31 октября, 12:12

Senate Republicans in no rush to shield Mueller from Trump

GOP senators argue the president isn’t about to fire the special counsel, so bills to protect him aren’t needed just yet.

31 октября, 00:07

Murdoch-owned outlets bash Mueller, seemingly in unison

After resisting opportunities to take Trump's line on Russia, the Wall Street Journal editorial page goes all in.

30 октября, 19:39

Democrats Warn Trump: Leave Mueller Alone

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After Monday's indictments, lawmakers urged Republicans to join them in supporting the special counsel's investigation.

30 октября, 19:25

The Fiver | Curse you, golden generation of talented tykes with your silky skills

In today’s Fiver: England, drama at Padiham and an error in bladder judgmentSome sights simply make no sense. The eyes register what they are seeing, and then tell the brain to stop being so silly. A man walking on the moon, cheese under the burger, Rupert Murdoch marrying Jerry Hall, Glenn Hoddle on Top of the Pops, English people being given medals after a World Cup final in the sport of association football. Some of them have actually happened, others are the work of barmy surrealists and some combine the two. But like the delightful aroma of freshly-baked croissants when you walk into the supermarket, the fact they exist doesn’t mean they are natural. Continue reading...

30 октября, 11:14

These Are the Most Popular Fox News Hosts of All Time

Fox News has plenty of detractors, but many of its hosts keep fans coming back for more. Here are the most popular Fox News hosts of all time.

27 октября, 17:16

Генетик Крейг Вентер: «Научные идеи не стоят и гроша, иное дело — если замысел претворяют в жизнь»

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К 100-летию журнала Forbes предприниматель и биолог Крейг Вентер написал эссе о ценности эксперимента в науке

26 октября, 19:01

Основатель FedEx Фред Смит: «В начале карьеры выгодно ненадолго стать сорвиголовой»

К 100-летию журнала Forbes американский предприниматель и основатель FedEx Фред Смит написал эссе об азарте как финансовой стратегии

26 октября, 12:39

Murdoch fetes Ingraham -- Newsrooms grapple with harassment claims -- Halperin accused -- Brookings suspends Wieseltier -- Glor lands 'CBS Evening News' desk

IN A ROOM FULL OF REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS AND FOX NEWS STARS, Rupert Murdoch remains the center of gravity. The 86-year-old, 21st Century Fox executive chairman chatted with Rand Paul as Lindsay Graham stopped by to say hello. Ted Cruz next came by, along with Fox News personalities paying their respects to the boss. -- Murdoch was hosting a party Wednesday night at Charlie Palmer Steak for Laura Ingraham, who takes over the 10 p.m. hour later this month. He celebrated Fox News’ position atop the cable news rating for the past 16 years and the “loyalty” of the network’s viewers. “We’ve lost big name talent to other networks and the audience has not followed,” Murdoch told the crowd. -- He did not mention former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who was back in the news this past week following the revelation he settled with a woman accuser in January for $32 million -- a month before landing a new Fox News contract. (Though son James did address earlier in the day). Murdoch also didn’t mention Megyn Kelly, who has been ripping her former network on NBC for its handling of sexual harassment allegations. Murdoch pointed out that Fox News now had “more female talent on the air than any other network.” He specifically mentioned Ainsley Earhardt appearing early morning on “Fox & Friends” -- “we know who her biggest fan is,” he joked -- and Shannon Bream helming a new 11 p.m. show. -- Next, Ingraham discussed her plans for her new show. “We’re going to go through the issues that are cutting through the heart of America right now,” she said. “Tom Wolfe said the parenthesis are the coasts and America’s in the middle. We forget sometimes about the middle of the country. They’re not ordinary Americans. That’s America. We intend to not talk down to them, but have a conversation every night.”-- Also in attendance: Ivanka Trump, Jerry Hall, Jack Abernethy, Suzanne Scott, Jay Wallace, Bill Sammon, Orrin Hatch, Dennis Kucinich, Richard Burr, Debbie Dingell, Bill Bennett, Newt Gingrich, Bret Baier, Bream, Chris Wallace, Ed Henry, Jennifer Griffin, Catherine Herridge, Chris Stirewalt, and Katie Pavlich.Good morning and welcome to Morning Media. It's a remarkable moment in this business post-Weinstein, as most of the news in today's newsletter is tied to sexual harassment allegations against powerful men. And there are surely more revelations to come. [email protected] and @mlcalderone. Daniel Lippman contributed to the newsletter. Archives. Subscribe.NEWSROOMS GRAPPLE WITH 'SHITTY MEDIA MEN': Jason Schwartz and I looked at how news organizations are responding to anonymous sexual harassment allegations against men in media, including in their own shops. "Journalists have been sharing screenshots of the list for nearly two weeks, but news organizations have remained understandably skittish about amplifying the claims without substantiation. It’s rare that news organizations can still act as a gatekeeper for information given the ability for emerging media players, perhaps less bound to traditional newsroom standards, to publish at will."-- Mike Cernovich, a right-wing blogger and social media personality who obtained a copy of the list and threatened to publish it in full, has also held back. He told us that he was reaching out to men on the list and consulting with his lawyer. “I’m not endorsing any of the accusations contained on the list,” he added. “Rather, I am reporting that others have made those accusations. It’s a tightrope to walk. That’s probably why the full list hasn’t been posted online by anyone, even me.”MARK HALPERIN ACCUSED OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT: CNN's Oliver Darcy reports on the latest high-profile journalist to face allegations: "Women who spoke to CNN say [Halperin] also had a dark side not made public until now. The stories of harassment shared with CNN range in nature from propositioning employees for sex to kissing and grabbing one's breasts against her will. Three of the women who spoke to CNN described Halperin as, without consent, pressing an erection against their bodies while he was clothed. Halperin denies grabbing a woman's breasts and pressing his genitals against the three women."-- "During this period, I did pursue relationships with women that I worked with, including some junior to me," Halperin told CNN. "I now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. For that, I am deeply sorry and I apologize. Under the circumstances, I'm going to take a step back from my day-to-day work while I properly deal with this situation."BROOKINGS SUSPENDS LEON WIESELTIER: The Brookings Institution, where Wieseltier was a senior fellow, has severed ties with the former New Republic literary editor after admitting to past “misdeeds” involving female colleagues and losing his new magazine, Idea. President Strobe Talbott told The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple that Wieseltier was suspended without pay from Brookings “while we gather information.”EX-NEW REPUBLIC STAFFERS REACT: HuffPost's Jason Cherkis spoke to those who worked alongside Wieseltier about the revelations. “I accept I was blind and complicit and just, like, did nothing,” one former top New Republic editor, who asked to remain anonymous to speak candidly, told HuffPost. “There was a bully, and I was not standing up to the bully to protect people.”BILL O’REILLY COULD STILL END UP AT SINCLAIR: The New York Times’ bombshell on O'Reilly apparently isn't enough to for right-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group. "They took a pause but it didn't really change anything for them," a source told NBC’s Claire Atkinson. -- The NBC report comes a day after a Sinclair rep told CNN the company “is not in discussions” with O’Reilly. MUST READ: CNN's Brianna Keilar writes, "With my husband deployed, covering the news hits home'JEFF GLOR TO ANCHOR ‘CBS EVENING NEWS’: Glor, who joined the network in 2007 and has most recently been an anchor on streaming service CBSN, will assume the anchor desk later this year. "Jeff is a thoughtful, probing journalist with the versatility to anchor in any circumstance – from daily reporting to the most significant events of our time," CBS News president David Rhodes said in a statement. "In his more than 10 years at CBS News, Jeff has earned the trust of viewers and his colleagues. He represents the best journalistic values and traditions that will carry the Evening News into a digital future.""WHO IS YASHAR?" BuzzFeed's Steve Perlberg profiles Yashar Ali, who shifted from politics to journalism and keeps racking up scoops while amassing a huge Twitter following. "People close to the 37-year-old describe him as a driven, wealthy Renaissance man who gets obsessed with various topics and finds a way to succeed at them — and they aren’t surprised that his new interest happens to be journalism," Perlberg wrote. "Other Democratic officials are dumbfounded by Yashar’s career change, and they wonder how someone could develop sources in the entertainment, media, and intelligence communities seemingly overnight (though Yashar’s reporting largely hasn’t been disputed)."-- "In recent months, Yashar’s time in media has caught the eye of editors who have tried to court the reporter for a full-time job," Perlberg wrote. "He is in early talks with one major network, according to a person familiar with the matter. He has also been approached by BuzzFeed News."COMING UP: Anita Hill will sit down with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait to discuss sexual harassment and workplace culture at Bloomberg’s “The Year Ahead” summit on Nov. 8. Other speakers include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NBC News host Nicolle Wallace, and Jennifer Palmieri, the president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund and former Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri.REVOLVING DOOR:Alexandra Steigrad isleaving WWD to cover media for the New York Post.EXTRAS:-- FCC loosening media ownership rules. -- Fox continues to be the president's safe space.-- Trump asks Lou Dobbs: "‘What Could Be More Fake Than CBS and NBC and ABC and CNN?"

26 октября, 08:52

«Западный агитпроп» притих после «Валдайских тезисов» Путина

На Западе не хотят слышать слова Путина о том, что «безопасности в мире становится меньше», зато стало больше «двойных стандартов». Выступление президента Путина на Валдайском клубе в Сочи вызвало реакцию на Западе, которую можно было бы характеризовать, как непонимание: «А нас-то за что?!» Демократические деятели молчат, западная пресса пишет немного и не очень подробно о том, что говорил президент России в присутствии представителей более 30 стран мира. А, зачастую, иностранные издания просто переключают внимание публики с содержания речи на разговоры о выборах главы Российского государства, которые состоятся в будущем году. В общем, «свобода слова» там опять дала сбой – как по команде, пишут невнятно. Конечно, им есть, что скрывать от собственной публики. Ведь Владимир Путин продолжил называть своими именами те события и тенденции, те действия западных партнеров, что напрямую наносят ущерб России. И эти характеристики, и факты, как полагают хозяева и редактора западных СМИ, совсем не обязательно ретранслировать их публике. 

25 октября, 19:14

Слагаемые успеха: Руперт Мердок написал эссе об энтузиазме, любопытстве и работе в команде

По случаю 100-летия журнала Forbes медиамагнат и глава News Corporation Руперт Мердок рассуждает о качествах, необходимых для работы в СМИ

25 октября, 19:14

Слагаемые успеха: Руперт Мердок написал эссе об энтузиазме, любопытстве и работе в команде

По случаю 100-летия журнала Forbes медиамагнат и глава News Corporation Руперт Мердок рассуждает о качествах, необходимых для работы в СМИ

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25 октября, 13:00

Bill O'Reilly is just one of the countless terrible men in media | Jill Abramson

Male politicians and news commentators are often quick to declare that these events are watershed moments. But skepticism is wiseThere has been much discussion of late about a secret list called Shitty Media Men that has been circulating in private emails and on the internet. But the shittiest men in media have revealed themselves. That list begins with Bill O’Reilly. Everyone should listen to his outrageous claims of victimhood on the New York Times’ podcast, The Daily. It is truly remarkable and more than galling to hear the self-justifications of a man who, with his ex-employer Fox News, paid out a staggering $45m to settle sexual misconduct cases with co-workers, underlings and others. Continue reading...

24 октября, 22:06

Latest Bill O'Reilly revelation could be another hit to Murdoch's Sky bid

The bombshell revelation that former anchor Bill O'Reilly paid $32 million to settle sexual harassment allegations right before Fox News renewed his contract came just days before an important deadline for Rupert Murdoch's business expansion plans in the United Kingdom.

24 октября, 10:04

10 People Who Are Richer Than Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump is the wealthiest man to become president of the U.S. by a long shot, but he might not be quite as wealthy as you think he is.

24 октября, 05:30

Ivana Trump and Other First Wives of Famous and Powerful Men

Many of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world today have remarried. Here are the first wives of these now famous celebrities, moguls, and actors.

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23 октября, 20:45

The Guardian view on Fox and O’Reilly: more bad news | Editorial

The growing list of the presenter’s victims should blight the News Corp case to take over SkyThe Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly was forced out of his job in April after the New York Times alleged that five different cases where women who had made sexual harassment charges against him had settled either with Fox or with Mr O’Reilly directly. The payments totalled $13m. Mr O’Reilly’s golden farewell was reported to be $25m. Last month he was back on screen condemning the liberal elite. Last weekend, the New York Times returned to the trail, alleging a sixth payment, to Fox’s legal affairs analyst Lis Wiehl, of a whopping $32m. It also claimed that Fox News renewed the O’Reilly contract knowing of this other payment. Fox News denies being aware of its size, while acknowledging that the contract was renewed in the knowledge that another case had been settled. The pressure is back on Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, already under investigation in the UK by the Competition and Markets Authority in the context of its bid to take over Sky. If the Murdochs did not know about their employee’s conduct, they should have. If they did, and ignored it, they are part of the magic circle of silence that has allowed the abuse of women to continue unabated for so long. Continue reading...

23 октября, 16:41

Phone-hacking victims' lawyer sues former employer for 'unpaid fees'

Mark Lewis, who led fight by celebrities against News of the World, claims he is owed over £1m by his former firm, Taylor HamptonA lawyer who negotiated a £2m payout from Rupert Murdoch for the family of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, is suing his former employer over £1m in alleged unpaid fees for legal work in phone-hacking cases, it has emerged.Mark Lewis, who became a regular on TV news when he led the fight by phone-hacked celebrities against the now-defunct News of the World, claims he is owed the money from his former law firm. Continue reading...

13 октября, 18:17

On Prosperity, Free Markets... and Single-Malt Whisky

The Oxford Club’s recent tour of London and Scotland got Alex thinking about the populist threat to free-market economics in today’s U.K.

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11 октября, 23:39

Murdoch papers hid evidence of illegality, say phone-hacking victims

Lawyer representing victims at high court says involvement of senior executives in unlawful activities was covered upRupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers deliberately concealed and destroyed evidence of unlawful activity at the the Sun and News of the World to cover up the involvement of senior executives, alleged victims of phone hacking have claimed.The allegations were made at a high court hearing on Wednesday in the latest stage of phone-hacking proceedings against the Sun and News of the World. Continue reading...

11 октября, 20:56

Trump threat against NBC probably ‘empty’

Trump's suggestion that NBC's license be pulled as punishment for 'fake news' is highly unlikely to happen, according to FCC officials and experts.