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Renewable Energy
17 сентября, 05:35

Intelligent applications, emotional appeal

SHANGHAI’S future as a “city of excellence” will be shaped by innovation and collaboration but will be maintained by its sense of community and shared culture. 2008 was a year of big events: the Beijing

17 сентября, 05:30

Making transportation cleaner and smarter

RAPIDLY rising energy consumption and emissions have become the unfortunate by-products of the economic growth in many megacities. The Shanghai government’s goal is to have renewable energy account for

16 сентября, 00:33

Ambitious Solar Project Takes Root In Tunisia

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The recent submission of proposals for the construction of a new solar park project in Tunisia highlight the country’s potential as a location for renewable energy projects at a time when domestic demand for power is rising rapidly. In early August UK company TuNur submitted its proposal to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies to build the 4.5-GW park in the south of the country. If approved and carried out, the project would have the capacity to power more than 5m homes, or 7m electric vehicles across Europe once…

15 сентября, 17:55

Just Energy Launches Brand in Ireland, Expands Globally

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Just Energy (JE) is poised to benefit with increased customer base as the company grows international brand presence with launch in Ireland.

15 сентября, 16:53

How Off-Grid Renewable Energy Came To The Rescue In India's Flood Zones

Indian energy entrepreneurs are showing how off-grid solar power and decentralized grids could save lives by bringing rapid relief to flood victims

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15 сентября, 11:30

Nigeria’s capital city Abuja looks to hydropower

The Nigerian government has finally sanctioned the development of the Mambilla hydro scheme in Taraba State in eastern Nigeria, on the border with Cameroon. With generating capacity of 3,050 MW, it will be the biggest hydro project on the African continent outside Ethiopia. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has been named as the main […] The post Nigeria’s capital city Abuja looks to hydropower appeared first on The Barrel Blog.

15 сентября, 00:09

Canadian Solar's Unit Signs 100MW Solar Power Supply Deal

Canadian Solar Inc.'s (CSIQ) subsidiary Recurrent Energy will supply 100 megawatts of new solar power to Peninsula Clean Energy for 15 years.

14 сентября, 17:43

MasTec, Dycom Industries, Nordstrom, KKR and Apollo highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

MasTec, Dycom Industries, Nordstrom, KKR and Apollo highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

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14 сентября, 14:29

Anheuser-Busch enters into renewable energy partnership with Enel Green Power

Anheuser-Busch is going to make use of the wind power produced by a facility in Oklahoma.

13 сентября, 20:22

Nordstrom (JWN) Stock Soars on Renewed Buyout Talk

Shares of Nordstrom (JWN) climbed on Wednesday after reports surfaced that the department store chain would once again consider taking on a private equity client in order to fund a buyout.

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13 сентября, 20:10

Can renewables bring profit?

Renewable energy has so far produced few winners

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13 сентября, 17:29

Consumer Protection Concerns as Big Tech Enters the Energy Markets

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Big Tech is moving into the energy marketplace, largely driven by the desire for more renewable energy. But the change comes with risks for utilities and consumers.

13 сентября, 15:46

Top Ranked Income Stocks to Buy for September 13th

Top Ranked Income Stocks to Buy for September 13th

13 сентября, 13:18

Will Today’s Devastating Weather Change Business the Way Hurricane Katrina Did?

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Nicholas Blechman for HBR Twelve years ago, Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Eleven years ago, Walmart launched its sustainability initiative, deeply affecting how business has been done since then. It wasn’t a coincidence. During the hurricane and immediate recovery, the government at all levels was overwhelmed by the human and economic needs. It couldn’t deliver basic services like water. But large companies, with their extensive resources and logistics expertise, stepped up. Walmart discovered what it was capable of. An important shift in how the retail giant approached its business began with then-CEO Lee Scott’s epiphany, penned in a manifesto titled “Twenty First Century Leadership.” Scott realized that the company had a much bigger role to play in society than just delivering everyday products at a low cost and providing jobs. Over the next decade Walmart saved billions of dollars by aggressively cutting its energy use, doubling the efficiency of its fleet, and becoming one of the world’s largest private-sector buyers of renewable energy. But most important, Walmart compelled suppliers to improve their environmental performance. Many can debate how well Walmart has followed through, or whether its environmental gains are lessened by how it has handled other aspects of long-term business sustainability, such as labor and wages. But Walmart’s impacts on other companies, and on the general debate about the role of business in society, are undeniable. The giant created ripples of action. The storms around the world right now — from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to the devastating monsoons in Mumbai — are bigger, more devastating, and extreme than even Katrina. Climate chaos is upon us. Will it change the face of business again? For smart companies it will, and immediately. They’ll be asking themselves several questions, loosely categorized below, or expanding on work they’ve already started. Rising seas and extreme weather (assets and operations): Do we — or our major suppliers or customers — have important assets in low-lying areas around the world? How much operational and financial risk do we face, throughout our value chain, from rising seas and mega-storms, or from droughts and water-quality issues? Rising expectations: What do our major stakeholders — employees, customers, communities, and even investors — expect from us in terms of action on climate change? Rising sun: Are our goals for carbon reduction or renewable energy aggressive enough? Are these targets in line with the ever-tightening science on how much carbon the world can afford to emit? Changing political realities: Are we taking a public position and influencing policy (in the U.S. and elsewhere) to keep the world moving on climate action? Sitting this one out is not an option anymore. For example, many of the world’s biggest brands lobbied President Trump to stay in the Paris climate accord, running a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. And then, after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement, hundreds of companies made a public declaration that “We Are Still In.” Helping out: What can our business do to help in these extreme situations? Do we have special expertise in logistics, or can we shift some production and operations temporarily? Witness how Anheuser-Busch sometimes shifts production at a Georgia facility to put drinking water in cans for emergencies like Harvey. As Walmart discovered 12 years ago, companies have the scale to help in dire situations. Rising revenues: How might our business benefit? It’s OK to ask this — it isn’t taking advantage of a horrible situation. We also need businesses to help prepare for extremes and to aid in recovery afterward. For example, in the immediate aftermath, clean-up is important, and there will be increased sales of replacement furniture, cars, and much more. In the longer run, the construction sector could do well, as will providers of emergency services like portable energy. There are also amazing opportunities to rebuild smarter, more resilient, more sustainable communities. Governments and companies can invest in so-called green infrastructure like natural wetlands to dampen storm surges (versus “gray,” traditional infrastructure like dams and levees) and many more porous roads and surfaces to control flooding. The bottom line is that a climate-changed world is not a theoretical discussion anymore. It’s reality, and the impact on business is significant. This is blindingly obvious but needs to be said: Cities and regions under water, demolished, or with dispersed or evacuated populations don’t make for healthy economies. If we don’t see a dramatic shift in how business operates and the kinds of products and services they provide — or how governments and civil society work at all levels — the world will become too unstable for any business, or anyone at all, to thrive. Things have gotten very real. It’s time for businesses to step up.

13 сентября, 06:26

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

President Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key positions in his Administration: Christopher Caldwell of Arkansas to be Federal Co-Chairman of the Delta Regional Authority. Mr. Caldwell currently serves as the Director of Special Projects for Senator John Boozman (R-AR). Mr. Caldwell was the Campaign Manager for Senator Boozman’s 2016 re-election campaign, as well as the Political Director for Boozman's 2010 Senate campaign. He has also served on several other campaigns, including Governor Mike Huckabee’s 2007 presidential bid and Senator Tim Hutchinson’s 2002 Senate campaign. Beyond his political and government service, Mr. Caldwell has held various roles in the private sector and is an active volunteer in his community. He graduated with a B.A. in Communications from the J. William Fulbright School at the University of Arkansas. Mr. Caldwell resides in Little Rock with his wife Ashley and their two children. Walter Copan of Colorado to be Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology. Dr. Copan is President and CEO of IP Engineering Group Corporation and Board member of Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners, supporting Federal labs, academic institutions, and entrepreneurial businesses. He was Managing Director—Technology Commercialization and Partnerships at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Technology Transfer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Among his entrepreneurial ventures was Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTi) which he led as CTO and Executive VP onto NASDAQ. During his 28 years with Lubrizol Corporation, he held top leadership positions including research, development, and business unit management. Dr. Copan earned dual undergraduate degrees, and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. He has served as board member and advisor to many organizations, including the Federal Laboratory Consortium. Brian D. Montgomery of Texas to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Commissioner. Mr. Montgomery is currently Vice Chairman of The Collingwood Group, an advisory firm focused on business consulting, risk management, and compliance within the financial services industry. Previously he served as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner. He also served as Acting Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in January 2009. Earlier he served as Deputy Assistant to the President, and from 2003-2005, he directed the Office of Cabinet Affairs, serving as a liaison between President Bush and his Cabinet, and all Federal agencies in the Executive Branch. Under his leadership as FHA Commissioner, FHA successfully spearheaded legislative efforts to preserve the Nation’s affordable rental housing stock by maintaining the long-term physical and financial integrity of properties, while reducing rental assistance costs and the cost of FHA insurance claims. FHA provided access to affordable financing to preserve, refinance, or develop more than 300,000 rental units, a portion through risk-sharing agreements with State and local housing finance agencies. He assisted in HUD’s recovery and rebuilding efforts along the Gulf Coast and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and chaired HUD headquarters’ Hurricane Recovery and Response Center. Mr. Montgomery holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Houston. George Bryan Slater of Virginia to be an Assistant Secretary of Labor, Administration and Management. Mr. Slater is currently serving as the Assistant Secretary for Administration at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Previous to his current appointment, Mr. Slater served as the Director of Operations and Facilities for Freedom Partners Shared Services. Throughout his career, Mr. Slater has held many leadership positions within Federal and State governments, including serving at the Department of Labor for five years. Mr. Slater received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond. Glen R. Smith of Iowa to be a Member of the Farm Credit Administration Board for the remainder of a term expiring May 21, 2022. In 1982, Mr. Smith is president and co-owner of Smith Land Service, a company he founded in 1982. The company specializes in farm management, land appraisal and farmland brokerage services, working in about 30 Iowa counties. Mr. Smith also owns and serves as president of Smith Generation Farms, Inc., a family farm operation that encompasses about 2000 acres of primarily corn and soybeans in western Iowa. He is a native of Atlantic, Iowa where he was raised on a diversified crop and livestock farm. His “hands-on” farm experience started at a very early age when his father was involved in a disabling farm accident. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1979 with a B.S. in Agricultural Business and accepted a position with Doane Agricultural Services as State Manager of their real estate division. and his wife, Fauzan, have four grown children and three grandchildren. James E. Trainor III of Texas to be a Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission for the remainder of a 6-year term expiring April 30, 2021. Mr. Trainor is currently a partner at Akerman, LLP, and has more than 10 years of private practice experience involving election law, campaign finance, and ethics representation for government officers, interest groups, corporations, and others (two presidential campaigns). He recently served as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in the Office of General Counsel. Mr. Trainor’s prior government service includes positions as General Counsel to the Texas Secretary of State (also an appointed member to the Standards Advisory Board, Elections Assistance Commission) and Counsel to the Texas House Committee on Regulated Industries and various other state legislative roles. Mr. Trainor was born and raised in Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University (Corps of Cadets member) in 1997 and earned his law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law in 2002. Mr. Trainor currently resides in Driftwood, Texas, with his wife Lucy and their six children.  

13 сентября, 01:09

Democrats hold their fire on climate change

They're largely refraining from using the destruction wrought by Harvey and Irma as an occasion to lambaste President Donald Trump's policies.

13 сентября, 00:30

GGP: Why Ukraine is central to Europe’s energy security

The statements, opinions and data contained in the content published in Global Gas Perspectives are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s) of Natural Gas World. This article was originally published by the World Economic Forum.

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12 сентября, 19:25

NO. NEXT QUESTION? Can California Really Go 100 Percent Renewable Energy?…

NO. NEXT QUESTION? Can California Really Go 100 Percent Renewable Energy?

12 сентября, 17:49

NextEra Energy Partners Issues Debt to Fund Asset Purchase

NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NEP) completes placement of convertible senior notes due 2020, proceeds to be primarily used for acquiring renewable assets.

12 сентября, 15:23

Should You Hold Sempra Energy Stock in Your Portfolio Now?

Realizing the demand and prospects of renewable energy, Sempra Energy (SRE) has already started to add solar, wind and hydro assets to its portfolio.