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21 ноября, 03:50

New Zealand pride parade in chaos after ban on police sparks mass withdrawals

Row engulfs LGBT festival after organisers said some participants felt unsafe marching alongside police in uniformThe New Zealand police, New Zealand Defence Force and numerous major sponsors have pulled out of the country’s largest pride parade after organisers banned police and corrections staff from marching in uniform.Auckland pride parade organiser Cissy Rock said uniformed officers would not be welcome at the February parade, as the organisation had a long way to go in terms of respecting LGBT rights, and some march participants felt unsafe marching alongside uniformed police and corrections staff. Continue reading...

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19 ноября, 10:30

Has the ‘New Zealand dream’ turned sour for Auckland's Pacific Islanders?

Touted as the world’s most Polynesian city, Pacific Islanders make up 15% of Auckland’s population. But does the dream of a better life match reality?It’s Thursday morning in Auckland and the Tongan Older Persons Group is gathering for lunch. Stuffed kūmara (sweet potato) is on the menu. So is a presentation on bowel cancer, and then a few rounds of bingo – using peanuts, fruit and Oreo biscuits instead of cash.Meleane Mafi, 85, leads a song with lyrics speaking of a longing for palm trees and white shores. Continue reading...

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19 ноября, 04:00

No limit to height Ireland can reach after historic win against All Blacks

Joe Schmidt outfoxes New Zealand but knows his green machine will have to go up another gear at World CupOfficially the rankings say otherwise but right now Irish rugby is on top of the world. Even more impressive than Saturday night’s historic first home win over New Zealand in 113 years was the manner of it: tactically brilliant, precision engineered and physically relentless. It is hard to think of a more complete performance by any Ireland side, the stunning rout of the All Blacks in Chicago two years ago included. Related: All Blacks’ Steve Hansen hails Ireland as best in world after defeat Continue reading...

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18 ноября, 21:00

Can Marijuana Save This Maori Community in New Zealand?

As the country prepares to legalize the production of medicinal marijuana, the economically battered town of Ruatoria — population 750 and falling — hopes to cash in.

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16 ноября, 09:39

Anonymous testicle-checking booth debuts in New Zealand – video

Testicular Cancer New Zealand unveils its distinctly low-tech ‘machine’ that tests men’s testicles for irregularities and lumps. It launched at the Big Boys Toys event in Auckland and involves a urologist or GP reaching through a small opening to check the occupant’s testicles in the privacy of a small booth. On top of performing physical checks, the primary aim of the device is to educate men on the importance of self-checking every month. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting New Zealand men aged between 15 and 39 and is one of the most treatable cancers if detected early, with a survival rate of 95%.  Continue reading...

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16 ноября, 05:36

NZ police investigate after prominent China critic's car 'sabotaged'

Anne-Marie Brady has had her home and office burgled and now says mechanic found unusual defectsNew Zealand police are investigating claims that Anne-Marie Brady, a prominent academic and critic of China’s influence abroad, has been targeted again, this time having her car sabotaged.Brady, an expert in Chinese politics at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, had her home and office burgled in February, with computers, mobile phones and USB sticks targeted. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said at the time the government would be “be taking stock and taking action”. Continue reading...

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12 ноября, 07:16

New Zealand child abuse inquiry widened to include religious institutions

Jacinda Ardern cites ‘moral duty’ after campaign by abuse survivors to include faith-based organisationsA royal commission into abuse in state care in New Zealand has been expanded to include those abused by faith-based institutions such as churches and religious schools, after campaigning by survivors.Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there had been overwhelming appeals from those abused by religious institutions since the initial inquiry – the largest in New Zealand’s history – was announced in February. Continue reading...

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11 ноября, 03:52

Rocket Lab’s Modest Launch Is Giant Leap for Small Rocket Business

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The company’s Electron rocket carried a batch of small commercial satellites from a launchpad in New Zealand, a harbinger of a major transformation to the space business.

08 ноября, 20:30

Empire 2.0: the fantasy that's fuelling Tory divisions on Brexit

Goal to renew Commonwealth ties may explain willingness to risk toppling May governmentTo understand the Conservatives in the House of Commons who would rather topple their government than allow it to sign off on a new customs union with the EU to secure peace on the island of Ireland, it pays to go back half a century.When Britain first expressed its intention in the early 1960s to join the European Economic Community, the forerunner to the EU, it bought about half of New Zealand’s total exports. Continue reading...

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07 ноября, 19:00

Waru review – the disquieting death of a Maori child

Switching between horror and heartbreak, this powerful portmanteau drama by eight directors is difficult to watchA disturbing, disorientating if arguably flawed portmanteau movie about the death of a child within a Maori community in New Zealand – perhaps from neglect, or abuse. It presents us with eight 10-minute fragments, each directed by a different film-maker, each shot in one continuous take, all supposedly happening at the same time: at 10am on the morning of the funeral. The title evidently refers to the child’s name; it is also Maori for “eight”.The short films are loosely interrelated, although I could see no Venn-diagram overlapping of specific characters. We see a woman preparing to cater for the mourners after the funeral; we see the child’s teacher; we see a Maori news presenter erupting with long-suppressed rage at her co-anchor’s casual bigotries on the subject of the Maoris’ alleged propensity for child abuse. (Could it be that white communities are better at concealing it and staying off the media radar?) Continue reading...

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06 ноября, 14:41

A Star Is Born classification changed after New Zealand teens 'severely triggered'

Warning added to Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga musical after complaints from victim-support and mental-health organisations• This article contains spoilersThe head of the New Zealand film classification board, David Shanks, has demanded a new warning be added to prints of the Oscar-tipped remake of A Star Is Born.The film now comes with a suicide warning note, after complaints of viewer distress from Police Victim Support, who said two vulnerable young people had been “severely triggered” after watching the scene in which Bradley Cooper’s character hangs himself in his garage. Continue reading...

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06 ноября, 04:09

'Freakish miracle': New Zealand fisherman pulls drowning toddler from ocean

Beach angler thought toddler – who had let himself out of parents’ nearby tent – was a doll floating in waterA New Zealand fisherman who mistook a drowning toddler for a doll has been praised for saving the child’s life.Gus Hutt was casting a line off Matata Beach in the North Island last week when he spotted what he thought was a porcelain doll in the water. Continue reading...

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05 ноября, 05:33

UK high commission in New Zealand to recruit Māori adviser and te reo teacher

Laura Clarke says the increasing use of indigenous language means the country is becoming bilingual The British high commission in New Zealand has been given the green light to recruit its first adviser on Māori affairs, as well as a te reo language teacher for high commissioner Laura Clarke.Clarke studied New Zealand’s indigenous language in London before being posted to Wellington in January and says the country’s increasing use of the language and culture in formal and everyday life make it a “non-negotiable” requirement. Continue reading...

31 октября, 16:51

New Zealand is best place to do business but UK slips to ninth – report

New Zealand remains top of World Bank’s rankings despite no reforms in past yearNew Zealand has topped the World Bank’s ranking of the best countries to start and run a business in 2018, ahead of Singapore, Denmark and Hong Kong.The World Bank said New Zealand had retained its position in its Doing Business report ahead of 190 other countries, despite not implementing any reforms in the last year. Continue reading...

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31 октября, 01:06

Electric fences and armed patrols: on the frontline of New Zealand's avocado war

As the popularity of the fruit soars, growers in the Bay of Plenty have been forced to resort to extreme lengths to protect their crop from thievesIt was the wrong side of dawn when the makeshift alarm sounded, its shrill whirr slicing through the frigid winter night. Ashby Whitehead sprung from his bed and ran to his ute, hoping that his homemade booby traps had finally paid off.“I’d set up surveillance systems, a car alarm and tripwires but when it came down to it I wasn’t fast enough to catch them,” says Whitehead, an avocado grower whose orchards have been targeted five years in a row. Continue reading...

30 октября, 14:46

Chinese Military May Gain From Western University Ties, Report Warns

A new report from Australia says the West is taking risks by collaborating with researchers tied to the Chinese military.

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30 октября, 06:31

New Zealand earthquake: 6.2-magnitude shake halts parliament

Houses sway as strong quake under central New Zealand is felt in WellingtonA 6.2-magnitude earthquake has struck central New Zealand, causing parliament to be suspended.The quake was felt most strongly in central New Zealand, including the capital city of Wellington. It struck at a depth of 207 kilometres south-west of Taumarunui. Continue reading...

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29 октября, 21:09

Diminish and Ascend staircase: the New Zealand sculpture that is murdering gulls

An artwork in Christchurch has killed at least two birds after they flew into it and impaled themselves. And that’s not the only reason it’s unpopular with someName: Diminish and Ascend staircase.Age: It has been in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens in New Zealand since 2016. Before then, it was on display at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney. Continue reading...

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29 октября, 15:37

'Groutier': sulky word gives New Zealander fourth world Scrabble title

Nigel Richards, 51, takes championship with 3-1 win over American Jesse DayTactically spelled out across a double-word scoring tile, “groutier” – from “grouty”, meaning cross, sulky or surly – earned Nigel Richards 68 points, $8,000 (£6,200) and the right to call himself the greatest ever player of competitive Scrabble.The 51-year-old Malaysian-based New Zealander took his fourth English Scrabble world title in 11 years after beating the American Jesse Day 3-1. Richards is the only player to have won the title more than once, and he also took the French Scrabble title for the second time earlier this year. Continue reading...

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29 октября, 13:50

Scrabble’s World Champion Masters the Tiles in 2 Languages

Nigel Richards of New Zealand and Malaysia clinched the World Scrabble Championships in London. (His latest winning word? “Groutier.”)

31 января 2015, 08:17

Новая Зеландия: Блинные скалы

 Punakaiki is a small community on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, between Westport and Greymouth. The community lies on the edge of the Paparoa National Park. The Pancake Rocks are a very popular tourist destination at Dolomite Point south of the main village. The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides. Together with the 'pancake'-layering of the limestone (created by immense pressure on alternating hard and soft layers of marine creatures and plant sediments), these form the main attraction of the area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punakaiki Paparoa National Park is on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It was established in 1987 and encompasses 306 km².[1] The park ranges from on or near the coastline to the peak of the Paparoa Ranges. A separate section of the park lies to the north and is centered at Ananui Creek. The park protects a limestone karst area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paparoa_National_Park zyalt: Блинные скалы, Новая Зеландия Одно из самых удивительных мест в Новой Зеландии - Блинные скалы (Pancake Rocks). Находятся на западном побережье в нацпарке Папароа. Название свое они получили из-за необычной формы. Скалы напоминают стопки сложенных блинчиков. Образовались они 30 миллионов лет назад в результате эрозии известняковых пород. Их слоистость объясняется тем, что породы, из которых сложены “блинные стопки”, имеют различную плотность. Со временем вода и ветер вытесали на поднявшихся из морских глубин скалах затейливую резьбу. Вид на скалы с моей летающей камеры ). Собственно, блинная часть справа находится.