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20 октября, 16:33

Макрон как главный националист Европы

Президент Франции поверг в шок Берлин и Брюссель, сделав неожиданный подарок европейским националистам и евроскептикам.... Сообщение Макрон как главный националист Европы появились сначала на News Front - Новостной Фронт. Новости Мира России Украины.

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11 октября, 15:00

French court to decide on Marine Le Pen 'steaming excrement' case

Judges to decide whether excrement picture damaged far-right leader’s reputationA long-running legal battle about whether a drawing of a steaming pile of excrement was damaging to the French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is finally due to be resolved.Judges at France’s highest court will sit down on Friday afternoon to begin deciding on their final ruling in a seven-year legal case after Le Pen sued a TV presenter for defamation when he held up a drawing depicting her as excrement during a Saturday night talkshow. Continue reading...

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09 сентября, 18:59

Французский философ-политолог: Христиане еще есть во Франции, христианства уже нет…

Шанталь Дельсоль, французский философ-политолог утверждает, что во Францию, и в широком смысле в Европу вернулись... Сообщение Французский философ-политолог: Христиане еще есть во Франции, христианства уже нет… появились сначала на News Front - Новостной Фронт. Новости Мира России Украины.

31 августа, 21:29

Lessons of the second world war are at risk of being forgotten, or even rewritten | Sadiq Khan

As we mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the second world war, with liberal democracies again under siege, Britain should be leading the fight against extremismEighty years ago, the start of the second world war saw Nazi Germany invading Poland. Six years later, up to 85 million people were dead. I’m in Poland this weekend to commemorate the start of the bloodiest war in human history.An entire generation of brave men and women around the globe sacrificed everything to defeat the singular evil of Nazism and fascism. Continue reading...

19 июля, 07:00

French police gear up for final of football's Africa Cup of Nations

Large police presence expected on streets of French cities as Algeria take on Senegal Thousands of police will be on the streets in French cities for the Algeria-Senegal football final of the Africa Cup of Nations on Friday night after more than 200 people were arrested when Algeria fans celebrated their semi-final win on Sunday.France, which was a colonial power in Algeria for more than 130 years, has a large number of dual nationality French-Algerians. More than half of the Algerian football team are players who were born, raised or trained in France. Continue reading...

13 июня, 16:49

MEPs create biggest far-right group in European parliament

ID’s influence doubtful, however, after falling short in aim to become third-biggest blocMarine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini’s MEPs have joined forces with anti-immigration parties across Europe to create the biggest far-right group in the European parliament.Despite promises to become “a thorn in the flesh of the establishment”, the group of 73 MEPs falls short of Salvini’s ambition of upending the system of EU lawmaking by becoming the third-largest group in the parliament. Continue reading...

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29 мая, 19:08

Brexit party in talks to join far-right group in EU parliament

MEP from Italy’s League party says discussions with Nigel Farage have been going wellNigel Farage’s Brexit party has been in talks to join the far-right group in the European parliament and is keeping its options open about its future allies, a spokesman for the party has said.The talks between the Brexit party and Italy’s far-right League were first revealed by Marco Zanni, a League MEP, who said talks were going well and could be wrapped up next week. Continue reading...

28 мая, 21:40

Выборы в Европарламент: беда пришла, откуда не ждали. Александр Запольскис

Пока правые с левыми толкались в клинче за власть, ее забирают зеленые, чтобы построить в...

28 мая, 18:15

ЕС голосует не так, как надо

Берлинский избирательный участок в Райникердорфе: в помещении пять афро-германцев, семь турко-германцев и человек восемь арабо-германцев....

28 мая, 15:40

Why populists could struggle to capitalise on EU elections success

Populists won 29% of seats, analysis shows, but divisions could blunt their influencePopulists have won nearly three in 10 seats in the European parliament, according to new analysis, which also shows how anti-establishment parties fell short of apocalyptic predictions.Analysis shared with the Guardian reveals that populists, spanning the far right to the radical left, won 29% of seats in European elections, their best ever score, but not the populist wave some had predicted would upend the EU. Continue reading...

27 мая, 18:55

Александр Роджерс: ЛГБТ-доктринизм

Почитал я тут по наводке Ивана Данилова британскую (и не только) прессу. Это лишний раз...

27 мая, 16:39

EU vote confirms French far right as Macron's main opposition

Despite National Rally’s showing, Greens may exert more influence over government policyEU election results and reaction: live updatesEven though Marine Le Pen’s far-right party came first in France’s European election and gained half a million more votes than last time, Emmanuel Macron’s camp greeted the result with some relief, saying it could have been worse.The playing down of Le Pen’s first-place position indicated how the far-right has steadily become a regular and unquestioned part of French political life despite political opponents condemning it as racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic and hate-mongering. Continue reading...

26 мая, 23:31

EU elections: voters boost Greens and far right to leave centrist groups diminished

Radical alternatives such as Greens and far right benefit from record voter turnoutEuropean elections 2019: live analysis and newsEU election live results 2019: across EuropeThe 40-year grip of the two main centrist political groups on the levers of power in Brussels looked set to be broken as voters in the European elections turned out in record numbers to bolster radical alternatives including the Greens and the far right.A populist Eurosceptic surge failed to emerge on Sunday but they were on track to be returned to the European parliament in larger numbers than ever before, with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally celebrating a narrow symbolic victory over Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche in France. Continue reading...

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26 мая, 22:57

Marine Le Pen ahead of Macron's centrist party, say French exit polls

Far-right party leader calls result ‘a victory for the people’ with 23% of the voteEU election live results 2019: across EuropeEuropean elections 2019: news and analysis - liveMarine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party has topped the European election vote in France, dealing a blow to the pro-European, centrist president, Emmanuel Macron.Exit polls showed Le Pen’s party coming first with around 23% of the vote, ahead of Macron’s centrist grouping on around 21%. Continue reading...

26 мая, 08:00

European elections: final votes cast as EU awaits results

France, Germany, Italy and others go to polls on Sunday, with gains expected for nationalist partiesToday’s politics news - live updatesThe western world’s largest democratic exercise is nearing its finale as tens of millions of EU citizens in 21 countries go to the polls on Sunday, the last of four days of voting in European parliament elections that will shape the bloc’s future.Polls suggest the vote will produce a more fragmented parliament than ever before, with the two centre-right and centre-left groups that have dominated Europe’s politics forecast to lose their joint majority for the first time, and nationalist and populist forces to make gains. Continue reading...

24 мая, 11:53

Macron's vision for Europe faces test in French EU elections

Campaign is being dominated by power struggle between far right and president’s centrist agendaIn a restaurant in northern Paris with European flags pinned to the walls, the former French Europe minister Nathalie Loiseau warned female voters that the rise of the far right threatened their fundamental rights.“Marine Le Pen just met an Estonian interior minister who believes that childless women over 27 are a waste for society,” she said. Gasps of horror spread through the crowd. Abortion rights, she warned, could not yet be taken for granted in Europe: “Abortion is banned in Malta and restricted in Poland and the UK.” More gasps came in response to Northern Ireland’s laws. Continue reading...

21 мая, 17:42

Far-right MEPs could threaten EU climate policy, experts warn

Fears that predicted influx of climate deniers would obstruct action on environmentAn influx of climate-denying far-right MEPs could pose a “toxic” threat to EU climate policy after the European elections, according to senior MEPs and academics.Populist parties are expected to take up to a third of the parliamentary seats in Thursday’s vote, with Matteo Salvini’s League in contention to be the largest single party, and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) overtaking Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche in some polls. Continue reading...

21 мая, 07:00

Шпионский дебош в Австрии или «русские деньги в обмен на крышу»

Ярко вспыхнувший в Австрии политический скандал с самого начала основан на лицемерии. Президент страны с...

20 мая, 12:37

Europe's centrists draw on Austrian scandal to issue far-right warning

Mainstream parties hope voters will shun populists in wake of ‘politicians for sale’ revelationAustria’s ‘Ibiza scandal’: what happened and why does it matter?Politicians from mainstream parties across Europe have called on voters to shun the far right in this week’s European elections after Austria’s vice-chancellor resigned over a video sting that showed him offering public contracts in exchange for financial and campaign backing.Heinz-Christian Strache stepped down on Saturday after the footage emerged. Hours later, Austria’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, announced snap elections, ending the 18-month ruling coalition between his centre-right Austrian People’s party (ÖVP) and Strache’s far-right Freedom party (FPÖ). Continue reading...

18 мая, 23:10

Europe’s far-right leaders unite with a vow to ‘change history’

Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen are joining with allies to create what may be the third-largest bloc in the European parliamentItalian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini led a rally of his European far-right allies in front of Milan’s Gothic cathedral on Saturday. He pledged to change history after this week’s EU elections by making the populist alliance one of the largest groupings in the European parliament.Flanked by France’s Marine Le Pen and leaders from nine other nationalist parties, Salvini began his speech to the packed Piazza del Duomo by quoting the British writer GK Chesterton: “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him.” He added that his group would remould Europe “not for our sake, but for our children”. Continue reading...

26 мая 2017, 15:00

Выборы во Франции 2017

Президентская кампания 2017 г. не только побила рекорды Пятой республики по числу сюрпризов, скандалов и непредсказуемости. Она беспрецедентна во многих отношениях и особенно интересна тем, что она может сказать о французском обществе и государстве, о трендах французской и европейской политики. Даже независимо от итогов голосования, эта избирательная кампания как таковая имеет шансы занять особое место […]

01 марта 2017, 23:38

Ле Пен_ваш европейский союз коллапсирует

Марин ле Пен только что отожгла в Европарламенте, заявив под аплодисменты зала прямо в лицо Меркель и Олланду следующее:"Спасибо, Меркель, что явилась сюда вместе со своим вице-канцлером - администратором провинции Франция. Явились вы на эту сессию по очень простой причине - ваш европейский союз коллапсирует, пытаясь спастись от гибели при помощи шантажа, угроз и унижений. Ваша модель - служение США, пляска под дудку банкиров, нечестная конкуренция, слежка за гражданами и их разорение.Я представляю другую модель, основанную на независимости, многополярности мира, протекционизме и полной остановке массовой миграции.Кто-то скажет, что я анти-Меркель? И это честь для меня! Мадам, я тебя не признаю! Немецкие интересы не оправдывают вассализацию остальной Европы - и я здесь как голос другой, свободной Европы - тех европейцев, которые повернулась спиной к ЕС, потому что им нужны нации, а не ЕС. И я голос тех французов, Олланд, кто повернулся спиной к тебе, точно также как они отвергли Саркози ранее, ибо они преданы Франции".С Афтешока.

14 декабря 2015, 17:54

Марин Ле Пен в последний раз предупреждает

Во втором туре региональных выборов во Франции партия «Национальный фронт» набрала рекордные 6 миллионов 820 тысяч голосов избирателей. Однако «Национальный фронт», получивший в первом туре большинство в шести регионах (из 13), не смог победить ни в одном из них во втором. Для ус...