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29 июля, 16:01

North Korean ICBM launches dim South's hopes for talks

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea's rapidly accelerating nuclear weapons program is beginning to pose a grave challenge for liberal South Korean President Moon Jae-in, whose dovish proposals for engagement have been met by silence and two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in less than a month.Throughout the election campaign and his presidency that began in May, Moon has persistently expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea. But in the wake of the North's latest ICBM test, a stern-looking Moon on Saturday sounded more like his conservative predecessor as he ordered his troops to conduct a live-fire exercise with U.S. forces and endorsed stronger pressure and sanctions against Pyongyang. He then told government officials to schedule talks with Washington over increasing the warhead limits of South Korean missiles.Moon also made a dramatic policy reversal, ordering his military to talk with U.S. commanders in South Korea to temporarily place additional launchers of a contentious U.S. missile defense system, which was seen as a sign that Moon was ready to get tougher on the North. He likely has no other choice as it is well past the point where Seoul could afford being seen as "begging" Pyongyang for talks, said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea expert at Seoul's Dongguk University and a policy adviser to Moon."Ministries related to foreign policy and security must work with our allies including the United States to ensure that today's provocation is met by a stern international response, such as U.N. Security Council measures," Yoon Young-chan, Moon's senior press secretary, quoted him as saying during a National Security Council meeting. Yoon said Moon also directed government officials to consider the possibility of unilateral sanctions against the North.Through statements released by his office and later by the Foreign Ministry, Moon's government made it clear it isn't giving up on the hopes for talks just yet. But Moon also said the North's latest launch has the potential to "fundamentally change" regional security dynamics and stressed the need for "strong and realistic measures" that could sting Pyongyang and repel its nuclear ambitions.Moon has criticized the hard-line policies under a decade of conservative rule in Seoul, which he says did nothing to prevent the North's progress in nuclear weapons and missiles and only reduced Seoul's voice in international efforts to deal with its rival.But some South Korean analysts believe Moon might end up in the same policy rut as his predecessor, Park Geun-hye, who initially vowed to show more flexibility in dealing with North Korea before it conducted two nuclear tests and began what has become a torrent of weapons tests in 2016. South Korea doesn't have many options for dealing with North Korea under ruler Kim Jong Un, who seems to have little interest in meaningful talks with Seoul before he reaches his desired goals in nuclear weapons and missiles, the experts say.Moon made his most ambitious proposals for engagement in the aftermath of North Korea's first ICBM test on July 4. He reaffirmed his commitment to dialogue in a speech in Berlin days after the launch and then came back to Seoul to propose military and Red Cross talks between the rivals to reduce animosities across their border and resume temporary reunions of aging relative separated by the 1950-53 Korean War. But the North spent the past weeks ridiculing Moon's comments and ignoring his talk proposals before conducting its second ICBM test Friday night."North Korea works with its own timetable that is dictated by its plans for nuclear weapons and missile development, and won't be influenced by any South Korean offer for talks or strengthening of sanctions," said Park Hyung-joong, a senior researcher at Seoul's Korea Institute for National Unification.Koh from Dongguk University expressed a similar view, saying that the ICBM tests clearly show that North Korea sees the current situation as a matter between Pyongyang and Washington, and not solvable at the inter-Korean level. He said it would be a mistake to continue seeing North Korea's missile tests as demonstrations aimed at wresting diplomatic concessions when the country is pursuing a real nuclear deterrent against the United States."Talks will be difficult. North Korea has yet to respond to the South's proposals and the South can't be seen begging for talks," Koh said. "The ball is now with the Trump administration and the situation will be determined by the options it takes ... All South Korea can do now is to conduct its own military drills to show force and strengthen its defense, such as implementing THAAD."Washington and Seoul originally planned to complete the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system by the end of the year. But after taking office in May, Moon had pushed back the deadline by introducing stricter environmental reviews on the site to ease the concerns of locals, who express fear over rumored health hazards linked to the system's radar. During the campaign, Moon had said that Seoul should reconsider the THAAD deployment because it has angered China, South Korea's biggest trade partner, which sees the system as a security threat.A THAAD battery consists of six launchers and currently two launchers are operational in rural Seongju. Moon's office said Saturday that the environmental reviews will go on as planned even after the four additional launchers are placed.

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29 июля, 13:00

This Week In WWE Biz: John Cena Title Plans, The Shield Reunion?, Brock Lesnar Vs. Jon Jones, More

WWE plans for John Cena and Jinder Mahal, plus whether Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are reuniting The Shield, Brock Lesnar may fight Jon Jones in UFC, Kurt Angle feuding with The Miz, a "Broken" Hardys update, Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens at SummerSlam and more.

27 июля, 13:02

More ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 Scandals? Everything We Know

The upcoming Season 4 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' made headlines for a shocking scandal. Find out what to expect this season.

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23 июля, 18:47

Nelsan Ellis' Chicago Funeral Was A 'True Blood' Reunion

Oscar winner Viola Davis and several True Blood co-stars showed out in force to celebrate the life of Nelsan Ellis in his hometown of Harvey, Ill. A first person report.

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21 июля, 13:00

God and metal: scenes from a hardcore Christian music festival

Photographer KC McGinnis went to Audiofeed, a Christian rock and metal festival, to revisit his roots. He found a surprising cross section of believers, incredibly loud music and a serious rock attitudeAt the beginning of July, I photographed Audiofeed, a Christian rock and metal festival in Illinois.This was a bit of a reunion for me. As a teenager growing up in the evangelical subculture, I was a huge fan of Christian hard rock and metal in the early 2000s. The music helped me feel adventurous and unique, and it was an important way for me to craft an identity. I lost track of the scene after going to college, but I never stopped enjoying the music. Continue reading...

19 июля, 06:33

These Are the Tourists You’ll Encounter at Every Disney Park

People-watching is an incredibly fun part of going on vacation. These are the kinds of people that you can expect to see at any Disney park.

19 июля, 00:58

Behold, A Pale Horse: Its Rider Is Named Neocon And Hell Follows Him

Behold, A Pale Horse: Its Rider Is Named Neocon And Hell Follows Him Glenn Greenwald finds the implications of the reunion of the Democratic Party with the neoconservatives to be “profound and long-term.” Essentially, it means more expensive wars for Americans who lack health care and pensions, leading to direct military confrontation between the US… The post Behold, A Pale Horse: Its Rider Is Named Neocon And Hell Follows Him appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org.

17 июля, 19:01

Seoul offers rare military talks with NKorea after missile test

SOUTH Korea yesterday offered to hold rare military talks with North Korea, aiming to ease tensions after Pyongyang tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. The offer of talks, the first

17 июля, 17:52

Will North Korea Accept the South's Offer of Talks?

Seoul proposed talks July 21 in Panmunjom to defuse tensions.

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17 июля, 06:12

South Korea offers direct talks with the North

South Korea has proposed talks with North Korea to ease animosities along their tense border and resume family reunions.

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17 июля, 05:33

S. Korea offers talks on tension, family reunions with North

South Korea on Monday offered talks with North Korea to ease animosities along their tense border and resume reunions of families separated by their war in the 1950s.

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17 июля, 03:30

South Korea's new government proposes military talks with North Korea

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea on Monday proposed military talks with North Korea, the first formal overture to Pyongyang by the government of President Moon Jae-in, to discuss ways to avoid hostile acts near the heavily militarized border.

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15 июля, 20:31

15.07.2017 20:31 : Новое извержение вулкана началось на острове Реюньон – это заморский департамент Франции

Оно уже третье с начала года. По данным местных властей, населению острова извержение не угрожает, т.к. рядом нет населённых пунктов. Питон-де-ла-Фурнез – один из самых активных вулканов в мире. Традиционно на остров Реюньон приезжает немало туристов, чтобы посмотреть на извержение.

15 июля, 07:08

Введено в строй французское полярное судно L'Astrolabe

Судно построено в рамках совместной программы ВМС Франции, администрации Французских Южных и Антарктических территорий и Французского полярного института имени Поля-Эмиля Виктора (L’Institut Polaire Français Paul-Émile Victor - IPEV). Финансирование строительства осуществлялось французским министерством заморских территорий, выдавшим 10 июня 2015 года по результатам тендера контракт компании Piriou стоимостью 50 млн евро. Проект судна была разработан финской компанией Aker Arctic.

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11 июля, 00:30

Wayne Rooney rekindles his Everton love affair and wants to play up front

Wayne Rooney revealed he is looking forward to the Merseyside derby more than going back to Old Trafford and also that he wants his England place backIf nothing else, it was a more polished performance than the first time Wayne Rooney staged his own press conference, on a January evening in 2003 and the occasion of his first professional deal for Everton. At 17, Rooney was so unprepared for the barrage of flashing cameras the words stuck in his throat and his audience could hardly hear him speak. David Moyes told him off for chewing gum and there was an awkward moment, after his first uncertain words, when he reached for the bottle of water on his table. Rooney was about to swig straight from it until Moyes intervened. “Pour it in the glass, Wayne,” came the advice. Related: Wayne Rooney: Gareth Southgate was right to axe me but I want England recall Continue reading...

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10 июля, 10:30

Are Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal set for grandest of reunions? | Sean Ingle

The two greatest tennis players in history have rolled back the years at Wimbledon and a rerun of SW19’s greatest final could be on the cards on SundayNine years ago this week, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal stepped on to Centre Court and played the final of all finals: a three-act epic across four hours and 48 minutes. It was, staggeringly, the last time the two greatest tennis players in history faced each other at Wimbledon.Yet, in the late autumn of their careers, the prospect of their great trilogy of finals between 2006 and 2008 becoming a quadrilogy grows more tangible with each screaming forehand. According to the bookmakers, the 35-year-old Federer is favourite for his eighth Wimbledon title while Nadal, at 31, is right behind him. Not so long ago both men appeared to be tumbling towards retirement; now the headwinds are blowing them towards the grandest of reunions. Continue reading...

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09 июля, 22:25

Wayne Rooney and Everton are well placed for a fruitful and warm reunion | Nick Ames

Everton fans have been booing their prodigal son since his departure 13 years ago but the old warmth should not be hard to reigniteThe Goodison Park roof was not quite wrenched from its fittings when Wayne Rooney made his return to Everton colours but perhaps it loosened enough to sow the seeds for what passed two years later. Rooney had felt some apprehension before donning the kit for Duncan Ferguson’s testimonial in August 2015, aware that his presence had hardly been greeted with universal joy on those annual visits with Manchester United; when it came around, though, the applause was warm and the chants from the Gwladys Street Stand were lusty enough. If nothing else, it suggested that on both sides the old feelings might not be so difficult to reawaken. Related: Romelu Lukaku confirms Manchester United move as Wayne Rooney rejoins Everton Continue reading...

07 июля, 08:00

The Midwife review – old wounds reopened in emotional two-hander

Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot give it their all in a moving, verging on sentimental, tale of homewrecking and home truthsThree years ago, French film-maker Martin Provost made the intimate and intelligent Violette, with Sandrine Kiberlain and Emmanuelle Devos, recreating a little-known literary friendship between Simone de Beauvoir and her difficult protege Violette Leduc. Now Provost has given us another face-off between an older and a younger woman: fictional this time. It’s quite as robustly directed and well acted as Violette, if a little contrived and heading inevitably to a sentimental acceptance of life’s painful tangles. The emotional duellists this time are Catherine Frot and Catherine Deneuve; Frot plays Claire Breton, a hospital midwife, and Deneuve is Béatrice, the glamorous but disreputable mistress of Claire’s late father, a woman who caused heartbreak and tragedy. Now this ageing homewrecker suddenly reappears, with money and health worries, brazenly asking for Claire’s help. Claire is furious at the opening of old wounds, and yet their angry reunion raises the extraordinary possibility that this undoubtedly vibrant and interesting woman could be a kind of mother figure to Claire in her own lonely middle age. Continue reading...

05 июля, 17:30

It Comes at Night review – fiercely watchable post-apocalyptic chiller

After a virus wipes out civilisation, there are bleak and devastating scenes in this claustrophobic tale of two families coming together and falling apartThe 28-year-old Texan film-maker Trey Edwards Shults is a former crew member on Terrence Malick movies who made a big impression last year with his no-budget debut feature at SXSW, Krisha, about an eccentric older woman showing up at a family reunion party. For his follow-up he has put together this very impressive movie whose title, It Comes at Night, might suggest straight horror. But, that isn’t really the case and the title doesn’t entirely mesh with what happens in the film.Actually, what you get is a claustrophobic psychological chiller in the more realist post-apocalyptic vein, set in a lonely world where law and order and human decencies have broken down due to some unspecified plague, which is liable to surface again if brutal quarantine discipline is relaxed for a single moment. Those who have been spared the great horror that has swept civilisation away must get by with their families as best they can – barricaded by their own anxiety, deeply and even murderously suspicious of strangers. Continue reading...

04 июля, 14:06

‘Fixer Upper’ Homes Joanna Gaines Wishes You Couldn’t Rent on Airbnb

You can rent any of these gorgeous "Fixer Upper" homes on Airbnb. Just don't tell Chip or Joanna you're vacationing in a house they renovated.