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24 февраля, 19:01

Marc Faber on #Trump, Gold, & QE4

A Contrarian View: Economist/Investor Marc FaberSegment begins at 17:12In this segment, Jerry visits with world-renowned contrarian investor Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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23 февраля, 19:39

Marc Faber Warning The Risk of Global Collapse

 We are pleased that Mr. Marc Faber has agreed to be our guest to discuss the stability of the world's financial situation. Mr. Faber is a Swiss investor based in Thailand and publisher of the... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

22 февраля, 19:05

Marc Faber to CNBC : Asia is Chinese-Centric , Who Cares about America

 Dr. Doom told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday."It is a Chinese-centric Asia nowadays," he said. "The exports of Taiwan, South Korea, to China are much more important than to the U.S. All the Asian... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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21 февраля, 19:59

Marc Faber Bullish about US Bond Yield Especially Compared to German and Japanese ones

Marc Faber to CNBC TV18 : The Asian Markets To Outperform The US Market . Marc Faber, Author, Gloom, Boom & Doom Report states that he expects the Asian markets to outperform US market.... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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20 февраля, 20:28

Marc Faber Warns : 2017 is The Year The Massive Liquidity in The Market will move into Precious Metals

“Well, not necessarily in the near future but I think that if you look at the valuation of stocks, they’re high. If you look at the valuation of the U.S. dollar, it is high.”“There is a lot of... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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19 февраля, 21:19

This is Why Marc faber Bullish on Gold in 2017

Gloom, Doom & Boom Report's Marc Faber offers his outlook for the precious metal. 10.1.2017 Marc Faber : well it may not bother us equities as long as they print my japan and... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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18 февраля, 19:48

Marc Faber on How To Make A Fortune In 2017

Marc Faber – If You Want To Make A Fortune In 2017, Buy These StocksDr. Marc Faber: Editor & Publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report – Dr. Faber Famous for his contrarian approach to... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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17 февраля, 19:17

Trump's Protectionism a Blessing for The Asian Stock Markets

Marc Faber, editor of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says President Trump's policies have actually been good for foreign stock markets. “Everybody in Asia and around the world, including Mexico... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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16 февраля, 19:17

Marc Faber: Trump Good for Foreign Stocks

Marc Faber: Trump will be good for Asia, but not for the reason you think Marc Faber, editor of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, says President Trump's policies have actually been good for foreign... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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15 февраля, 18:35

Marc Faber: Good Times Ahead for Precious Metals

Marc Faber : “There is a lot of liquidity in the world and I believe that whatever you think, the liquidity will move into precious metals in the next three to six months,” Watch the latest video... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

14 февраля, 18:50

Börsenguru Marc Faber: Aktien, Rohstoffe, Immobilien - so investieren!

Der Schweizer Börsenexperte Marc Faber hätte zwar Donald Trump gewählt, ein Fan sei er aber nicht. Für Investments in den USA ist er skeptisch. Europäische Finanztitel und Immobilien findet Faber... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

14 февраля, 15:40

Jim Rogers Buying Gold Bullion On Dips

Jim Rogers Buying Gold Bullion On Dips Jim Rogers accumulating gold bullion on dips "Get prepared" as "we’re going ‘to have the worst economic problems we've had in your lifetime or my lifetime’ Warns that Trump and his team are “very, very keen to have trade wars with China and other people” History shows trade wars lead to real wars Cashless Society - Cash-less means Freedom-less Cashless societies are about governments “looking out for themselves first” Gold and silver may head lower but advises accumulating bullion on the dip Advocates storing gold in Singapore Jim Rogers holds a gold coin (Digital Journal) I want to own more gold and silver In a wide ranging interview with MacroVoices’ Erik Townsend, legendary investor Jim Rogers, co-founder of Quantum Fund with fellow investor George Soros, has said that he wants to own more gold and silver and will continue to accumulate on any price dips. Set against a background of thoughts regarding the both the political and economic outlook, Rogers echoes the growing theme we have been touching on in recent months - heightened and arguably unprecedented uncertainty. Basing much of his analysis and thoughts on history, Rogers reminds us that it does repeat itself and we’re not to assume that the ways of modern life mean that things will turn out differently. Mixed feelings on Trump When it comes to what President Trump will mean for markets, Jim Rogers believe that if the new Commander In Chief says all the things that he will do then it will stand for some overwhelmingly poor results on an international scale. Whilst Rogers believes that Trump’s promises to cut taxes, improve infrastructure and bring back $3 trillion worth of US company assets from overseas will be ‘wonderful, wonderful things.’ Yet, he seems more concerned about the idea of trade wars that a few in Trump’s ear seemed to have a thing for. “Mr. Trump has also said he's going to have trade war with China, Mexico, Japan, Korea a few other people that he has named. He swore that on his first day in office he would impose 45% tariffs against China. He's been there three weeks, two or three weeks and he hasn't done it yet but he still got it in his head I'm sure or maybe he's just another politician like all the rest of them. He says one thing and he doesn't mean it at all but he does have at least three people in high levels in his group who are very, very keen to have trade wars with China and other people.” Rogers says it could be ‘happy days’ for a while if Trump doesn’t follow through on campaign promises to take on trade competitors, but warns that if Trump does pursue these ideas that “it's all over. I mean history is very clear that trade wars always lead to problems, often to disaster, sometimes even to real war, a shooting war.” We’re heading for war Rogers is convinced that we are heading for war. Thanks to the seeming decline of the US, the rise of populism and push for protectionism. Indeed, he recently went as far as to warn that we are on the verge of a "biblical" collapse. The decline of the US in the short-term may well be encouraged by President Trump. Should a recession, or worse, kick-in in the short-term then the new administration can blame Obama, and then seemingly swoop in and save the day. How will they save the day? That remains to be seen, but it seems that much of the rhetoric being used by Trump is also being seen elsewhere in the Western world and Rogers believes this signals war. “…whenever things are bad and things are going wrong people look for somebody to blame. They always throughout history wherever we are, whichever country we're discussing the first people blamed are always the foreigners… it's always happened that way to blame the foreigners for better or for worse it seems it is happening as you point out in the U.S. again but it's also happening in other places in Germany, France, Italy many places they're blaming the foreigners already again it's even happening in Singapore to some extent where I live… “And as you rile up against the foreigners most countries historically have closed off one way or the other they close their borders, they close their economies and when you close the economy it leads to economic problems and sometimes eventually if you get into real serious trade wars it leads to bankruptcy and even worse. “It's rare and I don't think ever in history that one country has started a trade war and the other country says, “oh well that's too bad but we're not going to do anything we're just going to sit here and let you hit us again and again and again.” No the other countries retaliate that’s the way human beings are. “So if country X. starts a trade war then country Y. hits back and then country X. hit's back and country Y. hits back and the next thing you know countries C and D and E are involved as well and everybody's suffering and then as economies get worse more and more things happen more and more discrimination more and more blame and then eventually bullets start flying. “…I don't like at all what I see happening. There are many analogies to previous periods in history before the First World War and this sort of thing started happening certainly before the Second World War this sort of thing started happening. It's been common throughout history. And these wars when they start they usually-- in 1914 nobody, nobody could conceive of war and then the next thing you knew, there was war and everybody said don't worry it'll be over by Christmas, well six months later everybody was saying, how did we get into this war? How do we get out of this war? It's absurd. It's ludicrous..." Where does all this lead to? Rogers told Barron’s in 2016 that “... if Trump does what he says he’s going to do such as wage trade wars then it’s going to be bad news for all of us. Trade wars have led to bankruptcy and bankruptcy has often led to war. At that point, you’d better own a lot of gold.” Cashless Society - Cash-less means Freedom-less Whilst everyone is keen to jump in on what Trump means, Jim Rogers was keen to provide the wider picture and “governments are always looking out for themselves first.” Whilst he argues that this has been going on for hundreds of years, at the moment he sees it most clearly in the war on cash. He refers to the move by governments to reduce the amount of physical cash in circulation through controls and law enforcement as a way of taking away our personal freedoms. In both Europe and India, where the war on cash is strongest, we are repeatedly told that it has something to do with security - generally money laundering and terrorist activities. To this Jim Rogers says that this is just a way to get us to give up our freedoms: “Well history shows that people always would like a little more safety and a willing to “give up some things for more safety and security.” Benjamin Franklin said well anybody who would give up some freedoms for security is going to wind up with neither security nor freedom and they deserve to lose both and of course that's the way it is.” And the war on cash is facilitated, as we have discussed in past articles, by the rise in technology. But cashless societies isn’t the only freedom-reducing side to tech. “So the Internet and the computers changing everything that we know, money can certainly be easily converted to computers not today because there are still, some people who don't have computers and the system is not ready it but it can be done and when it's done the governments are going to be very, very happy they going to say they're doing it for our own good Eric, this is not them, this is for our good. That they're doing this, but it’s coming and it's going to be a whole different world in which we live. Probably we are not going to have as many freedoms as we have now even though we are already losing our freedoms at a significant pace.” As outlined in our post Cashless Society - War on Cash to Benefit Gold? the war on cash is not only reducing our personal freedoms but makes us far more vulnerable to bail-ins and negative interest rates. With this in mind, we and Jim Rogers recommend investors diversify their portfolios and buy gold, even if you already have some. Rogers plans to buy more gold As mentioned in the beginning, Rogers is very clear that whilst he already owns gold and silver, he is looking to own more. When will he buy some? He’s expecting both metals to have another dip. Readers should not be put off by a seemingly bearish attitude to the gold price. Mr. Rogers has previously said that he has never sold any of his gold and has high hopes for the long-term gold price, mainly thanks to his very low expectations of governments and central bankers running the economy. He told Barron’s last year: “Before this is over, gold is going to go through the roof and could turn into its own bubble – more and more people will lose confidence in governments and currencies and when that happens, they always turn to gold.” Timing is tricky though, and Rogers hopes that he’ll realise at the right time if the dip isn’t coming and will be “smart enough to buy more if it doesn’t.” Rogers has long been on record regarding his expectation of great things for gold, mainly thanks to governments debasing the currency. "If the U.S. dollar becomes confetti, any number you want to make up. They're printing U.S. dollars fast enough to turn them into confetti. Who knows how high gold will go ..." To those who are unaware, Jim Rogers resides in Singapore extolling the virtues of the Asian country that acts as the gateway to the gold market between East and West. It will come as no surprise that he also advocates storing gold in Singapore. He’s not alone, both Jim Sinclair and Dr Marc Faber are also advocating acting as your own central bank and owning physical gold coins and bars in Singapore. Conclusion - take a different perspective Jim Rogers once told Time Magazine: “My success in the market has been predicated on viewing the world from a different perspective...” We couldn’t agree more. During uncertain times like these - with increasing 'fake news' and misleading news, of rising alternative and radical political views, of confusing financial signals - it is important to look beyond the simple information and simple narratives provided in the mainstream media whose primary function is to serve the agendas of corporate and government masters and tom profit from the sale of advertising. Powerful, big spending advertising corporations do not want media to focus on the real risks of another global financial crisis as it risks frightening the consuming masses and impacting their advertising spend and their return on investment (ROI). In the mainstream, Brexit was not going to happen. In the mainstream Trump was not supposed to win the election. In the mainstream, reduced personal freedoms and the gradual erosion of our civil rights are good and necessary things. In the mainstream, the cashless society is a good thing for everyone. These narrow, one sided perspectives and a lack of plurality of opinion regarding these matters, the increasinh financial risks and the benefits of owning some physical gold are endangering both our liberties and our financial well being. We live in uncertain times. No one knows how political declarations or financial volatility will play out, needless to say there are more unknown unknowns than ever before. One thing we do know is that history repeats or at least rhymes as Marc Twain said. With this in mind, we echo Jim’s advice and advocate owning actual bullion coins and bars, knowing that if owned either in your possession or in the safest vaults in the world, they are beyond the reach of incompetent and desperate politicians and the risks they pose to us in terms of a reduction of our personal freedoms, trade wars, currency wars, terrorism and actual wars. Jim Rogers Interview with MacroVoices' Erik Townsend can be accessed here Dr Marc Faber On Owning Gold In Singapore here   Gold and Silver Bullion - News and Commentary Gold prices firm ahead of testimony by Fed’s Yellen (Reuters.com) Banking Giant UBS Says Gold to Hit $1,300 in 2017 Amid 2 Rate Hikes (Fortune.com) Global Stock Rally Loses Momentum, Dollar Declines (Bloomberg.com) S&P tops $20 trillion as ‘Trump trade’ roars back to life (Reuters.com) Juncker Will Not Run Again for President of EU – Says it Will Break Up (Telegraph.co.uk) Bank For International Settlements Warns Of Looming Debt Bubble (Forbes.com) Death of the Dollar: A New World Money (DailyReckoning.com) Germany Gets the 'Wrong Suitcase' While Repatriating Its Gold Reserves from U.S. (SputnikNews.com) Goodbye Petrodollar: Russia and China Dump US Treasuries, Buy Gold (Russia-Insider.com) German gold returns home: How populism is influencing monetary policy (CSMonitor.com) Gold Prices (LBMA AM) 14 Feb: USD 1,229.65, GBP 986.67 & EUR 1,157.84 per ounce13 Feb: USD 1,229.40, GBP 982.04 & EUR 1,155.64 per ounce10 Feb: USD 1,225.75, GBP 980.23 & EUR 1,151.35 per ounce09 Feb: USD 1,241.75, GBP 988.18 & EUR 1,161.04 per ounce08 Feb: USD 1,235.60, GBP 989.47 & EUR 1,160.10 per ounce07 Feb: USD 1,231.00, GBP 995.14 & EUR 1,154.43 per ounce06 Feb: USD 1,221.85, GBP 978.34 & EUR 1,138.15 per ounce03 Feb: USD 1,214.05, GBP 970.93 & EUR 1,128.99 per ounce02 Feb: USD 1,224.05, GBP 966.14 & EUR 1,131.88 per ounce Silver Prices (LBMA) 14 Feb: USD 17.91, GBP 14.37 & EUR 16.85 per ounce13 Feb: USD 17.97, GBP 14.34 & EUR 16.89 per ounce10 Feb: USD 17.62, GBP 14.15 & EUR 16.55 per ounce09 Feb: USD 17.71, GBP 14.10 & EUR 16.58 per ounce08 Feb: USD 17.74, GBP 14.20 & EUR 16.66 per ounce07 Feb: USD 17.60, GBP 14.21 & EUR 16.49 per ounce06 Feb: USD 17.60, GBP 14.10 & EUR 16.39 per ounce03 Feb: USD 17.28, GBP 13.84 & EUR 16.10 per ounce02 Feb: USD 17.71, GBP 13.95 & EUR 16.38 per ounce Recent Market Updates - French Election Could See Euro Break Up – New Global Crisis- Gold Prices Up 5.8% YTD – Trump ‘Honeymoon’ Ends- Gold Buying Russia To Intensify Diversification On Trump ‘Unpredictability’?- Gold Prices Rising Mean “Impending Market Volatility”- Gold Bullion Banks To “Open Vaults” In Transparency Push?- Ignore Sabre-Rattling and Buy Gold- Buy Gold Because of Uncertainty not Doomsday- The Alternative Fact of the Cashless Society- Silver, Platinum and Palladium As Safe Havens – Reassessing Their Role- Why 2017 Could See the Collapse of the Euro- Dow 20K … US Debt $20 Trillion … Trump and $15,000 Gold- Switzerland’s Gold Exports To China Surge To 158 Tons In December- Blockchain – Central Banks Banking On It- Sharia Standard May See Gold Surge Interested in learning more about physical gold and silver?Call GoldCore and speak with a Gold and Silver Specialist today!

13 февраля, 19:52

Marc Faber : Emerging Markets will out perform the US Stocks

Emerging Markets will out perform the US stocks over the next 10 years. Other topics include Donald Trump, India, China economy and MORE.... Marc Faber is an international investor known... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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10 февраля, 20:37

Marc Faber : Trump is a very Great Talker

Trump is acting on his campaign promises. What will be the impact on world economy and markets? Marc Faber : It is difficult to tell what the policies of Trump eventually will be because he is a... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

Выбор редакции
09 февраля, 20:07

Protectionism is a Cancer

  Marc Faber : If China becomes an economic superpower, I don't see anything wrong with it. Protectionism is a cancer and if the US believes that they will be great again through it, they are... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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08 февраля, 23:52

Marc Faber : QE4 Is Almost Guaranteed

 In this interview we discuss:1. What comes to mind when he hears the words, "Rethinking the Dollar"?2. Why is it important for viewers to learn about monetary and financial matters in today's... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

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08 февраля, 19:55

Marc Faber : Trump is Dreaming , Protectionism cannot Make America Great Again

The dollar has been weakening of late. What is your reading? Marc Faber : Since the end of last year, the US dollar has been weakening and I suppose that the policies of the US would rather welcome... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

Выбор редакции
07 февраля, 19:36

Marc Faber : Real Rates to stay Negative for a long time

Will the US Federal Reserve be able to hike rates three times this year?Marc Faber : The Fed may increase interest rates at some point, but they will probably leave real rates negative for a long... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

Выбор редакции
06 февраля, 19:03

Faber : Trump' 4% Growth Target is Completely Unrealistic

Trump is acting on his campaign promises. What will be the impact on world economy and markets?Marc Faber : It is difficult to tell what the policies of Trump eventually will be because he is a very... [[ This is a content summary Only. Please Visit http://www.marcfabernews.com for the full story, >>>>]]

06 февраля, 12:53

The Roundtable Insight: Dr. Marc Faber Sees Fiscal Stimulus Necessitating Monetary Stimulus To Keep Interest Rates Repressed

FRA is joined by Marc Faber to discuss his outlook on 2017, particularly the effects of current events in the US, India, and China.

03 апреля 2015, 05:01

Там нет никаких валютных войн

До золотых жуков дошло, что валютных войн нет. Ваш покорный слуга это утверждает с 2011 года в различных публикациях, в мае 2013 отдельной статьёй по теме: Валютные войны? Или? С важной оговоркой: нет валютных войн между центробанками-эмитентами резервных валют, но есть их общая война против валют остального мира. Разумеется, для западных жуков эта война почти незаметна. Две цитаты с Запада:Пишет Louis Cammarosano:There are no “Currency Wars”.Там нет никаких валютных войн - просто скоординированные манипуляции центральных банков.Центральные банки в скоордининированной эстафете по очереди обесценивают свои валюты."Валютные войны" - часто повторяющийся городской мем. smaulgld.comВторое высказывание от известного инвестора с большим стажем Марка Фабера:The point is however the following: the central banks around the world have engaged in money printing and it’s not at all a currency war. It is a coordinated effort by central banks that are run by some professors who’ve never worked a single day in their lives in the private sector to kind of bail out the system. Now this bailout will of course fail. And when it fails, the question is what will happen then.Пойнт в следующем: центральные банки по всему миру вовлечены в денежную эмиссию, и это вовсе не валютные войны. Это скоординированные усилия центральных банков, в которых работают некоторые профессора, что никогда не работали ни одного дня в своей жизни в частном секторе, чтобы хоть отчасти выручить систему. Теперь это спасение, конечно, не удастся. И когда это не удаётся, вопрос что будет потом.Я держу около 25% своих активов в драгоценных металлах. Не знаю, будет ли серебро идти более или золото, но факт - просто я хочу, чтобы некоторые активы были вне банковского сектора. Потому что банковский сектор находится в ведении академической мафии. Они являются разрушителями покупательной способности денег. Профессора в Федрезерве - они не заботятся о простых людях. Они даже не независимы. Они правят как будто кто-то говорит им: "Вы делайте это, вы делайте то." В значительной степени это банковские картели... Покупательная способность денег будет продолжать снижаться. schiffgold.comФабер уже попадал в поле моего зрения в 2012 г. - Стиглиц, Кругман, Шлаэс, Фабер... Ну что ж, он продвинулся. Справедливости ради следует отметить, что Джим Рикардс - бывший разведчик и автор бестселлера "Валютные войны" скорректировал свою позицию в таком же ключе два года назад: Оперативная программа обороны БРИКС в валютной войне.В сентябре 2014 я обозначил условие, при котором и до каких пор для евро будет формироваться новый коридор:Если свопы не появятся 25 сентября (свопы открывают по четвергам) - можно рисковать, ибо значит ФРС-ЕЦБ для евро опустили коридор. Харибда Феду: подключается ЕЦБ.Разумеется, несколько неожиданно, что процесс затянулся, но учитывая глубину погружения евро, большая скорость всплытия доллара чревата кессонной болезнью в Штатах.Понимаю, многим мой аргумент об отсутствии или наличии свопов как индикаторе коридоров в согласованной эмиссии внутри ЦБ-6 кажется недостаточным. Дескать, если бы коридоры стояли до сих пор, как простояли с 2012 до весны-лета 2014 гг...Ещё в дек-2011 я предупреждал, что коридоры не могут быть вечными и будут корректироваться время от времени.Посмотрим теперь на самую прыгучую в шестёрке валют - японскую йену: падение прекратилось 8 дек 2014 г. и с того дня она болтается в коридоре 116-122 на фоне растущего по миру доллара. Так вот: падение прекратилось как только появился валютный своп между Банком Японии и ФРС:И этот своп обновляется каждую неделю с того дня. См. Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Swap Agreements. Сумма незначительная - 1...3 млн долл, хотя по договору она не ограничена. Не ограничена, как стало модно говорить, от слова "совсем" - даже срок действия договоров между ЦБ не ограничен - см. Валютные свопы навсегда! То есть этот символический миллион-три был как флажок.А вот первого апреля появился своп на 810 млн долл. Это уже значит, что некие непонятливые спекулянты быкуют в прямом и переносном смысле доллар к йене... но получат по рогам. И какую бы сумму желающие быковать не ставили на повышение доллара, Банк Японии покроет её долларами, прокачанными от ФРС через бекдор. Подробнее о своп-правилах см. Swapfaqs. Кстати, эти 810 млн долл являются ничем иным как краткосрочной эмиссией ФРС с возможностью бесконечного продления - заметьте, без всяких там объявлений. Конечно, сумма не столь значительна, но понадобится - напечатают и 100 и 200 млрд долл - такое уже было не раз.P.S. Привет нашим экспертам - четыре года талдычат из дуроскопа городской мем. Пожалуй, из всех на тв можно отметить лишь одного эксперта - если пожелает, то вставлю сюда его имя - он иногда отмечается у меня в блоге под разными никами. Кстати, с товарищем связана одна интригующая история: осенью 2013-го он за три недели до спрогнозировал день в день обвал на русской бирже и после этого события сразу удалил свой блог - народ в догадках выдвигал самые невероятные версии о профите и судьбе предсказателя :)

11 апреля 2014, 13:15

Фабер: в 2014 г. рынок рухнет сильнее, чем в 1987 г.

 Международный инвестор и финансист Марк Фабер прогнозирует, что на фондовом рынке произойдет падение более существенное, чем это было во время внезапного крушения в 1987 г.  “Я думаю, мы увидим в течение следующих 12 месяцев падение, аналогичное тому, которое произошло в 1987 году, - заявил Фабер в эфире канала CNBC. - И я подозреваю, что на этот раз оно пройдет более болезненно”. Фабер, издатель инвестиционного бюллетеня The Gloom Boom & Doom Report, недавно предупредил, что рост на фондовом рынке начинает замедляться. Он добавил, что проблемы в секторе биотехнологий и интернета только начинаются. Инвестор подчеркнул, что некоторые категории ценных бумаг особо уязвимы, так их “оценка не имеет ничего общего с реальностью”. Фабер отметил, что они не приносят прибыли, а оцениваются по коэффициенту цена/объем продаж, а это, по его мнению, не лучший метод в долгосрочной перспективе. Стоит отметить, что ряд крупных финансистов не разделяют мнения Фабера, среди них портфельный менеджер в фонде Legg Mason Value Trust Билл Миллер. В частности, он сказал, что не видит никаких предпосылок, чтобы говорить о падении рынка. Фабер уверен, что рынок лихорадит во многом из-за некомпетентности Федеральной резервной системы. “Они не понимают, что делают, - разъясняет финансист. - Как мне кажется, уровень доверия инвесторов и так снижается”. Исходя из того, что инвесторы привыкают к этому, а оценки падают, Фабер прогнозирует обвал на рынке. Он ожидает, что индекс S&P, скорее всего, упадет на 20% или даже на 30%. При этом он отмечает, что сейчас не лучшее время для приобретения ценных бумаг. Ранее, в августе 2013 г., инвестор уже заявлял, что на рынке ожидается падение, подобное тому, что произошло в 1987 г. С тех пор индекс S&P 500 вырос примерно на 9%.