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24 октября, 19:29

7 Fall Lip Colors That Look Great on Everyone

Need a new lip color for fall? These seven shades are flattering on just about every skin tone, and make it easy to find something new for the season.

24 октября, 18:37

New York Times Dedicates 2-Page Spread To The People And Things Trump's Insulted

Since January, The New York Times has been tracking all of the people, places and things Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter during his candidacy.  The list has grown to 281 victims ― politicians, celebrities, publications, countries. On Monday, the Times published a two-page spread in its print edition featuring everyone and everything Trump’s maligned. .@nytimes in print: All the People, Places and ThingsDonald Trump Has InsultedOn Twitter Since DeclaringHis Candidacy for President pic.twitter.com/4a9ySjUIHj— Clifford Levy (@cliffordlevy) October 24, 2016 The list includes everybody from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to musician Neil Young, the state of New Jersey and Macy’s ― yes, the department store. Among Trump’s choice insults are “perfect little puppet” (referring to former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio), “hokey garbage” (about performer Penn Jillette) and “SAD!” (Trump’s comment on the Times, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the Democratic National Convention, the mainstream media, Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders ... the list goes on).  Trump’s Twitter following has more than doubled since the Times began tracking his insults, growing from 5.9 million followers to 12.1 million.  You can view the list here. The most recent insults ― tracked within the last 30 days ― are highlighted in yellow. Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

22 октября, 00:13

hhgregg Offers Vizio TV and Soundbars for Holiday Season

Appliances and electronics retailer, hhgregg Inc. (HGG), has announced that it will sell Vizio's competitively priced TVs, home theatre displays and soundbars at all 220 retail stores and at hhgregg.com from Oct 21.

21 октября, 12:09

The Trouble With Peak Trump

When he’s on a high, that’s when the problems start. What does this mean for a person angling for the most powerful job in the world?

18 октября, 21:31

Donald Trump And His Supporters Are Actually Making Women Sick

WASHINGTON ― It began as a pain in my stomach; not the sharp, grueling kind, but that feeling of uneasiness that knots up your insides.   I had been sitting on a plane, trying to squeeze in a few more minutes on the Internet before the flight attendant asked me, for the third time, to turn off my phone before takeoff. It was a Friday afternoon, 33 days before the presidential election, and I was heading to New Orleans to visit my family for the weekend. I wanted to try to take my mind off this presidential race, even for just a few days. An article popped up on my Twitter feed touting newly surfaced audio from 2005  that revealed Donald Trump having a “lewd conversation” about women. I plugged in my headphones. “When you’re a star…you can do anything” to women, the man who is now the Republican presidential nominee bragged. “Grab them by the pussy.” My stomach churned. Reporting on women’s rights, sexual assault and sexism is my job, what I’ve written about for the last six years. I’ve covered Trump’s denigrating comments about women so many times that I’ve memorized a rundown ― “dogs,” “pigs,” “slobs,” “disgusting,” “Miss Housekeeping,” “Miss Piggy,” “blood coming out of her wherever.”    Like all female reporters, especially those who write about rape and abortion, I’ve had to develop a thick skin. I laugh it off when men I’ve never met call me “ugly,” an “idiot,” a “cunt” ― or, my favorite, “Bitch Bassett Hound” ― on Twitter. I’ve had to let it go when they threaten to publish my home address and pay me a visit, or send me an email with the subject line, “BIG ears... tiny brain!!!” after I appear on cable news. I’ve learned by necessity to separate my work from my feelings when I cover a politician speculating about what women’s bodies do in response to a “legitimate rape,” or when I interview women with horrifying stories of sexual abuse.   But listening to the Trump tape as I sat on that plane felt different. A nominee of a major political party was caught boasting about sexual assault in a graphic way, talking about women as objects and feeling entitled to their bodies. I knew that I’d be expected to contribute to The Huffington Post’s coverage once my plane landed, making cold calls to women Trump has interacted with throughout his career and asking them about what may have been the worst moment of their lives. The nausea in my stomach crept up into my throat. My chest felt heavy and squeezed, like someone was sitting on it. My jaw and teeth ached, and I realized I’d been clenching them. By the time the flight attendant reached out with a bag of pretzels, I was breathing into a brown paper bag I’d found in the seat pocket. I walked to the bathroom of the plane and hovered over the toilet, hoping my body would purge what was making me sick. For me, as for many women, Trump’s comments were personal. They triggered memories of an assault that I thought I had processed and put behind me more than a decade ago.  My chest felt heavy and squeezed, like someone was sitting on it. For me, as for many women, Trump’s comments were personal. I was raped at a fraternity party in college. The details of the attack are hazy, because I was barely conscious. I remember waking up in the back of a police car, bloody and bruised, in the early hours of the morning. The cop offered to drive me to the hospital and asked if I wanted to press charges, but I was too afraid ― afraid of not being believed, of my parents learning what had happened, of being known as “the girl who cried rape” on campus, as I’d seen happen to others.   I told very few people what happened, choosing instead to forget. But there it was, 15 years later, bubbling to the surface as I faced covering a presidential candidate who more than a dozen women have accused of sexual assault. The scene played on repeat in my mind. My anxiety symptoms didn’t go away in the days after the Trump tape broke. I listened to a new recording of Trump giving a radio host permission to call his own daughter, Ivanka, a “piece of ass.” Trump lashed out at the reporters confronting him about the sexual assault allegations and mocked and insulted his accusers. “Believe me, she would not be my first choice,” he said of one woman accusing him of groping and forcibly kissing her on an airplane. He brushed off his comments as “locker room talk” during a debate, and at a rally he made a groping gesture to mimic what his accusers said he did to them. Some of Trump’s fellow Republicans scolded him for his remarks. But the vast majority of them continued to endorse him, and even some who had first sought distance from their party’s nominee quickly fell back in line. Others even expressed doubt as to whether grabbing a woman by her genitals is really sexual assault, or whether Trump actually did the things he described. They questioned why the women accusing him took so long to come forward.    http://testkitchen.huffingtonpost.com/624060 The pattern is painfully familiar to many women who have been subjected to gaslighting at some point in their lives, or have been told that they are misremembering their own reality. It’s a common psychological abuse tactic that makes a victim question her own sanity, and it has happened to me more than once. A friend of the man who assaulted me called me a few months after the attack to make sure I knew that my rapist was a “really good guy,” and that what I thought happened probably didn’t. Just the act of writing down the misogynistic words of Trump and his defenders, over and over, has taken a toll on my body. It’s been difficult to sleep, to eat, to focus on work. My stomach is still upset, my chest still tight. Clothes that fit me a month ago are hanging off me. In writing this, I’m not asking for sympathy. I decided to share my story because I suspected that many women feel the same way. And when I put the question out on social media, dozens of rape and sexual assault survivors responded with similar tales of feeling triggered by Trump. This election is literally making women sick. It’s such a common phenomenon, in fact, that the DC Psychological Association is planning to hold support groups for women who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety from this political climate. “We’ve seen a lot of emotional distress because of the stuff going on with the election,” said Dr. Stephen Stein, president of the DCPA. “Certainly with women who had been traumatized before, or had been assaulted or raped or molested, there’s something very unique in this experience that’s enormously painful and scary for a lot of people.” In sharing my own experience, I wanted to give a voice to women who have been quietly suffering through the election, and to illuminate just how damaging and toxic this political climate has been. Here are a few stories women have shared: Jamika Scott, 29, Tacoma, Washington: Scott, a children’s advocate in the domestic violence field, has felt nauseated and lacked an appetite this year, because the campaign has triggered memories of her own 2011 assault. “After the first day of coverage of the ‘Trump tapes,’ I was shaking while trying to fall asleep and even had a horrible nightmare, reminiscent of the flashback-like nightmares that came for years after being drugged and raped by a couple of guys,” she said. “It’s not hard to believe, or even surprising, a man like Trump is an offender of this sort and magnitude. What’s hard is the realization the damage is already done in many ways. He’s validated and emboldened the wrong population of people, and I can’t help but think the men who raped me are watching Trump and finding solace and purpose in his words and actions.”  I can’t help but think the men who raped me are watching Trump and finding solace and purpose in his words and actions. Jamika Scott “So, everything that’s been going on ― the women who were victims of Trump, the countless headlines, the endless coverage on television, the people crawling from the depths of a dark hole to defend Trump, the constant fight women have of defending our humanity, etc. ― has me in full PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] mode,” Scott added. “I’m anxious, restless, hypervigilant and scared. I don’t feel safe and nothing feels right or OK,” she said. “Work is hard, sleep is hard, eating is hard. My body feels pained and heavy. I’ve wanted nothing more than to hide in my room with Netflix and a warm blanket. It feels like being drugged, raped and not believed happened this morning, and not years ago.” Clare Lyons, 27, New York City: Lyons, a registered nurse, was assaulted in April 2014 by a man who had been accused of attacking other women in the past. She has spent the last two years in therapy and practicing meditation to work through her PTSD, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. This election cycle has been “brutal,” she said. “I’ve tried to be present and cognizant of what effects the past few weeks’ coverage would have on me, but mindfulness has not been enough,” Lyons said. “I haven’t been sleeping, I’m really not eating much. When I do sleep I have nightmares about my assault, about my abuser, about screaming until I am exhausted but without producing a sound. I have found myself dissociating simply to get through my day. I am in pain. I have been forced to relive my experience over and over. And over and over and over.”  I have found myself dissociating simply to get through my day. I am in pain. I have been forced to relive my experience over and over. Clare Lyons “I feel nauseated, I feel achy. I have headaches. I have chest pain,” she said. “My whole entire being hurts. I am carrying the weight of my assault again at the forefront of my mind, every waking moment of my day. In some ways I am grateful that something as stigmatized and ubiquitous as sexual assault has been brought into such a bright public spotlight, resulting in some very insightful and empathetic discourse regarding what it means to be a woman.” But Lyons said she suffered for coming forward about her assault.   “I feel as though I am silently, slowly, drowning. I know what these women feel. These women are me; I am these women. Some people won’t ever understand. And they’re lucky. I wish there was a way to convey how much this hurts, how tender and beaten these parts of me are. I wish I weren’t sitting here, unable to function, writing an email to a stranger about conceptualizing the post-assault experience. I wish I didn’t fantasize about screaming to fucking Donald Trump what it’s like to crawl in your own skin, to want to claw yourself out of the body that you inhabit. To cry until you vomit, until your throat is raw, to not be able to do anything because nothing feels good and nothing makes anything feel better. I am sad, I am tired, and I keep going on, because what else is there to do?” Jamie Lee Marks, 31, Washington, D.C.: Marks says she was in a three-year relationship with a man who physically abused her, stalked her, and once punched her in the face. When she watched Trump’s behavior toward Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate, she started crying at a local bar. “I was so embarrassed, but I let myself cry. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s calling her the devil,’ which affected me on a such a deep level. I’ve heard that before. I’ve been treated like that before. [My abuser] used to call me fat, call me the devil. The fat-shaming comments, blaming me for anything anyone’s ever done to me, blaming Hillary for Bill’s indiscretions and what he potentially did to people ― that’s very abusive. Getting huge rallies of people to scream, ‘Lock her up!’― it’s wild how abusive it is to me.”  [This election] has brought up feelings about what happened to me that I haven’t thought about in a while, and they’re interrupting my life. Jamie Lee Marks “I’m all blotchy from talking about it,” Marks said. “I have the flu right now. It’s real symptoms ― my immune system is weaker because of the stress. I’ve been getting migraines for about a month, which is interesting. I got a fever Tuesday and had to take a sick day. I’m generally a pretty healthy person; illnesses don’t usually take me out. The fact that I had to call into work makes me feel like I need to seek a counselor and talk to somebody. [This election] has brought up feelings about what happened to me that I haven’t thought about in a while, and they’re interrupting my life.” Kristin Fleming, 39, San Ramon, California: Like others, Fleming said the news from the campaign has left her feeling “literally nauseous.” “It terrifies me to think someone who’s supposed to be a leader is perpetuating this rape culture, because my abuse came from a youth pastor when I was 15,” said the graduate student in psychology. “He was a leader in the church. People looked up to him, people respected him, even after the abuse occurred. I thought, ‘This is exactly what is happening on a much larger scale.’ It’s been driving me nuts.”  I think a lot of women have experienced a man thinking they can just overpower her, or they have a right to touch her or grab her butt. Kristin Fleming “That interview [Trump] did where he talks about, ‘I can do that because I’m a celebrity, women just let you do it’ ― I had tears and uncontrollable nausea and anxiety hearing that,” Fleming said. “Because I’ve been told that by men before. I think a lot of women have experienced a man thinking they can just overpower her, or they have a right to touch her or grab her butt. “The way Trump was standing behind Hillary [during the debate] as she was trying to speak, right in her personal space, right behind her ― that made me really anxious. It was not a good feeling. I worked at Macy’s shortly after my attack, and [my attacker] started stalking me there. [Trump’s behavior in the debate] totally reminded me of that ― I would be folding sweaters at a table at Macy’s, and I would turn around and he’d be right behind me, to the point where I’d have to hide in a fitting room until he’d be gone. “Thinking about my 10- and 12-year-old [children] watching the news, hearing what they’re saying, I think, ‘I can’t believe we’re living in a world where the possibility of this man who has done these things could be our president.’ And I have to explain to my kids what the word ‘pussy’ means. I just can’t believe that’s what’s happening. I’m going to school to get my master’s in psychology, and I just had to start taking antidepressants again to keep me level through my midterms and finals this quarter. [The election] has had more of an effect on me than I was really willing to admit.” Jade Salazar, 31, Washington, D.C.: Salazar suffered from PTSD after she was raped 12 years ago, but thought she had mostly recovered from it ― until this election.   “When I actually heard the recording of Trump on the bus, when he said the thing about ‘grab their pussy,’ I definitely felt sick to my stomach,” she said. “I was interested to hear what he was going say about it in the debate, and then to hear him say, ‘It’s locker room talk,’ that’s when it really started to make me sick and become something I couldn’t shake. “I’m healed from as much as you can be, but then it becomes such a big national discussion, and you hear things like that, it triggers it.” I keep having dreams with Trump in them. It’s like if you have dreams about a monster. Jade Salazar “I’ve had such anxiety, I had to refill a Xanax prescription that I hadn’t needed in a long time, just because it was too much,” Salazar said. “I haven’t been able to sleep. I keep having dreams with Trump in them. It’s like if you have dreams about a monster; he’s this ominous presence in all my dreams, and they wake me up in the middle of the night. It’s a constant, pressing anxiety, making me exhausted. I’m just very distracted, too. It’s this underlying fear of what happens if he actually does get elected. “I do volunteer work for the D.C. rape crisis center. I feel like between that and all the other discussions of feminism, we’ve come so far in the past 10 years and have opened up the discussion so much. I feel like if Trump gets elected, we’re going to suddenly go backwards. It’s like half the country saying I’m worthless.”  Need help? Visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website. Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. Sign up for the HuffPost Must Reads newsletter. Each Sunday, we will bring you the best original reporting, longform writing and breaking news from The Huffington Post and around the web, plus behind-the-scenes looks at how it’s all made. Click here to sign up! -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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18 октября, 19:16

Macy's is opening even earlier on Thanksgiving

There might not be time for dessert on Thanksgiving this year for bargain hunters.

Выбор редакции
18 октября, 15:49

Why Macy's (M) Could Beat Earnings Estimates Again

Macy's, Inc. (M) which could be a great candidate for another earnings beat

18 октября, 13:58

Macy's (M) Chooses to Remain Open on Thanksgiving Day

While some retailers have opted to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, Macy's (M) has decided to keep its stores open.

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16 октября, 20:00

Three Strategies To Win In China's E-Commerce Market

Will Macy's follow the footsteps of other American giants such as e-Bay, which failed miserably, or Amazon, which couldn't gain much footing in China?

14 октября, 17:17

Amazon to Leave Rivals Behind with Binge Hiring for Holidays

Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) is gearing up to handle the rush during the upcoming holiday season. It has announced that it will hire over 120,000 seasonal workers, 20% higher than what it hired a year ago.

14 октября, 14:29

Office Depot to Keep Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Going against the retail industry's popular trend of keeping stores open on Thanksgiving, Office Depot, Inc. (ODP) has decided to keep its stores closed on the day.

14 октября, 12:39

Can Trump the brand survive Trump the man?

Evidence suggests it's getting harder.

14 октября, 08:34

Кризис «торговых центров» в США набирает обороны

Конца кризиса «торговых центров», судя по всему, не предвидится. За последние несколько лет на фоне снижения потребительских расходов на одежду и аксессуары и роста электронной коммерции были закрыты сотни торговых центров, свидетельствуют данные компании Morningstar.

13 октября, 22:40

Кризис "торговых центров" в США набирает обороты

Конца кризиса "торговых центров", судя по всему, не предвидится. За последние несколько лет на фоне снижения потребительских расходов на одежду и аксессуары и роста электронной коммерции были закрыты сотни торговых центров.

13 октября, 22:40

Кризис "торговых центров" в США набирает обороны

Конца кризиса "торговых центров", судя по всему, не предвидится. За последние несколько лет на фоне снижения потребительских расходов на одежду и аксессуары и роста электронной коммерции были закрыты сотни торговых центров.

13 октября, 21:21

Virtual Reality and Forklift Training Fills Online Ordering Gap

What use to take five to seven business days when ordering online now takes just a mere few hours for the package to land at the front door after hitting the "buy" button. So, what has changed and what is going on behind the scenes? Plenty. Sellers, both online only and retailers, are frantically building new warehouses closer to their consumers to beat the competition to the door. For the past couple of years, approximately 2013 to 2015, prime rents for warehouses are upwards of 9.9 percent across the U.S. and up and even more in urban areas. Online buying makes for about 20 percent of present day purchasing, according to Eric Frankel, an analyst at Green Street Advisors. Frankel says that retail sales had been a bit slower than in previous economic expansions, but demand for warehouse space close to major population centers is extremely hot. The commodity for online sales startup competition is fierce. Shippers, such as FedEx, UPS and traditional retailers like Macy's, want to join in the world of same-day delivery. Much of the warehouse craze is a reaction to a single player: Amazon.com. Amazon has built a massive network of distribution centers as the muscle behind its re-education of the American consumer. Online shoppers are now used to fast delivery times and some retailers are building online shipping directly from brick and mortar stores as well as a warehouse. High demand for forklift operators What does all this growth mean to the retailers besides buildings? The need for more forklift operators. Driving a forklift is not a simple job. It requires unique skills, unlike other warehouse jobs. Pick, pack and ship operations rely largely on workers at conveyor belts pulling items to pack basically utilizing the mechanical equipment. Online job site Careerbuilder.com shows 1,515 ads for forklift operators across U.S. compared to 1,748 jobs for all warehouse workers that includes material handlers, dock workers, package handlers, general production, and picker, just to name a few. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), forklift operator careers are expected to grow by more than 12 percent by 2020. In addition to the needs for forklift operators in the U.S., there is an increasing growth for forklift operators overseas and beyond the online shopping world. Countries such as Russia and China spend billions on repairing energy pipelines that require forklift operators to move and organize pipeline components. The immense transportation routes from China need forklift operators to move products from ships and factories to warehouses. There is a strong need for forklift drivers to move products from a warehouse to trucks for transport to domestic and foreign markets. Not only does the U.S. have a need for forklift operators, so do other countries such as India, Brazil, and Canada. New forklift training options The operation of a forklift can bring either much-needed supply chain support or a disaster for the product and operator. Proper training is crucial to avoid what could be a serious injury. Chip Newhart, the safety manager at Baltimore Forest Products Terminals, recalls in an interview in Inbound Logistics, that a forklift operator ran into a building support column. As he was driving towards a cargo shipment, he couldn't see around the load which was large bales of wood pulp. But that is not the reason he hit it. As it turned out, a manager at the company parked his car mistakenly in the location the forklift driver usually took, so he had to use an alternate route and didn't realize that a column was in the way. Meeting the urgency for forklift operator training To fill the demand for forklift operator jobs, newer training technologies such as using virtual reality (VR) software are being used. U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the VR training and certification as a viable option to meet the training demands in the market. The training can be done at work or at home on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet as long as the student has an Internet connection. To get forklift operators ready for warehouse work requires several skills beyond pushing the "on" button. OSHA requirements include: • Forklift workers should not operate a forklift unless or until they have been trained and licensed. • All comprehensive written and safety programs have been completed. • Training must address issues that affect the stability of a forklift. • Stand-up forklift operators must hold on firmly, and lean away from the point of impact using rear-entry access. • All operator restraints must be used on sit-down forklifts. • All lift truck operators must do a full safety inspection of their vehicle prior to starting work. Newer forklift technology The days of forklifts operating in dirty warehouses are long gone. Technology has transformed the old forklift with barcode scanners and labels on packages, shipping pallets that tell shippers and receivers exactly what's in that bundle of freight as soon as it hits the loading dock. Forklifts and trucks are now equipped with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. RFID technology is essential to warehouse operations. Radio waves can locate, read and gather information stored on a tag printed on an object. The tag can be read from several feet away using a scanner. The information is downloaded to a database, logged for storage and recorded using electronic data interchange (EDI) technology. The data-gathering process sends the information to distribution centers and is then sent throughout all segments of the supply chain. There are a lot of moving parts in the shipping and transporting process to keep the supply chain going. In order to load and offload cargo from the plant to distributors and then from distributors to consumers takes fully trained warehouse operation personnel. Logistics is critical to keep the supply chain process going. To stay up with the demand and warehouse technology at all levels, in particular, the forklift operation, is essential. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

12 октября, 15:23

hhgregg (HGG) to Keep Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Going against the retail industry's popular trend of keeping stores open on Thanksgiving, hhgregg (HGG) has decided to keep its 220 stores closed.

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10 октября, 19:48

Martha Stewart Started A Chain Of Coffeeshops, And They're Perfect

Mmm, Martha.  In recent years, the domestic goddess Martha Stewart has kept busy with some hilarious Twitter hijinks and a DIY meal delivery service. But it’s her burgeoning chain of miniature coffeeshops that really gets us percolating. The first Martha Stewart Cafe opened last year in the New York City headquarters for Martha’s media brand. This weekend, a second location opened inside a Macy’s store in Sacramento, and another will open next month in a Macy’s in Dallas.  While a fourth location hasn’t been confirmed, according to Eater, we can only hope the chain continues to grow. Guests at Martha Stewart Cafe are treated to Martha’s signature blend of coffee, as well as pastries and tea. The NYC location sells Martha’s granola by the bag. And as you may have guessed, everything ― from the jars of herbal infusions to the signature typeface on the cups ― looks picture-perfect.  Will proper napkin folding be a requirement for admission to Martha Stewart's new cafe in NYC pic.twitter.com/uFDRbSmi6v— New England Traveler (@NewEnglandTrvlr) March 22, 2015 A photo posted by Martha Stewart Café (@marthastewartcafe) on Sep 17, 2015 at 9:46am PDT A photo posted by Martha Stewart Café (@marthastewartcafe) on Mar 10, 2015 at 2:06pm PDT A photo posted by Martha Stewart Café (@marthastewartcafe) on Dec 8, 2015 at 5:05am PST Can’t make the trek to a Martha cafe? Not to worry: You can purchase her signature coffee blend ― or even a barista’s hat! ― at the cafe’s online shop. Let’s hope Snoop Lion gets in on the action soon. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

10 октября, 16:30

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Macy's, Discovery Communications, Boston Scientific, Broadcom and ConAgra Foods

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Macy's, Discovery Communications, Boston Scientific, Broadcom and ConAgra Foods

04 октября 2014, 20:51

Пол Крейг Робертс. Плохие новости с фронта вакансий.

 http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/09/monthly%20change.jpg  Прежде чем мы с вами прочитаем статью Пола Крейга Робертса, изучим сначала рекогносцировку местности поля боя, поэтому прочитаем сводки, поступающие с экономических боевых полей США, а именно, с рынка занятости. Первым делом нам важно знать, из-за чего, собственно, сыр-бор и гнев  бывшего помощника министра финансов? Читаем донесение, картинка выше: Количество рабочих мест в экономике США увеличилось в сентябре на 248 тыс. после роста на скорректированные 180 тыс. месяцем ранее, подтверждают данные министерства труда страны. Безработица в США в сентябре снизилась до 5,9% - минимального уровня с июля 2008 г., по сравнению с августовскими 6,1%. Экономисты не ожидали изменения безработицы по сравнению показателем предыдущего месяца. Число американцев, впервые обратившихся за пособием по безработице, на прошлой неделе снизилось на 8 тыс. до 287 тыс., говорится в отчете Министерства труда США. Согласно пересмотренным данным на предыдущей неделе было подано 295 тыс. заявок, а не 293 тыс., как сообщалось ранее.Число продолжающих получать пособие по безработице американцев за неделю, завершившуюся 20 сентября, упало на 45 тыс. до 2,398 млн человек, минимального уровня с июня 2006 г. 4 Of 5 Top Job Additions In September Were Low Or Minimum Wage Зерохедж:4 из 5 нанятых были заняты в низкооплачиваемой работе. Преимущественно в розничной торговле, досуг и гостеприимство, образование и медицина и амбулаторное исследование.  Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force Зерохедж: Самые низкие показатели доли рабочей силы за 36 лет- 62, 7% ; 92,6 миллионов американцев пребывают вне рынка труда.  диаграмма занятости к общей численности  "Hiring Grandparents Only": 230K September Jobs Added In 55-69 Age Group;10K Lost In Prime, 25-54 Group Зерохедж: "Наем только бабушек и дедушек". Наем сотрудников осуществлялся преимущественно 55-69 лет- 230000; 25-54 года- потеряли 10000, 20-24 года- 72000  The Wageless Recovery: Average Hourly Earnings Suffer First Monthly Decline Since July 2013 Зерохедж: Средняя почасовая оплата составила $ 24,53 против $ 24,54 в августе  Далее нам попадается информация об увольнении шахтеров из Западной Вирджинии: Congress Considers Federal Assistance For Laid-Off Coal Miners Конгресс рассматривает возможность федеральной помощи увеленным шахтерам. Крупная угледобывающая компания Alpha Natural Resources, третья по величине в мире поставщик коксующегося угля, сообщила 26 сентября, что намерены уволить 261 человека; т.о. с 2011 года уволено 20 000 человек.  По состоянию на март 2014 года, насчитывалось около 79 000 рабочих мест в угольной промышленности в США, что на 8,3% меньше, чем годом ранее.При этом в солнечной энергетике занято 143 000 человек. (я это объясняю просто- солнечная энергетика, хоть и банкротна, но позволяет создавать излишнюю накрутку энергетическим компаниям. Например, даже если ты приобрел солнечные батареи в собственность,а потом их установил на своем участке, то все равно за выработку э/э ты платишь энергетической компании, так как выработка э/э разрешена только им, т.е. ты платишь буквально за пользование солнечным светом).  Егишянц: безработица упала на то же число людей, сколько было изгнано их из рабочей силы: 2 млн. человек за последний год, в т.ч. 300 тыс. за месяц – иначе говоря, реально безработица остаётся прежней. Более того, совокупный прирост занятости оказался много ниже прибавки числа рабочих мест с частичной загрузкой (part-time workers) и самозанятых (self-employed) – причём радоваться  тут нет даже минимального повода: к примеру, последние (по методике статистиков) суть вовсе не настоящие фрилансеры или мелкие предприниматели, а как раз те самые изгнанные из рабсилы и имевшие неосторожность, допустим, продать через интернет какую-нибудь безделицу – таковых Бюро трудовой статистики тут же объявляет сачками и вообще перестаёт учитывать как ищущих работу. Весьма характерно, что обычная полная занятость (т.е. число людей, которые имеют работу и получают за неё зарплату) даже уменьшается – и довольно активно. К тому же ещё упала ещё и почасовая оплата труда – и единственный позитив на самом деле дало лишь снижение застойности безработицы: а восторгу-то на рынках! – мда, вот уж где Оруэлл и Кафка отдыхают… Тактим образом мы с вами морально приготовились принять жесткую и тяжелую правду-матку, которую нам будет резать Пол Крейг Робертс, в очередной раз развенчивая неудачные манипуляции факира, на этот раз BLS More Bad News From The Jobs Front Бюро статистики труда нам с утра сообщает:" Количество рабочих мест увеличилось в сентябре на 248 тыс., уровень безработицы снизился до 5, 9%". Как такое может быть? Как я уже сообщал, американские корпорации инвестируют в выкуп собственных акций, а не в создание новых предприятий с новыми рабочими местами. Согласно докладу о бедности Бюро переписи населения США реальный средний реальный доход семьи снизился до уровня 1994 года.Потребительский кредит и реальные розничные продажи не растут. Строительство ограничивается арендным жильем. Строительство показывает 16000 рабочих мест, половина из которых является "специальными торговыми подрядчиками" или домашние мастера. Нам сообщается о 35300 новых рабочих мест в розничной торговле. Но как это возможно, если ритейлеры JC Penny's, Macy's, Sears и the dollar store закрыли свои магазины, сдавая свои площади в аренду? В то время, когда имеется избыток офисных зданий, создающих всего 500 рабочих мест в промышленном и гражданском строительстве, говорится о создании новых 6000 рабочих мест в "архитектурных и инженерных услугах". Какую работу они могут сделать? 4900 рабочих мест в компьютерной отрасли (computer systems jobs)  , скорее всего, являются краткосрочными от 6 до 18 месяцев. Те, кто имеет рабочие места, оформлены как "независимые подрядчики". Можно обратить внимание на необычно высокое число - 81000 , приходящееся на "профессиональные и деловые услуги" (“professional and business services”) , из которых 60000 являются "административные и незначительные услуги" (“administrative and waste services), которые в первую очередь нужно понимать как "временные". Здравоохранение и социальная помощь (“Health care and social assistance”) составляют 22700 рабочих мест, из которых  63% приходится на "амбулаторные медицинские услуги" (ambulatory health care services”). Исполнительное искусство и зрелищные виды спорта (“Performing arts and spectator sports”) дали экономике 7200 рабочих мест, 20400 американцев нашли себе работу в качестве официанток и барменов. Государственными чиновниками было нанято 22000 человек. Давайте вышедший доклад , дискредитировавший модель " рождения - смерти" , завышающий в среднем ежемесячную зарплату 50000 и манипуляцию сезонных корректировок , проигнорируем и допустим,что предложенные нам цифры реальны. Какую экономику мы увидим? Мы увидим рабочую силу страны третьего мира с обширным предложением низкооплачиваемого труда сервисных работ. Люди, работающие неполный рабочий день и на подряде , не имеющие возможность содержать домохозяйство или получить ипотечный кредит. Джон Тита, Дэйв Кранцлер и я показали,что эти рабочие места заполняются лицами старше 55 лет , которые соглашаются на низкооплачиваему работу, чтобы получить скудный доход для выхода на пенсию. Бэби-бумеры являются лишь частью рабочей силы, но той, участие которой в рынке труда быстро растет- 93% от всех нанятых за сентябрь. Поскольку американская рабочая сила продолжает свой переход от первого мира к третьему ,реальный средний доход семьи будет продолжать снижаться. Социальные лифты (в американском варианте звучит как "лестница восходящей мобильности" Ladders of upward mobility) продолжают быть демонтированными, доход и благосостояние по-прежнему продолжают концентрироваться в руках (карманах) одного процента. Америка действительно является страной возможностей для немногих. America is truly a country run for the few.