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08 декабря, 23:56

Look At That Froth! December Market Strategy

Above 2,200 on the S&P 500, early December shows us the latest EPS "fair value" calculation has support solely on a forward look.

08 декабря, 01:18

Philips Partners with NYMC to Boost Healthcare Portfolio

Koninklijke Philips NV (PHG) recently strengthened its collaboration with premier academic institution, New York Medical College (NYMC), for co-creation of its digitally advanced oncology genomics solution, Philips IntelliSpace.

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06 декабря, 22:27

ТагАЗ Aquila воскресла во Франции

Во Франции начался прием заказов на автомобиль MPM Motors PS 160. Это знакомый россиянам хэтчбек ТагАЗ Aquila, производство которого пытались наладить на Таганрогском автозаводе. Да так толком и не наладили. Выпускать машину будут в пригороде Парижа, мелкосерийно, до 1000 шт. в год (это позволяет обойти ряд европейских требований по экологичности и безопасности). Заявленный производитель - фирма MPM Motors, суть аббревиатура от Mikhail Paramonov Manufacturing, по имени бывшего владельца ТагАЗа Михаила Парамонова.(http://info.drom.ru/misc/...)

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05 декабря, 16:39

CTFzone write-ups — MISC it all up

Друзья, по сложившейся за последний месяц традиции мы предлагаем вам начать новую неделю с нового райтапа. В этом посте мы подробно разберем задания из направления MISC, куда вошли все задания, не подходящие ни под какую другую категорию. Тут был нужен особенный креатив ;) Ветка MISC нашла отклик в душе наших игроков — за время соревнований мы получили около 300 флагов. Заметим, что из всех тасков на 1000, задание из этой категории было наиболее популярным — над ним ломали голову многие, но успеха достигли всего несколько человек. Поэтому мы решили пропустить задания на 50 и 100 очков и сразу перейти к более сложным и интересным заданиям. Поехали! Читать дальше →

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24 ноября, 10:56

United Kingdom Imports of Misc. Manufactured Articles (breakdown

Imports of Misc. Manufactured Articles (breakdown in the United Kingdom increased to 149.05 GBP Million in September from 149.03 GBP Million in August of 2016. Imports of Misc. Manufactured Articles (breakdown in the United Kingdom averaged 72.46 GBP Million from 2000 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 150.30 GBP Million in February of 2014 and a record low of 39.57 GBP Million in February of 2000. Imports of Misc. Manufactured Articles (breakdown in the United Kingdom is reported by the Hm Customs And Excise. This page includes a chart with historical data for the United Kingdom Imports of Misc. Manufactured Articles (breakdown.

22 ноября, 20:59

A Brief History Of America's Most Controversial Prefix

Alt-rock. Alt-lit. Alt-comedy. Alt-right. What was once a prefix used to classify subgenres has become one of the more controversial modifiers of our day. “White supremacists have co-opted a combining form traditionally used for musical and literary genres,” Merriam-Webster wrote last week of “alt-right.”  Short, of course, for “alternative” (an adjective meaning “different from the usual or conventional”), the prefix “alt” denotes something that rebels against tradition while belonging to it. For example, alt-country is a subdivision of country music; with a splash of punk it becomes a more precisely defined part of the country domain, bolded and underscored, but not removed from the whole. Similarly, alt-right as an ideological identifier ― popularized by Richard Bertrand Spencer, head of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute, in 2008 ― attempts to position its members within the right but as exceptional among its ranks. Where does “alt” as we understand it come from? Merriam-Webster traced the popularity of “alt” back to the early days of the internet. “Alt” was the preferred prefix for a classification of Usenet newsgroups that “were created as an alternative forum to preexisting mainstream newsgroups,” Merriam-Webster recounts on its blog. Popular in the 1980s and ‘90s, newsgroups were akin to online discussion groups and Usenet like a bulletin board system (BBS) that functioned as the precursor to internet forums. Essentially, computer users who frequented alt.* newsgroups were seeking an alternative to the mainstream discussions already happening on Usenet ― whether those discussions were about films, sports, politics, computers or sex. But “alternative” referred less to the content of the discussions, and more to the channels themselves. As a FAQ (Copyright 1995 by David Barr and The Pennsylvania State University) notes: Contrary to popular belief, “alt” is not named because it is for “alternative” topics. Back during the dawn of the modern Usenet, it was decided that newsgroups should be created by following a clearly defined set of “Guidelines”, involving formal discussions and a voting procedure. There was a significant number of people who felt that there should be a provision for a place where people could create groups without having to go through any discussion or votes. Thus alt was born. It is a hierarchy that is “alternative” to the “mainstream” (comp,misc,news, rec,soc,sci,talk) hierarchy. “ALT stands for ‘Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists’.” These “alt” groups valued highly the right to free speech while shunning hierarchy of any kind. (The apocryphal idea that “alt” stands for “anarchists, lunatics and terrorists” persists for a reason.) Some “alt” newsgroups were targeted by politicians for their associations with illegal entities, namely child pornographers. But others were simply places for little-known recommendations: alt.movies.silent, alt.movies.hitchcock, alt.movies.kubrick, etc. All in all, “these newsgroups [...] left alt- with a connotation of edginess,” Merriam-Webster argues. This edginess, the dictionary clarifies, “with its vague historical echoes of online culture,” was part of the appeal for the alt-right founders. “[It] seems to be what racist proponents of the alt-right had in mind when they rebranded old-school white supremacy under the alt- banner,” the blog post continues. And then there’s the useful sense of belonging. “Generally speaking, identity labels are intended to open up space for belonging,” Merriam-Webster lexicographer Kory Stamper told The Huffington Post. “What’s interesting about ‘alt-’ is that while it’s clearly a rebellion against an established identity — rock, right, press — it’s also defining itself with respect to that identity. That means that the core identity becomes an on-ramp for people into the ‘alt-’ identity.” The Oxford Dictionaries shortlisted “alt-right” for its word of the year, defining the term as “an ideological grouping associated with extreme conservative or reactionary viewpoints, characterized by a rejection of mainstream politics and by the use of online media to disseminate deliberately controversial content.” According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the alt-right constitutes a “set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that ‘white identity’ is under attack by multicultural forces.” (Alt-right views, NPR reports, are widely perceived as anti-Semitic and white supremacist.) The alt-right, in these terms, might seem disconnected from the benign punk attitudes of alt-music and alt-literature, but perhaps it’s not that far removed from the alt.* hierarchy mentality. Some words of wisdom from Barr’s FAQ ring as eerily familiar today:  There are no Guidelines or Rules for creating alt groups. There is no one “in charge” of the alt hierarchy. The key to creating a successful alt newsgroup depends only on convincing the thousands of news administrators across the globe to carry your newsgroup. When asked whether or not another combining form would have communicated as specific of an idea as the alt-right sought to convey, Stamper was hesitant. “Alt-” itself, Stamper said, is becoming so familiar ― “particularly in music, where ‘alt-rock’ has now become part of the ‘establishment’” ― that compound prefixes like “alt-alt-” and “alt-alt-alt-” are popping up in Merriam-Webster’s archives, so there’s some value in its soft recognition. “I haven’t run across any other compelling prefixes that convey both a sense of belonging and rebellion,” she replied. “I suppose ‘un-’ might qualify, though I think that ad campaigns for 7Up as the ‘un-cola’ might have commercialized the connotation too much. ‘Un-’ also defines a movement by what it’s not, which might be so broad in the case of something like ‘the un-left’ or ‘the un-right’ that just about anyone could belong to either.” For those alt-classical enthusiasts upset that their prefix has ended up in the hands of white nationalists, perhaps the “un-right” communicates more clearly the absurdity of Richard Spencer’s ilk. Or, as several writers and editors have expressed, when in doubt, save “alt” for another moment of modification and just stick with a more precise descriptor: “white supremacist.”  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

16 ноября, 22:43

6 Steps to Prepare For Tax Season

A small business owner wears many hats--and one of them is usually an accountant's. Deciding whether to do your taxes on your own or hire a professional is just one of the many decisions that you'll need to make each year ahead of tax time. But either way, the time to start preparing for next year's taxes is right now. Many small business operators should be preparing year-round--or at the very least, before the start of the next calendar year. With that in mind, we're offering our small business taxes prep list as a guide to everything you need to know before filing next year's return. 1. Familiarize Yourself With The Forms You'll Need You can't file your taxes correctly without the right form, so identifying the proper tax documents you'll need is one of the first steps that any small business owner should take. The type of form you require will depend on the nature of the enterprise you run. If you're a sole proprietor, attach a Schedule C Form to your personal income tax return, or use a 1099-MISC If you're a corporation, use a 1120 Form If you have S Corporation status, use an 1120S If you're a partnership, report expenses, income and losses on a Form 1065 2. Gather All The Financial Documents You'll Need to Complete Your Return The amount of information you'll need to file can be pretty extensive. Here's a list of some of the most common documents that small business owners should track down before filing: Bank statements Statements for business credit cards and personal credit cards Payroll documents Last year's business tax return Partnership agreements Accounting documents Asset purchase details Depreciation schedules By making sure all this information is on-hand before beginning, business owners can make the tax preparation process less time-consuming. 3. Make A List of Income and Expenses If you run a small business, be prepared to make a thorough accounting of all income and expenses associated with the company. Items that fall under the income category include: Gross receipts Checking and saving account interest (Form 1099-INT) Sales records Returns and allowances Other unclassified income Typical expenses that must be accounted for include: Employee wages Office rent or portion of the rent or mortgage of your home Insurance premiums Fees paid to professionals such as your accountant Payment to contractors (Form 1099-MISC or 1096) Transportation and travel Advertising Phones and communication devices Computers and internet fees Office supplies and equipment Having a detailed accounting of all income and expenses is critically important to preparing an accurate return. 4. Examine Your Deductions With a Fine-tooth Comb Deductions are similar, but not identical, to expenses. Whether you operate your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, you're allowed to deduct "ordinary and necessary" expenses required to running your business. If you can prove that an expense is relevant, you can deduct it from your taxable income--lowering your income, which lowers the tax that you owe. Small business owners are entitled to a variety of deductions: furniture, supplies, software, employee reimbursement, and some startup costs are just a few of the dozens of possible deductions a business owner can take. Insurance is another key deduction for most businesses. Premiums you pay related to malpractice, worker's compensation, and liability are generally deductible. You also might be able to deduct medical and dental premiums for you and your dependents if you operate a sole proprietorship or partnership. Plus, tax credits are available for some small business owners who pay a certain percentage of employee healthcare costs. If you research them thoroughly and employ them correctly, these deductions can save you a substantial amount of money by lowering your tax bill--money that can then be invested back into your business to help it grow. But if you interpret the tax code wrong and take deductions that you shouldn't, you're inviting an audit--and potential financial penalties down the road. 5. Get Your Financial House in Order Nothing will slow you down faster than sloppy record keeping. Make sure all your records are current and accurate, and keep everything you might conceivably need. A good rule of thumb is this: if you have data and you're uncertain whether you should keep it... Keep it. Only discard documents and information you're positive has no further use. Generally speaking, the IRS suggests keeping tax-related documents for three years after filing, although the timeframe varies for different criteria. Additionally, it's a good idea to learn about the latest and greatest in technology. Cloud-based tax software and accounting systems can help you keep a close eye on your data and help you make sure that you get everything you're entitled to. 6. Explore Your Options If You Need Additional Time If April 15th is bearing down and you feel like you're not going to make it, there's some good news: the IRS allows businesses to ask for a filing extension. Use Form 7004 to request an extension to file your business income tax. There are some other factors to consider, however. While your extension request might buy you extra time to file, it won't push back your deadline for making a payment. If you fail to pay by April 15, you'll expose your business to the possibility of extra financial penalties and accrued interest. *** Very few people look forward to tax season--and that often goes double for the people responsible for both business and personal taxes. We usually focus on small business loans and small business funding, but we wanted to create this guide to put you in the best position to negotiate next year's taxes with ease. This article was originally published on the Fundera Ledger on June 16, 2016. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

08 ноября, 22:44

Cast Your Vote: Zacks November Market Strategy Report

As the U.S. economy struggles to get more than +2% annual growth out of this business cycle, I think one underlying force holding U.S. growth back is the attrition of women in the active labor force.

03 ноября, 22:57

When Rich Nation Growth Stagnates

What's an investor or trader to do?

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03 ноября, 14:01

Bear of the Day: Rent-A-Center Inc. (RCII)

Bear of the Day: Rent-A-Center Inc. (RCII)

19 октября, 18:49

ЛЧИ-2016. Активный трейдер. 19.10.2016

В нашей группе на первом месте остаётся GoldenElf. Её взгляд на рынок прежний: шорт Си, лонг РТС. Свой прогноз она реализует не только через фьючерсы, но и через покупку опционов. Это добавляет веселья. От себя замечу, что согласен с её нынешним направлением, но как могу напоминаю о рисках. На втором месте Robot_KingFees. Он поймал волну и прибавляет в день по несколько процентов. Уже много дней (с 30 октября) он торгует только РТС-ом (RIZ6). До этого РТС и Си шли вперемешку. Я держусь на третьем месте. Прибавил за сегодня 4%. Это произошло на таких бумагах как: Уралкалий, Сургутнефтегаз, Башнефть (префы). Для контраста — вот дно турнирной таблицы. Самые знатные активные сливаки. Среди них есть и миллионщик со стартовой суммой 4,6 мио. С грустью увидел среди аутсайдеров 1M_Dollars. В начале конкурса он был лидером турнирной таблицы. Теперь выпотрошен жестокой рукой рынка. Альпинист должен помнить про тех кто сорвался вниз, а трейдер должен смотреть на эти ники и знать, что бывает, если утратить контроль. На месте этих бедолаг может оказаться каждый. --- Напоследок — статья по хфт-торговле для всех кому интересно www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R44443.pdf

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13 октября, 15:04

«Любое техническое изменение должно отвечать на вопрос «зачем?» — Одноклассники о Java и не только

Как в Одноклассниках использование sun.misc.Unsafe сочетается с повышенными требованиями к надёжности? Почему там дорабатывали систему мониторинга Cacti? Как работа в ОК пересекается с научной деятельностью? Если соцсеть называется «Одноклассники», то состоит ли весь её Java-код из одного класса? Ответы на эти и другие вопросы — в нашем посте. В преддверии Joker, где сразу трое сотрудников ОК будут спикерами, а ещё один участвует в программном комитете, мы расспросили всех четверых — и не только их. На наши вопросы ответили: Олег Анастасьев, ведущий разработчик (участник программного комитета Joker 2016) Андрей Паньгин, ведущий разработчик (спикер Joker 2016) Виталий Худобахшов, ведущий аналитик (спикер Joker 2016) Дмитрий Бугайченко, инженер-аналитик (спикер Joker 2016) Андрей Губа, заместитель технического директора Кристина Штейнберга, руководитель отдела персонала Читать дальше →

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30 сентября, 13:30

CTF на ZeroNights 2016: QIWI и «Информзащита» разыграют 250 тыс. рублей

17 ноября в 10:00 по Москве группа QIWI и системный интегратор «Информзащита» проведут одно из крупнейших в России CTF-соревнований в формате Jeopardy в рамках конференции ZeroNights 2016. Призовой фонд за 1-3 места составит ₽150 тыс., ₽75 тыс. и ₽25 тыс. Для победы в турнире необходимо набрать максимальное число баллов, выполняя задания в категориях Reverse / PWN / Web / Crypto / Misc.

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30 сентября, 12:47

[recovery mode] Epic CTF-battle от QIWI и «Информзащиты» на ZeroNights 2016 – ₽250К победителям

В рамках ZeroNights 2016 QIWI и системный интегратор «Информзащита» проведут CTF-баттл в формате Jeopardy. Старт 17 ноября 2016 г. в 10:00 МСК. Призовой фонд за 1-3 места составит ₽150 тыс., ₽75 тыс. и ₽25 тыс. Для победы в турнире необходимо выполнить задания в категориях Reverse / PWN / Web / Crypto / Misc и набрать максимальное число баллов. Допускается решение заданий в произвольном порядке, стоимость решения зависит от сложности задачи. Приоритет – по времени выполнения. Возможен удаленный доступ к игровой сети[1], однако часть заданий реализована в офлайне и потребует присутствия участников в зоне QIWI на площадке ZeroNights. «У QIWI есть успешный практический опыт участия в CTF и организации таких соревнований. Это очень удобный формат, и я уверен, что вместе с «Информзащитой» мы предложим интересную среду для обмена опытом и достойное вознаграждение победителям», — сказал CISO Группы QIWI Кирилл Ермаков isox. Читать дальше →

19 сентября, 21:10

Fast Money Gets It Wrong: Zacks Strategy

US Markets Look Overbid???While Global Fundamentals Turned.

18 сентября, 23:29

Supreme Cover-Up: How The Wisconsin Justice System Failed In The Walker John Doe

Recent elections have turned the Wisconsin Supreme Court from "one of the nation's most respected state tribunals into a disgraceful mess," wrote noted author on the courts Lincoln Caplan in 2015.

16 сентября, 16:30

Lifeway Foods, Tractor Supply, Micron, Telefonica and Usana Health Sciences highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

Lifeway Foods, Tractor Supply, Micron, Telefonica and Usana Health Sciences highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

15 сентября, 23:29

Fast Money Gets It Wrong Now: Zacks Sept. Market Strategy

Not to sound like a U.S. decline-ist, but the fast money has overbid this nation's financial markets at this moment in time.

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15 сентября, 15:40

IDI, Inc (IDI) Worth a Look: Stock Adds 5% in Session

IDI, Inc. (IDI) saw its shares rise 5% in the last trading session.

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13 сентября, 15:28

Why ITOCHU (ITOCY) Might Be a Diamond in the Rough

ITOCHU (ITOCY) is well positioned for a solid gain, but has been overlooked by investors lately