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22 июля, 15:46

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Little Black Dress

Need to reinvent your favorite little black dress? Read on to learn how to take it from date night to the office and from summer to winter.

22 июля, 04:57

White House reporters express mixed feelings over Spicer’s resignation

NBC and CBS broke into daytime programming Friday afternoon to announce that Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, was stepping down. Cable news networks were wall-to-wall Spicer all afternoon. Reuters broadcast a live shot from outside his home. And social media lit up with comments from journalists, entertainers and civilians alike responding to a staff development that in previous years would have mattered to only a small group beyond the Washington press corps.The reaction to the Spicer news hit super-star level, a reflection of how his celebrity has grown outside of Washington. Spicer, a veteran political operative, held contentious daily press briefings that often attracted higher ratings than daytime soap operas and was transformed into a pop culture icon – until the White House reverted to mainly off-camera briefings held by Spicer’s deputy. Spicer has, in the six months since his memorable first briefing following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, become at times a singular focus for the media and the organizing principle of so much of the coverage of the White House. He had in many ways become the White House mascot, even more so when “Saturday Night Live” turned him into one of its most popular recurring characters played by Melissa McCarthy wielding a water gun and a motorized lectern. Spicer had what can be best described as a complicated relationship with the White House reporters who dealt with him. On the one hand, he is a longtime Washington figure who has known – and been personally friendly with – many of these reporters for years. He is intimately familiar with the Washington norms and has, on occasion, been a liaison for the press to an administration that prides itself on its deviation from those norms. “Frankly on a couple of occasions, Sean Spicer has interceded to open things up to the press,” one veteran White House correspondent said in April. But there was a feeling from many in the press corps Friday that Spicer was at least one cause of what has become an especially combative relationship between the White House and the press and that the change provided an opportunity for a fresh start.“Sean, whether you liked him or not, tainted his relationship with the press from day one when he used the bully pulpit from to shout at reporters about the size of the inauguration crowd,” said a White House reporter speaking on background because they did not have permission from their outlet. Another White House correspondent, also speaking on background, said there were some aspects of the Spicer briefings that would missed – and some that would not be missed.“Spicer wasn’t great at his job but we got to know his moods,” the correspondent continued. “We know he enjoyed the job and sparring with us but was undermined by Trump. I don’t think Trump treated him well. One thing is for sure his fake news rants were annoying and wrong and there were moments when he lied, but [Sarah] Huckabee Sanders does the same things with even less humor and less of a relationship with us.”Jeff Mason, the White House Correspondents' Association president who worked closely with Spicer as the point-person in negotiations between the press and the White House team, declined to comment beyond “we wish Sean well.”Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director whose hiring led Spicer to resign, got off to a better start Friday, taking questions from reporters for an extended period of time and receiving high praise for his performance. “Day One impressions: Anthony Scaramucci is having a very good, very smooth on-camera debut,” the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker said on Twitter.Breitbart, the former home of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon which hasn’t been particularly warm to Spicer, immediately warmed up to Scaramucci, also calling his debut “smooth” and boasting that he would be a guest on its Saturday radio show. But perhaps in a warning shot, the site featured a story on its home page that noted that Scaramucci once tweeted that trying to “fight globalization is counterproductive” and highlighted other negative comments Scaramucci once made about Trump. Scaramucci named Sanders as the new press secretary, elevating a Trump favorite and clarifying roles within the communications operation. The question quickly turned to what Spicer will do next. From the podium Friday afternoon, Scaramucci joked that he hopes Spicer “goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.” Many previous press secretaries have gone into the private sector, like former Obama spokesmen Robert Gibbs, who is communications chief for McDonald’s, and Jay Carney, who is now with Amazon. Others go on to jobs in the media, like Dana Perino, President George W. Bush’s last press secretary, who is now a Fox News host.While television is a possibility, there is not a clear landing place. CNN quickly shot down the possibility of Spicer joining them, with a spokesperson confirming they had no plans to hire the man who so often tangled with their reporters. MSNBC declined to comment, while Fox News kept the door open.“We talk to all major players,” a spokesperson for Fox News said.In fact, it is Fox News where Spicer was to have his first on-camera interview Friday night. He, along with Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, sat down with host Sean Hannity for separate interviews.

21 июля, 16:30

Zacks Value Investor Highlights: Cemex, Big Lots and Raymond James Financial

Zacks Value Investor Highlights: Cemex, Big Lots and Raymond James Financial

21 июля, 16:18

McDonald's (MCD) Buckles Up for Q2 Earnings: A Beat in Store?

Various strategic efforts undertaken by McDonald's Corp. (MCD) to improve guest count is likely to drive revenues in the second quarter.

20 июля, 19:26

5 Retail Stocks that Can Beat Q2 Earnings

These selections hold excellent prospects and are well positioned for future earnings growth.

20 июля, 19:15

These Are the Biggest Food Failures McDonald’s Ever Made

From the Hula Burger to McPizza, we’ve rounded up 15 of the McDonald’s biggest fast food failures. How many of these do you remember?

20 июля, 18:42

Эпитафия Flash. Часть 1

CEO Game Insight Анатолий Ропотов — о рождении и юности Flash, эволюции веба и важности оффлайна.

20 июля, 18:42

Эпитафия Flash. Часть 1

CEO Game Insight Анатолий Ропотов — о рождении и юности Flash, эволюции веба и важности оффлайна.

20 июля, 18:42

Эпитафия Flash. Часть 1

CEO Game Insight Анатолий Ропотов — о рождении и юности Flash, эволюции веба и важности оффлайна.

20 июля, 16:59

Chipotle (CMG) to Report Q2 Earnings: Will it Disappoint?

Higher expenses related to marketing and promotional activities, food costs as well as a soft industry backdrop might hamper Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.'s (CMG) performance in the second quarter.

Выбор редакции
20 июля, 16:37

What does a sandwich choice say about your class? | Emma Brockes

The US class system is rooted in money and Ivy League education, but British-style indicators are now being scrutinised too • Emma Brockes is a Guardian columnistDavid Brooks, New York Times columnist and target of internet ridicule, recently took a friend to lunch. This is what he wrote about it in his column: “Recently I took a friend with only a high school degree to lunch. Insensitively, I led her into a gourmet sandwich shop.” What happened next was a gift that a week later continues to give. Brooks’s friend, “confronted with sandwiches named ‘Padrino’ and ‘Pomodoro’ and ingredients like soppressata, capicollo and a striata baguette”, had some sort of working woman’s panic attack, whereupon our hero “quickly asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else and she anxiously nodded yes and we ate Mexican”.Brooks was making a point about how new class divisions in the US are marked less by conspicuous wealth display than subtle signifiers like knowing the names of posh sandwiches, but of course that wasn’t the point that was seized on, and among the many parodies that followed was, “Recently I took a friend with doctoral degree to lunch. Insensitively I led him into a McDonald’s … ” You can imagine the rest. Continue reading...

20 июля, 15:46

What masterpieces were built by famous foreign architects in Russia?

Since the earliest days, foreign architects have been active in the Russian lands. In the Middle Ages, Italians played an important role building the Kremlin and the earliest Moscow churches. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the tsars and tsarinas turned to Italian and French architects to build St. Petersburg, while in the second half of the 19th century architects from northern Europe become more prominent, especially with the Art Nouveau. In the 21st century, foreign architects face a more complicated political and social terrain, and they are not always welcomed for various reasons: highly innovative projects sometimes don’t match the aesthetic tastes of many Russians, and other times the projects are simply too expensive. Nevertheless, the contemporary Russian architectural scene has a number of success stories of great buildings designed by foreigners. 1. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, by Rem Koolhaas Iwan Baan/OMAGarage Museum in Gorky Park Iwan Baan/OMASoviet mosaics inside the museum Iwan Baan/OMAGarage Museum of Contemporary Art The prominent Dutch architect and his company OMA took the challenge to reconstruct an old Soviet restaurant and turn it into the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Under contract from Russia’s most famous art patron, Dasha Zhukova, Koolhaas turned the ruins of an abandoned Soviet building into a modern polycarbonate rectangular construction with emphasis on functionality. Inside, however, he left the remaining decorative elements such as tile and mosaic panel. "In this project I show respect for that epoch and atmosphere of the 1960s. Soviet metaphors are still inside," Koolhaas said. The architect also worked on a project for a new district in St. Petersburg called the Baltic Pearl, but it was finally built by Chinese architect Heng Li and Pacific Studio Arсhitecture. 2. The Dominion Tower, by Zaha Hadid Ilya IvanovInside the Dominion Tower Ilya IvanovThe Dominion Tower Ilya IvanovInside the Dominion Tower This Iraqi-British architect and designer, who started her career in Koolhaas’s OMA, has two futuristic buildings in Russia. First, an office building in Moscow, the Dominion Tower, was built in Hadid’s favorite deconstructivist style. The project was conceived in 2005 and work began in 2008. Due to the global financial crisis, however, it was postponed and the building opened only in September 2015. The Tower truly sticks out amid its surroundings; it’s a futuristic geometrical building in the middle of an industrial zone on Sharikoposhipnikovskaya Street in Moscow. Read more: New Zaha Hadid's creation worth 36,5 mln USD opens in Moscow Another building by this famous woman is a private house in the Barvikha luxury village. Rumor says that Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin had it built for his then girlfriend, supermodel Naomi Campbell. The house is called Capital Hill Residence and looks like a space shuttle. 3. Premium class hotel complex in Crimea, by Norman Foster Mriya Resort & SpaPremium class hotel complex in Crimea, by Norman Foster Mriya Resort & SpaPremium class hotel complex in Crimea, by Norman Foster Mriya Resort & SpaPremium class hotel complex in Crimea, by Norman Foster British architect Norman Foster, author of the Millennium Bridge in London, built the luxury Mriya Resort & Spa Hotel 25 kilometers from Yalta. The hotel is in the form of Lotus petals, and has 422 rooms, a conference hall, a spa zone and a private area with villas. Foster, however, had several projects in Russia that didn’t come to fruition and which were canceled due to the financial crisis. For example, the planned 612-meter high "Russia Tower" in the Moscow City complex was started but then demolished, and the area was eventually turned into a parking garage. 4. Golden Bridge in Vladivostok, by Norman Foster Getty ImagesLightning strikes the city skyline at night beyond the Golden bridge on Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok Yuri Smityuk/TASSA view of the bridge from the lighthouse on the Basargin Cape. Yuri Smityuk/TASSA general view of the bridge behind a statue of Saints Cyril and Methodius who invented Cyrillics Soviet authorities always wanted to make Vladivostok better than a certain other city just across the Pacific – San Francisco. So, Foster was charged with building the Golden Bridge - a breathtaking structure that stretches more than 1.3 kilometers and which is now Vladivostok’s main symbol. This cable-stayed construction hangs above the Golden Horn Bay and was erected for the APEC summit in 2012. Foster is also building the head office for the Russian Copper Company, and construction should be finished by 2019. 5. Academy of Chess in Khanty-Mansiysk, by Erick Van Egeraat Vladimir Fedorenko/RIA NovostiChess Academy in Khanty-Mansiysk. Vladimir Fedorenko/RIA NovostiChess Academy at night Dutch architect Erick Van Egeraat has been working in Russia since the early 2000s saying that the country has great potential. He built the Academy of Chess in Khanty-Mansiysk, winning the Best Building Award in 2011.   Van Egeraat was originally slated to design the City of Capitals towers for the Moscow City International Business Center. The project, however, was deemed too complicated and the contract was instead given to the American architecture firm, NBBJ. 6. Vershina Mall in Surgut, by Erick Van Egeraat VershinaVershina Mall in Surgut VershinaInside the mall The 2012 Best Building Award went to another of Van Egeraat’s project – the Vershina Mall in Surgut that allows visitors to walk around clockwise. Van Egeraat also came up with the design to reconstruct the Dynamo Stadium in St. Petersburg, which should have been completed for the 2018 World Cup. The Architectural Heritage Preservation Society, however, decided the project was too innovative, and the project was given to a Russian architecture studio. 7. New Stage of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, by Diamond Schmitt Architects Diamond Schmitt ArchitectsNew Stage of the Mariinsky Theater on Kryukov channel in St. Petersburg Diamond Schmitt ArchitectsInside the new building Alexei Danichev/RIA NovostiThe lobby of the new building Valery Gergiev, head of the Mariinsky Theater, came up with the idea of a new theater in 1997, and when a competition was held five international architectural firms put in bids. French architect Dominique Perrault won, but some time later he was booted from the project and the new theater was completed by Canada's Diamond Schmitt Architects. According to rumors, the new company was chosen personally by Gergiev. The new Mariinsky, however, is considered a failure. Architectural critic Grigory Revzin called it “something between a department store and McDonalds.” Read more: Mariinsky's new stage causes debates among theatre fans 8. St. Petersburg’s Gazprom Arena, by Kisho Kurokawa Ruslan Shamukov/RIA NovostiSt. Petersburg stadium on Krestovsky Island Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press68,000-seat football stadium was built at the cost of 43 billion rubles (about $782 million) Ruslan Shamukov/RIA NovostiSt. Petersburg arena at night This is one of the most drawn-out and expensive construction projects in recent history, and it changed names several times during construction – Zenit, Zenit-Arena, Gazprom-Arena. The stadium was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. First, it was announced that 6.7 billion rubles ($113 million) would be needed, but in 2007 the architect died just as work began. The stadium’s price tag constantly increased and finally reached 43 billion rubles ($728 million) when it opened in 2017. 9. New terminal of Pulkovo Airport, by Grimshaw Architects Grimshaw ArchitectsNew terminal of Pulkovo Airport Grimshaw ArchitectsFuturistic golden lines of Pulkovo Grimshaw ArchitectsOutside the new terminal The first terminal of St. Petersburg’s only airport was built between 1936 and 1950, (with construction coming to a standstill during the Second World War). Then, the Pulkovo-2 terminal was built in 1980, and there have been no new additions since. Even though the city is Russia’s top tourist mecca, all passengers arriving by air had to pass through these two antiquated terminals. So, in 2013 a project led by Grimshaw Architects (U.K.) in collaboration with Ramboll (Denmark) and Pascall+Watson (U.K.), built a new terminal. The design is said to be inspired by St. Petersburg churches, palaces and landscapes with its bridges and islands. 10.  Zaryadye Park in Moscow, by Diller Scofidio + Renfro Press Photo Project of Zaryadye Park Press photo Project of Zaryadye Park New York-based design studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro won the competition to build a park in the center of Moscow near the Kremlin. About 13 hectares are now under construction, to be opened in September. The project is ambitious, and one of its main features will be four climate zones. There will also be a Philharmonic concert hall and a hotel complex. Another feature will be a floating walking bridge that will offer stunning views. Read more: 10 amazing transformations Russian cities are set to experience in 2017

20 июля, 14:40

Will AB InBev (BUD) Turn Around Earnings Performance in Q2?

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (BUD), alias AB InBev, is slated to release second-quarter 2017 results on Jul 27.

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20 июля, 14:19

McDonald's stock price target raised to $173 from $155 at SunTrust RH

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

20 июля, 09:21

Человек, научивший американцев есть сорную рыбу, теперь миллиардер

Чак Бундрант был первокурсником с $80 в кармане, когда проехал полстраны в Сиэтл, чтобы заработать пару долларов на рыбной ловле. Это был 1961 год. Рыбачить он не перестал. В Bloomberg подсчитали, что Бундранту принадлежат 51% компании Trident, заработавшей $2.4 млрд. в прошлом году. Компания оценивается в индексе Bloomberg в $2.1 млрд., используя данных пяти публично торгуемых компаний, включая Clearwater Seafoods Inc. и Oceana Group Ltd. Trident владеет 16 заводами по переработке и 41 рыболовецким судном, оставаясь весьма независимой фирмой.   К началу 80-х запасы краба стали истощаться, поэтому Бундрант решил заняться минтаем, так называемой донной рыбой, обитающей в Беринговом Море. Позже это решение открыло ему двери в McDonald’s и Burger King, а также к крупным ритейлерам вроде Costco, которые с удовольствием использовали более дешевый минтай в своих сэндвичах, рыбе с жареным картофелем и в продуктах, имитирующих мясо крабов. Доступ к широчайшей торговой сети превратил Trident в главную рыбную компанию. Она объединилась с другими американскими компаниями и обратилась в конгресс за помощью в ограничении конкуренции. При поддержке тогдашнего сенатора от Вашингтона Уоррена Магнусона и от Аляски Теда Стивенса конгресс утвердил законопроект, который отдалил границу свободного вылова иностранными судами с 12 миль до 200 миль от берега.   Сегодня Trident активно развивается на высоком спросе на здоровую пищу. Индекс цен Oslo Seafood Index Global подскочил более чем на 300% в течение прошедших 5 лет за счет большого роста спроса на лосось и роста цен.   The Man Who Got Americans to Eat Trash Fish Is Now a Billionaire, Bloomberg, Jul 19Источник: FxTeam

20 июля, 02:12

Are You Brave Enough to Buy These Value Stocks?

These stocks are being ignored which means there may be a buying opportunity.

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19 июля, 19:15

Как заработать миллиард долларов на минтае

История успеха рыбака, который первым сумел продать некогда считавшийся низкосортным минтай таким гигантам, как McDonald's, Burger King и Costco.

19 июля, 18:54

These Are the Surprising Ways You’re More Like Donald Trump Than You Think

Think you have nothing in common with Donald Trump? Think again. You might be more like the U.S. president and real estate mogul than you think.

Выбор редакции
Выбор редакции
19 июля, 17:31

McDonald's price target raised to $172 from $161 at Instinet

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

28 сентября 2016, 15:05

ГЕОэкономика. "Обмен любезностями" ведет к экономической войне

Акции крупнейшего банка Германии Deutsche рухнули до минимума начала 80-х годов прошлого века. Так инвесторы реагируют на претензии американских властей к немецкому банку. Ранее другие крупные европейские компании подвергались атаке со стороны США. Европейские власти в ответ на это не молчат. Такой обмен любезностями между союзниками больше напоминает начало крупномасштабной экономической войны, что может привести финансовые рынки к коллапсу по образцу 2008 года. Об этом в программе "Геоэкономика" расскажет Александр Кареевский.

31 января 2015, 15:22

Первый "Макдональдс" Советского Союза

Фотографии, запечатлевшие историю открытия первого "Макдональдса" в Москве, СССР, состоявшегося 31 января 1990 года.                                 Источник.

11 декабря 2013, 22:10

Карта Мира

Глобальная плотность населения.  Внутри этого круга живет больше человек, чем на всей остальной территории планеты.   Под катом еще несколько десятков местами интересных карт, местами таких, над которыми можно ухмыльнуться, а местами таких над которыми можно поржать. Вот какая карта вам показалась самая бредовая ? Мой вариант я вам покажу в конце поста .  Итак смотрите …  Карта захвата мира соцсетями     Сравнительная плотность населения. Карта мира разделена на 7 частей, в каждой из которых живет 1 млрд. человек   Количество ученых на 1 млн. человек   Карта использования традиционной метрической системы измерения   Потребление алкоголя на душу населения   Карта вида движения на дорогах   Уровень потребления кофе   Средний возраст начала половой жизни   Карта уровня IQ   Популярность видов алкогольных напитков   Карта отношения населения стран к туристам   Карта уровня ожирения   Самый длинный морской путь Самый длинный путь по воде можно совершить, отправившись из Пакистана к полуострову Камчатка. Его протяженность составит 32 187 километров   Карта самых популярных фамилий   Карта растительности на Земле   Карта частоты ударов молний   Плотность населения Австралии. 98% населения Австралии численностью в 22,5 миллиона человек живет на площади, отмеченной белым цветом. И только 2% (500 тыс. человек) живет на территории, отмеченной желтым   Часовые пояса в Антарктике   Зеркальное отражение Северного и Южного полушарий относительно Экватора   Карта счастья   Карта систем письменности   Самые высокооплачиваемые общественные профессии в США   Карта вторжения англичан. Только 22 страны в мире никогда не подвергались вторжению англичан.   Карта угрозы водного кризиса   Карта мира в флагах   Плотность населения в отдельных городах   Карта популярных видов спорта   Карта размеров груди   Карта размеров пенисов   Доступность сервиса просмотра улиц от Google   Распространенность McDonald’s в мире. Самый загруженный McDonald’s в мире находится в Москве на Пушкинской площади. Он же является самым большим McDonalds’s в мире с площадью более 2500 квадратных метров. Ресторан имеет 700 посадочных мест и 20-метровую стойку с 27 кассами и обслужил за свою историю 250 миллионов гостей.   Карта известных брендов по штатам США     Количество рыжеволосых людей на территории Европы   Самые популярные веб-браузеры в мире (2012)   Страны, наиболее и наименее дружелюбные к иностранцам   Количество детей на семью в мире   Карта интенсивности света в мире    Кликабельно 3000 рх Как то нас размазало совсем по карте :-)    Кликабельно 2000 рх 203186 землетрясений, магнитудой 4,0 балла и выше, произошедших с 1898 по 2003 год, отобразил на этой карте John Nelson. Слева Евразия, справа Америка, по центру Тихий океан. Выбирайте места для ПМЖ аккуратнее :-)   А теперь то, что мне показалось совсем бредовым. Вот например смотрите : Карта уровня IQ Может я чего то не знаю, но не уж то у Монголии самый высокий IQ ? Да и с Китаем на самом деле все очень спорно …    А вот например интересная Карта истории, а вот Среднестатистический портрет женщин разных стран, ну и кто то с удовольствием вспомнит Как менялись границы государств в Европе с 1142 по 2012 годы  Оригинал статьи находится на сайте ИнфоГлаз.рф Ссылка на статью, с которой сделана эта копия - http://infoglaz.ru/?p=39210