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Meet Hillary Clinton's Other, More Powerful And Shadowy Oppo Research Firm

Authored by Mark Tapscott via Lifezette,com, Executives with London-based Hakluyt & Co. contributed thousands of dollars to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee's campaign... Fusion GPS has gotten all the headlines. But there was a second, even more powerful and mysterious opposition research and intelligence firm lurking about with significant political and financial links to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign for president against Donald Trump. Meet London-based Hakluyt & Co., founded by three former British intelligence operatives in 1995 to provide the kind of otherwise inaccessible research for which select governments and Fortune 500 corporations pay huge sums. Whereas Fusion GPS was created by three former Wall Street Journal reporters with links to the U.S. intelligence community, Hakluyt — with offices in London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney — was founded by an enterprising trio of former British intelligence operatives with deep connections throughout the world’s official and corporate corridors of power and influence. Hakluyt is described by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Henry Williams as “one of the more secretive firms within the corporate investigations world” and as “a retirement home for ex-MI6 [British foreign intelligence] officers, but it now also recruits from the worlds of management consultancy and banking … ” The firm’s “style appears to be much more in the mold of the Christopher Steele dossier. Clients pay for pages of well-sourced prose from Hakluyt’s contacts across the globe,” Williams wrote. Hakluyt isn’t familiar to the American public. But what has become well-known in recent days is the role played by one of the London firm’s most visible figures in drawing the FBI into the world of Trump-Russia collusion allegations, a world largely created by Steele in the infamous dossier bearing his name. When the drunken junior Trump foreign policy adviser George Papodopoulous boasted in a London bar in May 2016 about Russian intelligence operatives peddling hacked emails that were damaging to Clinton, his most interested listener, according to The New York Times, was Alexander Downer, Australian high commissioner to the U.K. It was Downer who told the FBI of Papodopoulos’ comments, which became one of the “driving factors that led the FBI to open an investigation in July 2016 into Russia’s attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of President Trump’s associates conspired,” The Times reported. Downer, a long-time Aussie chum of Bill and Hillary Clinton, had been on Hakluyt’s advisory board since 2008. Officially, he had to resign his Hakluyt role in 2014, but his informal connections continued uninterrupted, the News Corp. Australian Network reported in a January 2016 exclusive: But it can be revealed Mr. Downer has still been attending client conferences and gatherings of the group, including a client cocktail soirée at the Orangery at Kensington Palace a few months ago. His attendance at that event is understood to have come days after he also attended a two-day country retreat at the invitation of the group, which has been involved in a number of corporate spy scandals in recent times. The News Corp. Australian Network quoted an unnamed British diplomatic source explaining that Hakluyt “operates in the shadows, it’s not exactly open and transparent and so any serving, and that’s the difference, serving diplomat with access to sensitive information and insight associating with the group raises a worry in Whitehall.” Whitehall is the British government’s equivalent to the White House. Downer’s continued involvement with Hakluyt locates the shadowy operation in the world of the Clintons. As previously reported by LifeZette, it was Downer in 2006 who as Australian foreign minister signed a memorandum of understanding with Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The memorandum committed $25 million from the Australian government to the foundation for HIV/AIDs programs in China, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam. A subsequent audit was unable to account for how those funds were spent. Earlier this year, the FBI asked retired Australian police detective Michael Smith to provide information he uncovered concerning the 2006 deal — suggesting the bureau’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation is focused on the controversial charity’s domestic and international activities. Downer is also connected to another firm of great importance in the international intelligence world. That would be China’s telecommunications giant Huawei, on whose Australian board he served for several years, beginning in 2011. U.S. intelligence experts have long described Huawei as a tool of Chinese espionage in America. But Downer is not the only Clinton fan in Hakluyt. Federal contribution records show several of the firm’s U.S. representatives made large contributions to two of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign organizations. Jonathan Selib of Brooklyn, New York, listed himself as a “consultant” and his employer as Hakluyt when he made four contributions totaling $3,200 to Hillary for America and one contribution worth $2,350 to the Hillary Victory Fund during the Democratic presidential primary. Selib also contributed to the congressional campaigns of Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and John Lewis of Montana. Selib was formerly chief of staff for Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.). Another Hakluyt executive, Holly Evans, contributed $500 to Hillary for America the day after Selib’s June 27, 2016, donations to the same Clinton campaign entity. Evans listed Rye, New York, as home and described herself as a Hakluyt “executive.” Her résumé includes stints advising Vice President Dick Cheney and working on the National Security Council during the second Bush administration. The link between Clinton and Hakluyt is ironic considering the former secretary of state’s strong commitment to liberal Democratic environmental causes. A third Hakluyt executive, Andrew Exum of Washington, D.C., made multiple contributions to several Democratic congressional candidates, including Elisa Slotkin in Michigan and Daniel Helmer of Virginia. Exum served as a U.S. Army infantry officer and as former deputy assistant secretary of defense under then-President Barack Obama. He has also been a contributing editor of Atlantic magazine. The link between Clinton and Hakluyt is ironic considering the former secretary of state’s strong commitment to liberal Democratic environmental causes. Hakluyt’s record includes being caught planting spies in Greenpeace and other environmental groups on behalf of energy giants British Petroleum (BP) and Shell.

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Papua New Guinea earthquake: death toll rises as disease threat grows

At least 145 people have died in the disaster and 270,000 need humanitarian help, officials sayThe official death toll following Papua New Guinea’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake has risen to 145 but still has further to climb, officials have said. Related: Papua New Guinea earthquake: anger grows among 'forgotten victims' Continue reading...

14 марта, 11:18

Death toll from Feb. 26 Papua New Guinea quake rises to 125

Papua New Guinea police said Wednesday that an earthquake last month killed at least 125 people and forced another 35,000 from their homes.

10 марта, 13:28

Papua New Guinea quake: An invisible disaster which could change life forever

The impact of February's quake in Papua New Guinea may change remote communities forever.

09 марта, 13:10

Japan's LNG Prices Pass Winter High: Meti

The average price of spot LNG imports to Japan contracted last month was lower than the comparable price contracted in January.

09 марта, 01:00

Angola’s First Offshore Oil Project Prepares To Begin Producing

Even as OPEC-member Angola continues to comply to bloc-wide crude production cuts, its progress on its first offshore oil project remains unhindered, according to a new report by Reuters. Total, the French company heading the 230,000-barrel per day Kaombo project, said the first vessel that will pump and store oil in the African nation’s waters is on its way from Singapore right now. The $16 billion project is slated to cause a 14 percent jump in oil production compared to the 2017 national average, which stood at 1.632 million barrels per…

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Big Oil Lawsuits Jeopardize NYSE’s Chances To Host Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabia is seriously concerned that it will run a risk of potential litigation if it were to pick the New York Stock Exchange for the international listing of its oil giant Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih told CNNMoney on Thursday, specifically pointing to New York City’s lawsuit against five Big Oil companies for climate change damages. “I would say litigation and liability are a big concern in the US,” al-Falih told CNNMoney’s emerging markets editor John Defterios in an interview in London.…

08 марта, 22:00

Total Finalizes $7.5B Maersk Oil Acquisition

Total announced on Thursday the closing of the US$7.5-billion acquisition of Denmark’s Maersk Oil that adds 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent reserves and resources to the French oil major’s portfolio and makes it the second-largest operator in the North Sea. Under the terms of the share and debt transaction, announced in August 2017 and effective as of today, Total will pay the seller—A.P. Moller-Maersk—US$4.95 billion in Total shares, or around 97.5 million shares, and will assume US$2.5 billion of Maersk Oil’s…

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ExxonMobil Takes Heat For 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake In Papua New Guinea

Authored by Zainab Calcuttawala via OilPrice.com, An earthquake in Papua New Guinea rattled ExxonMobil’s gas project on the island nation to the tune of $19 billion, and a backlash against the U.S. company’s activities is becoming more difficult to contain. A group of locals are blaming the activities of Exxon and its local partners for the 7.5-magnitude earthquake that hit the island on February 26. Aftershocks after the initial quake compounded the effects of the natural disaster. The project, known as PNG LNG, is recognized as one of the world’s most successful liquefied natural gas projects, but the foreign presence is becoming more and more unpopular amongst locals. The country’s Vice Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Manasseh Makiba told Reuters that Exxon should open an official inquiry to identify the causes of the aftershocks to address the locals’ concerns. “It could be man-made but that cannot be confirmed until a proper scientific inquiry can be done,” Makiba said. “We need to resolve that.” Finance Minister James Marape also asked the company to take action in a Facebook post: “In a world of science and knowledge, I now demand answer(s) from Exxon and my own government as to the cause of this unusual trend in my Hela.” The islands of Papua New Guinea sit on the Pacific Ring of Fire, known for its regular volcanoes and earthquakes. Chris Mckee, Exxon’s head of Geohazards Management Division, claims the recent activity was just part of the area’s normal geological climate. “Earthquake activity has been going on much longer than the oil and gas industry presence in the region - there is no connection at all,” he said. Scientific evidence strongly suggests the earthquake was “naturally occurring and consistent with prior events”, an Exxon spokeswoman said in a statement following the activity.

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ExxonMobil's Growth Strategies to Double Earnings by 2025

ExxonMobil's (XOM) strategies backed by increased investments to boost returns on capital employed.

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Tesla Semis Go On First Trip

Tesla’s Semi, the electric truck that the company unveiled a few months ago, has been sent on its first cargo trip, transporting battery packs from the gigafactory in Nevada to the Tesla car factory in California. That’s what Elon Musk said in an Instagram post with a picture showing two Semis ready to leave the gigafactory. The Semis should help to bring down logistics costs of transporting battery packs from the gigafactory to other facilities, which Musk, according to Electrek, had earlier referred to as “gigantic.” The…

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Papua New Guinea earthquake: anger grows among 'forgotten victims'

Half a million people affected by the disaster as aftershocks claim more lives and aid groups struggle to reach worst-hit areasAid workers and government officials have been threatened by people in Papua New Guinea who are angry at the slow delivery of emergency help 10 days after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the highlands. Related: 'People are slowly dying': PNG earthquake sparks state of emergency Continue reading...

08 марта, 05:10

Papua New Guinea sees long recovery ahead as quake death toll tops 100

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Papua New Guinea faces a long road to recovery after the powerful earthquake that hit the nation's rugged highlands more than 10 days ago, with the death toll now believed to have climbed to more than 100, its leader said.

07 марта, 18:50

Сильное землетрясение произошло в Папуа - Новой Гвинее

Землетрясение магнитудой 5,7 произошло на острове Новая Британия (Папуа - Новая Гвинея) в 140 км к юго-западу от города Рабаул, сообщили в Алтае-Саянском филиале Единой Геофизической службы РАН.

07 марта, 14:13

Papua New Guinea quake death toll at 55 as aftershock hits

A powerful earthquake that struck Papua New Guinea last week has left at least 55 people dead and authorities fear the toll could exceed 100, as survivors faced more shaking early Wednesday from the strongest aftershock so far.

07 марта, 14:01

Strong aftershock kills dozens in Papua New Guinea

Death toll in southern Pacific island state tops 100 as aftershocks continue after a magnitude 7.5 quake in February.

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Papua New Guinea Hit by Powerful Aftershock as Quake’s Toll Mounts

More than 100 people died in a Feb. 26 earthquake centered in the remote Highlands Region, and powerful aftershocks are adding to survivors’ fears.

07 марта, 09:35

The Latest: Quake death toll now at 55 in Papua New Guinea

The Latest on recent Papua New Guinea earthquakes (all times local):

07 марта, 07:28

An official in Papua New Guinea says 55 dead from last week’s earthquake, more could be reported from remote areas

An official in Papua New Guinea says 55 dead from last week’s earthquake, more could be reported from remote areas .

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Papua New Guinea aftershocks prompt fears earthquake toll could exceed 100

Assessments of scale of damage and injuries have been slow to filter out from region where magnitude 7.5 quake struckAt least 55 people have been confirmed dead and authorities fear the toll could exceed 100 from last week’s powerful earthquake in Papua New Guinea, as survivors faced more shaking from the strongest aftershock so far.Southern Highlands governor William Powi said people were feeling traumatised from the disaster and ongoing aftershocks. The latest was a magnitude 6.7 quake that struck just after midnight local time, the strongest shake since last Monday’s deadly magnitude 7.5 quake that destroyed homes, triggered landslides and halted work at four oil and gas fields. Continue reading...

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Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Папуа-Новая Гвинея. Народности горока и хули

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Намибия. Народность ХимбаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Кения. Народность СамбуруДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Танзания. Народность МасаиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность КараДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность МурсиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность ДасанечДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народности Банна и АрбореДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Монголия. Казахи Баян-Улгийского регионаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. ЧукчиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. Ненцы

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"РусАл" начинает крупный проект в Гвинее

"РусАл" и Гвинея согласовали условия разработки крупнейшего в мире бокситового месторождения "Диан-Диан". Разработка месторождения разделена на четыре этапа.