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09 июля, 20:37

British Grand Prix: Kimi Räikkönen’s wife weighs in on Lewis Hamilton spat

After a dramatic race Minttu has her say; Ferrari handles the conditions; McLaren and Williams hang their headsWhat had been a thrilling race to the end was still disappointing for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes and they closed it with what felt like sour grapes. The suggestion that Ferrari were deliberately targeting their cars and that Kimi Räikkönen had intentionally hit Hamilton was farcical on many levels, not least that planning to do so would have had to anticipate Hamilton losing places.Equally with damage likely to go both ways and Ferrari very much in the constructors’ fight it would have been self-defeating. Hamilton and Mercedes have since accepted it was a racing incident. Their reaction was perhaps a reflection of the heat of the moment and the shock of being beaten in their backyard where they have been so dominant for so long. Räikkönen’s wife, Minttu, had her own take on the spat. “If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet,” she wrote on Instagram. Continue reading...

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07 июля, 14:55

Tough decisions lie ahead for McLaren in scramble for past F1 glories

Former team designer John Barnard says success cannot follow for struggling British team until they have the right people in the right positions all the way to the topThis year’s British Grand Prix was never going to be a celebratory affair for McLaren. In their 52 years, the once mighty team have no experience of a slump of these proportions. At no point was Silverstone going to offer an unexpected return to form. But that it was here that they chose to instigate drastic measures to stop the rot proved the team could wait no longer.Radical restructuring at the home grand prix is, as Ron Dennis would have it, highly suboptimal but the team are making tentative steps in the right direction in the view of John Barnard, the man who helped Dennis turn them round in the 1980s and earned the nickname Prince of Darkness for his troubles. Continue reading...

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22 июня, 20:13

The French GP is back: ‘We love F1 here, its return is good for everybody’

For Jacques Laffite the return of F1 to France after a 10-year absence and at the Paul Ricard circuit has special resonanceThere will doubtless be no shortage of intensity at the sharp end of the French Grand Prix but away from a tight title fight, for many in France it will be an unashamedly emotional affair. For Jacques Laffite, the race’s return to the Formula One calendar after a 10-year absence and at the Paul Ricard circuit has special resonance. A pleasure amplified by the joie de vivre the former F1 driver derives from Lewis Hamilton’s performances.France hosted the first grand prix in 1906 and had held 86 further meetings by its last race in 2008 at Magny-Cours. Unsurprisingly a decade on there is a celebratory air at Paul Ricard, which hosted the race 14 times between 1971 and 1990. Laffite knows it well, as the charismatic 74-year-old raced at the track in his heyday when driving for Ligier, taking six wins. Continue reading...

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11 июня, 22:31

Fernando Alonso might consider F1 future after McLaren’s Canada failure | Giles Richards

Charles Leclerc impressed again and Max Verstappen finally got his temperament in sync with his talent in CanadaFernando Alonso’s 300th grand prix was far from a celebratory affair: he started 14th on the grid, his lowest position this season, and retired from the race with an exhaust failure. The McLaren racing director, Éric Boullier, had been clear about their car’s problems in lacking grip in low-speed corners that was making them struggle in Canada and afterwards Alonso could not wait to walk away from it. He wanted to talk about Le Mans where he will race next weekend. He will be in the class of the field Toyota at La Sarthe, a world away from the recalcitrant McLaren. The Spaniard is now in talks with McLaren about his future and CEO, Zak Brown, has already hinted that a McLaren Indycar project might be where he goes next. If Alonso wins at Le Mans, the triple crown he has targeted would be one victory away at the Indy 500 and with his team not providing the performance he so desperately desired this season, he might just call time on F1. Continue reading...

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26 мая, 16:47

Mika Häkkinen: ‘Monaco is very demanding. If you are panic, you are in the wall’

Formula One double world champion recalls the day his luck changed in Monte Carlo and how having fun on the track led to his first title in 1998“I have never forgotten what James Hunt said to me: ‘Remember, Mika, remember to have fun,’” recalls the double world champion Mika Häkkinen, relaxing on a yacht in Monaco beside the very car that enabled him to fulfil Hunt’s bidding. Häkkinen believes his win here 20 years ago, on the way to his first Formula One title, was the stand‑out performance of his career and that the drivers who take to the streets on Sunday still face the ultimate test in Monte Carlo.Hunt’s words had been delivered to an intense young Finn in 1991. By 1998, after a life-changing accident and some tough years in F1, he was finally able to do as the British champion advised and revel in his endeavour. “When I did the first test in ’98 I felt the car was fast whatever I did, turn or break, it did exactly what I wanted,” he says. “I told myself: ‘Now is the time. You can win the world championship’.” Continue reading...

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Осадок Родченкова

Ложечки конечно нашлись, но осадочек остался.Информатор Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) Григорий Родченков отказался от своих прежних показаний по поводу употребления российскими спортсменами допингового коктейля под названием «Дюшес».Как следует из материалов, опубликованных на сайте Спортивного арбитражного суда в Лозанне (CAS), Родченков, в частности, сообщил, что никогда не давал коктейль российским спортсменам, не видел, как они его употребляли, и не видел, чтобы спортсмены или тренеры получали инструкции по его употреблению. Кроме того, согласно его новым показаниям, он никогда не видел, чтобы спортсмены заранее заготавливали чистую мочу для допинг-тестов и чтобы они вообще как-то манипулировали со своими анализами.Также Родченков заявил, что не знает, кто и как сообщал номера допинг-проб в Сочи-2014 Ирине Родионовой, которая, по его первоначальным утверждениям, заведовала распределением запрещенных препаратов в российском спорте. Когда же Родченкову продемонстрировали его же предыдущие заявления, в которых говорилось, что «спортсмен или член его окружения высылал фото Родионовой», он заявил, что это был только план. При этом данная запись использовалась как доказательство подмен допинг-проб в Сочи-2014.Родченков также не смог назвать точный состав «Дюшес-коктейля», когда судья попросил его это сделать, хотя ранее неоднократно утверждалось, что именно Родченков изобрел эту смесь.Вслед за Родченковым от своих предыдущих выводов отказался профессор Ричард Макларен – глава независимой комиссии WADA, автор доклада об употреблении допинга в сборной России.«В своем докладе я не утверждал, что определенные россияне участвовали в допинг-схеме. Только сказал, что они могли участвовать. Это не значит, что они нарушили антидопинговые правила», – подчеркнул Макларен.Отметим, что на основе доклада Макларена и показаний Родченкова Международный олимпийский комитет провел собственное расследование, итогами которого оказались лишение россиян олимпийских медалей и отстранение от участия на Олимпиаде в Пхенхчане под своим флагом. https://www.fontanka.ru/2018/04/26/106/ - цинкДва "Новичка" этим господам.

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Bahrain talking points: Ferrari had pace all weekend and a trusted driver | Giles Richards

It was a fine race for Sebastian Vettel but in different ways Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly also made their markThe Scuderia might have been fortunate to win in Melbourne but victory in Bahrain was anything but a fluke. The team had the pace all weekend and their car proved, at the Sakhir circuit at least, to be superior to Mercedes. But they also had to be willing to take a risk and trust their driver. Switching to a one-stop mid race was a bold move and Vettel had to put in a superlative performance to turn it into a win. He made his tyres last 39 laps when Pirelli’s predicted lifespan was just 30 and did so without going off despite the deteriorating grip. Had he spilled it just once, it would likely have cost him the win. The team principal, Maurizio Arrivabene, was rightly effusive. “Today’s result is confirmation of the great job done by the team, of an effective car and of a driver who drove like a true champion.” Continue reading...

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08 апреля, 11:00

Fernando Alonso: ‘No regrets – I’d make the same decisions 100 times’

He is happy now McLaren are allied to Renault but the 2005 and 2006 F1 champion has had a difficult decade. Still, he believes he has always made the right call given the situationFernando Alonso has so often presented a stern grimace for the past three years that it is hugely pleasing to meet him relaxed and buoyant and now sporting a broad grin. He is one of the greatest talents of this generation but the latter part of his career has been almost as torturous to watch as it must have been for him to endure. This season, sitting in the paddock, the Spaniard exudes optimism as well as the familiar determination that has brought him two world championships and kept him fighting through a rollercoaster career in Formula One. Times may have been hard but the passion that drives Alonso has never left him.After wrestling with a woefully underpowered McLaren-Honda for those three years the negativity became so all-encompassing that he tired even of talking about it. Now McLaren are allied with Renault and looking to return to the front of the grid Alonso is happier to open up on what kept him going. Continue reading...

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Fast-Track Authority: A Hold-Up Interpretation. -- by Levent Celik, Bilgehan Karabay, John McLaren

A central institution of US trade policy is Fast-Track Authority (FT), by which Congress commits not to amend a trade agreement that is presented to it for ratification, but to subject the agreement to an up-or-down vote. We offer a new interpretation of FT based on a hold-up problem. If the US government negotiates a trade agreement with the government of a smaller economy, as the negotiations proceed, businesses in the partner economy, anticipating the opening of the US market to their goods, may make sunk investments to take advantage of the US market, such as quality upgrades to meet the expectations of the demanding US consumer. As a result, when the time comes for ratification of the agreement, the partner economy will be locked in to the US market in a way it was not previously. At this point, if Congress is able to amend the agreement, the partner country has less bargaining power than it did ex ante, and so Congress can make changes that are adverse to the partner. As a result, if the US wants to convince such a partner country to negotiate a trade deal, it must first commit not to amend the agreement ex post. In this situation, FT is Pareto-improving.

30 марта, 14:02

Человеческие следы возрастом 13 тысяч лет найдены в Канаде

Канадские ученые из Университета Виктории и Института Хакаи (провинция Британская Колумбия) нашли человеческие следы по крайней мере трех разных размеров в слое реликтовой почвы под песчаным пляжем на острове Калверт, у тихоокеанского побережья Канады. Экспедиция во главе с Дунканом Маклареном (Duncan McLaren) раскапывала береговые отложения на участке Meay Channel I, где в конце ледникового периода уровень моря был на два – три метра ниже, чем сегодня. Им удалось обнаружить 29 четких отпечатков человеческих ступней, а также еще некоторое количество похожих на следы углублений. По данным радиоуглеродного датирования, слою, содержащему следы, 13 тысяч лет. Измерения следов показывают, что они, вероятно, принадлежали двум взрослым и одному ребенку. «Во время последнего ледникового периода (закончившегося около 11 700 лет назад) люди проникли в Америку из Азии через существовавший тогда перешеек, и в конечном итоге достигли современного западного побережья Британской Колумбии в Канаде также как и прибрежные районы к югу, – говорит Дункан Макларен. – Большая часть береговой линии вдоль тихоокеанского побережья Канады сегодня покрыта густым лесом и доступна только на лодке, что затрудняет поиск археологических свидетельств, которые могли бы поддержать эту гипотезу». Долгое время считалось, что древнейшие обитатели Америки сумели двинуться на юг только 14 тысяч лет назад, когда открылся проход между Лаврентийским и Кордильерским ледниковыми щитами (известный как «коридор Маккензи»). После этого переселения возникла археологическая культура Кловис. Однако ряд археологических находок докловисского времени постоянно вынуждал ученых думать о возможности более раннего заселения Америки. Единственный возможный путь лежал вдоль побережья, огибая ледник. Ученые справедливо отмечали трудности такого маршрута, где в условиях скудных ресурсов поселенцы должны были еще продвигаться в неизвестные им земли. Тем не менее, в последние годы появляется все больше подтверждений данного варианта. Результаты раскопок опубликованы в электронном научном журнале PLoS ONE.

26 марта, 16:09

NAFTA and the Wages of Married Women -- by Shushanik Hakobyan, John McLaren

Using US Census data for 1990-2000, we estimate effects of NAFTA on US wages, focusing on differences by gender. We find that NAFTA tariff reductions are associated with substantially reduced wage growth for married blue-collar women, much larger than the effect for other demographic groups. We investigate several possible explanations for this finding. It is not explained by differential sensitivity of female-dominated occupations to trade shocks, or by household bargaining that makes married women workers less able to change their industry of employment than other workers. We find some support for an explanation based on an equilibrium theory of selective non-participation in the labor market, whereby some of the higher-wage married women workers in their industry drop out of the labor market in response to their industry's loss of tariff. However, this does not fully explain the findings so we are left with a puzzle.

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26 марта, 16:09

A Swing-State Theorem, with Evidence -- by Ma Xiangjun, John McLaren

We study the effects of local partisanship in a model of electoral competition. Voters care about policy, but they also care about the identity of the party in power. These party preferences vary from person to person, but they are also correlated within each state. As a result, most states are biased toward one party or the other (in popular parlance, most states are either 'red' or 'blue'). We show that, under a large portion of the parameter space, electoral competition leads to maximization of welfare with an extra weight on citizens of the 'swing state:' the one that is not biased toward either party. The theory applies to all areas of policy, but since import tariffs are well-measured they allow a clean test. We show empirically that the US tariff structure is systematically biased toward industries located in swing states, after controlling for other factors. Our best estimate is that the US political process treats a voter living in a non-swing state as being worth 77% as much as a voter in a swing state. This represents a policy bias orders of magnitude greater than the bias found in studies of protection for sale.

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26 марта, 13:00

Mercedes rue missed Melbourne chance but Red Bull and McLaren have hope | Giles Richards

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen showed Red Bull can be a force while Fernando Alonso gave McLaren reason to be cheerfulThe Mercedes team will leave Australia ruing their failure to gain a season‑opening victory that was there for the taking but they proved the car is fundamentally strong. Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying lap at Albert Park was hugely impressive and shows the single-lap superiority the team enjoyed last year has carried over. With overtaking likely to be no easier this year than last season it is an advantage that could prove crucial. Equally, when in front, in the clean air the Mercedes was not going to be beaten by Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel admitted their car was not as quick over the weekend. The Scuderia still have some catching up to do. Continue reading...

25 марта, 10:39

Помог случай. Феттель за счёт аварии выиграл Гран-при Австралии у Хэмилтона

Со старта в Мельбурне лидировал Льюис Хэмилтон, без проблем взявший в субботу поул, его преследовали Кими Райкконен и Себастьян Феттель. Однако, когда дошло до волны пит-стопов, на трассе из-за аварии был объявлен режим виртуальной машины безопасности. Феттель успел поменять шины до него, а вот остальные лидеры потеряли скорость. В итоге немец опередил и финского партнёра по Ferrari, и британца из Mercedes.Во второй части гонки Хэмилтон упорно пытался догнать Феттеля, сокращал отставание до секунды, но сделать решающий обгон в борьбе за победу так и не смог. Немец одержал 48-ю победу в карьере и в сотый раз финишировал на подиуме. Третье место — у Райкконена, также стоит отметить выдающийся пятый результат у Фернандо Алонсо на McLaren, который в прошлом году совсем не блистал. Россиянин Сергей Сироткин сошёл с дистанции на 6-м круге из-за проблем с тормозами. Следующая гонка состоится через две недели в Бахрейне. Формула-1. Гран-при Австралии 1. Себастьян Феттель (Ferrari) — 1:29.33,283 2. Льюис Хэмилтон (Mercedes) — +5,036 3. Кими Райкконен (Ferrari) — +6,309 4. Даниэль Риккардо (Red Bull) — +7,069 5. Фернандо Алонсо (McLaren) — +27,886 6. Макс Ферстаппен (Red Bull) — +28,945 7. Нико Хюлькенберг (Renault) — +32,671 8. Валттери Боттас (Mercedes) — +34,339 9. Стоффель Вандорн (McLaren) — +34,921 10. Карлос Сайнс (Renault) — +45,722

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Алонсо признан гонщиком дня по итогам Гран-при Австралии

Испанский пилот команды «Макларен» Фернандо Алонсо признан лучшим гонщиком дня по итогам первого этапа «Формулы-1» Гран-при Австралии. Читать далее

21 марта, 18:00

​Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist review – Vivienne is the real deal

Kate Moss delivers a killer anecdote but the subject of this documentary is reluctant to reveal much about her glory yearsTowards the end of this documentary, Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe describes her as Britain’s last genuine punk. There is truth in that. Punk may have effectively vanished in music, but it lives on in Westwood’s clothes, style and the poses she publicly strikes. In this film, she is reluctant to talk about punk rock or her personal life, perhaps aware of the controversy generated by her ghosted 2016 autobiography, in which she laid into various figures and made sweeping and rather startling statements – such as claiming that her first husband, airline pilot Derek Westwood, managed the Who in the early 60s.This film takes us through her early life: somehow wafting into the orbit of Malcolm McLaren, who made their fashion store Sex a headquarters of sorts. Their acrimonious split left Westwood to battle on alone with two children in the worlds of fashion and business – which she did, with no little courage, and mostly without the corporate support which was to be lavished on more mainstream designers such as Stella McCartney. Continue reading...

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21 марта, 14:28

WADA продолжает ждать от России признания доклада Макларена

Макларен в первой части доклада о допинговых нарушениях в России указал на наличие государственной системы поддержки допинга в российском спорте

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21 марта, 00:41

How Hilton Uses Formula One To Drive Bookings

Hotels and auto racing teams seem unlikely bedfellows but Hilton's partnership of the McLaren Formula One team is an exception. The hospitality giant has developed innovative initiatives which drive a return and insulate it from the unpredictability of race results.

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20 марта, 11:19

Колобков: российский спорт держат в заложниках, требуя признать выводы Макларена

Министр спорта РФ Павел Колобков поделился мнением насчет требования международных организаций признать доклад независимой комиссии Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) во главе с Ричардом Маклареном.

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19 марта, 23:27

The Driving Force Steering Sprint's President Into A New Role In F1

The president of telecoms giant Sprint is poised to play a key role in securing new sponsorship for the McLaren Formula One auto racing team, according to its boss, Zak Brown.

13 марта 2017, 00:00


Самые громкие премьеры Женевского автосалона. Серийные новинки: Alpine A110, Italdesign Zerouno, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mitsubishi Eclipse Sport, McLaren 720S, Range Rover Velar, Subaru XV, Volkswagen Arteon и Volvo XC60. Концепты: Airbus Pop.Up, Hyundai FE Fuel Cell, Mercedes-AMG GT и Volkswagen Sedric