London Stock Exchange
26 июля, 15:52

Плохой год для главы Deutsche Boerse стал еще хуже

У гендиректора Deutsche Boerse был плохой год. Его сделка с London Stock Exchange Group Plc на $14 млрд сорвалась, в отношении него ведется расследование по подозрению в инсайдерской торговле. Теперь Карстен Кенгетер столкнулся с еще одним испытанием.

26 июля, 15:52

Плохой год для главы Deutsche Boerse стал еще хуже

У гендиректора Deutsche Boerse был плохой год. Его сделка с London Stock Exchange Group Plc на $14 млрд сорвалась, в отношении него ведется расследование по подозрению в инсайдерской торговле. Теперь Карстен Кенгетер столкнулся с еще одним испытанием.

25 июля, 20:08

Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo: What's Next for the Luxury Brands

On Tuesday, "affordable" luxury retailer Michael Kors (KORS) announced that it has agreed to buy footwear brand Jimmy Choo, a popular name in the fashion world known for its towering stilettos, for about $1.2 billion, or ??896 million, in cash.

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20 июля, 21:26

Quiz float makes fashion firm's founding family some of Scotland's richest

Ramzans aim to stay ‘grounded and focused’ after selling £92m stake in firm that investors hope will become the new BoohooThe Glaswegian family behind the fast-growing fashion chain Quiz are now among Scotland’s richest after selling a £92m stake in a business investors hope will be the next Boohoo.The high street fashion chain is set to be valued at £200m when it floats on Aim, the junior London stock market, later in July. The retailer was founded by entrepreneur Tarak Ramzan in the early 1990s but the windfall is being shared among nine family members including sons Sheraz and Haris, who will continue to work for the chain. Continue reading...

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19 июля, 18:53

IBM's Blockchain Securities Collaboration With LSE Heralds New Trading Opportunities

The London Stock Exchange through its Borsa Italiana arm is collaborating with IBM - ‘Big Blue’ - to build a blockchain solution to “digitize" the issuance of securities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. It aims to open up new opportunities for trading and investing.

17 июля, 14:32

London Stock Exchange Group's CIO And COO Believes More CIOs Will Become COOs - Here's Why

Chris Corrado has been the CIO or CTO at a who's who of financial services organizations. He has also spent time as an executive at tech firms like Asurion and eBay. He is now the CIO and COO of London Stock Exchange Group. As he sees it, the COO role is a logical next step for CIOs.

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16 июля, 09:00

Aramco may be big, but fawning to Saudis diminishes London

Giving the state-owned oil firm a premium stock market listing would make a mockery of all the investor protection such a category entailsThere are two ways to run a stock market. The first is to do little more than provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet. In this lightly policed model, anyone can play. Buyers must look after their own interests and no one can complain too much if the stocks turn out to be duds. The second approach is more demanding. Companies wishing to join such a market must commit to high standards of governance and grant their shareholders strong ownership rights that are enforceable. Investment accidents can still happen, but outright abuses should be rarer.The London stock market was, we assumed, firmly in the second camp. In days of old, the City may not have been overly fussy about shareholder rights. But in the second decade of the 21st century – and especially after a dangerous experiment from 2010 in attracting Russian companies – the debate had surely been settled in favour of high standards. After all, a reputation for trust benefits everyone. It attracts long-term investors with big pools of permanent capital and allows companies to enjoy lower funding costs. Continue reading...

13 июля, 23:59

City regulator plans rule change to allow Saudi oil giant's $2tn float in London

As Aramco decides where to sell shares, FCA proposes controversial changes to pave way for LSE listing The City regulator is proposing to water down stock market rules in a move regarded as an attempt to attract the world’s biggest ever flotation – of Saudi Aramco, the Gulf kingdom’s state oil company – to London.The proposals by the Financial Conduct Authority come as Aramco weighs up which financial centre to pick for the sale of 5% of its shares. The company could be valued at $2tn – a huge price tag that would also generate hundreds of millions of dollars in fees for investment bankers, lawyers and other professional firms involved in stock market flotations. Continue reading...

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13 июля, 19:37

Britain Aggressively Courts $2 Trillion Saudi Aramco Listing

Stock exchanges are competing for the energy company’s blockbuster public offering. Analysts say the final decision is likely to come down to London and New York.

13 июля, 13:18

U.K. Regulator Proposes New Premium Listing Category As Saudi Aramco Looks To IPO

The U.K.'s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced proposed changes in premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, four years after corporate governance scandals focused attention on the listing regime. It opens the door for a potential Saudi Aramco listing.

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05 июля, 12:48

Депозитарные акции "Полюса" допущены к торгам на Лондонской фондовой бирже

ПАО "Полюс" сообщило о допуске своих глобальных депозитарных акций (GDS) и американских депозитарных акций (ADS) к торгам на Лондонской фондовой бирже (London Stock Exchange plc). В конце июня "Полюс" провел SPO на 9% капитала объемом $799 млн без учета опциона организаторов ($879 млн с учетом опциона).

29 июня, 23:25

Ethernity Networks' Oversubscribed Placing Puts $58M Market Cap On Tech 'Game Changer'

Israeli-based data network processing tech firm Ethernity Networks has raised £15m ($19m) via an oversubscribed listing on London Stock Exchange's AIM segment and will use proceeds to expand its product range and ramp up research. It puts the company's market capitalization at around £45m ($58m).

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15 июня, 17:13

Morrisons' indignation over shareholder rebellion is misplaced | Nils Pratley

If the supermarket wants investors to back its executives’ pay, it shouldn’t annoy them with a top-up that looks greedyWhen 48% of shareholders rebel against a company’s remuneration report, most chairmen scuttle into the shadows muttering empty words about seeking further engagement with investors. So Andy Higginson, chairman of Morrisons, deserves some credit for coming out fighting after more than half of investors either voted against the proposal or withheld their vote. Morrisons “fundamentally disagrees” with the assessment by proxy voting agency ISS that executives’ new performance targets aren’t stretching.The argument here is slightly technical. Chief executive David Potts is being incentivised to get Morrisons to produce £800m of cash over the next three years. Is that demanding? It’s hard to tell, since comparisons are distorted by disposals and one’s view of how past working capital improvements should be regarded. Continue reading...

14 июня, 16:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon, Visa, Verizon and Citigroup

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Amazon, Visa, Verizon and Citigroup

14 июня, 09:28

Фондовые индексы Европы выросли во вторник

Фондовые индексы стран Западной Европы выросли во вторник, поскольку падение котировок акций технологических компаний по всему миру, вызвавшее снижение рынков в предыдущие дни, сходит на нет.

14 июня, 00:40

Top Analyst Reports for Amazon, Visa, Verizon & Citigroup

Top Analyst Reports for Amazon, Visa, Verizon & Citigroup

13 июня, 19:01

EU plans new powers over London’s banks

THE European Union unveiled plans yesterday to give itself new powers over London’s banking business after Brexit in a blow to the city’s supremacy as a global financial hub. The draft law unveiled by

11 июня, 07:34

Facts about Qatar

1. Qatar is about the size of Yorkshire or Connecticut. 2. The United States and Qatar have been friendly only since the first Gulf War; before then, the relationship was somewhat hostile or at least problematic.  But Qatar was keen to invite in American troops, and the country took the lead in condemning Saddam’s invasion […] The post Facts about Qatar appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

09 июня, 17:15

Qatari LNG Cargoes Change Course Amid Rising Tensions

Two Qatari LNG tankers carrying a combined 524,000 cu m of the fuel suddenly changed course in the Gulf of Aden on their way to the Suez Canal yesterday, energy intelligence data provider Kpler reported, quoted by media. The vessels, each carrying 262,000 cu m of LNG, were believed to have been bound for the UK. There has been no information about a closing of the Suez Canal to Qatari vessels, despite Egypt severing diplomatic relations with Qatar. The CNBC quoted RBC’s commodities chief Helima Croft as saying that 13 percent of global…

09 июня, 17:15

China’s State Oil Giants Import More Oil In May

China’s crude oil imports went up by 15.4 percent on an annual basis last month on the back of more purchases coming from state-owned companies, Platts reports. The daily import rate for state oil companies was 8.8 million barrels. Teapot refiners, who drove last year’s increase in Chinese oil imports, last month bought 46 percent more crude than in May 2016, although the 1.99 million bpd was 3 percent lower than their daily import rate for April. According to Platts, the May import rate is the second-highest on record, after the 9.21-million-bpd…