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23 сентября, 05:33

Could South Korea's Army Stop an Invasion by North Korea?

Kyle Mizokami Security, Asia How good are the ROK's land forces? In the last seventy years, the Republic of Korea Army (ROK Army) has evolved from a constabulary force into one of the largest, most powerful, technologically advanced armies in the world. This remarkable evolution is entirely due to the original 1950–53 invasion and war by neighboring North Korea. This existential threat has never truly gone away, with North Korea consistently threatening—and preparing for—a second, successful invasion. The Republic of Korea Army was established in 1945 by U.S. forces occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. By 1946 the ROK Army had nine “national security regiments,” lightly armed infantry regiments with a total manpower of 25,000 troops. As U.S./Soviet relations worsened, this was increased to 50,000 troops. The invasion of North Korea in June 1950 caught the fledgling ROK Army ill-prepared for a conventional invasion. In particular, the army lacked the anti-tank firepower necessary to deal with the Korean People’s Army’s 105th Armored Brigade, which fielded approximately 120 Soviet-made T-34/85 tanks and SU-76 self-propelled guns. Although a small armored force by World War II standards, the ROK had virtually nothing to counter it with and was rapidly pushed south towards the port town of Busan. What a War Between NATO and Russia Would Look Like.  The next three years saw intensive efforts by the United States to train and expand the ROK Army to modern standards, not the least of which so that the army could assume the bulk of the responsibility for the country’s defense. These efforts were successful, and within a few years of the Korean War’s end the U.S. Army on the peninsula had been scaled down to two, and later just one division. Read full article

18 сентября, 00:12

The Doomed Palestinian Reconciliation Plan

Hamas is trying to make life harder for Fatah, but it’s those living in the Gaza Strip who will suffer the consequences.

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17 сентября, 21:04

Crude Oil (Light Sweet) COT Reports

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на графиках позиции крупных спекулей (Non-Commercial)лонги: шорты: открытый интерес: кросспост rffx.ru

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17 сентября, 19:07

After Irma: Solar Plus Storage - A Small Beacon Of Light In A Sea Of Darkness

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Hurricane Irma left millions without power. However, a fortunate few had invested in solar and storage in their homes and were able to ride out the storm and keep the lights on - a harbinger of our electric future.

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17 сентября, 17:39

Trump shares GIF of himself striking Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball

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The GIF was part of an unusual retweet spree in which Trump shared more than half a dozen posts showing him in a favorable light.

17 сентября, 16:36

The Terrifying Tale of How Russia Exploded the Biggest Hydrogen Bomb Ever

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Steve Weintz Security, It makes North Korea's latest test look small.  Big Ivan was a one-off, essentially a technical stunt. There are hints that the clean 50-megaton design was considered for weaponization, but nothing concrete. Curiously enough, at about the same time American nuclear weaponeers had, according to Alex Wallerstein, arrived at breakthrough high-yield bomb designs. Had atmospheric nuclear testing continued the US might have tested a 100-megaton weapon half the weight of Big Ivan—light enough to actually fight with. On July 10, 1961 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev summoned the USSR's top nuclear weaponeers and told them to promptly resume nuclear testing. After roughing up America's young new President Kennedy at a Vienna summit in June, Khrushchev was in a mood, according to Andrei Sakharov, to “show the imperialists what we can do.” For two years while their country joined the United States and the United Kingdom in a voluntary moratorium on nuclear tests, Soviet nuclear scientists, including Andrei Sakharov, the “father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb,” developed and refined new weapon concepts and designs. Now they had to deliver big results in very short order. Khrushchev wanted a political spectacle to shock and awe the West, and it had better go right. The Communist Party's 22nd Congress in October 1961 required something special. It isn't clear who proposed a 100-megaton bomb—Khrushchev or the weaponeers—but at the premier's command the most powerful nuclear weapon ever built had to be ready in only four months. Such a huge bomb came about only because Soviet scientists had a good idea about how to proceed. As Carey Sublette of the Nuclear Weapons Archive website explains, “It is safe to assume that the 100 Mt bomb was a very conservative design - one that pushed no technical envelopes save for size. The two principal reasons for thinking this are the extremely compressed development schedule, and the very high profile of the test.” High-profile indeed. Khrushchev's next move came on August 13, 1961, when East Germany began erecting the Berlin Wall. On August 31 the Premier announced the giant new bomb and the abrupt end to the USSR's voluntary moratorium; a Soviet atmospheric nuclear test followed the day after. The US responded in kind within the month. Read full article

17 сентября, 15:08

Погода в Москве и области на 3 дня. (обновлено).

Трансатлантический перелет советского реактивного пассажирского лайнера Ту-104 из Москвы в Нью-Йорк вызвал большой интерес мировой печати. В минувшее воскресенье лайнер Ту-104 вернулся в Москву. Еще задолго до его прилета на Внуковском аэродроме собралось много народа. Это сентябрьское утро выдалось в Москве на редкость ясным. И вот над аэродромом появляется … Читать далее →

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17 сентября, 14:04

The Fed is getting ready for its 'biggest meeting of the year'

The Federal Reserve is about to make a momentous decision that should not be taken lightly. The...

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17 сентября, 13:00

The Animals Among Us by John Bradshaw review – the joy of pets

The relationship between owners and their animals is explored in this enjoyable studyAnthrozoology is a term coined by John Bradshaw and six other academics in the 1980s that describes the study of the “human-animal bond”. This book sees the science applied through history, starting in prehistoric times and ending today. He discusses archaeological evidence that points to the earliest example of an animal being kept as a pet, the status of the pet during the Victorian era and the emergence of pedigree dog breeds. The Animals Among Us is packed with facts that, collectively, form a broad and general history of our (predominantly the west’s; non-western cultures most often take on the role of “other”) relationships with domesticated animals. Bradshaw debunks several myths about pets having traceable benefits for health and other common misconceptions about pet ownership, citing anthropological and biological studies. While clumsily written at times, this is an enjoyable celebration of pets that, through its exploration of the uses, treatment rights and status of pets, shines a light on the behaviour and psychology of not only the animals, but also their owners.• The Animals Among Us by John Bradshaw is published by Allen Lane (£20). To order a copy for £15 go to guardianbookshop.com or call 0330 333 6846. Free UK p&p over £10, online orders only. Phone orders min p&p of £1.99 Continue reading...

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17 сентября, 11:00

The Killers review – Mormon conquest

Brixton Academy, LondonAhead of the release of the Killers’ fifth album, a heaven-sent guest spot from a film star enlivens the group’s sleazy religious rockPeople leave gigs early for many reasons: nicotine withdrawal, trains, the high cost of babysitters. And having lost fluids and a few personal items cavorting around to a full-on rendition of Mr Brightside tonight, Killers fans could be forgiven for thinking that, with the band’s signature tune out of the way, there couldn’t be much left to see in the encore…Not many bands would think of this venue as intimate. But the Las Vegas outfit are warming up – sort of – for a colossal November run through UK arenas: that’s 14 of them, all sold out. The faithful have already been given a rare airing of Andy, You’re a Star, which singer Brandon Flowers says the Killers haven’t played live for 11 years. It is a little incongruous, hearing a relatively underfed early song flushed with the girth of the Killers’ success. If anything, tonight’s set suffers a touch from this oversaturation and Brixton’s muddy sound. Songs that should sound lean and hungry sound sated and portly (the indie disco thrash of Somebody Told Me). Everything has an epic lean. It’s a small gripe – the Killers’ cover of Joy Division’s Shadowplay still manages a little minimalism – but light and shade are perhaps sacrificed to the mistaken belief that the Killers have to pile anthem upon anthem. Continue reading...

17 сентября, 11:00

Mother! review – a complicated labour for Jennifer Lawrence…

Darren Aronofsky’s darkly comic blend of home-invasion nightmare and eco-parable takes some digesting – but it’s worth it“Nothing is ever enough – I couldn’t create if it was!” You have to admire writer-director Darren Aronofsky’s almost religious devotion to the parable-like possibilities of hyperventilating, surrealist cinema. Having caught critics’ attention with the cult low-budget sci-fi oddity Pi and proved his gritty mettle with Requiem for a Dream, Aronofsky gave us time-straddling cosmic madness in The Fountain, combined ballet with metamorphic fantasy in Black Swan, and conjured gigantic rock-monsters in the quasi-biblical babble-fest Noah. Now with Mother!, a paranoid nightmare that starts out like Polanski’s Repulsion and winds up closer to Apocalypse Now, he has stretched the envelope of outrageous mainstream cinema to breaking point – and beyond.We start and end in flames, with an image of a fiery face giving way to a mysterious crystal, which breathes life and light into a charred, blackened house. This is the home of Javier Bardem’s “Him” (all characters are unnamed), nurtured anew by Jennifer Lawrence’s devoted wife. Octagonal in shape, the house variously resembles a vast temple and a panopticon prison, with a sinister hint of the haunted lair from The Amityville Horror. It is a living presence, with a heartbeat that thrums through its walls and floorboards, umbilically linked to Lawrence’s barefoot “Mother” who harbours as-yet-unrealised dreams of parenthood. Continue reading...

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17 сентября, 08:26

The Gentleman’s Guide to Self-Defense Part 4: Inexpensive Self-Defense Tools

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Preface: Also take a look at the BulletProof Shirt and Knife-Resistant Clothing.   Here's a quick round-up of inexpensive but effective self-defense tools ...   Hoffner Folding Knife In many "blue" states like mine, it's illegal to carry switchblades or even assisted-opening knives ... A reader suggested a Hoffner knife. Made by a top firearm and knife trainer to U.S police departments - law enforcement officer Brian Hoffner - the Hoffner folding knife is incredible. It is legal in my blue state, because it does not have a spring-assisted opening. However, the Hoffer cleverly uses gravity to easily open with one hand. So even with my tendinitis (I injured my wrists lifting way too much at the gym), I can easily open the Hoffner one-handed with a quick flick of my wrist. Bottom line: Even in my big brotherish anti-self-defense state, I can legally carry a knife with which I can handily protect myself with quick-deploying, one-handed action. Purpleheart Armoury Hickory Cane If you'd like to carry a baseball bat around - but don't want to look so conspicuous - you can carry an elegant, all-hickory cane with a beefy metal handle. This thing is incredibly well-made, solid hickory, and as elegant as they come: (My pictures don't do it justice.) It is built like a tank - one whack on the noggin and the bad guy is going night-nite - and as classy as any cane in the world. You can leave it in the car, in your bedroom, or take it with you.  $85 from Purpleheart Armoury. Nitecore P12GT 1,000 Lumen Flashlight I conducted hours of research to find a small, portable, tactical flashlight which would actually work to blind an attacker long enough to mount a defense or get away. It turns out that there are 4 criteria for an effective self-defense flashlight: (1) It has to be really bright (2) It has to have a "strobe" mode. Specifically, it is very hard for a thug's eyes to adjust to a bright strobe than a constant bright light. It is also disorienting af. (3) It has to be a great "thrower". That is, it has to shine really far, as opposed to casting a wide arc. Thinking of being able to reach the bad guy's eyes, and (metaphorically) have the light basically hit the back of their head. (4) It has to be small enough to easily fit in your pocket. When I started looking, nothing met all 4 criteria ... But recently, Nitecore released the P12GT, and it passes all 4 tests with flying color. At 1,000 lumens, this is crazily bright (there are also 3 other settings for normal household uses). It has a good strobe. And you can program the button on the thumb-end of the flashlight to "remember" the last setting you used. So you can auto-program the main button to go straight to the self-defense strobe setting. It is a crazy good thrower ... the light shines 401 yards. (That's more than 3 football fields!) And at only 1 inch in diameter and 5.5 inches at length, it can easily fit in your front or back pocket. I haven't received a cent for writing these reviews. I received a test sample of one of the above-described tools ... but not the other two. I vouch for all three of them.

17 сентября, 05:30

Connected lighting goes beyond sustainability

WE live in a world that requires smarter cities, more efficient buildings and innovative retail experiences, requirements driven by a rising population, a drain on energy resources and the accelerating

17 сентября, 05:30

Toward a low-carbon, green and livable city

AS the human society reaches a reasonable consensus on joining force to combat climate change, and digital technologies evolve at faster paces, “Low-carbon, Green, Smart and Livable” will become the key

17 сентября, 05:30

Making transportation cleaner and smarter

RAPIDLY rising energy consumption and emissions have become the unfortunate by-products of the economic growth in many megacities. The Shanghai government’s goal is to have renewable energy account for

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17 сентября, 05:30

All smiles in the Great World

Some members of the International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council, a global think-tank for the mayor of Shanghai, have a light moment yesterday during a visit to the Great World Amusement Center in Shanghai, which exhibits both domestic and foreign intangible cultural heritage and was re-opened in March. The IBLAC meeting is held today. — Jiang Xiaowei

17 сентября, 05:20

How Submarine Warfare Was Changed Forever after the Sinking of This British Ship

Warfare History Network History, Europe London feared death by torpedo. In October 1939, illuminated by the northern lights, the German submarine U-47 threaded its way through sunken barriers and slipped into the British anchorage at Scapa Flow, a 125.3-square-mile natural port off the northern coast of Scotland, in the Orkney Islands. Penetrating the anchorage had long been an unrealized German dream, one that U-boats had attempted twice in World War I; both times they had failed. One U-boat had been rammed and run aground and the second destroyed with all hands. But now, at last, a German submarine slid quietly across its surface. U-47 and its 31-year-old captain, Günther Prien, moved across the anchorage from the east where they had entered and then turned toward the north, searching for targets. Prien was surprised at how few British ships were in the area. He had expected hundreds and was unaware that Sir Charles Forbes, commander in chief of the British Home Fleet, had become concerned by German aircraft recently spotted in the area and had ordered most of the fleet to disperse. Finally, a lookout on U-47’s bridge spotted a small cluster of ships including the 1914 battleship Royal Oak silhouetted against the northern lights. Unknown to Prien and the crew of U-47, the 29,000-ton Royal Oak had just returned to Scapa Flow after a battering from storms in the North Atlantic. Some of her smaller caliber guns had been rendered inoperable by flooding and many of her life rafts had been seriously damaged. Because of her condition, Forbes had decided to keep the Royal Oak in Scapa Flow to provide added antiaircraft fire if needed. In the darkness, U-47 slid toward the big ship. The Royal Oak, like Scapa Flow itself, was a veteran of World War I, but by the outbreak of World War II, the 25-year-old ship was no longer considered fit for modern combat.  She had been launched in 1914, had seen battle in 1916 at Jutland, and had later served as part of Britain’s Atlantic, Home, and Mediterranean Fleets. At the end of World War I, Royal Oak had also served as escort to several German vessels that had surrendered and were interned at Scapa Flow, which had been used by ships since prehistory. In 1904, in response to the German naval action, British naval planners had decided a northern base was needed to control access to the North Sea. Scapa Flow was chosen, and the area was reinforced with minefields, artillery, and concrete barriers. Read full article

17 сентября, 04:57

The Lights Are Back On In Florida

More than 60,000 electric crews from as far away as California and Canada joined local crews in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas and by Saturday evening, power has been restored to nearly 90% of those affected by Hurricane Irma.

17 сентября, 03:22

Bonus Quotation of the Day…

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet… is from my late colleague Jim Buchanan’s 1986 Nobel Prize lecture, “The Constitution of Economic Policy“: Many critics of the “economic theory of politics” base their criticisms on the presumption that such theory necessarily embodies the hypothesis of net wealth maximization, an hypothesis that they observe to be falsified in many situations.  Overly zealous […]

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17 сентября, 02:02

I’m not saying that footballers are cissies, but... | Barbara Ellen

A pimple is the most trivial of grooming injuries, even for a Real Madrid playerReal Madrid footballer Marco Asensio has provoked widespread mirth for allegedly dropping out of a match after shaving his legs, “sustaining a pimple” that made it difficult for him to pull up his socks. Is that light breeze smelling faintly of Old Spice the ghosts of footballers past spinning in their graves?Let’s give Asensio the benefit of the doubt – perhaps he’s just a little naive about how painful grooming techniques can get. As many women (and some men) know, a nick or bump while shaving your legs is nothing. Asensio needs to be forcibly dragged to a salon and given a thorough waxing. Legs, chest, armpits, “intimate areas” – all of it with either the warm honey wax (imagine being dipped in golden syrup and then set upon by a follicle-ripping psychopath) or the cheaper cold wax strips, which leave you begging for a more pleasant procedure, such as waterboarding. Continue reading...