08 августа, 04:10

Significant Gas Resource Found Near PNG LNG

Significant volumes of gas have been found in Papua New Guinea via the Barikewa-3 well which is near the PNG LNG terminal, Santos said August 8.

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31 июля, 09:00

'Newborns were fed fish soup': Papua New Guinea's malnutrition crisis | Jo Chandler

Undernutrition in under fives causes damage that has an impact throughout their lives – a legacy that is borne by nearly 50% of the nation’s childrenSpiderman is coiled for action across three-year-old Samuel’s bloated tummy. But the boy under the superhero T-shirt is floppy with lethargy. He mutely eyes the doctor from his aunt Margaret’s lap and clutches a half-eaten frankfurter in one grubby hand.It’s not exactly health food, but paediatrician Dr Henry Welch is nonetheless pleased. Continue reading...

21 июля, 23:02

Australians Protest Five Years of Offshore Detention Policy

In cities across Australia demonstrators denounced five years of a policy that has left thousands detained on remote Pacific islands.

20 июля, 02:44

PNG LNG Signs Supply Deal with PetroChina

The co-venturers in the Papua New Guinea LNG project have entered into a sale and purchase agreement (SPA) with PetroChina International for the supply of about 0.45mn metric tons per year of the fuel for three years beginning this month, project participants Santos and Oil Search said in announcements to the Australian Stock Exchange July 20.

17 июля, 08:14

PNG LNG Sees Strong Production Following Earthquake: Oil Search

Australia-listed Oil Search is on track to hit the upper end of its production guidance given a strong recovery in exports from the earthquake-impacted Papua New Guinea LNG facility earlier in the year, while the project’s downtime hit the company’s sales and revenue, the gas producer said in its quarterly report July 17.

05 июля, 07:38

PNG Threatens to Cancel Western LNG Upstream Licence

Some of the potential supply for the Western LNG project in Papua New Guinea could be at risk following the country’s petroleum minister issuing the joint venturers in an upstream development licence a notice of intention to have it revoked.

29 июня, 01:05

Letter 64: ‘Somewhere in Australia,’ Explained

Digging into the New York Times archives, I discovered a heart-wrenching story about a former Australia correspondent from World War II.

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28 июня, 09:00

Meet Benedict Allen, the explorer rescued by the Daily Mail against his will

Last year’s expedition in Papua New Guinea ended in him falling ill, being rescued by the newspaper and facing accusations of imperialism. What drives him to seek out yet more adventures?Benedict Allen arrives dressed like an explorer: all in green, multi-pocketed jacket, sturdy trousers, a bag that could carry accessories in the Amazon. It is a somewhat anachronistic get-up for a meeting in central London, at the Savoy hotel, but very useful given that we want a picture of him in the gardens next to the Embankment, which, for our purposes, will double as a jungle.He takes the artifice like a trouper, pushing aside the ferns as if he was yomping to a lost city in Amazonia, but proves less adept once we are seated in the hotel, having difficulty making clear just how large a pot of tea he wants and turning away the nuts and olives because he doesn’t realise they are complimentary. “Sorry, I’m not your usual class of guest,” he says to the bemused waitress. After spending so much of his life in wildernesses, he admits he finds it difficult adapting to this more refined jungle, but it may also be a natural trait: tall, gangly and prone to gesticulating wildly to express himself, he was not made for sipping tea in hotel bars. He was made for a life of adventure. Continue reading...

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26 июня, 04:27

Papua New Guinea suffers first polio outbreak in 18 years

Boy of six falls ill in Morobe province, as PNG joins three other countries in the world battling the virus The first case of polio in Papua New Guinea in 18 years has been detected, with a six-year-old boy from the Morobe province the first confirmed case of the virus.The boy presented to health authorities on the 28 April with weakness in his lower limbs and the virus – a vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 – was confirmed on 21 May. Last week, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the virus was also present in the stool samples of two children in the boy’s community; prompting health authorities to declare an official outbreak. Continue reading...

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18 июня, 02:21

State of emergency declared in Papua New Guinea after riots

Prime minister Peter O’Neill declares nine-month state of emergency and suspends a provincial government after riots in Southern Highlands last weekPapua New Guinea has declared a state of emergency, suspended a provincial government and is sending armed forces to its rugged highlands to restore order after rioters went on a rampage of looting and burning, the government said.Violence has often ravaged the remote interior of the resource-rich Pacific nation, where tribal and land disputes overlay regional politics. Continue reading...

12 июня, 09:33

Repsol Sells PNG Assets

Spain's Repsol June 11 said it has agreed to sell its shares in Papua New Guinea assets to China’s Balang International.

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07 июня, 15:20

PNG Appraisal Well Success

Oil Search has made a positive appraisal well near a discovery it made almost 20 years ago.

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31 мая, 02:44

'Desperate' solution: Papua New Guinea prisoners freed to find food as budget cuts bite

Prison chiefs released 35 inmates to forage for food in order to make up a chronic shortfall in rations. All but one returnedDozens of prisoners have been released from jail in Papua New Guinea to forage for food after two months of severe shortages led the authorities to take “desperate” measures.All except one of the 35 inmates returned to Boram prison in Wewak, East Sepik after gathering food. The jail holds 290 men, most awaiting their day in court. Continue reading...

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29 мая, 05:00

Papua New Guinea bans Facebook for a month to root out 'fake users'

Analysts will explore how fake news and pornography spreads, and assess whether country needs its own version of the platformThe Papua New Guinean government will ban Facebook for a month in a bid to crack down on “fake users” and study the effects the website is having on the population.The communication minister, Sam Basil, said the shutdown would allow his department’s analysts to carry out research and analysis on who was using the platform, and how they were using it, admits rising concerns about social well-being, security and productivity. Continue reading...

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28 мая, 12:00

A World War II Mystery Is Solved, and Emotions Flood In

The discovery of a bomber shot down 74 years ago has helped a California family find closure, and shows how new technologies are locating those who were long lost.

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17 мая, 21:00

Australia's cut to healthcare on Manus Island 'inexplicable', Amnesty says

Group criticises counselling services cut when Manus refugees have one of highest mental illness rates in worldSign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morningThe Australian government is trying to walk away from the human rights crisis it created on Manus Island, winding back health services while refugees and asylum seekers are still in its care, Amnesty International has said.A report by the organisation, released on Friday, criticised the termination of mental health services despite the 700-strong refugee population on Manus having one of the highest rates of mental illness in the world, according to the UN. Continue reading...

15 мая, 09:12

Warning sounded over China's 'debtbook diplomacy'

Academics identify 16 countries loaned billions that they can’t afford to repayChina’s “debtbook diplomacy” uses strategic debts to gain political leverage with economically vulnerable countries across the Asia-Pacific region, the US state department has been warned in an independent report.The academic report, from graduate students of the Harvard Kennedy school of policy analysis, was independently prepared for the state department to view and assessed the impact of China’s strategy on the influence of the US in the region. Continue reading...

27 апреля, 16:10

PNG Impacts ExxonMobil 1Q Output

Supermajor ExxonMobil reported higher 1Q year on year earnings, due to firmer prices, but its production took a tumble due to the seven-week PNG LNG outage.

18 апреля, 11:05

Oil Search Slashes Guidance After Quake

Australia-listed Oil Search has slashed its production guidance for 2018 following the Papua New Guinea LNG terminal being closed for almost seven weeks due to the region being hit by an earthquake, the company said April 18.

13 апреля, 11:15

PNG LNG Restarts Ahead of Schedule

The Papua New Guinea LNG facility has restarted production ahead of schedule.

26 июля 2016, 18:04

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Папуа-Новая Гвинея. Народности горока и хули

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Намибия. Народность ХимбаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Кения. Народность СамбуруДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Танзания. Народность МасаиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность КараДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность МурсиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность ДасанечДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народности Банна и АрбореДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Монголия. Казахи Баян-Улгийского регионаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. ЧукчиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. Ненцы

04 января 2013, 10:53

"РусАл" начинает крупный проект в Гвинее

"РусАл" и Гвинея согласовали условия разработки крупнейшего в мире бокситового месторождения "Диан-Диан". Разработка месторождения разделена на четыре этапа.