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Reed Elsevier
31 мая 2016, 22:39

How to Run a Global Startup in the Digital Age

Image Credit: LinkedIn As it becomes commonplace for startups to erase geographical boundaries, the 'global startup' has taken the reigns. There is increased dependency on nations around the world to not only supply products and services, but they also serve as unlimited avenues to reach qualified employees. To give some perspective, 40 percent of the world's seven billion people are online. In 1995, it was less than one percent. In this agile landscape where opportunities seem abundant, it is essential to understand how to execute a model of global business that speaks to your audience. Exploiting market opportunities is about making the right decisions based on a sound analysis of each environment and target market. In some industry sectors, such as travel, "the vision must be global from inception in order to succeed," says Jacqueline White, CEO and founder of Savoteur, who I recently spoke with to learn more about running a global startup. Formerly Daily Secret, Savoteur is a digital publishing company that spans 56 cities on six continents. Why global? Built to serve, White explains that her company was developed with the goal of getting readers informed and excited about the best things to do, places to go and people to know all over the world. An entrepreneur at heart, she has worked at big and small companies, but has always been drawn to the 'growth mode' of companies: testing, launching, iterating, building. "There was a sense of stability and protection working within the digital or labs department of The New York Times and Reed Elsevier, but after working for my first start-up, I was hooked. I love getting people excited about the things I'm excited about. That's a lot of what I'm doing as an entrepreneur - sharing my ideas, collaborating with our team." So what advice does she offer entrepreneurs looking to launch or expand globally? "Expect even longer and crazier hours than you're working now. My mornings start at 6am - that's not when my alarm goes off, that's when I'm ready for work and taking meetings," says White. Company Culture As an entrepreneur and CEO, it's hard enough dedicating the time to all of the departments and people who need your attention when you sit in one office, in one location. Working with her contributor network of over 200 in nearly every time zone, White explains there are difficulties, "When business leaders can't have everyone in the same room for team meetings and celebrations, it adds a layer of managerial difficulty." But in order to remain competitive, businesses - especially those with services - must broaden their scope from regional to international. Data shows that by 2025, almost half of the world's companies will be based in emerging markets, profoundly altering global economic dynamics. And if you're planning exponential growth for your company, you're in luck as well. There are 8,000 companies with annual revenue of $1 billion or more, and McKinsey Global Institute estimates an additional 7,000 could reach that size in little more than a decade. So I asked White her thoughts for entrepreneurs looking to expand globally. Like many CEOs, it boils down to company culture: "You have to find people that you trust and are passionate about your mission and brand. It's crucial to set clear expectations and goals on what you expect from the team as well as what the team can expect from you. Everyone needs to be held accountable. The communication and company culture you build in your home office needs to transfer to your satellite teams, which can be challenging, but not impossible." Precipice of change The future of digital media in the global economy will also change the landscape by continuing to mesh all formats of media. Global startups must be sensitive and proactive in this arena. "Cable and TV programming keep moving into the digital space. Digital publishers create more video content. Mobile is the only screen we build for. There are new social platforms we haven't heard about yet that capture huge scale, and can't monetize," says White. In terms of their brand, White says they will continue sharing the best in local culture, creating travel content and building our influencer network. "Like all global businesses should be, we are constantly reevaluating new forms of distribution and additional ways to leverage our content. Brands and publishers alike are licensing our content to power their own websites, email and social channels, which is a very interesting opportunity for us. I see more of this in our future." Leveraging regional influencers Additionally, global brands will increasingly need to depend on "influencers" and all the while that term will continue to evolve. Influencer networks, also known as contributor networks, provide an opportunity for brands tapping into worldwide talent the opportunity to reach employees, customers and an overall audience through candid-experiences. "It used to be that influencers had a very narrow, specific area of expertise. Now you're an influencer if you have a bunch of Instagram followers. It's very shallow. How brands identify, measure and work with influencers will mature. I've always defined influence as the people who are actually shaping ideas, building businesses, creating art within a city or the world. As an a global startup speaking to other international brands, I hope we get smarter and deeper about what influence means and who really has it." -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

30 сентября 2015, 04:19

Can Anyone Save the Library of Congress?

This is Obama's chance to bring Jefferson's creation into the digital age.

18 июня 2015, 19:35

Netherlands stocks higher at close of trade; AEX up 0.30%

Netherlands stocks were higher after the close on Thursday, as gains in the Software&Computer Services, Support Services and Construction&Materials sectors led shares higher. At the close in Amsterdam, the AEX gained 0.30%. The best performers of the session on the AEX were OCI (AMS:OCI), which rose 3.79% or 0.985 points to trade at 27.000 at the close. Meanwhile, Gemalto (AMS:GTO) added 2.02% or 1.62 points to end at 81.67 and Ahold Kon (AMS:AHLN) was up 1.57% or 0.28 points to 18.07 in late trade. The worst performers of the session were Arcelormittal (AMS:ISPA), which fell 1.96% or 0.18 points to trade at 9.15 at the close. NN Group (AMS:NN) declined 0.90% or 0.23 points to end at 24.86 and Reed Elsevier (AMS:ELSN) was down 0.54% or 0.115 points to 21.355. Rising stocks outnumbered declining ones on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange by 137 to 103 and 5 ended unchanged. The AEX Volatility, which measures the implied volatility of AEX options, was up 1.43% to 24.47 a new 3-months high. Crude oil for August delivery was up 0.75% or 0.45 to $60.78 a barrel. Elsewhere in commodities trading, Brent oil for delivery in August rose 0.84% or 0.54 to hit $64.41 a barrel, while the August Gold contract rose 1.96% or 23.10 to trade at $1199.90 a troy ounce. EUR/USD was up 0.58% to 1.1403, while EUR/GBP rose 0.35% to 0.7185. The US Dollar Index was down 0.43% at 94.08.

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16 июня 2015, 00:00

Издательства-гиганты обвинили в захвате рынка научной литературы

Доля пяти крупнейших издательств на рынке научной литературы выросла за последние 40 лет с 20 процентов в 1973 году до 50 процентов в 2013-м. «Большая пятерка» (Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, Taylor & Francis, SAGE) к середине 2000-х добилась не только контроля над рынком, но и огромной маржи — почти 40 процентов. Об этом рассказывается в статье, опубликованной в журнале PLoS One.читать далее

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11 июня 2015, 19:29

Издательства-гиганты обвинили в захвате рынка научной литературы

Доля пяти крупнейших издательств на рынке научной литературы выросла с 20 процентов в 1973 году до 50 процентов в 2013-м. «Большая пятерка» (Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, Taylor & Francis, SAGE) к середине 2000-х добилась не только контроля над рынком, но и огромной маржи — почти 40 процентов.

10 июня 2015, 11:54

Европа: негатив воцарился на рынках.

Во вторник, 9 июня, ключевые фондовые индексы Европы продемонстрировали отрицательную динамику вот уже шестую сессию кряду на фоне удешевления акций немецких компаний.

20 апреля 2015, 16:30

Guide to Invesco International Growth A - Tale of the Tape

Guide to Invesco International Growth A

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18 марта 2015, 13:28

The VC Funnel: Choosing 35 Investments Among 35,000

"As a venture fund your primary obligation is towards the success of your portfolio companies and to engage with them in strategic debates so they can achieve all their promise," says  Tony Askew, General Partner of  Reed Elsevier Ventures. In a recent  interview, Askew explains how RE Ventures, a specialist in the media space, does [...]

03 марта 2015, 23:47

Green Industrial Revolution

Co-authored by Grant Cooke  For three decades, I have been describing what is a major, perhaps a megatrend change in energy systems and their economics that impacts communities around the world. This emerging trend is what I call The Green Industrial Revolution (GIR). My co-author, Grant Cooke and I believe that the GIR is more significant to the world's future than the original 18th century Industrial Revolution.More importantly, there are now over 8 billion humans on the planet who are endangered by the past's greedy and thoughtless use of fossil fuels. Our children and grand children's lives are at stake. For the last two years, Grant Cooke and I have been writing about this paradigm change which resulted in the book, The Green Industrial Revolution: Energy, Engineering and Economics. Published by Reed/Elsevier (late 2014). The GIR 570-page book is available through Amazon and other retail outlets. In writing the book, we worked with scholars throughout the world to provide a comprehensive examination of what, we argue, will be one of the most transformative periods in human history. We describe how key regions -- Europe and Asia, in particular -- are turning toward greener, and more environmentally sensitive policies, behaviors and programs. NASA found, for example that 2014 was the hottest year since 1884 http://www.giss.nasa.gov/research/news/20150116/ Yet even in the U.S., despite the nation's past and now near future addiction to fossil fuels overrunning our common, economic and environmental senses, we found significant evidence that The Green Industrial Revolution is gaining ground. While there continue to be climate deniers, dramatic changes in weather patterns and the costs of disastrous results, ranging from hurricanes, tornadoes, severe droughts, and now earthquakes in new areas of oil and gas exploitation and drilling are getting the U.S. The most interesting change about the U.S. is that the leadership to mitigate climate change is at the state and local level -- not at the federal level. City residents concerned about their community's air quality and environmental degradation are where we found the heavy lifting being done -- and successfully. For example, New York state's recent ban on fracking; southern Florida's concern for flooding; and the entire east coast of the U.S. has had a 4" rise in the Atlantic Ocean over the last two years and is now a significant topic for concern for everyone. This has never before been scientifically seen and recorded. Then on the west coast, California's severe drought, which is the worst ever recorded has motivated the entire state to support Governor Brown's policy push to have 30 percent of its energy mix provided by renewable energy systems by 2025. The strategy is to have central plants with renewable power generation as well as local on-site building owners get funding for residential to office buildings to schools and colleges to install solar photovoltaic at the community level. The combination of central power plants with on-site or distributed power systems using renewable energy systems are known as agile energy systems. Other authors and researchers have written about climate change and the growth of renewable energy, but we have tied the subjects together as integrated systems within the context of a major economic and social transformation. The world experienced the First Industrial Revolution in the 18th century driven by the steam engine. The Second Industrial Revolution followed this in the 20th century powered by fossil fuel and the internal combustion engine. This 300 hundred year rise in industrialization, with the extensive amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the unrestrained use of carbon fuels has created global warming and brought the planet to a very dangerous tipping point. Fortunately, the world is moving toward the Green Industrial Revolution, which is a carbonless energy model. With dedication and concern for the future, this new period of human activity will allow the planet to heal. In other periods of history advances in technology have transformed human life. Thus in the chapter on emerging technologies, we review some of the wondrous carbonless technologies of the GIR that will have a greater impact than anything that has come before. Remarkable green technologies, like maglev trains that are lifted and powered by magnetics are popping up all over the world, and we report on some of these extraordinary inventions. The book includes a discussion of The Next Economics that is also starting to emerge since it reflects a need to follow a more "social capitalism" approach to understanding how business growth must be tied to societal issues such as the environment, natural resources and stopping climate change. These new economic ideas are based in different philosophical and theoretical ideologies than the western neo-capitalism model such that nations are turning away from the excesses of the pure market economics to those that are able to deal with problems on a global level. Today, some of that can be seen in BRIC nations, such as Brazil, India and China. Russia, however, is the exception. Renewable energy represents little more than six percent of the world's energy generation However, it is gathering momentum and will rapidly become cheaper than conventional methods, particularly as weather conditions, economics and geopolitics push more nations toward it. Europe, for example, is ratcheting up its commitment to renewable energy in the face of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine. Too many European nations are vulnerable to Russia's grip on the flow of natural gas, and they want to remove Putin's leverage by developing their own renewable energy. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shown the world that fossil fuel power has become too unreliable and too politically unstable for our sophisticated modern economies. The same is true in the Middle East's chaos and the rise of terrorists whose financial base is threatened by the reduction of global demand for their fossil fuels. The extremists are not just trying to gain control of nations and communities for ideological reasons. No. They see the future being a GIR and that their sources of funding and wealth is being down graded and soon eliminated by a world that was for decades dependent upon them. If you examine nation by nation in the Middle East this pattern of violence directly results from countries whose supply gain of money comes from the EU and western nations demand for their oil and gas. So, European and Asian nations are developing renewable energy as fast as possible. The U.S. needs to do the same. The clock is ticking and dependence on fossil fuels must end due to the stranded and long-term costs which do NOT make the U. S. or any other country "energy independent" due to fracking and shale oil resources. Renewable energy systems do however. The best thing about the GIR is that with renewable energy economics there are zero, or almost no, marginal costs such as accidents and volatile damage from accidents that involve earthquakes, tornadoes, trains, shipping and pipe lines. Once the equipment is paid for, the rest of the energy is free, since the wind blows, the sun shines, the ocean and rivers flow and above the ground is still there for geothermal power. Very soon the GIR will get to the point of energy price deflation and it will be far cheaper than any other common infrastructure element needed for growth, families and business development that protect the environment while reducing climate change so that the weather is stable and predictable. _________________________________________ Clark, managing director of Clark Strategic Partners in Southern California has earned three separate MA degrees and a PhD from University of California, Berkeley and is an internationally recognized scholar, scientist, writer and speaker with now (2015) nine books published and over 60 peer reviewed articles: http://clarkstrategicpartners.net Cooke, originally trained as an engineer and then earned a MA in journalism from UCLA, owns a mechanical engineering company and writes on range of topics connected to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the environment: http://www.sustainableenergyassc.com

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26 февраля 2015, 13:36

Reed Elsevier cools after profit dip

FTSE 100 remains in sight of record high

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26 февраля 2015, 13:03

Reed Elsevier to rename itself RELX Group

Anglo-Dutch publisher looks to simplify its corporate structure

04 февраля 2015, 01:48

Meredith Corporation (MDP) Raises Quarterly Dividend 6% - Analyst Blog

Meredith Corporation (MDP) announced a 6% hike in its regular quarterly dividend, reflecting strong cash flow generation capability of this Des Moines, IA-based company.

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01 октября 2014, 14:37

Rosetta Stone Under Attack: As Upstarts Challenge, It Changes Target Markets

Language instruction has turned into an area of interest and investment for venture capitalists in the last 24 months. Some of the biggest funding rounds are Babbel’s $10 million series B from Reed Elsevier Ventures; DuoLingo’s  $20 million series C from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; and Open English’s $65 milllion [...]

04 сентября 2014, 15:39

Frontrunning: September 4

Global stocks bounce on sign ECB could launch ABS program (Reuters) Putin unveils Ukraine ceasefire plan, France halts warship (Reuters) Poroshenko Flummoxes Investors With About-Face on Truce (BBG) No Free Lunch for Companies as IRS Weighs Meal Tax Rules (BBG) Turkey Struggles to Halt Islamic State 'Jihadist Highway' (WSJ) Lego Becomes World's Largest Toy Maker on Movie Success (WSJ) U.N. says $600 million needed to tackle Ebola as deaths top 1,900 (Reuters) Goldman Sachs Named 'Stabilization Agent' for Alibaba Stock Offering (WSJ) Computers for Hire Said to Send JPMorgan Data to Russia (BBG) Investment Technology Group to Launch Dark Pool for Bond Trading (WSJ) Britain considering arming, training Kurdish forces (Reuters) Suicide Every 40 Seconds Requires Prevention Measures (BBG) 'Humiliated' Dinesh D'Souza seeks probation after guilty plea (Reuters)   Overnight Media Digest WSJ * Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed a cease-fire deal with Ukraine that would freeze in place gains made by Russian-backed separatists, setting the stage for the kind of partitioning Moscow has used to tame other neighbors. (http://on.wsj.com/1oFMACc) * Turkey is struggling to close a "jihadist highway" that lets foreign militants slip across its border into Syria, amid pressure from Western governments and mounting security fears at home. (http://on.wsj.com/1r4W5wk) * Upending the U.S. senate race in Kansas, the Democratic candidate Chad Taylor has withdrawn from the contest, leaving Republican Sen. Pat Roberts with a narrowed field and a potentially formidable opponent in an independent candidate. (http://on.wsj.com/1rNAPl3) * The football league Thursday Night Football now has huge leverage over television networks, which are increasingly looking to the NFL network to help fortify them against the rise of online video services and other threats. (http://on.wsj.com/1nZgSQQ) * Economic activity largely picked up during the summer after hitting a soft patch at the start of the year, though the Federal Reserve's latest survey of regional conditions showed few signs of pressure on wages. (http://on.wsj.com/1oFIKca) * Brokerage Investment Technology Group is opening an alternative trading venue for bonds in an effort to tap demand from investors to trade more cheaply and through electronic networks. (http://on.wsj.com/1nxAStT) * Goldman Sachs Group Inc landed a coveted role in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's upcoming initial public offering as the bank in charge of overseeing the deal's early share trading. (http://on.wsj.com/1pLjXtl) * UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca Plc pulled out all the stops to fend off a hostile takeover from Pfizer Inc earlier this year, refusing to release certain financial statements and stirring up opposition from British politicians. (http://on.wsj.com/1t1Embb) * Less than a year after leaving office as mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg will return as head of Bloomberg LP, the financial data and media firm he founded and still controls, the company announced on Wednesday. (http://on.wsj.com/1r4Seze) * Tesla Motors Inc is expected to choose a site in Nevada for its proposed up to $5 billion battery factory and could disclose the move on Thursday, according to a person familiar with the electric auto maker's plans. (http://on.wsj.com/1uB4afx)   FT The Association of British Insurers has accused the Bank of England of driving up the cost of insurance by imposing unnecessary capital requirements on the sector. French luxury groups Hermes International SCA and LVMH reached a truce in a four-year dispute that began when LVMH began accumulating a large stake in its smaller rival. British airline Virgin Atlantic is to beef up its core transatlantic services and stop flying to Tokyo, Mumbai, Vancouver and Cape Town, to help it try to reach a level of profitability. Spirit Pub Company Plc, known for its pubs such as Chef & Brewer, Fayre & Square and Flaming Grill, will next month provide details regarding plans to add 400 pubs to its portfolio. Anglo-Dutch business information provider Reed Elsevier Plc has offered to buy FircoSoft for 150 million euros ($197.24 million) marking the company's biggest acquisition till date.   NYT * Michael Bloomberg told close confidants and senior executives of Bloomberg LP, a financial data and media company, that Daniel Doctoroff, its chief executive and a longtime friend and lieutenant, would leave the company at the end of the year and that he would take over. He has decided to reassume the leadership of his business empire only eight months after ending his final term as mayor of New York. (http://nyti.ms/1unfwEM) * Stefan Green, formerly of Goldman Sachs Group Inc, has joined Perella Weinberg Partners as a partner. He will be based in San Francisco and will focus on providing strategic and financial advice to technology, media and telecommunications companies. (http://nyti.ms/1lIRe7W) * Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is doubling down on big phones and clever design, announcing on Wednesday two new versions of its popular Note 4, one of which includes a unique curved design and features two separate touch screens. (http://nyti.ms/YcY9LZ) * Federal regulators announced on Wednesday an overhaul of a murky Wall Street market that gained infamy during the financial crisis of 2008. The Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, as well as three other agencies, proposed a rule that would apply to over-the-counter derivatives, the financial instruments that banks and other financial entities use to speculate or hedge their risks. (http://nyti.ms/1A7W6UQ) * The governor of Nevada and Tesla Motors Inc, the electric car company with gigantic ambitions, will be "making an affirmative announcement" on Thursday about the construction of a huge battery factory, a person involved in the negotiations said on Wednesday. (http://nyti.ms/1Bcw71d) * Though battered by the recall of millions of vehicles and revelations that it failed to fix a deadly defect in its ignition switches, General Motors Co maintained a monthly winning streak in selling vehicles since March. (http://nyti.ms/1rNw36T) * A lawyer for Detroit city on Wednesday urged a judge to approve its blueprint for shedding $7 billion of its debts and devoting about $1.5 billion toward restoring city services over the next decade, describing the plan to emerge from bankruptcy as Detroit's "last, best chance" for a comeback. (http://nyti.ms/1A7X7wj)   Canada THE GLOBE AND MAIL ** Manulife Financial Corp is acquiring the Canadian operations of Britain's Standard Life Plc in a C$4-billion deal that builds both insurers' wealth businesses and boosts Manulife's presence in Quebec. (bit.ly/1vQZpCg) ** Premier Christy Clark wants British Columbia teachers to suspend their strike and return to the bargaining table - though her attempt to bridge the divide was quickly rebuffed, and a comment about teachers' massage-benefit demands only drew the union's ire. Clark said teachers need to come to the table with a realistic proposal. (bit.ly/1oGz5SF) ** Stephen Holyday, the son of former Toronto deputy mayor Doug Holyday, is putting his name on the ballot for the seat once held by his father in Ward 3. Holyday, a manager with the Ontario Ministry of Energy and a long-time Etobicoke resident, registered on Wednesday. (bit.ly/1unpm9w) NATIONAL POST ** Canadian engineering firm WSP Global Inc is buying New York City-based infrastructure specialist Parsons Brinckerhoff in a potentially transformative $1.35 billion deal as it pushes to bulk up amid continued industry consolidation. (bit.ly/1qqnAE7) ** The Nova Scotia government will introduce a legislation this fall to prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas. The ban is not directed at offshore energy developments. (bit.ly/1CsWOjz) ** Doctors at a major Toronto hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, violated the law by unilaterally imposing a do-not-resuscitate order on an elderly patient against his family's wishes, an appeal board has ruled in an extraordinary clash over end-of-life care. Douglas DeGuerre died from cardiac arrest, as his daughter, Joy Wawryzyniak, frantically tried to convince medical staff to save him, and health workers declined to help the severely ill war veteran. (bit.ly/1qqmd8v) ** Antonio Accurso, the construction magnate at the center of corruption and collusion allegations in Quebec, acknowledged Wednesday two members of the Rizzuto crime family were among the contacts he amassed over his decades in business.(bit.ly/1CsTViW)   Hong Kong  SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - Occupy Central co-founder Benny Tai Yiu-ting came out fighting on Wednesday after he shocked many with his pessimistic assessment of the pro-democracy movement in an interview. Tai said he was confident that as many as 10,000 people would join the upcoming mass sit-in in Central, a day after he suggested that public support for Occupy was waning. (http://bit.ly/1nwAImP) - Hong Kong retained its seventh-place ranking for a second year in the annual Global Competitiveness Index released by the World Economic Forum, with middling scores on education and innovation preventing it from rising higher. (http://bit.ly/1lADBaw) - Technology giant Apple is expected to provide a boost to exports from the mainland and Taiwan after the company's newest iPhone is launched next week. The release of iPhone 6 could add 1 percentage point a month to the mainland's export growth for the rest of this year, said a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. (http://bit.ly/1pKMVtu) THE STANDARD - Hong Kong construction contractor New Concepts opens its retail book on Thursday seeking to raise up to HK$90 million ($11.6 million) in an initial public offering to fund acquisition of machinery and equipment, and for hiring more staff. (http://bit.ly/1w832Rz) - Luxury projects Kensington Hill and One South Lane were unveiled in west Hong Kong Island, priced about 10 percent higher than the prevailing market prices in the area. Wheelock Properties priced its first batch of 30 units of Kensington Hill at an average HK$23,572 ($3,041.55) per sellable square foot. (http://bit.ly/We5RnB) - Shenguan Holdings, a mainland-based sausage-casing maker, has been accused by short-seller Emerson Analytics of exaggerating revenue and concealing high costs of raw materials. (http://bit.ly/We6eym) HONG KONG ECONOMIC JOURNAL - Chinese sportswear firm 361 Degrees International Ltd said it has teamed up with Baidu Inc's Baidu Times to jointly develop digitally enhanced sports products, including children's "Smart Shoes" equipped with GPS and pedometer functions. HONG KONG ECONOMIC TIMES - Headwear products maker Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd expects orders for its Bangladesh factories to increase early next year as the facilities continue to expand, while wages there are only one-tenth of those in China with ample labour supply, according to deputy chairman Pauline Ngan. MING PAO DAILY NEWS - China Unicom said the China Banking Regulatory Commission has approved its plan to team up with the China Merchants Bank- controlled Wing Lung Bank to jointly develop online financial services on the mainland. The registered capital of the venture will amount to 2 billion yuan ($326 million). Britain The Times REED ELSEVIER PAYS 120 MLN STG FOR SANCTIONS MONITOR Reed Elsevier Plc has made its largest acquisition in three years, snapping up a French software company that monitors financial transactions to check that they are not breaching economic sanctions. (thetim.es/Z7ByR4)   DICKSON ON VIRGIN BOARD WITH FLOAT IN SIGHT Olivia Dickson, a former JPMorgan banker, has joined Virgin Money (IPO-VMH.L) as a non-executive director, adding to speculation that the bank is sprucing itself up for a flotation within months. (thetim.es/1pnJi6x) The Guardian ZALANDO ONLINE FASHION GIANT VALUED AT UP TO 6 BLN EUROS IN FRANKFURT FLOAT Zalando, Europe's biggest online fashion store, is planning to raise 500 million euros ($657.40 million) to fund expansion with a public listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange, which could value the firm at up to 6 billion euros. (bit.ly/1pIS2u0) ROYAL MAIL SELL-OFF HELPS HARGREAVES LANSDOWN MAKE RECORD PROFITS The founders of Hargreaves Lansdown Plc have reaped more than 68 million pounds in annual dividends after Royal Mail Plc's flotation boosted business at the investment company. (bit.ly/1pKl7W0) The Telegraph SCOTTISH 'YES' VOTE COULD CAUSE EUROZONE-STYLE CURRENCY CRISIS, GOLDMAN SACHS WARNS Goldman Sachs has warned that the United Kingdom could fall into a eurozone-style crisis if Scotland votes for independence later this month. The Wall Street bank said a "Yes" vote on Sept. 18 "could have severe consequences" for both the Scottish economy and the United Kingdom overall. (bit.ly/1lyZZ40) DOES BALFOUR'S SALE OF U.S. BUSINESS MEAN A CARILLION MERGER WILL NEVER HAPPEN? Balfour Beatty Plc has sold its U.S. consultancy business Parsons Brinckerhoff for 820 million pounds, dealing a blow to a possible resurrection of Carillion Plc's 3 billion pounds merger with its British rival. (bit.ly/1qyXjCv) Sky News NPOWER ESCAPES SANCTION AS BILL PROBLEMS EASE Energy regulator Ofgem says it will not be taking immediate action against nPower Ltd as it has met its initial targets to resolve a late-billing issue that affected customers. (bit.ly/1lIufdc) ARMY PLACES 3.5 BLN STG ORDER FOR NEW ARMOURED VEHICLES WITH GENERAL DYNAMICS The British Army is to get 589 armoured vehicles after the Ministry of Defence agreed a 3.5 billion pounds deal with U.S. defence firm General Dynamics Corp that will support 1,300 UK jobs. (bit.ly/1pqby8B) The Independent LVMH AND HERMES SETTLE FOUR-YEAR DISPUTE French luxury groups Hermes International SCA and LVMH reached a truce in a four-year dispute that began when LVMH began accumulating a large stake in its smaller rival. (ind.pn/1A5HSE6) TREASURY COMPLAINS OF BRAIN DRAIN TO BETTER-PAYING BANK AND HMRC The Treasury's top mandarin has blamed higher salaries offered by the Bank of England and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs for the finance department's chronic difficulties in holding on to promising employees. (ind.pn/1vM8pIR)     Fly On The Wall Pre-Market Buzz ECONOMIC REPORTS Domestic economic reports scheduled for today include: ADP employment change for August at 8:15--consensus 220K Jobless claims for week of August 30 at 8:30--consensus 300K International trade balance for July at 8:30--consensus is ($42.3B) Nonfarm productivity for Q2 at 8:30--consensus up 2.4% Unit labor costs for Q2 at 8:30--consensus up 0.5% Markit services PMI for August at 9:45--consensus 58.5 ISM non-manufacturing index for August at 10:00--consensus 57.5 ANALYST RESEARCH Upgrades D.R. Horton (DHI) upgraded to Buy from Neutral at UBS IAC (IACI) upgraded to Overweight from Equal Weight at Barclays Imperial Tobacco (ityby) upgraded to Outperform from Underperform at Exane BNP Paribas Infinity upgraded to Outperform from Market Perform at JMP Securities Downgrades 3D Systems (DDD) downgraded to Sector Perform from Outperform at Pacific Crest BASF (BASFY) downgraded to Underperform from Neutral at Credit Suisse British American Tobacco (BTI) downgraded to Neutral at Exane BNP Paribas Essex Property Trust (ESS) downgraded to Neutral from Buy at UBS GoPro (GPRO) downgraded to Neutral from Overweight at JPMorgan Informatica (INFA) downgraded to Equal Weight from Overweight at Barclays Ironwood (IRWD) downgraded to Market Perform from Outperform at Cowen Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman Tangoe (TNGO) downgraded to Equal Weight from Overweight at Barclays Teradata (TDC) downgraded to Equal Weight from Overweight at Barclays Initiations ANSYS (ANSS) initiated with an Equal Weight at Barclays American Realty (ARCP) initiated with a Market Perform at Wells Fargo Annie's (BNNY) initiated with an Outperform at Oppenheimer Ball Corp. (BLL) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Bemis (BMS) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Berry Plastics (BERY) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Boulder Brands (BDBD) initiated with an Outperform at Oppenheimer Crown Holdings (CCK) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Domtar (UFS) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Enservco (ENSV) initiated with a Buy at Maxim Foot Locker (FL) initiated with a Buy at Jefferies Glatfelter (GLT) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Graphic Packaging (GPK) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Greif (GEF) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital International Paper (IP) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital LTC Properties (LTC) initiated with a Buy at Mizuho Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital National General (NGHC) initiated with an Outperform at JMP Securities National Health Investors (NHI) initiated with a Neutral at Mizuho Owens-Illinois (OI) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Packaging Corp. (PKG) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Plum Creek Timber (PCL) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital RadiSys (RSYS) initiated with a Buy at DA Davidson Rayonier (RYN) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital RockTenn (RKT) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Sealed Air (SEE) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Silgan Holdings (SLGN) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital Sonoco (SON) initiated with a Market Perform at BMO Capital TripAdvisor (TRIP) initiated with a Fair Value at CRT Capital Vertex Energy (VTNR) initiated with an Outperform at Imperial Capital Weyerhaeuser (WY) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital WhiteWave Foods (WWAV) initiated with an Outperform at Oppenheimer COMPANY NEWS Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) to fast-track development of Ebola combination vaccine regimen Yum! Brands (YUM) forecast China division SSS for Q3 down 13% vs. prior year TIBCO (TIBX) announced that its board will review strategic alternatives Teledyne (TDY) said it will acquire Bolt Technology (BOLT) for $22 per share in cash Teledyne also entered into a $100M accelerated share repurchase agreement Morgans Hotel (MHGC) disclosed that the special transaction committee has directed Morgan Stanley (MS) to reach out to possible counterparties regarding their interest in potential transactions that could provide Morgans an opportunity to maximize value for its stockholders Costco (COST) reported August SSS up 7% PG&E (PCG) said it plans to appeal $1.4B fine by CPUC EARNINGS Companies that beat consensus earnings expectations last night and today include: Methode Electronics (MEI), Dominion Diamond (DDC), ABM Industries (ABM), PVH Corp. (PVH), Christopher & Banks (CBK), Bazaarvoice (BV), LightPath (LPTH) Companies that missed consensus earnings expectations include: Descartes Systems (DSGX), Joy Global (JOY), Matrix Service (MTRX), AeroVironment (AVAV), Mitcham Industries (MIND), Iteris (ITI), Shoe Carnival (SCVL) Companies that matched consensus earnings expectations include: H&R Block (HRB) NEWSPAPERS/WEBSITES Home Depot (HD) data breach involves nearly all U.S. stores, Krebs reports Ichan exits Family Dollar (FDO) position with $200M profit, Reuters reports Symantec (SYMC), FishNet enlisted by Home Depot (HD) for breach probe, Bloomberg says Tesla (TSLA) picks Nevada for gigafactory, WSJ reports Goldman (GS) overseeing early share trading in Alibaba (BABA) IPO, Reuters reports MetLife (MET) to meet with regulators to decide if 'too big to fail,' NY Post reports Gannett's (GCI) USA Today cuts 70 employees, WSJ reports Toll Brothers (TOL) looks unattractive, Barron's says SYNDICATE Allison Transmission (ALSN) sells 5.39M shares by holders Arlington Asset Investment (AI) offers 2.75M shares of Class A common stock Buckeye Partners (BPL) 6.75M share Secondary priced at $80.00 Chesapeake Lodging (CHSP) announces offering of 4.2M common shares Memorial Production (MEMP) offers 13M common units Northstar Realty (NRF) files to sell 45M shares with a foward component Pebblebrook Hotel (PEB) files to sell 3M shares of common stock Summit Midstream (SMLP) offers 4M common units owned by SMP Holdings Sunoco Logistics (SXL) files to sell $1B common units    

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23 апреля 2014, 11:14

UPDATE 1-Reed Elsevier sees another year of earnings growth

LONDON, April 23 (Reuters) - Anglo-Dutch business information provider Reed Elsevier reiterated its forecasts for another year of underlying revenue and earnings growth after trading broadly in line during the first quarter.    

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23 апреля 2014, 10:12

Reed Elsevier sees another year of earnings growth

LONDON, April 23 (Reuters) - Anglo-Dutch business information provider Reed Elsevier said it expected to post another year of underlying revenue and earnings growth in 2014 after trading broadly in line during the first quarter.    

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01 марта 2014, 02:19

MSG replaces CEO Ratner with Cablevision exec Smith

Madison Square Garden (MSG) says CEO and President Hank Ratner has stepped down and will be succeeded by Cablevision (CVC) executive Tad Smith.Ratner, CEO since 2009 and helping spearhead MSG's 2010 spin-off from CVC, will remain at MSG as vice chairman and join the company's board.Smith most recently was president of Cablevision's local media division; before joining CVC in 2009, he ran Reed Elsevier's U.S. division. Post your comment!

16 января 2014, 23:47

В РАН всё очень хорошо, ничего не надо менять, особенно с зарплатами там всё зашибись

Юлия Нелюбина из Российской академии наук – признанный на международном уровне специалист в области химии. Основательная реформа Российской академии наук, проведенная под давлением со стороны Владимира Путина, может сделать ее бездомной и нанести дополнительный ущерб уже пострадавшему научному сообществу страны. Реализация предложенных изменений означает, что академия потеряет контроль над недвижимостью, которая оценивается в миллиарды долларов, и в результате Нелюбина лишится своей бесплатной квартиры с одной спальней в пригороде Москвы. Подобная привилегия, наследие советской эпохи, позволяет ей и ее мужу – тоже ученому – сводить концы с концами, получая среднюю академическую зарплату в размере 38 тысяч рублей (1 150 долларов) в месяц. Столько же в России зарабатывают тюремные охранники. «Я боюсь того, что они просто расторгнут мой арендный договор, и я окажусь на улице, - говорит 27-летняя Нелюбина, занимающаяся изучением молекулярных взаимодействий в кристаллах и получившая в прошлом году стипендию L-Oreal - ЮНЕСКО «Женщины в науке» (Women in Science). - С нашими зарплатами мы не можем взять ипотечный кредит или купить квартиру. Вероятно, молодые ученые будут поставлены перед выбором - отказаться от науки или уехать из России и продолжить исследовательскую работу в другом месте». В то время как ведущие ученые в Советском Союзе были уважаемыми людьми, получали квартиры в центре города и даже дачи в пригороде, российские научные сотрудники сегодня зарабатывают мало и уезжают в поисках работы на Запад. Отъезд молодых талантов, начавшийся после снятия ограничений на выезд из страны два десятилетия назад, может еще увеличиться из-за инициированной Путиным реформы науки, вступившей в силу 1 января. Она предусматривает новые формы надзора, понижает значение членства в академии и устанавливает контроль над ее собственностью. Критики считают, что упадок академии, бывшей источником силы в советскую эпоху, теперь усугубится, что в результате приведет к сокращению инноваций и увеличению зависимости страны от сырьевых товаров. «Увеличение исхода»  «Я ожидаю значительного увеличения исхода молодых специалистов из России, - подчеркнул Роальд Сагдеев, физик из Мэрилендского университета, возглавлявший в Советском Союзе Институт космических исследований и работавший советником по науке у бывшего советского лидера Михаила Горбачева. - Новая реформа поставит исследовательские институты в еще более сложное положение. Они окажутся под контролем бюрократии, основанной на кумовстве и дилетантизме». В советскую эпоху наука процветала, потому что для государства она была одним из главных приоритетов, отметил 81-летний Сагдеев, уехавший из России более 20 лет назад.«Социальный статус ученых в рамках советского режима был довольно высоким», - сказал он. Но сегодня «их социальный статус значительно ниже, чем у водителя такси в Москве или даже у уборщика – с точки зрения заработной платы, и прежде всего это относится к молодым ученым». Необходимая перестройка Перестройка работы академической сферы необходима для улучшения качества науки в России, подчеркнул Андрей Фурсенко, бывший министр образования и науки, а в настоящее время советник Путина. «У нас большой нереализованный потенциал, - отметил он. – Это будет последовательная, серьезная и стратегическая реформа». В 1997 году российские ученые опубликовали около 32 тысяч статей в научных журналах, что было сравнимо с показателями их китайских коллег. Эта информация содержится в базе данных цитирования Scopus, принадлежащей компании Reed Elsevier Plc. (REL). В 2012 году Китай увеличил количество публикаций до 386 152 и занял второе место после Соединенных Штатов (527 549 статей), тогда как на Россию пришлось только 38 102 статьи. Российская академия наук имеет 511 полных членов, которые избираются пожизненно по результатам проведенных ими исследований, а также 750 членов-корреспондентов. Российская академия наук, получающая от правительства ежегодно 2 миллиарда долларов, осуществляет контроль за деятельностью 450 научных институтов по всей стране. В них работают 50 тысяч ученых, в том числе Нелюбина. Теперь эти институты войдут в число 1 007 учреждений, которые будут находиться в ведении недавно созданного Федерального агентства научных организаций. Слияние академий В результате инициированной Путиным перестройки произойдет слияние Академии наук с Медицинской и Сельскохозяйственной академиями. Кроме того, контроль за принадлежащей ей недвижимостью, включая собственность в центре Москвы, передается этому новому государственному агентству во главе с бывшим заместителем министра финансов. План реформирования науки появился вслед за отклонением академией кандидатуры Михаила Ковальчука - физика и соратника Путина, отметил Михаил Гельфанд, московский биолог и заместитель директора Института проблем передачи информации Российской академии наук. Ковальчук возглавляет Курчатовский институт, занимающийся проблемами ядерной физики, а, согласно существующим правилам, членство в академии предоставляется в первую очередь ученым, совершившим прорывные открытия, а не администраторам. Брат Ковальчика Юрий является бизнесменом и миллиардером, близким к Путину. Отклонение кандидатуры Ковальчука В 2008 году заявление Ковальчука об избрании его полным членом академии было отклонено. В мае он не смог победить на выборах главы Института кристаллографии. Вскоре после этого нижняя палата парламента утвердила план перетряски науки, предложенный Путиным.  Также по теме: Чума плагиаторства уничтожает репутацию российской науки Секретариат Ковальчука не ответил на запросы по электронной почте и по телефону относительно комментариев. Пресс-секретарь Путина также отказался комментировать этот вопрос. Глава академии Владимир Фортов сказал, что «ситуация намного сложней», чем просто возмездие за отказ принять Ковальчука в члены академии. По мнению Сергея Гуриева, экономиста и критика Путина, наука в России не развивается, и частично это происходит потому, что в экономике страны господствующее положение занимают управляемые государством нефтяные и газовые компании, которые для достижения успеха не нуждаются в инновациях. «Экономика не создает потребности в новом поколении ученых, - подчеркнул Гуриев. - Реальные инновации и реальные научные исследования могут активно развиваться при наличии конкуренции, особенно международной конкуренции». По мнению экспертов московского отделения банка BNP Paribas SA (BNP), находящиеся под контролем государства предприятия, в том числе ОАО «Роснефть» (ROSN), крупнейшая по объему добычи нефти публичная компания, составляют более 50% российской экономики, и это означает рост по сравнению с показателями 2006 года (38%). Зависимость от нефти Россия, крупнейший в мире экспортер нефти, становится все более зависимой от сырьевых товаров, и она не готова к падению добычи нефти, которое произойдет через 20 лет, подчеркнули аналитики Европейского банка реконструкции и развития (ЕБРР) в декабре 2012 года. По данным ЕБРР, нефть и природный газ составляют почти 70% общего объема экспорта страны, тогда как в середине 1990-х годов они составляли только его половину. Россия, запустившая первого человека - Юрия Гагарина - на орбиту Земли, также топчется на месте в области исследования космического пространства. В России в октябре прошлого года был уволен руководитель космического ведомства, и это уже вторая смена руководства за последние два с половиной года, причиной которой стала серия неудачных запусков. В 2011 году неудачей закончилась попытка направить спутник стоимостью 163 миллиона долларов к Марсу, и, кроме того, был потерян коммуникационный аппарат, а также грузовой корабль, предназначенный для доставки оборудования на Международную космическую станцию. Попытки активизировать научные инновации и отлучить российскую экономику от ископаемого топлива осложняются внутренней борьбой и обвинениями в коррупции. В 2009 году бывший в то время президентом Дмитрий Медведев основал на территории одного исследовательского института инновационный центр, на который было потрачено 85 миллиардов рублей. Читайте также: Российская наука приходит в упадок Полицейские рейды в фонде  Сменив в 2012 году Медведева на посту президента страны, Путин наложил вето на законопроект, освобождавший «Сколково» от контроля со стороны бюрократии, а также отменил распоряжение Медведева относительно того, что принадлежащие государству компании должны вносить денежные средства в фонд нового университета в этом центре. Полиция в апреле прошлого года провела рейды в офисах Фонда «Сколково» в рамках расследования по обвинению в коррупции. Были заведены два судебных дела на менеджеров проекта «Сколково». Правительство также предоставило гранты иностранным ученым, рассчитывая на то, что они будут работать в российских институтах четыре месяца в год. Лауреат Нобелевской премии биолог Сидни Олтмен (Sidney Altman) получил грант в размере около 90 миллионов рублей сроком на три года в Институте химической биологии и фундаментальной медицины – академического института в Новосибирске. Олтмен сообщил, что он только собирается посетить расположенный в Сибири Новосибирск, но он не намерен проводить там много времени. Он подал заявку на получение этого гранта по просьбе своего российского коллеги, который подготовил ее представление и использовал его имя для привлечения необходимых ресурсов, отметил он. Бегство из России Софья Касацкая, студентка магистерской программы в области иммунологии Московского государственного университета, сообщила, что она намерена уехать в Германию или в другое место в Европе после получения степени кандидата наук (Ph.D.). Она вполне довольна уровнем образования в Московском университете, где она планирует продолжить работу над своей кандидатской диссертацией, однако ее заработная плата и условия за границей будут лучше, признается она. «Россия не предоставляет людям другого выбора», - подчеркивает 21-летняя Касацкая. Российская академия наук была основана в 1724 году царем Петром Великим. С академией были связаны: Константин Циолковский, первооткрыватель в области ракетостроения и космических наук, Александр Прохоров, получивший Нобелевскую премию по физике за его работы в области  лазерных технологий, а также Андрей Сахаров, физик и диссидент, награжденный позднее Нобелевской премией мира. Фортов, глава академии, заявил, что проводимые изменения снизят эффективность исследовательской работы. «Я вижу свою роль в данный момент в том, чтобы сделать все возможное для сокращения ущерба науке в России, - отметил он. - Мы должны спасти то, что можно спасти». Также по теме: Соль на РАНы Работы по спасению Академия должна адаптироваться к новой ситуации и отражать изменение приоритетов в России - от изучения физики, занимавшего доминирующее положение в советскую эпоху, к биологическим наукам и технике пищевой промышленности, подчеркнул Фурсенко, советник Путина по науке. Проведение перестройки было необходимо, поскольку академия отказалась меняться сама, добавил он. «Попытки вовлечь Академию наук в процесс реорганизации закончился провалом, - сказал Фурсенко. - Во время всей моей работы в качестве министра мне ни разу не удалось получить конкретные предложения относительно реформы академии». После развала Советского Союза академия упустила возможность превратить себя в современный институт, отметил Харли Бэлзер (Harley Balzer), изучающий систему российского образования и социальную историю в Джорджтаунском университете в Вашингтоне. В результате способные молодые люди покинули страну, оставив позади себя более старших ученых, у которых было мало стимулов для инноваций, подчеркнул Бэлзер. Продвижение по карьерной лестнице исторически было основано на публикациях в собственных академических, а не в международных журналах, не на рецензировании статей учеными равного уровня, тогда как гранты вообще не выдавались, добавил он. «Академия сама в этом виновата, - подчеркнул Бэлзер. - Я не могу представить себе современное академическое сообщество, в котором работали бы десятки тысяч человек, и никто бы серьезно не интересовался тем, что они делают». 33-летняя Анна Кропивницкая – типичный пример российской утечки мозгов. После защиты диссертации она, будучи научным сотрудником (post-doctorate researcher) Флоридского университета, работает теперь на Большом андронном коллайдере в пригороде Женевы. Когда она трудилась в Институте  теоретической и экспериментальной физики в Москве, она зарабатывала 300 - 400 евро в месяц (400 - 550 долларов). Теперь она получает в десять раз больше. «Если бы я осталась в России, я бы не смогла работать в области физики, - призналась она. - Я была вынуждена эмигрировать». Читать далее: http://inosmi.ru/russia/20140116/216575564.html#ixzz2qaoI6Ltx 

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Centrica finance director resigns to join Reed Elsevier

British Gas owner, Centrica, has lost another top executive after finance director Nick Luff announced he is leaving to take up the same post at publisher Reed Elsevier.