31 октября, 23:07

McConnell floats rules change to limit debate on nominations

McConnell's protest rings hollow for Democrats who keenly recall his obstruction of former President Barack Obama's nominees.

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31 октября, 22:28

Will Moviepass Save The Movie Theater?

Theater attendance is on pace to be the lowest ever since it peaked in 2002. Will Moviepass reverse the trend?

31 октября, 21:40

Celtic 1-2 Bayern Munich: Champions League – as it happened

Celtic went toe-to-toe with Bayern but were undone by Javi Martinez’s winner, which came moments after Callum McGregor’s equaliser and sealed Celtic’s Champions League exit 9.45pm GMT Plenty of positives for Celtic – far from being outclassed, they arguably created the better chances and Callum McGregor’s equaliser should have set up a thrilling finish. That’s where the negative comes in. Bayern were allowed to regain the lead almost immediately, with the defence at fault for that goal and Kingsley Coman’s opener. Tonight should at least inspire them for the springtime Europa League campaign that now looks to be nailed on. Thanks for joining me, we’ll have a report up shortly. Bye! 9.39pm GMT A valiant effort from Celtic, and a match that was much closer than many expected, but it ends in defeat. Bayern, and indeed PSG, are through to the last 16, and Celtic are out. Continue reading...

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31 октября, 21:22

Финансовые чебуреки

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Стараюсь никогда не писать о людях и их постах в своих постах, чтобы я поэтому поводу не думал и какое бы не имел мнение! Однако тут все таки выскажусь. Висит у нас в топе сейчас пост всеми любимого блогера: https://smart-lab.ru/blog/429718.php В нём он высказал своё мнение о тренде по нефти, я хочу обратить внимание только на один момент, который четко выражен в комментариях: «Когда ищите тренды смотрите месячные графики, а не дневные» Я не ослышался? — Нужно смотреть месячные графики на инструментах со сроком экспирации 1 месяц? — На рынке, где около 90% позиций даже не переносятся через ночь? — В мире где, каждую неделю происходит какая-то дичь политического и геополитического рода? Извините, я пас, ну а вы как хотите…

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31 октября, 21:10

Россия в Совбезе ООН обвинила Киев в дискриминации русскоязычных детей

Постоянный представитель России при ООН Евгений Загайнов заявил, что украинский закон об образовании стал наказанием для русскоязычных детей за их происхождение.

31 октября, 20:37

3 Key Estimates for Apple's Q4 Earnings Report

Earnings and revenue are just two of the many things investors will be looking at when Apple reports on Thursday. Check out these three additional things to expect!

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31 октября, 19:01

У марки Jaguar не будет флагманского кроссовера

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Компания Jaguar отказалась от мысли разработать большой кроссовер по имени J-Pace и сделать его флагманом своего модельного ряда: свою позицию сохранит седан XJ. Однако, судя по всему, крупный вседорожник у британцев все же появится.

31 октября, 18:41

Average U.S. Home Is Selling After Just 3 Weeks On Market; Fastest Pace In At Least 30 Years

Earlier today Bloomberg shared their thoughts that recent data released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), namely the fact that homes are sitting on the market for a record low average of just 3 weeks before being scooped up, pointed to a devastating shortage of housing inventory for sale.  Here was Bloomberg's take: Here’s more evidence that the defining characteristic of the U.S. housing market is a shortage of inventory for sale: Homes are sitting on the market for the shortest time in 30 years, according to an annual report on homebuyers and sellers published today by the National Association of Realtors.   The typical home spent just three weeks on the market, according to the report, which focused on about 8,000 homebuyers who purchased their home in the year ending in June. That was down from four weeks in the year ending June 2016 and 11 weeks in 2012, when the U.S. housing market was still reeling from the foreclosure crisis. It was the shortest time since the NAR report began including data on how long homes spend on the market, in 1987.   Buyers are snapping up homes quickly at a time when for-sale listings are in short supply, forcing them to compete. The number of available properties declined in September, according to NAR's monthly report on existing home sales, marking the 28th consecutive month of year-on-year decline in inventory. Moreover, the "inventory shortage' thesis was further reinforced by data showing that a growing percentage of buyers are once again having to pay asking price or more to win their fair share of the American dream.  In addition to moving fast, buyers also had to pony up to close the deal. Forty-two percent of buyers paid at least the listing price, the highest share since the NAR survey started keeping track in 2007.   “With the lower end of the market seeing the worst of the supply crunch, house hunters faced mounting odds in finding their first home,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, in a statement. “Multiple offers were a common occurrence, investors paying in cash had the upper hand, and prices kept climbing, which yanked homeownership out of reach for countless would-be buyers.” That said, while Bloomberg has taken the 'glass half full' approach in it's analysis, one could also easily make the argument that the housing market isn't suffering from a lack of supply at all but rather an artificially high level of demand courtesy of a combination of perpetually low interest rates and taxpayer subsidized mortgages that require minimal down payments of just 3%. For evidence of the slightly more pessimistic assessment of the housing market, one has to simply review the fine print included in the NAR report which reveals that the average first-time homebuyer is financing roughly 95% of their purchase price and the tightest housing markets are those that fall below FHA limits.  So, what does that tell you about how "tight" housing markets would be if they weren't subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer? Of course, to suggest that millennials should hold off on purchasing a home until they can actually afford a debt-to-equity ratio somewhere south of 19x is probably considered a hate crime in many social circles so we can understand why it might be avoided. In any event, here is a summary of the NAR report so you can make your own assessment:

31 октября, 17:25

What's in the Cards for Yum! Brands (YUM) in Q3 Earnings?

Despite continual expansion and investments in digital initiatives, lower company sales given refranchising along with a soft industry backdrop is likely to weigh on Yum! Brands' (YUM) Q3 results.

31 октября, 17:09

American's Consumer Confidence Highest Since The Peak Of DotCom Bubble

The animal spirits among American consumers has not been this 'high' since the year 2000... The only time in US history that confidence was this high... was the dotcom bubble... but it's different this time...   With the Mountain Region surging to Dec 1999 record highs... “Consumer confidence increased to its highest level in almost 17 years (Dec. 2000, 128.6) in October after remaining relatively flat in September,” said Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board. “Consumers’ assessment of current conditions improved, boosted by the job market which had not received such favorable ratings since the summer of 2001. Consumers were also considerably more upbeat about the short-term outlook, with the prospect of improving business conditions as the primary driver.   Confidence remains high among consumers, and their expectations suggest the economy will continue expanding at a solid pace for the remainder of the year.” Interestingly, consumers’ outlook for the job market, however, was somewhat less favorable than in September. The proportion expecting more jobs in the months ahead decreased marginally from 19.2 percent to 18.9 percent, however, those anticipating fewer jobs declined from 13.0 percent to 11.8 percent. Regarding their short-term income prospects, the percentage of consumers expecting an improvement decreased marginally from 20.5 percent to 20.3 percent, however, the proportion expecting a decrease declined from 8.6 percent to 7.4 percent. However, not everyone is exuberant, while the rich have never been richer and more confident (green), the poor (income

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31 октября, 16:51

Chicago PMI Surges To Highest Since March 2011 (As Employment Falls)

Another day, another 'soft' survey shows improvement. Following Dallas Fed's surge yesterday, Chicago PMI printed a dramatically better than expected 66.2 (60.0 exp) - the highest since March 2011. This print is above the highest estimate (forecast range 58 - 64.7 from 31 economists surveyed) and is a 4 standard deviation beat... To the highest since March 2011... Under the hood it was oddly disappointing... Prices paid rose at a slower pace, signaling expansion New orders rose at a faster pace, signaling expansion - highest since Feb 1974 Employment fell and the direction reversed, signaling contraction Inventories rose at a slower pace, signaling expansion Supplier deliveries rose at a slower pace, signaling expansion Production rose at a faster pace, signaling expansion Order backlogs rose at a faster pace, signaling expansion Business activity has been positive for 12 months over the past year. Oddly, only 3 factors rose in October compared to September (compared to 7 in September)

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31 октября, 16:49

China's energy consumption growth picks up

China's energy consumption in the first three quarters grew at a faster pace as use of renewable energy posted steady momentum, official data showed Tuesday.

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31 октября, 16:11

"It's Unstoppable" - US Home Prices Rise At Fastest Pace In Over 3 Years

US national home prices are up 6.07% YoY in August - the fastest rate since June 2014. We note this data is for August - before the hurricanes. Seattle (up 13.2 percent), Las Vegas (up 8.6 percent), and San Diego (up 7.8 percent) were the top three cities in terms of year-over-year price appreciation; all cities showed gains of at least 3 percent. After seasonal adjustment, San Diego had the biggest month-over-month increase at 1 percent, while Atlanta was the only city to show a decline, at 0.2 percent. Pushing home prices to a new record high... “Home-price increases appear to be unstoppable,” David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P index committee, said in a statement.   At the same time, “measures of affordability are beginning to slide, indicating that the pool of buyers is shrinking,”   and the Fed’s interest-rate hikes are likely to push mortgage rates higher over time, “removing a key factor supporting rising home prices,” he said. In fact, US homes have never been more unaffordable...   As every single city's home prices are rising faster than earnings...

31 октября, 14:20

Eurozone growth beats forecasts despite stronger euro

France expands at steady rate and jobless figures fall to lowest level since 2009

31 октября, 13:10

Четыре россиянина принесли "Тампе" победу над "Флоридой"

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В Национальной хоккейной лиге сыграны матчи очередного тура и сразу в нескольких играх отличились российские легионеры. Особенно весомым был вклад российских звезд клуба "Тампа-Бэй Лайтнинг" в победу над соперниками из "Флориды Пантерз". "Молнии" победили с необычно крупным счетом 8:5.

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31 октября, 07:19

Ерке Есмахан өзін "арзан ән айтады" деп сынаған тыңдарманға ренжіп қалды

Ерке Есмахан отандық шоу-бизнестегі әншілерді "арзан әрі жеңіл-желпі ән айтады" деп сөккен тыңдарманына ренжіп қалды. "Гәкку" арнасының "Follow Wars" бағдарламасына келген әнші өзін қатаң сынаған тыңдарманға жауап берді. Ерке Есмахан. Скриншот: YouTube "Бізде шынайы талантты әншілер жоқтың қасы! Сол себепті осындай арзан мақтанға салынатын ысқырғыштар туралы жазуға тура келеді... қайғылы", - деп жазған тыңдарман. Ерке болса өз кезегінде өздерін "ысқырғышқа теңеге"н Игорь есімді азаматқа бәрінің көңілінен шығу мүмкін емес екенін айтты. "Өліп-тіріліп, ұйықтамай арлы-берлі жүресің, бірдеме жасайсың да. Сол еңбегіңнің бәрін осылай нөл қыла салады өстіп. "Свистульки" деген не бәле ол? Айналайын, кукуруз бағып жүрген ешкім жоқ енді. Біз де еңбегімізді сіңіріп, не болса да жұмысымызды жасап жүрміз. Біреудің көңілінен шығар, біреудің көңілінен шықпас. Игорьжан, айналайын аман бол! Сіздің көңіліңізден шықпаса ренжімеңіз. Алда әлі тағы да әндер шығады. Мүмкін солар ұнап қалар. "Тыңдауға мәжүр боласың",- дейді. Неге мәжбүр болып жүрсіз? Ауыстырып басқасын тыңдаса болмай ма? Таңғаламын мен",- деді Ерке. Ерке Есмахан хейтерлердің қандай сөзіне қапа болды? Бұл сұрақтың жауабын #FollowWars бағдарламасының кезекті бөлімінен біле аласыздар. 22:00-де Gakku арнасын қосуды ұмытпаңыздар. Қайталауы 23:00 және 00:00-де. Оған қоса бағдарламаның толық нұсқасын асықпай біздің YouTube-тегі ресми Gakku TV каналымыздан көруге болады @erke_esmahan Публикация от Gakku TV (@gakkutv) Окт 23 2017 в 8:03 PDT Тағы оқыңыздар: Қарағанды облысында бензин бағасы 200 теңгеге жуықтады Неліктен мұсылмандарға Хэллоуин мерекесін тойлауға болмайды? "ҚазМұнайГаз" қызметкерлері жаңа жылда сыйақысыз қалатын болды Атышулы Гүлнар Кәрімова жақын күндері тағы да сотқа тартылмақшы Алматыда жаппай төбелес бастаған автобус жүргізушісі мен кондуктор ұсталды

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31 октября, 01:10

Lobbyist Podesta to resign in fallout from Mueller action

Brother of Clinton campaign manager to step down as election inquiry gathers pace

25 июня 2015, 23:01

ПАСЕ официально признала Россию «агрессором» в резолюции по Украине

ПАСЕ проголосовала за решение признать Россию «страной-агрессором» в поправках к резолюции о пропавших без вести в ходе конфликта на Украине. Кроме того, в документе территория Крыма названа «оккупированной»