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20 февраля, 17:01

Live chat with Peter Tatchell: what can we do to support LGBTI rights around the world? Mon 20 Feb, 2-3.30pm

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell answers questions about global LGBTI rights on Monday 20 February, 2-3.30pmWho are 2017’s LGBT heroes? Tell us about the activists creating change 2.44pm GMT The next question is… what can people can do to encourage progress on LGBTI rights?Tatchell says:People in the west can lobby their governments to switch foreign aid from governments that discriminate against LGBTIs to local NGOs and international aid agencies that don’t discriminate. This way homophobic governments would be incentivised to ease their victimisation of LGBTI people and poor people would still get the aid they need and deserve. There won’t be a homophobic backlash if the aid is continued via NGOs that don’t discriminate. This way no one will suffer and there will be no consequent anti-LGBTI sentiment 2.35pm GMT Question from Georgina Sturge, senior research officer in social protection at the Overseas Development Institute: Do you think the UN sustainable development goals present a genuine opportunity for the advancement of LGBTI rights? Are they a hook for campaigners to push for equal rights or can you think of more effective entry points to pushing this agenda?The sustainable development goals fell short by not including a strong commitment to end criminalisation, discrimination and hate crime based on sexual orientation and gender identity. But LGBTI issues can still be raised and pressed for within the SDG framework, the Commonwealth, the G20 summits. These issues can also be flagged up in aid agreements. Continue reading...

20 февраля, 16:14

Utility Stocks Q4 Earnings Lineup for Feb 21: FE, EIX & More

In the fourth quarter of 2016, utility sector earnings are expected to be up 6.1% on 15.5% higher revenues.

20 февраля, 16:02

China's J-10 Fighter Now "Roughly Comparable" to America's Lethal F-15 in Battle

Kris Osborn Security, Asia But Washington has a plan to fix that.  The F-15 is also being engineered for additional speed and range, along with weapons-firing ability. The weapons-carrying ability is being increased from 8 up to 16 weapons; this includes an ability to fire an AIM-9x or AIM-120 missile. In addition, upgrades to the aircraft include adding an increased ability to integrate or accommodate new emerging weapons systems as they become available. This is being done through both hardware and software-oriented “open standards” IP protocol and architecture. The Air Force is revving up electronic warfare upgrades for its F-15 fighter as a way to better protect against enemy fire and electronic attacks, service officials said. Boeing has secured a $478 million deal to continue work on a new technology called with a system called the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System, or EPAWSS.  “This allows the aircraft to identify a threat and actively prosecute that threat through avoidance, deception or jamming techniques,” Mike Gibbons, Vice President of the Boeing F-15 program, told Scout Warrior in an interview a few months ago.  These updated EW capabilities replace the Tactical Electronic Warfare Suite, which has been used since the 1980s, not long after the F-15 first deployed. The service plans to operate the fleet until the mid-2040’s, so an overhaul of the Eagle’s electronic systems helps maintain U.S. air supremacy, the contract announcement said.  Boeing won the initial contract for the EPAWSS project last year  and hired BAE Systems as the primary subcontractor.  Overall, the US Air Force is vigorously upgrading the 1980s-era F-15 fighter by giving new weapons and sensors in the hope of maintaining air-to-air superiority over the Chinese J-10 equivalent. The multi-pronged effort not only includes the current addition of electronic warfare technology but also extends to super-fast high-speed computers, infrared search and track enemy targeting systems, increased networking ability and upgraded weapons-firing capability, Air Force and Boeing officials said. Read full article

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19 февраля, 12:00

A Rabbi Defends the Johnson Amendment

The many reasons why President Trump should not end the law preventing tax-exempt organizations, including religious entities, from supporting political candidates.

19 февраля, 07:30

15 Worst Professions to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Racking up an enormous amount of debt via student loans? You'll need a job that pays well -- and these professions won't cut it.

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18 февраля, 17:45

Без заголовка

**Should-Read:** The centrist neoliberal project--use market means to achieve both social democratic ends and the rapid expansion of wealth--has crashed and burned. Now comes Ruy Texeira to lead the left that was kept off the plane and the center that has survived out of the mountains to a practical utopia......

18 февраля, 08:36

Повторное вскрытие тела брата Ким Чен Ына проведут полицейские Малайзии

Полиция Малайзии заявила о намерении провести повторное вскрытие тела брата действующего лидера КНДР Ким Чен Ына. Предполагается, что процедура вскрытия тела Ким Чен Нама будет проведена сегодня утром.

18 февраля, 07:55

Повторное вскрытие тела Ким Чен Нама проведут в Малайзии

Власти Малайзии в субботу произведут повторное вскрытие тела старшего брата лидера КНДР Ким Чен Ына Ким Чен Нама, сообщили местные СМИ. Как отмечает издание Oriental Daily, повторное вскрытие будет иметь целью  более точно установить причины смерти брата северокорейского лидера. При этом отмечено, что Малайзия не будет передавать тело в КНДР, пока не будет установлена точная причина смерти, передает РИА «Новости». Результаты токсикологической экспертизы стоит ожидать не ранее начала следующей недели, отмечает издание. Ранее власти КНДР осудили проведение в Малайзии вскрытия тела Ним Чен Нама без участия или наблюдения северокорейских специалистов. Ким Чен Нам, старший сводный брат Ким Чен Ына, который не занимался политикой и жил в Макао, был убит в понедельник. Следствие не может точно определиться с версией убийства, так как пока не установлена причина смерти. Однако все три версии, имеющиеся на данный момент, связаны с двумя женщинами, которые либо брызнули ему в лицо отравленной жидкостью, поднесли ко рту яд на ткани или же вкололи отравленной иглой. По делу об убийстве задержали двух девушек – гражданку Вьетнама и Игражданку Индонезии.

18 февраля, 07:13

СМИ: полиция Малайзии проведет повторное вскрытие тела Ким Чон Нама

Полиция Малайзии решила провести повторное вскрытие тела брата лидера Северной Кореи Ким Чон Нама. Об этом сообщает малайзийское издание Oriental Daily News. Повторная судебно-медицинская экспертиза назначена на утро субботы. Правоохранительные органы Малайзии объяснили это тем, что необходимо собрать дополнительную информацию о причинах смерти Ким Чон Нама. Первое вскрытие было проведено 15 февраля, однако по его результатам никаких объявлений сделано не было.Ранее стало известно, что Северная Корея призвала Малайзию в срочном порядке выдать тело брата лидера КНДР Ким Чон Ына и отчет о результатах вскрытия. Посол КНДР в Малайзии Кан Чоля заявил, что Пхеньян «категорически отвергает результаты вскрытия». Напомним, Ким Чон Нам был убит в понедельник в Куала-Лумпуре. Предположительно, его отравили два агента северокорейской разведки в аэропорту малайзийской столицы. Ким Чон Нам жил за пределами Северной…

18 февраля, 07:08

Полиция Малайзии решила провести повторное вскрытие тела Ким Чон Нама

Малайзийская полиция решила провести ещё одну судебно-медицинскую экспертизу с телом брата лидера КНДР Ким Чен Ына — Ким Чон Нама, который скончался 13 февраля после покушения в аэропорту Куала-Лумпура. Об этом сообщает издание Oriental Daily News. Отмечается, что повторное вскрытие необходимо сотрудникам правоохранительных органов, чтобы собрать дополнительную информацию о причинах смерти 45-летнего мужчины. Первое вскрытие провели в среду, 15 февраля, но его результаты пока не оглашались. Напомним, по одной из версий Ким Чон Нам скончался после того, как злоумышленники прыснули на него из аэрозольного баллончика с ядом, по другой — на его лицо злоумышленники набросили платок, пропитанный ядом. Пока полиции удалось задержать четверых подозреваемых по этому делу, ещё трое находятся в розыске. КНДР отказалась признавать результаты первого вскрытия Ким Чон Нама, поскольку северокорейских экспертов на него не позвали.

17 февраля, 22:38

Cop Sues St. Louis County After Allegedly Being Told 'Tone Down Gayness'

A longtime Missouri police officer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against his county, claiming that he was asked to “tone done his gayness” if he wanted a job promotion.  Sgt. Keith Wildhaber, who has worked for St. Louis County since 1994, said he was repeatedly denied promotions by the county in spite of excellent performance reviews from superiors and a solid employment history, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. In his lawsuit, Wildhaber stated that because he “does not fit into the stereotypical norms of what a ‘male’ should be,” and has allegedly been “damaged in the form of lost wages and benefits of employment, future wages, emotional distress, humiliation and diminished employment status.” The suit, which can be read in full here, also alleges that Wildhaber ranked third out of 26 candidates after applying and testing for a lieutenant position, but did not earn the promotion because of his sexuality. Meanwhile, he was allegedly reassigned from afternoon shifts to midnight shifts to a precinct 30 miles from his home after filing a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Missouri Commission on Human Rights in 2016 about his lack of advancement. The suit also cites an alleged 2014 conversation that Wildhaber had with John Saracino, a former member of the department’s civilian police board. “The command staff has a problem with your sexuality,” Saracino said, according to Wildhaber. “If you ever want to see a white shirt [get a promotion], you should tone down your gayness.”  St. Louis police officer told to “tone down your gayness." https://t.co/zyXzfYEBGs pic.twitter.com/PcHQqzhC24— Q. Allan Brocka (@allanbrocka) February 16, 2017 In an interview with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Saracino denied the claims, stating he “would never say anything like that. That’s not me.” Russell Riggan, who is Wildhaber’s attorney, declined comment on the case to The New York Post, stating, “Our system of justice provides the right to a fair trial, and we do not wish to compromise our client’s rights by commenting to the media.” The state of Missouri currently does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Sgt. Shawn McGuire, who is a spokesman for St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, told the Associated Press in a statement, “Our main focus in recruiting is attempting to recruit outstanding candidates who want to become part of our organization, no matter what their status, race, religion, sexual preference, political belief, or aspiration is.”  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

17 февраля, 21:34

5 Utilities to Add Before Q4 Earnings Draws to a Close

Trump's Presidency is expected to benefit defensive and domestic-oriented utilities immensely.

17 февраля, 18:05

Should Value Investors Pick Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)?

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is an inspired choice for value investors, as it is hard to beat its incredible lineup of statistics on this front.

17 февраля, 18:00

Is Invesco Mortgage Capital (IVR) a Great Stock for Value Investors?

Invesco Mortgage Capital (IVR) is an inspired choice for value investors, as it is hard to beat its incredible lineup of statistics on this front.

17 февраля, 17:55

Is Hospitality Properties a Great Stock for Value Investors?

Let's see if Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT) stock is a good choice for value-oriented investors right now from multiple angles.

17 февраля, 17:50

Does DiamondRock Portend a Good Value Buying Opportunity?

Is DiamondRock a great pick from the value Investor's perspective right now? Read on to know more.

17 февраля, 17:45

CoreCivic (CXW): Is it a Solid Choice for Value Investors?

Is CoreCivic a great pick from the value investor's perspective right now? Read on to know more.

17 февраля, 17:40

Is CBRE Group (CBG) a Great Stock for Value Investors?

Is CBRE Group a great pick from the value investor's perspective right now? Read on to know more.