20 марта, 20:32

NAFTA and the Wages of Married Women -- by Shushanik Hakobyan, John McLaren

Using US Census data for 1990-2000, we estimate effects of NAFTA on US wages, focusing on differences by gender. We find that NAFTA tariff reductions are associated with substantially reduced wage growth for married blue-collar women, much larger than the effect for other demographic groups. We investigate several possible explanations for this finding. It is not explained by differential sensitivity of female-dominated occupations to trade shocks, or by household bargaining that makes married women workers less able to change their industry of employment than other workers. We find some support for an explanation based on an equilibrium theory of selective non-participation in the labor market, whereby some of the higher-wage married women workers in their industry drop out of the labor market in response to their industry's loss of tariff. However, this does not fully explain the findings so we are left with a puzzle.

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20 марта, 20:32

A Swing-State Theorem, with Evidence -- by Ma Xiangjun, John McLaren

We study the effects of local partisanship in a model of electoral competition. Voters care about policy, but they also care about the identity of the party in power. These party preferences vary from person to person, but they are also correlated within each state. As a result, most states are biased toward one party or the other (in popular parlance, most states are either 'red' or 'blue'). We show that, under a large portion of the parameter space, electoral competition leads to maximization of welfare with an extra weight on citizens of the 'swing state:' the one that is not biased toward either party. The theory applies to all areas of policy, but since import tariffs are well-measured they allow a clean test. We show empirically that the US tariff structure is systematically biased toward industries located in swing states, after controlling for other factors. Our best estimate is that the US political process treats a voter living in a non-swing state as being worth 77% as much as a voter in a swing state. This represents a policy bias orders of magnitude greater than the bias found in studies of protection for sale.

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20 марта, 11:19

Колобков: российский спорт держат в заложниках, требуя признать выводы Макларена

Министр спорта РФ Павел Колобков поделился мнением насчет требования международных организаций признать доклад независимой комиссии Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) во главе с Ричардом Маклареном.

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19 марта, 23:27

The Driving Force Steering Sprint's President Into A New Role In F1

The president of telecoms giant Sprint is poised to play a key role in securing new sponsorship for the McLaren Formula One auto racing team, according to its boss, Zak Brown.

18 марта, 14:30

10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads: • Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching (Wall Street Journal) but see McLaren: We Won’t Follow Ferrari, Corvette Into the Electric Future (Bloomberg) • What Is Jeffrey Gundlach Worried About Now? (Barron’s) • Trump’s New Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlow Has Been Wrong About Everything (New York Magazine) • Bitcoin Isn’t an Investment Until Buyers Sweat the Fees (Bloomberg Gadfly)… Read More The post 10 Sunday Reads appeared first on The Big Picture.

14 марта, 08:01

В ближайшие выходные на торгах — суперкары Пола МакКартни, Рода Стюарта и барабанщика Pink Floyd

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На аукционе Bonhams: Lamborghini 400GT за £500 000, Ferrari Dino 246 GT за £425 000, Lamborghini Diablo за £140 000

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12 марта, 12:15

Mercedes confidence is an ominous sign after Barcelona F1 testing | Giles Richards

Mercedes look like being the team to beat again, while Ferrari and McLaren both have much work to doThe dominant force in F1 for the past four years, Mercedes appear to show no sign of relinquishing their stranglehold. Last year’s championship-winning car, which was quick but temperamental, has undergone an evolution over the winter that looks alarming for their rivals. They clocked the most laps with 1,040 and, although only seventh on the time sheets, their pace in race simulations was relentlessly good, half a second a lap up on Ferrari and eight-tenths on Red Bull. The team chose not to run the car on the fastest hyper‑soft rubber, unconcerned about setting a single lap marker, and Lewis Hamilton, who concluded last season comfortably on top and is generally careful not to heighten expectations, declared they had made a significant step forward. Whether they have banished the diva characteristics of last season has yet to be seen but this quiet confidence is hugely ominous. Continue reading...

07 марта, 20:45

McLaren And Richard Mille Create The Ultimate Swiss Watch

McLaren Automotive the maker of the world’s purest sports cars has teamed up with one of the finest Swiss watch brands Richard Mille to create the RM 11-03 McLaren priced just under $200,000 and with a limited run of just 500 reserved for McLaren Senna customers who have first refusal

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07 марта, 19:12

Макларен: русские до сих пор не согласились с моим докладом, но это сделал весь остальной мир

Глава независимой комиссии Всемирного антидопингового агентства (WADA) Ричард Макларен рассказал о проблеме допинга в мировом спорте, а также о реакции России на его доклад. Читать далее

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07 марта, 19:02

Макларен высказался о допинге и снова обвинил русских

Ричард Макларен рассказал о проблеме допинга в мире. «Русские до сих пор не согласились с моим докладом, но это сделала американская киноакадемия, назвавшая "Икара" лучшим документальным фильмом. Думаю, фильм дает возможность понять, что допинговая проблема существует повсеместно», — заявил Макларен.

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05 марта, 09:59

Фернандо Алонсо будет совмещать гонки в "Формуле-1" и в серии WEC

Экс-чемпион мира по автогонкам в классе "Формула-1" испанец Фернандо Алонсо параллельно с продолжением карьеры в формулической команде McLaren, будет в этом сезоне выступать в серии чемпионата планеты по автогонкам на выносливость (WEC) в составе японской "конюшни" Toyota.

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03 марта, 23:02

Revealed: McLaren Takes Formula One Board Seat

The chairman of the McLaren auto racing team has finally taken a seat on the board of Formula One putting the brakes on a saga which has been running for six years.

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02 марта, 17:00

Tesla Model 3 против... McLaren 720S: дрэг-гонка

Новый электрический седан Tesla Model 3 поучаствовал в дрэг-гонке против... мощного спорткара McLaren 720S.

02 марта, 09:22

Сироткин провел первые предсезонные тесты за Williams

В Барселоне 1 марта завершились первые предсезонные тесты "Формулы-1". В столице Каталонии все четыре дня стояла холодная погода, а в предпоследний день трассу вовсе замело снегом. Однако это не помешало командам впервые протестировать новые машины.

27 февраля, 10:00

Did the CIA Sabotage Russia At The Olympics?

Authored by Rick Sterling via Oriental Review, There is something very fishy about the Anti Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) pinned on the Russian curler and Russian bobsledder during the final week of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It makes no logical sense that an athlete would do a one-time consumption of a chemical that is of no value in circumstances where it is almost certain to be detected with huge negative consequences. That is precisely the situation. The Russian Mixed Curling bronze medal winner, Alexander Krushelnitsky, had to give up his medal, plus that of his partner wife, because traces of meldonium were found in his urine sample. He had previously tested clean. Meldonium is a medication which helps keep the heart healthy by increasing blood flow. That would be of no benefit in a sport like curling which requires accuracy, strategy and focus but is not taxing physically. The “sweeping” to help guide the rock down the ice lasts only 20 seconds or less. International curlers were astounded at the news and bemused at the idea of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) for curling. The skip of the Danish curling team said ”I think most people will laugh and ask, ‘what could you possibly need doping for?” Krushelnitsky strongly denies taking banned drugs. “I am categorically opposed to doping …. never, at any time that I have been involved in sport, have I ever used prohibited substances”. Russian curling team Alexander Krushelnitsky and Anastasia Bryzgalova Similar curious circumstances apply in the second ADRV. Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva had numerous negative (clean) tests before she was tested positive for banned trimetazidine. Bobsledding is another sport which requires physical and mental skill but not physical endurance. In the February 25 IOC meeting to close the Pyeongchang Winter Games, the head of the IOC Implementation Group, Nicole Hoevertz, said the Russian athletes had been tested “more than any other athletes”. She and her group were convinced that the 168 member Russian athletic team was clean. At about 82:00 in the video, she says the two Russian doping violations were “so peculiar.” She introduced the IOC Medical and Scientific Director, Dr. Richard Bludgett, to provide more detail. He suggested that meldonium would not be of benefit in curling. He then went further and suggested the ADRV regarding trimetazidine may be in error. He said trimetazidine “is a substance where there is a parent compound which is a common headache migraine treatment available particularly in China and Japan and if that is found then it is not considered an ADRV. And if there is a very low level, as there was in this case, that is a possibility.” Sergeeva denies ever taking banned drugs and even went on social media with a T-shirt declaring her commitment to clean sport. Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva. In summary, it seems highly unlikely that two different Russian athletes would intentionally take medications that have no benefit but which are almost guaranteed to be detected resulting in huge harm to them and their team. Who Benefits? Another possibility is that meldonium or trimetazidine powder was surreptitiously put in the food of the athletes. This one time consumption would cause a positive test. In fact there are forces on the international scene who are pleased that Russia has been battling defamation and charges of “state sponsored doping” for the past two years. They want the current denigration and punishments of Russia to continue, perhaps influencing Russia’s upcoming national election and undermining Russia’s hosting of the Football World Cup this summer. One such group is the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA has a long history of big and small criminal deeds. Presumably it would not be difficult for them to infiltrate Olympic facilities or bribe a corrupt individual to put traces of meldonium or another powder in someone’s food or drink. Those who quickly dismiss this possibility probably also thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2002. That was a false claim supported by evidence fabricated by the CIA. It is well documented the CIA carries out murders, coups and major sabotage. The CIA has documented some of their methods in “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception”. They don’t just carry out assassinations and coups. In the book “In Search of Enemies”, former CIA officer John Stockwell documented how the CIA created a false story about Cuban soldiers raping Angolan women to defame Cuba. Corrupt police forces sometimes plant evidence on a suspect they wish to convict. It would be essentially the same thing to get a Russian athlete to ingest spiked food or beverage. The CIA has motive and expressed intent: * In contrast with Russian leaders who call the US a “partner”, US officials increasingly call Russia an “adversary”. The latest US National Security Strategy explicitly says they intend to respond to Russia as an adversary: “ The United States will respond to the growing political, economic and military competitions we face around the world. China and Russia challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity.” * Despite the lack of clear evidence, there is widespread belief that Russia “meddled” in the US election. The anti-Russia sentiment has been fanned into the exaggerated claim that the unproven Russian action was “an act of war, an act of hybrid warfare”. * Neoconservatives forces openly talk about “punishing” Russia. The former Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, said “We need to make the Russians pay a price” . He confirmed on public television that means killing Russians (and Iranians) in Syria. This is the 33 year veteran CIA leader who publicly campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Did the CIA plant the doping evidence? We don’t know for certain but it should not be dismissed out of hand. The CIA has the means, opportunity and above all the motive to falsely implicate Russians in new doping cases with the goal of preventing Russia from getting beyond the international sporting sanctions and punishments. They have done vastly more deceitful, manipulative, and outrageous things than this. Media Bias Unfortunately, western media will not investigate this possibility. Western media cannot even accurately report on events like the IOC meeting yesterday. The fact that the head of the IOC Implementation Group warmly praised the Russian participation at the Pyeongchang Olympics is not mentioned in western media. The fact that Dr. Bludgett raised questions about the accuracy of the ADRVs against Russia is not mentioned in reports from NY Times, the UK Guardian or Inside the Games. Instead, the writer at Inside the Games once again exaggerated the voice of critics of Russia as he downplayed the voices of international athletes who want to put the doping scandal behind and move forward. Western media have reported deceptively that the Russian athletes have “admitted” to the violations. In fact, both Russian athletes strongly deny taking banned drugs. Western media bias is also shown in the focus on alleged Russian doping and minimization or ignoring of other possible violations. For example the story about the Norwegian cross-country ski team and their use of banned asthmatic medications. They get around the restrictions by having their doctor claim that most of their athletes are asthmatic. This situation is a result of the inconsistent rules and regulations. A Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) can be given to any athlete designated by a doctor and in secrecy. They are not required to publicly disclose this, giving incentive to corruption and misuse. Richard McLaren’s Bias The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has also been biased. Over one year ago, their investigator Richard McLaren claimed “over one thousand Russian athletes benefited” from the alleged Russian conspiracy to cheat the ant-doping system. McLaren said the proof would be provided to the various sport federations. In September 2017 it was revealed that charges had been filed against 96 athletes. Of these, WADA cleared 95 athletes of wrongdoing; only one athlete was proven to be in violation. More recently, the Court of Arbitration in Sport completely overturned the bans on 28 Russian athletes. In summary, it appears that McLaren’s accusation about “over one thousand athletes benefiting” was a huge exaggeration or fabrication. Where Do Things Go From Here? The IOC Executive Board has indicated they intend to lift the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee if no more “anti doping rule violations” are found in the last batch of athlete samples from the Pyeongchang Olympics. The results are expected in a few days. Another ADRV may appear. If so, that will greatly complicate the effort to reintegrate Russian athletics. Even if the final tests are all clean, those who oppose Russia will continue trying to delay or prevent the full integration of Russia within the world sporting Community. The former Moscow Laboratory Director Grigory Rodchenkov is the primary weapon in the campaign accusing Russia of “state sponsored doping”. “Icarus” is a movie about him which has received huge funding and promotion. It is nominated for an an Oscar Academy award. This will serve the campaign well. The Russians have been accused of trying to murder Rodchenkov. But if he suddenly dies one day, it is more likely to be by the CIA. At this point, Rodchenkov has done all the damage he can to Russian sports. The only thing he could possibly do is to recant or fall apart. His handlers have prevented him from appearing before the various committees looking into the accusations. At this point, Rodchenkov could be more valuable dead than alive. His death would be a powerful weapon to disrupt the normalization of relations with Russia. Former head of Russian anti-doping laboratory and key “witness” of the “Russian doping program” Gregory Rodchenkov then and now. In conclusion, going back to the Pyeongchang Olympics, there should be caution before assuming the guilt of the Russian athletes who received ADRVs. It makes no sense that two Russian athletes would take useless medications knowing they will be tested and found out. The doping incident serves the interests of those in the West who seek more not less conflict and seek to weaken Russia through “hybrid” warfare. It is possible the CIA has a hand in the latest incidents, just as they have a hand in Dr.Gregory Rodchenkov. They have the means, opportunity and motive. They have the experience and history. If this is true, it’s another example of the dangerous descent in international relations. The Olympics movement has the goal of fostering peaceful relations. The sad truth is there are forces who want to prevent that. They prefer to demonize and divide in a quest for economic and geopolitical supremacy over “adversaries”. International sports is just another arena for them.

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Как женщины перевернут рынок роскошных автомобилей

Aston Martin, McLaren и Lamborghini начали уделять все больше внимания богатым покупательницам.

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26 февраля, 13:35

Fernando Alonso spins off as McLaren suffer on day one of F1 testing

Alonso’s McLaren towed back to garage after losing rear right wheelDaniel Ricciardo recorded the fastest time at the Circuit de CatalunyaThere must have been a brief and entirely uncomfortable moment of soul-destroying deja vu for the McLaren team when Formula One began the new season of testing in Barcelona.Running-in the cars is the goal on day one and they suffered several engine failures before completing a lap last year. The optimism today of a new start for the team was then given a severe test before there had even been a chance for Fernando Alonso to put his new ride properly to the sword and ascertain whether there is to be any substance to their comeback hopes. Continue reading...

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26 февраля, 03:01

McLaren’s Zak Brown expects marked improvement with Renault engine

Fernando Alonso looking for step forward after poor seasonKey opening test for MCL33 at Barcelona on MondayAs Formula One prepares to take to the track for the first time in 2018 at the opening test in Barcelona on Monday, Zak Brown, the executive director of McLaren, has insisted that anything less than a marked improvement in performance from the British team would be unacceptable.McLaren have endured three woeful seasons with an unreliable and underpowered Honda engine. Having switched to Renault for this year they will be under intense scrutiny to prove at the Circuit de Catalunya that a return to the top end of the grid is possible from the very moment the MCL33 hits the track. Continue reading...

24 февраля, 18:40

Пхенчхан-2018. Главные победы России на Олимпиаде

Кто принес России половину медалей и почему BMW быстрее Ferrari в бобслее – темы финальной серии олимпийского цикла Forbes

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23 февраля, 21:17

Родченков не хочет видеть российский флаг на закрытии Олимпиады

Международный Олимпийский комитет пока раздумывает над разрешением спортсменам России пройти на церемонии закрытия под национальным флагом. Бывший директор Московской антидопинговой лаборатории, а ныне информатор ВАДА Григорий Родченков предостерег МОК от принятия такого решения.

13 марта 2017, 00:00


Самые громкие премьеры Женевского автосалона. Серийные новинки: Alpine A110, Italdesign Zerouno, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mitsubishi Eclipse Sport, McLaren 720S, Range Rover Velar, Subaru XV, Volkswagen Arteon и Volvo XC60. Концепты: Airbus Pop.Up, Hyundai FE Fuel Cell, Mercedes-AMG GT и Volkswagen Sedric