16 декабря 2019, 20:36

Major UK lenders all pass Bank of England stress tests

Banks warned they would have to cut bonuses and dividends to weather a financial crisisUK lenders are strong enough to withstand deep recessions at home and abroad but would struggle to stay afloat without slashing staff bonuses and shareholder payouts, the Bank of England has warned. The central bank also announced it was increasing capital requirements for banks by doubling the size of the so-called countercyclical capital buffer from 1% of risky assets to 2%. The move increases the size of the rainy day fund that would help lenders absorb up to £23bn of losses that might otherwise force the banks to restrict lending. Continue reading...

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10 декабря 2019, 15:33

Lloyds to reopen compensation claims for Reading fraud

Independent review finds bank’s £100m-plus scheme was ‘neither fair nor reasonable’Lloyds will reopen compensation claims for victims of the HBOS branch fraud in Reading after an independent review found the original scheme was “neither fair nor reasonable”.The decision is an embarrassing U-turn for Lloyds, which closed its £100m-plus compensation scheme in the spring and has been trying to draw a line under one of Britain’s biggest banking scandals. Continue reading...

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27 ноября 2019, 16:27

Lloyds plan to cut chief executive's pay by £220,000

Banking group could spend £20m to raise retirement benefits for rest of staffLloyds Banking Group is proposing to slash its chief executive’s pay by £220,000 and spend £20m to raise retirement benefits for the rest of staff – only months after defending the boss’s bumper renumeration package.The bank is consulting shareholders over plans to cut António Horta-Osório’s pension package, which earlier this year was worth nearly half of his £1.3m base salary before being trimmed to 33%. That compared with 13% offered to the rest of staff. Continue reading...

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15 ноября 2019, 18:47

Lloyds shareholders lose legal fight over HBOS takeover

Judge found failures by Lloyds to provide information before takeover but these were not ‘causative of any loss’Thousands of shareholders in Lloyds Banking Group have lost a multimillion pound legal battle against the bank over its takeover of HBOS at the height of the global financial crisis.A high court judge in London dismissed claims that Lloyds executives had misled shareholders in recommending the 2008 takeover of HBOS, as well as not disclosing that HBOS had received emergency funding from the Bank of England ahead of the merger. Continue reading...

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31 октября 2019, 22:41

Labour won't win economic credibility by attacking easy targets | Nils Pratley

Corbyn could try developing a more sustainable model of capitalism rather than knocking Murdoch et alIt’s the knockabout stage of the general election campaign, so there’s no real harm in the leader of the Labour party summoning a few business villains for the crowd to boo. But let’s hope the manifesto will offer a more nuanced analysis of business in the UK. If business, in all its variety, ends up in the wrong half of Jeremy Corbyn’s “Whose side are you on?” divide, the bogeyman approach will become tedious.The Duke of Westminster, Mike Ashley, Jim Ratcliffe, Rupert Murdoch and Crispin Odey may deserve a few verbal jabs, but it was impossible to tell from Corbyn’s speech whether he was proposing policies that would tame their alleged sins or was simply naming a few rich individuals he dislikes. Continue reading...

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31 октября 2019, 10:54

Last-minute PPI claims slash Lloyds bank profits

Surge of mis-selling claims before August deadline cuts quarterly profit from £1.8bn to £50mLloyds Banking Group has put aside a further £1.8bn to cover a surge in payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints before the August claims deadline, which nearly wiped out its quarterly profit.Including the PPI charge, the bank’s profit before tax slumped to £50m for the three months to 30 September, from a profit of £1.8bn in the third quarter last year. The result was weaker than expected. Continue reading...

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27 октября 2019, 03:59

Lloyds to have last word on scale of PPI scandal

We find out the final mis-selling bill when the banks report this week, with the black horse bringing up the rearMore than £50bn – that’s what the PPI scandal has cost Britain’s banks. How much more will become clearer this week when Lloyds, the biggest seller of the dud product, winds up the banks’ trading statement season on Thursday.PPI – short for payment protection insurance – is the biggest rip-off in British banking history. The bill so far for repaying customers and handling claims is as much as £53.3bn – more than five times the cost of the London Olympics – according to the New City Agenda thinktank. Continue reading...

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09 сентября 2019, 21:14

Banks have only themselves to blame for PPI reckoning

Some bankers may have thought that PPI products were justified, but it was a scamWhat a suitably embarrassing end to Lloyds Banking Group’s misadventure in mis-selling PPI, or payment protection insurance. For the umpteenth time, the bank’s estimate of the cleanup bill has collided with reality and come up short.A rush of claims by punters, ahead of the August deadline, has forced a £1.2bn-£1.8bn increase in Lloyds’ provisions, taking the total to roughly £22bn. For the entire UK banking industry, the eventual tally now seems likely to land above £50bn, an astonishing sum. For good measure, the regulator’s odd Arnold Schwarzenegger adverts have helped to terminate the last £600m chunk of Lloyds’ £1.75bn share buy-back programme, the one the board was so proud of. Continue reading...

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09 сентября 2019, 10:10

PPI claims: Lloyds and Barclays face billions of pounds in extra charges

Banks underestimated number of last-minute complaints they would receive before deadlineLloyds Banking Group and Barclays have warned they will take billions of pounds in extra charges to cover a last-minute surge in claims relating to mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).The lenders said they underestimated the number of complaints they would receive in the run-up to the 29 August deadline and will increase provisions following a spike in claims before the cut-off. Lloyds expects to take another PPI charge of between £1.2bn and £1.8bn in the third quarter, while Barclays expects to put aside between £1.2bn and £1.6bn. Continue reading...

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02 сентября 2019, 02:01

Millennials most likely to fall prey to bank fraud, Lloyds reveals

New figures also show over-55s lose the most money per scam on averageMillennials are falling victim to scams involving handing money to fraudsters more than any other age group, according to Lloyds Bank.New data shows that victims aged 18 to 34 are losing an average of £2,630 to frauds, which typically involve scammers impersonating banking staff, the police or HM Revenue and Customs. Continue reading...

21 июля 2019, 15:08

Ex-Unilever boss seeks 'heroic CEOs' to tackle climate change and inequality

Paul Polman also supports Bank of England-backed group promoting disability rights The former boss of Unilever is seeking a team of “heroic chief executives” to drive a shift to a low-carbon, more inclusive way of doing business.Paul Polman, who stepped down from the Anglo-Dutch owner of Marmite and Dove in November last year after a decade at the helm, warns that the rise of populism and Brexit are symptoms of capitalism’s failure to adapt. Bosses, he insists, must commit to fighting inequality and tackling the climate emergency. Continue reading...

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17 июля 2019, 20:30

City watchdog admits investment rules too complex for staff

Angry investors at public meeting demand answers from FCA over financial scandals that have lost their moneyThe City watchdog has admitted that its rules are so complex that even its staff may not understand which investment products come under its jurisdiction.The chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority made the concession during a tempestuous annual public meeting in London on Wednesday, where consumers criticised the regulator for failing to protect them from a growing list of scandals. Continue reading...

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21 июня 2019, 11:38

Bank of Scotland fined £45.5m by regulator over Reading fraud

Lloyds-owned HBOS withheld information on £245m scandal, says FCAThe City regulator has fined Bank of Scotland £45.5m for failing to disclose information about a £245m fraud scandal at the bank’s Reading branch which resulted in six people going to jail.The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said the bank had “risked substantial prejudice to the interests of justice” by withholding information. At the time of the fraud, Bank of Scotland was part of the HBOS group, which was acquired by Lloyds in 2009. Continue reading...

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19 июня 2019, 15:10

Lloyds staff happy with chief executive's £6.3m pay package, MPs told

Head of remuneration claims even lowest paid see António Horta-Osório as a ‘winner’Lower paid staff at Lloyds Banking Group are happy with the chief executive António Horta-Osório’s £6.3m pay package because they see him as “a winner”, the chair of the bank’s remuneration committee has told MPs.Addressing the work and pensions committee, Stuart Sinclair said there was no discernible resentment among workers about the gap between the pay and pensions of those at the top of the organisation and the rest of the workforce. Continue reading...

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23 мая 2019, 17:52

Lloyds boss called before MPs over pension payments

António Horta-Osório pocketed an extra £400,000 a year on top of his basic £1.3m salaryLloyds chief executive António Horta-Osório has been summoned before MPs over executive pension payments that have allowed him to pocket an extra £419,000 a year on top of his £1.3m basic salary.The work and pensions committee and the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee, led by MPs Frank Field and Rachel Reeves respectively, have called both the chief executive and the head of the bank’s remuneration committee Stuart Sinclair to give answer questions in Parliament ahead of the summer recess. Continue reading...

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12 мая 2019, 08:59

Investor anger rises over pension pay and bonus bumps at Lloyds and Centrica

Two well-remunerated FTSE 100 bosses will be in the spotlight this week as a mood of rebellion grows among shareholdersIt is bad enough being responsible for slumping customer numbers and rising bills at British Gas, but Centrica’s boss, Iain Conn, now finds himself lumped in with senior banking executives in controversies over pay.Conn’s bedfellow in shareholder discontent is Lloyds Banking Group’s chief executive, António Horta-Osório. Both face their investors at annual general meetings this week, having ruffled feathers in recent months over their excessive pay packets. Conn’s remuneration has grown with the help of two bonuses, each worth £388,000, while Horta-Osório is feeling the heat over annual pension payments viewed by many shareholders as little more than a backdoor pay rise. Continue reading...

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03 мая 2019, 19:12

Lloyds launches review of HBOS fraud compensation scheme

Former high court judge to lead independent appraisal amid claims victims were treated unfairlyLloyds has appointed a former high court judge to run an independent review of its compensation scheme for victims of fraud that took place at an HBOS branch in Reading, amid claims that the scheme treated customers unfairly and worked in the bank’s own interests.The banking group announced on Friday that Sir Ross Cranston, now a law professor at the London School of Economics, would oversee the review, and pledged it would act on any recommendations. Continue reading...

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02 мая 2019, 21:27

MPs demand Lloyds justifies 'cash paid to CEO in lieu of pension'

Bank told payments to António Horta-Osório contravene trade body guidelines and City codeMPs have stepped up the pressure on Lloyds Banking Group over excessive pensions for senior staff, demanding the lender justify hefty payments to its chief executive. António Horta-Osório receives 33% of his salary, or £419,000, as a cash payment in lieu of pension. Investors are increasingly critical of the payments, which they view as backdoor remuneration. Apart from two other board members, the rest of Lloyds staff are offered just 13% of salary. Continue reading...

31 марта 2019, 14:33

Hedge fund of investor who inspired The Big Short takes position on Barclays

Neuberger Berman bet worth £348,000 adds to positions against Lloyds and RBSThe American hedge fund of the investor depicted in the Oscar-winning Hollywood film The Big Short has made a bet that the share price of the British bank Barclays will fall.Neuberger Berman’s absolute return multi-manager fund, which reports investments made by Steve Eisman, disclosed a short position against Barclays worth $455,000 (£348,000) on 31 January in US regulatory filings. Continue reading...

01 сентября 2016, 07:54

Зомби банки

Современные банки используют невероятное множество приемов для сокрытия реальных финансовых результатов, манипулируя отчетностью, перераспределяя убыточные позиции через различные дочерние подразделения или выводя их в момент отчетности через производные финансовые инструменты. Даже находясь в чудовищных убытках, превышающие способность банка эти убытки обслуживать, сам банк может демонстрировать, что все отлично. Уже проходили в 2006-2008 и знаем.Оценить реальное состояние крупных финансовых структур через публичную отчетность технически и даже теоретически невозможно. Даже регулирующие структуры с высоким уровнем доступа могут быть введены в заблуждение умелой манипуляцией и подтасовкой информации. Сама по себе чистая прибыль априори является бумажным показателем и далеко не всегда коррелирует с денежными потоками и способностью обслуживать действующие обязательства.Это больше демонстрирует тенденции, чем реальную устойчивость. Однако, есть ориентиры, которые могут идентифицировать предел устойчивости – последовательность убытков, величина убытков от общих активов, от действующей выручки и что главное – от капитала.Красная черта – 3 квартала подряд убытков, около 0.5% убытков от активов в год, 15% от капитала и 20% от выручки. У этой границы, как правило, требуется принудительная реструктуризация активов, неизбежная санация и перестройка системы управления банком.На этот раз небольшой обзор крупнейших банков Западной Европы.Данные по чистой прибыли за год. Квартальная выборка не позволяет вычленить столь продолжительные ряды, а во-вторых, периодичность публикации результатов различна – кто то в квартал, но многие за пол года. Поэтому для полной картины – за год и поэтому только по 2015. Банки Греции, Португалии, Кипра и Ирландии в обзор не попали в виду своей ничтожности в объеме всех активов банков Западной Европы. Данные по ING в сопоставимом виде не получены.Собственно, в состоянии зомби пребывают, как минимум 4 финансовые структуры - Royal Bank of Scotland Group (этот особенно плохо, никто в мире так ужасно не выступает, как RBS - там форменная катастрофа), Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group и Unicredit. В тяжёлом состоянии Deutsche Bank и испанские банки. Английские банки держатся исключительно за счет хороших связей с ФРС, ЕЦБ и с Банком Англии. Убери нерыночные механизмы поддержки и все ... банкроты.В устойчивом положении HSBC, BNP Paribas, Nordea, DNB, Svenska Handelsbanken и Swedbank, т.е. в основном скандинавские банки.Пока не затрагиваю причины такого положения – это потом, т.к. у каждого своя специфика. Однако те, кто в наиболее тяжелом положении – такое состояние обеспечили преимущественно за счет рынка активов, а не кредитного портфеля. В будущем я рассмотрю более подробно банки, т.к. в условиях революционных сдвигов в денежном рынке (отрицательные ставки) весьма интересно проследить за динамикой операционных показателей и изменения баланса.Но пока совершенно точно можно сказать, что американские банки в сравнении с европейскими более устойчивы.

16 ноября 2012, 19:46

Банки британцам деньги не вернут

http://ru.euronews.com/ Миллиарды, потраченные правительством Великобритании на спасение банков, вероятно, никогда не вернуться к налогоплательщикам. К такому выводу пришла комиссия британского парламента по расследования деятельности властей во время кризиса 2008 года. Только национализация тонущих крупных банков Lloyds и RBS обошлась казне в 82 млрд. в перечете на евро. Так же комиссия во главе с Маргарет Ходж выявила грубые ошибки правительства при спасении самого первого рухнувшего банка -Northern Rock. Ñ�оциальные Ñ�ети : YouTube: http://bit.ly/zqVL10 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronewsru Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru