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18 июня, 22:19

Will Ferrell to star in Eurovision song contest comedy for Netflix

Actor is writer and star of feature based on the international singing competitionWill Ferrell is set to star in a Netflix film based around the Eurovision song contest. Related: Eurovision 2018: five things we learned Continue reading...

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18 июня, 19:45

The Scariest Villain In ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Isn’t Who You Think

Mariah Dillard and Bushmaster are both trying to take over Harlem Season 2 of Netflix's 'Luke Cage' but the real villain is scarier.

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16 июня, 13:00

Marc Maron: ‘I’m familiar with coke, anger, bullying, selfishness’

The Glow star and hit podcaster talks drugs, divorces and his ‘horrible’ feud with Jon StewartThe night before I meet Marc Maron, I go to his standup show in London. These days Maron is best known for his hugely popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which he started in 2009, and on which he has interviewed everyone from Barack Obama to Keith Richards and Chris Rock. He conducts most of the interviews from his garage in LA, and they are almost always revealing and always entertaining. In 2010, Robin Williams talked about his depression and addictions, four years before he killed himself. Obama talked about the racism and African American stereotypes that shaped his sense of self. WTF now gets 7m downloads a month.But in the 90s, when I first discovered him, Maron was not known for his empathetic dialogues; rather, he was seen as an aggressive monologuer. Back then, he was a struggling standup, with a style that was often described as angry and arrogant – or, as his friend Louis CK once put it, “a huge amount of insecurity and craziness”. He was known as a comedian’s comedian, which is a nice way of saying the industry liked him, but audiences didn’t. Continue reading...

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13 июня, 23:15

‘Orange is the New Black’: All the New Spoilers We Learned About Season 6

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Here's what we found out about season 6 of 'Orange is the New Black'

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12 июня, 13:43

Mark Millar: 'Netflix will take risks where a studio won't'

The creator of comics such as Kingsman, Kick-Ass and now The Magic Order explains why he signed to the streaming giant – and how he did it equitably“Pick a card,” I say to Mark Millar. “Any card.”The man behind some of the best-known comic books of the last 30 years is sitting in a corner of a Glasgow pub reading a copy of the Morning Star, which he folds up to indulge me as I riffle a deck of cards in front of him. Continue reading...

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12 июня, 08:53

В работе Netflix произошел глобальный сбой

Пользователи по всему миру сообщили, что в работе американского сервиса потокового видео Netflix произошел сбой. Об этом пишет издание The Independent, сообщает Новое время. При попытке залогиниться в сервисе выдает ошибку. Видео не загружаются. Ранее […]

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12 июня, 00:32

‘Roseanne’ and Other TV Shows That Were Canceled Because of a Scandal

These shows were canceled not due to low ratings but due to a massive scandal.

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11 июня, 17:45

Queer Eye’s Fab Five on how they are changing men – one makeover at a time

As the Netflix reality show returns, its stars descend on the rural Australian town of Yass to record a mini episode – and explain the secrets of their enormous successJonathan Van Ness screams – and then starts crying. The Queer Eye star is sitting in a car on a cattle farm in the rural Australian town of Yass, New South Wales. As the tears stream down his face, he begins filming himself on his phone.“I just found out Michelle Kwan followed me on Instagram and lost my mind,” he tells his followers – close to a million of them on the social network, the latest of whom is the retired Olympian figure skater. Continue reading...

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09 июня, 08:31

Sense8: the series finale review – sci-fi love-in is strictly for the fans

After much online outcry, the Wachowskis’ cancelled show was given a feature-length reprieve in which to tie up loose ends and wallow in schmaltzWhen Sense8, a sci-fi drama by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the directors of The Matrix, and Babylon 5 creator J Michael Straczynski, was cancelled after two seasons, there were outpourings of grief and rage from its fans. Not just because there were unanswered questions, but mainly because they had come to love the show.The premise – strangers around the globe become emotionally linked – was an intriguing one. Its characters are diverse and it explores identity, gender, sexuality and race. This is inclusive science fiction for a modern world; sci-fi with a heart. Well, it does the international sign for heart, anyway. Continue reading...

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08 июня, 19:05

‘Arrested Development’: The 1 Most Shocking Moment From Season 5

The first half of Season 5 is out on Netflix for 'Arrested Development'. Here are some of the biggest surprises.

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08 июня, 16:00

The Staircase review – still the godfather of the true crime documentary

Netflix’s doc about the death of Kathleen Peterson and her novelist husband Michael’s court case remains a sensational, game-changing seriesIn December 2001, Kathleen Peterson, who was married to the 58-year-old novelist Michael Peterson, was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their mansion in Durham, North Carolina. Peterson said his wife had fallen, but he was tried for murder. Those bare facts are intriguing, but they are just a tiny part of why The Staircase is a crime documentary to rival any of the genre’s biggest hits. Netflix’s 13-parter comprises eight episodes released in 2004, another two that debuted in 2013 – up to this point, it has all been shown before on BBC4 – and three new instalments, shot last year. Taken in one hit, it is what Netflix justifiably calls a titanic piece of work that confirms the French director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade as the godfather of the modern longform documentary. You can see why the producers of Making a Murderer sought advice from De Lestrade when they began editing their show: The Staircase demonstrates how to ride the wave of a sensational true story, zooming in on fine details before pulling back to unleash game-changing revelations at the steady rate of one stunner per episode. Continue reading...

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07 июня, 13:50

The Toys That Made Us: Netflix's show will make you rethink your childhood

There is nothing sentimental about this behind-the-scenes look at the toy industry – what sells it is the intrigue of seeing how the sausage was madeIf you are a person of a certain age, then Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us is a hit of pure-tar nostalgia. The series does not have the pizazz of Wild Wild Country or the intrigue of Making a Murderer, but it will transport you back to your childhood like nothing else you will watch this year.Now, before I go any further, I should point out that nostalgia is bad. Nothing good ever came from longing for the past. Nostalgia stunts people, creates suspicion about the present and causes Brexit. If The Toys That Made Us were simply a rose-tinted celebration of the hunks of plastic you used to bash together as a child, it would be unbearable. Continue reading...

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05 июня, 12:00

Alex Strangelove review – Netflix's gay teen sex comedy plays it too straight

A well-meaning high school romp works best when it explores the complexities of sexuality but an old-school conservatism frustratesWhile bemoaning the imperfect state of her love life, a character in Alex Strangelove unfavorably compares her personal drama to that of “this old movie my mom made me watch”. Briefly, you wonder what idealised golden age romance has left her heartsore and starry-eyed: Casablanca? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Of course not: she means Sixteen Candles, John Hughes’ now 34-year-old high school love triangle, of which this well-meaning Netflix original is quite plainly a gawky adolescent descendant. If that makes you feel old, well, Craig Johnson’s perky tale of a virginal teenage boy working out sex, sexuality and the whole damn thing isn’t made for you. Related: Teenage stream: how Netflix resurrected the high school movie Continue reading...

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05 июня, 08:00

Whodunnit: the husband or the owl? How The Staircase invented true crime TV

From OJ to Making a Murderer, true crime shows owe a debt to this extraordinary documentary. As the series is finally shown in full, its director talks about the case that haunts himThe story of The Staircase is a long and twisty one. Kathleen Peterson, a wealthy business executive, was found in a bloody heap at the bottom of the stairs at her home in Durham, North Carolina, on the night of 9 December 2001. Her husband, Michael Peterson, a writer, was charged with her murder. The Staircase, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s extraordinary documentary series, follows the build up to the trial, how it all unfolds in the courtroom and its aftermath.De Lestrade’s previous work, Murder on a Sunday Morning, was a two-hour film about a teenager accused of murdering a woman in Jacksonville, Florida. After its success (it won the 2001 documentary Oscar), HBO asked for more. De Lestrade was keen to find a very different kind of case from that of a poor black kid (who was acquitted after his public defender proved police had lied and beaten a confession out of him). Continue reading...

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01 июня, 01:34

TV Shows That Will Probably Be Ending Sooner Rather Than Later

These shows probably don't have much longer left to go.

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29 мая, 17:47

The radical subversion of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's survival narrative

In the final season of the acclaimed Netflix comedy, there’s an increased topicality of the story of a woman dealing with her past of abuseIn the genre-bending third episode of the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we take a step out of Kimmy’s cheery, colorful world to watch a “House Flix” documentary devoted to exonerating the Reverend, the man who kidnapped her and three other women 15 years before. The documentary is written, filmed and produced by an empty-headed DJ who begins a quest to find his childhood DJ hero (yes, the Reverend was a popular midwestern DJ before becoming a kidnapper and cult leader) but ends up being coerced into shooting a Making a Murderer-style documentary in the hope that the trial might be re-opened. Related: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Tina Fey nails young white-girl entitlement Continue reading...

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29 мая, 01:32

Popular TV Shows That Are Getting Major Cast Changes Next Season

These popular TV shows will be seeing major changes in their casts after this season.

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28 мая, 15:24

Can Michelle Wolf's Netflix show shake up the late night comedy scene?

Wolf’s pilot episode prophesies a brief period of growing pains in pursuit of an individual identity, and grand dividends once it’s completeMichelle Wolf knows you’re tired. She’s tired, too. She conceived her new series The Break, a half-hour shot live in front of a studio audience and uploaded to Netflix each Sunday instead of in a binge-friendly lump sum, as a reprieve from all of the week’s exhausting bullshit. As she reassures her crowd in the opening monologue, “I’m not gonna try to teach you anything, or discuss political policy with you.” She promises that there will be all manner of jokes and that everyone is a possible target, from her best friend Sarah Sanders to Oprah to Michelle Wolf. In an expertly deployed self-own, she reveals that a clown costume during her childhood did not require use of a silly wig. Related: Michelle Wolf: the unstoppable rise of America's provocative political comic Continue reading...

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27 мая, 16:00

What Elon Musk and George Soros can teach us about media credibility

Tesla founder hits out at journalists as anti-Brexit billionaire is accused by Daily Mail of undermining democracyThis is the tale of two billionaires at the heart of the current debate over truth and trust in the media: one, George Soros, long used to being vilified by the press; the other, Elon Musk, who last week turned on journalists and called them liars.After a few negative headlines about his electric car company, Tesla, Musk took exception to an investigation by Reveal, website for the Center for Investigative Reporting, into the number of unreported injuries. Linking to a report disclaiming the negative headlines, the PayPal founder and space explorer tweeted: “Holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie, is why the public no longer respects them.” Continue reading...

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26 мая, 01:33

TV Shows Canceled in 2018 That Could Make a Return

Could these recently-canceled shows come back?