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Marks & Spencer
13 января, 10:32

Фондовые индексы Европы снизились в четверг, но британский FTSE снова вырос

Европейские фондовые индексы завершили в минусе торги в четверг вслед за котировками акций автомобилестроительных и фармацевтических компаний, однако британский индикатор вновь увеличился и обновил рекорд.

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12 января, 19:00

Квартальные продажи Marks & Spencer увеличились на 5,9% г/г

Крупнейший в Великобритании ритейлер одежды Marks & Spencer представил данные по продажам за третий фискальный квартал, завершившийся 31 декабря. Так, общие продажи компании увеличились на 5,9% г/г, при этом продажи продуктов питания повысились на 5,6% г/г, а одежды и предметов для дома на 3,1% г/г.

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12 января, 16:23

UK Christmas retail: the winners and losers

The festive season is traditionally a lucrative one for retailers – but which emerged best this year?The weeks leading up to Christmas are traditionally lucrative for high street and online stores but they also reveal which retailers are faring better than others. As firms report their sales figures, the winners and losers are emerging. This year most of them are winners, with the notable exception of Next. Continue reading...

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12 января, 13:54

Квартальные продажи Marks & Spencer увеличились на 5,9% г/г

Крупнейший в Великобритании ритейлер одежды Marks & Spencer представил данные по продажам за третий фискальный квартал, завершившийся 31 декабря. Так, общие продажи компании увеличились на 5,9% г/г, при этом продажи продуктов питания повысились на 5,6% г/г, а одежды и предметов для дома на 3,1% г/г.

12 января, 13:17

Европейские фондовые индексы снижаются в четверг, дешевеют акции ритейлеров

Европейские фондовые индексы снижаются в четверг вслед за котировками акций фармацевтических компаний.

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12 января, 10:56

Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Debenhams, Primark and JD Sports lead flurry of Christmas trading news – business live

M&S has posted its best Christmas in years, but John Lewis staff are bracing for a bonus cutLatest: John Lewis sounds bonus warningM&S beats forecasts as clothing sales growTesco upbeatDebenhams does well, JD shines, AO World cautiousThe agenda: Retail Super Thursday 1.16pm GMT The euro has hit a one month high of $1.0683 against the dollar after the ECB minutes showed a split on extending the central bank’s bond buying programme.The rise is also due to weakness in the dollar following a lack of detail about Donald Trump’s spending and tax plans at Wednesday’s press conference. 1.05pm GMT Shorter ECB accounts: QE "recalibration" due to reduced deflation risks (hawkish), but still no sign of core inflation upturn (dovish). Continue reading...

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08 января, 20:18

Shopper's champion goes on the offensive over UK retail's sexist surcharge

Labour MP Paula Sherriff plans more successes like repeal of the tampon tax with firms signing up to charter vowing not to indulge in gender pricingFirst day nerves got to Paula Sherriff. Looking around at her Labour colleagues from the 2015 parliamentary intake, the new MP for Dewsbury in West Yorkshire saw former special advisers and academic high-fliers with Oxbridge degrees.“I’d never been to university, so I felt completely out of my depth,” sighs Sherriff. “But then you find your way, you find your place. I’ll never be an expert in economics, but if you want somebody to get something through then I’m probably your girl because I’ve got this incredible northern grit.” Continue reading...

08 января, 18:00

Buddha branding is everywhere – but what do Buddhists think?

Buddhism is all about restraint and detachment, so no wonder the religion’s philosophy is proving popular at the start of a year in which many already feel anxiousNew year, new tenuously legitimate diet rooted in spirituality. The Buddha diet is one of January’s horde. Ostensibly rooted in sensible, restrictive eating, it’s also one of the latest examples of consumer society co-opting asceticism to sell stuff. The book Buddha’s Diet is climbing bestseller lists; Buddha bowls, the once left-field food-truck lunches, are coming to Marks & Spencer (branded as nourish bowls); and the 15-strong chain of Buddha Bars has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Nothing, it seems, is safe from this blasphemous gravy train.“It’s hardly surprising that people are trying to sell things attached to the concept of Buddhism,” says Singhamanas, who was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist order in 2012 and now works at the London Buddhist Centre. “It’s the idea that something can give you peace, ease, energy – something mysterious, something holy but not religious.” Continue reading...

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08 января, 17:14

Good Christmas? M&S set to surprise as retailers reveal festive sales

Analysts think Marks & Spencer may unveil first rise in clothing sales for six years as John Lewis and high street big guns line up to unveil festive figuresMarks & Spencer is expected to defy the high street gloom by delivering its first increase in clothing sales at Christmas for six years.M&S is among the big retailers lining up this week to reveal sales over the critical trading period. Major supermarkets Morrisons and Tesco, as well as department store chain John Lewis, are expected to have weathered the storm but groups exposed to a tough clothing market and a steep decline in high street shoppers have suffered. Continue reading...

04 января, 18:21

Фондовые индексы Европы снижаются в конце торгов в среду

Европейские фондовые индексы слабо опускаются к концу сессии в среду, при этом акции ритейлеров дешевеют на фоне слабых прогнозов Next.

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04 января, 11:23

Next's gloomy 2017 forecast drags down fashion retail shares

Marks & Spencer and Debenhams also fall after rival predicts slowdown in spending as inflation hits real incomesNext’s share price slumped by 10% after the fashion and homewares retailer warned of a tough year ahead amid rising inflation and shoppers switching away from buying clothing.Chief executive Lord Wolfson, a prominent Vote Leave campaigner, said: “There is a continuation of what we have been talking about for nine months to a year, a cyclical shift out of clothing. Clothing has had a good run. It had a soft landing during the credit crunch when things like car sales were hit harder but now there is a shift away from clothing to more experiential based spending like eating out, holidays and visitor attractions.” Continue reading...

03 января, 16:23

10 Celebrities Who Love Shopping Off The Rack

Believe it or not, many of your favorite A-list celebrities shop off the rack at the same places you do. Find out where they love to go here.

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29 декабря 2016, 15:34

Названы следящие за покупателями популярные британские бренды

Издание The Telegraph перечислило популярные британские бренды, которые в своих магазинах следят за покупателями, используя их смартфоны. К таким маркам относятся, в частности, Marks & Spencer, Dune, Morrisons и Topshop. В

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29 декабря 2016, 00:04

Названы следящие за покупателями популярные британские бренды

Издание The Telegraph перечислило популярные британские бренды, которые в своих магазинах следят за покупателями, используя их смартфоны. К таким маркам относятся, в частности, Marks & Spencer, Dune, Morrisons и Topshop. Подобного рода системы наблюдений в ближайшее время планируют запустить Apple и Google.

28 декабря 2016, 15:51

BP to Buy Woolworths Australian Gas Stations for $1.3B

BP plc (BP) has agreed to shell out A$1.785 billion ($1.3 billion) for Woolworths Ltd.'s portfolio of Australian gas stations in a deal that will likely make the London-based oil company one of the nation's biggest fuel providers.

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28 декабря 2016, 09:00

Brexit, strikes and pay revolts: the year in business

From BHS collapsing to sweetheart tax deals and financial court cases, 2016 was a dramatic year for business leaders2016 will forever be remembered as the year of the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election as US president. Both events sent shock waves through financial markets and will have repercussions for businesses in the year ahead. Even without the political turmoil, 2016 was a dramatic year for business leaders. The collapse of BHS led to intense pressure on Sir Philip Green and demands that he fill the £571m hole in the store chain’s pension fund, while Mike Ashley was summoned before MPs to explain the working practices the Guardian had exposed at Sport Direct’s Derbyshire warehouse. Continue reading...

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21 декабря 2016, 03:01

Counting calories this Christmas? Beware the pigs in blankets

Average person will consume 6,000 calories on Christmas Day, report says – but you can cut down and still eat wellA short stroll on Christmas Day is the antidote for many a gluttonous festive feast. But according to health experts, a post-dinner walk would have to last four and a half hours to work off the calories of a typical Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.Figures released by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) on Wednesday reveal that the average person will consume about 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone, nearly three times the recommended daily intake for women and more than twice the recommended amount for men. Continue reading...

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13 декабря 2016, 14:43

Marks & Spencer chairman Robert Swannell to retire

Former investment banker, who took on role six years ago, will remain in post until his successor is foundThe chairman of Marks & Spencer is to retire next year after six years in the role.Robert Swannell, a former investment banker, has overseen a tricky time at the high street stalwart, appointing long-term staffer Steve Rowe to take over as chief executive a year ago from former boss Marc Bolland. Continue reading...

09 декабря 2016, 14:30

Основные фондовые индексы Европы торгуются во флэте

Европейские фондовые индексы изменяются слабо и разнонаправленно после резкого скачка по итогам предыдущей сессии. Рынок оценивает последнее решение Европейского центрального банка, а инвесторы уже сосредоточились на заседании Федеральной резервной системы на следующей неделе. Дешевеют акции банков. Сводный индекс крупнейших предприятий региона Stoxx Europe 600 поднялся в ходе торгов на 0,1%, до 352,43 пункта. Итальянский фондовый индекс FTSE MIB теряет в ходе торгов 1,1%. С начала текущей недели значение индикатора взлетело на 6,7%, и он может завершить неделю максимальным скачком за пять лет. Фондовый рынок Италии практически проигнорировал решение премьер-министра страны Маттео Ренци об отставке после отказа граждан страны поддержать его предложения по конституционной реформе на референдуме, прошедшем 4 декабря. Поддержку европейскому рынку в четверг оказало решение Европейского центрального банка продлить срок программы количественного смягчения (QE) до конца 2017 года. Ежемесячные объемы выкупа активов в рамках QE, однако, будут сокращены с апреля до 60 млрд евро с 80 млрд евро. Кроме того, ЕЦБ сохранил базовую процентную ставку без изменений на рекордно низком уровне, что совпало с прогнозами. На этом фоне резко подорожали акции банков, однако в пятницу их котировки перешли к снижению. Стоимость бумаг Barclays опустилась на 2%, Lloyds Banking Group - на 1,4%, Royal Bank of Scotland - на 0,8%, HSBC - на 0,2%. Котировки акций нефтяных и горнодобывающих компаний слабо поднимаются в ходе торгов. Стоимость бумаг BP увеличилась на 0,2%, Total - на 0,4%, Antofagasta - на 0,3%, BHP Billiton - на 1,1%. Цены акций британских ритейлеров колеблются разнонаправленно в ходе торгов. По оценкам аналитической компании Investec, рождественский сезон для компаний розничной торговли Великобритании в этом году будет лучше, чем годом ранее. Тем не менее, "мы с осторожностью оцениваем перспективы сектора в 2017 году, ожидая ослабления продаж в связи с повышением инфляции", отмечают аналитики. Бумаги Dixons Carphone подешевели в ходе торгов на 0,1%, эксперты Investec рекомендовали инвесторам покупать акции ритейлера. При этом они рекомендуют продавать бумаг Next, Marks & Spencer и Kingfisher. Стоимость акций Next уменьшилась в ходе торгов на 0,1%, Marks & Spencer - подорожали на 0,3%, Kingfisher - на 0,4%. Бумаги Gemalto выросли на 5,8%, так как базирующаяся в Амстердаме компания, которая специализируется на цифровой безопасности, договорилась о покупке подразделения 3M, занимающегося управлением идентификацией, за $850 миллионов. Акции страховой компании Германии Allianz упали на 0,4% после того, как Управление по финансовому регулированию и надзору (FCA) опубликовало пятничные предложения правил и указаний по страхованию на случай неплатёжеспособности. Акции Vivendi выросли на 2,1% после того, как французская медиа-группа увеличила свою долю в Ubisoft Entertainment до 25,15%, приближаясь к «враждебному поглощению». Согласно французскому законодательству, владелец более чем 30% акций компании обязан предложить другим акционерам продать акции ему же по рыночной цене. Британская Capita Plc показала наихудшую динамику по индексу FTSE 100, акции упали на 9,6% после того, как аутсорсинговая компания объявила о планах замены сотрудников роботами, чтобы сократить расходы. На текущий момент FTSE 6937.97 6.42 0.09% DAX 11147.95 -31.47 -0.28% CAC 4740.93 5.45 0.12% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

06 декабря 2016, 13:22

Deforestation and the Trillion-Dollar Time Bomb

You probably recognize many of the companies on the first of the two lists we'll be examining today - like Colgate Palmolive, L'Oréal, and McDonald's, which are household names. You might not know the others - like Marfrig Global Foods and Bunge - but they're equally massive, and they depend on sustainable supplies of palm, soy, cattle, and timber & pulp - the "big four" forest risk commodities responsible most of the world's deforestation. These four commodities account for 24% of the cumulative income of 187 companies surveyed for a new report called "Revenue at risk: Why addressing deforestation is critical to business success", and their supplies could be disrupted if deforestation continues. Produced by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) at the behest of 365 institutional investors, the report concludes that disruptions in supplies of forest risk commodities could cost $906 billion per year. There's another list, too: the Forest 500, which names and shames the 500 entities that can end deforestation. Half those entities are companies, and many of them have pledged to end practices that kill forests. The list is compiled by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP), which ranks those pledges and gives credit for good ones. GCP also published a report today, and it's called "Sleeping giants of deforestation". It shows that 57% of the companies on the Forest 500 either have no policies to end deforestation or none that the organization deems credible, while the CDP report shows that just 42% of the companies on the risk side have even bothered to investigate the ways that supply disruptions could impact their business. On top of that, the Forest Trends Supply Change project tracks the progress that companies are reporting on their deforestation pledges and shows less than half of them are even reporting progress. Add the findings up, and you find a global agriculture sector facing an existential threat and partially acting on it, but mostly hobbled by poor traceability and weak governance or blinded by apathy and overconfidence and frustrated by shortages of certified raw materials. The GCP report looked at countries, too, and found many of those on the supply side - the rainforest countries that export forest risk commodities - were beginning to take action, while those on the demand side - the developed countries that import them - aren't. Paradoxically, while developed countries often funded sustainability efforts in tropical countries, only two of the importing countries on the Forest 500 - Germany and the Netherlands - formally support national sustainability efforts among consumers. The Bright(ish) Side It's not all doom and gloom. Supply Change also found that those pledges with publicly-available disclosure were, on average, more than 70% of the way towards completion; and while many companies are certainly avoiding disclosure to hide bad performance, others have taken productive actions that are just difficult to quantify. Danone, for example, is helping small farmers around the world shift to sustainable farming, and progress on that front won't show up incrementally the way shifting to certified commodities does. Likewise, Norwegian consumer goods group Orkla implemented a three-pronged sustainable palm oil policy in 2014 and recently saw their Forest 500 rating jump from three stars to five, as did two other companies: Colgate Palmolive and Marks & Spencer. Orkla has been working for years to replace palm oil with options that are healthier and not associated with deforestation, and they launched their sustainable palm oil policy in 2014. That involved renegotiating their contracts with key suppliers and becoming a member of the RSPO at Group level. "We have a regular dialogue with suppliers about the progress of the work," says Ellen Behrens, the company's Vice President for Corporate Responsibility. "We only work with suppliers who have good plans for sustainable improvement. Examples of supplier activities include the use of satellite-based risk assessments, fire alert systems and various types of training programs." Like Danone, they're also looking to drive complex changes on the ground. "We look for suppliers who engage in training of mill management and of farmers, and who engage in awareness-building in local communities," she says. The final component, she says, is certification, which among others is important to monitor compliance with important aspects such as working conditions and the use of pesticides. Their most recent disclosure document shows that 40% of the palm oil, blends, and derivatives they purchase are either certified as sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or have their impacts offset by Green Palm certificates. "Certification is the easiest activity to communicate in a quantified way," says Behrens. "We're currently looking into how to verify other activities." That's something to keep in mind as you explore the group's Supply Change profile: companies whose only pledge involves certification will show more "quantitative progress" than those undertaking more complex strategies, so it pays to heed the milestones embedded in the profiles as well. Radical Transparency The reports come in as a flurry of new transparency tools are also coming on line, as we covered in a recent edition of the Bionic Planet podcast, which is available on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and here: Perils and Possibility The CDP report uncovered a disturbing sense of confidence among companies with high exposure to the big four commodities, with 72% of them expressing confidence in their ability to source them in the future - even as 81% of companies in the Agricultural Production sector reported impacts related to forest-risk commodities in the past five years. On the other hand, many also seemed unaware of the potential for growth that a shift to sustainable sourcing could offer. "Investors are poised to capitalize on the opportunities that await," wrote CDP CEO Paul Simpson in the foreword. "Some of the biggest index providers in the world, including S&P and STOXX, have created low-carbon indices to help investors direct their money towards the sustainable companies of the future. Investors see opportunities in sustainably managed timberland, and are beginning to direct funding to innovative approaches to protect forests, such as REDD+ credits." This story is cross-posted on Ecosystem Marketplace. Read the original. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.