National Grid
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26 октября, 21:35

Network companies under scrutiny for rising UK electricity prices

Helm review calls for price control shake-up and rethink of National Grid role

10 октября, 17:34

Williams Partners (WPZ) Brings Online New York Bay Expansion

Williams Partners (WPZ) has brought online New York Bay Expansion. This is one of its five projected fully contracted expansion projects.

26 сентября, 11:15

UK energy has 'greenest' summer to date, National Grid says

National Grid says low carbon sources generated more UK electricity than coal and gas this summer.

26 сентября, 02:01

This summer was greenest ever for energy, says National Grid

Carbon emissions pushed to lowest level yet as first subsidy-free large solar power project opens in the UKThe UK has set a new landmark for clean energy after the National Grid announced that the electricity powering the UK’s homes and businesses this summer was the greenest ever.The record comes as the first subsidy-free large solar power project opens in the UK, in what the government described as a significant moment for the energy sector. Continue reading...

14 сентября, 22:13

Electric Vehicles: The High Cost Of Going Green

It has become raison d’être that electric vehicles (EV) will keep increasing in use without considering serious factors that could hamper their growth. The British electrical grid example and the growth of EVs should bring pause to consumers, investors and governments promoting their unconstrained usage. According to the British National Grid, “the growing use of electric vehicles could increase electricity peak demand by 3.5 gigawatts (GW) by 2030.” This will occur since sales of EVs are expected to be more than 90…

11 сентября, 14:45

UK Says Offshore Windpower Costs Halved, Union Disputes Figures

The UK government said the cost to consumers of offshore wind projects in the North Sea has fallen by 50% in the past two years – to a level significantly below that of new nuclear. But critics say the headline figures conceal hidden iniquities for the UK’s 27mn households. Eleven new energy...

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07 августа, 02:01

Trial to phase in hydrogen as fuel to begin in north-west

Carbon-free gas to be distributed to industrial users in Liverpool and Manchester, with plans to dilute methane for domestic useLiverpool and Manchester are to be the testbed for an ambitious £600m project aiming to solve the thorny problem of how the government cuts the carbon footprint of the gas that heats most of Britain’s homes.Cadent, which runs the connections to half of the UK homes on gas, hopes to undertake a pioneering trial in the 2020s using hydrogen as a cleaner alternative to methane in pipelines across the region. Continue reading...

30 июля, 16:48

Wartime bombs and mines fail to stop cross-Channel power cable

UXBs, a US plane and a 14th-century ship among challenges to team running seabed power cable across busy shipping lane with a history of warfareA £625m project to connect the energy systems of the UK and Belgium has unearthed more than a dozen bombs and mines dating back a century to when the continent was wracked by war.Detailed underwater surveys by National Grid, undertaken this year ahead of the laying of the 80-mile interconnector, have detected 19 pieces of unexploded ordnance from the first and second world wars along the seabed on the planned route. Continue reading...

24 июля, 15:53

Dominion Energy Midstream Hikes Quarterly Distribution by 5%

Dominion Energy Midstream (DM) raised its quarterly cash distribution rate by 5% and is poised to meet the annual distribution hike target of 22%.

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17 июля, 09:01

Investors received record-breaking dividends in 2017, research shows

Shareholders in companies on London’s main market received £33.3bn during second quarter, up 14.5% year on yearInvestors are enjoying a stellar 2017, with rising share prices being supplemented by record-breaking dividend payments, new research shows.Shareholders in companies listed on London’s main market received £33.3bn in payments during the second quarter of this year, up 14.5% year on year, according to the latest analysis by Capita, a services company. Continue reading...

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13 июля, 07:30

Electric cars will fuel huge demand for power, says National Grid

Increase in peak electricity demand could be more than capacity of planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power station by 2030A dramatic growth in electric vehicles on Britain’s roads could see peak electricity demand jump by more than the capacity of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station by 2030, according to National Grid.The number of plug-in cars and vans could reach 9m by 2030, up from around 90,000 today, said the company, which runs the UK’s national transmission networks for electricity and gas. Continue reading...

13 июля, 02:01

Electric cars forecast to create extra 18GW demand for power in UK

National Grid predicts peak impact equivalent to capacity of 6 nuclear plants by 2050

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12 июля, 02:01

Energy networks' £7.5bn windfall 'should be returned to consumers'

Firms that transmit electricity and gas, such as National Grid, have ‘eye-watering’ profit margins, says Citizen’s AdviceEnergy networks have been accused of exploiting UK consumers to enjoy a £7.5bn windfall of unjustified “sky high” profits, and urged to return the money in the form of a one-off £285 rebate to every household.Citizen’s Advice said the companies that transmit electricity and gas around the UK, including National Grid, were reaping “eye-watering” average profit margins of 19% from their monopolies. That compares with the 4% margin that big six suppliers, such as British Gas, make selling power and gas to householders. Continue reading...

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08 июля, 11:00

Electric car revolution: calculating the cost of green motoring

More battery-powered vehicles would mean cleaner air and quieter streets – but also a drain on the National Grid and less fuel duty to the TreasuryStreets will be quieter, the air will be cleaner, people will spend less time at petrol stations and car factories might even return to Britain’s shores if the country switches to electric cars in a dramatic, widespread fashion.But widespread adoption of battery-powered vehicles would not be without challenges too. A large-scale switchover to electric cars could create problems for power grids, could mean roads lined with charging poles and it could also leave a big hole in public coffers as fuel duty dries up. Continue reading...

05 июля, 16:35

Itron Set to Gain from Strategic Plans, Rising Expenses Hurt

Itron (ITRI) is poised to benefit from constant focus on its strategic plans despite elevated expenses.

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27 июня, 22:13

Grenfell Tower gas pipes left exposed, despite fire safety expert's orders

Council expert said pipes serving flats must be protected with fire-retardant boxing but, by time of fire, two-thirds were still bareDozens of exposed gas pipes in Grenfell Tower that caused residents to fear for their safety were left bare despite a council safety expert ordering them to be protected by fire-retardant boxing.The National Grid agreed to protect the pipes serving individual flats, which had been installed over the winter, but had only added a third of the boxing by the time the deadly blaze killed at least 79 people. Continue reading...

27 июня, 10:46

Солнечные батареи обеспечили почти четверть генерации в Великобритании

В мае текущего года в Великобритании солнечные батареи обеспечивали удовлетворение 24,3% от совокупного объёма потребности страны в электроэнергии.

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25 июня, 19:20

UK energy industry cyber-attack fears are 'off the scale'

Sector says current threat coming to the fore because of trend towards decentralised power plants Concern over the threat posed by cyber-attacks on power stations and electricity grids is “off the scale” in the UK energy sector, according to a leading industry figure.No other country in the world has an energy industry as worried about the risk from cyber threats, such as the WannaCry ransomware attack that recently hit the NHS, the former chief of National Grid told the Guardian. Continue reading...

24 июня, 01:14

Expansion And Diversification: Papua New Guinea’s Energy Sector

Rising demand and a need to boost connectivity to the national grid are driving rapid expansion in Papua New Guinea’s electricity sector, with a range of sources tapped to meet the government’s power access targets. Currently, PNG has less than 600 MW of installed generation capacity, according to the Department of National Enterprises, and frequent outages due to spikes in demand mean the existing grid is consistently under pressure. On top of this, much of the country lacks access to electricity – particularly in rural areas…