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23 июня, 17:46

Even better this time round: The Crystal Maze, Twin Peaks and our golden age of TV reboots

The revival fever that is also behind the return of Blind Date and The Price Is Right isn’t just about nostalgia. Here’s why TV is really taking us all back in time“Hello! This must feel like deja vu. But that’s television for you. Same thing. Slightly different faces.”Thus did Richard Ayoade open Channel 4’s reboot of its cult 1990s hit The Crystal Maze. The new presenter, as brilliantly deadpan and subtly destabilising a presence as the original host Richard O’Brien, gave a brief explanation of the game for newcomers: “I will lead five contestants round the maze at an artificially accelerated pace in order to give the illusion of jeopardy. There will be fiendish games, fistfuls of crystals and an ungainly scramble for gold tokens in that dome.” Continue reading...

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23 июня, 16:00

The Value Of A Global Perspective: Leadership Lessons From Working Across The World

Working in a country other than your place of birth can give you needed perspective on the biggest issues -- from technology to customer service -- facing leaders in a fast-paced, global economy.

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23 июня, 15:00

13 Ways To Become An Agile Leader In Today's Fast-Paced World

Know what to do even when you don’t know what to do.

23 июня, 13:27

How the Russian Avant-Garde came to serve the Revolution

"Proletarians of All Countries Get United!", by El Lisitsky (Lazar Lisitsky). Reproduction. / RIA Novosti There is this romantic theory that the revolution in Russian arts contributed to the political revolution in the country. The Russian avant-garde, the reasoning goes, in its search for new formats and dismissal of the old dogmas, resonated so closely with political events that it came to serve as the revolutionary movement's primary mouthpiece for a number of years. The origins of the Russian avant-garde are usually dated to 1908, the year in which Moscow and St. Petersburg hosted exhibitions that featured young rebel artists like the Burliuk brothers, Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, and Aristarkh Lentulov. In the following nine years until the revolutionary year of 1917, the avant-garde movement developed at a breakneck pace. Many avant-garde artists embraced the revolution. It suddenly turned out that their artistic ideas were resonant with political slogans, such as Kazimir Malevich's proposal to burn all paintings and exhibit their ashes in museums, because - he asserted - there would be no art after Suprematism. Tragically, this idea was implemented in the first months of the 1917 revolution. The new state needed fresh, vivid images that appealed to its vision of the future. Avant-garde fitted the bill nicely. In exchange, the government became the primary customer for artistic works and also the main censorship authority (although it took artists some time to fully understand this latter function). Monumental propaganda In the first months following the revolution, avant-garde artists found themselves involved in arranging new celebrations staged by the Soviet State. Painted hoardings on the facades of buildings in the main squares of Moscow and Petrograd (formerly St. Petersburg) were true masterpieces of monumental art. Unfortunately, none has survived. All these pictures were devoted to the new symbols and the new people - workers and peasants. Sketch of decoration for Palace Square by painter Nathan Altman (1889-1970). Reproduction. The State Russian Museum in Leningrad (St. Petersburg currently). / Rudolf Kucherov/RIA Novosti In 1918, futurist painter Olga Rozanova was involved in decorating Moscow for May Day, a new 'workers' holiday on May 1st. Rozanova employed her abstract technique and made full use of fireworks and illumination. On the first anniversary of the revolution, artist Nathan Altman wrapped the wings the Hermitage museum in Petrograd in scarlet fabric (nearly 80 years later, the artist Christo would wrap the Reichstag building in a similar way, producing an international sensation). The Alexander Column in Palace Square was decorated with Suprematic compositions. Never before or after did Moscow and Petrograd look as avant-garde as in the first years following the Bolshevik revolt. Word and image Propaganda then spread to printed matter: Posters, magazines, and books. Cubo-Futurism, Constructivism, and Suprematism with their simple shapes and unimposing structure fitted the new requirements ideally. Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge El Lissitzky. / Van Abbemuseum El Lissitzky's 1920 poster “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” is a good example of how a Suprematist composition would be filled with political content. Another striking example of the time is the 1924 advertisement by Alexander Rodchenko urging people to buy books by Lengiz Publishing House. Close-up views, angle shots, diagonal lines running across the pictures, these are all the signature methods that Rodchenko used to turn his Constructivist photographs into both utilitarian advertising and artistic masterpieces. The "Alexander Rodchenko. Photography- Art " Album. / Press Photo Revolutionary design The Utopian desire to transform everything within reach gave birth to the idea that people could be influenced not just through monumental arts but also by ways of creating a new visual world around them so that in everyday life, modern objects would be ubiquitous in their surroundings. This is how Soviet industrial design emerged. Varvara Stepanova. Design for textile, 1924. / Private collection Varvara Stepanova and Lyubov Popova, two of the most prominent women of the Avant-Garde, developed new fabric designs for a textile factory that were meant to replace pre-revolution motifs.  Performance at a book evening, USSR, 1924. The costumes were designed by the artist Varvara Stepanova. Found in the collection of the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, Moscow. / Getty Images The cheap chintz mass-produced in Soviet Russia for clothing now got abstract geometrical patterns in contrasting colors. Stepanova also designed “industrial clothes” for different professions. Her principles included geometric shapes, a unisex approach, and no decorative frills. Sketch of a fabric with the color triangles ornament, 1923-1924. / Tretyakov Gallery 'Agitation porcelain' Another avant-garde manifestation of the times was so-called agitation porcelain: Pieces of ceramic pottery with pro-Bolshevik designs, which now fetch high prices on the international art market. These were produced at the former Imperial Porcelain Factory under a nationwide monumental propaganda program, and mostly exported. Malevich with his understudies Nikolai Suetin and Ilya Chashnik experimented with Suprematically shaped teapots and teacups. The cups were not very convenient for everyday use, but they did look impressive. Teapot by Kazimir Malevich is on display at the avant-garde porcelain exhibition їAround the Squareо at the State Hermitage Museum. / Yuri Belinsky/TASS  A huge part of agitation porcelain came in the form of platters bearing revolutionary slogans by Alexandra Shchekotikhina-Pototskaya and Sergey Chekhonin, who both borrowed ideas from Russian and French Modernists. Many of their designs were based on erstwhile motifs but told new stories. Sculpture, for its part, offered truly revolutionary plots such as Natalya Danko's The Reds and the Whites porcelain chess set, in which the white pieces are represented by Death and slaves, covered in the chains of Capitalism, and the red pieces are peasants with sickles, Red Army servicemen, and a worker with a hammer. A plate with "Who doesn't work, doesn't eat" and portrait of Vladimir Lenin painted on it. Author - M. M. Adamovich. 1920. State china plant. Saint-Petersburg. State ceramics museum and "Ensemble Kuskovo. XVIII." / Я.Юровский/RIA Novosti Architecture Architecturally, revolutionary ideas were manifested through Constructivism. In the early years after the 1917 revolution, while civil war was ravaging the country, there was not enough money to build anything new. Many of that period's projects remained on paper or in the form of scale models. Tatlin’s Tower, or the project for the Monument to the Third International. / Archive photo The most renowned of these is the project to build a monument to the Third International (an association of international Communist parties) created by Vladimir Tatlin in 1919. The tilting steel frame was to contain three objects made of glass: A cube, a cylinder, and a cone. These were designed to rotate at different rates, completing one circle within one year, one month, and one day, thus counting the time passed since the beginning of the new era. Had the project been realized, it would have been taller than the Eiffel Tower. Avant-Garde and Realism Painters also created new images. Artistic associations continued to boom in the 1920s, with new groups forming around such prominent avant-garde figures as Malevich, Pavel Filonov and Mikhail Matyushin. Most of the existing avant-garde associations found new applications to their activity. Petr Williams. Motor rally, 1930. / Tretyakov Gallery One of the key ones was the Society of Easel Painters, which drew on the European and Russian avant-garde experience in poeticizing the real world. Its symbols were Piotr Williams's expressive Motor Rally and Aleksandr Deyneka's The Defense of Petrograd. At the other extreme, the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, whose members strove to record the events of the country's new history without any attempt at aestheticism, represented the painting community.  The defense of Petrograd, 1956. / Tretyakov Gallery Portraits of party leaders and paintings of incessant party congresses would become the mainstream of Socialist Realism in the 1930s. It appears that Realism's victory over Avant-Garde had been predetermined: Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution, had said that arts had to be kept simple and that content was more important than artistic format. The diversity of Soviet arts was cut short in 1932, when the government banned all artistic associations. Four years later, the country started fighting any manifestation of “formalism”. This drove the remainders of the avant-garde movement underground for good. Read more: 6 unmissable films about the 1917 Russian Revolution

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23 июня, 13:05

Alipay and PayPal Are Disrupting The Finance Sector, But The Big Banks Are Here To Stay. Here's Why

From Alipay to PayPal, and from Seedrs to EdAid, technological innovation is reshaping the financial system at an unprecedented pace. Both customers and newcomers stand to gain, but it doesn't mean the end of the financial sector as we know it. Here is why.

23 июня, 12:49

Royal Ascot 2017: Caravaggio powers to Commonwealth Cup glory – live!

Caravaggio makes it six from six in Commonwealth CupDifferent League lives up to name in AlbanyPermian and William Buick win King Edward VII StakesHats, horses and more: Tom Jenkins’s best images from Ascot 4.01pm BST 3.54pm BST Caravaggio maintained his unbeaten record with a superb display in the Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot. The six-furlong contest was billed as one of the races of the week, as the Aidan O’Brien-trained Caravaggio, so impressive in the Coventry Stakes at last year’s meeting, took on a couple of major Godolphin-owned contenders in Harry Angel and Blue Point.Just as he had done when bolting up in last month’s Sandy Lane Stakes at Haydock, Clive Cox’s Harry Angel was soon racing enthusiastically at the head of affairs and ensured a strong pace. Blue Point, trained by Charlie Appleby, had beaten Harry Angel in the Pavilion Stakes over the course and distance in early May and loomed up to challenge inside the final furlong. Continue reading...

23 июня, 12:41

Why the Grenfell Tower official death toll has risen so slowly

There has been anger over the pace at which victims have been identified, but police are committed to rigorous protocols Is your tower block affected? Share your storiesAnger over how the Grenfell Tower death toll has been handled, and over the time taken to formally identify those who have died, has led to speculation that the number of deaths could be far higher than 79, the figure presently given. Related: Grenfell fire: Combustible cladding found on at least three more tower blocks, government reveals - Politics live Continue reading...

23 июня, 11:01

Existing Home Sales Rise in May, Housing Momentum Solid

Existing home sales in the U.S. rose 1.1% in May, after slipping 2.3% in April. This reinstates the fact that the U.S. homebuilding industry is still going strong.

23 июня, 09:30

The Cut by Anthony Cartwright review – the big divide in Brexit Britain

Black Country ex-boxer meets Hampstead documentary-maker – a novella sharply captures two opposing standpoints in the EU debateIf any decade could be described as low and dishonest, it’s surely the present one. First the Brexit vote, then Trump, and just recently an unnecessary and profligate general election. Given the acres of news analysis, and the glacial pace of publishing, how might a novelist address any of this? Ali Smith’s Autumn and Amanda Craig’s The Lie of the Land navigate Britain’s post-referendum landscape, but so far rapid-response fiction has been rare.Anthony Cartwright’s The Cut, published a year after the vote, is unique in that it was commissioned by Peirene (better known for short fiction in translation) specifically to explore Brexit. Following logically from his novels such as Heartland and Iron Towns, set in his native Midlands, Cartwright’s diamond-sharp novella digs deep into the political quagmire, dramatising the referendum’s opposing ideological standpoints via a man and a woman from very different class backgrounds. This is England as two distinct nations, both trying, but failing, to understand the other. Continue reading...

23 июня, 08:47

Москва — Европе: Прощай, ЕСПЧ, ПАСЕ, ОБСЕ… Стремление к суверенитету может толкнуть Россию к выходу из ангажированных структур

Усиление напряженности между странами Запада и РФ, кажется, приводит к все более политически ангажированным решениям ЕСПЧ по делам российских заявителей. Пристрастное отношение других европейских структур — ПАСЕ, ОБСЕ — вынуждает Москву критически оценивать их деятельность и искать новые формы равноправного международного сотрудничества.

23 июня, 02:39

“This Market is Absolutely 100% Going To Crash”

By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at Him: "This market is absolutely 100% gonna crash." Me: "You sound so certain?" Him: "Just look at the valuations." Me: "Pricey valuations don't always culminate in a market crash. There are other factors to consider." Him: "Trump trade is over, and I'm now 50% hedged on US exposure and net long EMs. Plus, the dollar is finished. It's gonna be ugly." This conversation went on for some time. I was talking with a well known hedge fund manager (who will remain nameless) and the main topic was the US equity market. His view is typical, but I'm not sure he's correct. Here's the Dow: A bull market ever since 2008. Overvalued? Sure, but wait... Here's institutional investor sentiment as reported in the FT: "According to the survey , which questioned about 200 investors who manage almost $600bn of assets, just 10 per cent expect tax cuts to be passed before Congress breaks for a summer recess." And here we are looking at the Sentix survey. In blue is the market bias or confidence and in grey the equity market: The divergence is significant. In short, investors don't believe in the current bull market. That may be a problem only if everyone is already long. They're not. Institutional money is bearish and retail participation at just 54% is a hair off all time lows of 52%. Going into 2008, this stood at 62%. This isn't how bull markets end, folks. A pause in a rally? Sure, but no stock market crash. It's Always Relative What is rarely discussed is that we live in a relative world, not an absolute one. Only if you're dining at a steak house, do you have to eat just steak. If you're sitting at a buffet table, you make your choices based on what's on offer. Let's step out of the steak house and step up to the buffet table. Let's look at fixed income. Here's the yield on the US 30-year: And the German 30-year Bund yield: I could toss in the Japanese bond yields and Gilts and you'll see the same thing. In fact, let me point out that the Government of Argentina. Yes, Argentina - a country well known for repeatedly cocking up their finances and defaulting on their debt. Well, they just managed to pull off the sale of a $2.75 billion worth of 100-year bonds with a coupon of... get this... 7.125.%. Surely, a country with a history of repeated defaults struggled to sell the bond? Nope. According to the FT, "the bond attracted $9.75bn in orders from investors." 3.5X oversubscribed, folks. Now, ain't that something? This is a good opportunity to remind ourselves of something, especially when diving into the EM world. There are a few risks with a bond. There is duration risk, default risk, and the other is currency risk. Memories are indeed short. Here is the dollar against the Argentinian peso: Summary Equity markets may well be overvalued but realise that capital has to go somewhere and if, like us, you're looking for asymmetry where risk is low relative to reward, then shorting the equity markets makes bugger all sense in this environment. I've pointed out only two major markets here, albeit the two largest - bonds and equities. But viewing one market on its own is a really dangerous way to look at markets as they are all interconnected and a framework for all the moving pieces is needed. The bubble, in case you haven't realised it, is in bonds. Which brings me to my question for the day: Cast your vote here and also see what others would do - Chris "Eight times in its 194 year financial history has Argentina defaulted on its borrowings, most recently in 2014 amidst its dispute with creditors from its prior episode of financial ruin in 2001. At its historical pace, the soon to be-issued 7.125s of 2117 (priced at $90 to yield around 7.92%) will default more than four times over before that so very-distant prospective maturity date." — Philip Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer -------------------------------------- Liked this article? Don't miss our future missives and podcasts, and get access to free subscriber-only content here. --------------------------------------

23 июня, 01:00

MLB: Why the Washington Nationals Will Finally Win the World Series

The Washington Nationals showed potential for years, but 2017 is the year they finally put it together. Here's why the Nats will win the World Series.

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23 июня, 00:00

Emerging East Asian Bond Yields Fall as Global Economic Prospects Improve

Bond yields in emerging East Asian markets continued their downward trend between 1 March and mid-May as optimism in global economic prospects gained pace, ADB's Asia Bond Monitor said.

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22 июня, 23:57

Трефилов сравнил российских футболистов с деревьями

Главный тренер женской сборной России по гандболу Евгений Трефилов сравнил отечественных футболистов с деревьями. По его словам, им нужно подтянуть технику, а то они не могут отдать пас. Специалист, однако, остался доволен игрой подопечных Станислава Черчесова во втором тайме с португальцами.

22 июня, 23:29

Obama: 'This Bill Will Do You Harm'

The former president issued a warning about the Republican plan to replace his signature health-care law. The Senate is planning to vote on it as early as next week.

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22 июня, 23:11

Liverpool complete record £36.9m signing of Mohamed Salah from Roma

• Record fee could rise to £43.9m (€50m) with additional clauses• Former Chelsea winger signs ‘long-term’ contract and is ‘very excited’Liverpool have completed the £36.9m signing of Mohamed Salah from Roma. The 25-year-old has been a long-term target, with Liverpool missing out on his signature three years ago when he joined Chelsea before embarking on an underwhelming spell in the Premier League.However, after impressing in Serie A with 29 goals in 65 appearances for Roma, the Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp, believes the winger has developed a more rounded game and his “incredible” pace will add depth to a squad which will be further tested this season with the challenge of a Champions League campaign. Continue reading...

22 июня, 22:55

Сборные Германии и Чили разошлись миром в Казани — 1:1

Уже с первых минут команды начали показывать зрелищную игру. На шестой минуте встречи счёт открыл чилийский форвард Алексис Санчес с передачи Артуро Видаля. Этот гол сделал 28-летнего нападающего "Арсенала" лучшим бомбардиром сборной Чили. Теперь на его счету 38 мячей. До этого список возглавлял Марсело Салас. Немцы не поддались натиску чилийской команды. Практически в самой концовке первой 45-минутки защитник Йонас Хектор отдал точный пас Ларсу Штиндлю, который и отправил мяч в ворота чилийцев. Для полузащитника "Боруссии" из Мёнхенгладбаха это уже второй гол на Кубке конфедераций. Во втором тайме игра стала несколько скучнее, чем в первом отрезке этой встречи. Подопечные Йоахима Лёва больше владели мячом, но голов мы так и не увидели. Как итог — 1:1.Таким образом, у Чили и Германии теперь по четыре очка, но подопечные Хуана Пицци продолжают занимать первую строчку в группе В из-за разницы забитых мячей. Напомним, что следующий матч на Кубке конфедераций чилийцы проведут в Москве против Австралии. Встреча состоится 25 июня в 18:00 (мск). Немцы в этот же день сыграют с Камеруном. Кубок конфедераций. Группа В.Германия — Чили — 1:1Голы: Санчес (5), Штиндль (42).

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22 июня, 22:51

Германия сыграла вничью с Чили в матче Кубка конфедераций в Казани

Сегодня в матче второго тура Кубка конфедераций в группе В сборные Германии и Чили сыграли вничью (1:1). Встреча на стадионе «Казань Арена» собрала более 38,2 тыс. зрителей.

22 июня, 22:00

England’s Stuart Broad doubtful for South Africa Test with heel injury

• Pace bowler withdrew from Nottinghamshire’s win against Leicestershire• England face South Africa at Taunton for the second Twenty20 on FridayStuart Broad is waiting to learn the full extent of a mystery heel injury that has thrown into doubt the fast bowler’s participation in the first Test against South Africa next month.Broad, who turns 31 on Saturday, spent on Thursday morning undergoing an MRI scan on the problem that had forced him to withdraw from Nottinghamshire’s Division Two victory against Leicestershire on Wednesday after sending down just one over in the second innings. Continue reading...

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22 июня, 21:48

Быстрый гол в ворота Германии принёс Санчесу звание лучшего бомбардира

На шестой минуте Алексис Санчес, который сегодня впервые на турнире вышел в стартовом составе сборной Чили, с передачи Артуро Видаля забил гол в ворота Германии. Защитники немцев откровенно плохо сыграли у себя в обороне, позволив Видалю без проблем перехватить мяч и отдать пас на Санчеса. Последний, получив передачу, в упор расстрелял ворота немцев — 1:0. Этот мяч стал 38-м в карьере Алексиса Санчеса в составе своей национальной сборной и принёс ему звание лучшего бомбардира за всю историю национальной команды Чили. До перерыва немцы успели сравнять счёт на табло "Казань-арены". На 42-й минуте гол забил полузащитник Ларс Штиндль.

25 июня 2015, 23:01

ПАСЕ официально признала Россию «агрессором» в резолюции по Украине

ПАСЕ проголосовала за решение признать Россию «страной-агрессором» в поправках к резолюции о пропавших без вести в ходе конфликта на Украине. Кроме того, в документе территория Крыма названа «оккупированной»