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Does North Korea Really Have a Nuclear Bomb?

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Salvatore Babones Security, Asia North Korea's Kim Jong-un has offered to bargain away his nuclear weapons program in exchange for lasting peace. Maybe that's because he doesn't have one. When India staged its first nuclear test in 1974, there were no doubts. It was a massive explosion estimated at eight kilotons (kt.) equivalent of TNT. Though it was conducted underground, it left a large crater on the surface. The test was celebrated in India, condemned in Pakistan and observed with caution in the rest of the world. After India's second series of tests in 1998, Pakistan responded with a five-device test set of its own two weeks later. Again, craters were made, congratulations offered, condemnations heard and medals given. India and Pakistan have been locked in a tense nuclear standoff ever since. Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and of course the United States also had unambiguously "successful" first nuclear tests—if success means blowing up a big chunk of desert while poisoning the atmosphere with tons of radioactive debris. Of course, all five countries had massive science-industrial complexes to support their research, as did India. Pakistan did not, but China is widely suspected of having provided both the technology and the materials for Pakistan's first nuclear devices. North Korea's nuclear tests, as so much else about the country, have taken a road less traveled. Its first test in 2006 was either a masterpiece of minimization, or a total fizzle at less than one kt. The second test in 2009 was a more nuclear-like five kt., but apparently a masterpiece of environmental good practice: the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) estimated that the containment of radioactive exhaust gas from the explosion "was above 99.9 percent." Read full article

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Deconstructing LNG shipping costs

We show a breakdown of shipping cost components, look at current benchmarks & consider their impact on regional LNG price spreads.

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Способы снижения энергопотребления системами ОВК обсудят на секции конгресса

27 февраля 2018 года в Москве в рамках деловой программы XIV Международного конгресса «Энергоэффективность. XXI век» пройдет секция «Способы снижения энергопотребления системами отопления, вентиляции и кондиционирования воздуха. Особенности проектирования объектов спортивного назначения», партнером которой стала компания Fläkt Group. Сомодераторами секционной дискуссии выступят к. т. н., заместитель председателя Комитета систем инженерно-технического обеспечения, связи и телекоммуникаций зданий […]

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Israeli Leaders Outraged Over Polish Nazi War Crimes Bill

A new Polish law that would make it illegal in Poland to suggest that the Polish government and people bore responsibility for the crimes committed on their land during the Holocaust has outraged Israeli leaders, according to the Financial Times. Poland's lower house voted to approve the law on Friday through a series of changes that would make it a crime punishable with up to three years in jail to accuse the Polish nation or state "publicly and against the facts" of being "responsible or complicit in" Nazi war crimes. As many Americans will remember, President Obama inadvertently sparked a minor diplomatic crisis back in 2012 when he referred to a "Polish death camp" instead of a "Nazi death camp" while conferring the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Jan Karski, a hero of the Polish resistance. Obama's phrasing elicit a vehement denunciation from former Polish PM Donald Tusk. Initial White House apologies were rebuffed while Polish politicians demanded that Obama "correct the record".     Concentration camps like Auschwitz were built on Polish land by the Nazis following the German invasion and occupation of Poland in 1939. Though the law must still be approved by Poland's upper house of Parliament and its president, it has already provoked an outraged response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who described the law as "baseless" and suggested it was tantamount to an official denial of the Holocaust. "One cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied. I have instructed the Israeli Ambassador to Poland to meet with the Polish prime minister this evening and express to him my strong position against the law," Netanyahu said. In a sign of the sensitivities surrounding the issue, Yair Lapid, the son of a Holocaust survivor and head of Israel's centrist Yesh Atid party became embroiled in a heated row on Twitter with the Polish Embassy in Israel after he tweeted that the law "tries to deny Polish complicity in the Holocaust."   אני מגנה בכל תוקף את החוק החדש שעבר בפולין המנסה להכחיש את מעורבות אזרחים פולנים רבים בשואה. אף חוק פולני לא ישנה את ההיסטוריה, פולין הייתה שותפה לשואה. מאות אלפי יהודים נרצחו על אדמתה מבלי לפגוש קצין גרמני אחד. — יאיר לפיד (@yairlapid) January 27, 2018       Your unsupportable claims show how badly Holocaust education is needed, even here in Israel — שגרירות פולין (@PLinIsrael) January 27, 2018   The embassy responded by saying his claims were "unsupportable" and showed "how badly Holocaust education is needed, even here in Israel." Patryk Jaki, Poland’s deputy justice minister, who proposed the legislation, said that the bill was not “against Israel”, but aimed to “properly point out the perpetrators”. The reaction in Israel was “proof of how necessary this project is”, he added.     Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s prime minister, said that Poland and Israel had agreed in 2016 to oppose any attempts to distort Jewish or Polish history, either by downplaying the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust or by using “erroneous terms such as ‘Polish death camps’”.   Polska i Izrael w 2016 wydały wspólne oświadczenie, w którym sprzeciwiają się wszelkim próbom wypaczania historii narodów żydowskiego lub polskiego przez negowanie lub umniejszanie ofiary Żydów podczas Holokaustu lub stosowanie błędnych terminów takich jak "polskie obozy śmierci" — Mateusz Morawiecki (@MorawieckiM) January 27, 2018   "Auschwitz-Birkenau is not a Polish name, and Arbeit Macht Frei is not a Polish phrase," he tweeted, referring to the slogan ‘work sets you free’ on the concentration camp’s entrance. The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem said the law was "liable to blur the historical truths regarding the assistance the Germans received from the Polish population during the Holocaust." "Restrictions on statements by scholars and others regarding the Polish people's direct or indirect complicity with the crimes committed on their land during the Holocaust are a serious distortion," the center said in a statement. Poland's foreign ministry insisted the law would not impede "freedom of research" and "discussions on history or artistic activity."

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Польша ответила Израилю

Премьер Польши утверждает, что скандальный закон был принят для введения ответственности за использование формулировки "польские лагеря смерти"

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BHP Billiton's (BHP) Iron-Ore Output Flat Y/Y in 1H FY18

BHP Billiton's (BHP) aggregate iron-ore productivity flat year over year at the end of first-half fiscal 2018. The company kept a positive outlook and reaffirmed its iron-ore output guidance.

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Gambit Kaczyńskiego. Czyli co oznacza rekonstrukcja polskiego rządu?

Zmiana w szeregach polskiej Rady Ministrów, która dokonana została 9 stycznia 2018 r. to najpoważniejsza zmiana w zakresie funkcjonowania tego organu konstytucyjnego w okresie rządów obozu Zjednoczonej Prawicy, który doszedł do władzy po wyborach parlamentarnych w 2015 r.

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Russia Begins Massive ICBM Launch Drills

On Monday, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued a warning to NATO that is has started a massive missile drill involving truck-mounted intercontinental ballistic missile launchers across the country. The Defense Ministry said the drills would involve “missile regiments armed with Topol-M and Yars mobile systems.” The Topol-M is designed to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tipped with a single 550 kT yield nuclear warhead. Max range of the ICBM is 6,500 miles, which the mobile launching unit is extremely tough for NATO to track. The Defense Ministry was not specific on the approximate location of the missile drills; however, it said, “missile regiments armed with Topol-M and Yars mobile systems launch intensive maneuvering actions in territories located from Ivanovo to Irkutsk regions.” According to ABC News, Those types of nuclear-tipped ICBMs are mounted on heavy all-terrain vehicles, making it more difficult for an enemy to spot them. The ministry said the drills are being conducted across a vast area from the Ivanovo region just northeast of Moscow to the Irkutsk region in eastern Siberia.   Further, the Defense Ministry reported, “the actions are held at day- and nighttime. In course of combat training, the crews will practice taking field positions, conducting marching, changing positions. Anti-sabotage units will practice detecting, blocking, and eliminating mock enemy’s forces.” In the Volga region, the Defense Ministry stated, “comprehensive practical training with motostrelkovymi, tank, artillery, missile, air defense, and engineering units” have also started.   Just above the Ivanovo to Irkutsk regions, the Defense Ministry reports, “training of crews of ship helicopters Ka-27 “Helix” northern fleet on finding submarines in the Barents Sea.”     Тренировка экипажей корабельных вертолетов Ка-27ПЛ Северного флота по поиску подводных лодок в Баренцевом море pic.twitter.com/62iPMhWrim — Минобороны России (@mod_russia) January 16, 2018   As the world enters the second half of January, it seems as the Russians are preparing for a threat with the continuation of regular military drills across the country. The one question we ask: Is the threat imminent?

22 декабря 2017, 19:37

Democrats block dozens of Trump nominees

The refusal to play ball will prolong key vacancies throughout the administration, but Democrats complain many of the picks are unqualified.

21 декабря 2017, 22:45

10 Baffling Medical Conditions That Doctors Have No Explanation For

The world is full of baffling medical conditions that doctors just can't really explain. Here are 10 of the most bizarre ones we've found.

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Отчет о работе технологических самосвалов ТОНАР-45251 в Междуреченске (разрез Распадский)

©Видео с youtube.com/ https://www.youtube.com/embed/imkjjtJT8AQ  © st-kt.ruКарьерный (технологический) самосвал. Для перевозки сыпучих грузов кузов оборудован задним откидным бортом с верхней осью вращения. Грузоподъемность 45 тонн. Объем 45 куб.м (с «шапкой» 2:1)

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В Челнах наладят серийный выпуск вездеходов для бездорожья

В Набережных Челнах запустят серийное производство вездеходов для бездорожья «Русак-3918». Как сообщает портал «Спецтехника», первые несколько машин обретут своих владельцев уже в нынешнем году.

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«ДСТ-Урал»: первый бульдозер 20 тягового класса

DST-Ural, ДСТ-Урал, бульдозер, гусеничный бульдозер, бульдозер 20 класса, челябинский бульдозер,ТМ10.11 ГСТ20 © st-kt.ruЧелябинский производитель гусеничной строительной техники, «ДСТ-Урал», завершил испытания своего первого 39-тонного бульдозера ТМ10.11 ГСТ20, который относится к 20 тяговому классу. Он оснащен дизелем ЯМЗ 7511.10 мощностью 400 л.с. и оборудован гидростатической трансмиссией Bosch-Rexroth. При габаритах отвала 4030×1720 мм его объем составляет 10 м3, а глубина рыхления достигает 1200 мм.Машина получила современную шестигранную опрокидываемую кабину, соответствующую требованиям безопасности ROPS/FOPS с двойными вклеенными стеклопакетами, автономным подогревателем, кондицион...

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Trump After Dark: A Long December edition

The government is funded for another two weeks. But that doesn’t mean that President Donald Trump isn’t staring down the possibility of a government shutdown. The Senate and House each today passed a continuing resolution that funds the government until just before Christmas, POLITICO’s John Bresnahan, Sarah Ferris and Rachael Bade reports. That stops an immediate crisis but punts a range of thorny issues, including spending priorities and immigration until right before Christmas. “The biggest hurdles have yet to come. Republicans know they need Democrats to pass any broader spending agreement to fund the government through 2018, and Democrats are flexing their muscles and making significant policy demands for their votes.”Negotiations over a budget come as the GOP is trying to reconcile the House and Senate tax bills — an issue the White House has been negotiating on, too. Congressional leaders are facing a series of tough asks — appeasing “defense hawks and conservative hard-liners in the House Freedom caucus” and Democrats who want movement on immigration. It all adds up to a long month with no reason to believe there’s a clear outcome. Elsewhere in President Trump’s orbit:HELICOPTER CABINET: Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke spent more than $14,000 on helicopters for events in the D.C. area for events such as attending the swearing in of his successor in Congress and a horseback ride with Vice President Mike Pence. INTERN BASHING: In a video uncovered by ABC News, Jeff Sessions mocks and dismisses a Department of Justice intern who raises the issue of police violence and dismissed another who said evidence showed more people were killed by guns than marijuana. NOT THE WRAY HE SEES IT: FBI Director Christopher Wray dismissed President Trump’s recent assertion that the FBI was in “tatters.” CUT AND DRY: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders attributed President Trump’s slurred speech at the end of his speech on recognizing the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to a dry throat, and nothing more. KT MUST WAIT: CNN reports that Democrats put a hold on K.T. McFarland’s nomination to be ambassador to Singapore until she answers questions about Michael Flynn and Russia. GATES ARE OPEN: Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates now has a weekend pass from his pre-trial home confinement after reaching a $5 million bail agreement with prosecutors. NO DRESSING THIS UP: The Senate parlimentarian’s decision to remove a provision from the GOP tax bill could mean that Newman’s Own, the food label that benefits the charitable foundation of the late actor Paul Newman, must be sold. There you have it. You’re caught up on the Trump administration. TGIT.

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obsrvr: Экономика Чили

Чилийские заметки. Ч.1Чилийские заметки. Ч.2. ДемографияЧилийские заметки. Ч.3. Общая экономическая картинаЧилийские заметки. Ч.4. Экономика виртуальная и реальнаяВиртуальная экономикаAdjusted net national income (US dollar)http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/adjusted-net-national-income-us-dollar-wb-data.htmlGDP per capita (US dollar)http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/gdp-per-capita-us-dollar-wb-data.htmlРеальная экономика, отражаемая энергозатратамиElectricity production (kWh)http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/electricity-production-kwh-wb-data.htmlТолько после того, как набаловались с деньгами, начался - с 1977 какой-то рост реального сектора, отражаемый производством электроэнергииThe Energy use (kt of oil equivalent)http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/energy-use-kt-of-oil-equivalent-wb-data.htmlНо в общем и целом картина с реальным сектором до 1987 г. была не ахти...Energy use (kg of oil equivalent per capita) http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/energy-use-kg-of-oil-equivalent-per-capita-wb-data.htmlРеальный рост - с 1988 г.Road sector energy consumption (kt of oil equivalent) http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/road-sector-energy-consumption-kt-of-oil-equivalent-wb-data.htmlЕще один индикатор состояния реального сектора экономики - заметный рост только с 1987-1988 гг.И нефтяной шок, если быть точным...Mineral rents (% of GDP)Mineral rents are the difference between the value of production for a stock of minerals at world prices and their total costs of production. Minerals included in the calculation are tin; gold; lead; zinc; iron; copper; nickel; silver; bauxite; and phosphate.http://www.tradingeconomics.com/chile/mineral-rents-percent-of-gdp-wb-data.html- - - -Интересные ссылкиexpert.ru: А был ли нужен Пиночет?