 percent disapproving. Just 20 percent have a favorable impression of him, while 30 percent have an unfavorable one.But the numbers are not damning for Menendez, who already has the support of the state’s top Democratic leaders for reelection — even with the possibility of another trial hanging over him.Many New Jersey residents still have no opinion on the senator’s job performance, and a plurality of Democrats — 42 percent — approve of his job performance.“Menendez will still be a formidable candidate for reelection for a number of reasons,” said Ashley Koning, director of the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers. “New Jersey remains a very blue state, and since the mistrial, Menendez has already received Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s blessing, as well as support from others in his party – including rumored primary challengers. He may still have some bumps in the road ahead, but as of now, he is well funded, has ample constituent experience, and there is no well-known Republican opponent in sight.”But the poll did find something troubling for Menendez. Half of respondents were asked whether Menendez deserved reelection before they were asked about his trial, and half were asked after. Those who first heard about his trial were far less likely to say he deserved reelection.“Making Menendez’s corruption charges and current trouble salient clearly takes a toll on his reelection prospects with New Jerseyans,” said Koning. “Menendez can still face a new trial and will face an ethics investigation in the Senate, so this issue for him will not go away anytime soon and has the potential to become a key part of any opponent’s campaign, to Menendez’s detriment.”New Jersey’s other senator, Democrat Cory Booker, has a much better public image. Forty-nine percent approve of his job performance, while 20 percent disapprove.The poll of 1,203 New Jersey residents was conducted from Nov. 15-27 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.The full poll and crosstabs can be read here.

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08 ноября 2017, 14:45

Мышь Roccat Kone AIMO наделена подсветкой и сенсором Owl-Eye

Компания Roccat представила передовую игровую мышь Kone AIMO, в которой сочетаются продуманная конструкция, «умная» многоцветная подсветка и высокоточный оптический сенсор. В манипуляторе применена система Owl-Eye — это оптический датчик Pixart, модифицированный под нужды Roccat. Он передаёт движения мыши на экран с точностью один к одному. Разрешающую способность можно регулировать в диапазоне от 100 до 12 000 DPI (точек на дюйм) с шагом в 100 DPI.

05 октября 2017, 15:19

Infosys to Support KONE's IT Transformation, Expands Presence

Infosys (INFY) announces that the company has been selected by KONE to strengthen the latter's IT capabilities in application development and maintenance.

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26 сентября 2017, 01:43

Все цвета осени. Какие растения украсят цветник?

Сейчас садоводы планируют посадки на будущую весну. Посоветуйте, пожалуйста, что можно будет посадить в цветнике, чтобы осенью он не казался в саду пёстрой заплаткой.

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18 сентября 2017, 13:55

Конец "политических стартапов" в России

Есть у нас "спекулятивная экономика". То есть, экономика, где из "воздуха" путем разных манипуляций делаются деньги, которые потом используются для различных спекуляций на финансовом и фондовом рынке. И в этой, с позволения сказать, "экономике" (которую нам тут некоторые подбрасывают, как некий образец для подражания) самое главное - "вовремя соскочить". То есть, ликвидировать свой уже даже не "бумажный", а "воздушный" "актив" до того, как станет понятно, что там ничего нет. И что его реальная стоимость - удар в морду. Собственно, вся индустрия "стартапов" процентов, думаю, на 80 построена по этому принципу. Еще 15 - "сумасшедшие ученые", а максимум 5% - действительно стоящие идеи, впрочем, не всегда "пионерные"(https://www.nalin.ru/kone...)

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14 июня 2017, 22:34

Political Uncertainty in Finland: ETFs in Focus

The ruling coalition is at risk as Finns appointed anti-immigration Jussi Halla-aho as the leader of their party.

21 мая 2017, 16:18

Arsenal v Everton: Premier League – as it happened

4.54pm BST After 20 consecutive seasons in the top four, Arsenal must make do with fifth. Not a bad finish for most teams in the Premier League but horribly disappointing by Arsene Wenger’s standards. We shall see what his future holds after the FA Cup final.Meanwhile, in unwelcome Twitter news:Welcome @Arsenal See you next season! #UEL pic.twitter.com/xqMezEzJlO 4.52pm BST 90 min +4: Barkley zings a shot wide - will that be his final chance as an Everton player? Continue reading...

02 мая 2017, 23:33

Finland ETF (EFNL) Hits New 52-Week High

Finland ETF hit a new 52-Week high amid better trade results with Russia.

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09 апреля 2017, 15:03

Sunderland v Manchester United: Premier League – as it happened

Goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Marcus Rashford’s first in the league since September helped United to a comfortable win, though they were helped by Seb Larsson’s controversial red card 3.31pm BST So, that’s that then. To pass the rest of this sunny afternoon, join Nick Miller for Everton-Leicester. Related: Everton v Leicester City: Premier League – live! 3.29pm BST That was more or less as expected, then: United were too good for Sunderland, or Sunderland were too bad for United - either works. No doubt the red card affected things, but United were ahead by then and looking more likely to extend their lead than have it pegged back. So, they forsake their beloved sixth place once more - at least until Arsenal play Crystal Palace tomorrow night - while Sunderland stay bottom, where they’ve been since 24th September. They do still have to play the three teams above them, but to all intents and purposes, they’re done. Continue reading...

01 апреля 2017, 13:20

Liverpool 3-1 Everton: Premier League – as it happened

Sadio Mane scored a fine goal before going off injured as Liverpool’s recent domination of the Merseyside derby continued. 2.24pm BST Liverpool do the double over their Merseyside rivals! They’re deserved winners of a game which threatened to boil over once or twice, but in the end didn’t. It’s three wins out of three in the derby for Jurgen Klopp, who will be happy with his team’s performance, but worried about Sadio Mane’s fitness. And so Everton’s barren run at Anfield goes on. Still no win here since 1999. 2.21pm BST 90 min +3: Everton have the ball, but Liverpool are sitting back, and there’s no way through. Continue reading...

05 марта 2017, 18:04

Sunderland v Manchester City: Premier League – as it happened

Goals from Sergio Aguero and Leroy Sane moved Manchester City up to third, eight points behind Chelsea, while Sunderland remain bottom 5.50pm GMT Martin Atkinson’s final whistle confirms the inevitable. Goals from Sergio Aguero and Leroy Sane move Manchester City up to third, eight points behind Chelsea. Sunderland remain bottom, six points behind Crystal Palace in 17th place with 11 matches left. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye. 5.48pm GMT 90 min: There will be three minutes of stoppage time. Continue reading...

03 марта 2017, 09:56

Трамп со своей командой и с несколькими лошадьми за один вчерашний день сделал больше для пропаганды здорового образа жизни на планете, чем все продажные экологи за все время своего существования.

Снимаю шляпу. Но такие хорошие но мягкие методы уже припоздали, пресной воды остается слишком мало и уходит она стремительно. - время отключать электричество. Слава Исусу Христу! Герман Стерлигов.http://ren.tv/novosti/2017-03-03/na-kone-poyavilos-video-priezda-na-rabotu-ministra-kovboya-v-ssha

27 февраля 2017, 18:49

Togolese striker Francis Kone saves opponent's life

Togolese striker Francis Kone saves the life of goalkeeper Martin Berkovec, who almost swallowed his tongue during a Czech league match.

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21 февраля 2017, 10:24

How AI And Real-Time Machine Data Helps Kone Move Millions Of People A Day

Leading elevator and escalator engineering and maintenance company Kone is using machine learning algorithms on their Internet of Things (IoT) and machine data to perform real-time reporting and predictive maintenance. It even allows people to listen in on machine-to-machine conversations.

19 января 2017, 07:55

Сбылась мечта Асебильо: «Сувар» открывает «Барселону» с бассейном на крыше

«I had this perfect dream (у меня была голубая мечта)», — так начинается хит Фредди Меркьюри и Монсеррат Кабалье «Барселона». Десять лет грез властей Казани и Татарстана о начале застройки Квартала Б по проекту испанца Хосе Асебильо начинают сбываться. Со дня на день на улице Островского официально откроется ЖК, который должен был стать высотными воротами в центр города. Что получилось в итоге многочисленных перекроек и всем ли по душе результат, выяснил побывавший внутри корреспондент «БИЗНЕС Online».

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09 января 2017, 00:01

CES 2017: игровые мыши Roccat Kone EMP и Kone Pure 2017 с сенсором Owl-Eye

Компания Roccat анонсировала в Лас-Вегасе на выставке CES компьютерные мыши Kone EMP и Kone Pure 2017, спроектированные для поклонников игр. Обе новинки получили передовой оптический сенсор Owl-Eye с разрешающей способностью 12 000 DPI (точек на дюйм). Датчик передаёт движения манипулятора на экран с точностью один к одному. Это делает мышь столь же отзывчивой, сколь и стабильной, обеспечивая бескомпромиссную точность.

07 января 2017, 14:57

Book Bits |7 January 2017

● High Returns from Low Risk: A Remarkable Stock Market Paradox By Pim van Vliet and Jan de Koning Summary via publisher (Wiley) For generations investors have believed that risk and return are inseparable. But is this really true? In High Returns from Low Risk, Pim van Vliet, founder and fund manager of multi-billion Conservative […]

02 января 2017, 16:15

Sunderland 2-2 Liverpool, Manchester City 2-1 Burnley: clockwatch – live!

Updates from around the grounds, including at Anfield and the EtihadPlus, Everton v Southampton and Blackburn v NewcastleLive scores | All the latest tables from across EuropeFeel free to email Barry or tweet @bglendenning 5.17pm GMT Related: McAuley and Morrison complete West Brom fightback against hapless Hull 5.17pm GMT Related: Romelu Lukaku blasts home to secure Everton win over Southampton Continue reading...