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Marks & Spencer
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30 ноября, 04:00

Supermarket shoppers can get their Christmas dinner for £20 – survey

Cost of buying 11 festive ingredients comes to £19.82 if consumers shop around across Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and IcelandSupermarket shoppers can pick up everything they need for Christmas dinner for eight people for less than £20 this year, a survey has found.The cost of buying 11 Christmas dinner essentials – including a turkey, plum pudding, fresh vegetables and cranberry sauce – comes out at £19.82, or £2.48 a head, after shopping around for the best prices at Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Morrisons and Iceland, Good Housekeeping magazine found in its annual festive shopping basket cost survey. Continue reading...

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28 ноября, 03:01

Heston goes the whole hog this Christmas with bacon and banana trifle

Gastronomic gamble from chef Blumenthal to hit Waitrose shelves as British food stores unleash twists on festive classicsSupermarkets are opening a new front in the fight for consumers’ Christmas cash, deploying their top chefs to cook up eye-catching twists on festive British classics.Waitrose will on Monday unveil the latest gastronomic gamble from Heston Blumenthal – a bacon and banana flavoured trifle, which it hopes will build on the success of the Michelin-starred chef’s best-selling “hidden orange” Christmas pudding. Continue reading...

27 ноября, 08:59

Comforting red wines for troubling times | David Williams

Smooth, soft and soothing… Prescribe yourself a large glass of one of these three reds and you’ll find yourself feeling less anxiousBodega Volcanes Carménère, Rapel Valley, Chile 2014 (£10.99, or £7.99 as part of a mixed case of six, Majestic) Wine as comfort. It’s an idea that is especially appealing at this daylight-starved time of the year, but all the more so when we seem to be living through a surreal prequel to The Hunger Games. For me, comfort wines, like comfort food, should be soft, warm and filling. Nothing too challenging, just lots of dark fruit and a cosseting texture – the kind of red wine you can drink alone or with my favourite consoling winter dish, shepherd’s pie. Chile does this kind of generous style well, and this version of the country’s signature red grape, carmenère, combines suave tannins, juicy blackcurrant, subtle leafiness and spice, even a touch of that other great edible source of solace, chocolate.Kilikanoon Killerman’s Run Shiraz, Clare Valley, Australia 2014 (£13, Marks & Spencer) Other candidates for smooth wines of substance can be found across the Andes in Argentina. Malbec is of course the country’s calling card, and Taste the Difference Fairtrade Morador Malbec 2015 (£8, Sainsbury’s) is lavishly black cherry-fruited, with a brightness of acidity that works very well if your comfort food choice is tomato-rich spaghetti bolognese. But the variety is at home in blends, too, not least in Viñalba’s deep, dark Black Forest gateau combination of Malbec with Portuguese grape Touriga Nacional (£12.99, or £9.99, 2014 vintage, as part of a mixed six, Majestic). Then there’s Australia, home of the world’s most soothing shiraz: Kilikanoon’s exuberant example fairly billows with perfumed black fruit and good cheer. Continue reading...

24 ноября, 14:41

Появились данные об эксплуатации детей на производстве «Киндер-сюрпризов»

Итальянский производитель шоколада и кондитерских изделий Ferrero заявил о начале внутреннего расследования в связи с сообщениями об использовании детского труда на производстве игрушек для шоколадных яиц «Киндре-сюрприз», передает в четверг телеканал ABC News. Поводом к началу расследование стал материал журналиста британской газеты Sun, в котором одна многодетная семья в Румынии рассказывает о низкооплачиваемом труде своих детей, работающих на фирму Ferrero, передает РИА «Новости». В частности сообщается, что трое детей в возрасте от шести до 11 лет получали по 20 румынских лей (6,3 доллара) за сортировку одной тысячи пластиковых игрушек для «Киндер-сюрпризов», которые потом поставляются на фабрику Ferrero в город Карей на северо-западе Румынии для дальнейшего производства. Родители детей отметили, что эту роботу предоставили в компании Romexa, которая является субподрядчиком Ferrero. «Мы потрясены и озабочены обвинениями в неприемлемой практике в Румынии. Мы незамедлительно начали расследование для установления фактов», – говорится в заявлении компании Ferrero. При этом итальянский производитель отметил, что внутренний кодекс кампании запрещает использование детского труда. В свою очередь, прокуратура Румынии сообщила, что ведет собственное разбирательство. Один из менеджеров компании Romexa Даниэль Мурешан отметил, что впервые слышит о детском труде в своей компании, и заявил о готовности разорвать контракты с теми, кто несет за это ответственность. Напомним, в октябре журналисты телерадиокомпании Би-би-си выяснили, что несовершеннолетние беженцы из Сирии работают на турецких предприятиях по производству одежды для сети британских магазинов Marks & Spencer (M&S).

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21 ноября, 11:00

Why the macaron is a pastel menace

The macaroon of my childhood has been supplanted by its mimsy French cousin. How did it get so popular? After all, it’s little more than a table decorationIn the crazy days before Christmas, I have sometimes, in extremis, swung into Ladurée on Piccadilly, and handed over stupid cash in exchange for small, pistachio-green parcels of multi-coloured macarons. The shop, conveniently situated (for me) right by the number 38 bus stop at one end of the Burlington Arcade, resembles a tiny, golden cave, and something about it – the feeling, perhaps, that you have stepped into the realm of fairies and hobbits, which in a way, of course, you have – encourages the harried shopper to drop her guard. Yes, you know that Ladurée is all over the place now, a chain like any other (it belongs to the same group of businesses as the bakery Paul). Yes, you know, too, that macarons can be picked up at Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer’s these days. But still – quelle disastre – the finger goes out, pointing at those seductive shades you believe will look prettiest lined up in the box.When did we fall for macarons? And why? In my childhood, I knew only of macaroons: little domes of almond or coconut, bound with egg white and perched on a disc of rice paper, that were so easy to make, your mum was inclined to depart the kitchen, possibly in search of a gin, as you set to work with the mixing bowl. They were, even then, an old-fashioned treat, and a bit comical for that; not for nothing did Victoria Wood and Julie Walters send them up in Acorn Antiques. But at school fetes and Brownie bring-and-buys, they were always the second thing to go (the first were the endless trays of chocolate cornflake crispies). Continue reading...

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20 ноября, 10:00

M&S Bank asked me for personal details, but the letter looked like a scam

The return envelope wasn’t even addressed to the bank and I didn’t want to send sensitive information in the postMy wife has had an M&S Bank credit card for more than 12 years and I am the second card holder. This week she received a letter asking me to provide photocopies of documents such as my passport, driving licence and tax details. Two had to include a photo, and they had to be notarised by a list of approved people.I rang M&S Bank to see if this was some sort of scam as the prepaid return envelope did not contain M&S in the address. I was assured it was officially an M&S request. I was also told that it had been getting a large number of calls questioning the request. Continue reading...

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19 ноября, 18:31

Беженцы подожгли депортационный центр в Турции и сбежали

Афганцы и пакистанцы жгли мебель в знак протеста против плохих условий содержания.

16 ноября, 19:01

Online juggernaut alters retail scene

EDITOR’S note: Internet Plus, a concept highlighted in the government work report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the annual session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing in March, is pushing

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16 ноября, 03:01

A hygge Christmas apart, M&S fashion showcase is all about key pieces

Its festive ad may elicit tears, but squeeze on clothing business has resulted in tighter collection that adopts catwalk and street style for M&S customerTechnically, the Marks & Spencer fashion showcase is a reveal of hemlines and heel heights, but within two minutes of arriving at the new season preview I am talking feelings with the retailer’s CEO, Steve Rowe.The store’s latest advert stars a Hillary Clinton-esque Mrs Claus saving the (Christmas) day in on-trend hygge knitwear, and includes the most feelgood helicopter moment since James Bond and the Queen flew into the Olympic stadium for the opening ceremony of London 2012. Continue reading...

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15 ноября, 10:20

Which charities will benefit from this year's Christmas TV ads?

With retail giants such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s jostling for impact with their TV adverts, we look at how charities are set to gain This is the time of year when the UK’s retail giants launch their blockbuster television ads and this year has been no exception, with a comedy bouncing dog, Mrs Claus and a time-poor dad. Continue reading...

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13 ноября, 14:05

M&S must sell clothes just like it sells food

CEO Steve Rowe must surely follow the success of the food business and make M&S clothing more aspirationalEverything that happens at Marks & Spencer, the 132-year-old high street retailer, causes more drama than its peers. Predictably, the news last week that M&S plans to close 30 UK stores and convert 45 others into food-only sites created quite a stir. The retailer’s shops are the bedrock of high streets in towns and cities across the country, and have been for years, so any change is noticed by the locals.The closures are an admission of defeat: that M&S cannot make its clothing popular enough to justify the amount of space dedicated to selling it across the country. It is a costly admission too: it will cost M&S £150m to rework its UK shops over the next three years and a further £200m to shut struggling shops abroad. Continue reading...

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12 ноября, 00:00

M&S takes on spectre of John Lewis with Bond-style Christmas ad

Retailer aims to warm hearts with advert showing ‘Mrs Claus’ racing to help a six-year-old boy get a present to his sisterMarks & Spencer is to take on John Lewis with a heart-warming Christmas ad starring Janet McTeer as a glamorous “Mrs Claus” with a James Bond-style alter ego.With retailers’ festive commercials an annual battle for hearts and minds, the high street chain has taken a leaf out its rival’s book with a story about six-year-old Jake, who after a year of squabbling with his sister Anna, wants to make up by giving her a present she loves. Continue reading...

09 ноября, 10:30

Фондовые индексы Европы во вторник продолжили рост

Фондовые индексы стран Западной Европы продолжили подъем во вторник после существенного роста днем ранее.

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09 ноября, 10:30

Marks & Spencer закроет десятки магазинов

Из них 30 будут закрыты, а остальные преобразуют в магазины продуктов питания сети Simply Food.

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08 ноября, 22:11

Small businesses should not have had to shout about RBS to be heard

The perception remains that an apology, not to mention a few quid in redress, has been dragged out of Royal Bank of ScotlandRoyal Bank of Scotland did not tip healthy small businesses into default and did not seek to profit from their collapse. Nor did it request personal injections of cash from owners when it had already decided a business was doomed, says the Financial Conduct Authority. But it did sometimes charge fees it didn’t explain properly, and there was a failure to support small businesses “in a manner consistent with good turnaround practice”. Thus the bank will pay compensation to address “poor outcomes” at a cost of about £400m. Is everybody happy now?Of course not. The period under the microscope is 2008-13, so the process of inspection has been painfully slow. The perception also remains that an apology, not to mention a few quid in redress, has had to be dragged out of RBS. Continue reading...

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08 ноября, 21:30

M&S hangs up its fashion aspirations after series of faux pas

Despite standout moments such as 2013’s pink coat, much of the embattled retailer’s clothing feels outdated and stale What a difference a week makes in the world of M&S clothing. Last week was dominated by the launch of the second Alexa Chung-designed archive collection, with several pieces including Instagram favourite Crown jacket – currently sold out in most sizes. This week, the store is downsizing its clothing ranges in response to consistently bad figures. From a fashion point of view, it’s a bit of a shame. Chung’s collection was a bold move for a brand more associated with cotton knickers and Twiggy Christmas adverts than a style icon with reach to the millennial customer. It seemed to suggest the ship was finally turning around, and has been followed with other collaborations – Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece on childrenswear, Baarts & Siegels on menswear. Continue reading...

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08 ноября, 21:16

Marks & Spencer объявил о закрытии беспрецедентного числа магазинов одежды

Один из крупнейших британских ритейлеров, Marks & Spencer (M&S), объявил о реструктуризации бизнеса на фоне падения продаж и прибыли. Реформа, рассчитанная на ближайшие пять лет, предполагает сокращение числа собственных магазинов как в Великобритании, так и за пределами страны.

08 ноября, 19:01

Retailer to shut stores, focus more on food

BRITAIN’S Marks & Spencer said it would shut about 30 stores at home and 53 abroad, including China, with its new boss seeking to revive the retailer by focusing more on food and less on its struggling

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08 ноября, 17:49

From posh picnics to nylon knickers: readers on the best and worst of M&S

As Marks & Spencer announces plans to overhaul the business, we asked readers for their views on the classic British storeMarks & Spencer faces a major overhaul. Over the next five years more than 80 stores will be shut; 30 in the UK and the rest abroad. It’s part of plans to reduce reliance on its poorly performing clothing business, and focus more on food sales. Related: M&S culls clothing business as major overhaul curtails global ambition Continue reading...