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23 мая, 09:33

Большинство рынков акций Европы в понедельник снизились

Большинство фондовых индексов стран Западной Европы в понедельник снизились, одним из немногочисленных исключений стал британский рынок на фоне ослабления курса фунта стерлингов.

17 мая, 19:59

Lloyds Banking Group отныне принадлежит только частному капиталу - economy

Правительство Великобритании вышло из состава акционеров Lloyds Banking Group, продав остаток ценных бумаг. На этой волне котировки компании в на бирже в среду выросли больше, чем на 2 процента. В период экономического кризиса правительство пришло на помощь банковской группе. В 2009 году государство выкупило 43% акций, однако затем оно… ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ: http://ru.euronews.com/2017/05/17/lloyds-bank-uk-government-sells-off-final-shares-but-did-it-make-a-profit euronews: самый популярный новостной канал в Европе. Подписывайтесь! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronewsru euronews доступен на 13 языках: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels На русском: Сайт: http://ru.euronews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101036888397116664208/100240575545901894719/posts?pageId=101036888397116664208 VKontakte: http://vk.com/ru.euronews

17 мая, 15:50

Lloyds Banking Group отныне принадлежит только частному капиталу

Правительство Великобритании вышло из состава акционеров Lloyds Banking Group, продав остаток ценных бумаг.

17 мая, 15:50

Lloyds Banking Group отныне принадлежит только частному капиталу

Правительство Великобритании вышло из состава акционеров Lloyds Banking Group, продав остаток ценных бумаг.

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17 мая, 15:37

Lloyds should give the backslapping a rest after sale of government stake | Nils Pratley

Fanfare over paying back £894m on top of £21.2bn bailout seems undue given the job of turning around bank is far from done The smart way for Lloyds Banking Group to mark the government’s sale of its last shares would have been a short and dull statement. Something along these lines: “We thank the government and UK citizens for their support over the last nine years. The bank learned the lessons of the crisis many years ago and we’re sticking to our plan to support the UK economy.”Instead, Lloyds summoned trumpets and calculators and issued a three-page announcement. “We’ve turned the group around,” declared boss António Horta-Osório. The investor relations department found the most flattering way to present the state’s investment return: including dividends, £894m more has been returned than the £21.2bn put in. Continue reading...

17 мая, 15:11

Правительство Великобритании продало оставшуюся долю в Lloyds

Правительство Великобритании продало оставшуюся долю в капитале крупнейшего в стране ипотечного кредитора Lloyds Banking Group, таким образом, он вновь стал полностью частным чуть менее чем через десять лет после того, как был спасен в разгар финансового кризиса. Так, правительство реализовало 638,4 млн акций или 0,89%-ную долю в капитале банка, при этом финансовые детали сделки раскрыты не были. Сообщается, что вырученные средства пойдут на снижение уровня государственного долга.

Выбор редакции
17 мая, 15:00

New era as Lloyds bank returns to private hands

Britain has sold its last remaining stake in Lloyds Banking Group , making the lender the first to re-emerge from British state ownership in a symbolic step for the country's recovering banking sector. Kate King reports. Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/reuterssubscribe More updates and breaking news: http://smarturl.it/BreakingNews Reuters tells the world's stories like no one else. As the largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters provides coverage around the globe and across topics including business, financial, national, and international news. For over 160 years, Reuters has maintained its reputation for speed, accuracy, and impact while providing exclusives, incisive commentary and forward-looking analysis. http://reuters.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Reuters https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/reuters https://twitter.com/Reuters

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17 мая, 13:06

Bill Blain: "Talking To Accounts The Bottom Line Is Asset Prices Continue To Rise Despite Our Disbelief"

From "Blain’s Morning Porridge - May 17" by Bill Blain of Mint Partners * * * Talking to accounts yesterday I was struck by a sense of resignation: stocks seem determined to go stratospheric despite the fact many people think a correction/reset is coming. Bond spreads are at all time tights – and everyone seems to be chasing them down. Investors are frustrated they aren’t catching the returns, and its human nature to find reasons to talk these gains down. For instance, I’m told stock market gains are due to “passive” investments like indices and ETFs rather than active management, and tight yields are unsustainable as and when Central Banks normalise and interest rates climb higher. (Actually, I think rising interest rates are further away than many think!) But, the bottom line is financial asset prices continue to rise despite our disbelief! Should you buy into the story at this stage in the game? The rule remains – don’t join the last 5% of a rally just so you can catch the first 25% of the subsequent crash! There are other games to play – and that's to look for real value opportunities out there. There are many stories – some of which are risk and obvious, some of which require a little more imagination. For instance, financials have become a real “catch a falling knife” sector in recent years. Everyone is very aware of capital risk – the risk a central bank or regulator might decide a bank’s capital position is unsustainable and bail-in debt investors across the curve. It's only happem with a number of basket case Olive-belt banks thus far. Banco Popular is an interesting one – back in the pre-crisis days it was one of my top European bank stocks. It had a superb cost/income ratio, stuck to the retail businesses it knew well, had management focused on the bottom line and even a AAA rating for a long while. Now its in serious trouble with a massive Euro 37 bln NPL book – mainly from real estate. Its Capital COCO Perps are trading around 18% plus. Is it a buy? Its put itself on the block to sell, sell assets or restructure. The stories are Bankia, Santander and BBVA are all keen to look, but we also know Sabadell and Caixa already decided it’s a “no-way Jose” story. The price is likely to remain highly volatile on any news – like another bank pulling out or rumours of an ECB capital discussion. I’d be interested in any client views on POPSM. And, also in banking, hats off to Lloyds – the last of the UK governments stake will be sold today, netting us taxpayers a modest £900 mm profit. Lloyds was a superb bank before the Global Financial Crisis (again sticking to its knitting and never pretending to be what it patently was not), but got hoisted on the petard of buying the toxic HBOS. Put Lloyds in context of the RBOS bailout. The government put $46 bln into a bank that has subsequently managed to lose a further £56 bln, and is still essentially unfixed and unresolved. I must giggle at a chum of mine working there who thinks changing the name of their investment bank to Natwest will somehow make them more palatable…  Or how about Scotland? As the risk of Indyrep2 reduces, how do fancy buying Scottish debt at a considerable spread over gilts, when the risk is exactly the same.. (unless of course Scotland ever does get itself chucked out the UK!)

17 мая, 11:29

Правительство Великобритании продало оставшуюся долю в Lloyds

Правительство Великобритании продало оставшуюся долю в капитале крупнейшего в стране ипотечного кредитора Lloyds Banking Group, таким образом, он вновь стал полностью частным чуть менее чем через десять лет после того, как был спасен в разгар финансового кризиса. Так, правительство реализовало 638,4 млн акций или 0,89%-ную долю в капитале банка, при этом финансовые детали сделки раскрыты не были. Сообщается, что вырученные средства пойдут на снижение уровня государственного долга.

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17 мая, 09:42

Lloyds claims taxpayers have made £900m profit from bailout

Banking group confirms it has returned to private sector as government sells its remaining shares Taxpayers have made a near-£900m profit on the sale of their shares in Lloyds Banking Group, the lender claimed, as the government offloaded its final stake in the bank and closed a chapter of the 2008 financial crisis.Almost nine years ago, the government pumped £20.3bn into Lloyds, buying up a stake that was 43% at its peak. The bank said proceeds of the share sales and dividends since then meant taxpayers had received nearly £900m more than the government pumped in. Continue reading...

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17 мая, 09:37

Labour's water renationalisation plan is a damp squib | Nils Pratley

Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto pledge would be expensive – a simpler remedy would be tougher regulationRenationalise the water industry? If the Labour party’s ambition was to make a few quid for the exchequer and do nothing else, the idea is not as wild as it may sound, despite shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s gloriously loose description of his financing proposals.The government can currently borrow on the public markets at less than 1.5% for 10 years. It might cost £69bn to buy the entire water industry – that’s the value of the regulated assets – but the companies would arrive with income streams in the form of dividends. At Severn Trent, for example, the dividend yield is 3.4% at the current share price. Borrowing at 1.5% to buy an asset yielding 3.4% is not the worst trade in the world. And the state, if it wanted to act like a supercharged private equity house, would be able to juice up returns by refinancing the companies’ debt at a lower rate. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
16 мая, 22:58

Британское правительство вышло из капитала спасенного им в 2009 году Lloyds Banking Group

Британское правительство продало остаток (менее 0,25%) своего пакета акций Lloyds Banking Group, сообщает Bloomberg со ссылкой на осведомленные источники. Официальное заявление об этом может быть опубликовано в среду, 17 мая.

16 мая, 19:45

Lloyds reaches landmark as government sells final shares

Treasury injected £20.3bn to prop up bank in 2008 after its troubled takeover of HBOS but now public stake stands at zeroThe government has sold its remaining shares in Lloyds Banking Group in a landmark moment for the banking sector almost a decade after the £20.3bn bailout of the high street lender.It will be confirmed on Wednesday that the Treasury has finally extricated itself from its shareholding in the bank – owner of Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows –which it rescued during at the depths of the financial crisis. Continue reading...

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16 мая, 19:15

Lloyds returns to the private sector

The UK government is poised to return Lloyds Banking Group to the private sector at a profit, in a watershed moment for the banking sector. Patrick Jenkins talks about the outlook for the high street lender with Martin Arnold, the FT's banking editor, and Sir Win Bischoff, former Lloyds Bank chairman.

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15 мая, 21:16

Will Theresa May defend workers' rights? Don't hold your breath | Nils Pratley

The prime minister has been slippery about getting workers on boards – and looks likely to do little about the gig economyThe suspicion that Theresa May’s commitment to strengthen the rights of workers is less than it seems is encapsulated in this passage from her piece for the Financial Times: “I will ensure that there is representation for workers on company boards and that every employee has a statutory right to receive information about key decisions affecting their company’s future.”Let’s take these promises in reverse order. Tell us more about this right to hard facts that supposedly information-starved workers will enjoy? “This will be no more than the information that shareholders currently receive,” says the prime minister’s next sentence. Continue reading...

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15 мая, 18:06

Noel Edmonds accuses Lloyds of 'foot dragging' over HBOS payouts

TV star is seeking £73m in compensation after he claims he suffered ‘deep distress and public humiliation’ from scandalNoel Edmonds has accused Lloyds Banking Group of “foot dragging” over compensation payouts to himself and other victims of the HBOS Reading fraud.In a personal intervention, the TV celebrity has written to Lord Blackwell, the chair of Lloyds, to lambast the lack of urgency in making payments to the businesses that suffered from the fraud for which six individuals were jailed in February. Continue reading...

Выбор редакции
14 мая, 17:28

Final taxpayer shares in Lloyds Banking Group to be sold off

Government plans to sell last remaining shares this week eight years after pumping in £20bn to prevent bank’s collapseThe government is expected to sell off its remaining shares in Lloyds Banking Group in the coming week, marking a watershed moment for the sector after the financial crisis.Eight years after pumping in £20bn to prevent the bank from collapsing, taxpayers will no longer own any shares in an institution that was created in the depths of the financial crisis when Lloyds TSB rescued HBOS. Continue reading...

12 мая, 15:10

Pegasystems (PEGA) Stock Gains on Q1 Earnings & Revenue Beat

Pegasystems Inc. (PEGA) reported earnings of 34 cents per share in first-quarter 2017, comfortably surpassing the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 19 cents.

11 мая, 14:59

Frontrunning: May 11

After Comey, Russia Probe Escalates (WSJ) Comey Firing Distracts Trump White House, Risking His Agenda (BBG) Trump wanted to preview Comey's Senate testimony (Reuters) Traders Ask What Will Rouse Markets When Trump and Twitter Can't (BBG) EU Raises Growth Forecasts but Cites Threats From Brexit, Trump (WSJ) Oil bounces, world stocks hold near all-time highs (Reuters) McCain, Sasse to Vote Against Trump Trade Nominee (WSJ) Acting FBI Head to Testify Before Congress (WSJ) Aetna to Pull Out of Current Affordable Care Act Exchanges (WSJ) In Trump's shadow, Fed official says trade barriers a 'dead end' (Reuters) Emirates Airline Battered by Trump Travel Ban (WSJ) Uber deemed transport service by EU top court adviser (Reuters) Money from Chinese State Giants Helped Fund Aluminum Stockpile (WSJ) Germany's Schaeuble calls for euro zone parliament: La Repubblica (Reuters) The Secretive Firm Set to Expand in Retail Options: Two Sigma Securities (WSJ) Wells Fargo management expected to woo shareholders with new cost cuts (Reuters) Number of Illegal Cuban Immigrants Caught by Coast Guard Drops to Zero in April (WSJ) AIG plans to name Brian Duperreault CEO (WSJ) Student Loans Just Got More Expensive (BBG) China April vehicle sales notch steepest fall in 20-months on tax hike (Reuters) Highest-Paid Women in America Reap Rewards of Technology Boom (BBG) The Volcker Rule: How Trump’s New Regulator May Unleash Big Banks (WSJ) EU Passports for Sale in Sunny Cyprus Lure Rich Russians' Cash (BBG) "Ice age" looms for China's outbound investment (Reuters) Tesla starts taking orders for premium solar roofs (Reuters) Overnight Media Digest WSJ - Verizon Communications Inc will buy Straight Path Communications Inc for more than $3 billion, after beating rival AT&T Inc in an unusually intense bidding war for the wireless-spectrum holder, according to people familiar with the matter. on.wsj.com/2q5dw9M - American International Group Inc plans to name Brian Duperreault - a onetime lieutenant to former CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg - as the firm's chief executive officer, with an announcement expected as soon as Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter. on.wsj.com/2q5dcI1 - Whole Foods Market Inc is dramatically reshaping its board in an effort to show it is open to change after an activist investor last month publicly urged the organic-grocery chain to explore a sale and speed up its turnaround efforts. on.wsj.com/2q5dAGy - Snap Inc, in its first quarterly report as a public company, showed it struggled to maintain strong user growth at its Snapchat vanishing-messaging app, sending shares tumbling and sparking worries about its ability to challenge social-media titan Facebook Inc on.wsj.com/2q56Yba - Bombardier Inc, which ranks as one of Canada's largest corporate recipients of government financial backing, is facing a push to remove its executive chairman, Pierre Beaudoin, a member of the founding family that controls the transportation company through multiple-voting shares. on.wsj.com/2q57xlq - Calpine Corp, which owns 80 power plants and has a so-called enterprise value of more than $16 billion, is working with investment bankers at Lazard to sound out possible buyers, according to people familiar with the matter. on.wsj.com/2q5nPLj   FT Boeing Co said it has suspended test flights of its new 737 Max-8 single aisle passenger jet after discovering problems with the engine. Time Inc cut its dividend and announced a board reshuffle as the magazine publisher prepares to ramp up cost cuts and sell some titles. Barclays Plc Chief Executive Jes Staley apologised to shareholders for the "error" he admitted he had made in trying to uncover the identity of a whistleblower. British food-on-the-go chain Pret A Manger is being lined up for a New York listing. UK-based private equity firm Bridgepoint, which owns a majority stake in Pret, has appointed bankers to prepare a U.S. initial public offering this year. (Compiled by Bengaluru newsroom; Editing by Sandra Maler)   NYT - Abercrombie & Fitch said on Wednesday that it has begun talks to sell itself. It said it was in "preliminary discussions" with unnamed suitors after it received expressions of interest. nyti.ms/2q4XzRc - Twenty-First Century Fox said on Monday that it had incurred costs of $10 million "related to settlements of pending and potential litigations" during its third quarter in the aftermath of sexual harassment allegations at Fox News. nyti.ms/2q5jesj - Snap Inc, the parent of the messaging app Snapchat, reported earnings that missed Wall Street expectations reporting a $2.2 billion loss for the first quarter. Its revenue was lighter than expected, and the company disclosed that its user growth was decelerating sharply. nyti.ms/2q5btTl - The Department of Homeland Security is considering banning laptops and other large electronic devices from carry-on bags on flights from Europe to the United States. The action would extend a limited ban that was put in place in March. nyti.ms/2q5qzIs   Canada THE GLOBE AND MAIL ** British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, with a precarious hold on government pending a final count of ballots, is now searching for areas where her Liberals and the British Columbia Green Party can work together. tgam.ca/2qWUUKF ** Andy Ellis, a top Canadian Security Intelligence Service official until last year, argues that the Canadian government's no-ransoms-for-hostages stand is an outdated and even hypocritical posture that needs to be reconsidered for the sake of citizens held abroad. tgam.ca/2qWX9NR ** An internal federal report, commissioned by Infrastructure Canada, warns of a wide range of potential problems with the proposed Canada Infrastructure Bank, including that it could duplicate the work of provinces, slow down projects with new layers of bureaucracy and expose Ottawa to "public relations disasters and embarrassment". tgam.ca/2qWUeVz NATIONAL POST ** Embattled mortgage lender Home Capital Group Inc. will face tough questions on Thursday when it reports its first-quarter earnings, as its subsidiary's demand deposits continue to fall and shareholders increased their holdings. bit.ly/2qWZgBm ** Moody's Investors Service downgraded the credit ratings of the Big Six banks late Wednesday reflecting "expectation of a more challenging operating environment for banks in Canada for the remainder of 2017 and beyond". bit.ly/2qWUp30 ** The National Energy Board may consider the upstream and downstream emissions associated with the construction of TransCanada Corp's massive Energy East pipeline project. bit.ly/2qWZyIu   Britain The Times Tweedy, Browne, another top shareholder in Akzo Nobel , has launched a damning assault on the Dulux paints owner for its refusal to support a 27 billion euros ($29.34 billion) takeover of the group. bit.ly/2r3OEO7 The outgoing boss of ITV Plc, Adam Crozier, urged the group to stick with the strategy of expanding its production business amid a drop in advertising revenue. bit.ly/2r1Gdlw The Guardian Jes Staley, the chief executive of Barclays Plc under fire for his attempts to unmask a whistleblower, has admitted to hundreds of shareholders that he made a mistake and has issued a personal apology for his behaviour.bit.ly/2r1jTJ4 Just Eat Plc's proposed takeover of Hungryhouse is facing an in-depth investigation by the competition watchdog over fears restaurants could end up with a worse deal. bit.ly/2q4xodg The Telegraph Murdoch-owned Twenty-First Century Fox said it is confident that its proposed 11.7 billion pound merger with Sky Plc will receive approval by the end of 2017. bit.ly/2pyg78Y Paris-based investment firm AEW is to float a new UK real estate business on the London Stock Exchange, with plans to raise up to 150 million pounds. bit.ly/2r3hzlz Sky News The chief executive and former finance director of BT Group Plc will miss out on annual bonuses worth more than 3 million pounds following the accounting scandal in Italy which helped wipe billions from the company's stock market value earlier this year. bit.ly/2q6SWEo Broadband firm TalkTalk's shares have fallen sharply after it cut its dividend as part of its efforts to invest in growing its customer base. The dividend was cut for the year to March to 10.29p from 15.83p and will be lowered to 7.5p this year. bit.ly/2plgFUq The Independent After a decade presenting Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds is finally taking on the banker himself by presenting Lloyds Banking Group Plc with a 100 million pounds proposition of his own. Edmonds has written to Lloyds Banking Group chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio demanding millions in compensation from his former lender, HBOS. ind.pn/2r0zR69 City of London analysts are divided over what message the Bank of England will likely send to financial markets on Thursday about the future path of interest rates in the face of rising inflation, but also signs that the economy is slowing down in the face of a flagging British consumer. ind.pn/2q49LBO  

01 сентября 2016, 07:54

Зомби банки

Современные банки используют невероятное множество приемов для сокрытия реальных финансовых результатов, манипулируя отчетностью, перераспределяя убыточные позиции через различные дочерние подразделения или выводя их в момент отчетности через производные финансовые инструменты. Даже находясь в чудовищных убытках, превышающие способность банка эти убытки обслуживать, сам банк может демонстрировать, что все отлично. Уже проходили в 2006-2008 и знаем.Оценить реальное состояние крупных финансовых структур через публичную отчетность технически и даже теоретически невозможно. Даже регулирующие структуры с высоким уровнем доступа могут быть введены в заблуждение умелой манипуляцией и подтасовкой информации. Сама по себе чистая прибыль априори является бумажным показателем и далеко не всегда коррелирует с денежными потоками и способностью обслуживать действующие обязательства.Это больше демонстрирует тенденции, чем реальную устойчивость. Однако, есть ориентиры, которые могут идентифицировать предел устойчивости – последовательность убытков, величина убытков от общих активов, от действующей выручки и что главное – от капитала.Красная черта – 3 квартала подряд убытков, около 0.5% убытков от активов в год, 15% от капитала и 20% от выручки. У этой границы, как правило, требуется принудительная реструктуризация активов, неизбежная санация и перестройка системы управления банком.На этот раз небольшой обзор крупнейших банков Западной Европы.Данные по чистой прибыли за год. Квартальная выборка не позволяет вычленить столь продолжительные ряды, а во-вторых, периодичность публикации результатов различна – кто то в квартал, но многие за пол года. Поэтому для полной картины – за год и поэтому только по 2015. Банки Греции, Португалии, Кипра и Ирландии в обзор не попали в виду своей ничтожности в объеме всех активов банков Западной Европы. Данные по ING в сопоставимом виде не получены.Собственно, в состоянии зомби пребывают, как минимум 4 финансовые структуры - Royal Bank of Scotland Group (этот особенно плохо, никто в мире так ужасно не выступает, как RBS - там форменная катастрофа), Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group и Unicredit. В тяжёлом состоянии Deutsche Bank и испанские банки. Английские банки держатся исключительно за счет хороших связей с ФРС, ЕЦБ и с Банком Англии. Убери нерыночные механизмы поддержки и все ... банкроты.В устойчивом положении HSBC, BNP Paribas, Nordea, DNB, Svenska Handelsbanken и Swedbank, т.е. в основном скандинавские банки.Пока не затрагиваю причины такого положения – это потом, т.к. у каждого своя специфика. Однако те, кто в наиболее тяжелом положении – такое состояние обеспечили преимущественно за счет рынка активов, а не кредитного портфеля. В будущем я рассмотрю более подробно банки, т.к. в условиях революционных сдвигов в денежном рынке (отрицательные ставки) весьма интересно проследить за динамикой операционных показателей и изменения баланса.Но пока совершенно точно можно сказать, что американские банки в сравнении с европейскими более устойчивы.

16 ноября 2012, 19:46

Банки британцам деньги не вернут

http://ru.euronews.com/ Миллиарды, потраченные правительством Великобритании на спасение банков, вероятно, никогда не вернуться к налогоплательщикам. К такому выводу пришла комиссия британского парламента по расследования деятельности властей во время кризиса 2008 года. Только национализация тонущих крупных банков Lloyds и RBS обошлась казне в 82 млрд. в перечете на евро. Так же комиссия во главе с Маргарет Ходж выявила грубые ошибки правительства при спасении самого первого рухнувшего банка -Northern Rock. Ñ�оциальные Ñ�ети : YouTube: http://bit.ly/zqVL10 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/euronewsru Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronewsru