29 ноября, 19:57

Guest Contribution: “Trade War is Not a Reason to Ease Money”

Today, we present a guest post written by Jeffrey Frankel, Harpel Professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and formerly a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. A shorter version appeared in Project Syndicate on November 26th. We are in a trade war, with no sign of peace breaking out anytime soon. […]

28 ноября, 14:09

New Zealand Blocks Huawei, in Blow to Chinese Telecom Giant

The announcement came a day after Papua New Guinea said it would uphold a deal with Huawei, illustrating the growing global divide over the risks of Chinese technology.

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20 ноября, 09:03

After APEC Meeting, Police Storm Papua New Guinea Parliament, Demanding Pay

About 300 people descended on the building, destroying property as they demanded to be paid for their work during the annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

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20 ноября, 06:34

Papua New Guinea security forces attack parliament in row over Apec pay

Officers are believed to be angry over unpaid allowances from the Apec conference over the weekendPapua New Guinea’s national parliament was in lockdown on Tuesday after hundreds of soldiers and police officers attacked the building, smashing vehicles and entryways.The officers are believed to have attacked the parliament in protest against unpaid allowances from the Apec conference over the weekend, and then blocked surrounding streets. Continue reading...

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20 ноября, 02:37

Despite Apec drama, China is winning the fight for the Pacific, step by patient step

The US and its would-be allies, including Australia, lack a coherent, joined-up plan to counter Beijing’s growing swayThe unusually rumbustious Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit that shuddered to an ill-tempered halt at the weekend proved one thing beyond any doubt: the US and China are intent on doing to the Indo-Pacific region in the 21st century what the US and the Soviet Union did to Europe in the last. Namely, use it as the primary battleground in a global turf war for power and influence.The jousting superpowers – described by Peter O’Neill, Papua New Guinea’s prime minister and Apec host, as the the “two big giants” in the room – managed to turn what is supposed to be a peaceable platform for advancing multilateral cooperation into a noisy reprise of Captain America versus the Evil Empire. This is not what Bob Hawke and Paul Keating had in mind when Apec was launched in Canberra in 1989. Continue reading...

19 ноября, 20:10

News Analysis: U.S.-China Clash at Asian Summit Was Over More Than Words

A dispute over trade language meant that members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum failed to issue a joint document for the first time.

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19 ноября, 05:18

Apec leaders summit: five key moments in Pacific tug of war

The summit held in Port Moresby was one of the most tense in recent years and ended with no joint statementThe Apec leaders summit, held in Port Moresby over the weekend, was one of the most remarkable and tense in recent years. It ended with no joint statement from the leaders – a first in Apec history – and with the fight for dominance in the Pacific region between Australia, the US and Japan on one side and China on the other, coming out into the open. Here are five key things that occurred over a dramatic weekend: Continue reading...

18 ноября, 22:28

Apec leaders unable to agree on communique amid US-China trade tensions

Sharp divisions emerge at Port Moresby summit as Japan and US push back against China’s growing influence in the PacificThe Apec summit has been unable to produce a joint communique because of tensions between the US and China over trade and security issues which flared throughout the gathering of regional leaders.While Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, had struck an upbeat note as Apec drew to a close on Sunday, declaring that Washington and Beijing were getting closer to resolving a trade war that threatens economic growth in the region, the Port Moresby summit failed to reach consensus on a concluding statement because of differences between the major powers. Continue reading...

18 ноября, 09:48

Apec summit fails to agree on statement amid US-China spat

Xi Jinping and Mike Pence trade barbs in their speeches in Papua New GuineaAsia-Pacific leaders failed to bridge gaping divisions over trade at a summit dominated by a war of words between the US and China as they vie for regional influence.For the first time, Apec leaders were unable to agree on a formal written declaration, amid sharp differences between the world’s top two economies over the rules of global trade. Continue reading...

16 ноября, 08:04

'The China show': Xi Jinping arrives in PNG for start of Apec summit

Pomp and ceremony marks arrival of Chinese president, who is vying with Australia for influence in the PacificPapua New Guinea has literally rolled out the red carpet for Chinese president Xi Jinping who arrived in Port Moresby ahead of the Apec Leaders Forum this weekend.Xi, the first Chinese leader to take part in a state visit to the nation, touched down on Friday, days before other leaders are due to arrive for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit. Continue reading...

16 ноября, 04:26

Papua LNG JV Agrees Terms with PNG for LNG Project

The Papua LNG joint venture participants have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Papua New Guinea for the development of the Papua LNG project, JV participant Oil Search said November 16.

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16 ноября, 00:00

PNG: opposition MPs call for PM to step down over bridge building scandal

The Guardian revealed that a company owned by Peter O’Neill secured a $32m government contract despite ‘serious irregularities’Opposition MPs are calling for the prime minister of Papua New Guinea to step down in light of the Guardian’s revelations that his company secured a multimillion dollar government contract in a process the Asian Development Bank says may have violated its anti-corruption guidelines.The revelations centred on Wild Cat Developments. Prime minister Peter O’Neill was sole shareholder of Wild Cat in 2014 when it secured a $32.86m contract to build 12 bridges in the country from the Asian Development Bank. Continue reading...

15 ноября, 11:53

‘It’s Time to Try to Change the Men’: Papua New Guinea’s Epidemic of Abuse

A loose network of makeshift shelters is straining to meet the need in a region where 80 percent of women say they have been beaten by a partner.

13 ноября, 21:00

Papua New Guinea Is Rich in Resources but Poor in Health

The Pacific nation hoped that hosting the APEC summit meeting would elevate its international profile, but a national health crisis threatens to overshadow it.

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12 ноября, 23:00

Papua New Guinea PM's firm won $32m contract despite 'serious irregularities'

Exclusive: report says Peter O’Neill’s firm may have violated anti-corruption guidelinesA company owned by Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, Peter O’Neill, won a $32m government contract to build bridges in the country via a process with “serious procurement irregularities” that may have violated anti-corruption guidelines, the Guardian can reveal.The 2015-16 building project was fraught with problems, requiring the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to temporarily stop payments and send in inspectors. Eventually, the contract was terminated and had to be retendered to a Chinese company. Continue reading...

12 ноября, 12:56

Coming to Papua New Guinea: World Leaders (and 40 Maseratis)

The island nation, the poorest member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation regional forum, has spent lavishly as host of the group’s annual summit meeting.

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12 ноября, 02:44

'Can they really pull it off?': the Apec summit comes to Papua New Guinea

Poorest country in bloc to host meeting of world leaders for first time – but some can’t even bring themselves to stay overnightIt is likely to end, as all Apec leaders summits do, with world leaders, including Xi Jinping, Mike Pence, Shinzo Abe, Justin Trudeau and Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, donning matching shirts and posing awkwardly for a photo op.But this week world leaders will arrive in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, for an Apec unlike any other. Continue reading...

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26 октября, 08:10

Thousands hold 'Maserati strike' in PNG amid anger at Apec summit spending

Bus drivers and airport staff stay home to protest against government purchase of luxury cars Thousands of people have participated in a one-day strike in Papua New Guinea to protest against the purchase of a fleet of Maseratis by the government for next month’s Apec conference.The protest was organised after it was revealed earlier this month that the government of the country in the south-west Pacific Ocean bought 40 luxury cars, and later three Bentleys, to ferry around dignities during the multilateral Apec leaders meeting in the capital Port Moresby. Continue reading...

23 октября, 03:04

Oil Search’s Revenue Surges as PNG LNG Recovers

Papua New Guinea-focused Oil Search’s revenue surged in the July-September quarter (3Q) as the PNG LNG project recovered from issues relating to an earthquake earlier in the year, the company said October 23.

18 октября, 03:51

High PNG LNG Output Helps Boost Santos Revenue

Record daily production rates at the PNG LNG terminal in the July-September quarter (3Q) has helped drive a lift in sales revenue for Australian Santos which included record LNG revenues, the company said October 18.

26 июля 2016, 18:04

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Папуа-Новая Гвинея. Народности горока и хули

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Намибия. Народность ХимбаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Кения. Народность СамбуруДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Танзания. Народность МасаиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность КараДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность МурсиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность ДасанечДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народности Банна и АрбореДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Монголия. Казахи Баян-Улгийского регионаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. ЧукчиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. Ненцы

04 января 2013, 10:53

"РусАл" начинает крупный проект в Гвинее

"РусАл" и Гвинея согласовали условия разработки крупнейшего в мире бокситового месторождения "Диан-Диан". Разработка месторождения разделена на четыре этапа.