31 октября, 22:21

Вашингтон расширил санкции против Ирана

Минфин США сообщает, что санкции вводятся в рамках противодействия США распространению оружия массового поражения

31 октября, 21:13

The Real Problem With Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Harassment ‘Apology’

'Star Trek: Discovery' actor Anthony Rapp revealed that Kevin Spacey sexually harassed him when he was underage. Here's why Spacey's 'apology' has Hollywood up in arms.

31 октября, 20:22

США расширили санкционные списки в отношении Ирана

Соединенные Штаты расширили список санкций в отношении компаний и физических лиц Ирана. В общей сложности санкции были введены против 41 физического лица и компаний. Уточняется, что они вводятся в рамках работы США по противодействию распространению оружия массового поражения и борьбы с терроризмом.В документах Минфина США говорится, что ограничительные меры распространяются на командира Корпуса стражей исламской революции (КСИР) Мохаммада Али Джаафари (Jafari, Mohammad Ali), буровой компании Oriental Oil Kish, компании Sepanir Oil & Gas Energy Eng. Co., а также одной из крупнейших иранских компаний Tidewater Middle East Co. 13 октября господин Трамп обнародовал новую стратегию в отношении Ирана. Он распорядился ввести санкции против Корпуса стражей исламской революции — могущественного военно-политического формирования в Иране. Президент США распорядился изучить возможность изменения СВПД.О новой стратегии США в отношении Ирана читайте в материале «Ъ» «Очень стражная история».

31 октября, 19:00

What to Expect From Marriott Vacations (VAC) in Q3 Earnings?

Call transfer, universal core programs and new distribution centers are expected to drive revenues for Marriott Vacations (VAC) in Q3 but rental preview activity might pull down margins.

31 октября, 17:21

Civil rights groups slam Facebook

More than a dozen civil rights organizations decry 'hateful content' on the platform.

31 октября, 17:10

Mexico GDP Annual Growth Rate

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Mexico expanded 1.60 percent in the third quarter of 2017 over the same quarter of the previous year. GDP Annual Growth Rate in Mexico averaged 2.51 percent from 1994 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 9 percent in the fourth quarter of 1996 and a record low of -9.10 percent in the second quarter of 1995. Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America. The country has an export-oriented economy: more than 90 percent of trade is under free trade agreements. In recent years, exports of manufactured products have been expanding more than 10 percent per year, mostly due to the increase in car production. Nevertheless, in order to keep the current pace of growth the country needs to reduce its dependence on the United States; increase its tax base and open the state-controlled energy sector. This page provides - Mexico GDP Annual Growth Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.

31 октября, 15:34

Harold Pendleton obituary

Founder of the Marquee Club who revitalised jazz in Britain and hosted the first gigs of the Rolling Stones and the WhoThe punchline to the inquiry as to how you can make a million out of jazz – start with two million – reflects a long-cherished downbeat romance in jazz circles, that pursuing the music is inevitably a labour of love. But over the decades a few energetically practical enthusiasts emerged to show that there were ways of making non-mainstream music reach big audiences. Harold Pendleton, who has died aged 93, was one of Britain’s most influential practitioners of that art, as a promoter, manager, club proprietor and publisher.In 1958 he launched the Marquee Club in London, and ran it during its most momentous years, when it hosted the first gigs of the Rolling Stones and the Who, early performances by Pink Floyd, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie, and subsequently early punk, heavy metal and prog rock. When the audiences for Marquee bands swelled from hundreds to thousands and then tens of thousands, Pendleton developed what he called “the Marquee’s garden party”, the event that developed from a jazz festival into the more rock-oriented Reading festival, and that he continued to steer until his retirement in 1992. Continue reading...

31 октября, 14:00

Giving Doctors What They Need to Avoid Burnout

ben edwards/Getty Images Across the health care industry, there’s a growing sense that pushing doctors ever harder to achieve productivity, quality, and service goals is backfiring. Doctors are working harder than ever and spending more of their time documenting clinical metrics and measuring patient satisfaction. One consequence of this growing burden, studies show, is that more physicians are considering leaving their jobs or complaining of depression, exhaustion, and detachment that can jeopardize patient care. But we believe the implied solution — to combat burnout, you have to relax performance standards — is false. Great health care leaders can design staffing models and workflows that give doctors the support they need to meet performance goals while also creating sustainable, rewarding jobs. A survey we recently administered to over 1,000 physicians, along with performance data from athenahealth’s network of medical and revenue cycle records, offers useful guidance. At its core is the notion that optimizing “self-perceived capability” is central to rewarding jobs. Insight Center Transforming Health Care Sponsored by Medtronic How leading providers are delivering value for patients. The concept of self-perceived capability emerged from the service profit chain framework that one of us (Len) developed in the 1990s. The framework holds that employee satisfaction, customer engagement, and profit are linked in a self-reinforcing cycle. Superior business performance depends, in part, on whether employees have sufficient resources and latitude to do their jobs well — which in turn leads to customer loyalty, lower employee turnover, and higher shareholder returns. In service industries, whether employees perceive themselves as capable of doing their jobs is highly predictive of performance. In developing the survey, we hypothesized that self-perceived capability had a distinct application for physicians. The concept doesn’t refer to a doctor’s clinical skills; those are assumed. And capability isn’t solely a measure of job satisfaction. Instead, it refers to whether physicians feel they have what they need to do their jobs well. When they do, we reasoned, they will be more satisfied and more engaged in their work, leading to a host of additional positive outcomes. In our own survey, we used two chief measures to judge self-perceived capability. The extent to which physicians have: (1) the decision-making latitude they need to provide high-quality care and (2) the necessary tools and resources. Physicians who had positive responses in both of these areas — who perceived themselves as “capable” — were also strikingly productive and loyal. Judged by standard industry measures, they were 14% more productive than their peers who did not meet the technical definition of capability. They were also 61% less likely to show signs of burnout and 76% less likely to be planning to leave their current employers. The lesson for health care leaders is clear: Anything organizations can do to create environments where physicians feel more capable is likely to pay off in terms of happier, higher-performing physicians. Develop Strong Clinical Teams Our ongoing research has already yielded insights into how to enhance capability in practice. We found that physicians have a better experience if they work in groups that develop high-performing teams rather than reward and glorify individual superstars. Doctors in our survey who agreed with the statement “Our practice values teamwork more than individual performance” were over three times more capable and five times more willing to go above and beyond in their jobs and to recommend and stay with their organizations. Physicians in team-oriented groups were also 75% less likely to say they experience significant signs of burnout. Groups with high-functioning clinical teams typically empower nonphysician clinicians to take on a wider range of responsibilities, including taking charge of the bulk of documentation. This allows physicians to focus their time with patients on complex diagnoses and patient communication, the kinds of high-value interactions that inspired them to enter medicine in the first place. Therefore, anything leaders can do to foster teamwork — establishing stable staffing patterns; ensuring nurses, physicians, and medical assistants are working to the top of their licenses; demanding respectful behavior from all team members; and articulating a strong commitment to collaboration — is likely to pay off in empowered staff, greater satisfaction, and better performance. Focus Leadership on Cultivating Capability The research has also showed that strong leaders are much more successful in nurturing capable physicians. We asked physicians to agree or disagree with the statement “The leaders of my organization are the best people to lead us over the next five to 10 years.” Almost 80% of physicians who assessed themselves as capable gave their leadership teams the highest rating. If a doctor viewed their leadership negatively, the figure dropped below 20%. It’s worth noting that every increment of leadership strength counts. The proportion of physicians meeting the criteria for high capability doubles as their rating of their leadership increases from four to six on a six-point scale. Investing in personal leadership skills and fostering strong leadership at all levels should be a top priority for health care organizations. Our previous research has found that leaders in high-performing medical groups share some common tactics, from including physician voices in decision making to delegating business and clinical goals to senior leaders who are empowered to make real change. Enhancing physician capability should be an imperative for all leaders. The lesson for leadership is clear: Design your practice to maximize physician capability. Productivity, cost effectiveness, and satisfaction will follow.

31 октября, 11:00

Taiwan GDP Annual Growth Rate

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Taiwan expanded 3.11 percent in the third quarter of 2017 over the same quarter of the previous year. GDP Annual Growth Rate in Taiwan averaged 6.85 percent from 1962 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 17.06 percent in the third quarter of 1978 and a record low of -8.12 percent in the first quarter of 2009. Taiwan’s economy is export oriented. As such, manufacturing is crucial and accounts for around 31 percent of GDP. Like in most advanced economies, the services sector is the biggest and constitutes nearly 65 percent of GDP. Within services, the most important are wholesale and retail trade (17.3 percent of GDP); real estate (8 percent of GDP); and public administration and defence (6.4 percent of GDP). This page provides - Taiwan GDP Annual Growth Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.

31 октября, 02:01

15 Retirement Statistics That Will Scare the Crap Out of You

America’s retirement crisis is the most gruesome wreck you’ll find on Main Street.

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Oriental look

The Oriental Hotel is seen in Kobe.

30 октября, 20:45

Профессор из США нашел неточности в докладе о химоружии в Сирии

Организация по запрещению химического оружия (ОЗХО) и ООН в совместном расследовании применения химоружия в Сирии использовали ложные доказательства, считает почетный профессор Массачусетского технологического института (MIT)Теодор Постол. По мнению ученого, который провел собственное расследование, доклад ОЗХО и ООН предвзят и содержит ошибки. Он обратился к снятому телеканалом Orient News нашумевшему видео, на котором запечатлена мертвая коза, якобы задохнувшаяся во время химатаки, передает РИА «Новости». «Изучение четырех снимков и маркировок на них однозначно показывает, что мертвую козу, фигурирующую в кадре, принесли на это место, где, согласно заявлениям журналистов, она умерла», – считает ученый. По его словам, самое невероятное в отчете ОЗХО – «приложение, в котором приводятся доказательства наличия зарина, следующие из анализа шерсти мертвой козы». «Нигде в отчете нет каких-либо указаний на то, что коза могла умереть в другом месте, может, от отравления зарином в загоне, а затем перенесена на упомянутое место как доказательство», – заявил Постол. Ученый также выразил несогласие с выводами о том, что в Хан-Шейхуне была применеили химоружие советского производства. Согласно расчетам американского профессора, воронка от взрыва была оставлена боевой частью стандартного 122-миллиметрового снаряда, доступного на оружейных рынках во всем мире. При этом, как считает Постол, ракета, к которой была прикреплена боевая часть, а также ее топливо были изготовлены кустарным образом. Ученый полагает, что «расследование ОЗХО и ООН по этому вопросу было глубоко ошибочным и предвзятым». Он отмечает, что ОЗХО и ООН использовали в своем расследовании общедоступную информацию из видеозаписей, которые «четко показали попытки местных организаций манипулировать данными». По мнению Постола, в докладе нет надежных доказательств, а вся используемая в ходе расследования информация сфабрикована, неправильно идентифицирована и истолкована. «Они ни разу не попытались проверить подлинность доказательств», – подчеркнул профессор, добавив, что опубликовал ряд документов по этому вопросу, но западные СМИ не обратили на них внимания. Ученый полагает, что критика доклада Москвой обоснована. В этой связи Постол призвал Россию предложить СБ ООН рассмотреть результаты его расследования. Напомним, 20 октября в МИД России выразили сомнение в качестве совместного расследования ОЗХО-ООН по химоружию в Сирии, так как эксперты миссии не собрали необходимые пробы при визите на базу Шайрат в Сирии. 24 октября Россия заблокировала резолюцию СБ ООН по работе комиссии по химатакам в Сирии. В МИД России пояснили, что Вашингтон пошел на преждевременное голосование в Совбезе ООН, руководствуясь собственными соображениями. Постпред Соединенных Штатов при ООН Никки Хейли после презентации доклада экспертов ООН и ОЗХО обвинила власти Сирии в применении в апреле 2017 года зарина в Хан-Шейхуне.

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Where You Should Stay In Hong Kong Now

There are a number of luxury hotel options in Hong Kong but the new 2,250 foot Entertainment Suite at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental is both the ultimate party site and, conversely, the perfect retreat.

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30 октября, 18:58

Roper (ROP) Q3 Earnings Surpass Estimates, Guidance Raised

Roper Technologies (ROP) reported strong third-quarter 2017 results driven by asset-light business model and strategic acquisitions.

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30 октября, 16:19

Social Capital and Labor Market Networks -- by Brian J. Asquith, Judith K. Hellerstein, Mark J. Kutzbach, David Neumark

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We explore the links between social capital and labor market networks at the neighborhood level. We harness rich data taken from multiple sources, including matched employer-employee data with which we measure the strength of labor market networks, data on behavior such as voting patterns that have previously been tied to social capital, and new data - not previously used in the study of social capital - on the number and location of non-profits at the neighborhood level. We use a machine learning algorithm to identify potential social capital measures that best predict neighborhood-level variation in labor market networks. We find evidence suggesting that smaller and less centralized schools, and schools with fewer poor students, foster social capital that builds labor market networks, as does a larger Republican vote share. The presence of establishments in a number of non-profit oriented industries are identified as predictive of strong labor market networks, likely because they either provide public goods or facilitate social contacts. These industries include, for example, churches and other religious institutions, schools, country clubs, and amateur or recreational sports teams or clubs.

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30 октября, 16:19

The Labor Market Effects of Offshoring by U.S. Multinational Firms: Evidence from Changes in Global Tax Policies -- by Brian K. Kovak, Lindsay Oldenski, Nicholas Sly

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Estimating the causal effect of offshoring on domestic employment is difficult because of the inherent simultaneity of multinational firms' domestic and foreign affiliate employment decisions. In this paper, we resolve this identification problem using variation in Bilateral Tax Treaties (BTTs), which reduce the effective cost of offshore activity by mitigating double taxation. We derive a panel difference-in-differences research design from a standard model of multinational firms, demonstrating the simultaneity problem and showing how to resolve it using BTTs as an instrument for offshore employment. We confirm that new treaty implementation is uncorrelated with existing employment trends, and use Bureau of Economic Analysis data on U.S. multinational firms to measure the domestic employment effects of offshore activity. Overall, we find modest positive effects of offshore activity on domestic employment. A 10 percent BTT-induced increase in affiliate employment drives a 1.8 percent increase in employment at the U.S. parent firm, with smaller effects at the industry and regional levels. Underlying these results is substantial heterogeneity based on offshoring margin and firm organizational structure. For example, increased foreign affiliate activity in vertically oriented multinational firms drives declining employment among non-multinationals in the same industry, and multinational firms opening new affiliates exhibit much smaller domestic employment growth than those expanding existing affiliates. Throughout the analysis, OLS estimates are much larger than the IV estimates, consistent with upward simultaneity bias. Overall, our results indicate that greater offshore activity raises net employment by U.S. firms, albeit with underlying job loss and reallocation of workers.

30 октября, 06:00

Сирия итоги за сутки на 30 октября 06.00: жители Хамы спасены из плена ИГ, лидер иракских курдов покидает пост

19 мирных жителей, находившихся в плену у ИГИЛовцев в Хаме, были освобождены. Масуд Барзани оставит пост президента Иракского Курдистана. Боевики «Тахрир Аш-Шам» не пропустили гуманитарный конвой ООН к югу от Дамаска.

29 октября, 16:30

Сирия новости 29 октября 16.30: 19 человек освобождены из плена ИГ в Хаме, грузовик с оружием задержан в Дамаске

Полиция САР задержала грузовик с оружием на КПП на окраине Дамаска. 19 мирных жителей были вызволены из плена силами САА и NDF в провинции Хама. Боевики «Нусры» и «Файлак Ар-Рахман» открыли огонь по Дамаску.

29 октября, 11:50

Why Can’t Christians Get Along, 500 Years After the Reformation?

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Martin Luther left behind a rich legacy of protest and reform. But the global church still isn’t over the fractures he helped create.

29 октября, 11:50

Why Can’t Christians Get Along, 500 Years After the Reformation?

Martin Luther left behind a rich legacy of protest and reform. But the global church still isn’t over the fractures he helped create.