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22 ноября 2016, 18:18

BRIEF-Wai Chi Holdings says Rexell Technology to acquire all issued shares of Wai Chi Holdings

* Rexell technology company to acquire all issued shares in capital of wai chi holdings company limited

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21 сентября 2015, 15:26

Shifting Gears on Climate Change

As world leaders gather this week in New York, the pressure is mounting to produce a new climate change agreement in Paris in December. The outcome of that meeting will set the stage for the global response to rising temperatures and ongoing environmental disruption. Rather than relying solely on national level leadership to foster change, we believe local governments and the private sector need to play a more central role in shaping the world's climate change action plan. The climate change conversation has begun to change. Until recently, the world focused its political efforts on pushing national government leaders to sign treaty commitments based on greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets. Setting goals is a start, but this top-down approach has failed to produce significant on-the-ground changes in behavior. The world community needs a new climate strategy. In this regard, we identify four ways to ramp-up the global climate change response at the Paris "Conference of the Parties." First, we need to engage a wider array of actors to ensure a more robust response to climate change. Presidents and Prime Ministers do not have day-to-day control over the factors that determine a society's carbon footprint. In contrast, mayors, governors, and premiers often can enact policy changes and bring about meaningful action much more quickly than national leaders. Business also has a central role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy. A strategy that embraces broader engagement thus needs to bring in CEOs as well as sub-national political leaders. To push cities, state/provinces, and private companies to undertake climate change action, their work must be measured, and their successes publicized. Second, we must expand the focus of our climate change agenda. Although "mitigation" strategies that reduce emissions will continue to be important, these efforts need to be matched with a new emphasis on adaptation. Developing countries, in particular, are already grappling with the early effects of a changing climate as shifts in rainfall patterns, increased intensity of hurricanes, and rising sea levels wreak havoc on traditional communities and livelihoods. For the world's most exposed people, a reduction in emissions in the industrialized world does little to address their pressing need for safety, resiliency, and economic progress. Much attention has been paid to financing the suite of actions the planet needs to take to avert catastrophic climactic harm. Much of that focus -- and a fair bit of political posturing -- has been devoted to assessing the appropriate financial role for countries seen as accountable for historic emissions. These are legitimate and complex issues. But, again, the results have been inadequate to the scale of the needs. We thus need a new climate finance strategy that uses limited public resources to leverage private capital. This argues for new structures - Green Banks, Green Bonds, and other creative finance mechanisms -- that can be directed to adaptation, energy efficiency, and the imperative of a transition to a clean energy future. Finally, we must broaden our efforts to reduce emissions. Until now, the policy focus has been aimed largely at the supply side. Expanding renewable energy and ending fossil fuel subsidies will continue to be important. But we ought to be paying much more attention to the demand side of the energy equation. Indeed, energy efficiency investments hold tremendous promise as a cost-effective element of the world's climate change mitigation program. The opportunities in both existing buildings and new construction are significant. With an estimated 40 percent of the world's energy consumption and 25 percent of total carbon emissions, buildings are ripe for transformation. In many industrialized nations, only 1 percent of existing buildings are renovated each year, meaning the vast majority of our structures deploy outdated lighting, heating, and ventilation technologies -- and thus consume far more energy than they need. Energy efficiency programs do exist, often as a function of productive partnerships among governments, utilities, and local businesses. But these efforts must be expanded and incentives developed that reward efficiency. As all eyes turn to Paris in December, the world community needs a reinvigorated climate change program. We believe that any new commitment to action must include broadened "ownership" of the climate change agenda and efforts to highlight progress particularly at the city, state/province, and corporate scales. Reframing of the challenge to include adaptation, demand-side energy management, and broader funding sources would also help to raise the trajectory of the global response to climate change. As illustrated by the positive response to the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo's offer to host a Climate Summit for Local Leaders in Paris on December 4, mayors, governors, and other subnational leaders are ready to lead -- and the new Paris Climate Change Agreement should put them in a position to do so. Daniel C. Esty is professor of environmental law and policy at Yale University and co-author of Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage. Rudy Provoost is CEO of the Rexel Group, a global leader in the distribution of products and services for the energy world. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

15 июля 2015, 19:35

ance stocks higher at close of trade; CAC 40 up 0.29%

France stocks were higher after the close on Wednesday, as gains in the Industrial Transportation, Healthcare Equipment&Services and Utilities sectors led shares higher. At the close in Paris, the CAC 40 gained 0.29%, while the SBF 120 index gained 0.38%. The best performers of the session on the CAC 40 were EDF (PARIS:EDF), which rose 2.66% or 0.56 points to trade at 21.43 at the close. Meanwhile, Bouygues (PARIS:BOUY) added 1.43% or 0.46 points to end at 32.29 and Veolia Environnement (PARIS:VIE) was up 1.31% or 0.255 points to 19.700 in late trade. The worst performers of the session were Schneider Electric (PARIS:SCHN), which fell 2.14% or 1.37 points to trade at 62.65 at the close. Technip (PARIS:TECF) declined 1.14% or 0.59 points to end at 51.16 and Kering (PARIS:PRTP) was down 0.94% or 1.55 points to 163.85. The top performers on the SBF 120 were Innate Pharma (PARIS:IPH) which rose 9.47% to 15.600, Rubis (PARIS:RUBF) which was up 4.05% to settle at 68.14 and Elior (PARIS:ELIOR) which gained 3.89% to close at 19.77. The worst performers were Vallourec (PARIS:VLLP) which was down 2.64% to 16.61 in late trade, CGG (PARIS:GEPH) which lost 2.31% to settle at 4.48 and Rexel (PARIS:RXL) which was down 2.27% to 14.63 at the close. Rising stocks outnumbered declining ones on the Paris Stock Exchange by 522 to 284 and 59 ended unchanged. Shares in Veolia Environnement (PARIS:VIE) rose to 3-years highs; rising 1.31% or 0.255 to 19.700. Shares in Vallourec (PARIS:VLLP) fell to 5-year lows; falling 2.64% or 0.45 to 16.61. Shares in Rubis (PARIS:RUBF) rose to 3-years highs; up 4.05% or 2.65 to 68.14. Shares in Elior (PARIS:ELIOR) rose to all time highs; gaining 3.89% or 0.74 to 19.77. The CAC 40 VIX, which measures the implied volatility of CAC 40 options, was down 3.02% to 19.88 a new 1-month low. Gold for August delivery was down 0.68% or 7.90 to $1145.60 a troy ounce. Elsewhere in commodities trading, Crude oil for delivery in August fell 2.38% or 1.26 to hit $51.78 a barrel, while the September Brent oil contract fell 1.95% or 1.15 to trade at $57.53 a barrel. EUR/USD was down 0.43% to 1.0961, while EUR/GBP fell 0.48% to 0.7007. The US Dollar Index was up 0.44% at 97.23.

23 июня 2015, 19:35

ance stocks higher at close of trade; CAC 40 up 1.18%

France stocks were higher after the close on Tuesday, as gains in the Leisure Goods, General Financial and Aerospace&Defense sectors led shares higher. At the close in Paris, the CAC 40 added 1.18%, while the SBF 120 index added 1.18%. The best performers of the session on the CAC 40 were Lafarge (PARIS:LAFP), which rose 2.95% or 1.79 points to trade at 62.54 at the close. Meanwhile, Peugeot SA (PARIS:PEUP) added 2.49% or 0.47 points to end at 19.12 and Airbus Group (PARIS:AIR) was up 2.23% or 1.35 points to 61.99 in late trade. The worst performers of the session were Alstom (PARIS:ALSO), which fell 0.74% or 0.20 points to trade at 26.74 at the close. Bouygues (PARIS:BOUY) declined 0.13% or 0.05 points to end at 38.02 and Accor (PARIS:ACCP) was down 0.03% or 0.01 points to 48.31. The top performers on the SBF 120 were Genfit (PARIS:GNFT) which rose 9.85% to 37.085, Adocia (PARIS:ADOC) which was up 4.33% to settle at 63.880 and Mercialys (PARIS:MERY) which gained 4.31% to close at 20.82. The worst performers were Eramet (PARIS:ERMT) which was down 1.94% to 72.63 in late trade, Vallourec (PARIS:VLLP) which lost 1.73% to settle at 19.88 and Rexel (PARIS:RXL) which was down 0.97% to 15.38 at the close. Rising stocks outnumbered declining ones on the Paris Stock Exchange by 640 to 264 and 60 ended unchanged. The CAC 40 VIX, which measures the implied volatility of CAC 40 options, was down 0.46% to 22.45. Gold for August delivery was down 0.58% or 6.90 to $1177.20 a troy ounce. Elsewhere in commodities trading, Crude oil for delivery in August rose 1.31% or 0.79 to hit $61.17 a barrel, while the August Brent oil contract rose 1.81% or 1.15 to trade at $64.48 a barrel. EUR/USD was down 1.45% to 1.1176, while EUR/GBP fell 0.83% to 0.7108. The US Dollar Index was up 1.11% at 95.57.

01 марта 2015, 16:58

Саммит Hybris в Мюнхене. DZ - один из 15 российских партнеров Hybris

В середине февраля в Мюнхене состоялся Hybris Global Summit 2015. В ежегодном саммите партнеров компании Hybris - SAP приняли участие сотрудники Digital Zone как партнера Hybris в России. Около 3000 участников в течение трех дней обменивались опытом по внедрению решений Hybris, знакомились с новыми инструментами e-commerce, которые доступны клиентам компании во всем мире. Российский офис Hybris развивает бизнес по внедрению решений для e-commerce в нашей стране. В России уже около 15 компаний стали членами сообщества партнеров Hybris. Digital Zone в качестве партнера-поставщика решений в категории Silver помогает интегрировать решения Hybris в бизнес-процессы e-commerce компаний, оказывая услуги по внедрению и предоставляя консультации. Генеральный директор DZ Systems Дмитрий Завалишин отметил: "Направление SAP-Hybris стратегически важно для DZ, наша группа компаний продолжает его развивать, наращивая свои компетенции. На саммите в Мюнхене мы провели ряд встреч и достигли договоренностей о новых проектах. Приятно было узнать, что в DZ - одна из самых сильных групп аналитики среди партнеров Hybris. Холдинг обладает хорошей экспертизой бизнес и системной аналитики в области e-commerce, а это один из ключевых факторов, способствующих успешности внедрения. Мы планируем внедрять решения от Hybris в крупные и средние интернет-магазины, у DZ Systems - продолжительный опыт работы с таким игроком федерального уровня, как компания Юлмарт. Сейчас DZ выполняет один крупный проект, подробности которого мы сможем рассказать позже, и несколько контрактов находятся в стадии обсуждения". Софтверная компания Hybris - один из трех мировых лидеров в области автоматизации e-commerce. Программное обеспечение Hybris использует более 800 компаний в мире, в их числе - W.W.Grainger, Rexel, General Electric, Thomson Reuters, 3M, Toys"R"Us UK, Bridgestone, Levi's, Nikon, Migros, Nespresso, Lufthansa и др. (http://www.dz.ru/news/201...)

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03 апреля 2014, 18:56

BRIEF-Eurazeo says proceeds from Rexel stake sale 105 mln eur

PARIS, April 3 (Reuters) - Eurazeo SA : * Says proceeds from Rexel SA stake sale 105 million euros    

01 апреля 2014, 23:59

Anixter sale said to stall as buyers balk

An effort to sell wiring parts maker Anixter International (AXE -5.1%) has stalled as potential buyers reject the company’s price expectations, Bloomberg reports.French electrical-equipment distributor Rexel (OTCPK:RXEEY), earlier considered one of the more likely buyers, apparently decided to pass, and P-E funds Advent and CVC Capital also chose not to bid.AXE reportedly was seeking offers of more than $115/share, while Rexel wasn’t willing to pay more than $110. Post your comment!

21 февраля 2014, 01:36

Anixter said working with Goldman on sale, +1.7% AH after popping late

Sam Zell-backed Anixter International (AXE) is working with Goldman Sachs to find a buyer for the company, Bloomberg reports.French electrical equipment distributor Rexel is said to be one of the bidders; Carlyle Group and U.K. engineering firm Melrose Industries are among firms that supposedly have looked and passed.Shares popped 2% in late trading and are up another 1.7% AH. Post your comment!

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20 февраля 2014, 16:02

RPT-Fitch Affirms Rexel at 'BB'; Outlook Stable

Feb 20 (Reuters) - (The following statement was released by the rating agency)

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17 декабря 2013, 15:48

Rexel shareholder Ray Investment cuts stake further

PARIS (Reuters) - Rexel's top shareholder, Ray Investment, said it sold a further 7 percent stake in the electrical equipment supplier, in a move that will see Bank of America Merrill Lynch exit the...

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17 декабря 2013, 12:02

BRIEF-Rexel shares fall 2.6 pct as Ray places Stake

PARIS, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Rexel SA : * Shares fall 2.6 percent as Ray Places Stake    

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31 октября 2013, 10:33

BRIEF-Rexel confirms full-year outlook

* Says q3 net income falls 9.6 percent to 77.1 million eur

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04 июня 2013, 13:27

UPDATE 1-Rexel's private equity owners sell a 10 pct stake

PARIS, June 4 (Reuters) - Rexel's controlling shareholder Ray Investment has sold a 10 percent stake in the French electrical equipment supplier for 487.54 million euros ($635 million), as Ray's private equity owners further reduce their stakes.