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Marks & Spencer
25 марта, 14:59

PepsiCo, Walmart и Starbucks уходят с YouTube из-за экстремизма

Компании PepsiCo, Walmart и Starbucks отказались от размещения своей рекламы на YouTube по причине того, что она транслировалась вместе с роликами экстремистского содержания, сообщает Guardian. Решение было принято после обнаружения изданием Wall Street Journal того, что программы Google автоматически разместили бренды вместе с расистскими видеороликами. В своём заявлении представители Walmart подчеркнули, что контент, к которому привязывают их продукт, ужасен и не соответствует ценностям компании. Ранее компании Marks & Spencer, McDonald's, HSBC, Lloyds, телерадиокорпорация "Би-би-си" и газета Guardian также убрали рекламу с YouTube. Владелец YouTube, компания Google, уже извинился за допущенные инциденты. 

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24 марта, 19:46

Cauliflower prices slashed as UK's warm weather leads to glut

Supermarkets forced to cut cauliflower price despite recent growth in sales as UK farmers bring bumper harvest to marketGet the cheese sauce on. Supermarkets are slashing the price of cauliflower because a relatively warm start to the year has produced a glut of florets.Farmers say they have been producing 50% to 100% more crop than usual in recent weeks. A new harvest of produce from Lincolnshire is about to come on the market, adding to stocks already coming from Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and Suffolk. Continue reading...

21 марта, 11:13

В Google сожалеют, что показывали YouTube-рекламу в экстремистских роликах

Мэтт Бриттин, глава европейского подразделения корпорации Google, принес извинения от имени компании рекламодателям за размещение их объявлений на YouTube вместе с роликами экстремистского содержания. Об этом пишет RNS со ссылкой на Reuters.

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20 марта, 14:03

Компании стали отказываться от рекламы на YouTube из-за экстремистских роликов

Среди отказавшихся от размещения рекламы - ритейлер Marks & Spencer, вещательная корпорация BBC, банки HSBC и Lloyds, L'Oreal и Audi

20 марта, 13:57

В Marks & Spencer отказались от рекламы на сервисах Google из-за экстремистских роликов

Аналогичное решение ранее принял ряд банков, среди которых Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC и Lloyds, а также британское подразделение компании McDonald's

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18 марта, 11:00

Beauty: your hair regime doesn’t have to be hard work

Where hair’s concerned, my look (if you can even call it that) is very easy to achieve After more than two decades in the industry, I’m confident in my knowledge of skincare, makeup and fragrance, but haircare comes less naturally. I approach styling with insatiable curiosity and unfailingly grill the many hair experts I work with, eager to share whichever advice I find useful.Perhaps aware of my relative ineptitude with all matters follicular, readers often ask how I style my own hair, and I’m pleased to tell them, because my look (if you can even call it that) is easy for a novice to achieve. When my hair (cut by Luke, Jordan or Adrian at Hershesons in London) is wet, I use my Wet Brush Classic (£8.99) to brush upside down, then, with it falling in the wrong direction, wrap it in a quick-dry towel, such as Marks & Spencer’s £6 number. This stage of the operation makes all the difference between a bad hair day and a relatively good one. Continue reading...

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14 марта, 16:56

M&S launches mental health drop-ins as part of Ruby Wax project

Retailer to host fortnightly ‘Frazzled Cafes’ in 11 stores at which people can share their storiesMarks & Spencer is to host mental health drop-ins in its store cafes as part of an initiative designed to soothe stressed shoppers.The Frazzled Cafe project is fronted by the comedian and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax. The fortnightly sessions, which will be hosted by trained volunteers in restaurants that have closed for the day, will initially be held in 11 stores with more locations to be added in the coming months. The branches taking part include three in London as well as outlets in Nottingham, Leeds and Newcastle. Continue reading...

06 марта, 21:17

Sick Parcelforce couriers can be charged up to £250 if they can't find cover

News of policy at Royal Mail-owned firm, which delivers for M&S, John Lewis and Hamleys, emerges after criticism of DPDParcelforce couriers who deliver packages for Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Hamleys can be charged up to £250 a day if they are off sick and cannot find someone to cover their shift.Details of the policy applied by the Royal Mail-owned business emerged days after rival courier company DPD was criticised for charging some drivers who take time off for illness. And it will fuel concerns about precarious working conditions in the “gig economy”, amid a series of disputes about the employment status of people who work for firms such as Uber and Deliveroo. Continue reading...

03 марта, 22:39

Sick DPD couriers face £150 charge if unable to find cover

Drivers who deliver for M&S, John Lewis, Amazon and others say they sometimes force themselves to work when illCouriers who deliver parcels for Marks & Spencer, River Island and John Lewis face being charged £150 a day if they cannot find cover when they are ill.Drivers for the multinational company DPD, which also makes home deliveries for Amazon and Asos, told the Guardian the contractual threat meant they sometimes forced themselves to work when sick. Continue reading...

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22 февраля, 15:29

Ученые: микропластик в океане стал частью пищевой цепи

Микроскопические волокна пластика – один из основных источников загрязнения мирового океана.

12 февраля, 00:05

12.02.2017 00:05 : Хиджабы впервые появятся в продаже в одной из сетей супермаркетов в Великобритании

Расширят свой ассортимент за счет мусульманской одежды универмаги Debenhams. Как пишет Daily Mail, широкий выбор традиционной одежды и головных уборов для мусульман будет представлен в нескольких магазинах в Лондоне, Манчестере и Лестере. Ранее британские торговые сети уже предпринимали попытки продавать одежду для мусульман. Год назад такой эксперимент провели в Marks & Spencer. Там продавали буркини – купальники для мусульманок. В 2014 году сеть John Lewis продавала хиджабы в отделах детской школьной формы в Лондоне и Ливерпуле.

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05 февраля, 08:59

Stars, stripes and North American wines | David Williams

This trio of North American wines, from California, Oregon and Canada, provides ample evidence of the differences in subtlety and craft of wines from across the pondHedges CMS Red, Washington State, USA 2012 (£14, Booths) California is by far the most important wine region in the US. But wine is made in all 50 states, among them Virginia, where, in 2011, the country’s new orange overlord bought his son Eric a large estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains to play at being a wine producer when he’s not busy shooting endangered animals. Even with the presidential imprimatur, Virginian wines, including Trump’s, haven’t made much of a dent on this side of the Pond yet, although I’ve been impressed by many I’ve tried, particularly the expensive but intriguingly Barolo-like Breaux Vineyards Nebbiolo 2006 (£32, Prohibition Wines; Selfridges). Producers in Washington (the Pacific Northwestern state, not DC) have had a little more luck, with Hedges’ smoothly rendered Bordeaux-style blend always one of the most satisfying American reds around.King’s Ridge Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA 2015 (£13, Marks & Spencer) In my view, the best American wines being made outside California are coming from Washington’s neighbour, Oregon. The state’s focus on pinot noir has invited the obvious comparisons with (and the odd winemaker from) Burgundy. But there’s an intriguing hippie-inspired, small-producer, organic and biodynamic ethos that gives Oregon’s wines their own flavour in such delightfully plump but unforced, red-fruited pinot noirs from the Willamette Valley as Colene Clemens Vineyards Willamette Pinot Noir 2013 (£24.50, Bottle Apostle) or Illahe Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir 2014 (£18.95, Wine Sensations). It’s not just pinot noir: the state also makes some excellent whites from pinot gris in a style not a million miles from the spicy richness of Alsace, with M&S’s lushly, quince-scented King’s Ridge a rare example available in a UK supermarket. Continue reading...

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03 февраля, 10:00

Taxi for Marks & Spencer … but not in a bad way!

We were flabbergasted at the lengths it went to to remove a security tagOn Boxing Day my brother-in-law bought a very nice Italian wool jacket in the Marks & Spencer sale. But when he got it back he found it still had a security tag attached. As he was flying back to France, where he lives, early the next day, we rang M&S at both Gatwick terminals but they didn’t have the requisite gadget to remove it. When we rang M&S at Marble Arch, the store where he bought the jacket, it apologised and … sent a member of staff in a taxi on a half-hour journey to my flat to remove the offending tag! Continue reading...

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22 января, 09:00

Three fine pinot noirs from Chile and Argentina | David Williams

World class, best value and decidedly elegant wines from a fickle grape varietyErrázuriz Aconcagua Costa Pinot Noir, Chile 2015 (£14.99, Noel Young Wines) It’s taken him a while. But Errázuriz winemaker Francisco Baettig may finally have cracked the code when it comes to making world-class pinot noir in a country, Chile, that has tended to settle for good-enough with this fickle grape variety. The solution lay in the combination of soil and climate in a vineyard Baettig helped develop for Eduardo Chadwick at the western end of the Aconcagua Valley on the Pacific coast. Baettig’s own light-touch winemaking skill has also played its part. The nervy purity of Las Pizarras Pinot Noir 2014 (£69.50) makes it comfortably the best Chilean pinot I’ve yet tasted, but the more affordable sister wine from the same estate may well be the best value.Boya Pinot Noir, Leyda Valley, Chile 2015 (£11.99, Majestic) If Las Pizarras takes us into fine wine prices as well as quality (Baettig says he has the promise of a case a year written into his contract), Chile hasn’t given up on its traditional strength of providing satisfyingly simple wines on a tighter budget. Errázuriz does just that with the succulent Taste the Difference Aconcagua Pinot Noir it makes for Sainsbury’s (£7), while Marks & Spencer has the pretty, floral Tierra y Hombre Pinot Noir 2016 (£7.50) and the bright red berry and bergamot of Secano Estate Pinot Noir 2015 (£9.50). Even better, and squeezing in under a tenner a bottle if you buy it as part of a case of six, Majestic’s Boya is vibrant, fresh and distinctive. Continue reading...

13 января, 10:32

Фондовые индексы Европы снизились в четверг, но британский FTSE снова вырос

Европейские фондовые индексы завершили в минусе торги в четверг вслед за котировками акций автомобилестроительных и фармацевтических компаний, однако британский индикатор вновь увеличился и обновил рекорд.

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12 января, 19:00

Квартальные продажи Marks & Spencer увеличились на 5,9% г/г

Крупнейший в Великобритании ритейлер одежды Marks & Spencer представил данные по продажам за третий фискальный квартал, завершившийся 31 декабря. Так, общие продажи компании увеличились на 5,9% г/г, при этом продажи продуктов питания повысились на 5,6% г/г, а одежды и предметов для дома на 3,1% г/г.

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12 января, 16:23

UK Christmas retail: the winners and losers

The festive season is traditionally a lucrative one for retailers – but which emerged best this year?The weeks leading up to Christmas are traditionally lucrative for high street and online stores but they also reveal which retailers are faring better than others. As firms report their sales figures, the winners and losers are emerging. This year most of them are winners, with the notable exception of Next. Continue reading...

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12 января, 13:54

Квартальные продажи Marks & Spencer увеличились на 5,9% г/г

Крупнейший в Великобритании ритейлер одежды Marks & Spencer представил данные по продажам за третий фискальный квартал, завершившийся 31 декабря. Так, общие продажи компании увеличились на 5,9% г/г, при этом продажи продуктов питания повысились на 5,6% г/г, а одежды и предметов для дома на 3,1% г/г.

12 января, 13:17

Европейские фондовые индексы снижаются в четверг, дешевеют акции ритейлеров

Европейские фондовые индексы снижаются в четверг вслед за котировками акций фармацевтических компаний.

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12 января, 10:56

Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Debenhams, Primark and JD Sports lead flurry of Christmas trading news – business live

M&S has posted its best Christmas in years, but John Lewis staff are bracing for a bonus cutLatest: John Lewis sounds bonus warningM&S beats forecasts as clothing sales growTesco upbeatDebenhams does well, JD shines, AO World cautiousThe agenda: Retail Super Thursday 1.16pm GMT The euro has hit a one month high of $1.0683 against the dollar after the ECB minutes showed a split on extending the central bank’s bond buying programme.The rise is also due to weakness in the dollar following a lack of detail about Donald Trump’s spending and tax plans at Wednesday’s press conference. 1.05pm GMT Shorter ECB accounts: QE "recalibration" due to reduced deflation risks (hawkish), but still no sign of core inflation upturn (dovish). Continue reading...