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20 июля, 12:17

Should we work a four-day week? Results from a trial in New Zealand

This week the Upside looks at work-life balance and visits Britain’s first plastic-free townThere’s been no shortage of competition, to be sure, but the grim headlines of the past week may just have been the most despair-inducing of the year. Maybe it’s timely then that the Upside’s editor, Mark Rice-Oxley, has been discussing the purpose of our series and of solutions-based journalism in a new podcast. This week we renew our efforts to find stories that might restore hope and inspire action amid the storm. Continue reading...

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20 июля, 08:00

How to transform the way we work: scrap Fridays | Gaby Hinsliff

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The last day of the week is a slog at work. But using technology to work smarter could free up workers’ hours – and profit companiesThe worst time in the world to get anything done is on a Friday afternoon. Shoulders drop, spirits rise, thoughts inexorably start drifting towards a sunny beer garden. Suddenly, nothing seems so urgent that it couldn’t probably wait. Wise employers have long learned not to fight the Friday feeling.Even in the workaholic 1980s, Fridays used to be dress-down days, the one-time buttoned-up bankers were free to wear their chinos. And despite the fact that millions no longer work Monday to Friday, they’re still the day of choice in many offices for working from home – the one time you can reliably get a seat on a commuter train, or a space in a railway car park. Continue reading...

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20 июля, 03:27

Pop-up Globe apologises for marketing #MeToo season with all-male cast

Theatre company, currently in Auckland, criticised for staging men-only shows with a ‘feminist reading’ A theatre company has cast two Shakespeare plays with all male actors, claiming the “controversial” move was an attempt to explore gender equality in the age of #MeToo and #timesup.The Pop-up Globe theatre in Auckland will stage Richard III and The Taming of the Shrew in November, but a decision to cast only male actors has drawn criticism for being discriminatory, “bizarre” and tone-deaf. Continue reading...

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19 июля, 11:37

A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result

A New Zealand firm reduced its workweek to 32 hours over four days, and found that workers were more productive during their time at work.

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19 июля, 02:54

Work less, get more: New Zealand firm's four-day week an 'unmitigated success'

Reduced hours for same pay increased work-life balance by 24%, cutting stress levels and boosting commitment The New Zealand company behind a landmark trial of a four-day working week has concluded it an unmitigated success, with 78% of employees feeling they were able to successfully manage their work-life balance, an increase of 24%. Two-hundred-and-forty staff at Perpetual Guardian, a company which manages trusts, wills and estate planning, trialled a four-day working week over March and April, working four, eight-hour days but getting paid for five. Continue reading...

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14 июля, 04:24

'Like losing family': time may be running out for New Zealand's most sacred tree

Tāne Mahuta (Lord of the Forest) is about 2,500 years old. But its days will be numbered if it succumbs to kauri diebackNew Zealand’s oldest and most sacred tree stands 60 metres from death, as a fungal disease known as kauri dieback spreads unabated across the country.Tāne Mahuta (Lord of the Forest) is a giant kauri tree located in the Waipoua forest in the north of the country, and is sacred to the Māori people, who regard it as a living ancestor. Continue reading...

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12 июля, 04:22

'Be fair to those who care': New Zealand hospitals in chaos as 30,000 nurses strike

First such action in 30 years comes after what acting PM Winston Peters called nine years of neglect by previous governmentHospitals in New Zealand have cancelled elective surgeries and discharged patients early after 30,000 nurses walked off the job in the first such nationwide strike in 30 years. Related: New Zealand teachers and nurses to hold first mass strike in a generation Continue reading...

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10 июля, 06:10

New Zealand’s Nurses Plan Walkout, Testing Jacinda Ardern’s Government

Planned walkouts by nurses and teachers reflect hopes by unions for better deals under the center-left Labour government.

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09 июля, 05:49

New Zealand teachers and nurses to hold first mass strike in a generation

Labour blames previous National government, saying ‘years of neglect’ cannot be addressed in one pay roundThe first Labour government in a decade is facing a wave of strike action in New Zealand, as thousands of nurses, teachers, and government staffers prepare to walk off the job.On Monday 4,000 employees at Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment stopped work for two hours, demanding better pay. “This isn’t a decision our members have taken lightly, but they feel they have no choice but to take industrial action,” said Public Service Association secretary Glenn Barclay. “To put it into perspective, members at [Internal Revenue] have not taken strike action in 22 years.” Continue reading...

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06 июля, 03:57

Wellington whale: frolicking southern right whale charms New Zealand capital

Traffic grinds to a standstill on Wellington’s harbourside roads as locals try to catch a glimpse of the rare visitorA huge southern right whale frolicking in Wellington harbour has brought the capital’s waterfront to a standstill as locals skip work to catch a glimpse of the animal. Southern right whales used to be a common sight in Wellington harbour, but 150 years of whaling from the 17th century brought them to the brink of extinction. Continue reading...

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05 июля, 08:32

Internet Renegade Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal on Extradition to U.S.

Mr. Dotcom, a New Zealand resident, has been accused of copyright infringement and money laundering tied to illegal downloads that generated tens of millions of dollars.

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05 июля, 04:04

Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US, New Zealand appeal court rules

Internet entrepreneur and Megaupload founder to appeal to supreme court after ruling on intellectual property rights upheldNew Zealand’s court of appeal has ruled that internet entrepreneur and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom could be extradited to the United States to face racketeering and criminal copyright charges. The court’s written decision rejected Dotcom’s appeal and upheld a lower court ruling in 2017 that the extradition could take place. Continue reading...

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05 июля, 03:37

Fake chews? New Zealand MP fears 'existential threat' of synthetic burgers

The Impossible Burger, being served on Air New Zealand, has also drawn the ire of acting prime minister Winston PetersA veggie burger that “bleeds” fake blood has been accused of posing an “existential threat” to New Zealand’s beef industry, amid a growing row over synthetic meat.The Impossible Burger, which is being served on the national carrier Air New Zealand, has drawn the ire of the acting prime minister Winston Peters, who has said he is “utterly opposed to fake beef,” and the airline should be using real animal products. Continue reading...

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04 июля, 03:22

NZ National party appeals order to pay Eminem $600,000 in copyright battle

High court ruled last year that the party infringed when it used version of song Lose Yourself in a campaign adThe National party in New Zealand is refusing to move on from its copyright fight with Grammy award-winning rapper Eminem, arguing a decision by the high court ordering it to pay the singer NZ$600,000 ($400,000) is too high.In October last year New Zealand’s high court ruled that the National party infringed on the singer’s copyright when it used refrains from his song Lose Yourself in a campaign ad. The court awarded the rapper’s publisher NZ$600,000 in damages. Continue reading...

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03 июля, 22:00

Why New Zealand Is Furious About Australia’s Deportations Policy

New Zealanders are now the largest group inside Australian immigration detention centers, straining one of the world’s closest bilateral relationships.

03 июля, 12:30

Five ideas from other health systems that could transform NHS

These health innovations from Sweden, Israel and beyond could help revolutionise the NHSNHS at 70: all our anniversary coverage in one place As it enters its eighth decade, the NHS is struggling to cope with increasing demand and a limited budget. No health system has all the answers, and there are certainly lessons the NHS can impart. But if the NHS is to thrive it needs to draw on the knowledge and experiences of other countries. Continue reading...

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02 июля, 08:40

New Zealand the most perilous place for seabirds due to plastic pollution

‘Seabird capital of the world’ is home to dozens of endemic species, which are particularly vulnerable to plasticsSeabirds are more at risk of dying due to plastic in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world, new research presented to parliament has shown.New Zealand is considered “the seabird capital of the world”, according to the country’s Department of Conservation, with the northern royal albatross raising their chicks on the Otago Peninsula, unique species of oystercatchers on the Chatham Islands and more penguin species than any country in the world. Continue reading...

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02 июля, 07:47

Jacinda Ardern welcomes new welfare reforms from the sofa with new baby

Prime minister, who is on six weeks’ maternity leave, says families package is her proudest achievement so farJacinda Ardern has welcomed sweeping government reform for families in a video filmed while she is sitting on her sofa, cradling her baby, Neve.The families package was a core part of Labour’s campaign promises, and aims to make New Zealand “the best country in the world to raise a family”, as well as lifting 64,000 children out of poverty by 2020. Continue reading...

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29 июня, 23:00

Jacinda Ardern is the very hero the global left needs right now | Van Badham

The future of the left is bright if it looks like Jacinda Ardern and Alexandria Ocasio-CortesAs social media birth announcements go, Jacinda Ardern’s handheld Facebook Live of herself and her newborn Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford is charming. New Zealand’s prime minister introduces her new baby with radiant sincerity. She thanks her midwife and the hospital staff for their generous professionalism, and New Zealanders for their kindness and gifts. With a quick cutaway, she even jokes with the baby’s father about his “dad jumper”. Continue reading...

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27 июня, 06:20

'You just shut down': New Zealand politician talks about being sexually abused

Marama Davidson was thrown out of parliament three years ago for saying she was a victim of violenceCo-leader of the New Zealand Green party Marama Davidson has given her first interview about being sexually abused as a child; a revelation that saw her thrown out of parliament when she first went public with the experience three years ago.In 2015 Davidson was the first of several female MPs who were ordered to leave the chamber after their revelations that they had been victims of sexual violence were ruled out of order by the Speaker. Continue reading...

31 января 2015, 08:17

Новая Зеландия: Блинные скалы

 Punakaiki is a small community on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, between Westport and Greymouth. The community lies on the edge of the Paparoa National Park. The Pancake Rocks are a very popular tourist destination at Dolomite Point south of the main village. The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides. Together with the 'pancake'-layering of the limestone (created by immense pressure on alternating hard and soft layers of marine creatures and plant sediments), these form the main attraction of the area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punakaiki Paparoa National Park is on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It was established in 1987 and encompasses 306 km².[1] The park ranges from on or near the coastline to the peak of the Paparoa Ranges. A separate section of the park lies to the north and is centered at Ananui Creek. The park protects a limestone karst area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paparoa_National_Park zyalt: Блинные скалы, Новая Зеландия Одно из самых удивительных мест в Новой Зеландии - Блинные скалы (Pancake Rocks). Находятся на западном побережье в нацпарке Папароа. Название свое они получили из-за необычной формы. Скалы напоминают стопки сложенных блинчиков. Образовались они 30 миллионов лет назад в результате эрозии известняковых пород. Их слоистость объясняется тем, что породы, из которых сложены “блинные стопки”, имеют различную плотность. Со временем вода и ветер вытесали на поднявшихся из морских глубин скалах затейливую резьбу. Вид на скалы с моей летающей камеры ). Собственно, блинная часть справа находится.