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Odakyu Electric Railway
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14 августа 2013, 09:58

National › Lightning strikes moving train in Japan

On Monday, one man in Tokyo not only saw a train being struck by lightning, he caught the frightening scene on film. The Odakyu Electric Railway train was traveling from Izumi-Tamagawa Station en route to Noborito Station. Just as the train began traversing the Tamagawa River, the body of water…

12 февраля 2013, 23:25

Technology › NEC provides wireless systems for Odakyu Electric Railway

NEC Corp said Tuesday is providing wireless systems for the latest trains operated by Odakyu Electric Railway Co (Odakyu), who operates an extensive railway network starting from the largest train terminal in Japan, Shinjuku Station, which serves an estimated 1.95 million passengers every day. These Software-Defined Radio (SDR) equipped systems…