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21 февраля, 12:40

New Zealand’s Former Leader Is Depicted by China as Praising Its Policies

Former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley gave an interview to a Communist Party newspaper in December. This week, it ran her remarks as a glowing op-ed piece.

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19 февраля, 13:47

Four-day week: trial finds lower stress and increased productivity

Study of pilot at New Zealand firm finds staff were happier and 20% more productiveThe founder of one of the first big companies to switch to a four-day working week has called on others to follow, claiming it has resulted in a 20% rise in productivity, appeared to have helped increase profits and improved staff wellbeing.Analysis of one of the biggest trials yet of the four-day working week has revealed no fall in output, reduced stress and increased staff engagement, fuelling hopes that a better work-life balance for millions could be in sight. Continue reading...

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15 февраля, 07:46

Huawei ban: Chinese state media claims tourists avoiding New Zealand

Report in Communist party mouthpiece comes amidst strained relationsNew Zealand has become the latest target of a propaganda campaign in China’s state-run media, with the English language Global Times newspaper claiming that tourists are cancelling their holidays in retaliation for the country banning Huawei from being involved in the 5G rollout.In November national telecommunications company Spark was temporarily banned from using Huawei equipment in the rollout after New Zealand’s spy agency warned it would pose “significant national security risks”. Continue reading...

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15 февраля, 05:00

James K Baxter: venerated poet's letters about marital rape rock New Zealand

Collection of writings just released includes references to rape of then-wife Jackie Sturm, herself an acclaimed poet and authorA new collection of letters from one of New Zealand’s most significant poets, James K Baxter, that includes a blunt admission of marital rape is causing shockwaves through the literary community.Baxter died in Auckland in 1972 but remains one of New Zealand’s literary giants. He achieved international attention in the late 1950s after Oxford University Press published his poetry collection, In Fires Of No Return. Continue reading...

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14 февраля, 12:34

New Zealand Fears Fraying Ties With China, Its Biggest Customer

The cancellation of a tourism initiative and the abrupt return of a Shanghai-bound Air New Zealand flight has many suspecting Chinese retaliation for a ban on the company Huawei.

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13 февраля, 04:12

Their chips are down: New Zealand seagulls under threat after 'unbelievable declines'

The birds are severely at risk, but there is little public awareness or sympathy for their plightSquawking, chip-stealing seagulls are under threat in New Zealand, with some colonies experiencing “unbelievable declines”, and others disappearing altogether over the past few decades.New Zealand is home to three species of seagull but the native red-billed seagull – the beady-eyed interloper who makes an appearance at every beach picnic up and down the country – is the most common. Continue reading...

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12 февраля, 09:19

Sticky situation: USB found in seal faeces reunited with owner

Amanda Nally, a seal enthusiast, had helped scientists to collect the sample 12 months earlierThe owner of a USB stick which was found in the frozen faeces of a rare leopard seal in New Zealand has been tracked down after a nationwide search and revealed to be a seal enthusiast who had helped collect the sample 12 months earlier.Last week the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) put out of a call for the owner of a USB stick they had recovered from the scat of a leopard seal, which had sat in a scientist’s freezer for more than a year, waiting to be examined. Continue reading...

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12 февраля, 09:06

Air New Zealand flight's U-turn sparks claims of China tensions

Plane’s turnaround after four-and-a-half hours forces PM to reject suggestions frosty ties are to blame An international flight from Auckland to Shanghai has turned around mid-air and returned to New Zealand, sparking concerns over increasingly frosty relations between the two countries and setting off a political war of words.Air New Zealand flight NZ289 left Auckland on Sunday morning but, four-and-a-half hours into its trip to Shanghai, the Boeing 787-9 made a U-turn in a move that has been described as “very unusual” by aviation experts. Continue reading...

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11 февраля, 04:02

New Zealand wildfires will burn for weeks, experts warn

An estimated 3,000 people have been evacuated due to a huge blaze on the northern tip of the South Island Fires that have ravaged parts of New Zealand over the last week could still be burning well into March, fire chiefs have warned.Firefighters “turned a corner” in fighting the Tasman blaze on Sunday night, after working for seven days to contain the fire, which started last Tuesday. Continue reading...

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10 февраля, 09:45

New Zealand wildfires set to worsen as thousands flee

Week-long blaze engulfs 2,300ha on South Island, leading to largest aerial firefight in country’s history Strong winds are expected to fan forest fires that have been burning for a week through New Zealand’s South Island, forcing thousands of people from their homes.Early on Sunday, 155 firefighters were battling the blaze on the ground with air support from 23 helicopters and three fixed wing planes, making it the largest aerial firefight on record in New Zealand. Continue reading...

07 февраля, 17:33

No-deal Brexit: UK exporters risk being locked out of world's harbours

Goods dispatched in coming days may not arrive until after 29 March deadline British exporters sending goods to far-flung destinations in the coming days risk being locked out of harbours around the world as a no-deal Brexit looms, business leaders have warned.The Confederation of British Industry, the EEF manufacturers’ lobby group and trade experts said exporters could be dispatching goods from UK ports imminently which would not arrive until after the 29 March deadline – raising the prospect of goods being stuck in ports or facing hefty additional costs in the event of a disorderly Brexit. Continue reading...

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06 февраля, 08:22

Did a Seal Eat Your Vacation Photos? A New Zealand Scientist Is Looking for You

Researchers in New Zealand studying the feces of leopard seals found a USB drive containing photos and videos from someone’s 2017 vacation.

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06 февраля, 06:42

New Zealand's Waitangi Day 2019 celebrations – in pictures

The national holiday celebrates the signing of the treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840 by Māori chiefs and the British Crown that granted the Māori people the rights of British citizens and ownership of their lands and other properties Continue reading...

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06 февраля, 06:20

Working USB stick found in leopard seal's year-old frozen faeces

New Zealand puts out call to find owner of memory stick spotted in frozen poo sample A functioning USB stick has been found in the scat of a rare Antarctic leopard seal, prompting New Zealand’s national science body to launch a hunt for the owner.Volunteers at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) recovered the device while examining the animal’s frozen faeces – which had been sitting in a freezer for over a year. Continue reading...

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31 января, 13:26

New Zealand Vowed 100,000 New Homes to Ease Crunch. So Far It Has Built 47.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government said it would scrap its initial target of 1,000 homes by July, while a study showed that housing had grown more unaffordable.

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31 января, 03:48

New Zealand baffled after protected little blue penguins stolen from nests

Two men wielding a crowbar raid wild nests in Napier, possibly to sell the animals into the illegal wildlife tradeTwo of the world’s smallest and most vulnerable penguins have been stolen in a brazen overnight raid on their nests in New Zealand.Little blue penguins – or kororā – are native to New Zealand and are listed by the Department of Conservation (DoC) as an at-risk, declining population. Little blues are the world’s smallest penguin, and are threatened by common predators such as dogs and cats, urban development on their coastal environment and being hit by cars, boats or caught in nets. Continue reading...

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31 января, 01:48

New Zealand brings first 'fake mānuka honey' prosecution

Company is accused of adding synthetic chemicals, including one used in tanning lotion, to honeyA mānuka honey company is being prosecuted by New Zealand’s food safety agency over claims it added artificial chemicals to its product.In the first case of its kind, the company is accused of adding synthetic chemicals – including one commonly used in tanning lotion – to honey it sold as “mānuka”. Continue reading...

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29 января, 03:38

Venezuela crisis: New Zealand refuses to back Guaidó as interim president

Foreign minister Winston Peters says country needs to ‘decide its future through free and fair elections’In a stark departure from its allies, the New Zealand government is refusing to take sides in the escalating Venezuelan leadership crisis, declining to give official recognition to either leader.Last week opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself Venezuela’s interim president, and quickly won the support of the US, the UK, Canada and some Latin American countries, who issued strong public statements recognising his authority. On Monday New Zealand’s closest neighbour, Australia, recognised Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has also urged countries to “pick a side” in the crisis. Continue reading...

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28 января, 17:55

Global Gains on Right to Repair

The right to repair movement is growing -- not just in the US, but in the EU, Australia, and New Zealand as well.

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28 января, 16:55

Trevor, world's loneliest duck, dies on Pacific island of Niue

Mallard who lived in a roadside puddle is found dead after being attacked by dogs Trevor the duck, whose tale of loneliness on the tiny Pacific island nation of Niue made him a local celebrity and captured headlines last year, has died.He was found dead in the bush after being attacked by dogs, according to a social media page dedicated to the drake. Continue reading...

31 января 2015, 08:17

Новая Зеландия: Блинные скалы

 Punakaiki is a small community on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, between Westport and Greymouth. The community lies on the edge of the Paparoa National Park. The Pancake Rocks are a very popular tourist destination at Dolomite Point south of the main village. The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides. Together with the 'pancake'-layering of the limestone (created by immense pressure on alternating hard and soft layers of marine creatures and plant sediments), these form the main attraction of the area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punakaiki Paparoa National Park is on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It was established in 1987 and encompasses 306 km².[1] The park ranges from on or near the coastline to the peak of the Paparoa Ranges. A separate section of the park lies to the north and is centered at Ananui Creek. The park protects a limestone karst area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paparoa_National_Park zyalt: Блинные скалы, Новая Зеландия Одно из самых удивительных мест в Новой Зеландии - Блинные скалы (Pancake Rocks). Находятся на западном побережье в нацпарке Папароа. Название свое они получили из-за необычной формы. Скалы напоминают стопки сложенных блинчиков. Образовались они 30 миллионов лет назад в результате эрозии известняковых пород. Их слоистость объясняется тем, что породы, из которых сложены “блинные стопки”, имеют различную плотность. Со временем вода и ветер вытесали на поднявшихся из морских глубин скалах затейливую резьбу. Вид на скалы с моей летающей камеры ). Собственно, блинная часть справа находится.