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29 января, 22:50

Россия и Вьетнам: пошлины снизятся, количество новых проектов вырастет

В ночь на 28 января в странах Восточной Азии встретили Новый год по восточному календарю. Год Огненного Петуха, по прогнозам астрологов, обещает принести много радостных событий в семейной жизни. А россияне вновь активно открывают для себя Вьетнам.

29 января, 22:50

Россия и Вьетнам: пошлины снизятся, количество новых проектов вырастет

В ночь на 28 января в странах Восточной Азии встретили Новый год по восточному календарю. Год Огненного Петуха, по прогнозам астрологов, обещает принести много радостных событий в семейной жизни. А россияне вновь активно открывают для себя Вьетнам.

29 января, 22:50

Россия и Вьетнам: пошлины снизятся, количество новых проектов вырастет

В ночь на 28 января в странах Восточной Азии встретили Новый год по восточному календарю. Год Огненного Петуха, по прогнозам астрологов, обещает принести много радостных событий в семейной жизни. А россияне вновь активно открывают для себя Вьетнам.

27 января, 05:42

Panetta: Trump statements on torture, CIA raise questions about U.S. 'leadership'

SAN FRANCISCO — Former CIA director Leon Panetta said Thursday that President Donald Trump’s insistence that torture is effective and suggestions that the administration may revive CIA “black ops” interrogation sites are raising questions about national security and the nation's global leadership.Speaking with POLITICO, Panetta said Trump’s recent statements are creating “all kinds of questions about the United States, what we represent, what are our values, whether we stick by our word, our credibility. All of those issues are raised with our allies, and very frankly, with our adversaries. Because they’re looking at it as the United States being vulnerable in terms of our world leadership.“So it’s raising even greater questions with regards to our security. “Panetta said there's "no need" for a revival of the interrogation sites. "If you're dealing with counter-terrorism operations — which is what we do — there is no need to be able to engage in the business of capture," he said.It was the sharpest criticism of Trump yet from Panetta, who also is a former director of the Office of Management and Budget and a former congressman from California. Panetta also assailed Trump's executive order to create a wall along the border with Mexico, It will, he said, “impact upon the relationship between the United States and Mexico, which has historically been a strong partnership.” “I honestly thought — and maybe this was naive on my part — that once he became president, and once he listened to people like [Homeland Security secretary] John Kelly ... and people who have foreign policy experience,’’ that he would modify the idea, or “would drop the idea and focus on more important issues ... Obviously, that is not happening.”Panetta also criticized Trump's flurry of executive orders. “At some point, the courts will step in, Congress will step in," he said. "The only way you’re able to get anything meaningful done is to engage with the Congress.”

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Can Trump Bring Back Torture?

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It will take more than the executive branch to revive the practice.

18 января, 18:45

In Defense of the Chelsea Manning Commutation

Those who worry that it undermines state secrets would do better to start addressing the core reasons that the classification system is losing legitimacy.

18 января, 02:54

Is Trump ready for a national security crisis?

Personnel gaps across security and defense bodies has stoked concerns that the new administration could get caught flat-footed.

14 января, 17:56

Трамп: в спецслужбах признали досье подлогом

Бывший шеф Пентагона Леон Панетта заявил, что не верит изложенному в материалах

14 января, 17:48

Трамп утверждает, что разведка признала подлогом досье на него

В разведывательном сообществе признали подлогом так называемое секретное досье, в котором Москве приписывается сбор компрометирующих сведений о Дональде Трампе. Соответствующую запись избранный президент США оставил на своей странице в твиттере. "Инсайдеры в разведке теперь говорят, что досье на Трампа является полным подлогом", - написал Трамп. В четверг бывший шеф Пентагона и экс-директор ЦРУ Леон Панетта заявил в жфире CNN: "Я

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Экс-глава ЦРУ: "досье" на Трампа сомнительно и требует тщательной проверки

Леон Панетта не исключил, что "заказ" на такое досье мог поступить как от противников избранного президента по Республиканской партии, так и от оппозиционных ему демократов

12 января, 02:20

Dems want assurances from Mattis on women in combat

They worry the incoming Trump administration will roll back Obama's moves on military social issues.

10 января, 14:14

Kelly vows to commit to diversity and tolerance

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly on Tuesday will stress his commitment to American ideals of diversity and tolerance and pledge to “speak truth to power” if confirmed as secretary of Homeland Security, according to an advance copy of his prepared testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.The statement, obtained by POLITICO, is set to kick off a nomination hearing in which Kelly will likely be asked about some of the more controversial statements of President-elect Donald Trump -- including his campaign pledge to institute a ban on Muslim immigrants, build a wall along the southern border, and his description of Mexicans and others illegally entering the country as “rapists” and criminals."I believe in America and the principles upon which our country and way of life are guaranteed. I believe in respect, tolerance, and diversity of opinion. I have a profound respect for the rule of law and will always strive to uphold it,” Kelly plans to tell the panel after being introduced by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. “I have never had a problem speaking truth to power, and I firmly believe that those in power deserve full candor and my honest assessment and recommendations.”"I love my country," the written testimony adds, "and I will do everything within my power to preserve our liberty, enforce our laws, and protect our citizens."If confirmed, Kelly will oversee a sprawling department which includes bureaucracies that guard against terrorism as well as secure America’s borders, protect its modes of transportation, and respond to disasters.Kelly will tout his military experience as commander of U.S. Southern Command and role as senor military adviser to Gates and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta as preparing him to work with a host of government agencies, allies, and the private sector."These assignments—while varied—shared the common characteristics of working within and leading large, complex, and diverse mission-focused organizations, while under great pressure to produce results," he will tell the committee.Kelly retired from the military last year after 46 years in the Marine Corps.Accompanying Kelly to the hearing will be his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, who was wounded while on deployment in Afghanistan. Kelly’s son, Lt. Robert Michael Kelly, died in 2010 after he stepped on a land mine while leading a platoon in southern Afghanistan.Kelly is also getting support from two of President Bush's homeland security chiefs, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. In a Jan. 8 letter shared with POLITICO and addressed to Senate Leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, both former secretaries commended the general for his role as SOUTHCOM commander in intercepting human traffickers, responding to disasters, providing humanitarian relief, and disrupting drug smugglers.“These missions required the skill to engage and effectively coordinate with a multitude of stakeholders including DHS, other U.S, Federal agencies, state and local governments, the U.S. public, foreign powers” and non-governmental organizations, they wrote.Kelly has also received an endorsement from the National Border Patrol Council.But some advocacy groups have expressed skepticism of the choice -- one of several retired generals that Trump has turned to in filling his cabinet.The National Immigration Law Center, which advocates for low-income immigrants, issued a statement last month calling Kelly’s experience with immigration issues “thin” and urging the retired general, if confirmed, to embrace the values of inclusion and respect for human dignity.

10 января, 14:01

Homeland Security: Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly

Retired Gen. John Kelly is a 45-year Marine veteran who headed the U.S. Southern Command, where he focused on U.S. border security, organized crime, terrorist organizations and drug traffickers in his Latin American region for more than three years.Also on his watch was the U.S. military prison for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which President Barack Obama has repeatedly vowed to close.Kelly retired as a four-star general in 2016.Before his SOUTHCOM command, based near Miami, Kelly led the Multi-National Force — West in Iraq during the first year of the Obama administration. He was also the legislative assistant to the Marine Corps commandant from 2004 to 2007 and, later, the senior military aide to Defense Secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta.Born in 1950 in Boston, Kelly enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1970. Following his graduation from the University of Massachusetts Boston, he was commissioned as an officer and commanded a rifle and weapons platoon with the 2nd Marine Division.The father of three, Kelly became one of the most senior U.S. military officers to lose a son or daughter in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. His son, 1st Lt. Robert Michael Kelly, died after he stepped on a land mine while leading a Marine platoon in southern Afghanistan.

06 января, 19:26

Ex-CIA chief on Trump's distrust in intel: 'I've never seen anything like this'

Leon Panetta, the former CIA director, aired concerns with Donald Trump’s public resistance to the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia sought to disrupt the election through cyberattacks, calling it “unheard of and unprecedented.”“I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime,” Panetta told NBC’s Matt Lauer in an interview taped Thursday and aired Friday on the "Today" show. “The fact that the president-elect is tweeting on this issue and taking it to the public, and in many ways undermining the credibility of the very intelligence agencies that have to provide information to him in order for him to be president of the United States, this is just unheard of and unprecedented, and I think we all have to be concerned about this.” “This is not the kind of bickering that ought to be going on in public,” he concluded. Panetta, a Democrat who led the CIA and later the Defense Department during the Obama administration, was blunt in his interview with Lauer. He sounded dismayed that Trump has taken to Twitter to question intelligence officials’ conclusion from October that Russia was behind cyberattacks on top Democratic Party officials during the presidential campaign. The hacks of private emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, were published on the website WikiLeaks, embarrassing the Clinton campaign. Trump has repeatedly declined to accept the intelligence that the Russians hacked the emails, despite offering no alternative evidence, and claimed that it is an attempt to delegitimize his victory.“Very frankly, if a president is going to be successful, this is no way to start,” Panetta said, when asked about Trump’s tweets sowing doubt on the intelligence community’s conclusion. “The president has to work with the intelligence community. ... I'm concerned that it really is damaging the credibility of our intelligence agencies and the morale of those men and women who serve in our intelligence agencies.”Trump is scheduled to be briefed on the intelligence community’s most recent report on the hacking on Friday afternoon. Officials testified on the report before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.Panetta told Lauer that he thinks Trump is “going to realize that this is a very important issue that must be dealt with seriously” when he receives the briefing.“He’s going to find that it’s easy to tweet about reactions to all kinds of issues, but to seriously deal with our national security and deal with the threats to our country is a business that ought to be done in the confines of the Oval Office,” Panetta said.