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14 декабря, 14:56

Big-screen boom: UK cinemas on track for best year since 1971

Box-office success is attributed to a more diverse film slate and rise of boutique theatresThe British box office is heading for its best year in almost five decades as cinemas continue to defy the stay-at-home lure of Netflix.When the final ticket stubs are counted it is expected that British cinemagoers will have attended 176m times this year, a number not seen since 1971 when the hits included Diamonds are Forever, French Connection, Dirty Harry and Fiddler on the Roof. Continue reading...

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14 декабря, 02:00

What Trick Does Olivia Colman Use to Hide Her Emotions When Playing Queen Elizabeth II in ‘The Crown’?

This is the way Olivia Colman is able to hide her emotions during tragic scenes while playing Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown.'

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13 декабря, 17:20

Taylor Swift and Netflix Finally Paired Up for the Best New Year’s Eve Special Ever

Taylor Swift joined with Netflix for an exclusive special documenting her 2018 reputation tour. See the trailer for the show that airs on New Year's Eve.

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13 декабря, 00:12

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’: When Will Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Here's everything you need to know about Netflix's The Punisher and when the second season will drop on the platform in 2019.

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12 декабря, 22:15

‘Stranger Things 3’ Trailer: We Now Know the Episode Titles for the Next Season

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Netflix just dropped a new trailer for Season 3 of 'Stranger Things' here's what we know about the upcoming episodes and the premiere date.

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12 декабря, 17:47

Sunderland ‘Til I Die shows all that is right and wrong in English football | Barry Glendenning

A sense of loss is all-pervading in a Netflix series chronicling Sunderland’s relegation into League One but, throughout, a sense of optimism shines out from most fansIt’s the hope that kills them, Sunderland fans can handle the despair. And it is a prevailing sense of hope that percolates throughout all eight episodes of a new behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling the club’s relegation to the third tier of English football last season. Throughout a preposterously chaotic campaign, even by the standards of a club long considered utterly dysfunctional, Sunderland’s fans remain surprisingly upbeat, despite having grown wearily accustomed to coping with apparently bottomless levels of crushing disappointment. Related: Sunderland's hall of shame: club's (mostly bad) signings under Short Continue reading...

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11 декабря, 23:57

Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix Deal: How Many Netflix Originals is She Creating, and When Will They Premiere?

Shonda Rhimes is moving from ABC to Netflix, and already has eight new shows in the works. Here's what to expect from the writer-producer next.

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11 декабря, 05:43

Is Millie Bobby Brown Leaving ‘Stranger Things’ After Season 3?

Is the popular young actress leaving the Netflix hit? Here's what she said.

01 декабря, 07:31

Почему падение американских акций продолжится в 2019 году

Сильная зависимость фондового рынка США от динамики акций IT-компаний, политика ФРС и торговые войны — все это предрекает возобновление обвала котировок после рождественского ралли

01 декабря, 04:57

Написанная женой Обамы книга стала бестселлером

Мишель Обама выпустила книгу-бестселлер, в которой критикует Трампа. Свое произведение, тираж которого составил 3,4 млн экземпляров, она назвала «Становление». Больше половины тиража – всего около 2 млн книг - было продано на территории США и Канады за две недели. При этом экземпляров в твердом переплете реализовали больше, чем любой другой книги в 2018 году. Как сообщают «Известия», мемуары бывшей первой леди были переведены на 31 язык. Приобрести их могут жители Австралии, Великобритании, Франции, Германии и других стран. Мишель рассказывает в книге не только об отношениях внутри семьи, но и о своих политических пристрастиях. Например, она признается в том, что недолюбливает действующего американского лидера Дональда Трампа. Ранее «Свободная пресса» сообщала, что бывший президент США Барак Обама ведет переговоры с американской компанией Netflix по поводу участия в съемках шоу. 56-летнему Обаме и его жене Мишель поступило предложение создавать эксклюзивный контент, который будет представлен в режиме потокового видео.  Новости политики: У Обамы был только один смокинг на все случаи жизни  

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01 декабря, 02:27

All The Signs Netflix Wants To Win Some BAFTA Awards in 2019

A look into Netflix's strategies to win Awards at the February 2019 Film Baftas in the UK, as compared to its Oscar campaigns.

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01 декабря, 02:08

The Real Reasons Netflix Is Cancelling Their Marvel Shows

Netflix and Marvel are going their separate ways, and the popular MCU series on Netflix will end next year. While fans are upset and the press ponders what brought this on, the answers are obvious and entirely reasonable.

01 декабря, 00:25

Hasan Minhaj’s Net Worth: How Political Comedy Made Him a Millionaire

Hasan Minhaj made a name for himself by tackling political issues.

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All The New Netflix Comedy Specials & Series Coming In December 2018

All things comedy coming to Netflix in December 2018, including Ellen Degeneres, Vir Das, and Brian Regan.

30 ноября, 23:23

AT&T Offers Future Strategic Insights: Key Notes to Consider

AT&T (T) aims to ramp up the FirstNet deployment while focusing on 5G technology to retain its leading position in the market.

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30 ноября, 21:56

Jason Momoa: How Much is the ‘Aquaman’ Star Worth?

Jason Momoa rose to fame for his 'Game of Thrones' role, but has continued to shine since. His latest movie, 'Aquaman,' will increase his net worth even more.

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30 ноября, 21:07

Netflix ready to take the stage at Pinewood Studios

Streaming service plans to make home of Star Wars and James Bond its UK production hub

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30 ноября, 20:22

Netflix Drops Daredevil In Latest Preview Of The Streaming Wars Ahead In 2019

Netflix unexpectedly announced the cancellation of the flagship of its Marvel on-screen universe yesterday amid speculation that competition with Disneys new streaming service is about to heat up.

30 ноября, 19:08

Daredevil Comic Writer Charles Soule Responds To Cancellation Of Show

"I enjoyed the Netflix Daredevil show, and I’m bummed for everyone who’s out of work over there"

30 ноября, 17:01

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix