23 января, 16:55

Goodyear (GT) to Launch Advanced Tire Maintenance Model

With an aim to upgrade urban fleet operations and improve sales, Goodyear (GT) along with STRATIM is set to launch a superior tire maintenance program for vehicles of mobility service providers.

23 января, 15:41

Lear Corp (LEA) to Report Q4 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

Lear Corp. (LEA) anticipates vehicle production in China to be robust in 2017.

23 января, 00:50

Toyota Set to Invest 400M Euros in Northern France Plant

Toyota (TM) to invest 400 million euros in its Onnaing plant in northern France. The investment will assist the Japanese vehicle maker to shore up its assembly line at the plant.

19 января, 17:44

Magna (MGA) to Manufacture New Mercedes G-Class at Graz Hub

Magna International (MGA) to manufacture the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class at its Graz, Austria facility.

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17 января, 16:36

Бывший пилот ЦРУ утверждает, что Земля является планетой-тюрьмой

John Lear (Джон Лер), бывший сотрудник ЦРУ Соединенных Штатов, долгое время проработавший в качестве пилота ВВС страны, утверждает, что Земля является планетой-тюрьмой, а Вселенная устроена совсем не так, как нам преподносят ее с самого детства, а потом забивают голову самыми невероятными гипотезами и даже космическими проектами.

17 января, 16:28

Ford (F) Provides 2017 Preliminary Results & 2018 Outlook

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Ford (F) provides preliminary results for 2017 and guidance for the year 2018.

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16 января, 16:53

Volkswagen (VLKAY) Plans to Invest $3.3B in North America

In order to expand its market share in North America, Volkswagen (VLKAY) plans to pump in $3.3 billion for development and production of new models through 2020.

16 января, 16:39

CarMax Grows on Store Expansion, Rising SG&A Expenses a Woe

CarMax's (KMX) store expansion initiatives help it boost its revenue growth. However, expenses related to store openings hit the company's gross margin.

16 января, 16:33

Ford (F) Plans to Increase Investment to $11B in EVs by 2022

Ford (F) plans to increase investment in electric vehicles to $11 billion and launch 40 hybrid and fully EVs by 2022.

15 января, 16:14

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) to Shift Plant, Invest $1B in US Hub

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) to relocate its pickup truck production from the Mexico site to Warren, MI by 2020 in order to deal with the US tax and trade policies in the near term.

15 января, 15:39

Volkswagen's Core Auto Sale Reaches Record High in 2017

Volkswagen's (VLKAY) core auto division notches up record-high sales in 2017 despite the company's emission test-cheating scandal in September 2015.

12 января, 16:00

General Motors Plans Production of Fully Autonomous Cars

General Motors (GM) plans mass production of fully autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator pedal.

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29 декабря 2017, 16:39

Michael Billington on Macbeth: profile of greatest theatrical poem ever written

The destructive nature of unchecked power-lust and political ambition in Shakespeare’s play speaks to us urgently still today“A drum! A drum! Macbeth doth come.” So say Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters in an uncanny prophesy of the Scottish play’s ubiquity this coming year. Rory Kinnear and Anne-Marie Duff star in Rufus Norris’s National Theatre production (previews from 26 February). Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack are next in line in Polly Findlay’s RSC version (previews from 13 March). The Royal Opera, meanwhile, revives Verdi’s Macbeth (from 25 March) closely followed by Shostakovich’s satirical update, Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (from 12 April). For good measure, Kit Monkman has made a fluidly poetic film version, opening in late March, to add to the growing catalogue of movie Macbeths.I suspect there is an element of chance to this profusion of Macbeths. At the same time, there is clearly something about the play that speaks to us urgently today. It is fashionable to see King Lear, with its madness and nihilistic bleakness, as the most modern of Shakespeare’s tragedies. But you could make an equally good case for Macbeth. Continue reading...

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29 декабря 2017, 11:00

Best books of 2017: indie publishers on their favourite books of the year

India’s answer to Lear, a teen tale set amid the London riots and the first great book on grime. Experts pick 2017’s smartest, oddest and most overlooked readsCo-director, Tramp Press Continue reading...

28 декабря 2017, 15:00

Florence Pugh: ‘Me, the next Kate Winslet? That’s ridiculous’

After starring in Lady Macbeth, the Oxford-born actor has hopped from job to job, been taught to punch by The Rock and cast in a John Le Carré miniseriesFlorence Pugh is listing her pinch-me highlights of 2017. Where to start? There was the taxi ride in Los Angeles, when she picked up an email saying that Richard Eyre wanted her for Cordelia in his BBC Two film, opposite Anthony Hopkins’ King Lear. (“My Uber driver was giving me funny looks because I was squealing.”) Or the time Dwayne Johnson showed her how to throw a punch on the set of Fighting with My Family, Stephen Merchant’s upcoming comedy-drama about the Norfolk-raised WWE fighter Paige. Oh, and that breakfast with director Park Chan-wook, who subsequently cast her in the lead of a six-part BBC miniseries of John Le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl that is being made by the team behind The Night Manager.“I’ve had a few whoppers of experiences recently,” Pugh says, breaking into a throaty laugh down the phone. Continue reading...

19 декабря 2017, 18:46

Edward St Aubyn's King Lear and the future of literary fiction - books podcast

As a new report reveals the dire financial straits being faced by literary novelists, we investigate how these bleak conditions arose and what can be done to help the writers, regarded by some as thoroughbreds and by others as ghosts of Christmas past. We also catch up with Edward St Aubyn, one of a series of top novelists hired to reimagine Shakespeare’s plays for the 21st century. Perhaps not surprisingly for a writer whose name-making Melrose novels centred on his own monstrous father, he chose King Lear as his subject. In a Guardian book club event chaired by John Mullan, he introduces Dunbar, the autocratic head of an international media corporation who has recently been ousted by his family. Continue reading...

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18 декабря 2017, 10:00

Tax Plan Brings New Highs and Weekly Gains for All

Tax Plan Brings New Highs and Weekly Gains for All

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15 декабря 2017, 20:38

Michael Billington's top 10 theatre of 2017

Imelda Staunton simmered, Sondheim’s showgirls sizzled, Bryan Cranston gave us a cathode-ray Lear, and Jez Butterworth found love in the time of hunger-strikes• More of the best culture from 2017 Continue reading...