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30 апреля, 19:48

Pearson defends CEO pay ahead of investor showdown

Advisers ISS and Glass Lewis urge clients to oppose remuneration policy

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30 апреля, 09:00

Apple’s addiction to iPhone shows no sign of waning

The firm would like to decrease reliance on revenue from its smartphone, but it’s not happening yetA vision of the near future: you’re in your driverless Apple vehicle, heading for the new-look Apple Store whose Genius Groves provide space for business meetings, while watching Apple’s exclusive Carpool Karaoke video series on your Apple TV.The present is a bit more prosaic. On Tuesday, Apple’s current dependency on the iPhone is likely to be reinforced when it reports second-quarter results, hence its desire to expand its services businesses. The company is expected to report only a slight year-on-year rise in revenues to about $52bn after a couple of weak quarters, not to mention the first annual decline in iPhone sales last year. And analysts believe Apple’s guidance for the third quarter could be cautious, with JP Morgan forecasting sales of $44.2bn for the three months to June. Continue reading...

30 апреля, 08:00

Putting down roots: the transformation of a farm garden

It’s been seven years since Dan Pearson moved from Peckham to Somerset. He reflects on the differences‘Well, this is a life’s work!” said friends who saw our sprawl of dilapidated buildings and empty fields not long after we moved from Peckham to Somerset. Although we intended it to be so, we saw only potential. Yes, it has sometimes been a process of learning from mistakes and adjusting from gardening in London, but that we are “in process” is thrilling and the contrast of the two gardens continues to expand the learning curve.It took five years of planning after we moved from the house in Peckham, and then the best part of two years to get to the point of planting our newly formed garden. Continue reading...

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26 апреля, 20:34

10 Habits of People With Gorgeous Hair

Having trouble growing your hair long and healthy? You might be making some of these rookie hair mistakes, according to top stylists.

22 апреля, 13:03

Wry, loyal, kind: Observer journalist Dave Pearson dies

Tributes paid to consummate newspaperman who worked at the Observer for more than 30 yearsDavid Pearson, for more than three decades a leading staff member at the Observer, has died at the age of 62. Continue reading...

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20 апреля, 09:20

Confessions of a Junior Doctor review – Bake Off's Tamal Ray gives his verdict

As a doctor, I sympathise with those shown embarking on their careers, but worry whether they’ll join the exodus from an NHS that doesn’t value themIf you have a sense of deja vu while watching Channel 4’s new series Confessions of a Junior Doctor, it might be because you saw BBC3’s Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands, which chronicled the highs and lows of doctors embarking on the start of their careers. That series coincided with my first year working as a doctor and – despite working all hours in a hospital – I couldn’t help but be glued to every episode. At first glance, things do feel familiar: shaky footage of doctors running through corridors, and haunting piano music overlaid with poignant monologues about suffering and death. There’s a brief introduction which looks like a medical version of Harry Potter, complete with nervous first years and kindly consultant, Dr Philip Pearson, in the role of Dumbledore. “It will be hard work. It will be stressful. But there will be plenty of good times,” he intones, with twinkly-eyed enthusiasm. Continue reading...

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17 апреля, 21:26

Officials release photo of mock IED found at Toronto airport

U.S. customs officials released a photo Monday of a mock improvised explosive device that led to delays at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport when it was found in a passenger’s luggage this month.

10 апреля, 21:38

Crystal Palace v Arsenal: Premier League – live!

Minute-by-minute updates from the game at Selhurst ParkEmail [email protected] or tweet @michaelbutler18Arsenal legend Adams named manager of GranadaMilivojevic makes mark at Palace after long and bumpy road 10.08pm BST Palace are now six points clear of Swansea in 18th, and they still have a game in hand over the Welsh side. They are not quite out of the woods yet – as they have a tough end to the season with games against Leicester, Liverpool, Spurs, Burnley, Manchester City, Hull City and Manchester United left – but maybe one more win, and they’ll be OK. On that form, they look a top half team, easy. For Arsenal, that should all but confirm their first season outside the Champions League places in 21 seasons. But it is not just the defeat that is so damning here, it is the manner in which they folded. Sanchez and Ozil were as bad as I’ve seen them all season, and without Koscielny, they look so poor at the back, bereft of leadership. You can’t see Arsenal announcing a Wenger contract extension any time soon. They lost 3-0, and the biggest disappointment is that nobody is particularly shocked. 9.58pm BST Savage. Arsenal fan tv for me tonight Continue reading...

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06 апреля, 10:40

Pearson share slide drags down FTSE 100

The embattled publisher sees its share price close down by 6.7% after going ex-dividend.

05 апреля, 20:53

Valeant (VRX) Stock Continues to Slump: Should You Buy the Dip?

Shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) continued their slump on Wednesday, slipping another 5.4% during the morning trading hours. Is a bounce back imminent, or will Valeant continue its remarkable freefall?

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29 марта, 15:17

10 TV Characters Likely to Get Axed This Season

We've grown to love these TV characters, but they may not be around much longer. Given what we know about their shows, it looks like they could be goners.

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28 марта, 14:33

The Wipers Times review – Ian Hislop salutes satirical wartime newspaper

Arts theatre, LondonHislop and Nick Newman’s play explores the extraordinary real-life story of how a Punch-style publication was set up by troops during the first world warIan Hislop and Nick Newman have already made an award-winning TV film from the story of how a satirical newspaper was produced by frontline soldiers in the first world war. Now comes the stage version and it retains its fascination, even if it feels over-extended at two and a half hours and is inevitably overshadowed by memories of Joan Littlewood’s Oh What a Lovely War. The story is framed by the spectacle of the paper’s editor, Fred Roberts, struggling to find a job in postwar Fleet Street. The bulk of the action shows Roberts and his fellow officer Jack Pearson deciding to set up a paper while stationed at Ypres. “A bit like the Daily Mail?” says someone. “I was thinking of something rather more accurate,” replies Roberts. That feels like an anachronistic barb, since the Wipers Times was less concerned with news than with offering a Punch-like mixture of jokes, parodies, poems and cartoons that would capture the rumbling resentment of the common soldier with a cosseted high command and the facile optimism of fireside patriots. Continue reading...

28 марта, 00:54

Democrats burned by polling blind spot

The party didn't just lose among rural white voters, it may have missed them altogether.

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26 марта, 21:33

The Guardian view on religion and violence: context is everything | Editorial

There are no religions that are entirely pacifist because there are no societies entirely free of conflict. What matters is how the holy books are readLord Pearson of Rannoch, the Ukip peer, has complained three times in the House of Lords that he cannot access the website called the Religion of Peace from there, and has been told three times that it is classed by parliament’s internet service as a racist hate site – and, in the opinion of the deputy speaker, that is exactly how it should be classified. It is indeed a site dedicated to the proposition that Islam is a uniquely violent and hateful religion. It is hardly surprising that a former leader of Ukip should draw nourishment from such a poisoned well. But behind the name there lurks a serious question, which goes to the heart of integration: how seriously should we take the warlike scriptures of any religion?There are no religions whose message is entirely pacifist, any more than there are societies without conflict. Any world religion will contain sacred texts that have seemed to urge its followers on to murder. Christianity, quite as much as Islam, can call on texts that seem to make the slaughter of unbelievers mandatory. So can the enlightenment ideologies, which have to some extent superseded religions in the west. The Marseillaise is a bloodthirsty anthem, and in our own time the horrendous cruelty of colonial and post-colonial wars was often justified in the name of spreading freedom and democracy. Continue reading...

26 марта, 14:17

The Year Nixon Fell Apart

The year was 1970, and the paranoid, stressed president starting drinking, stealing away from the White House and, eventually, going after his enemies.

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26 марта, 10:02

Wall Street’s love affair with Trump cools as healthcare bill sows welcome doubts

US president’s failure to win backing for his repeal of Obamacare has delivered a dose of reality to the marketsWall Street’s uncritical love affair with Donald Trump is over. For five months, traders have swallowed whole the idea that the president would swiftly get a package of tax cuts through a Republican-dominated Congress, giving a boost to growth and corporate profits in the process.Yet the first real test of Trump’s ability to get lawmakers to do his bidding – the repeal of Obamacare – has been a disaster. The resistance on Capitol Hill has left the financial markets wondering when – and indeed whether – Trump will be able to deliver on his fiscal boost. Continue reading...

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24 марта, 19:32

Pearson chief’s pay rose 20% despite record loss

John Fallon received £343,000 annual bonus after hitting some profit targets

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24 марта, 19:28

Pearson boss sees pay boost despite firm's struggles

The publisher's boss sees his pay package rise 20% in 2016 despite a difficult year for the firm.