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27 июня, 14:00

Why opioid deaths are this generation’s Aids crisis | Mary O’Hara

The soaring numbers of deaths from overdoses in the US and UK requires a radical and fast rethink of drugs policyDr Daniel Ciccarone, a San Franciso-based public health researcher and physician told me of a recent encounter which, despite 17 years in the field, left him stunned. “I talked to a [heroin] user in West Virginia. Nice guy. Manages to keep his habit and keep his job. He’s 10 years out of high school. He’s 29. He went to his high school reunion. I kid you not – half of his high school class is gone. Died. It was mostly [opioid] pills and heroin.”Ciccarone is on the frontline of efforts to understand and combat the US’s rapidly escalating opioid crisis and he makes no bones about the scale and impact of what he says is an unprecedented public health emergency. “We are moving beyond an epidemic. I would call it a crisis,” he says. Continue reading...

27 июня, 12:25

How to Live Like You’re Rich, Even When You’re Not

Dreaming of a Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget? We’ve rounded up some surprisingly affordable ways for the less wealthy to live like they're rich.

26 июня, 14:33

Monday's Morning Email: Senate Health Care Bill Finds Opposition On Both Sides Of Aisle

TOP STORIES (And want to get The Morning Email each weekday? Sign up here. HEALTH CARE VOTE POSSIBLE THIS WEEK Despite growing opposition. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is one of the holdouts who made the rounds Sunday decrying the Senate’s iteration of the bill. [HuffPost] BRITISH PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY STRIKES DEAL TO PROP UP HER MINORITY GOVERNMENT The support of a small Northern Irish Protestant party would allow May to pass legislation in the 650-seat parliament and stay in power as she attempts to negotiate Britain’s exit from the European Union. [Reuters] ABOUT THAT $285 MILLION LOAN JARED KUSHNER SETTLED One month before Election Day. [WaPo] TAKATA HAS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY The manufacturer still faces tens of billions of dollars in “costs and liabilities resulting from almost a decade of recalls and lawsuits” over its faulty airbags. [Reuters] THOSE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ANTHONY KENNEDY RETIREMENT RUMORS Ramped up after the reunion of a batch of his former law clerks was moved up to this year. [HuffPost] BERNIE AND JANE SANDERS HAVE HIRED LAWYERS Amidst an FBI bank fraud investigation related to a multimillion-dollar loan for the now-defunct liberal arts college Jane previously led. [HuffPost] ‘IN TOWNS ALREADY HIT BY STEEL MILL CLOSINGS, A NEW CASUALTY: RETAIL JOBS’ “Thousands of workers face unemployment as retailers struggle to adapt to online shopping. But even as e-commerce grows, it isn’t absorbing these workers.” [NYT] WHAT’S BREWING DID YOU MISS THE BET AWARDS LAST NIGHT? Michelle Obama made quite the speech in honor of Chance the Rapper. Check out all the winners, along with our favorites from the red carpet. [HuffPost] ‘WONDER WOMAN’ IS OFFICIALLY THE TOP-GROSSING ACTION FILM DIRECTED BY A WOMAN After a $652.9 million haul worldwide. [HuffPost] THINGS WE DID ‘BEFORE THE INTERNET’ “Before the Internet, you could laze around on a park bench in Chicago reading some Dean Koontz, and that would be a legit thing to do and no one would ever know you had done it unless you told them.” [The New Yorker] CONGRATS TO ERIN ANDREWS The sportscaster married former NHL player Jarret Stoll Saturday. [HuffPost] THE ACA-TRIO IS ALMOST COMPLETE We finally have a trailer for “Pitch Perfect 3.” [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO President Donald Trump is the first president in over two decades tonot host a Ramadan dinner. What happens when you watch 18 hours of Fox News. The Ohio governor’s website is one of many hacked Sunday. Happy Monday: Here’s a video of Chuck Schumer busting a move. These Pixar writers can’t agree over this heartbreaking story about Andy’s dad in “Toy Story.” Tim Tebow is getting a minor league promotion. Prince Harry doubled down on his claims that he “wanted out” of the royal family. All of the best Pride march photos from the weekend. Tennis great John McEnroe stirred up some online furor over these comments about where Serena Williams would rank on the men’s circuit. Today’s New York Times crossword honors the release of “Harry Potter” 20 years ago. As usual, this year’s “World’s Ugliest Dog” is the cutest. John Oliver went after anti-vaxxers on his show last night. What do you think about having wifi in national parks? -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

26 июня, 14:05

25 Celebrities Who Tried to Make a Comeback and Failed

These 25 celebrities were pretty hot at the top of their careers. But they lost it along the way and tried to make a comeback. Sadly, they failed.

26 июня, 09:03

The Craziest Ways People Apply for a Job

Are you looking for a new job? Here are some crazy ways job applicants stood out from the pack. Some of these actually worked.

26 июня, 02:05

Kennedy stays quiet on whether he'll retire at end of Supreme Court term

Anthony Kennedy is keeping the country guessing for at least one more day about whether he will step down after the Supreme Court's term ends on Monday, which would give President Donald Trump the opportunity to nominate a second justice to the bench. The 80-year-old justice sparked a flood of speculation that he was set to announce his retirement when he moved up by a year a long-scheduled reunion of his former clerks. But he made no announcement about his future at the event, held this weekend at the court, one attendee said. The legal site Above the Law quoted Kennedy as joking at the reunion that he had an announcement that had been the subject of speculation: "The bar will remain open after the end of the formal program.”White House counsel Don McGahn told the president recently that he anticipated Kennedy would step down, leading Trump to expect a retirement announcement, a senior White House aide said.Kennedy, who was appointed to the court by Republican President Ronald Reagan, has long been the swing vote on a court otherwise divided between four conservative and four liberal votes, so his exit could lead to major shifts in how the court decides cases. Trump’s first Supreme Court nomination — he tapped Neil Gorsuch, a former Kennedy clerk, to replace the late Antonin Scalia in February — was a political boon for the White House, and many Trump aides have hoped he'd be afforded another pick. Justices often announce their retirement near the end of the Supreme Court’s term. Monday is the final day of this term, and the justices are expected to announce several high-profile decisions, including action on Trump's travel ban. Kennedy could still announce his retirement that day. Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Sunday declined to comment to ABC’s “This Week” on any conversations Kennedy may have had with the president, saying: "I will never reveal a conversation between a sitting justice and the president or the White House, but we're paying very close attention to these last bit of decisions."

25 июня, 05:42

Retirement Rumors Ramp Up For Influential Supreme Court Justice

As the end of the Supreme Court term approaches, rumors of retirement have ramped up around Justice Anthony Kennedy, a pivotal judge who often bridges a gap on the bench between conservatives and liberals. The Associated Press and CNN reported Saturday on rumors swirling around the 80-year-old Kennedy’s retirement after the Supreme Court’s final week before the bench breaks for summer. Sources close to Kennedy told CNN that the justice has been “seriously considering” retirement after nearly 30 years of service, though it’s not clear when exactly Kennedy would hang up his robe. Both conservatives and liberals have been gearing up to fill Kennedy’s spot when he retires, CNN reported in May. This new round of speculation was sparked by a private reunion of Kennedy’s former clerks in Washington, D.C, according to the reports. The reunion date was moved up one year, AP reported, sparking talk among former clerks that it would be the last time they see Kennedy while he is on the bench. Orin Kerr, law professor at George Washington University and a former clerk of the senior justice, tweeted on Friday that they would likely know soon “if rumors of Kennedy’s retirement are accurate, which makes this post on time limits timely again.” Soon we'll know if rumors of Kennedy's retirement are accurate, which makes this post on time limits timely again. https://t.co/Qw1hFJWAvC pic.twitter.com/NHMgtC0Ejx— Orin Kerr (@OrinKerr) June 23, 2017 Kennedy, a conservative Republican, has become a breadwinner for the left by siding with liberal justices in pivotal Supreme Court decisions.  Appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1988, Kennedy has cast swing votes for groundbreaking issues including the legalization of same-sex marriage ― for which he wrote the majority opinion ― protecting abortion rights and race-based affirmative action. Kennedy’s retirement would create an opportunity for President Donald Trump to push the Supreme Court and its future rulings in favor of conservatives. Trump’s first pick for the court, Justice Neil Gorusch, was a clerk under Kennedy and this year filled the spot of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  “As the court’s most important Justice ― at the center of the institution’s ideological balance ― Justice Kennedy’s ability to bridge the divide between left and right on critical issues such as the right to access abortion cannot be overstated,” Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, told CNN. “Replacing Justice Kennedy with a Trump nominee would almost certainly sound the death knell for Roe, just as candidate Trump promised during the 2016 campaign.” In April, Trump told the Washington Times that he would be using the same list of 21 potential Supreme Court nominees he released while campaigning for presidency if any vacancies opened up on the bench. When asked of Kennedy’s potential retirement by the newspaper, Trump said he didn’t want to talk about it. “I don’t know. I have a lot of respect for Justice Kennedy, but I just don’t know,” he said. “I don’t like talking about it. I’ve heard the same rumors that a lot of people have heard. And I have a lot of respect for that gentleman, a lot.” UPDATE: June 25 ― Politico reporter Eliana Johnson tweeted Sunday that there was no announcement of a pending Kennedy retirement at the clerk reunion. No Kennedy retirement announcement at clerk reunion, I'm told, leading to dimming WH hopes he'll step down this year.— Eliana Johnson (@elianayjohnson) June 25, 2017 -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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23 июня, 19:44

Headliner David Miliband fails to turn Ed's show into radio gold | John Crace

Miliband brothers’ long-distance reunion goes from Eve of Destruction to nuclear apocalypse – but otherwise escapes conflict Toilets and death metal had only been the warm-up acts during Ed Miliband’s week standing in for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2. Now for the headliner: the reunion with his brother, David. Even if it was a reunion at 3,000 miles. No need after all for the horse’s head that Ed had brought into the studio specially that morning.“In a moment I’m going to be talking to my brother live from New York about the refugee crisis,” said Ed. “But first I’m going to play Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction. Ed smiled to himself. He felt sure David would appreciate the irony. Continue reading...

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23 июня, 13:47

Shark attacks threaten Reunion Island tourist trade

Shark attacks on surfers and swimmers around Reunion island have seriously affected local businesses.

19 июня, 12:10

EU Council prolongs sanctions against Crimea for one year

The European Union has prolonged for one year restrictions against Crimea and Sevastopol. The decision was made by the EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels, the EU’s press-service said. The sanctions were prolonged until June 23, 2018, TASS reports. The sanctions against Crimea and Sevastopol were prolonged without a discussion.  The sanctions include prohibitions on imports of products originating in Crimea or Sevastopol into the EU; investment in Crimea or Sevastopol, meaning that no Europeans nor EU-based companies can buy real estate or entities in Crimea, finance Crimean companies or supply related services; tourism services in Crimea or Sevastopol, in particular, European cruise ships cannot call at ports in the Crimean peninsula, except in case of emergency; exports of certain goods and technologies to Crimean companies or for use in Crimea in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors and related to the prospection, exploration and production of oil, gas and mineral resources. Technical assistance, brokering, construction or engineering services related to infrastructure in these sectors must not be provided either. Read more: What’s life really like in Crimea 3 years after reunion with Russia?

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18 июня, 23:57

Pakistan captain hopes Champions Trophy win jogs a few memories at home

• Sarfraz Ahmed: Hopefully playing nations [now] come to Pakistan• Let’s hope this kick-starts momentum in Pakistan again, says Mickey ArthurPakistan produced a story for the ages as they defied all pre-tournament predictions and thrashed their much-fancied rivals, India, to win the Champions Trophy. With victory by 180 runs in the final, Sarfraz Ahmed lifted their first 50-over trophy since the 1992 World Cup.Ranked No8 in the world at the start of the tournament, Pakistan endured a harrowing defeat against the same opposition at Edgbaston a fortnight ago, and few could have envisaged they would be celebrating on the podium at the end of their reunion in the final, having posted 338 for four after losing the toss then bowling out Virat Kohli’s side for 158 in 30.3 overs. Continue reading...

18 июня, 14:10

Акула искусала серфера, но съесть не успела

В Индийском океане акула напала на мужчину-серфера, тем не менее ему удалось спастись.

16 июня, 09:10

The Highest-Paid Musicians of 2017

Musicians are often portrayed as living the life, but which ones are making the most in the music industry? Here are the highest-paid according to Forbes.

15 июня, 23:24

Forbes назвал самых высокооплачиваемых знаменитостей

Журнал Forbes обнародовал список самых высокооплачиваемых звезд шоу-бизнеса и спорта.

14 июня, 08:00

Summer 2017's hottest pop: with Guns N’ Roses, Nas, Haim, KLF, Eminem and PJ Harvey

Haim ride a sun-kissed wave, MIA raves into Meltdown, Axl Rose does the unthinkable, PJ Harvey pulls on her feathers, Jarvis Cocker reimagines Hollywood – and the KLF write a book• Summer culture: Television | ComedyThe reformed Slash/Axl Rose/Duff McKagan lineup – once mired in such acrimony that the thought of them sharing a stage was the stuff of hell-freezes-over impossibility – fetch up in London. The reunion tour arrives trailing rave reviews and ecstatic testimony from Guns N’ Roses diehards, a subsection of rock fandom who have put up with a great deal over the past 15 years. One US writer even reported that the unthinkable had happened and that the notoriously tardy Rose had actually come on stage early.• 16-17 June, London Stadium. Continue reading...

13 июня, 16:00

Why rock fans are loyal to the brand – not the band

The return of Guns N’ Roses and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow underlines how logos and audience loyalty are more crucial to a group’s success than who is on stageThis weekend, two of the biggest names in hard rock return to London: Guns N’ Roses play two nights at the London Stadium, while Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow headline the Stone Free festival at the O2 Arena. But, while fans are excited about the shows, there is a sense that this bonanza of riffs will be less like watching bands perform and more like engaging with well established rock brands. Rainbow, for example, will feature none of the many members who were in the band during the group’s first turn around the block in the 70s and 80s. Guns N’ Roses’ shows, billed as a reunion of the band who reinvigorated metal 30 years ago, are no such thing. It’s no longer Axl Rose plus hired hands; it’s Axl Rose plus Slash plus Duff McKagan plus hired hands. In particular, there’s no Izzy Stradlin, viewed by many fans as just as important as Rose and Slash to the dynamic of the original lineup.I’m not complaining. With hard rock it rarely matters who’s in the band as long as the brand is healthy. If the songs are played well, if the performances are dynamic, if the crowd are behind the group, it can be one original member plus five people recruited from Britain’s Got Talent and still be terrific. That’s a lesson I learned last summer, when after writing here that AC/DC should call it a day following the enforced departures of Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson, I saw the band with Axl Rose fronting them – and thought they were spectacular. Perhaps even better than they had been with Johnson. Continue reading...

13 июня, 07:59

Forbes составил список самых высокооплачиваемых звезд шоу-бизнеса и спорта

Forbes опубликовал список самых высокооплачиваемых звезд шоу-бизнеса и спорта. Прежний лидер рейтинга Тэйлор Свифт оказалась в конце пятого десятка. Его место занял американский рэпер Шон Комбс, выступающий под псевдонимами Дидди и Паф Дэдди.

13 июня, 07:34

Дорогие звезды: Forbes опубликовал рейтинг самых высокооплачиваемых знаменитостей

Стать самым богатым, среди высокооплачиваемых мировых знаменитостей, в этом году, по версии журнала Forbes, удалось американскому рэперу Шону Комбcу, известному как Паф Дэдди или Дидди.

13 июня, 02:11

Ретинг Forbes – 2017 возглавил американский рэпер Паф Дэдди

Forbes опубликовал новый список знаменитых богачей, в котором на первой строчке находится американский рэпер Шон Комбc, известный как Паф Дэдди, его годовой доход составил 130 млн. долларов. Высокий заработок Дэдди обеспечили гастрольная программа Bad Boy Family Reunion, реклама алкогольного бренда Ciroc, а также продажа вещей собственного бренда. Второе место заняла Бейонсе с годовым доходом 105 млн. долларов, также благодаря концертной деятельности и выходу ее нового альбома Lemonade. Замыкает тройку миллионеров Джоан Роулинг, которая за год заработала $95 млн. Ее «Гарри Поттер и проклятое дитя», а также киносценарий «Фантастические твари и где они обитают» обеспечили ей место среди лидеров в Forbes. Четвертым стал певец Дрейк – он заработал 94 млн. долларов. В пятерку также вошел футболист Криштиану Роналду, его доход составил 93 млн. долларов. В общей сложности доход ста наиболее оплачиваемых миллионеров составил 5,15 миллиарда долларов без учета налогов. Как сообщала «Свободная пресса», ранее журнал опубликовал список самых богатых россиян, которые попали в Forbes. Второй год подряд самым богатым русским назван совладелец газодобывающей компании «Новатэк» и химического холдинга «Сибур» Леонид Михельсон с состоянием в 18,4 миллиарда долларов. В списке он на 46-м месте.