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J&J Gets $2.1B Offer for LifeScan Diabetes Device Unit

J&J (JNJ) receives an offer for its LifeScan unit from private firm, Platinum Equity. It has time until Jun 15 to accept the offer, failing which it will expire.

19 марта, 05:00

How the Medical Industry is Improving Life for Japan’s Aging Population - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

Everyone in Japan knows its citizenry is getting older at a faster rate than that of any other nation. But for outsiders, the most striking insight may be that the Japanese want to face aging well. In fact, by government edict, the goal is to direct policy, health care, and even citizens themselves toward longer, healthier, more enriching lives. The resulting lessons will be critical to life science companies worldwide as the aging trend prevalent in Japan expands to other nations. These companies are using Japan to deepen their understanding of the business opportunities in health care, medical equipment, and related services resulting from the innate human desire for happiness at any age. Read More from the Government of Japan How Japan is Creating New Opportunities for Life Sciences Companies How Japan is Creating New Opportunities in the Field of Regenerative Medicine Why the Pharmaceutical Industry Is Booming in Japan Japan already enjoys the world’s second-biggest market in medical devices. For example, the nation leads the world in MRI machines per capita. By country, Japan had 9.1 percent of the 2014 global medical device market—behind the U.S. and ahead of Germany. Meanwhile, Japan’s market is expected to continue to grow as the nation’s population continues to age and need medical equipment. Philips, the Dutch electronics and health care corporation, is among the foreign companies attracted to Japan’s market. Philips is teaming with Japanese doctors to join a “hospital to home” solution that emphasizes getting people out of expensive care facilities and back home, where they want to be. Philips’s range of ventilation, sleep therapy, and monitoring equipment is an ideal part of such a plan, as Danny Risberg, general manager of Philips Healthcare in Japan, disclosed in a recent presentation. Risberg pointed out that Japan’s average hospital stay is three times longer than the average in the U.S. or the Netherlands, so “in-hospital treatment is not sustainable.” Philips also is part of the trend toward corporate-university collaboration, with relationships with the universities of Nagasaki, Kobe, and Showa. One project is a remote intensive-care patient management program. The hospital-to-home movement exemplifies Japanese government programs to help its aging populace. This also includes innovative systems for patient-requested care, promotion of self-medication, cloud-based record availability, and remote monitoring of patients in their homes. Japan also promotes new markets for accessible technologies and devices that patients can use to treat themselves without expensive facilities or expert assistance. It’s all part of a health care and medical strategy adopted in 2014 by the government—a policy initiative based on the concept that Japanese society will benefit from advances in both health care and the economic growth needed to support it. The issue is complex, and Japanese and non-Japanese companies are rising to the challenge. Robotics: Japan realizes it will be short hundreds of thousands of people needed to provide traditional health care as its populace ages and declines in numbers. Part of the solution is to promote women’s participation in the workplace and increase the use of foreign workers—a classic way to fill health care jobs. But “carebots” and other robotic helpers also are being developed, not only for aging patients but also for caregivers themselves. Studies show that as many as 70 percent of health care workers in Japan suffer from back problems because they so often lift or support patients. Robotic aids being developed by companies such as Cyberdyne and Panasonic involve exoskeletons to help caregivers handle patients without strain. Treatment: The increasing medical needs of an aging populace are creating interest among more and more companies. IBA, a Belgian firm, recently took advantage of Japanese government support to open a subsidiary in Tokyo to promote its radiation therapy systems. And Medtronic, the medical device company, recently earned Japanese regulatory approval for a miniaturized pacemaker. Other companies realize that Japan’s medical devices will need repair and replacement over time, creating another market opportunity. Non-Japanese companies involved in or expanding into the medical device market in Japan include Karl Storz and Siemens of Germany, plus Thermo Fisher Scientific and Intuitive Surgical from the United States. These and other trends are combining with specific law changes that speed regulatory approval in Japan. Conditional early approval expanded to cover innovative medical devices in July 2017. Now, the Japanese National Diet, Japan’s bicameral legislature, is considering more benefits for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries that match those given to the booming regenerative medicine fields, according to Colin Lee Novick, managing director of the CJ Partners biotech consulting firm in Tokyo. If the Diet acts, Novick adds, “I would say that the red carpet has been rolled out across the board” in life sciences for all of Japan. Find more at Japan.go.jp/abenomics.

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Is the Tax Repeal Only Glitter and No Gold for MedTech?

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While the MedTech fraternity is hopeful about the latest MedTech tax repeal, we would like to draw your attention to the slump in share price and net margin figures following the tax's abolition in 2015.

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Medtronic's (MDT) Guardian Connect CGM System Wins FDA Nod

Medtronic (MDT) continues to add initiatives to bolster the Diabetes segment.

14 марта, 17:02

Medtronic's Positive Study Results May Boost CSH Business

Medtronic, (MDT) presenting favorable results from the studies based on the CoreValve TAVR system might boost the top line, with increased uptake of the product.

14 марта, 15:50

Laborie Medical Technologies to Acquire Cogentix Medical

Laborie Medical Technologies will buy all of the outstanding shares of Cogentix Medical (CGNT) for a net worth of $239 million.

13 марта, 17:29

Will Artificial Intelligence be a Trump Card for MedTech?

The strategic application of AI in every sphere of healthcare can provide an impetus to productivity rapidly.

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The Strategic Investor Initiative's Third CEO Investor Forum

On February 26, 2018 the CEOs of Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Merck, Unilever, and UPS presented their long-term plans to an audience of institutional investors representing $25 trillion in assets under management at the CECP Strategic Investor Initiative's Third CEO Investor Forum.

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Обзоры и идеи: Дивидендный аристократ Medtronic по-прежнему интересен

Уважаемые дамы и господа! В разделе "Обзоры и идеи" опубликован обзор "Дивидендный аристократ Medtronic по-прежнему интересен" . Medtronic из года в год демонстрирует рост выручки и чистой прибыли, что сопровождается долгосрочным восходящим трендом акций компании. Вложения в Medtronic в инвестиционной среде имеют репутацию надежных и стабильных, ведь эта компания в отличие от многих других представителей сектора здравоохранения очень редко преподносила рынку отрицательные неожиданности. Предлагаем вам ознакомиться с этим материалом .

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Medtronic's Guardian Sensor 3 With MiniMed 670G Wins FDA Nod

Medtronic (MDT) advances with initiatives to boost the performance of its MiniMed portfolio.

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Masimo (MASI) Beats on Q4 Earnings & Revenues, View Positive

Strong performance in Product revenues drove Masimo's (MASI) fourth-quarter 2017 results.

01 марта, 17:17

Abbott to Strengthen Vascular Care Arm With Surmodics Deal

Abbott (ABT) gains traction from its newly acquired rights over the SurVeil drug-coated balloon, which shows greater potential for capturing the market compared with traditional devices.

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Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Covidien and Smith & Nephew, Abbott Labs and Boston Scientific

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Covidien and Smith & Nephew, Abbott Labs and Boston Scientific

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Medtronic (MDT) Expands in the U.S. with 2.0mm DES Launch

Medtronic (MDT) consistently focuses on boosting CSH segment.

28 февраля, 00:16

Medical Device Industry Outlook - February 2018

Medical Device Industry Outlook - February 2018

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Дивидендный аристократ Medtronic по-прежнему интересен

Medtronic plc Рекомендация Держать Целевая цена: $ 89 Текущая цена: $ 81,61 Потенциал роста/снижения: 9,1% Краткое описание эмитента Medtronic, основанная в 1949 году, к настоящему времени стала одной из крупнейших компаний в сфере здравоохранения в мире, имеющей штат из 85 000 сотрудников и работающей в 155 странах.

23 февраля, 17:22

Cardinal Health Strong on Medical & Pharmaceutical Segments

Cardinal Health (CAH) gains large number of Pharmaceutical Distribution customers.

23 февраля, 16:33

Medtronic (MDT) Unveils MiniMed Mio Advance Infusion Set

Medtronic (MDT) continues to adopt initiatives to drive the performance of its Diabetes segment.