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20 октября, 00:50

Auto Stocks: Cheap or Value Traps?

Some auto stocks have single digit P/Es but should value investors be jumping in?

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17 октября, 12:38

16th Russian Resurrection Film Festival in Australia

From contemporary comedies and psychological thrillers to love stories set in the picturesque mountains of Armenia and against the backdrop of the Tsar’s last days, the Russian Resurrection Film Festival will take audiences on a thrilling journey through one of the world’s most diverse and exhilarating film cultures.    Taking place around the country between Oct. 27 to Nov. 16, the Festival’s Melbourne season will be held at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) at Federation Square from Nov. 10-16.  “I am proud and honoured to show Australian audiences what the Russian film industry has to offer,” said Festival Director, Nicholas Maksymow.  “With over 85,000 people having attended the event since we started in 2004, it seems Australians really do appreciate what the Russian film industry has to offer. Particularly in 2016, which has officially been announced as the year of Russian cinema, I can’t wait for them to see the terrific selection of films we have programed for this year.” The sparkling 2016 program features quality Russian cinema – old and new, with highlights including: The recent Cannes Film Festival hit, The Student, from award-winning director Kirill Serebrennikov. The wonderful examination of the fractures between love and ambition in Moscow Never Sleeps from Russian-speaking Irish filmmaker Johnny O’Reilly. Two huge blockbusters: Flight Crew – the number one film at the 2016 Russian Box Office, which is this year’s Opening Night Film, and Icebreaker – the eagerly awaited action adventure tale which is yet to be released in Russia. Alexei Mizgirevs’ historical thriller The Duelist features some of Russia’s biggest film stars and will be sure to captivate audiences. A romantic comedy All that Jam, starring Australian actor, Martin Dingle Wall. The Good Boy, another romantic comedy, which won this year’s Audience Award at Kinotavr Film Festival. The program also features a retrospective of Russian classics including digitally re-mastered prints of Alexander Nevsky (1938) by Sergei Eisentein and Dmitri Vasilyev, about one of the greatest Princes in Russian history. King Lear (1971) by Grigori Kozintsev and Ivan the Terrible Parts I and II (1944-58) again by Sergei Eisenstein, which, on Stalin’s orders, was banned at the time of release (Part II, which inevitably led to the cancellation of Part III). The full Festival program>>> Tickets>>> THE FESTIVAL SCREENING DATES ARE:  Sydney – 27 October to 05 November Canberra – 01 November to 06 November Brisbane – 02 November to 09 November Perth – 10 November to 16 November Melbourne – 10 November to 16 November CINEMA LOCATIONS: Sydney – Event Cinemas George Street and Event Cinemas Burwood Melbourne – Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Federation Square Brisbane – Event Cinemas Myer Centre Canberra – Capitol Cinemas Manuka                                                                                   Perth – Cinema Paradiso ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES Annette Smith: Ned & Co [email protected] M: 0419 578 925

16 октября, 18:33

The Easy, Uncomplicated Way To Get Rich

By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at I talk a lot about the global investment markets. I’m focused on making profits, and often I’m looking to make multiples, knowing full well that some opportunities won't work out. I’ll get timing wrong or I’ll miss something entirely and need to hedge, reposition, or exit entirely. That’s life. But I haven’t spent much time on stating the obvious (because I figured it’s obvious) so today's post is going to do just that. We are going to forget all about economics, financial markets, central banks, derivatives, GDP, and all that stuff, and we're going to go all the way back to some basics. Basics which purple-haired grandmothers everywhere would approve of as they make that second cup of tea from the same teabag. How to Get Rich… Easily You’ll see headlines like the above one all over the place and they’re all bullsh*t. They come neatly packaged with some shiny toothed douchebag standing in front of a rented lear jet or some gratuitous ostentatious far-to-big house while standing next to Mr. Douche is some bimbo with far too large breasts who appears to be only just managing to contain the collagen which infests her lips from exploding over the screen. They simply scream, “Look at me, I’m an asshole!” Life is nothing like that. I am writing this because I receive emails from people of all ages looking for advice. From middle-aged guys and gals asking, "What do I do now to get secure?" Secure… not rich, just secure. Why? Because they’ve been making the wrong decisions for at least 2 decades and they’re realizing time is running out and the current path of mediocrity isn’t likely to make them rich, let alone secure. That’s a big problem, which I’m not even going to try tackle here. This article is for those who haven’t yet been led down the rosy path of consumer driven expectations. -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- This is a 4 point summary for younger guys and gals, someone coming out of college or high school. The goal here is to build net worth as fast as you possibly can. Is net worth the amount of accumulated wealth you own? Nope, not really. That's a terrible metric. Net worth should really be calculated as a number of years, not a dollar number. I call it "the beach ratio". Net worth is the number of years you can sit on the beach doing "sweet FA". When that number exceeds the number of years you're likely to keep breathing you're into the territory where you need to be and you'll have surpassed secure and become rich. Your goal should be to ensure you don't end up like this. or this... The above data comes from this this study done by the Economic Policy Institute. A couple of things to consider. The average American couple (that's two working people!!) has $5,000 saved for retirement. Nearly 40% of the population has $480 saved. How many of that same 40% own a new smartphone? Just sayin'... So we don't want to end up there, OK? Let's get started. 1. Set Yourself a Base FIXED Expense Ratio Let’s get practical... Let’s say you come out of college or high school and you’re earning $50k/year. For goodness sake don’t spend more than 10% of your income on accommodation. Now immediately I know I’m going to get a ton of emails saying…oh but you don’t understand Chris…where I live you can’t get a decent apartment for 3x that. You have to decide if you’re prepared to sell your future upfront for comfort now or not. When you’re in your 20s you can (and should) flat-share with others to ensure that you don’t castrate yourself financially before you’ve even tried to procreate. I know of people spending 30% or more of their income on rent and doing it well into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. That, my friends, is catastrophic to wealth creation and is like dumping a bag of cement on your back and trying to swim the English Channel. Good luck, you’re cementing your path to poverty. Real poverty, like in those 3rd world charity commercials you've seen, because for anyone that's been reading this for some time they are fully aware there is a coming pension crisis and there ain't nobody to bail you out but you. The task is to fix your expenses as low as you possibly can and then work your tail off on expanding the right hand side of the ledger. As a rule of thumb your expenses should never exceed 70% of your net income, though 50% is really the number. What does this mean? When you're in your 20s it means no $7 tequila shots to be had from the gyrating crotch of an intoxicated beauty and no lattes to follow the morning after to cure a hangover. You won't have the time. All your time should be focused on generating income streams. If you don’t like the concept then by all means join the rest of the crowd and welcome a life of mediocrity. Nobody will fault you for it because it's what everyone does. This is your choice. It’s black and white. You're 20, you have high energy levels, don't need much sleep, have high risk tolerance, and now is the time you actually should be taking risks. Create the habit, do what is necessary and do it early. If you’re working as hard as you should be at this age you wont have the time or energy to be spending any money anyway. 2. Increase Revenue Let’s say that in year one your base salary was $50,000, you spent 70% on expenses ($35,000) and therefore by default saved $15,000. For the purposes of this article let's work on a 3% annual pay increase. You'll be gaining experience, increasing your skill set and this is reasonable. It can easily be higher but let's be conservative. Your base expenses remain and your net worth has gone from $15,000 in year one to $31,500 in year two ($15,000 x 2 years + 3% on $50,000). Realise that in year two you’ve increased your net worth generated for that year by 10% and you’ve more than doubled your net worth because you’ve got your expenses fixed. If you're reading this you're probably a sharp one so you'll understand quite quickly that if you get more than 3% pay increase it all drops to the bottom line. 3. Take Risk As mentioned in point 1 above you should be taking risks. What sort of risks? Risk your time on things that will educate you to be able to execute better. Develop skills that you can monetise. If you're in a job, which presumably you are or will be, you should be on a constant lookout for opportunities to try your hand at building business incomes. By the time you've been at your job for 3 years, if you've not got at least one side business operating outside of your job you're doing it wrong. 4. Add Additional Revenue Streams and Buy "Long Dated Options" Your income is going to be rising because you'll be working your little tail off in your job, and additional gigs which bring income. Let me say one thing about taking additional gigs to earn more income. Focus on things which increase your skill sets. (some examples) Pumping gas wont do that, waiting tables won't do that. Instead pick industries that are evolving where opportunities will open up... if only due to fewer entrants knowing they exist. Robotics, programming, anything that can't be automated away because automated away it will be. It's only a matter of time. If you ever attend those bars and clubs your peers are going to on weekends it should be to learn and work in the clubs. Learn the mechanics of the business. When the club owner is looking for that $250k expansion capital to setup a new club across town guess who'll have the investment capital to take an equity ownership, and have a deeper understanding of the business? Buy long dated options. What do I mean by this? In the early and mid 2000s I had some friends who were earning great money doing web development. Some were taking additional courses to better their skill sets but there were no barriers to entry. None. Ok, there was the MCSP (Microsoft Certified Systems Programmer). Remember that? One friend saw the writing on the wall for his job and continued to work in his job but instead of "up-skilling" with various programs sold, used his spare time to moonlight at a firm building CMS systems. The skills he picked up there helped him snatch a job which included an options package at a Danish software development company which went onto develop a CMS system for packaging firms, and after just 7 years and a buyout from a private equity firm he walked away with about 14 million euros. That is what I mean by buying long dated options. A current example: My daughter loves horses. Every little girl wants a pony, right? The thing is I can't see how learning how to break in, and train a horse will ever be done by a robot. As our world becomes increasingly automated and the robots take ever increasing tasks it makes sense to me that as humans we'll gravitate towards, and place increasing value on certain non mechanical and natural things in our world. And so mucking out horse stables and paddocks, and learning horsemanship skills (not rich Daddy riding lessons for little princess, oh no) can come in handy in the future. You can't start early enough. What You'll Get When you internalise what I've just said and really get it. You'll see a marked change in your net worth in just 2 short years and you'll realise that every single dollar you SPEND is arsenic to your net worth (beach years). Stick with it and you'll get income acceleration as you have increased not just income but most importantly net worth. This is pretty much guaranteed if you stick to it. By the time you're clocking in at 30 years on this ball of dirt you'll be richer than most highly paid investment bankers (trust me on this) based on how many years you can survive (remember: the beach ratio). Remember, it doesn't matter if you're earning $100,000 a year or $1 million a year. What matters is how much you're spending relative to your income which provides you with your "beach ratio". Your living standard can increase but NOT at the expense of your "beach ratio". Preferably this is always accelerating meaning you can outlive your money at which point a rise in your living standard won't affect your security. My last point: If you disagree you're just disagreeing with math and you may as well disagree with soil. It is what it is and the only thing stopping you from getting secure and then wealthy is will-power. Exercise it early and exercise it hard. Over and over again I'm baffled by the calibre of people who don't understand this simple framework - investment bankers, business owners, venture capitalists,... you get the picture. So share this with anyone you think needs to hear it. It is my sincere hope that at least one of you reading this will contact me in 10 years time with the subject line, "F**k yeah, I did it!" - Chris “Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.” ? Will Rogers -------------------------------------- Liked this article? Don't miss our future missives and podcasts, and get access to free subscriber-only content here. --------------------------------------

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14 октября, 14:08

Lear downgraded to sector perform from outperform at RBC Capital

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

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13 октября, 02:30

At 94, veteran TV producer Norman Lear reflects on career in new film

NEW YORK, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Starting with the goal of simply earning a living and supporting his family, Norman Lear became one of the most influential U.S. television producers and at the age of 94, he has no intention of slowing down.

11 октября, 22:16

Right Wing Watch: 10 Years Of Fighting The Right... With Their Own Words

It was two days after the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that Jerry Falwell went on his fellow conservative evangelist Pat Robertson’s daily television program to blame the carnage not on Islamist extremists, but on gays and lesbians, abortion providers and us here at People For the American Way. “I really believe,” Falwell said, “that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way--all of them who have tried to secularize America--I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.’” Robertson eagerly concurred. It was one of the most memorably appalling moments in People For the American Way’s long history of exposing the extremism of the American Right, and sometimes infuriating them in the process. That moment, on Robertson’s “The 700 Club” program, was captured on a VHS tape by a PFAW research staffer who was recording the program live. PFAW’s communications department then distributed hard copies of the tape to news organizations to make sure that Falwell and Robertson couldn’t cover it over. We still record “The 700 Club” live--and Robertson still uses the show as a platform for his extremism--but some other things have changed. Ten years ago, we took PFAW’s VHS-and-paper research operation and turned it into Right Wing Watch, a website that has grown to be a key source of information on the Right. (In case you were wondering, we didn’t throw out all those tapes and papers; they’re all now in the hands of Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies.) In 2013, when Robertson claimed on “The 700 Club” that gay people in San Francisco wear special rings that infect people with whom they shake hands with HIV, Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network tried to cover it up, removing the remark from the version of the show that it posted on its website. But it wasn’t so easy for them, because PFAW posted a live recording of the remark on Right Wing Watch. After a weeks-long copyright battle with Robertson, we finally prevailed and were able to stop Robertson from concealing his bigotry. The story went around the world. This pattern has been repeated over and over again. In 2011, Right Wing Watch put pressure on Mitt Romney when he was scheduled to appear at the conservative Values Voter Summit immediately before the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who had a long record of bigotry that had been documented by--you guessed it--Right Wing Watch. In the end, Romney still spoke but offered a semi-condemnation of Fischer’s hatred in the process, alienating Fischer, who became a sharp Romney critic throughout the election cycle. In 2013, when Rep. Steve King claimed that the majority of DREAMers have “calves the size of cantaloupes because they’ve been hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert,” the remark on a small conservative cable network went unnoticed until Right Wing Watch posted the video, letting everyone see how an influential Republican leader talks about Latinos when he thinks only his base is listening. Last year, when Ted Cruz and two other GOP presidential candidates agreed to appear at something called the “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Iowa, it was Right Wing Watch that revealed the extremism of its organizer, including his support of the death penalty for homosexuality. When that organizer, Kevin Swanson, used the stage of the event to repeat his outrageous views (like his insistence that if his own son were to marry a same-sex partner, Swanson would cover himself in cow manure at the ceremony) Right Wing Watch was recording it live.We hammered home the fact that for a presidential candidate to attend an event preaching such explicit violence against LGBT people was unprecedented, and our thorough documentation of Swanson’s record made it impossible for Cruz and the other candidates to squirm away.   Just last month, it was Right Wing Watch that noticed a section of Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s speech at the Values Voter Summit in which he said that the election of Hillary Clinton could call for the shedding of blood of “tyrants” and “patriots,” violent rhetoric that is familiar to those who follow the farthest reaches of the Right. And dozens of times a month, the work that we’re doing on Right Wing Watch is featured in media ranging from The Daily Show and Anderson Cooper 360 to the New York Times and Washington Post. Not everyone knows about Right Wing Watch, but everyone paying attention to politics knows our work. These are more than just quick hits on activists or candidates. Instead, PFAW’s Right Wing Watch team has built up an unparalleled expertise on the Right Wing, especially the Religious Right, and their influence on our politics. That’s what Norman Lear and the other leaders who help form PFAW envisioned when they founded PFAW to counter the corrosive influence of activists like Falwell and Robertson who claimed that only those with their own narrow set of views could be true believers and true patriots. Sometimes the best way to fight extremists is to present them, uncensored, in their own words. That’s what Right Wing Watch has been doing every day for ten years. Now, as we enter our second decade, we’re doing it with a new website that is cleaner and easier to use and will allow us to do our work better and more effectively than ever before.  Donald Trump’s rise to lead the Republican party is the result of decades of agitating by far-right activists who have never missed an opportunity to whip their followers into a frenzy, nursing grievances, spreading conspiracy theories and undermining the shared civic norms that hold us together as a nation.  But while Trump may be the most frightening consequence of far-right activism we’ve seen, he’s not the end of it. Not by a long shot. Over the next four years, no matter what happens in November, it’s clear that the Right will be more aggressive than ever in pushing their extreme agenda and attacking the movements and individuals pushing for true equality. We will be there for the fight. After 10 years, Right Wing Watch has never been more necessary or more ready to meet the challenge. I’m proud to be celebrating Right Wing Watch’s tenth anniversary this week, and I’m so glad that we’re stronger than ever as we confront the challenges ahead. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

07 октября, 17:41

Без заголовка

**Adam Haslett**: _[Donald Trump, Shamer in Chief][]_: "In an essay on _King Lear_... Stanley Cavell describes... Regan... thusly: **(Live from Trumpland)** [Donald Trump, Shamer in Chief]: https://www.thenation.com/article/donald-trump-shamer-in-chief/ >>She has no ideas of her own; her special vileness is always to increase the measure of pain others are prepared to inflict;...

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06 октября, 16:37

Lear downgraded to sell from neutral at Goldman Sachs

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

01 октября, 00:58

Shonda Rimes And Norman Lear Tackle Challenging Issues With Famous Faces In 'America Divided'

Two larger than life figures from the world of television, Norman Lear and Shonda Rimes, have joined forces to produce a thought-provoking 5-part docuseries airing today on the network EPIX called "America Divided." The show takes viewers across the country to tackle some of our most pressing problems. The correspondents leading each journey are names familiar to most Americans, such as the rapper/actor Common, and actors like Amy Poehler, Peter Sarsgaard, Jesse Williams, Rosario Dawson, Zach Galifianakis and America Ferrera. "This series cuts to the heart of the inequality crisis, exploring life-and-death struggles around the economic, social and political divide," said the show creators. "Our aim is to expose the damage extreme inequality inflicts on all Americans, reveal its systemic causes, and celebrate real-world heroes fighting for solutions." Drug policy reformers will be particularly interested in the story covered by Common on the criminal justice system, police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement in Chicago. The narrative is shaped around the aftermath of the shooting death captured on video of Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old African American teenager, at the hands of a Chicago police officer. The show digs deep into longstanding problems of police abuse and mistrust in Chicago and the way this exacerbates violence in the black communities that bear the brunt of police aggression. Common interviews scholar and author ofThe New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, Michelle Alexander, and uncovers how much the odds for justice are stacked against the poor and people of color in Chicago - from racial profiling to the bail system to scarce services to help formerly incarcerated people when they reenter society. Other stories in the series that examine issues relevant to drug policy include Peter Sarsgaard investigating the drug overdose and opioid abuse problem in Dayton, Ohio. Sarsgaard meets with people struggling with addiction and their family members, offering a glimpse into the human tragedy and despair underneath the surface of national statistics. This story touches on how the "changing face of heroin," that increasingly features predominantly white rust belt and rural communities, has shifted the national dialogue from "war" to "compassion," underscoring the racial bias that has plagued American drug policy. Jesse Williams' coverage of the school-to-prison pipeline and the systemic criminalization of black children in St. Petersberg, FL will be of interest to criminal justice and education reform advocates. Williams digs into the history of the city to expose how deeply intertwined its legacy of segregation is with contemporary inequities and the excessively harsh punishment of black youth. Part of what makes "America Divided" compelling is the personal connection that each correspondent brings to the story, which is referenced throughout to great effect. Common comes from the same community on the South Side of Chicago as many of the people he interviews. Peter Sarsgaard has a personal and family history of struggles with addiction. Jesse Williams was formerly a teacher in an under-resourced public school. It's exciting to see big names from entertainment taking on pressing social issues in a bold new way. Hopefully, "America Divided" will inspire viewers to have a better understanding of sharply different lived realities experienced in this country, and provoke them to be part of the movements for change. Sharda Sekaran is the Managing Director of Communications at the Drug Policy Alliance (www.drugpolicy.org) This piece first appeared on the Drug Policy Alliance Blog: http://www.drugpolicy.org/blog/shonda-rimes-and-norman-lear-tackle-challenging-issues-famous-faces-america-divided -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

29 сентября, 23:12

The Millionaires Who Disagree With Trump on Taxes

Tax me more, they say.

29 сентября, 23:12

The Millionaires Who Disagree With Trump on Taxes

Tax me more, they say.

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22 сентября, 15:38

What Will Be The Jump In Lear's Valuation If Seating Margin Expands By More Than Expected?

Lear Corporation‘s stock is slightly down from the highs of the end of last year, but there is a lot of potential growth the company could tap, especially in terms of profitability. The company’s low-cost manufacturing footprint and increased operational efficiencies have helped in pushing up the margins. Lear, just [...]

10 сентября, 13:30

Тест-драйв Hyundai Creta: самый популярный кроссовер

По итогу августа Hyundai Creta стал самым популярным кроссовером России, обогнав прежнего лидера — Renault Duster. Сегмент кроссоверов менее всего пострадал в кризис, и с приходом этой машины у французов из Renault появляется серьёзная головная боль. Для того чтобы высвободить мощности своего завода в Санкт-Петербурге, специально под эту машину корейцы сняли с конвейера хетчбэк Hyundai Solaris. Как едет "Критянин", насколько он удобен, может ли он ездить по плохим дорогам — Лайф разобрался в этом вопросе. Не часто случается так, что едва ли все разговоры и споры на премьере одной модели вертятся вокруг совсем других автомобилей — Renault Duster и в большей степени — Kaptur. Последний был разработан специально для российского рынка и по всем параметрам попадает в одну нишу с Creta, что гарантирует если не конкурентную бойню, то войну маркетологов двух именитых концернов. Прежде всего, что это за латинское название — "Крета" и на что оно нам намекает? Корейцы или, скорее всего, их европейские специалисты, приложившие руку к машине, назвали машину в честь острова Крит. Еще с начала 2000-х Hyundai очень активно привлекает европейские кадры, пытаясь покорить Европу. Но этот рынок пока не сдаётся ввиду консервативной привязанности жителей Старого света к национальным автопроизводителям.  Корейцы упорны, не так давно они даже обзавелись испытательным центром за 5,5 млн евро прямо на территории знаменитого гоночного автодрома Нюрбургринг. Как известно, географические привязки в названиях автомобилей случайными не бывают. К примеру, имя модели Hyundai Santa Fe, ставшей в 2000 году первым кроссовером корейской марки, делает отсылку к городу Санта Фе в юго-западном штате Нью-Мексико (США). Хотя машина была глобальной в плане рыночной адресации, по-настоящему ажиотажный интерес Santa Fe возымел именно в Штатах, поскольку и был под этот рынок, что называется, заточен. Такая же история с моделью Tucson, названной в честь аризонского городка Тусон.  Так вот, проевропейское имя Creta, очевидно, говорит нам о будущих амбициях корейцев в этом регионе. Ведь по типоразмеру кроссовер идеально укладывается в тот сегмент паркетников, на который сейчас бум в Евросоюзе. Вполне логично, что российский завод Hyundai станет плацдармом для наступления, хоть представители марки об этом потенциале пока ничего не говорят.  По габаритам у Creta внутри модельного ряда Hyundai практически минимальные различия с Tucson. По крайне мере, вряд ли разница в 3 см по длине может быть определяющей для клиента, который в большинстве поездок везёт только себя и пассажира на переднем сиденье. Визуальные отличия? Как бы ни утверждали в Hyundai, что Creta ­— кроссовер с "уникальным внешним видом, представляющий собой целостное сочетание стиля и динамики", не сотруднику дилерского центра Hyundai сходу сложно будет отличить новинку от Tucson. Слишком уж постарались корейцы с "бренд-идентичностью" и экономией на дизайне. Салон у Creta скромный и, можно сказать, даже аскетичный, но в привычном стиле бюджетных азиатских марок. Здесь жёсткий и гулкий пластик, недорогая, даже в максимальной версии, магнитола без сюрпризов и потуг на hi-end-звучание. Впрочем, управление ею, в отличие от мультимедиа в Renault Kaptur, интуитивно понятно: кнопки расположены именно там, где ты ждёшь их увидеть, а логика меню проста. Цветовая гамма салона скучновата, но не раздражает в пути. Материалы отделки могли бы быть более разнообразными. Похоже, они выполнены с большой долей использования вторично переработанного сырья. Внутри явно посимпатичнее, чем в Renault Duster. И если маленький Hyundai проигрывает Kaptur, то не очень сильно. Пусть запах нового авто в Creta не самый приятный, но он не удушлив, как это происходит с детищами китайского автопрома. Будет ли скрипеть зимой твёрдый пластик центральной панели и тоннеля — вопрос, но на пересеченной местности в районе Чуйского тракта всё было вполне нормально. Пожалуй, можно посетовать на форму сидений — им явно недостаёт нормального поясничного подпора, а спинкам не мешало бы прибавить пару сантиметров в длину. К слову, выбор автопроизводителями сидений для бюджетных автомобилей — это всегда загадка. Их выпускают всего 3—4 автокомпонентные компании, габариты и посадочные места примерно одинаковы. В связи с этим непонятно, почему нельзя просто один раз выбрать поставщика хороших кресел, скажем, от фирм Lear или Faurecia. К примеру, такие очень удобные сиденья стоят в моём 13-летнем BMW 3-series. Напористый критянин На ходу машина с двухлитровым мотором для своего класса просто вне конкуренции. Хотя по техническим характеристикам на бумаге Kaptur посильнее будет, но на деле всё по-другому. Шестиступенчатый автомат Creta делает машину более живой, отклик на педаль газа у мотора на порядок интереснее и ощущается лучше, чем у Kaptur. При этом в салон не сильно проникают звуки мотора и улицы. Измерения уровня шумов с помощью приложения для смартфона на скорости 60 км/ч показывают в салоне 60—65 децибел, а на 80 км/ч шум держится на отметке около 65 децибел — это вполне соответствует санитарно-эпидемиологическим требованиям. Если говорить о внедорожных качествах, то за 700 км, пройденных по дорогам Алтая, ни разу не встретились проблемы на грунтовке и перевалах, где путь шёл по достаточно глубоко разбитой колее. Пару раз только машина скрежетнула защитой картера. И тут нужно учитывать, что у Creta почти внедорожный 19-сантиметровый клиренс. Ходы подвески на отбой коротковаты, а работа амортизаторов жестче, чем хотелось бы. Но будем честны — большую часть времени паркетники проводят в условиях, далеких от рейдов по грунтовым дорогам. Выводя Creta на рынок, корейцы учли потенциальный соблазн клиентов отдать предпочтение более представительному Tucson. Но маркетологи марки вовремя позаботились о потенциальном каннибализме. Так, их стараниями самый доступный Tucson с мотором 1.6 уже снят с продаж. Поэтому теперь экономному покупателю, решившему пересесть с Solaris на кроссовер, путь на Tucson заказан. Первый комплектация Start встречает покупателя передним приводом, 123-сильным двигателем Gamma и шестиступенчатой механикой. Такая машина обойдётся в 749,9 тыс. рублей. Прямой конкурент Renault Kaptur во входной комплектации Lite со схожим активом обойдётся в 859 тыс. руб. Разница внушительная, особенно при очень близких характеристиках. Зато у корейцев есть одно "но": ждать базовую машину придётся не меньше одного-двух месяцев. Спрос на них слишком высок. В целом, надо думать, "Критянин" получился огромным разочарованием для компании Renault. По сумме ощущений он смотрится лучше в клинче с Kaptur — по динамике и эргономике. У французов, бесспорно, преимущество в более ярком дизайне, Creta безлика, что бы ни говорил рекламный проспект. Корейцы ожидают до конца года продать рекордные 20 тыс. авто.

01 сентября, 16:30

Обзор плеера Luxury&Precision L3 — удалой малый

Плеер L5 Pro от компании с нескромным названием Luxury & Precision в прошлом году стал для меня настоящим открытием и прописался высоко вверху моей личной «табели о рангах», невзирая на наличие некоторых недостатков (в основном связанных с прошивкой). Разумеется, я не мог пройти мимо новостей о том, что в компании работают над бюджетной моделью L3, […]

29 августа, 13:37

The Twilight of Fox News

As pay TV slowly declines, cable news faces a demographic cliff. And nobody has further to fall than the merchant of right-wing outrage.

29 августа, 12:00

Обзор плеера OPUS#1 — для любителей комфорта

Жила-была корейская компания theBit, и решила она сделать плеер, да не простой, а самый что ни на есть аудиофильский. Собрали они известных в своей стране дизайнеров, электронщиков и звукоинженеров. Сделали электронщики плату хитрую, многослойную, дизайнеры корпус необычный и стильный, а звукоинженеры плеер слушали и советовали, как звук изменить. Так и получился плеер карманный, для хай-энду […]

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The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Tesla Motors, Toyota Motor, Harley-Davidson, General Motors and Lear

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Tesla Motors, Toyota Motor, Harley-Davidson, General Motors and Lear

25 августа, 16:37

Auto Stock Roundup: Tesla Makes Model S Faster, Harley-Davidson Settles with EPA

Tesla (TSLA) launched batteries with higher capacity for its vehicles. Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson (HOG) agreed to a settlement with EPA.

Выбор редакции
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Обзор плеера Cayin i5 — поющий Android

Компания Cayin может показывать мастер-класс на тему «покорение рынка портативного аудио в кратчайшие сроки». Конечно, с их опытом на Hi-End-рынке это не так чтобы удивительно, но с учётом того, сколькие именитые компании тут облажались, результаты Cayin внушают доверие. Начав с очень хорошего N6 и не менее классного N5, в компании решили занять новый сегмент рынка […]

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Обзор Fiio AM3 — балансный модуль усиления для плеера X7

В Fiio продолжают планомерно и методично снабжать свой флагман Fiio X7 обещанными модулями сменных усилителей, пришла пора модели AM3. Основное его отличие состоит в использовании балансной схемы, а построен данный модуль на основе микросхем OPA1622, не так давно представленных TI. Также, верные своей стратегии оснащения всего необходимыми аксессуарами, Fiio выпустили линейку балансных кабелей для IEM, […]