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01 декабря, 02:59

The Sweeping Effects of Trump's Deal With Carrier

In following through on a major campaign promise, the president-elect can shake up the political landscape in several major ways.

30 ноября, 01:27

"All we are saying, is give Trump a chance"

This slogan with the word peace rather than President-elect Trump was the darling of liberals of the Vietnam era. Those same liberals and their children see no irony in their denial of "a chance" to the man who fair and square won election as President. They decry his rhetoric. They abhor the rhetoric of many of his supporters. They label and decry his appointees on the basis of those same labels. They point to his "un-presidential" behavior and his willingness to turn to family for advice (yes we banned that after RFK but only in a formal sense). They decry his supposed racism and fascism but can point to few examples of behavior of the first kind and NO examples of the second kind. In truth they are being angry and vengeful -- much like the crowd of Trump supporters who elected the Donald. But they cannot see it that way. They are speaking "truth" revealed as if from on high. It is just BS and it is demeaning to the rest of America. We elected as President a man who has spend almost fifty years answering only to himself. All evidence suggests he is a tough judge since he seems to go great lengths to portray EVERY story as a victory for DJT. But now, for the first time in two generations, he must answer to others -- 330 million plus others. Truthful hyperbole may have held him in good stead in the past, but it only works to weaken his hold on the populace in the present. But then again, he has had fewer than three weeks to even begin to understand the mammoth responsibilities thrust upon him. It is all new. In his words it is bigger than HHUUGGEE. And it is all on him. This is a man for whom the victorious transaction was far more important than the continuing relationship -- but now he needs relationships. For whom the sales pitch was judged solely by what kind of deal was struck and even then more importantly by what kind of a story could be told -- but now he cannot control the stories. For whom loyalty was a demand he could make of others but was not obligated to return -- but now disloyalty hangs over his team like a constant plague. For perhaps the first time in decades, Donald Trump is relearning the meaning of respect -- the idea that others should be seen as if they will be dealt with repeatedly and not just as a one-time transaction. World leaders and members of Congress are not like the scorned contractor denied payment on an invoice. They will return over and over again and once burned, twice shy. Our future President Trump needs time, to mature into his job and to mature into becoming President. That same scolding crowd was more than willing to give Barack Obama time - and in the process the very hopes of many millions of Americans that policy might once be more important than politics got trampled by the aggressive politics of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Rahm Emanuel. Cross the aisle had no chance then ... so why are these same folks interested in killing it now? Our President-elect has said many things and suggested he supports many other things -- but the support and the statements are inconsistent and frankly irrelevant. What matters is how he acts when he is given the levers of power to do. He is learning and testing and hopefully thinking. He has not done anything like this before. We chose to embark on an experiment. It is foolish to decry its lack of experiential evidence. That lack was the very idea that got him elected. So my liberal friends (or to those offended by this article -- former friends) hold your tongues. If you have something CONSTRUCTIVE to offer, please do so. Be vigilant when the action starts. But if all you can now offer is critique, labels, and complaints -- stop. You are helping no one. You want an audience with the levers of power before decisions get made. You need to earn it. And being nattering nabobs of negativism is not the ticket. All we are saying is give Trump a chance. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

29 ноября, 15:29


Listen to Playbook in 90 Seconds http://bit.ly/2gDXts5 ... Subscribe on iTunes http://apple.co/2eX6EayJUST ANNOUNCED -- TOM PRICE will be Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services. This will make conservatives on Capitol Hill happy -- he’s one of their own. He’s been in the trenches of Republican health care policy for a long time. And he's a physician. -- FLASHBACK, Nov. 18, a Jen Haberkorn scoop: @politico: “Rep. Price clear favorite for Trump’s HHS chief” http://politi.co/2fDPdeiHABERKORN on the Price selection http://politi.co/2geojKg … NYT’s Robert Pear http://nyti.ms/2gDHx96 … WaPo’s Amy Goldstein and Phil Rucker http://wapo.st/2gDARbi … WSJ’s Louise Radnofsky and Peter Nicholas http://on.wsj.com/2fHglFzPLAYBOOK’S TAKE -- Price’s selection is a win for Trump with the conservative base. The Georgia congressman, who has been in the House for nearly a dozen years, is a favorite of tea partiers and policy intelligentsia alike. But most Republican insiders begrudgingly concede that repealing and replacing Obamacare is a multiyear process. And Price -- who has led the charge against the ACA on Capitol Hill, and supports privatizing Medicare -- will now be tasked with shepherding and implementing any new health-care policy. This will certainly give some comfort to many House Republicans. The selection scrambles internal House politics, too. Price is the Budget Committee chairman (technically a member of House GOP leadership), and, although it’s early in the process, his departure could pave the way for Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita, now the vice chair, to take the gavel. Price was also seen as a candidate for his state’s governorship in 2018. If he is confirmed to HHS, he won’t be mounting a statewide campaign anytime soon.CONSIDER THIS. Trump’s selections are helping him with the Republican Congress. Between Price, Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo at the CIA, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at the U.N, Betsy DeVos at Education and either Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) or Mitt Romney at State, Trump is putting together a very standard-issue Republican Cabinet with plenty of friends on Capitol Hill.THE LAME DUCK is here. With a Republican administration starting in 52 days, there’s one overwhelming sentiment on Capitol Hill: The lame duck session of Congress ought to be boring. And it should last just two weeks. Here’s what you need to know:-- THE BIG DEAL. The government needs to be funded by Dec. 9. The plan, as of now, is a three-month funding bill that pushes off a government shutdown to March. Some in the Senate would prefer a longer-term bill -- they are worried about getting bogged down with a slew of Trump administration appointments that have to be cleared in the first quarter of 2017. But we don’t expect any hiccups with government funding, no stumbling into a shutdown. We expect that next week, the GOP-led Congress -- still on a sugar high from its electoral sweep -- will avoid a government shutdown.-- THE OTHER STUFF. This week, the House will take up the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation that would plus up funding for government-backed research and to fight the opioid crisis. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s research priorities -- including the “cancer moonshot” -- get money in this bill. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) vowed to fight the bill (STAT News: http://bit.ly/2gEHtaq), but if it fails, Republicans can come at it again in January, if they would like. The National Defense Authorization Act -- which lays out the framework for military spending -- will also get a vote. And the Water Resources Development Act, a bill that mostly provides guidance to the Army Corps of Engineers, is expected to come up next week as well. The Senate might also take up a bill that would allow the U.S. to step up Iran sanctions, if necessary.WE DON’T EXPECT FIREWORKS. Official Washington will likely shut down after Dec. 9. But you truly never know what might gum up the system.-- THE BUZZ. Lots of people on the Hill are waiting anxiously to see how the Republican leadership handles the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The process won’t begin until 2017, but conservatives are eager to see what the GOP leadership is thinking.Good Tuesday morning. Sad news breaking overnight in Colombia. AP bulletin at 4:22 a.m.: “MEDELLIN, Colombia (AP) - Colombia’s police confirms 5 survivors, rest of passengers killed in plane crash.” The plane with 81 people was carrying Chapecoense Real, a top Brazilian soccer team. http://wapo.st/2gEBvX8 BEWARE -- The Trump transition is not like previous transition teams in many ways. But top Trump supporters -- including many in Congress -- privately tell us they don’t receive talking points from the Trump team on key issues, like potential appointees to the administration. So, when you hear a member of Congress criticize Mitt Romney (say, Rep. Chris Collins calling him a “self-serving egomaniac” on Monday), that might not be due to a directive from the transition.-- LATE NIGHTS WITH THE TRUMP TEAM: @KellyannePolls at 2:31 a.m.: “After a day of FAKE news, the facts. Challenging the Boss in Public? For Kellyanne Conway, It’s Part of the Job.” The tweet was linking to Mike Shear and Maggie Haberman’s story by that name:Mike and Maggie on A18: “Ms. Conway quickly dialed Mr. Trump, as well as Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and confidant, seeking reassurance that the [headline asserting Trump was furious at Conway] was wrong. She got it. Ms. Conway, the Republican pollster and strategist who managed Mr. Trump’s improbable campaign, said the president-elect was neither surprised nor angered by her public excoriation a day earlier of former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, a top prospect for secretary of state in the Trump administration. ‘When he’s upset with someone, they know it,’ Ms. Conway said in a telephone interview late Monday afternoon.“While her public display may have bothered some members of Mr. Trump’s transition team, by all accounts, her close relationship with the next occupant of the Oval Office remains secure. Mr. Trump, in a statement emailed Monday evening by his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said: ‘Kellyanne came to me and asked whether or not she could go public with her thoughts on the matter. I encouraged her to do so. Most importantly she fully acknowledged there is only one person that makes the decision. She has always been a tremendous asset and that will continue.’” http://nyti.ms/2fH42cp ELIANA JOHNSON, ALEX ISENSTADT and KEN VOGEL: “Conway plays the outside game: Trump’s campaign manager has slowly receded from his innermost circle”: “[Kellyanne] Conway, 49, has rejected an offer to be Trump’s White House communications director, and is now seen as increasingly unlikely to take on a formal role inside the administration, according to a source familiar with the transition process -- which helps to explain why she has displayed little compunction about bucking her boss in public. ‘Kellyanne is more likely to be working on the outside and she knows that,’ said a top Trump transition aide, ‘so I think she feels a little more liberated about opining.’” http://politi.co/2fLGI0EGET IT? -- @KellyannePolls at 7:37 p.m.: [email protected] & I working hard tonight. Thank you for the privilege of a lifetime, #PEOTUS.” Pic of Kellyanne and Trump (on his laptop) at his desk http://bit.ly/2g0ScedHAPPENING TONIGHT -- “Trump and Romney to hold private dinner Tuesday,” by Alex Isenstadt and Eliana Johnson: “The huddle comes as Trump’s deliberation over whom to tap as his secretary of state plays out with an unusual level of public drama. ... Trump is also considering former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former CIA director David Petraeus, whom he described as ‘very impressive’ after a meeting on Monday, as well as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.).” http://politi.co/2fwJDvFTHE VIEW FROM ROMNEYWORLD -- Inside Mitt Romney’s close political orbit, there’s a bit of bewilderment about the potential for political backlash if Trump chooses the former Massachusetts governor to be secretary of state. One Romneyworld insider emails Playbook: "Seems to me that [Trump’s] base will be with him, even if he decides to appoint someone who wasn’t loyal to him during the campaign. And it would surely heal wounds with the mainstream GOPers who are still quite wary of him. Seems like a no-lose proposition if you ask me.” -- IF ROMNEY gets State, be on the lookout for lots of GOP operatives with ties to the former nominee to want in. We’re already hearing rumblings that folks who have moved onto consulting or other political gigs are dusting off their resumes -- even if they are light on foreign policy experience.TRUMP ON THE WORLD STAGE -- “‘Trump Effect’ Is Already Shaping Events Around the World,” by Peter Baker in Jerusalem, with Geeta Anand in New Delhi, Steven Erlanger in London, Yufan Huang in Beijing, Ivan Nechepurenko in Moscow, Motoko Rich in Tokyo and Alison Smale in Berlin on A21 of the NYT: “Within days of Donald J. Trump’s election to the presidency, Jerusalem’s city planning chief declared an end to the era of holding up new housing for Jewish residents in contentious neighborhoods out of deference to American objections. Last week, he followed through, advancing a long-delayed plan to build 500 homes, a down payment on thousands more to come. The mayor’s office insisted that the timing was coincidental and the decision not political. But the planning chief made clear that he saw a green light to proceed ‘now that Trump’ had won. Call it the Trump Effect. Around the world, his election is already shaping events — or at least perceived to be shaping them — even though he will not take office for seven more weeks. Companies hoping to profit from Mr. Trump’s economic policies have seen shares soar. Countries fearing his anti-trade stance have seen the value of their currencies plunge against the dollar. Governments are recalibrating policies on trade, defense and immigration.” http://nyti.ms/2fHe8dv -- NYT is calling Trump Tower “White House North” in a cool feature online. http://nyti.ms/2fH7Ydb JUST SAYING … “Morning Joe” has had a pretty good run of early-morning scoops in the nascent days of the Trump administration. Take Monday, for example: Joe Scarborough predicted that Donald Trump would be welcoming a couple of new secretary of state candidates to Trump Tower this week. Within a few hours, Trump’s world put out word that David Petraeus would be visiting, as would Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.).MEA CULPA -- We (read: Jake) forgot a few unfilled cabinet slots yesterday. Here are all the open slots: State, Treasury, Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, HHS (will be filled by Rep. Tom Price of Georgia), HUD, Transportation, Energy, VA, DHS, EPA administrator, U.S. Trade representative, OMB director, CEA chairman and Small Business administrator. Andrew Restuccia’s “What We Know So Far.” http://politi.co/2gR9gaz TRUMP’S TUESDAY MEETINGS -- Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn; Pete Hegseth, a top Republican on veterans issues; Marion Blakey, the president of Rolls Royce America; Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee; Rep. Mike McCaul of Texas; Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania; and Mitt Romney.-- TEA LEAF READING: McCaul is a leading candidate for DHS (he’s extremely wealthy, so expect his personal finances to get a close look. His Texas home is sometimes called the “Taj McCaul”). Barletta has been an immigration hawk in Congress -- and as mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. But Rachael Bade Monday night reported Barletta was in the running for Transportation secretary (http://politi.co/2geNsV9). Romney and Corker are candidates for secretary of state. Hegseth makes sense, as Trump hasn’t filled the top slot at the VA. Blackburn was an early backer and top surrogate. Blakey was CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, so she knows defense issues well.LAST NIGHT -- President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had dinner together. No word yet on what was on the menu.TRAGEDY IN COLUMBUS -- “Ohio State: Campus pulls together with 11 injured, assailant dead after attack,” by Columbus Dispatch’s Holly Zachariah, Kimball Perry and Jim Woods: “[H]orror came calling on campus at 9:52 a.m., and it came by way of a man in a silver Honda. … Several watched as the Honda jumped the curb, sending bodies flying into the air. Police would later say the driver careened into that crowd intentionally, no question. Because the suspect — later identified as student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a logistics-management major of Somali descent — had another weapon besides the car. He clutched a butcher knife.” http://bit.ly/2gEHCLeTOP TWEETS -- @realDonaldTrump: “.@CNN is so embarrassed by their total (100%) support of Hillary Clinton, and yet her loss in a landslide, that they don’t know what to do.” … @jeffzeleny replies: [email protected] Good evening! Have been looking for examples of voter fraud. Please send our way. Full-time journalist here still working.” ... @realDonaldTrump at 6:34 a.m.: "I thought that @CNN would get better after they failed so badly in their support of Hillary Clinton however, since election, they are worse!" ... @KellyannePolls: “306. Landslide. Blowout. Historic.” … @NateSilver538 replies: “Actually way below average for a winner’s total: 1984—525 1980—489 1988—426 1996—379 1992—370 2008—365 2012—332 *2016—306* 2004—286 2000—271”KNOWING STEVE BANNON -- “Steve Bannon’s adventures in penny stocks: Shortly before he became an arch-critic of Wall Street, Trump’s strategist engaged in financial maneuvering of his own,” by Ben Schreckinger: “Court filings and corporate records reviewed by POLITICO show that during this period, long after Bannon’s stint with Goldman Sachs in the 1980s, these penny-stock firms employed some of the complex corporate maneuvers favored by financial masters of the universe — trans-national acquisitions, reverse mergers and asset purchase agreements — though on a much smaller scale. Most of the companies failed to take off, often in the throes of legal troubles, in the years before Bannon emerged as a populist critic of financial wizardry run amok and failures to prosecute Wall Street executives.” http://politi.co/2gDHQkaPRESIDENT TRUMP -- “FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump,” by Bloomberg’s Chris Strohm: “Trump’s first two choices to head law enforcement and intelligence agencies -- Republican Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Republican Representative Mike Pompeo for director of the Central Intelligence Agency -- are leading advocates for domestic government spying at levels not seen since the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. ... An ‘already over-powerful surveillance state’ is about to ‘be let loose on the American people,’ said Daniel Schuman, policy director for Demand Progress, an Internet and privacy advocacy organization.” http://bloom.bg/2gDNaUL--NYT A1, “Donald Trump Faces Obstacles to Resuming Waterboarding,” by Matt Apuzzo and James Risen: “The president-elect said in an interview last week that he had heard compelling arguments that torture was not effective, though it is not clear whether he intends to retreat from his position. If he moves ahead to fulfill his campaign pledge, it will not be easy. Federal law, international pressure and resistance from inside the C.I.A. stand in his way. Even if he overcomes those obstacles, the toll of America’s agonizing treatment of captives has left a legacy of harm that will make it harder for Trump administration lawyers to justify resuming use of the tactics.” http://nyti.ms/2ge9B60COMING ATTRACTIONS -- “Trump to headline $5,000-a-head NYC fundraiser,” by Nancy Cook: “The Trump transition team is holding one of its first major post-election fundraisers in New York City on Dec. 7, where the president-elect himself will make an appearance, according to the invitation obtained by POLITICO. The $5,000-per-head breakfast will raise money for Trump for America, a 501(c)(4) group funding the transition. The hosts include a slew of donors, potential Cabinet picks and transition team officials, including Steven Mnuchin ... Wilbur Ross ... Ray Washburne ... and Bill Hagerty ... Also on the list: Brian Ballard, Florida’s top GOP fundraiser, who is Donald Trump’s longtime lobbyist in Tallahassee.” http://politi.co/2geC7onDNC WATCH -- “[Raymond] Buckley to announce candidacy for DNC chair on Tuesday,” by WMUR’s John DiStaso: “In an email to members of the NHDP executive committee and other leaders ... [NH Dem Party Chairman Raymond] Buckley wrote that the national party is in need of ‘urgent reform.’ ... The election is scheduled to take place during the DNC’s winter meeting, which will be held Feb. 23-26 in Atlanta.” http://bit.ly/2gR4J8eTRUMP’S AMERICA -- NYT A11, “Trump’s Promises Will Be Hard to Keep, but Coal Country Has Faith,” by Sheryl Gay Stolberg: “[C]oal country is reckoning with an inconvenient truth: Mr. Trump’s expansive campaign promise to ‘put our miners back to work’ will be very difficult to keep. ... Analysts agree that what Appalachia really needs is a diversified economy, a goal that has eluded Mr. Obama and state and local politicians. But in this land of staggering beauty and economic pain, Trump backers said over and over again that while coal might never be what it once was, the businessman they helped send to the White House could indeed put them back to work — if not in mining, then in some other industry.” http://nyti.ms/2grBq8ADEMOCRATS IN EXILE -- “A Bruised Liberal Powerhouse Faces an Uncertain Future: The Center for American Progress is closely tied to the Clintons. Will the Left leave the group behind?” by National Journal’s Jason Plautz and Ben Geman: “[A]s CAP and its sister advocacy group, the CAP Action Fund, dig in for battle, their role and stature on the Left are less certain after the embarrassing failure of a presidential campaign so closely associated with the group’s past and current leadership. The organization is deeply tied to the Clinton orbit and the Democratic establishment more broadly, and was widely thought to be a staging ground for a future Hillary Clinton White House. CAP founder and former president John Podesta was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, served as chief of staff in her husband’s White House, and was an adviser to President Obama.” http://bit.ly/2fLRy6RSCHOCK UPDATE -- “Indicted Schock asks to move case to his hometown,” by Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer: “Indicted former Rep. Aaron Schock has asked a federal judge to move his case from Springfield to his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, saying it has ‘virtually no connection’ to the state capital. … In a filing Monday afternoon, Schock's attorneys said that none of the ‘alleged misconduct occurred in Springfield, and no significant witness, if any witness, lives in Springfield. Yet the [U.S. attorney] chose to file this case not in Peoria -- where the [U.S. attorney] maintains an office mere blocks from the federal courthouse -- but in Springfield. The only basis for doing so appears to be the prosecutor’s convenience.’” http://politi.co/2gBsa4I MEDIAWATCH -- NYT Business Day front, “News Outlets Rethink Usage of the Term ‘Alt-Right,’” by Sydney Ember: “With the election of Donald J. Trump ... the term alt-right has emerged as a linguistic flash point. Generally deployed by news organizations to describe a far-right, white nationalist movement known for its aggressive online expression, the term has attracted widespread criticism among those, particularly on the left, who say it euphemizes and legitimizes the ideologies of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and white supremacy.” http://nyti.ms/2gEprVP--AP memo to staff: “Writing about the ‘alt-right’” http:[email protected]: “‘Alt-right’ is not an offshoot of conservatism, @AP. They are explicitly anti-conservative.”JACK SHAFER in Politico, “The New Rules for Covering Trump”: “1. Curb Your Twitter Enthusiasm ... 2. Starve the Troll ... 3. Don’t Fact-Check Everything He Says (Starve the Troll, Part II) ... 4. Crack the Code Behind His Psyops ... 5. Report Aggressively, But Not Necessarily From the White House ... 6. Stop Blaming Yourself for Trump ... 7. Remember: There Is No Magic Bullet for Covering Trump.” http://politi.co/2fLMO0E--“Covering the Trump era – with shrinking newsrooms: Even as the public acknowledges the need for more trustworthy reporting, newsrooms are being decimated,” by Ken Doctor for Politico: “Newsroom employment at the nation’s 1,375 dailies could fall below 28,000, less than half of its high point in 1990. Further, current federal Bureau of Labor Statistics data projects continuing slides as long as the forecasting eye can see. Through 2024, newspaper reporter positions are projected to decline by 28% and editor jobs by 34%, from their 2014 level.” http://politi.co/2gRbqak-- @mckaycoppins: “Personal news: After five great years and two presidential campaigns at @BuzzFeedNews, I’ll be joining @TheAtlantic as a staff writer. … (By the way, I'll be moving down to Washington for my new job, along with my friend Donald Trump.)”--“Robert Wolf, Democratic fundraiser and Obama’s top Wall Street adviser, joins Fox News as contributor,” by Business Insider’s Maxwell Tani: “Wolf will join Fox News and Fox Business as a daytime and primetime contributor, providing political commentary mixed with economic analysis.” http://read.bi/2gB14ee-- Washington Examiner is bringing Salena Zito on board full-time as a political correspondent beginning Dec. 1. Zito begins her tenure with an interview with Sen. Joe Manchin on the magazine’s cover. http://bit.ly/2fLymWM ... Her story http://washex.am/2gnyvxLTV TONIGHT -- Tonight at 9 p.m., CNN will air “War in Space: The Next Battlefield” -- “With rare access to classified U.S. military command and operations centers, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto showcases the devastation that would be caused by space warfare and how the U.S. military is preparing for the alarming prospect.” http://cnn.it/2gegrbCSPOTTED: Sen. Tim Scott sitting in coach yesterday on AA 4674 JFK to DCA … Valerie Jarrett having lunch with Pete Rouse Monday afternoon at Joe’s on 15th Street.TRANSITIONS -- Kyle Plotkin, formerly a top aide to former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, has joined Purple Strategies as a senior director, where he started this week. He’ll be part of the strategy team and focus on crisis communications, issue advocacy and reputation management.--Matthew McGrath, most recently on the Tammy Duckworth campaign, is starting a job this week as press secretary for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He emails friends and colleagues: “After nearly 15 years of constant campaign life and 8-month stays in cities big and small all across this great land…. I’m also really happy to be able to stay in Chicago and settle in one place, at least for a while.”HAPPENING TODAY -- Burson-Marsteller and the Bipartisan Policy Center are hosting a panel discussion from noon to 1:30 p.m. focused on policing, race and the media. Panelists include D.C. assistant police chief Diane Groomes, WaPo’s Wesley Lowery and Burson’s global corporate practice chair Mike Fernandez; Don Baer will make opening remarks. RSVP http://bit.ly/2gRc87uBIRTHDAYS OF THE DAY: Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson, who celebrated on Sunday night with her family at Comet Pizza “showing neighborhood love after they were victimized by fake news. Chocolate cake, caramel ice cream, one candle” -- read her Playbook Plus Q&A: http://politi.co/2gDYSyM … Chris Frates, a Politico alum who left CNN “after the election to chase new opportunities” but still co-hosts “Politics Inside Out” on SiriusXM -- read his Q&A: http://politi.co/2gs3Xeg BIRTHDAYS: Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose first name means “high” or “lofty” in Hebrew, is 57 ... L.A. Times’ Mark Z. Barabak … former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, now president of the UC system, is 59 ... Dodger dog for Dee Dee, David Gregory, Tagg Romney and Frank Luntz: Hall-of-Fame sportscaster Vin Scully is 89 … Emily Lenzner, the esteemed and adored SVP of global comms. for Atlantic Media ... Joan C. “Joni” Sass ... Hayley Dierker, COS at the DCCC and proud Lumberjack alum (h/t Ty Matsdorf) ... Tom Doheny ... Joe Sternlieb of Georgetown BID (h/t Dan) ... CNN justice correspondent Pamela Brown (h/t Richard Hudock) ... Fox News alum William Turner is 27, but his partying will have to wait since he’s prepping for next week’s law school finals ... Reuters’ Alissa de Carbonnel ... Facebook’s Tomá Beczak ... Reuters’ Alexandra Ulmer … former French President Jacques Chirac is 84 ... Madeline Ryan ... New Hampshire’s Cliff Hurst … … Trent Spiner, executive editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, is 31 – see a pic of him with his newspaper front page at the Newseum http://bit.ly/2fLCgyA ... former Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) ... Ian Magruder … Louise Rothschild … Abigail Langer … Ann Fishman … Mike Fitzgerald … Mark Heinitz … Josh Stinn … Emily Hawkins ... DOD alum Doug Wilson ... Jason Sidener (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … Geoffrey Ogunlesi of 300 Entertainment ... Liza Acevedo, director of comms. for NY State Senate deputy leader Michael Gianaris ... Jen Samawat ... Sydelle Moore ... Jonathan Hirshon ... WJLA alum Dominique Manuel … Cliff Wilkes ... Gregory Ferenstein is 34 ... Abby Duggan of Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office ... Juri Jacoby, LA for Rep. Lipinski ... Sarah Venuto, senior policy adviser for Sen. Manchin ... Trevor Smith, LA for Rep. McCarthy ... Ryan Leavitt, counsel for Sen. Hatch (h/ts Legistorm) ... Howie Mandel is 61 … Don Cheadle is 52 … Anna Faris is 40 ... The Game is 37 (h/ts AP)

29 ноября, 12:15

Texas Governor Vows To "Ban Sanctuary Cities"

Earlier this morning, Texas governor Greg Abbott vowed to sign legislation banning sanctuary cities in Texas and to issue orders to cut off funding to dissenters. Yes. I'm going to sign a law that bans sanctuary cities. Also I've already issued an order cutting funding to sanctuary cities. #txlege https://t.co/uYXa2QFrvE — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) November 28, 2016   The tweet from Abbott came in response to the following question posed by a follower after an Austin, TX official told Fox News that the city would remain a safe haven for illegal immigrants. @GregAbbott_TX just saw on @FoxNews that Austin pledges to remain a sanctuary city. Is there anything your office can do to reverse this? — Ren (@that_ren) November 28, 2016   Of course, all of this comes after a recent "60 Minutes" interview where Trump confirmed his campaign pledge to immediately deport 2-3 million illegal immigrants with a criminal record.  Here is what he said: “What we’re going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country.” As expected, many "sanctuary cities," or jurisdictions around the country where law enforcement officials refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officers, have since doubled down on their vows to protect illegal immigrants.    As we noted previously, California's LAPD Chief confirmed that his department would "not help deportation efforts."  Meanwhile, both Chicago and Boston also joined in with similar comments.  Per WGN News, Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently vowed that illegal immigrants are "safe in Chicago." "You are safe in Chicago.  You are secure in Chicago.  You are supported in Chicago.  Now administrations may change but values and principles as it relates to inclusion do not." While CBS Boston confirmed a similar stance by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: He’s worried that undocumented residents will be afraid to go to the police for help, or even send their kids to school. “The police department, if you call them and you need help they will help you, and they will not turn you in to the Feds,” Jackson says.   Mayor Walsh appears to be staying the course as well, saying in a statement: “We are a welcoming city for all. These are Boston values and no policy will change them.”   Not everyone agrees. “It’s no secret that these criminal illegal aliens and terrorists are looking for places to go where they are least likely to be caught,” says Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.   He says sanctuary cities are breaking federal law. “What’s really troubling about this is that any elected official in this country would suggest that there should be a certain class of people who do not have to abide by our laws,” Hodgson says.   In all, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are roughly 300 "sanctuary" jurisdictions around the country.  We suspect many of them need their federal funding more than they need to their criminal illegal aliens but time will tell...

28 ноября, 21:44

This Will Be Obama's Legacy

A look back at what an Obama presidency might have been--what it might have been had the stars been in alignment and his inspirational campaign rhetoric counted for more than political catnip--reveals a trail of disappointments, half-measures, and, dare we say, betrayals. Basically, no one on either side of the fence got what they hoped for, which given the binary nature of politics, seems a statistical impossibility. While the so-called mainstream Left regarded Obama as a millennial version of a "Rockefeller Republican," moderate to a fault and as tame as dish water, the ideological Right wasted no time in labeling this dangerous person a "socialist." How soon we forget. In 1971, Republican Richard Nixon mandated wage and price freezes across the board (U.S. employers couldn't give employees pay raises, and manufacturers and retailers couldn't increase the price of merchandise), and in 2008, Republican George W. Bush temporarily nationalized the banking system. Oops. The list of disappointed parties is staggering, beginning with organized labor. During his campaign Obama promised to give his full support to passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a labor reform that would allow workers to fill out a card saying they want to join a union ("card check") rather than having to submit to an arduous and management-orchestrated NLRB election. But when the time came to step up to the plate, Obama backed away. He and his attack dog Rahm Emanuel decided that (1) pushing too hard for this so early in his administration would unnecessarily alienate congressional Republicans, and that (2) even without the EFCA, there were no political risks, because labor had no choice but to remain loyal to the Democrats ("If you think we're bad, try the Republicans"). The same was true of education. Obama's choice for Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, had the same basic approach to public schools as the Republicans, in that he favored funneling money to charter schools and saw the political advantages of demonizing the teachers unions. Although Obama tried portraying Duncan (his Chicago crony) as an "innovator" and "visionary," Diane Ravitch, the brilliant education writer, saw little difference between the philosophy of Arne Duncan and that of George H. W. Bush's Secretary of Education, Lamar Alexander. Obama couldn't even send a valentine to the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA continued to accuse this dangerous socialist of being "anti-guns," despite Obama being the first president to repeal the prohibition against possessing firearms in a National Park. It's true. In a pathetically transparent attempt to extend an olive branch to the almost pathologically single-minded NRA, Obama clearly and demonstrably liberalized (rather than restricted) the country's gun laws. But the NRA didn't so much as flinch. The move got Obama nothing. Except for criticism from the gun-control lobby. But there's an opportunity for Obama to leave office in a blaze of glory. It can be done immaculately and resolutely, and without a shred of opposition to prevent it. This is not to say it won't create some heartburn because it will. But the beauty part of it is that there's nothing anyone can do about it. On Obama's last day in office he needs to issue pardons for 10,000 prisoners currently serving time for non-violent, "non-scary" crimes. Conservative Republican Mike Huckabee once observed that we put too many people in prison not because we're afraid of them, but "because we're mad at them." The advantage of a full pardon (as opposed to commuting a sentence) is that all is forgiven. It's as if you never committed the crime, which allows you to apply for a job without the prison term on your record. It's a second chance for people who aren't dangerous, but who simply messed up. Or as an inmate at Chino prison told me, "We're not just the ones who messed up; we're the ones who messed up and got caught." So Obama needs to have the Justice Department come up with 10,000 men and women worthy of pardons. Besides releasing thousands of people who don't belong in steel cages, the move might even set the stage for meaningful prison reform. God knows we need it. At the very least, these blanket pardons will launch a debate. Also, Obama needs to pardon convicted murderer Leonard Peltier. Personally, I agree with those who claim Peltier was railroaded, but even if he's guilty, the man is 72 years old and has served almost 40 years in prison. Are we still "mad" at him? -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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22 ноября, 15:43

SCENES FROM RAHM EMANUEL’S CHICAGO: Teen killed, 7 wounded in West, South side shootings since early…

SCENES FROM RAHM EMANUEL’S CHICAGO: Teen killed, 7 wounded in West, South side shootings since early Monday afternoon.

21 ноября, 15:02

The Cardinal Trying to Save Chicago

Blase Cupich, who has been called America’s Pope Francis, has just been given a powerful new position in Rome. Can he keep his own city from being destroyed by gun violence?

20 ноября, 23:26

Danny Davis wants 'state of emergency' declared after grandson's killing

CHICAGO — On the weekend his grandson was shot to death, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis called on state, city and local authorities to declare a "state of emergency" in high crime, low-employment areas of the city. Davis told POLITICO on Sunday that he does not want a paramilitary state, but a formal declaration that would allow resources to flow quickly into areas of the city that are facing a crisis of violence. "I would call upon every unit of government to call a state of emergency need for these communities. So yes, I think we need immediate help. We don't need something that's not going to take five or six years," Davis said. "There are many inner city communities throughout Illinois, especially in the Chicago metropolitan area, that need this kind of economic and social development."Davis said resources are needed immediately in areas where crime has reached the highest levels since the 1990s. The money would go toward boosting gang intervention, after-school programs, tutoring, job placement, mentor programs and economic development. Davis said some of the communities affected, including Engelwood and North Lawndale, have 40 percent unemployment."In order to make that happen, the state of Illinois, the governor, would have to make such a determination. Same thing as the city council and the mayor. Individuals like myself can keep pushing," Davis said. Davis' grandson, Javon Wilson, 15, was murdered on Friday after a dispute over gym shoes, according to police. On Sunday, a 16 year old and a 17 year old were charged in the killing. Wilson was shot in the head in a dispute that stemmed from a clothing swap in which individuals swap clothing items and accessories, according to police. Davis questioned the flow of guns in the community as well as a lack of quality education options.Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Bruce Rauner are both in Rome attending the elevation of Blase Cupich from Roman Catholic archbishop to cardinal. "The governor and first lady send their deepest condolences to Congressman Davis and his family during this difficult time," said Rauner spokesman Andrew Flach.The governor's office though said no state or federal declaration exists outside of disaster declarations, a declaration of emergency would "be rhetorical with no practical implications," according to the governor's office. Still, Davis said, all units of government could work together to make the declaration effective in a practical sense.Davis responded to a tweet former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who called for "federal action" following Davis' grandson's killing. "Chicago so far has 3926 shot, 703 homicides this year with 6 weeks to go. Worse than Ferguson,etc. We must have federal plan to save lives," Gingrich wrote in one tweet.He also wrote: "Chicagoans are Americans. Their civil rights matter.being killed ends your civil rights. City has failed. State has failed. Need US action."Davis said if there is a federal remedy, it would be curbing availability of guns, including with increased enforcement and prosecution. "I would agree with the former speaker in terms of it being a national problem. It is a national problem," Davis said of Gingrich. "It's not only in Chicago that kids are walking around with guns. What the federal government can do, especially as it relates to urban, inner-city America, is invest resources that would help create jobs."

18 ноября, 02:30

Why Is A Taxpayer Funded "Secretive Organization" Paying For Rahm's Personal Trip To Rome?

Will the scandals and shady behavior of Chicago politicians never end?  A whole host of Chicago business executives, educators and politicians will be making their way to Rome this week for the elevation of Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich to Cardinal.  And while, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and a host of other Chicago politicians will be paying their own way to Rome, according to CBS Chicago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to let the ultra secretive "World Business Chicago" cover his expenses. World Business Chicago is a highly secretive agency that promotes Chicago commerce and industry. It reports directly to the mayor.   It is so secretive, CBS 2 cameras weren’t even allowed to visit its offices in the Page Building, next to the Chicago Theatre.   In 2015, WBC spent $8.7 million, mostly private money, but it also received $1.2 million in city taxes. Again, Emanuel says no public money is paying for his trip.   “There’s co-mingled money and you can’t really tell, so that’s something we should be concerned about,” 32nd Ward Ald. Scott Waguespack says.   WBC paid to host the Chicago visits of the Italian prime minister and London’s mayor. Emanuel says the Rome trip is a moment all Chicago should applaud.   “In a time where voices of intolerance are becoming accepted, we have a cardinal who speaks to tolerance,” Emanuel said.   While neither Emanuel nor World Business Chicago would discuss the details of the trip, they did confirm that Rahm will be traveling with an entourage of 14 people in total, all of whom have been covered. WBC says they’re paying for a mayoral entourage of 14 in all. That includes the mayor, his wife, eight city officials, two high school students, and their two chaperones.   The organization did not offer information about the cost. Given that the stated mission of World Business Chicago is to promote Chicago business and economic growth, it’s not entirely clear how a boondoggle to Rome advances those efforts. As a public-private partnership between the City and the business community, WBC’s Board of Directors is composed of prominent leaders who guide the progression of Chicago’s business climate.   WBC is responsible for the implementation of Chicago’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, a coordinated effort to assess and expand Chicago’s economy.   The Plan provides a set of goals, a framework for research and analysis, and as set of strategies which are currently being implemented to foster regional growth. But, we're sure this is all above board and we should just trust Rahm.  CBS should be ashamed of their efforts to "criminalize behavior that is normal."

16 ноября, 14:00

Anti-Trumpers Are Subverting The Laws Of The United States

Led by hubris riddled quasi leaders like Rahm Emanuel, A portion of The American people have chosen to ignore that we are a nation of laws. Laws designating that as citizens of the United States we are protected by our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Just because a lawless Global entity controlling the puppet strings of the Executive and Legislative branches of an unpopular corporacratic version of the U.S. Government altered the policies of the United States in the name of a globalist agenda doesn’t mean those laws no longer exist. The 1952 Naturalization law states " Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show Follow Alex on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones Like Alex on FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderEmerickJones Infowars on G+ - https://plus.google.com/+infowars/ :Web: http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.com/ http://www.infowars.net/ :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: http://www.prisonplanet.tv http://www.InfowarsNews.com Visit http://www.InfowarsLife.com to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation. [http://bit.ly/2dhnhbS] Biome Defense™ [http://bit.ly/2bnEj91] Bio-True Selenium™ [http://bit.ly/1WYw8jp] Vitamin Mineral Fusion™ [http://bit.ly/1QYBNBv] Joint Formula™ [http://bit.ly/1nNuR3r] Anthroplex™ [http://bit.ly/1ljfWfJ] Living Defense™ [http://bit.ly/1Iobcj2] Deep Cleanse™ [http://bit.ly/1DsyQ6i] Knockout™ [http://bit.ly/1Kr1yfz] Brain Force™ [http://bit.ly/1R5gsqk] Liver Shield™ [http://bit.ly/1cOwQix] ProstaGuard™ [http://bit.ly/1mnchEz3] Child Ease™ [http://bit.ly/1xs9F6t] WinterSunD3™ [http://bit.ly/1L3gDSO] Ancient Defense™ [http://bit.ly/1EHbA6E] Secret-12™ [http://bit.ly/1txsOge] Oxy Powder™ [http://bit.ly/1s6cphV] Occu Power™ [http://bit.ly/1rGOLsG] DNA Force™ [http://bit.ly/1nIngBb] X2 Survival Shield™ [http://bit.ly/1kaXxKL] Super Female Vitality™ [http://bit.ly/1mhAKCO] Lung Cleanse™ [http://bit.ly/1mGbikx] Silver-Bullet - Colloidal Silver™ [http://bit.ly/1xcoUfo] Super Male Vitality™ [http://bit.ly/1z5BCP9] Survival Shield - Nascent Iodine™ [http://bit.ly/1o4sQtc] Patriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee™ [http://bit.ly/1iVL6HB] Immune Support 100% Organic Coffee™ All available at - http://www.infowarsshop.com/ INFOWARS HEALTH - START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - http://www.infowarshealth.com/ Newsletter Sign up / Infowars Underground Insider : http://www.infowars.com/newsletter

16 ноября, 12:41

Головорезы от Сороса сожгут Чикаго. Прибывшие с ними автобусы заполнили 5 кварталов (требует проверки)

 Пять кварталов  Чикаго заполнили автобусы с боевиками. Они платят протестующим, и они там ибо  Джордж Сорос заплатил, чтобы они там были. Идея заключается в том, чтобы учинить ка можно больше насилия - так, чтобы это стало военной проблемой. Некоторые думают, что это будет распространяться и на другие города, что вызовет автоматическое введение военного положения.

15 ноября, 22:43

Головорезы от Сороса сожгут Чикаго. Прибывшие с ними автобусы заполнили 5 кварталов.

Chicago Will Burn-Soros Thugs Moving In for the KillПять кварталов Чикаго заполнили автобусы с боевиками. Они платят протестующим, и они там ибо Джордж Сорос заплатил, чтобы они там были.Идея заключается в том, чтобы учинить ка можно больше насилия - так, чтобы это стало военной проблемой. Некоторые думают, что это будет распространяться и на другие города, что вызовет автоматическое введение военного положения.Если это произойдет, Обама никогда не покинет свой пост. И теперь вы знаете почему.Рам Эмануэль (Rahm Emanuel) несколько лет назад покинул команду Президента, чтобы баллотироваться на пост мэра Чикаго, хотя он и не имел права там избираться. Джефф Джо Блэк (Jeff Joe Black) из We Are Change неоднократно и безуспешно оспаривал эту кандидатуру,пока не был найден мертвы на шоссе Пенсильвании. Джефф был выброшен с моста и его убийство списали на суицид. Какое-то время назад Джефф был гостем моего шоу, а после он ушел в подполье, опасаясь за свою жизнь и снова возник в медиа только уже будучи мертвым. Джефф был убежден, что Рам Эмануэль (Rahm Emanuel) был введен администрацией Обамы в Чикаго, чтобы будучи мэром обеспечить там в нужное время ложный флаг.С моей предыдущей статье от 10 октября 2013 года, Чикаго как раз и обозначен в качестве места будущего ложного срабатывания флага. В статье есть и видео с историей Джеффа Блэка о власти Чикаго. Вот выдержка по этому вопросу:"Джефф Блэк рассказал мне подробно, что мы однажды увидим, как Чикаго станет местом срабатывания ложного флага, который в свою очередь станет катализатором введения военного положения. После ложного флага Чикаго должен был стать местом массивной волны конфискаций огнестрельного оружия у населения. Джефф Блэк утверждал, что это станет основной причиной введения полномасштабного военного положения и возможно, реализации сценария Третьей мировой войны на Ближнем Востоке ... Друг Джефф, Покойся с миром ".Таким образом Джефф Блэк много раз утверждал, что Рам Эмануэль был помещен в Чикаго, чтобы облегчить реализацию нового 9/11. Как я и многие из нас читают, за это Джефф и был убит.Вот и вся история, из которой становится ясно, что Чикаго станет местом будущего ложного флага. Кстати, Обама продал свой дом в Чикаго, а Рам Эмануэль так же как-то связан с Моссад. Вот видео об этом, наделавшее немало шума.Я назвал это событие как "вторжение Сороса в Чикаго". Ниже вы можете видеть на видео пять кварталов, заполненные автобусами с боевиками. Это будет горячая пора в Чикаго. Я хотел бы избежать этого любой ценой и по всем понятным причинам.перевод.

15 ноября, 19:59

Chicago And Boston Join Cali In Refusing Assistance To Trump's Deportation Efforts

On a recent "60 Minutes" interview, Trump confirmed his campaign pledges to immediately deport 2-3 million illegal immigrants with a criminal record.  Here is what he said: “What we’re going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country.” As expected, many "sanctuary cities," or jurisdictions around the country where law enforcement officials refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officers, are now doubling down on their vows to protect illegal immigrants.  That said, it will be interesting to see how these so-called sanctuary cities will respond if Trump follows through on his vow to "cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.” After California's LAPD Chief confirmed yesterday that his department would "not help deportation efforts," Chicago and Boston also joined in with similar comments today.  Per WGN News, Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel made the following comments: "You are safe in Chicago.  You are secure in Chicago.  You are supported in Chicago.  Now administrations may change but values and principles as it relates to inclusion do not."   While CBS Boston confirmed a similar stance by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: He’s worried that undocumented residents will be afraid to go to the police for help, or even send their kids to school. “The police department, if you call them and you need help they will help you, and they will not turn you in to the Feds,” Jackson says.   Mayor Walsh appears to be staying the course as well, saying in a statement: “We are a welcoming city for all. These are Boston values and no policy will change them.”   Not everyone agrees. “It’s no secret that these criminal illegal aliens and terrorists are looking for places to go where they are least likely to be caught,” says Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.   He says sanctuary cities are breaking federal law. “What’s really troubling about this is that any elected official in this country would suggest that there should be a certain class of people who do not have to abide by our laws,” Hodgson says.   In all, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are roughly 300 "sanctuary" jurisdictions around the country.  We suspect many of them need their federal funding more than they need to their criminal illegal aliens but time will tell...

14 ноября, 06:08

Defying Trump, Chicago will continue as immigrant sanctuary

CHICAGO — Joining other cities around the country, Chicago is pledging to remain a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants, an act of defiance in the face of Donald Trump’s past promise to cut off those cities from federal funding. In sanctuary cities, local law enforcement officials aren’t required to alert U.S. Immigration and Customs authorities about the immigration status of individuals with whom they come in contact.On Monday, Chicago's elected officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are expected to hold a news conference to formally discuss how the city will retain its sanctuary status. Aldermen are expected to call on Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner to pressure Trump to back off his vow to interfere with funding. “Across the country and in Chicago and Illinois ... young men and women [are] very distraught about this,” Chicago Alderman Danny Solis told POLITICO Illinois on Sunday. Solis is among those planning to attend the news conference with Emanuel. "There’s some people, though I disagree with them, but I have some respect for — Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus," Solis said, referring to the House speaker and the RNC chairman who will serve as Trump's chief of staff. "I’m hoping that those guys have much more influence on Trump and what needs to be done not only on his first 100 days, but in his term." Illinois Comptroller-elect Susana Mendoza, whose parents are Mexican immigrants, called on Rauner to take a stand on the issue. “As a leader of this state, the governor, and everyone in a leadership position, should be saying it’s wrong,” Mendoza told POLITICO Illinois on Sunday. “I would expect that the governor would say, ‘that’s ridiculous.’ Besides moral bankruptcy, it’s bad fiscal policy for the city or any city.” The move is largely motivated by elected officials who say they’ve heard from terrified residents, including so-called Dreamers (children whose parents entered the country illegally), who fear imminent deportation. On Sunday, Emanuel’s office released a statement directing those with questions or in need of legal resources to call 311. “I want to assure all of our families that Chicago is and will remain a sanctuary city,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Chicago has been a city of immigrants since it was founded. We have always welcomed people of all faiths and backgrounds, and while the administration will change, our values and our commitment to inclusion will not.”Since Tuesday’s election, other cities that have affirmed their commitment to remaining sanctuaries include New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Francisco. There are dozens of sanctuary cities in the United States and more than 100 jurisdictions have policies on the books that limit compliance with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In a "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday, Trump vowed to immediately deport 2 million to 3 million undocumented immigrants. The immigration issue was central to Trump’s candidacy, framed by his pledge to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. Neither Trump nor Rauner spokespeople responded to request for comment on Sunday.

13 ноября, 18:26

Ryan: 'No concerns' with Bannon as Trump chief of staff

Paul Ryan on Sunday said he has “no concerns” about President-elect Donald Trump hiring one of the speaker’s longtime critics as his chief of staff: Breitbart chief Steve Bannon.“I’ve never met the guy,” Ryan said on CNN's "State of the Union." “I don’t know Steve Bannon so I have no concerns. I trust Donald’s judgment. I think he will pick who will best serve him, and I’m sure we will work well with whomever his chief of staff is.”Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart who joined Trump's campaign in August as CEO, is believed to be one of two finalists for the top White House post. The other is Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, a close Ryan ally and fellow Wisconsinite. Trump is expected to announce his chief of staff within days. The decision could set the tone for White House's relationship with Congress but especially the House — much as Barack Obama's selection of pitbull Rahm Emanuel did with congressional Republicans eight years ago.Before joining Trump’s campaign this summer, Bannon ran the “alt-right” media organization, which hammered Ryan throughout the campaign and even accused him of being in cahoots with Hillary Clinton. The New York Times reported the week before the election, when it looked like Trump would lose, that Bannon wanted to force Ryan out of his speakership for distancing himself from the nominee during the campaign. And in an internal email sent late last year and published last month, Bannon told a Brietbart editor he wanted Ryan removed from the speaker's chair within months.

12 ноября, 21:39

What Trump's chief of staff pick says about his presidency

Whether it's Priebus or Bannon -- or a dark-horse candidate -- Trump will send a big message with his selection.

05 ноября, 14:36

Obama endorses alums in hyper local races

President Barack Obama is going even further down the ballot — all the way down to Richmond, Va. and San Francisco school boards, an Ohio county prosecutor and the Oakland, Ca. and Louisville, Ky. city councils — to help promote the inklings of an elected Obama generation. That comes as Obama has now taped robocalls for 73 Democratic incumbents and challengers running for House seats, to run in the last few days before Election Day. Obama’s putting his popularity behind members of his extended alumni association in this last round of endorsements, adding them to a list that includes former campaign aides Eric Lesser, now a state senator in Massachusetts; Michael Blake, now an Assemblyman from the Bronx; and Pennsylvania attorney general candidate Josh Shapiro. That’s on top of the more than 150 people he’s endorsed for state legislature seats as part of his bid to push redistricting reform around the country. “These are young men and women who share the president's values and beliefs about how to make positive change,” said White House political director David Simas. “He's committed to supporting and lifting up the next generation of leaders.”As it stands, there are not many Obama alumni in office — or who’ve even tried to run, aside from Lesser, Blake and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his first White House chief of staff. But as the president prepares to head to Philadelphia on Monday for a final-night rally with Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama to recreate the image of that Democratic convention hug as the closing pitch to voters in the race, the presidential nominee isn’t the only one hoping for an Obama bump. “It is a very special and unusual thing for a sitting president to endorse someone running for school board,” said Matt Haney, who took off from his first year of law school at Stanford to volunteer for Obama in Iowa in 2008, and said he’s “still in shock” to be endorsed in his hyperlocal race for re-election back in San Francisco. “I believe that those of us who were part of that historic 2008 campaign have a special responsibility to remain in public service, and to use everything we learned to help fulfill the promise of our democracy and give voice to those who are too often shut out and left behind,” Haney said. “The 2008 Obama campaign was a pivotal moment for our generation’s political and social awakening.”César Blanco, who now has Obama’s backing in his run for a Texas statehouse seat after serving as Obama’s Arizona state director on his presidential campaign, echoed that. “As a veteran, I was proud to serve my country in uniform, but the president inspired me to continue that service as a community leader,” Blanco said. “So I ran for office in El Paso, Texas.” Obama’s also backing Elliot Anderson is running for Nevada state assembly, Christian Mitchell running for Illinois state Assembly and Kelly Mazeski running for Illinois State Senate. Others on the list: Oakland City Council candidate Peggy Moore, Richmond school board candidate Liz Doerr, Franklin County Ohio prosecutor candidate Zach Klein and Louisville Metro Council candidate Gill Holland. Then there’s Michael Tubbs, who was 18 when Obama was first elected and was working as a White House intern in intergovernmental affairs in the winter of 2010 when his cousin was murdered back home in Stockton, Calif. Both those experiences combined to help get him in this year’s race for mayor of Stockton. Obama’s endorsement, Tubbs said, was a “huge surprise.”“It means that we have support from the White House to South Stockton, and that people understand I have the leadership and experience to help Stockton realize its full potential,” Tubbs said, adding that there’s an extra validation of having Stockton thought of in the national conversation. Haney said he hoped more Obama alumni joining them in politics soon. “I hope that in the coming years we see many more members of the Obama Generation make the decision to run for office,” he said. “With all the cynicism and divisiveness out there, our country needs us to step up and stay engaged now more than ever.”

29 октября, 01:08

Can Trump Save America Like Putin Saved Russia? — The Saker

Dear Friends, in the article below The Saker explains how Vladimir Putin wrest the sovereignty of Russia away from the Anglo-Zionist Empire. He hopes that Donald Trump can rescue America. His article is republished with his permission. Can Trump Save America Like Putin Saved Russia? The Saker October 22, 2016 A crisis faces America: Option… The post Can Trump Save America Like Putin Saved Russia? — The Saker appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org.

28 октября, 12:12

Trump looms over Cubs World Series

The team’s owners are top donors to the GOP nominee, and they’re working to tamp down criticism for blurring the line.

20 октября, 06:57

Chris Wallace's Worst Debate Question Was About The Stimulus Package

function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); At the third presidential debate on Wednesday, moderator Chris Wallace constructed an economic policy question around a total falsehood. Wallace, asking about slow economic growth since a global financial crisis triggered the worst recession since the Great Depression, said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s economic plan “is similar to the Obama stimulus plan in 2009, which has led to the slowest GDP growth since 1949.” That’s right: The stimulus package caused the economy to slow, Wallace seemed to suggest. This is pure nonsense. The stimulus package was gauze on the wounded American economy. It didn’t cause the bleeding. Not a single study has ever backed up Wallace’s assertion that $832 billion pumped into the economy by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dragged growth down. Six studies found it helped increase growth and employment. Three studies found it had a negligible effect. If any set of policies has dragged down economic growth, it was post-recession austerity, not the stimulus. There are many reasons to be frustrated with the slow growth in wages, wealth and the economy as a whole since the Great Recession. But these real problems are partially the result of how nasty it can be for an economy to recover from a financial crisis-induced meltdown. And the fact that the stimulus package was too small. The size of the stimulus bill wasn’t based on how much money the American economy needed, but on what then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel guessed he could squeeze through Congress. We now know the amount of the package wasn’t enough to fully stimulate the damaged American economy. function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_2'),onPlayerReadyVidible); Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

21 марта, 13:00

«Черный дом»: фильм о коррупции, запрещенный в США

Фильм «Черный дом», раскрывающий коррупционные схемы Госдепа США и лично Барака Обамы, был запрещен к показу как минимум на территории США. Однако картина все же стала доступна для массовой аудитории. По мнению изначально опубликовавшего его Дмитрия Пучкова, фильм должны посмотреть как за рубежом, так и в России. И для того, чтобы сделать картину более доступной, журнал «Политическая Россия» публикует фильм «Черный дом» с собственным дублированным переводом.

20 декабря 2015, 11:46

Scofield: Предвыборная кампания в США

Президент РФ Владимир Путин после большой пресс-конференции заявил журналистам: «Он [Дональд Трамп] яркий очень человек, талантливый, без всяких сомнений. Не наше дело определять его достоинства, это дело избирателей США, но он абсолютный лидер президентской гонки.