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20 января, 19:59

Newcastle pushing for Andros Townsend loan from Crystal Palace

• England winger keen to return to north-east after £13m move in summer• Palace could bring in Middlesbrough’s Stewart Downing as replacementAndros Townsend is understood to be keen on returning to Newcastle United only six months after they sold him to Crystal Palace for £13m.With Rafael Benítez similarly enthusiastic about a potential reunion with the sometime England winger on Tyneside and Sam Allardyce willing to lose Townsend, the stumbling block is Newcastle’s desire for a loan deal with a view to a more permanent transfer in the summer. Continue reading...

19 января, 13:09

Obama aides, full of emotion, get ready to turn out the lights

‘It doesn't fully hit you that it's over,’ said one recently departed alum.

18 января, 12:05

8 New Disney Movies Coming in 2017

There are lots of great films premiering in 2017, including several big titles from Disney. Here's a closer look at all the Disney movies coming this year.

18 января, 12:04

Netflix: 14 More Original Movies Coming Soon

Netflix is about to bulk up its film slate in a big way. Here are 14 more original movies coming to the streaming service soon.

17 января, 19:01

Most complex search in aviation history over after nearly 3 years

THE nearly three-year search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ended yesterday — possibly forever. The countries involved in the expensive and vast deep-sea hunt have shown no appetite for opening another

17 января, 10:34

Поиски пропавшего малайзийского Boeing приостановлены

Власти Австралии, Малайзии и Китая согласовали решение о приостановке продолжавшихся более двух лет поисков пропавшего в 2014 году малайзийского Boeing MH370. Поиски не дали результатов, несмотря использование новейших технологий, методов моделирования и консультаций высококвалифицированных специалистов. В связи с этим подводные поиски лайнера приостановлены, сообщили в Координационного центра поисков, передает РИА «Новости». Во вторник зону подводных поисков в 120 тыс. квадратных километров в Индийском океане покинул последний корабль. Последний раз обломок малайзийского Boeing был обнаружен на острове Маврикий в юго-западной части Индийского океана в октябре прошлого года. Также два обломка самолета были найдены на французском острове Реюньон и на острове Пемба недалеко от берегов Танзании в Восточной Африке. Авиалайнер Boeing 777-200 авиакомпании Malaysia Airlines с 227 пассажирами и 12 членами экипажа на борту пропал с экранов радаров в ночь на 8 марта 2014 года. Предполагается, что самолет потерпел катастрофу в южной части Индийского океана.

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15 января, 23:36

Wayne's World Welcome -- Celebrate With Mike Myers And Dana Carvey

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 23: Dana Carvey and Mike Myers attends Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Hosts A 'Wayne's World' Reunion at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater on April 23, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images) It’s not another “Wayne’s World” sequel, though. It’s a [...]

15 января, 15:35

Everton 4-0 Manchester City: Premier League - as it happened

Manchester City started promisingly but disintegrated as Everton excelled, with Tom Davies and Ademola Lookman scoring their first goals 3.37pm GMT That’s all from me. Jacob Steinberg will pick up the baton for the second leg of the Manchester v Merseyside double-header. Bye! Related: Manchester United v Liverpool: Premier League - live! 3.33pm GMT Everton’s two teenage talents talk, starting with Tom Davies, who says Lukaku is also claiming the third goal.No chance he’s getting that one off me. That’s definitely mine. It’s my dream. To actually go out there and do it, it’s unbelievable. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. It’s surreal, being with the first team in general but today to beat City and do it comfortably, it’s a great day.The gaffer just said, play behind Rom. I was lucky to anticipate the ball and just put it in the back of the net, yeah. I just thought, it’s my chance to score a first Premier League goal. And I did. Continue reading...

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13 января, 01:45

Trainspotting review – Danny Boyle's classic holds up terrifically well

This supercharged 1996 story of drugs, violence and growing up has lost none of its edge ahead of the release of sequel T2Prior to the guys’ Take-That-style reunion in the forthcoming sequel T2, here is a very welcome big-screen rerelease of Danny Boyle’s original Trainspotting, 21 years on. It holds up terrifically well. This movie was the first, maybe the only successful 90s British attempt at answering films like Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction; it has a version of their spirit and power – and matches them for hardcore violence, horror and drugs. But John Hodge’s screenplay, taken from the novel by Irvine Welsh, brings in a grittily British kind of social-realist pessimism. Watching it again, especially during the periodic “family” scenes in pubs after court appearances and funerals, I thought of Ken Loach’s Poor Cow. Trainspotting is supercharged with sulphurous humour and brutal recklessness: it charges at you like Ewan McGregor’s Renton sprinting from store detectives in the opening sequence. In 1996, his famous “choose life” monologue was dynamic; in 2017 it sounds poignantly light and breathy, almost childlike, like a kid reciting in school. With his mates Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), Spud (Ewen Bremner) and the psychotic Begbie (an unforgettable performance by Robert Carlyle), Renton grapples with getting off heroin and somehow making sense of his life, incidentally falling hard for the beautiful Diane (Kelly Macdonald). Continue reading...

12 января, 20:01

Morgan Schneiderlin joins Everton from Manchester United for initial £20m

• France midfielder reunites with Ronald Koeman at Goodison Park• Schneiderlin says he wants to get Everton back where they belongMorgan Schneiderlin has described a reunion with Ronald Koeman and Everton’s ambition as the decisive factors in his move from Manchester United to Goodison Park.The France international ended his difficult Old Trafford career on Thursday when he signed a four-and-a half-year contract with Everton. United, who paid £25m for the midfielder in July 2015, will recoup an initial £20m and £24m with add-ons. Continue reading...

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11 января, 22:16

This Chinese New Year, More People Than Ever Expected To Travel Outside Of The Country

While the holiday used to be a period of family reunions and big feasts, many Chinese are now choosing to escape the winter pollution and the vastly overstretched domestic travel infrastructure by taking an outbound trip instead.

10 января, 22:50

Obamaworld gathers for farewell speech therapy session

The president’s grief-stricken loyalists are descending on Chicago to commiserate after Trump’s win.

06 января, 20:00

Search for missing flight MH370 to end

THE hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will end in two weeks, Malaysia said yesterday, after the completion of a search of a 120,000-square- kilometer area where experts thought it went down. Last

06 января, 17:21

The Tale of Every Super Bowl Halftime Since 2006

People tend to remember the Super Bowl halftime show more than the game itself. Here's a look at how each game looked before the performers took the stage.

06 января, 15:03

Star Wars insiders to plot life in Leia-less universe after Carrie Fisher's death

Disney is said to be considering a number of narrative and tech options to continue the franchise following the death of the actor who played Princess LeiaThe repercussions of the death of Carrie Fisher for the Star Wars franchise are to be discussed by key Disney staff in Los Angeles next week. Fisher, who died on 27 December, had completed scenes on Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is set for release in December – including, apparently, reunions with Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker and her son, Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver. Related: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds's deaths were tragic coincidence – but we're suckers for a story Continue reading...

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04 января, 19:00

Лучший новогодний отдых, лучшее новогоднее блюдо

Правильно Лелека сегодня пошутил -- общество потребления без размаха встретило очередной Новый год.Зачем чем-то кому-то размахивать, если в среднем по больнице достигнут некий уровень потребления, которому могут соответствовать самые широкие слои населения?Ну, чем может удивить кого-то новогодний стол?Курочка -- что у нас на столе, что на столе у Обамы (у Обамы может только поздоровее курочка быть, если вообще так можно говорить о подготовленной к поеданию курице).Страусиные яйца? Чорная икра? Кукурузная лепешка, не успевшая остыть за время перелета из Марокко?Хамон?Не думаю, что многие сегодня испытывают в связи с праздниками архаичные чувства, связанные с тем, что на празднике, наконец, удастся вволю и разнообразно поесть (чего-то вкусненького).Возможно, большинство наоборот думает о том, как бы чего лишнего не слопать.Поэтому такое явление как (богатый) "новогодний стол" перестало быть торжественным, долгожданным и обязательным атрибутом праздника.Скорее это всё еще что-то неизменное, но уже малозначительное фоновое.То же самое можно сказать и про "новогоднее путешествие".Здесь, мне кажется, тоже произошло некое насыщение.Совсем необязательно тратить вчетверо больше, чтобы на Новый год оказаться в каком-то месте, где можно оказаться позже за сходную цену.Даже самый изысканный отдых перестал быть фантастическим.Ну чем можно удивить? Гренландией? Реюньоном? Сейшеламимальдивами?Самоцелью это уже перестало быть.Скучнее многое становится.Прозаичнее.

04 января, 14:45

10 Most Anticipated Action Movies of 2017

While action movies these days tie into sci-fi, horror, or fantasy tropes, there are still a number of more traditional action films to look forward to.

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03 января, 19:00

Will & Grace is back. But has gay life on TV left it behind? | Gareth McLean

The sitcom was once groundbreaking – only it now looks old-fashioned compared to the shows it paved the way for, such as Cucumber and TransparentHoney – as one Karen Walker might say – what’s this, what’s happening, what’s going on? What indeed. After testing the water with a brief reunion during the US presidential campaign, Will & Grace is to return for a new 10-part series, a decade after its conclusion. The welcome return of a sparkling and witty favourite of yesteryear? Or the desperate revival of an old sitcom designed to halt an inexorable slide in ratings and audience flight from network TV to Netflix? Related: LGBT characters on TV will make up larger percentage than ever, study finds Continue reading...

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31 декабря 2016, 01:30

Jürgen Klopp finally gets a chance to face Pep Guardiola on level playing field | Andy Hunter

Liverpool’s manager insists his focus is on Manchester City’s players not the man in the dugout as the old foes rekindle their Bundesliga rivalryAllianz Arena, April 2015, and at the end of their last competitive encounter Jürgen Klopp sprinted past Pep Guardiola to join the celebrations rather than offer commiserations or a handshake. It was nothing personal, simply a release in a draining final season at Borussia Dortmund and one last shot across the bows of Bayern Munich. Klopp’s admiration for Guardiola is genuine, his anticipation for their reunion clear and heightened, but what matters most to the Liverpool manager is that his team meet Manchester City on New Year’s Eve on equal terms. This season’s Premier League has levelled their playing field. Related: Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend Continue reading...

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30 декабря 2016, 17:13

5 Potential WWE Return Feuds For Kurt Angle

WWE and Kurt Angle appear to be headed for a reunion, and from Brock Lesnar to AJ Styles, there is no shortage of potential feuds for the former Olympic gold medalist.