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Occidental Petroleum
24 января, 10:06

Рекс Тиллерсон, Exxon Mobil и отделение нефти от государства

Звезда Рекса Тиллерсона взошла в январе 1998 года, когда он стал руководить операциям Exxon в России и регионе Каспийского моря. Среди других операций был трудный, но многообещающий нефтяной проект «Сахалин-1».

18 января, 15:42

Exxon Mobil to Buy Bass Family Assets, Double Permian Yield

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) recently announced its intention to more than double its Permian Basin resource of 6 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

13 января, 01:03

The Top 5 Places To Work In U.S. Oil And Gas

Anadarko Petroleum and Chevron have emerged as the top two employers in U.S. oil and gas, according to a survey conducted by the job site Indeed. The top five for the industry was completed by Plains All American at #3, Occidental Petroleum at #4, and Noble Energy at #5. Indeed said that it ranked companies based on a number of factors but generally speaking, the better the site visitor ratings and reviews a company had, the higher it ranked on the “Best Places to Work” list. The site has 200 million unique visitors monthly, lending…