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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Kim Zolciak-Biermann and NeNe Leakes’ Rocky Relationship Is Only Getting Worse

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The relationship between reality TV stars Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leaks is getting uglier, and here's why.

22 марта, 21:51

Justin Bieber May Already Be Moving On From Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly broke up again. But has the male pop star already moved on to a new lady?

19 марта, 01:30

Canceled TV Shows That Could Still Make a Return

Despite being canceled, these shows could still have a future.

17 марта, 09:00

'It could be huge. It could be a nightmare': attempting the largest family reunion in the world

AJ Jacobs tracked down as many distant relations as he could, but would he beat the world record of 4,500?“When his first request for an interview with former president George HW Bush was rejected, AJ Jacobs resorted to a desperate plea: “Couldn’t you do it for family?” – pointing out that they were (distant) cousins.The plea worked. Bush gave him an interview and even posed for a photo – an image that sits alongside others, including Daniel Radcliffe, Olivia Munn, and Ricky Gervais, in Jacobs’ new book, It’s All Relative. The book examines the promise and challenges of the world family tree – the dream of some geneticists and genealogists to connect everyone who’s ever lived, be they Neanderthal or celebrity. Continue reading...

15 марта, 22:00

The Surprising Way the ‘Roseanne’ Revival Came Together

There's a fascinating story behind the new revival.

12 марта, 17:02

From Drug Use to Weight Loss Surgery: The Most Shocking Confessions About the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars

The ladies of 'Teen Mom 2' have had their fair share of drama on and off the MTV hit show. Here are some of their most shocking confessions.

10 марта, 18:19

The Top 15 Vacation Spots for Retirees

Baby boomers seeking an affordable, enjoyable getaway should consider these top-rated vacation spots for retirees.

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'We caught the zeitgeist': how the Spice Girls revolutionised pop

With the return of the Spice Girls on the horizon, Ginger and Sporty talk us through the birth of a pop phenomenon, and how they made Adele cry Related: 'The world is infested with evil!' When Kathy Acker met the Spice Girls “It felt like we were all at the centre of the world for a minute,” says Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) as she recalls the heady days of the 1990s. “There was Britpop happening, ‘Cool Britannia’ and it really was a melting pot of excitement.” Horner is on the phone, days after the Spice Girls have announced their latest reunion, the precise details of which remain hazy. Continue reading...

09 марта, 16:00

Siamese nightmare: how sour grapes scuppered the Pumpkins' reunion

With the news that D’arcy Wretzky will not be joining Billy Corgan and bandmates, should fans feel cheated that bands reform with their classic lineups incomplete? Related: Smashing Pumpkins announce first tour since 2000 When the late Mark E Smith declared: “If it’s me and your granny on bongos, it’s the Fall,” he spoke for the vast majority of indie rock’s commanders-in-chief. Does it really matter who’s doling out disco basslines for the Killers or pressing the “sparkly cavern” button somewhere at the back of the Cure? In many cases, the frontman rules, so it’s frontman’s rules. When you are re-forming a classic act in the hope of rekindling your initial hype and magic, though, it matters a hell-ton. Would it be the Smiths without Mike Joyce? Oasis without Bonehead? Rock scientists call this the Kimless Pixies Conundrum. Continue reading...

08 марта, 18:02

The Most Inspiring Ellen DeGeneres Moments Of All Time

Ellen Degeneres has made us cry tears of joy and pride so many times. Here are her greatest moments.

07 марта, 17:15

The 1 Reason Victoria Beckham Won’t Be Joining the Spice Girls On Tour

The manager of the beloved '90s girl group has revealed that the Spice Girls will be touring together, but Victoria Beckham may not be joining them.

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'I'm all alone': the child refugees desperate to be reunited with family

Many young people who arrive in the UK hope to bring loved ones to safety, but the government doesn’t allow family reunionEnveloped in an oversized puffer jacket and cap, the 14-year-old boy in front of me looks anything but tough. True, he has made the perilous journey from the conflict in his country, travelling alone across the mountains, dodging bandits and snipers on the way. He also survived being robbed of all his money and violently beaten in the Calais “Jungle”. But now he’s rocking in his chair, arms wrapped around himself like a much-needed hug as tears stream down his face. “I’m all alone,” he wails, doubling over in pain. “I haven’t got anyone.” Continue reading...

05 марта, 23:26

Is Anna Faris Moving on From Chris Pratt?

Actress Anna Faris has been spotted with Michael Bennett. Does this mean she's moving on from Chris Pratt?

02 марта, 10:12

Вулканологи обнаружили под тропическим островом столб магмы, который помнит первозданную Землю

Глубоко в недрах живописного острова в Индийском океане дремлет расплавленная порода, почти не изменившаяся за последние 90% истории Земли.

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5 Reasons The Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour Is Selling Poorly (And How They Can Fix It)

Early ticket sales look bleak for the Smashing Pumpkins' upcoming reunion tour, but they still have time to save it from disaster.

27 февраля, 19:56

No, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Are Not Getting Back Together

Jennifer Aniston may have just called it quits with her husband, Justin Theroux, but she has no plans of reconciling with her ex, Brad Pitt.

24 февраля, 18:14

Paul Manafort's Fate Is Sealed

For the past decade, Rick Gates was fiercely loyal to his risk-taking boss. Not anymore.

24 февраля, 17:30

Everything We Know About a Possible ‘Seinfeld’ Revival

Could the show actually return? The man himself now has a surprising answer.

23 февраля, 18:25

Every Thing the ‘Friends’ Cast Has Said About a Possible Reunion

Fans have been asking for a 'Friends' reunion for many years. Here's a look at everything the show's stars have said about the possibility.